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101 Funny Tweetsy'all call this a date you're pretty,much married if you do this together,how can la


Updated on Jan 13,2023

101 Funny Tweets

y'all call this a date you're pretty,much married if you do this together,how can lawyers argue without crying I,was a card today and the dealership had,me check off with a pen on paper that,I'm not a robot sweats coolant these,douche bags told me it was a sweater,party what's going on,Rhys weed if you flushed the toilet with,your foot if you don't do this you,weren't raised right goes be crying over,a dude who reads a third-grade reading,level he's not ignoring your texts he's,sounding it out give him a second a,debate as old as time what is the best,baseball movie it's gotta be Twilight,I'm not gonna lie girls don't actually,shop we just walk around touching the,clothes saying this is cute if you ever,feel done just know that when my friend,was 14 she went to a psychiatrist,because she had a voice in her heads it,was her brain like literally just her,fours she thought that she was the only,person who had the ability to think for,14 years you left me on reds do I look,like a frickin book to you heartburn,real friends look out for each other hey,yeah you okay bro,you seem a little bit lost out there ah,yeah I'm good bro just chillin vibing to,be honest there's literally like free,people in the world so I can hang out,with for more than four hours without,wanting to strangle them there's plenty,of fish in the sea me I can't swim,friendship is so weird you pick out some,random human you've never met and you're,like this one I want to go on adventures,with this one me a voice drama also me,mm-hmm,what's going on here when you're,building up the courage to go into your,mum's room and asked to go out with your,friends shorts this month and you select,me this will not be forgotten me,everything okay sir can I help you,awesome old man I'm fine just waiting,for my wife to come out so I can spook,her,apart from I love you I miss you I can't,live without you,whichever Josie no if you remember these,things you qualify for a veteran's,discount when you realize you've made a,stupid decision what if I become in,class like got 40 minutes left that's,two 20-minute halves just gotta get,through 10 mins 4 times this is how I,stayed alive in my senior year I'm glad,I'm not the only one who thinks of time,like this me as a wife husband welcome,home,I'm hiding in a house of enough gun here,is the other one the loser cooks dinner,tonight,me too odds be ever in your favor xoxo,wife damn it's kinda hard,why do paintings of people's centuries,ago never show pimples you're telling me,these people who drank poo water and,took baths two times a decade had clear,skin,my daughter has gotten into writing,comics lately this is my favorites hey,lady do you want to go on a date I'm,just a dog with long hair oh sorry to,bother you this is a masterpiece my,friends things people do in small towns,drive around eat the same food,restaurants drive around more go to town,there's slightly bigger make a bonfire,cool friend to see if they want to drive,around the lady from bird bogs looks,like MJ,ah how autumn I that Sandra Bullock has,become the lady from bird box how to,start an essay wrong way in this essay I,will discuss right way so I'm sitting,there barbecue sauce on my duties with,your current account balance which Apple,products can you buy Apple um,why your teacher look like SpongeBob's,grandma me finding the perfect playlist,for my 4 minute drive to the grocery,store my god this dog is possessed well,this was a highlight of my day hey if,you're not gay my friend thinks you're,cute user number and if you are gay,here's mine,did you know the loader number of,McDonald's ketchup the sweeter it is and,the higher the more sour I was today,years old when I found this out do you,ever catch yourself being mean for no,reason and you're just like go take a,nap I'm dead this baby looks like she,really doesn't believe a thing you just,says haha look I've got your nose then,how come I can still smell your bull paw,auntie Brenda riddle me that's today,this guy was trying to find his wife in,Fred Mayer and he yelled Marco and she,yelled back polo and he looks at me and,says that came from the wine section,didn't it and oh my god I think I just,saw my actual future vegan pizza tasty,at first I thought he was wearing the,heels what is going on,this might mine deceive me did you,realize that if you sit on the toilet at,11:59 and a clock strikes midnight it's,the same it's different day you're not,best friends if you didn't hate each,other when you first met today I realize,plankton eats holographic meatloaf for,dinner because holograms are projections,of lights and plankton gain energy,through photosynthesis Wow moms are so,fake when people come over shaking my,head do you moan or cuss depends I'll,get the food is but usually both left,2008 a young Joseph meets his,idle Michael Phelps writes 2016 Joseph,meets Michael Phelps in the Olympics,never give up on your dreams thanks for,that really appreciate the inspiration,job interview Wonka any questions,Oompa Lo

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Sad Tweets/Quotes

Sad Tweets/Quotes

without,i waited 100 years,and i'd weighed a million more,i'm not doing so good oh no,tell me how to breathe,always uh,i swear,it's not the fact that she kissed him,yesterday,it's the feeling of betrayal that i just,can't see me,you hurting steady love baby cause i'm a,little unsteady,if,do oh,you

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How to make aesthetic tweet/quote edits for tik tok

How to make aesthetic tweet/quote edits for tik tok

what a ,what's up guys welcome back to my,channel and welcome to this week's new,video so today i'm gonna be showing you,guys how to make,aesthetic tweet videos for tick tock,i've been scrolling on tik tok for a,really long time and i've been seeing,these tweet videos they have like a,tweet and they have like a moving,background behind them,relating to the tweet which is really,really cool and i just thought they were,so pretty so i decided to learn how to,make them,and i recently made some so i thought,why not share it with you guys for the,people that are wondering how to do it,and i also wanted to announce today that,my tick tock has been banned for,absolutely no reason which i was very,upset about i used to have 56k,followers it just got deleted so if you,follow my new tick tock it would make me,really happy it's lorena with two e's at,the end,luca and yeah now let's just get,straight on to the video,okay so the first thing that you're,gonna do is find the song that you're,going to put in the background of your,aesthetic tweet tick tock,so what you're going to do to find the,song is you're going to go on tick tock,you're going to go on your saved sounds,and you're going to click,any song that you want i'm going to,click this one,and once you're on the sound you're,going to find any tick tock you can,click,literally any tick tock that you want,i'm going to click this one,then i'm going to click the arrow then,i'm going to click save video and this,is going to save the video to your,camera roll,after you're done saving the video to,your camera roll you're going to go on,pinterest and this is what we're going,to do to find our aesthetic gif that,we're going to use,for the background of our tweet so,you're going to go on pinterest,and you're going to search up aesthetic,gifs bling you don't have to put the,bling but i think the bling personally,looks better i'm going to scroll down,and find one that's full screen,this one's the one that i'm going to be,using today because i think it's super,cute,so what you're going to do is screen,record this gif,and make sure to put it full screen as,you can see at the bottom left corner,you can click this and it can you can,make it full screen so just make sure to,screen record that whole thing i already,did before this video,so after you finish screen recording,you're gonna go on chrome,and you're gonna search up tweets about,self love you can search up tweets about,love,you can search up tweets about,friendship you can even search up tweets,about christmas and put a christmas,background,you can do anything you want with these,types of videos i love how they're super,creative,but yeah i'm gonna do mine about,self-love so then you're going to search,that up,you're going to go on images and you're,going to scroll down to one that you,like,this is the one that i'm going to be,using today i'm going to press it down,and i'm going to click,save image and it's going to save to my,camera roll after you're done,you're going to go back to your home,screen and you're going to go on an app,called,in shot if you don't have this app,download it it's a very good app so,you go on in shot you're going to click,video you're going to click,new and you are going to click,the video that you just screen recorded,um your gif,after that you're going to click canvas,and then you're going to click,the tick tock format so this is going to,make it into the tick tock format and it,can be full screen,then you're gonna click the check and by,the way as you can see it has the in,shot watermark you do not have to pay i,do not pay for this app,all you have to do is click the x and,say remove this once and it by the way,it says that every time i think there's,a glitch in the app,but it lets you remove it every single,time but yeah so now it's time to put,the music in the background so what i'm,going to do is click,music i'm going to click tracks and i'm,going to click,extract audio from video this is going,to bring me to my camera roll and i'm,going to click,the tick tock that i just saved and i'm,going to click the check,and it's going to put the sound from the,video on my video,then i'm going to click the check and,this is how it turned out,what a ,as you can see there is music in the,background from the other tick tock,so now to put the tweet on your video,you're going to click,sticker you're going to click the little,photo select,choose from camera then you're going to,click on the tweet that you saved,you can make it smaller and what i like,to do is click,keyframe click this little box and then,you can make it less concentrated i,don't know if that's the right word for,it,but i'm gonna put it at 0.8 and i'm,going to move it to wherever i want,and then what you're going to want to do,is,move it so that it's there during the,whole video,and yeah guys that's how you do it then,you're going to click the check,and then you're going to click the save,button at the top right hand corner,click save,after it

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How to auto-quote and mention on Twitter?

How to auto-quote and mention on Twitter?

Hello everyone!,In this video, I'mma show you how to auto-quote,and mention on Twitter via TweetAttacksPro,First, add your account and check the account,Set up the thread on the "Settings" page,Then create a new task,Add a search module and import people you wanna mention here,Then add another search module to import tweet links,Add the content you wanna quote in "GetContent" module,Check this option to avoid the account using the same content again,Choose the data source of people you wanna mention,Next, add an "AccountRunThread" module and select an account,After that, add a "Retweet" module and select the data source,Then set up the tweet amount and the interval time,Check the last 2 options to quote,Some other options on this page, you can set up as you wish,Lastly, don't forget to save,That's all today,Thanks for watching

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Compilation of Twitter Quotes 2020 #Feelings #Moods (#4)

Compilation of Twitter Quotes 2020 #Feelings #Moods (#4)

don't flirt with me because i'll flirt,back and you're gonna catch feelings,and i'm not my next relationship,i'm not gonna put no cute contact name,i'm gonna put,we going to see i get jealous but i'm,stubborn i won't say ,i'll just throw my little attitude,around and call it a day,soon as a guy stopped telling me good,morning i know it's over with,i don't care for nobody no more you done,aight you gone aight you don't want to,text back,i you don't with me i,a female will tell you straight up she's,busy and the whole time,she's in her bed watching serial killer,documents,losing a person who listens to your,problems and gives you advice instead of,pity,is a fat l i finally admit it,i'm sad dog so sad,i'm at the age where loud noises make me,mad,like com a lot down i wish,rip meant return if possible cause i,miss m from time to time,i don't like being off and on cause when,we off who you on,real soon imma be hard to reach or even,talk to,one minute we doing fine then some days,i feel i'm wasting time,losing friends ain't to me i barely,even with half of my family,i can't even vent to my friends,sometimes they don't understand where i,be coming from,so i got a vent to myself,dear parents stop getting in your kids,faces talking about all you did for them,bought clothes for them kept a roof over,their head fed them when they was hungry,that's your job you took that,responsibility on when you chose to,become a parent,my mother was my father you wouldn't,understand though,i'd be scared to be on facetime because,my mama yell at me too much,become a ghost attention just,hustle,the goal is to get paid not seen,i admit i got attachment problems when i,get attached,it's so hard for me to let go if i call,you baby,i gotta really like you that too,soft for me,so much i wanna say but nah,i had tears running down my face for a,guy that didn't give a about me, be like hit me up and you hit,them up and they don't even answer back,smh something about a guy telling me,stop playing with me real aggressively,sits very okay with me,i lost bonds with that were,supposed to be my forever ,guys be like i want you but don't talk,to you all day,if i followed you first i think you fine,just saying,you're probably talking to someone else,shut the up,i'm barely talking to you,i have three types of mad when i'm so,mad i cry,when i'm mad and i just snap and when,i'm mad,and just don't want to talk to anybody,i don got dressed up and my mama gone,say,where you going lmao girl to snapchat,i get in moods where i just deadass hate,being talked to,i've got friends that i've known for,years but not a single picture with them,if you're gonna talk behind my back at,least invite me,i hate that too two things i will,never forget,one how a person treated me two,what a person said to me no good morning,text,no hey babies no nothing damn i'm single,single okay,i don't get mad anymore i just get,really quiet,why keep talking when they not really,hearing you,i don't trust guys cause my ex still,texts me while he with his girlfriend,not finna chase no guy when i got about,30 chasing me,i'm good love enjoy,i'm a where you at be safe i love you,but i'm also a you in that ,them hoes can have you,have a nice life type of girlfriend,if we break up and you still text me you,care,if you still call to check up on me you,care if you ever still watch my snaps,you care if you're lurking on my social,media page,just to see who's on there then you care,don't ever flex on me like i never met,none to yeah,losing friends ain't to me i barely,even with half of my family,we might get talked about but we don't,get touched,snapchat doing these flashbacks in your,memories has me realizing,how many of my friends aren't my friends,anymore,never trust a guy that says the last,thing i want to do is hurt you,it's still on his list it's just the,last thing,my name holds weight in the last guy's,heart he ain't gone tell you that though,i should have cheated i'm just playing i,did,i don't like guys that are easily,accessible why every female got a story,about you,hit m with ah say less and move on,i'm tired of people texting me back late,i'm gonna start handing out tardies,y'all ever got a flashback of what you,did to someone and just be like,damn i don't even feel special when a,guy likes me anymore,you guys like anything i wonder if your,mom knows you crying over drug dealers,and dudes with three outfits,you

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Most Popular Tweet Reels Video Editing For Instagram, Tiktok | Tweet Reels Video Editing Tutorial

Most Popular Tweet Reels Video Editing For Instagram, Tiktok | Tweet Reels Video Editing Tutorial

Chasing that A and want to save time on proofreading?,Grammarly makes editing One Click Simpler.,We can suggest ways to rephrase whole sentences right in your paper,to help you articulate your ideas clearly.,We can help make improvements from simple edits to nuanced word choices quick and easy.,Like, really easy:,74% of students say that Grammarly saves them over 1 hour a week.,Grammarly can even check billions of websites for unintentional plagiarism all at once.,Now maybe your all-nighters don’t have to go all night.,And when you’re ready, you can send off that paper,with confidence.,Grammarly makes writing your best easy, and it doesn’t end when school does. ,We can help with that job you just landed too.,Congrats, by the way.,Grammarly.,Better writing made One Click Simpler.

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ReTweet OR Quote Tweet - Beginner Questions

ReTweet OR Quote Tweet - Beginner Questions

hi,today's one question tutorial is about,how to,retweet,and quote tweet,other people's tweets and today we're,gonna start,on my phone so let's put the phone here,up here on the screen so here we are,on my phone screen,and we're gonna scroll down and see,here we have a tweet from my other,channel a swedish figure,and say that i want to,tweet this out so people that,eventually will follow me,can see this even though it's not from,me it's from a swedish fica,we go down here under the original tweet,we have these two little arrows,we click there,and you see we have two options we have,retweet,and quote tweet,retweet which we're doing right now only,means,that it's gonna be tweeted on my,home page so,retweet,let's,click on my little profile picture and,go to my profile,and here you see it's at the top it says,you retweeted and then,the swedish ficus tweet,shows up here so even if someone else,comes to my,home page,they will see this tweet from a swedish,figure,say that i retweeted something by,mistake i can look down here and see,that it is retweeted this is,green because it was me retweeting it,all i have to do is to click and undo,retweet,so let's go back to where we were here,we have,another post from a swedish figure,let's see what happens when we choose,quote tweet instead,quoted tweet means just that i,can add my own comment,to,what a swedish,fica says so i will just write,interesting,and click,retweet,once again,let's go to my profile and take a look,and here we see i wrote interesting and,under that is a link,to the,post that i,quote tweeted and if i click on that i,can see the whole,tweet,of course if i regret this i can hit,click these three,little dots,and delete,tweet,it will,not delete the original tweet because,that wasn't for me it will only,delete the retweet,that was retweet and quote tweet on the,phone let's take a quick look,at how it looks on the web so here we,are on the website,let's scroll down a little bit and see,here,we have the same tweet from a swedish,fica,so,let's,retweet this a retweet,as you remember was,just,without any commentary it's just a,carbon copy,of this tweet,that ends up here,on my,home page and i can do undo the retweet,and it's gone,i can also from here,quote tweet,and as you see it puts a link to the,original tweet,and i can add my comment up here i hope,this inspired you,to retweet other people's tweet hey door

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Famous Investor Quotes from Twitter Posts

Famous Investor Quotes from Twitter Posts

hey everyone hopefully you're having a,good day my name is Andy my channel is,finding value uh today we're going to go,over some information on Twitter uh,there's a lot of quotes that I was,retweeting I'd like to go over them uh,together give you my opinions on it,uh some of them are some quotes I talked,about a long time ago,um one of them surprisingly it's about,um buying a house before investing,and um that was some information that I,was talking about when I first opened,the channel uh the channel,but basically there was people saying,that the housing market was going to,crash in 2020.,and I was like this is a really good,opportunity interest rates are low we,could lock in our costs at the lowest,possible interest rate possible so I,don't know I I guess that was one of the,reasons why I opened up this channel was,from other larger channels,saying that real estate was in a bubble,and I didn't think it was uh in 2020. so,uh let's Dive In,see what I got here,um well first if you guys want to follow,me you can follow me at finding,underscore Finance uh if you'd like,um,so Charlie's Got a quote Here Charlie,Munger says like Warren I had,considerable passion to get rich not,because I wanted Ferraris I wanted the,independence I desperately wanted it,and as my net worth goes up,um it it is in the Millions,and I'm contemplating you know stopping,my W-2 job and doing all that stuff,um this is the sole reason why I started,investing is exactly this right here I,wanted Independence and,I don't I don't really,like I I don't even know what to buy,like I I don't know if there's much out,there that's really going to make me,that happy,um in terms of materialistic items,there's a couple of things I'd like to,do maybe,throw a different engine in a car or,something like that but it's not really,anything that,is status or anything like that it's,just the enjoyment of driving and the,enjoyment of doing that stuff,on getting a car that's a little bit,more capable out on the track a little,bit more power if you know what I mean,but,yeah it's it's the Independence that,Drew me to it and it's my when I first,got my first job,I am,it was at a large Aerospace company,and I was going there and you know I was,working six hours you know six or six,days a week,and putting in some hours you know maybe,50 hours plus maybe a little bit more,and I was just like you know,I'm not really making that much money,and that was as an engineer,so I wanted to do something that could,get me away from that,and it was the Independence to do what I,want when I want that that's what drew,me to investing exactly this,uh it says uh look at the market,fluctuations as your friend rather than,your enemy,profit from Folly rather than,participate in it so when we get these,markets that go up and down I know a lot,of people get afraid,of,the market volatility use that,volatility in the fluctuations,as a benefit,um train yourself to buy when things are,down and not to chase when things go up,uh that that is really,one of the lessons that you have to,learn to become a good investor you have,to buy when things are down uh get,excited when the price and value,separate themselves to the downside,so yeah I really agree fat quote,uh it says you don't need to be a rocket,scientist investing is not a game where,the guy with a 160 IQ beats the guy with,the 130 IQ what's needed is a sound,intellectual framework for making,decisions and the ability to keep,emotions from corroding the framework,so that's that strategy the strategy,that that I talk about investment,strategy what is your strategy what is,your portfolio allocation what what are,your strategies around making money,and then stick to it,um stick to something where,you've got a strategy that's worked in,the past perhaps,stick to it make it you know keep going,with it don't let emotions scare you out,of it don't let other people,um scare you with all this data saying,we're gonna have a major market crash,and if we do have a major market crash,have a strategy,for what will get you through it,and and those emotions should not over,ride,the framework that you've created,and I know that a lot of people are,talking about a potential recession in a,crash and all that stuff ahead of us,um I I do think that there is going to,be a recession I don't think it will be,as large as what other people think but,I I could be wrong I could be wrong,there that's me speculating,um I'm gonna ride through it because of,the deficits or the deficits are so,large in Commodities and energy and,I just,I don't see trying to time this thing if,you get it wrong you can really mess,things up,so I'm riding through that that's my uh,strategy my framework,um here's Warren Buffett's Investment,Portfolio uh 2012 versus 2022. I wanted,to touch on some things here if you look,at these companies Johnson and Johnson a,major medical company U.S bank which is,a big Bank,conical Phillips an oil company Walmart,a big Diversified,retail you know company craf

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