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PS5 and Xbox Series X RESTOCKS - BEST Twitter Accounts to FOLLOW | 8-Bit Erichey guys how's it going


Updated on Jan 25,2023

PS5 and Xbox Series X RESTOCKS - BEST Twitter Accounts to FOLLOW | 8-Bit Eric

hey guys how's it going it's 8-bit eric,and i know a lot of you guys are,watching the channel are,often asking me questions on,what tips do i have in order to secure a,next-gen gaming console and a lot of you,guys watch the restock updates,which i appreciate that very much so,uh one major tip that i have to tell you,guys,is the importance of twitter now,if you if you are anti social media i,have to tell you guys you have to get,over that,if you if you want to get a console,right now with the digital age the way,that,all these consoles are being sold online,you have to rely on retailers,giving announcements and you have to,rely on,certain twitter accounts that are good,about announcing these stock drops,whenever they happen,uh you got to get past that you don't,need twitter thing um,you got to be proactive with it and,twitter i think is probably the most,reliable resource when it comes to,alerting people,about these stock drops so today's video,is going to,talk about an article that i saw from,tom's guide,that is going to literally give you,every twitter account that you need to,follow,in order to get alerted properly for,these next gen consoles,so i'm going to leave a link in the,description down below for you guys to,click,and go to and it's going to link you to,all these twitter accounts so,sign up for twitter follow,these accounts with notifications you,know what follow me too,eight bit eric on twitter help me get,some twitter followers but yeah,i recommend that you get proactive on,this and you follow these accounts,so here we go guys hopefully this helps,you out if it does,leave a like and uh let's go ahead so,ps5 and xbox series x restocks,follow these twitter accounts to get an,edge get ps5 and xbox series x restocks,courtesy of tweets,so figuring out where to buy next gen,console has been an absolute nightmare,and that,is putting it lightly ever since the,first viewers went live yeah we've been,following this here on the channel in,case you guys haven't noticed,so the demand is high and you're forced,to fight with bots that buy up,all the stock before you even get the,chance to click add to cart,and i'm sure that's happened to all of,us so yeah tom's guide has been making,where to buy guides and some,you know great articles talking about,you know the latest updates and stuff,i've covered them on the past,but this goes on to talk about twitter,now it says twitter's full of accounts,blasting information out into the world,and among it are stock checkers,announcing where and when stock is,available,when it comes to beating the competition,and picking up a new console,every second counts and following these,accounts,can be prove invaluable so yeah guys,every second counts even if you're,entering your payment,info when purchasing one of these those,seconds that you spend,typing your credit card number your,console could be gone,and sold so unfortunately big retailers,aren't in the habit of announcing when,they have new consoles in stock,and neither are sony and microsoft,smaller,local retailers may be more inclined to,tell the world about their new wares,so mom and pop shops are always worth a,follow but for the most part,you're going to have to follow dedicated,stock checking accounts,so these are dedicated accounts that do,stock checks,this is your best friend right here,off of all these twitter accounts so,there's no shortage of accounts tracking,the comments and going to the ps5,a simple search for ps5 stock on twitter,will flash up more stock checking,accounts,than any one person can keep tabs on,before you give anyone an extra follower,make sure to check an account's tweet,history and see how regularly,they actually post stock updates after,all,you don't want to put all your faith,into one or two accounts,that are often late to the party with,that in mind it's worth following,several accounts,so you have the best odds of seeing,alerts before all the stock is gone so,here are the,accounts that they recommend at ps5,stock alerts,which i recommend i've i've been saying,that one for a while i've heard of that,one,now i have not heard of gyx deals that's,a new one,i have not seen that ps5 drop,which i also have never seen that one so,gyx deals,in ps5 drop are two new ones and then,at wario 64 which i live and die by this,one because he doesn't always,um just do ps5 stuff he does,game inventory so let's say there's a,brand new game that's out that you want,a collector's edition of,or a gaming watch or some kind of,notable,gaming item he's very good about all,sorts of things,so i would say definitely follow him out,of anybody,and then it says it's worth following,the official playstation twitter account,just in case it reveals any details,about incoming stock,now to note real quick these accounts,generally focus on u.s,based retailers though some do cover,international retailers as well,your advice is to search twitter for,accounts checking stock in your home,country,so ps5 stock uk or ps5 stock canada so

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Major PS5 Twitter Scam Exposed

Major PS5 Twitter Scam Exposed

hey everybody,i'm showering,with a bird,i'm showering with a burger,i'm sorry with a bird don't you peck my,nipple,shower,stop,skip it,hey everybody your favorite man with an,ass is now on cameo you can get your own,personalized video message sent directly,from me to you link to my cameo below in,the description i look forward to seeing,you there so it's almost depressing to,think how fast time flies by do you,realize this fall it'll be two years,since the current gen consoles from sony,and microsoft have been released do you,realize that the nintendo switch is now,yeah it was march of 2017 that it was,released it's over five years old,the the switch is over i remember seeing,that thing and thinking like wow this,thing looks so futuristic and now it's,half a decade old,obviously there's been new iterations,like the oled and why am i whatever it's,just times flying by,you saw me naked,well throughout this ninth generation of,consoles we have seen many a scalper,which technically isn't a scam it's just,scalping happens i don't agree with it,but scalping happens but we i've seen,scams too where people have said they've,done transactions and paid someone money,thinking they were getting a playstation,5 and they would never hear from them,again or a series x and they would never,hear from the person again or,they would get like,a box full of nothing,or,whatever it just it was because the,consoles especially the playstation 5,are so popular especially early on when,they were first released people were,doing,whatever they could to either cheat,people or scalp the products or do,whatever however they can make money,why am i having such a tough time,talking about this because i have this,large imposing goddamn bird in front of,me,i'll shut up about him eventually well,anyway los angeles lakers co-owner genie,bus was just involved in a ps5 scam,someone actually hacked into her twitter,account and said they were doing a,playstation 5 giveaway this is what the,tweet had to say huge announcement hello,twitter family i have three playstation,fives for sale for you guys dm me to,purchase all proceeds will go directly,towards charity and everyone that,purchases one will have the chance to,attend a lakers game well genie bus,never had playstation 5's to give away,the the money wasn't going to go to a,charity because it was someone who,hacked her account and it was a scam,genie bus on the official los angeles,lakers twitter account posted this,lakers fans my account has been hacked,please do not engage with any of it or,send any money these are not legitimate,offers the lakers will alert you when i,am back in control of my account genie,bus and this seems to be a thing i,remember there was a story from walmart,some of the specifics were going way,back i believe it was a person who,ordered a playstation 4 from walmart,they went to go pick it up and inside of,the box was just bricks,to make it feel like there was a console,in there a guy ordered a 30 90 ti off of,amazon shout out to google fish for,sending me this this uh news article and,inside the box to make it feel like,something was in there was a bunch of,sand,so,there's scams everywhere even from,places you would think who you would,have you covered like walmart and amazon,now i'm sure walmart and amazon will do,returns but,whenever you see these,giveaways and this is why i'm so,hesitant to do giveaways as well,my giveaways have been the ones i have,done have been legitimate people have,gotten their products,but,this stuff it's the village idiot effect,for every eight billion people who or,content creators who do legitimate,giveaways which i've done,there's always the one where someone,hacks into someone's twitter account who,may own the los angeles lakers or be the,co-owner and they'll do a giveaway to,try to say hey we're giving away,playstation 5s and we're going to give,the money to charity but they're not,doing that they're just going to pocket,the money and it's going to make genie,busts look terrible so it's a win-win,for them they get money they get to make,a high-profile person look bad and,that's what happens but what's even more,amazing is that this far into the ninth,generation that supply is so scarce that,these scams can still happen like oh my,god genie busses has three playstation,fives to give away or or for people to,buy and the money's gonna go towards,charity cool and people will eat it up,because they're so desperate to get a,ps5 still,it's amazing that we're here but here we,are but just always when you see stuff,like this be wary i know the scams are,still on on youtube where hey they have,my picture and they say hey you're the,lucky winner of a pc,unless,it comes out of the mouth there is video,evidence of a person saying they're,doing a giveaway whether it be me,whether it be mkbhd whether it be genie,bus whether it be the bird if this bird,is not saying that he's doing a giveaway,and there's just text that this bird is,saying he's doing a givea

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PlayStation 5 Scammers Are Hijacking Verified Twitter Accounts And Selling Fake PS5s | Forbes

PlayStation 5 Scammers Are Hijacking Verified Twitter Accounts And Selling Fake PS5s | Forbes

playstation 5 hunting has become an,obsession for many,as slithers of stock occasionally,surface at a handful of,major retailers often selling out in,seconds if not,instantly and it's these restock,accounts that orchestrate the herds of,shoppers,towards available stock and also run,community groups on places like telegram,or discord where people discuss tips and,tricks on how to best navigate,different retailer websites on the,legitimate side you have restock,accounts,simply pass on information on the,ethically,gray side there are accounts that run,raffle competitions for playstation 5's,and other high-end technology,which they acquire presumably using,similar tactics to what,scalpers use or any information they can,get first hand,one that i spoke with said he'd made 5,000 pounds profit since january,running these raffle competitions which,he plans to turn into a full-time job,once playstation 5's are easier to get,but on the,sketchy side scams are popping up at an,alarming,rate which feed off the scarcity of the,console,and also the frustrated gamers and,parents,by promising them resale consoles at,reasonable prices,via twitter or facebook on twitter some,high profile accounts,appear to have been hijacked by,playstation 5 scammers,uk labour party politician perry armit,had her account taken over by someone,offering to sell the console,when she got her account back ahmed,looked through the dms,and found people who appear to have sent,money to the scammers,i'm a fairly busy person so you know i,sort of glanced at the phone you know a,few times,you know a few times every hour glance,at the phone and i saw an email from,twitter which,to be honest i can't even remember i,know it was something from twitter and i,just wanna i'll deal with it later,it was in the back of my mind but i,didn't think it was anything,particularly important i just saw email,change etc that's i thought then this,must be quick,pretty easy to change um message twitter,message twitter message twitter you know,and literally,um they'd send something back going your,email doesn't exist and you say no of,course it doesn't because they've,hacked it and changed it you know so i,kept sending them an update,people were sort of just in with me sort,of going you know if you unfollowed me,not as many as i thought would actually,but some people said you know we just,kept wondering why we were getting,inundated with these,messages from playstation and i suppose,the thing is,playstation isn't a you know it's a,brand that you know,so it's not as if you know you look at,it it's playstation it looks fairly,legit,so yeah absolutely look like loads of,people were falling for it and,transferring money and you know etc,in a similar fashion this account was,previously verified and claimed to be an,official playstation employee,the bluetick was removed at some point,and the account biography changed,to partnered salesmen for playstation,the account is constantly tweeting out,offers to sell the console,but the handle go mario trindade is,exactly the same for portuguese,paralympic athlete mario,trindade on instagram mario's facebook,account is verified and it's not,unreasonable to assume that,go mario trindade would apply to a gold,medalist,track athlete i asked trindade if this,twitter account used to belong to him,but he didn't respond to my inquiries,another account that appears to have,been hijacked was discovered by twitter,user terence,eden who shared screenshots of a profile,that has 20,000 followers was started in 2009,and is apparently selling playstation 5s,the account belonged to author,tom jones he told me he struggled to get,his account back,so once i realized it had been stolen i,um,i logged a support request with twitter,and i had to do that i did that a number,of times and each time they were,basically saying,there is no there's no account with this,email address or password we've got no,record of your thing ever existed i was,terrence and the blogger i mentioned who,was first to tip me off actually had,recovered the twitter id from it as well,so i was able to use that but each time,i was just getting flat out refused,i was getting a bounce back which was,asking me for more information,and then when i provided that,information it was just getting like,rejected,so i didn't really know what to do in,the dms there were lots of,examples of them sending message,requests to other people who seem to be,looking for ps5s you know saying that,they had stock,they were messaging other other twitter,accounts for ps5,uh stock levels saying you know would,you like to buy this account,and there were actually exchanges going,on where they were offering it and,people were concerned about,how legit it was to buy a ps5 on twitter,which is not something that i would ever,consider doing,but also intriguingly it seemed like,there were at least,two or three occasions where they'd,actually sold,somebody a ps5 by this spam account,and the person had received it now i,don't i

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PS-5 next restock india | PS5 Drops for August| August restock update india | restock | Restock

PS-5 next restock india | PS5 Drops for August| August restock update india | restock | Restock

hey welcome guys back to jedi gamer this,is kevin and back again with wonderful,good news here so finally guys i'm sure,uploading a title,and it's a good news yes,the restock is confirmed for the 22nd of,august which is this coming monday,monday,don't you think it's a surprising stuff,for us because usually it comes on,tuesday and wednesday and of course it's,either thursday,or sometime it's friday but monday it's,after long time it's been a monday,restock we have seen,yes i'm gonna cover up everything you,need to know about how to secure your,ps5 on the restock date,i've covered a lot of videos in the past,when i've helped plenty of them to get,their ps5 offline through my resources,and also online,by going on discord live and helping our,people to know where exactly the drops,are happening or either it's a wish list,or it's a tips and tricks how do you,secure your ps5 or it's a vc meeting so,you want to know everything don't skip,out the video check out everything what,i'm going to cover up today,it's going to be simple and short video,this time not going to pull up too much,on this because i always make sure i,create a prediction video of a restock,but this time i couldn't get a time,because i was occupied with my work but,yes i'm not gonna waste for the more,time let's hop on to the very first,topic and before i do that make sure you,subscribe the channel,do check out the link of our discord,channel and please come and join us and,please hit the bell icon to all so that,if i put anything on my community tab,okay you get that notification without,failing don't skip out on any major,updates or anything regarding my live,stream or whether it may be,xyz reasons of my youtube channel,let's start with the very first topic,which i want to cover up today is,nothing about the last,restock what do you think how it was,so if i talk about the last restock it,was blunder nobody could make that many,orders out,it was just a daily variant and i'm sure,a lot of them were able to secure it and,a lot of them were not able to secure it,because they don't need this you know,daily variant so deal variant was the,last restock,for the july and a lot of people were,not happy with that,some of them were happy because they,were getting the daily variant and of,course digital variant is somewhat which,is required less in the market,but it was less in comparison to the,remaining restocks which we have seen,so let's stop it is nothing but the,quantities part about this restock what,do you think how much it could be as you,all know that we have digital and disk,variant both in this ps5 restock yes,you have bundle edition of for horizon,forbidden west for the first time first,time horizon foreign,coffee,or,nine hundred 43,ninety copper part right digital variant,of horizon forbidden west with,cheat uh with ps5 of course,the year ahead of variants,or quantity of the pathway i think,quantity would be minimal,it shouldn't be more than uh,500 to 600 or maximum 800 to 900.,so yes,so guys that's the place you want to be,if i want to witness the website,conservative you know according to the,weightage of the website,may literally first shop at seco board,second i'll go with flipkart but,and so on and on but games the shop,i don't know no words for that and,repays the gamer card please don't go,for it,avoid going to that website,i don't want to talk about them but yes,it's just a shitty website i've ever,seen my entire life,don't go for it guys don't ever fall,into that it's of no use you will simply,end up getting caught by your money you,will get a refund but it will be a late,refund and you will simply waste on your,time avoid prepares the gamer shop so if,i come back to another point we have,face plates,so yes of course this is,it's really hyped it's totally too,costly for me to bear it,i would not go for it as if now it's,not needed i'm okay with this color i'm,waiting for the price to drop on till,3.5 or 3k,or 2.7 something that's when you should,put your money into facebook,if i talk about,yes drop channels are working fine,so we are able to get drop notification,for xbox series x for amazon we are able,to get drop notification for flipkart,it's only the time when the product is,in stock it's not going to give you the,drop when it's not in stock,so it's a legitimate drop subscribe,first thing first subscribe,bell icon for all this video,second,you need to,you will get an access to discord uh,drop notification channel third,just wait and hold on to your horses and,just wait and see if there is a midnight,drop before the reach talk,you would be surprised to get and secure,one ps5 the way we did it three months,ago at morning four o'clock trust me it,works it has worked for plenty of them,it should work for you all guys if there,is a surprise drop by flipkart you never,know they do that,so it's a miracle if it's happen it,happens it doesn't it doesn't happens,but yes you do not want to lose out an,opportunity,if point one person opportun

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How to get your PS5 now GUARANTEED! 7 methods! 😱🔥🤯

How to get your PS5 now GUARANTEED! 7 methods! 😱🔥🤯

so you're trying to get a ps5 since it,got released in 2020 but still no luck,huh well let's just say you're not the,only one the playstation 5 demand has,been huge since day one and with global,issues like the pandemic and the chip,shortage sony themselves have confirmed,that the console low stock will continue,for the time being and of course it,doesn't help that each time a few,consoles go in stock bots automatically,buy them for scalpers that will resell,them for insane profits,so then how do you actually get a,playstation 5 well we have identified,the best methods to score the console,and we even tried a few of them,ourselves they go from the most legit,tips to some clever stuff that you,haven't heard of before and even some,shady and questionable tactics if you're,willing to go that far,get ready because today we're going to,show you seven ways to get a playstation,5 guaranteed,super players,number one,let's start with the most legit method,the official one you know the situation,is bad when even sony recognizes that it,can't keep up with the demand and that's,precisely why they created the,playstation direct store program that,keeps users informed about ps5 supply,you just have to register on the,playstation direct store with your,existing playstation network id,don't have one since this is your first,playstation,don't worry you can still create a new,one and register to participate when,stock is available sony will contact you,via email with the date time and,instructions for your opportunity to,purchase a ps5 console,however receiving the email invitation,does not guarantee that you will be able,to purchase a ps5 since the console,stock is available for a limited time,only and while supplies last,also keep in mind that you can only buy,one ps5 per household,after receiving the invite you'll be,placed on a queue with more people who,have also clicked on the link on the,established date and time the queue,typically takes around 25 to 30 minutes,so make sure you're really on time it's,worth mentioning that some users have,reported greater success on buying the,console by clicking the link one hour to,even two hours before and of course make,sure you have your credit card and,shipping information up to date so you,don't waste any time setting that up at,the last minute,so how effective is this method,well it basically depends on pure luck,but if you do everything we recommend,you may have even better odds of scoring,a ps5 at the right price,there's a bunch of people that have,bought their playstation this way and,since this is a legit way to do it we,think this is the first thing that you,should try,number two,when trying to buy a ps5 timing is,everything and there's no social network,as instant as twitter of course twitter,can also be a good ally when trying to,score a playstation 5. if you follow the,right accounts you could be notified,every time a new ps5 stock has dropped,we recommend that you follow popular and,time proven accounts like wario 64 mats,wider and ps5 stock alerts instead of,newly created ones that are a bit more,sketchy,drops can happen without previous notice,in both physical and digital retail,stores like best buy target or amazon so,you'll always have to be ready and with,the notifications turned on in extreme,situations like these every second,counts,number three,want to be even faster how about discord,if you're not familiar with discord,let's just say it's basically the,standard communication app for gamers,and yes as you may have guessed there's,actually a few servers dedicated,exclusively to notifying people when,there's ps5 stock available,not only are there a bunch of other,gamers giving tips on how to get the,console,but there are also bots that notify you,in real time when and where you can,purchase a playstation 5. we'll link a,few of these discord servers in the,description below this video just,remember to never send money to anyone,claiming that they'll get you a ps5 and,always buy from authorized retailers and,you should be okay,number four,you can also make the ps5 hunting a more,social experience right here on youtube,yes there are streams dedicated,exclusively to letting you know about,gpu drops and console restocks including,you've guessed it the playstation 5.,this more interactive approach lets you,get on the chat and talk with other,people and see what has worked for them,these streams typically use bots to keep,real-time tracking of stock of a bunch,of different stores like walmart and,best buy and they are yet another way to,try your luck scoring the console,number five,there's also another option for getting,a ps5 that we have not mentioned until,now,but it can really help you secure one,without having to rely that much on luck,this option is called bundles,yes major retailers like gamestop and,newegg have recurred to sell you a ps5,console with other items bundled,together the downside is that since,there's a few other things in the bundle,the price is mu

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Target PS5 Restocks Just Changed in an AMAZING Way!

Target PS5 Restocks Just Changed in an AMAZING Way!

hey guys welcome back to the channel or,welcome to the channel for the first,time,um really excited to let you guys know,that target has an all new way that,they're going to be selling ps5s going,forward one thing i want to say right at,the beginning is if this ever changes if,the information in this video ever,becomes outdated,read the pin comment below the pinned,comment will let you know we'll confirm,this is all up to date no matter how,long it's been since this video came out,and also i'll change the title as well,to signify that but unless you see,anything there everything i'm about to,say is exactly how target will sell the,ps5 going forward so in case you don't,know,in the past target has always sold ps5,and essentially nationwide restocks,where every two to four weeks um either,wednesday through friday,at about 7 40 a.m eastern time and yes,that would be 4 45 a.m pacific time they,would make west coasters get up that,early they would just let all their ps5s,go up for sale on their website,and,basically you had to you know be quick,get one but every it would go live for,everyone at the same time and,even though they don't publicly announce,these restocks if you follow this,channel if you follow restock accounts,on twitter you would kind of have an,idea of when they'd be restocking so,everyone would know,the beautiful thing,is now,going forward they're going to do what,they've been doing with the xbox series,x for months they're starting to do that,with the ps5 and what that is,is they're going to let people buy it,every single day so literally if your,local store happens to get some ps5s in,stock it doesn't matter if no other,stores in the country have it doesn't,matter if there's not a nationwide,restock if it's in if they have some in,the back no longer will they be like,nope you can only buy it online you have,to wait for a restock event,because that's what they always used to,say now if it's in stock at your store,you can just buy it online that morning,and pick it up that day now will they,sell it to you in store technically um,they would except for the fact that,they're all going to sell out before,your store opens,because they will be put up for sale on,the website before their store opens,so,you're still going to want to buy it,online but then you can literally go to,the store a couple hours later and pick,it up,i'm going to show you how to check if,your store has inventory real quick so,you have all this and hopefully you'll,get your ps5 within the next couple,weeks because they are receiving a ton,of shipments this week when this video,goes up or whenever you happen to watch,this if you decided to try to buy a ps5,again this is going to help you out i,hope so please feel free to drop a like,on the video subscribe to stay up to,date for more uh restock news there's,actually,best buy selling in-store as well so,that video is gonna be coming out really,soon but i hope everyone's having a,fantastic day and let's get right into,it so i'm gonna keep this as concise as,possible but right now what i'm showing,you and this is linked in the,description of this video both of these,links this is the ps5 disk page and this,is the ps5 digital page and you see you,can see a product right now but it has a,gray add to cart button meaning it sold,out you had to pick up sold out now,this is already this confirms the change,because they used to take these pages,down and it would just say product,unavailable,the way they did it before now what,they're doing is leaving the pages up,all the time and in the morning if your,store gets inventory you click on the,link again i've provided the links,they're not affiliate links or anything,they're just regular old links,you click on it,between seven and eight am eastern time,and the only problem is we don't know,exactly what time it pops into stock,because it does vary but i have a,workaround for that as well that i'm,going to tell you but basically i would,say get up around 7 15,try to refresh see if pickup's available,anywhere near you and then i would check,again at 7 45 8 o'clock and 805 because,i've seen it pop into stock at 804,so and that's eastern time so obviously,if your pacific time it's three hours,earlier than that and basically if it is,in stock at your store that morning,you'll be able to,buy it for pickup there's no ship to,home at target they've never done that,they're still not doing that,um so there's no delivery no shipping,but you'll be able to pick up at your,local store that day as long as you're,signed in to your target account which,has your address on it it'll,automatically let you know any store,within 50 miles of you that has it in,stock you just go to check other stores,even if it doesn't say it's in stock and,then as you can see right here it's,telling me all the stores within 50,miles of me and now it's saying that,it's not sold at that store it's not,that it's not sold at that store it's,just that it's not in stock at that,store so that'

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welcome back guys to another video I'm,placed okay and if you know me or if,you've been on this channel for a while,you'll know we did PS5 restock streams,at the end of 2020 and I'm sorry the end,of 2021 into 2022 in fact we did it for,like over a year right,um because ps5s were very hard to get,your hands on,um we used to wake up at midnight wait,for a Target restock or our Best Buy,restock right and it was it was a bunch,of fun we had a 24 hour live stream,basically the 30 plus thousand people to,subscribe to this channel a large,portion of them subscribed because of,the restock live streams which we did,for over a year I would say right,um and we had some good times made a lot,of friends and maybe you're watching,this video and you're one of them one of,the people that were here during the,restock streams we always get people to,come back on my current live streams in,the videos and see hey Blaze you know,thanks for your help you get the PS5,back in 2021 back earlier in 2022 you,know and it makes my heart it warms my,heart to see people that come back and,then I lot of our community is still,here from the PS5 restock streams it's,one of the best things I've ever done,honestly but anyways the PS5 shortage is,now officially over and that comes from,Sony themselves let's take a look let's,get into it at least okay please like,subscribe click the Bell icon for more,tech gaming content every single day on,your YouTube homepage let's go,thank you,it's over guys it's over Sony says the,PlayStation 5 shortage is over and,everyone who wants a PS5 should now have,a much easier time finding one uh,retailers globally now they've sold over,30 million units already worldwide which,is absolutely nuts um,May the next 30 million come even easier,PlayStation 5 shortage is finally over,at least according to Sony um everyone,who wants,everyone who wants PS5 should have a,much easier time finding one at retailer,globally starting from this point,forward to Jim Ryan the company's gaming,boss during its CES presentation the,company also announced that it sold,around 30 million consoles at this point,that's around 5 million more than the,last time we release sales numbers in,November so geez they sold about 5,million over the holiday period crazy,it's been um in like one month it's been,a long time getting to this point the,PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020,it wasn't until,um so what I'm sorry it was it was 2020,all the way through no 2021 and then,early 2022 that we did the live stream,which is nuts at 24 hour live stream,um oh it was a blast though,um and it wasn't until August 2022 that,we declared it almost easy to buy for,most of the console's life getting one,required you to be either very lucky,relatively on the spot with drops or,willing to pay scalpers or Best Buy,significantly more than the console's,MSRP even recently the main way to get,it was a 550 a 550 bundle which included,the PS5 with the this driving game and,that's why I think you're already going,to buy Horizon forbidden West or go to,war Ragnarok but a pretty steep markup,if you're hoping for the 399 digital,console during the presentation Ryan,thank PlayStation fans for their,patience as the company managed,unprecedented demand amid Global,challenges over the past two years at,the time of writing Best Buy and,GameStop had both versions of the,console listed as out of stock under,online stores though the latter does say,that at least one of its locations in my,area has the regular one in stock Sony's,direct store will let you add a Digital,Collection to your cart if you sign in,well the disk version is listed,unavailable unless you want to get the,God of War bundle hopefully Sony will,have the same availability issues when,the PlayStation VR 2 headset launches in,February so there we go guys it's,finally over the PS5 restock scene is,officially done and dusted,um that is until maybe the psvr 2 comes,out,um or the PS5 Pro or PS5 slim,um,so yeah anyways guys let me know what,you think in the comments are you one of,the people that joined us in the PS5,restock streams back in the day let me,know down below if you get to see see,you again and hear from you again,um and thank you for watching I'm,blake2k if you want more gaming content,Tech content on your homepage every day,please subscribe click the Bell icon and,if you want to support the channel by,clicking the join down below because I'm,here I'm always around I'm always going,to be posting content to YouTube and,every little bit of support really goes,a long way in helping to keep doing that,so thank you guys for watching I love,you and I appreciate you I'll see you in,the next video bye guys,foreign

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hey you wonderful,beautiful amazing people at least 2k and,it's been a while since we've done one,of these it's a ps5 restock update um,now there are surprisingly believe it or,not people that haven't got a ps5,console yet or xbox series x and today,i'm going to tell you about a big,restock happening today today on amazon,for both the xbox series x and the ps5,as well as the forbidden west horizon,forbidden west bundle ps5 bundle um that,you can,sign up for to be potentially have to,potentially have the opportunity to buy,them um today because there's going to,be another wave of ps5 and xbox resox,today on amazon and let's talk about,this shall we so let's get into it um oh,but before we do please smash the like,button hit the subscribe and click the,bell icon to be notified of more drops,more ps5 xbox news gaming news steam,deck videos technology and gaming,overall anyways have a wonderful day,let's get into it shall we so,so here as you can see we've got the ps5,bundle i'll put a link down below in the,description to where you can get to this,page because sometimes it is a little,bit hard to get to this page but as you,can see available by invitation yes you,cannot buy them and have them shipped,the same day at retail price just yet,and it's been it's been a long time it's,been well over a year since this thing,came out this thing came out at the end,of 2021 and people are so happy that,she's buying it i can't believe it can,you um so here we go i'll put a link to,this in the description you can go here,request your invitation to buy it next,wave of invites will be sent out today,september 19th so be on the lookout um,and that goes also for the ps5 horizon,bundle west or horizon forbidden west,bundle and we could also request an,invitation for the next wave of invites,to this console um which is a little bit,cheaper it's,if you ask me it's a pretty damn good,deal you're only paying 50 bucks,essentially 50 bucks for horizon,forbidden west with this bundle whereas,if you were to buy the game standalone,you don't maybe you don't have a ps5 yet,you would have to pay like upwards of 60,70 bucks or more um to get that game on,its own but you saved money here you're,getting it as part of the bundle um and,obviously that goes for xbox series x2,um you can request an invitation because,our wave of xbox series x invites will,also be going out today now amazon as,you know is one of the best the best,places to buy,a ps5 from i mean it's just it's fast,it's simple mostly you have an amazon,account already um playstation are also,doing their own invitation,um,invitational,purchase opportunities too so get make,sure you're signed up,on playstation's website,forward slash en,us ps5 dash register dash 2 dash bye to,basically sign in to register for the,chance to buy a ps5 from playstation,themselves um from playstation direct,and potentially get the special limited,edition ultra playstation seal on the,box which is kind of cool um banned from,playstation's always fun um so yeah,restocks now,as for where you can get more restock,news more often updated restock news if,you don't want to subscribe and click,the bell icon on my videos definitely,check out people on twitter like or on,youtube also like scrubbing,s-c-r-u-b-i-n-g he posts daily almost uh,ps5 xbox restock videos,there's also a guy here um,called matt slider you probably heard of,him he used to be big during the ps5,restock wave he actually has a website,called the shortcut which not only just,helps you with ps5 restocks but helps,you with tech in general all sorts of,tech so definitely recommend you go,check out the shortcut and i'll put a,link to this page specifically um where,you can um,get the latest and greatest on ps5,restocks he's updating it a little bit,less now as the weeks come on as people,get more ps5s in their hands um but,definitely give him a follow on twitter,he's a great guy and,worthy of your support and also please,consider following me on twitter as well,because i am actually on twitter quite a,lot and i responded to people and i'd,love for you to just pop on and say hi,you know come say hi to me on twitter,all right it's not hard,forward slash blaze 2kx so it's just,place to keep with an x on the end one,word um link in the description you know,just tap it give me a follow come see,how i say hey blaze i remember you from,months ago when you used to do the 24,hour live stream for ps5 restocks how's,it been man you know it warms my heart,makes me smile makes me happy when,people reach out and basically say hey i,remember you please i remember you,sometimes when i'm doing game streams on,youtube and i'm also streaming on twitch,now forward slash blaze 2k,gaming um,i get people to come in and say hey,blaze you helped me get a ps5 last year,um during the old ps5 restock stream it,was awesome and you know it makes me,smile and warms my heart when everyone,like when someone,remembers me for for that period that

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