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Top10 Twitter Prnstars Accounts to Follow 2022 | Part1 | Wtf Clubhello guys,welcome to our youtube c

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Top10 Twitter Prnstars Accounts to Follow 2022 | Part1 | Wtf Club

hello guys,welcome to our youtube channel in this,video you will see top 10 stars whose,official twitter accounts you should,follow in instagram as well,sophie is an american film actress known,for her acting in the av industry,although sophie started her career as a,model but in january 2005 she entered an,av industry as in 2022 her age is 38,years old,if you aren't into politics and just,want pure adult content,brie is not one of the accounts to,follow the recent tweets are all about, that does not matter,born on the 7th of october 1986 in texas,united states in november 2006 she,started her career in entertainment,industry,kendra lust was born on the 18th of,september 1978 in michigan,usa she completed his degree in nursing,from the university of usa she worked as,a nurse for seven years after that she,made her debut in ave industry,sarah j is an american actress and model,born on the 14th of november 1977 in,cincinnati,ohio united states in 2001.,she started her career in the av,industry with the film studio armageddon,entertainment,lisa ann is an american film actress,born on the 9th of may 1972 in easton,pennsylvania,united states in 1994.,she started her career in the,entertainment industry with the film,studio nepali video,lana rhodes is an american film actress,born on the 6th of september 1996 in,chicago illinois united states loner,rhode's boyfriend is mike magelac mike,is a writer,known for his book the fifth vital as in,2022 her age is 26 years old,abel a danger was born on the 19th of,november 1995 in miami,florida,usa she is an american actress,model and instagram celebrity most,recently she appeared and she and him,directed by little son and bella son,riley reed is an american film actress,born on the 9th of july 1991 in miami,beach florida,united states in 2011 she started her,cara in ave industry,as in 2022 her age is 31 years old,the amalcova is an american film actress,born on the first of july 1992 in palm,springs,california united states in 2012 she,started her career in the entertainment,industry with the film studio fm concept,sunny leone is an indian film actress,and a former adult films actress leon,was born on wednesday,the 13th of may 1981 in sarnia ontario,canada as in 2022 her age 40 years old,thanks for watching,if you liked the video please subscribe,to my youtube channel and press the bell,icon for more update

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The Disgusting Truth About NSFW Twitter

The Disgusting Truth About NSFW Twitter

most of the videos on this channel are,made in a light-hearted non serious and,comedic manner because that's what I,tried to be a funny YouTube guy that you,can laugh at and move on from but this,video is going to be very different it's,a topic that I can't personally move on,from without addressing on my channel,it's a topic I haven't seen anybody else,cover and I feel that it's very serious,to actually address here on YouTube this,is a video to inform you and hopefully,Twitter about the dangers of,not-safe-for-work Twitter especially,because of how easily accessible and,unmoderated Twitter is when it comes to,content that's sexual in nature,this video is going to be separated into,a few topics of discussion in regards to,not-safe-for-work twitter the first,thing we're actually going to discuss is,what not-safe-for-work twitter is and,why it's as dangerous as it is the,second thing we're going to discuss is,only fans and it's absolutely hilarious,self verification and then we're going,to close it out what needs to change and,what I have planned in terms of,continuing to fight this issue at hand,make sure you stick around and watch,this video all the way to the end as,YouTube's algorithm tends to appease -,videos that are watched all the way,through as better viewer retention shows,better content which is how videos get,recommended to people so if you are like,me and care about the issue at hand,please make sure you watch this video,all the way through and you'll be doing,your part in ensuring that this video,gets the proper attention without,further ado let's begin now before I,answer what not-safe-for-work Twitter is,I'd first like to discuss what Twitter,actually says about not-safe-for-work,content in their official guidelines in,the official Twitter rules there are two,guidelines related to adult content,number one child sexual exploitation we,have zero tolerance for child sexual,exploitation on Twitter number two,sensitive media including graphic,violence and adult content you may not,post media that is excessively gory or,share violent or adult content within,live video or in profile or header,images media depicting sexual violence,and/or assault is also not permitted,so in summary adult content is allowed,on Twitter as long as underage people,are not involved which leads me directly,to not-safe-for-work twitter which,completely violates this yet twitter has,done literally nothing to address this,so what is not safe for work Twitter not,safe for work Twitter is a term used to,describe at least to me the underground,virtual play place of Twitter and the,people who contribute to it are usually,very young people it's not something you,can really find on Twitter by itself see,when you usually go to Twitter there's,like trends and profiles and such that,are more often than not safe for work to,put it at point blank you really can't,find not safe for work adult content,unless you actually go out of your way,to look for it on Twitter with that,being said not safe for work Twitter can,kind of be seen as like a secret Club to,people desiring attention or people who,have specific appreciations or whatever,people will post like advertisements,saying what they're all about and you,know from the looks of it it seems fine,you know adults just being horny and,doing what they got to do it seems,innocent enough until you realize that,for one anyone can access this community,through directly searching for it on the,Twitter search bar if you search new to,not-safe-for-work twitter you'll find,that there is a format people follow,they'll typically say some things like,new to not-safe-for-work twitter and,then they'll say their age gender and,whatever or what they're looking for,usually along with pictures that are,anywhere from safer work to things that,have made me not want to eat for three,days not only can anyone access these,communities but anyone of any age can,post about it search it up and if you've,ever made a Twitter account Twitter,isn't hard-pressed about age you can,enter whatever age and Twitter's going,to say you're that age but you can still,look up not-safe-for-work content on the,website but even then reading through,these new to not-safe-for-work Twitter,posts it's incredibly shocking and,appalling to see that a good majority of,them are made by people who are underage,another thing I commonly see in these,posts is request to retweet to find,Mutual's which to me is just screaming,into a loudspeaker I am underage,attention groomers of Twitter I am an,underage person seeking your sexual,attention making these posts is,literally just asking Nate inviting pee,creeps six in general to reach out to,them lie about their age so they can do,I don't even want to imagine it I love,how in a lot of these posts the kids,posting say oh if you're 18 plus do not,inbox and what that means is they're,asking people over the age of 18 not to,message them because in their mind if,everyone's underage it's okay yeah right,lik

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Doc Rivers Gets CAUGHT Liking Pron On Twitter

Doc Rivers Gets CAUGHT Liking Pron On Twitter

what's going on everybody cga sports,back in here appreciate y'all for being,here and checking out this channel hit,the like button subscribe to the channel,uh we just moved all of my sports,content in the new current sports videos,over from the cga sports channel over to,cga got game and we're about a few,seconds away from becoming monetized so,i gotta be careful with this show what,is going on with your boy doc rivers,head coach of the philadelphia 76 suits,also the former head coach of the los,angeles clippers the boston celtics,where he won the championship and uh a,bunch of other teams the orlando magic,and all that stuff everybody knows him i,remember doc rivers as a player,playing alongside most notably the,atlanta hawks dominique wilkins and spud,webb and the lights so anyway uh,doc rivers has been known for his,successful playoff collapses,in terms of uh some of the things he's,done with the clippers he had the big,three over there this and i'm a clippers,fan and um he had the big three chris,paul,um he had uh,blake griffin and uh he had deandre,jordan and they couldn't put it together,they always seemed to fall apart,uh especially with the old state,warriors on their rise and then of,course you had the classic playoff,collapses with the philadelphia 76ers,getting eliminated first round but,anyway all of that builds in comparison,to what he just did right now this,weekend he got caught looking at spicy,material and like i said i'm a few,seconds away from getting monetized on,this channel so i got to chill,eat them up ell chill what is going on,with your boy doc rivers,i don't know if you guys know twitter is,they do host a lot of spicy content i'm,gonna actually listen i gotta be a,little bit more careful than i normally,am they do host spicy content over there,uh i didn't even know this until,probably maybe six months ago when,somebody suggested a video uh i think it,was bell delphine or something like that,and i was like oh let me go check it out,and i was like what,all right i didn't realize you could,have that over there but that's how it,goes uh twitter's a little bit much more,of a cesspool of a social media site but,that's what could happen and if you were,promoting some sort of site where you,can get money,wait a minute let's dig let's get the i,got money,if you're promoting a site like that you,can make it,uh you can make some content over on,twitter and draw some fans over there,but anyway that i digress check this out,your boy doc rivers,pulled a party file,by liking certain content on twitter,which they deem sexually inappropriate,and when you like the content whatever,you like on twitter goes to a folder of,likes so it basically is and it's public,unless i don't even know if can you turn,that off can you turn that like area off,i don't think so but whatever you like,basically is gonna come under all of,these likes so whoever's following you,or whoever comes to your page can see,everything that you like now i was fully,aware of that i knew of this and it's,kind of odd because sometimes you can,like something and you really don't like,it,like you can like something to keep,track of it like i that's kind of how i,do my likes and i remember when i,coached college basketball we used to,tell players don't like certain things,even if you're trying to reference it or,use it as a bookmark now i think twitter,has bookmarks just try to avoid these,things but whatever you like it doesn't,necessarily mean you agree with it you,just want to keep it somewhere where you,can find it easier so that's why they,file it in this like category and,sometimes you like something that you,definitely don't agree with or you,definitely aren't you definitely are,looking to keep as a file like or you,want to reference it later but in this,case doc rivers and i cannot show you,what he liked on this one there's a,video if you want to go look it up,yourself on this article of what he,exactly like and let me just tell you,um,yeah man it might reminds me of thailand,or it reminds me some title and stuff,all right,maybe a little bit of trans energy if,you will i'm trying to i'm trying to,stay safe i'm trying to get some money,over here i got money,yeah boy doc rivers got an alternative,lifestyle of things that he likes and uh,there's gonna be a certain demographic,of people who uh start may start,attending some philadelphia 76er games,that's what just gonna i'm gonna just,say that right now let's go ahead and,see if i can read the article it says,doc draws uh attention for sexually,inappropriate twitter likes and there's,there's a look on his face when he,figured out oh you can see my likes,yeah man you can see my likes,doc rivers drew attention on social,media friday night and not for a good,reason some twitter's user noticed that,who by the way by the way,who looks at,i guess man i don't know man social,media is weird who looks at what another,person's following i mean who jumped on,there and was like,let me look at wha

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5 Baffling Things About Twitter Porn Accounts

5 Baffling Things About Twitter Porn Accounts

hey you want to know the weirdest thing,about the outward-facing twitter feeds,of sites that provide free porn videos,that there are those pornhub redtube you,porn bang bros bro 2 bang you porn two,bang hubbers they all employ people full,time to do nothing but manage their,users twitter porn experience even,though the last thing you want from,internet porn is that it be conveyed in,words nor does porn really need the,exposure it's not ritz crackers it's,naked people for you to watch on,video for free did you really need to,lure people in with a twitter list,linking every video as it gets posted i,have rss feeds for that man maybe,it's an attempt to humanize the site you,know put a face on the porn,terrible idea the whole benefit of,internet porn is that you don't have to,parade your shame in front of another,human other than the nsa and facebook's,ad algorithm obviously,to get to the nasty so why is every porn,site twitter feed run by a sexy lady,constantly inflicting her personality on,her followers and why are all of those,ladies personalities equal parts dirty,bumper stickers safe for work photos of,cleavage and little random personal,details that absolutely no one wants to,associate with making themselves come i,mean the only poutine that i want to,hear about from pornhub is a guy poutine,his man gravy all over some chicks,cheese curds,now i'm doing it seriously the abundance,of terrible one-liners tweeted by porno,site interns rivals that of any shitty,multinational corporation's twitter feed,that or a cracked article it's like if a,computer algorithm took greeting card,jokes and inspirational shirt slogans,and just added the word or ,in it random not to say that there,aren't some,subtle nuances that become apparent,after hour eight of reading nothing but,porno tweets you're welcome for example,too bait is a little more edgy and,hemingway-esque than the others brazzers,is all about the music and not afraid to,ask if it doesn't know the answer to an,important question an ex-hamster is the,one that's really sorry your video,didn't load but they're totally on it,so hot so yeah,no i guess i still don't get it it's not,like these are nothing feeds either they,all have many thousands of followers,must be a community engagement thing you,know what let's check out the replies,yep that's what you'd expect,well that's just disconcerting,that's kind of the opposite of porn,altogether,even worse,and yep we've reached internet this is,now internet okay we got there jesus man,dark hey did browsers ever get,their question answered,oh my god get that guy get that guy in,here the layers there's like four jokes,in there you wear that,oh man i hope you framed my crotch out,because that just made me hard as a rock,yes please i said,she unbuttoned her blouse and showed me,her boobs both of them she had two,nipples like a normal person,i looked at the breasts and said yes,those are like baseballs but ones that,stick to your face,she said i know,i know,it's a little bit of my erotica i'll,give you a lot more if you subscribe to,our channel thanks for watching the,video

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What Porn Do You Watch?

What Porn Do You Watch?

we have a father here all right stop,okay,basically it's gonna fin into a 50 pound,Oh,long wait do you swallow Oh Dora is fine,okay how much would you suck dick for,really just know wow you understood that,do you have any talents oh really,okay I ripped one of your balls rip one,of your balls and show us some tricks,wonders did you may we're having sex I,can tell you why do you know when they,like Korea fire,you know they rub so quick well then she,create a fire it's like a mini push fire,between their legs,what pawn do you want any major that's,actual fun okay okay no big a no show,you what you pay again so there's a very,gay that comes in there no not okay no,games,oh you know dick on dig action no sword,fights no bananas no fairness hey Wow,fair enough then what noises do you make,when having sex that's sounding like you,end really quickly like you just go,straight in right you're 19 yeah yeah,pretty much pretty close yeah I'm,friending viagra right now so yeah now,why does a good person a lot like the,Japs pure chance Japanese yourself know,but you won't shoving his phone,sometimes it's not kinda again sure you,know ie Chinese yeah so y-you you know,watching porn on the other side like you,have a few talents,what type of acting born born don't kiss,your tea me what noises you made,when having sex I don't know give,example you do what you do you know nah,nah nah no baby,so you start singing oh well so she's so,she singing why is it so small baby why,can't I feel it tonight,is this your mistress she receiver does,a hub so which one of you is pregnant,yeah neither okay are you by the,juggling are you struggling to do skills,you

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Women Watch Porn With Porn Stars

Women Watch Porn With Porn Stars

- What's nice is that they made a little costume adjustment,so your boobs are out.,- Hi, I'm Allie Haze, I'm an adult film star.,- We don't have the same job,but we do spell Allie the same way.,- I'm Danny Wylde.,- I'm Paris Kennedy.,- And I'm Conner.,- And we're gonna watch Conner's movie.,- It's called After the Heist.,- It's called On My Dirty Knees.,- I don't like watching my own porns.,- It's probably gonna be a little uncomfortable for me.,- I have met Conner before,but I've never seen one of your movies so,maybe I'm a bad friend.,- This is a Star Wars XXX and I play Princess Leia.,- But, let me just say, you really look like her!,- Everybody's favorite part is this,- The music is like... - The music on the tagline.,(singing),- It's called Free Hot Dogs?,- Yes. (laughs),I wanna go to the roller rink for free hot dogs,but then he stops me.,- A hot dog you certainly got. (laughs),- We have a lot already happening on the screen.,- Not a lot of cutaways, just a single shot,of the tits and the vagina.,- Are you guys good friends?,- Yes, we are. - Oh good.,That makes it more comfortable.,- So you literally just met her before you did this?,- Yeah.,- Are you ever nervous?,- Yeah, before every scene.,- Wait, so did you all do a heist?,- I only read the parts of the script that I was in.,- So this goes on for a while.,(both laugh),- Do you remember at all,what could be going through your mind,during things like this?,- "Where should I go for food afterwards?",- I think I'm more awkward than you are right now. (laughs),- What's Darth Vader doing this whole time?,- Because right now I'm blowing him to get out of prison.,- See, that's a back story I could have used.,- His penis is enormous. - Yeah, what the--?,- This is how big my hand is so it's like,three of my hands.,- Respect just went from here to like here.,- We are in third base now, I guess you would call it.,- Oh, okay.,- I'm just gonna keep it going.,- Alright, there's some sex.,- I really wanted my roller skates to roll.,- (laughing) That takes skill though,,to do that in roller skates.,- It was hard, I was like, "Please don't fall!",- I'm trying to concentrate on what you're saying,but I'm concentrating on the blowjob.,- I forgot that the penis flops, when you're...,- When it's hard it just sort of bounces,like one of the things that stops a door when you open it.,- More things are happening 'cause there's two men.,You guys get it!,- Is a lot of this acting?,Or is this how you're actually feeling?,- Pretty sure this more or less unfolded naturally.,- Anything we're saying is just ad lib.,- I actually really love doing it.,- Aww. - This is all genuine.,You have to perform it but I really actually like it.,- I'm not a faker, I'm with my partner and I'm like,,"You will make me cum today.",- I'm sure they listen.,- It's weird hearing my sounds.,- I'm surprised at how comfortable this is for me.,- Oh boy, that's a thing! - Okay, alright.,That's a close-up.,- (laughing) I like how you're having,the same reactions to it.,- The socks are just a great touch.,- My only thought here, honestly, is just like,,you must have such strong legs.,- Am I blushing? (laughs),- Do you like watching yourself?,- (laughing) No!,It's funny to me.,- Do you ever just, for your own pleasure, watch yourself?,- (laughing) Sometimes.,- It's okay, I probably would too.,- This is the money shot.,- Did it happen, did I miss it?,- Oh no, oh no, here it comes!,You shouldn't have to clean up after it, he should!,- She makes it really comfortable, 'cause she's lovely.,- It was hard for me to be like,,"Oh, that's you and that's you.",- I'm like, "Oh god, don't look!",- You did a really good job.,- This was so cool, you have a whole new perspective.,- Yeah, it's like an educational thing for me right now.,- I'm just so impressed with how many squats,you can probably do.,- I don't think I've ever watched porn with somebody else,,so I'm glad that it was with,the person who was in the video.,- Well thank you for watching my porn.,- Thank you for letting me watch it with you. (laughing),- I don't know how I go back to work after this.

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What Happens When You Quit Porn?

What Happens When You Quit Porn?

in 2019 pornhub reported 115,million visits per day a new survey of,people aged 15 to 29 found that 82,percent of women and 100 of men viewed,porn due to easy access on phones porn,consumption has increased rapidly in,recent years it was only in the early,90s that people were just relying on,static images in magazines i mean,embarrassing a new survey found that 82,percent of people failed when trying to,quit pornography so today we are going,to explain exactly what happens to your,brain and body when you try to quit porn,on day one of quitting pornography you,likely won't notice much within the,first 24 hours most men and women had,overall good moods and were excited by,the task trying to not look at porn,maybe they had some extra time to read a,book cook a new meal stare at a wall,it's on day two of quitting porn when,physiological symptoms started to appear,you may be asking how much porn do you,have to be watching to have,physiological symptoms when trying to,quit and this is a nuanced question most,academic studies on the neurophysiology,of pornography use involve people who,self-identify as having ppu problematic,porn use this is not directly related to,how much you consume but whether you,feel porn is negatively affecting your,life in 2011 13 of men were viewing porn,every day now the number seems to be,closer to 39,but the change in self-diagnosed ppu,patients hasn't changed as drastically,as you'd think right now studies say,around six percent of people admit that,they have problematic porn use again,this is people self-identifying as,having a problem with porn and then,seeking out help either way studying,people with ppu is currently the only,way that we can study how porn affects,all of us on day two of quitting is when,people with ppu reported increased,anxiety inability to sleep inability to,concentrate and wanting porn more than,three times per day this is because,problematic porn use does change your,brain it affects the noggin your brain,has neuroplasticity meaning it,physically changes and responds to your,behavior the change happens here in the,gray matter of your brain which,physically changes due to porn use an,example of how gray matter changes,involves juggling a group of 24,non-jugglers had their brains scanned,they were divided into two groups one,group practiced juggling for three,months the other didn't after three,months they had their brains scanned,again and the jugglers had significant,changes in gray matter associated with,processing and storage of complex visual,motion using fmri brain scans of 28 men,with ppu and 24 men without it was found,that there was a physical change in the,ventral striatum of men with ppu this is,the part of the brain linked to wanting,and involves dopamine dopamine,is a neurotransmitter directly linked to,our evolution and survival has a big,impact on our behavior and if you've,been watching asap science for the past,10 years we talk about it a lot and it's,because it makes us crave the things we,need to survive like food love,friendship but also two things related,to porn which are novelty and sex,surfing porn keeping a bunch of tabs,open figuring out the right one for you,keeps dopamine levels in your brain high,for long periods of time and this can,physically change your ventral striatum,and it's the reason why on the second,day of quitting porn you might actually,physically struggle on day four to seven,is when most people go back to viewing,porn a big reason for returning was,anxiety one study found that people with,ppu exhibited higher traits of anxiety,than controls even though both groups,didn't have a diagnosed anxiety disorder,people with problematic porn use were,using porn to alleviate their anxiety,but most people said it actually didn't,help interestingly a lot of the,neurological studies found that people,with problematic porn use want porn more,but don't like it any more than control,groups this wanting is because porn,affects your reward systems your,dopamine levels by being a super normal,stimulus a super normal stimulus is a,term coined by nicholas tinberg is,something with exaggerated versions of,normal stimuli that amplify the,qualities that make it more compelling,than the real thing studies with bird,show adding a fake super normal vividly,spotted plaster egg to a nest makes a,mother rather sit on it than a real more,pale colored eggs or male jewel beetles,will rather copulate with a beer bottle,cap as the dimpled bottoms are more,intriguing than a real bottle that's,right beetles are out here banging beer,bottle caps for humans a super normal,stimulus can be junk food a soft drink,is a lot more compelling than the equal,calories of radishes or porn enhanced,novel sexual situations with easy access,can be more compelling than real sex,it's for this reason that many people,cannot last longer than four to seven,days without watching porn a survey,found that on day 14 of no porn is when,watching porn starts to feel like an,intense

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Twitter Sent Me Actual Trannie Pron, then banned me

Twitter Sent Me Actual Trannie Pron, then banned me

what about it YouTube,all right let's take a little break from,uh all the madness Kanye going on Alex,Jones I can't even get to their servers,must be like wrecked right now people,trying to watch that stuff,but anyway let's just talk about a,little Twitter story I have for you okay,so years ago I got banned from Twitter,um I was trolling the governor of North,Carolina about abortion,and I got banned so it's been a while,and then Elon bought the company and,suddenly,I mean right right a couple days after,he took over I was back on,magically,so I got some followers going I started,to tweet to some people uh there was,some kind of good back and forth with,uh some jays there was this thing going,on at the time the uh the noticing,hashtag the noticing I don't know if,it's still going on,and uh so it was kind of fun but,anyway as I'm gathering followers uh,somebody,uh follows me,and usually what I'll do when I see that,is I'll go see who they are and follow,them back well,this person was,Dallas,50 off only fans,it just said 50 off of right,so I click on Dallas,and right away quick like,right when you click on Dallas,here comes a video,and here's Dallas jacking his dick,slobbering on his fake tits with a giant,black in his mouth,and I can't unsee that ,sorry for the swearing but,I mean,I can't unsee that stuff,okay,and I tried to report it but there was,no way to report it,okay,and I joked with Dallas because I,couldn't report in Dallas so Dallas was,commenting on my stuff too I think I,can't remember but somehow I interacted,with Dallas here once I saw the, porn sent to me thanks to Twitter,um presented to me thanks to Twitter,also soliciting,uh uh prostitution sex across state,lines on Twitter,by the way anyone who's interested in,that fact,so Dallas okay I I messaged Allison I'm,like I'm like oh my gosh it's Michelle,Obama how cool,right,I mean if I can't do anything else I'm,gonna joke right,so what does Dallas do,Dallas sends me a gift of like an NBA,dude who's watched the NBA thing or,whatever's going on and he's like right,there on the sideline going,okay that was the reaction from Dallas,the ,actually making porn,on Twitter when I joke around about,Dallas,being Michelle Obama,okay moving on,two seconds later,I think it was I don't even remember,Jack pesobic I believe,types onto Twitter where's Michelle,Obama,I just had this interaction,so I answered jokingly making p r,o n prawn trying to not offend anyone,with some kind of actual word there,trying to just kind of be jokey not,specific I didn't use any names it was a,complete sentence just a joke making, prawn just got through talking to,Dallas,when I say that she's Michelle Obama,right,Twitter,bans me,for what for hate speech,or for hate violation,and I've gone back and forth with them,tried to explain to them how effed up,they are that they solicit this stuff,they present it to me,right and I tell them hey look here's,what you did right,sending me presenting this stuff to me,on Twitter how about next time you put,that crap on DVD you come on over to my,house,and you invite yourself in to present,that to me on my DVD in my in on a DVD,in my house okay do that,if you're going to present porn,to me I want you to do it in person okay,so that way you can see how I ban you,okay Twitter,because they're not abandoning me and,all this crap you're hearing about how,Elon is letting everybody who hasn't,broke the law I made a stupid joke,you got all the context right,and I promise you if somebody came over,and,okay,uh you're gonna get banned,you're gonna get banned and your next,stop will probably be ECU,all right,so that's my little Twitter story,uh God bless

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