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Twitter Marketing: How to Grow An Audience On Twitter FAST In 2022109 000 impressions 14 700,profile

Sean Anthony

Updated on Jan 31,2023

Twitter Marketing: How to Grow An Audience On Twitter FAST In 2022

109 000 impressions 14 700,profile visits 286 followers 150,email subs and thousands of dollars in,digital product sales,these are the stats from 28 days of the,last 28 days on twitter,and i really only started on this,platform in the month of february so in,this video i want to talk about,how you can grow an audience on twitter,fast and,why i think it's going to be the social,media king the king of all other social,media platforms,by the end of 2021 so let's first talk,about,why twitter why would you want to grow,on this platform it's nothing new it's,been around for,a long long time so why am i focused on,growing on twitter and why should you,want to build your audience here in 2021,so let's talk about those reasons right,now,first the organic reach and engagement,on twitter is,incredible and i've been on quite a few,different platforms i have an email list,i'm on youtube i'm on facebook i have my,own facebook groups i've been on,instagram and snapchat and the,the engagement and organic reach that i,see on twitter just murders all these,other platforms,for the amount of followers that i have,right i only have 286 followers here,and i have 109 000 people who have seen,my tweets so the the organic reach and,the engagement here,is crazy high and you would think it's a,new platform for how good the organic,reach is so that's number one,number two is the quality of information,and value that people,share on this platform is also very,it's top notch it's it's really high,quality and if this does go back to who,you follow and who you choose,to follow on twitter but overall they're,some of the biggest entrepreneurs and,billionaires in the world like elon musk,they're very active on this platform,and they're sharing information and,they're sharing value and insights and,and different things and lessons about,their business so,the quality of information and the value,and the people you're going to find on,twitter,is top notch some of the brightest minds,in the world,this is their platform of choice twitter,number three is there is no limit to the,amount of followers you can have,so platforms like facebook you can only,have 5 000,friends on instagram there's no limit,youtube there's no limit but,linkedin you also have a limit i think,it's like 30 000 connections which you,know,is kind of high but there is still a,limit so twitter you have you can have,an unlimited amount of followers and,like i said on the first point the,organic reach and engagement is,incredible so,just imagine putting a tweet out and,unlike facebook pages,where you're posting only one percent of,people see your post,with twitter the reach is still crazy,high even for a mature platform,and the fourth reason is they are coming,out with a feature,that rivals the best feature on every,other platform there is,instagram stories twitter has a feature,called fleets that is just like story,spaces is coming on to take on clubhouse,right so you guys know clubhouse is,that new audio only app twitter is,rolling out a new feature called,spaces which is the exact same thing as,clubhouse communities that's going to,take on facebook groups so twitter is,going to have their own,groups and own communities directly in,the platform super follows where you can,actually,pay people or you can if you're a big,influencer you can charge people to,follow you and see certain tweets of,yours that's going to rival patreon,where people are paying creators for,their information they also just rolled,out a built-in newsletter platform to,rival,sub stack if you guys know what that is,sub stack they allow you to create paid,new email newsletters,twitter just rolled out a feature to,create your own newsletter directly in,the platform and word on the street is,twitter is also,testing ecommerce features which means,you can directly buy,products right off the platform products,and services so twitter is coming out,with a feature,to rival basically every other platform,out there and they're really going hard,on these features this year so i'm,excited to see what this is or what it's,going to look like and how,twitter is going to grow by the end of,this year or through this year now,here's my prediction and you can mark my,words in this,by the end of 2021 twitter will be the,king of all social media platforms,it's going to be the most talked about,it's going to be the most desirable,platform for people wanting to build,their audience,because of all the features and because,of all the engagement there and i think,that right,now we are still in the early phases,which is weird to say,we're still in the early phases of,people starting to grow their audience,and their influence and their businesses,on twitter so i want to help you in this,video i want to give you some ways to,grow on this platform fast start growing,your audience and,and ride this wave and get ahead of the,curve before everyone else starts,jumping into this,and growing their audience on twitter as,well so let's dive into thes

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Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

I find it so fascinating how often,people just film their own crimes or,post on Twitter about illegal activities,that they're doing and then it,eventually comes back to haunt them,where they lose their job or get,arrested it's just wild that so often,people have this complete lack of,self-control and inability to stop,themselves from saying or doing dumb,stupid things on Twitter like posting,cringe on Twitter has cost more jobs,than the invention of machines and today,I want to go over a disturbing new case,of gross this was something that,went viral a few days ago but I've only,just now caught up on it it's really,gross and I actually think that this is,a deeper onion than most people realize,I think that this was all a manufactured,marketing campaign conducted by a,Shameless degenerate in order to get,only fan subscribers so let's take it,from the top I'm sure if you were on,Twitter a few days ago you saw this post,floating around this little bit of,eyeball poison was getting Dunked On by,everyone around the globe and if people,weren't on it they were, themselves out of just pure,repulsion so the post is talking about,how they're coming out as trans canine,and talking about how they've been with,six dogs so they celebrate dogs,and they double down on this triple down,on it and have made it their entire,brand identity now like this is now,their online presence is being the dog, and they're very open about it,talking about it and trying to make it,like some kind of powerful movement,about why dogs is a great thing,obviously I'm on the side of Common,Sense here animals can't consent to,having sex thus you're not even having,sex with the animals you're raping them,you're a dog Raper it's called,bestiality and it's a crime it's illegal,it's not something to be celebrated or,encouraged now I think the person behind,this knows it and was making this as a,giant post that would hopefully gather a,lot of hoopla and put eyes on their uh,their content because even prior to this,post they were dropping nude photos lewd,photos and just talking like about,trying to monetize their sexual content,and then after this post got so much,steam they made a statement saying that,this had cost them their job they now no,longer have a way of making money so in,desperation they're saying it and,starting and only fans when I'm pretty,sure that was the entire plan from the,get-go and by having so many eyes on,them from all of this this Spotlight,that was shining there they immediately,got a giant head start like they're way,over 150 000 followers at this point and,I'm pretty sure that this was their,intention from the get-go they'd chose,something that they knew most people,would have a problem with no one likes,to see animals being abused and no one,likes to hear about animals being used,as like sexual objects or sexual props,for people in their content it's like,that is beyond weird so they are,probably aware that by making that post,it get would have gathered a lot of,steam which it did and then they,immediately went around with this,narrative that they were fired there's,no way of knowing 100 for sure if they,were fired I take all of that with a,grain of salt and even the way they talk,about it like in that post they're,saying they're going to sue everyone,that got them fired that just seems like,a troll that legitimately just seems,like a weak low effort troll statement,at the end there there is evidence to,suggest they may have actually lost,their job from this but even still I,don't think it's 100 confirmed as of,this moment like it just to me feels,like this was all part of the plan and,you can also even see them like lean,into it if you go back a couple days,before this blew up they made this post,about how only fans models are the devil,you know this is terrible stuff look,what kind of example are you setting for,children you Godless heathens and then,only days later turning around and,dropping one of their own only fans is,disgusting and you're going to hell for,it as they're signing up for an account,I could be wrong this all could be done,genuinely and wasn't meant as a,marketing play for only fans subscribers,but to me that's just really what it,feels like it feels like someone that is,very aware of what they're doing and,trying to capitalize off outrage and,being the villain I've said this a,million times but on Twitter since,everyone has unlimited access to every,unhinged thought and person imaginable,across the globe you will always find,people that agree with you no matter how,outrageous the belief you will always,find supporters and that's exactly,what's happened here they now do have,legitimate supporters backing them and,the dog stuff from other equally,deranged animal it's pathetic,sad and it's just really depressing that,this is actually succeeding for them,financially now if I'm correct and this,is all just revolting marketing for,their only fans it doesn't make any of,this justifiable excusable and it,doesn't

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How to Post On Twitter A Beginners Guide To Tweeting

How to Post On Twitter A Beginners Guide To Tweeting

in this video i'm going to show you all,how to post on twitter,from three separate devices i'm going to,show you how to tweet from your,ipad or your tablet i'm going to show,you how to tweet from your desktop,computer,and i'm going to show you how to tweet,from your smartphone as well,so stick around because that's all,coming up right now,hey there mark warnken here thanks for,tuning in to my youtube channel,the number one place for business owners,and brands,to stay up to date with everything,social media,that will actually help grow your,business so,don't forget to hit that subscribe,button below to stay up to date with,all of my weekly videos don't forget to,tick the little bell icon,as well i've been getting lots of,messages from people across all of the,social media platforms saying hey mark,we love your content,but we still don't know how to post on,twitter we still don't know how to tweet,we still really don't know how to use,that platform so,that's what this video is all about i'm,going to show you all how to tweet,across,three separate devices so let's go to,some live screen action so you can,follow my mouse,grab a pen and paper grab a coffee as we,dive into that right now,so viewing my twitter profile at the,moment down the bottom left hand,corner you can see the blue dot with the,plus and the twitter icon,that would be how you would start,tweeting if i was to go to my home page,again it is down the bottom left hand,corner so,it is really easy to start posting on,twitter because that's all we do is we,tap,that blue icon and up comes,what's happening in your life now,firstly i'm going to select a photo,this particular one is my son in soccer,action,and i would then share some information,on this now remembering we only get 280,character spaces,that includes everything the image that,i've selected there takes up 22,character spaces,and your hashtags and things like that,take up,character spaces as well saturday soccer,action from my,son we'll keep it simple um,let's add some hashtags as well saturday,soccer hashtags there are no spaces in,between so first one is saturday soccer,what other hashtags can we add so i've,added two more hashtags,soccer time and football time so there,we go nice,and short sharp and simple how to post,on twitter it is that easy,and let's press top right the blue tweet,button,and it is loading your tweet was sent,and away we go,that's how simple it is to post on,twitter from your ipad,let me show you how to do the same thing,from your mobile phone and your desktop,computer,so the second example i want to show,everyone is how to tweet,from the desktop computer now not many,people will most likely do it from the,desktop i think 88,of all tweets and twitter usage is on a,mobile but,i will show everyone just for the sake,of it so here we are on my profile again,so here is the tweet that i posted just,before of my son,that was the one that came from my desk,um so that came from my,ipad or the tablet so from the desktop,version,if i click on tweet down the bottom left,the pop-up box appears,or if i'm on the homes page,the pop-up is already up the top there,so it's the same result,so let's keep things uniform i'm going,to click on the tweet button and up will,pop,the pop-up box which gives us some,options that we can play with the first,one here on the left if i click that,it's going to take me to my desktop,computer and that's where i would upload,an image,the second one along is if i wanted to,upload a gif straight forward there we,can select which one we like,the third one along is how to create a,poll,on twitter now i already have a separate,video on that and i will put the,instructions to that one or the link to,that one in the comments below,and everyone can have a look at that we,want to discard it,the fourth one along was we can add some,emojis,all pretty straightforward the pop-up,box will appear here for some adding,some emojis,and the last one along is how to,schedule so,there we go so there are a few different,options that we can utilize here on the,desktop computer,but i'm going to select a photo from my,computer,and we're going to take it and do it,that way now the photo i've selected,is a recent video that i've uploaded to,my youtube channel,called five minutes a day on linkedin,tip number one so i'm going to help,promote that video,here on twitter as well so let's type in,some words,let's type in some hashtags and see what,we can come up with,so the words i'm typing are check out my,latest video upload to my youtube,channel giving quick and,easy linkedin tips to do in only five,minutes a day,so let's add some hashtags let's add,a linkedin let's add,linkedin for,business,and the last one linkedin,five minutes a day,there we go so that's how simple it is,check out my latest video upload,to my youtube channel giving quick and,easy tips,to do in only five minutes and hashtags,always best practice,if i wanted to tag some people in i can,do that,but that's all pretty much

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PFIZER OFFICIAL Scott Gottlieb Lobbied Twitter To CENSOR Posts Challenging Covid Vaccines: Report

PFIZER OFFICIAL Scott Gottlieb Lobbied Twitter To CENSOR Posts Challenging Covid Vaccines: Report

another week another round of the,Twitter files this time journalist and,writer Alex Berenson reports that to,funnel his demands Pfizer board member,Scott Gottlieb used the same Twitter,lobbyist the White House uses to,encourage Twitter to hide posts,challenging his company's massively,profitable covid Jabs in August 2021,Gottlieb emailed Todd O'Boyle a senior,manager on Twitter's Public Policy,Department that this tweet from a former,FDA commissioner named Brett gerror,apologies I got that name pronunciation,wrong claiming that natural immunity was,Superior to vaccine immunity was that,that claim was corrosive and might go,viral Twitter then put a misleading tag,on the Tweet which greatly reduces its,its distribution if it can be seen at,all later in October 2022 Scott Gottlieb,claimed on Twitter and CNBC that he was,not trying to suppress debate on the,MRNA jobs according to Berenson these,files approve that Gottlieb board member,at a company that has made 70 billion,dollars on the shots did exactly that,yeah Robbie this seems very damning to,me first of all the original email that,he reaches out you know to Twitter about,saying that it was corrosive isn't the,argument that he should be making that,it's factually inaccurate if it is you,know to to prove that you're worried,that anyone would see this and it would,make cause them to not get vaccinated,and and in this case you can draw,because he is so he's a former FDA,commissioner uh he's also a contributor,CNBC so he's so he's just talk he talks,about the vaccines and covet Etc offers,his expertise but he's also on the board,of Pfizer and Pfizer obviously has,something to benefit from financially,more people get vaccinated and more,importantly if vaccines get required for,certain things no the only point I was,trying to make the slip in there is that,if you are making an argument to the,tech company as to why something is,misinformation your first the first,thing you should have to prove is that,is in fact false not just that the idea,that something is corrosive abstractly,the the case that you have to make is,that there's something inaccurate with,the statement and you know maybe I don't,know what the state of information was,at the time but I suspect they're you,know the the fact of the matter is the,information that he was reporting on or,trying to to diminish was from a medical,profession yeah this tweet so this is,from a not from a crank from a former,FDA person who tweeted it's now clear,covid-19 natural immunity is superior to,vaccine immunity by a lot there's no,scientific justification for vax proof,If a person had prior infection CDC,POTUS must follow the science if no,previous infection get vaccinated it was,August 27 2021. there's obviously a,perfectly reasonable Public Health,reason to want people to get vaccinated,as opposed to getting that immunity,through catching covid when at the time,especially people were going to the,hospitals hospitals were overrun people,were dying there were long-term Health,consequences from being getting the,vaccine protection through actually,surviving the virus however instead of,trusting the American public and just,making that case saying okay look if,you've got coven maybe you don't need a,vaccine dose at least not right now,because you have this immunity for a,period of time,they just lied and tried to suppress,this kind of information and the fact I,gotta say this story crazy you've got a,pharmaceutical insiders reaching out to,tech companies to suppress information,that is scientifically validated this,seems with the kind of story that,historically the left should be running,with it's people doing misinformation,for the profit motive and using their,leverage and influence within the,government and with these tech companies,to advance that cause and somehow this,is still not a mainstream issue yeah,Alex so Alex Berenson the person uh,responsible for this Twitter files dump,is you know someone very well known now,who himself was uh was banned from,social media platforms for for allegedly,spreading misinformation uh he's been a,very uh uh you know castigating kind of,anti-vaccine voice,um suggesting I think in several cases,that the vaccines are are both,ineffective and dangerous I've,criticized it before I disagree with a,lot of his claims although I will say,one kind of central claim that I think I,argued with him on uh on New on cable,news when we were on together about he,ended up being right he said the,vaccines would not in the long run,reduce substantially reduce cases and,you know he got he he was labeled the,wrongest man of the pandemic by the,Atlantic magazine and again I think and,I continued to think he was wrong about,some things but he was he was less wrong,than I thought at the time and I have to,like you know give credit for that I,don't know I don't know I mean that's an,interesting question I don't know how,much of that also has to do with the,fact that,part of those initial claims is I,und

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The 4 Types of Tweets You Should be Posting on Twitter According to a Brand Strategist | Full Sail

The 4 Types of Tweets You Should be Posting on Twitter According to a Brand Strategist | Full Sail

(upbeat music),- I said that I was gonna give you tangible, actionable,advice and I'm gonna follow through with that.,Let's talk about Twitter.,I told you that I was gonna give you some framework.,Now, I have a book on this.,If you've read it, this might be review,,but if you haven't, Shut Up and Tweet, yes,,if you haven't read it, you should,,but let me give you one chapter that I have on,and it talks about the content that you should be creating.,I believe that every tweet, 'cause I hear this a lot,,"Phil, I have no idea what to tweet.",I'm like, "Okay, I need to address this,,"I need to create a system so that people now,"no longer question what they're supposed to post.",So, I believe that there are four tweet types.,I'm gonna put them up on the slide,,take a screenshot of this, or if you're in the room,,you can take a photo, no flash.,Haha.,You can take a photo of this slide and refer to it,,but I'll teach you what these four tweet types are,right now, they each have a short form.,But, this is the framework, essentially,,that I've designed so that every four tweets,that you send can be one from every tweet type.,Believe it or not, only one of these four tweets,,so one in every four tweets should be about you.,Because that's the number one mistake,people make with social media.,People use it to talk about themselves,,when really it's about others.,It's not a tool for broadcast,,social media is a tool for conversation.,So only one in every four tweets gets to be about you,,and it's called WL, website link.,I don't say self-promotion, SP, it's WL, website link.,Here's why, ideally you attach a link to whatever,it is you're sharing, could be a blog post, could be press.,But a link will take us somewhere where,we can engage with you for longer.,Self promotion means that I'll read it,,engage with it for about five seconds,,and then I move on to something else.,Whereas it's a link, it'll link you to a blog post,,or link you to something you've created.,It's not always possible to have a link,,but strive for that, because then I can engage,with your brand for three minutes instead of three seconds.,So one in every four tweet types,,anything that's about you gets to be WL, website link.,Let's move on.,Next one, QQ stands for quick question,,solely meant for engagement.,It can be on brand, right I told you you have to,have your brand sentence ready to rock,so you know what's on brand and what's not on brand.,And that's totally fine.,I actually alternate quick questions,,I use this framework myself, and for all of our clients.,I switch up quick questions to be on brand and not on brand.,Here's a quick question that would be on brand for me.,"What's your favorite social media platform?",No that's too nice, let's do one sassier.,"What social media platform drives you nuts?",It's quick and easy and most people have an opinion.,An example of a quick question that is not on brand,could be, one that I use often, "Coffee of tea?",By a show of hands in this room, and at home,,I mean you could put your hand up too, be a part of this,,I just can't see it, but we'll play pretend.,By a show of hands, who prefers coffee over tea?,Okay.,Who prefers tea over coffee?,Now reflect on how much do you think,I actually care about your answer.,I don't really care.,But the point is that I just engaged every single person,in this room, and at home with a question.,And so, guess what?,Not every tweet that I send is about my brand.,I'm not a brand robot, I'm a human being.,And sometimes we'll talk about things that are not,related to our work, or our career,,or our interests, or our aspirations.,Sometimes you just wanna have a conversation,to keep it real.,And that's exactly what we did.,And that's what you can do with quick question.,Let's move on.,ID stands for industry buzz.,Industry buzz is the opportunity that you have,to reinforce the fact that you're an expert,in whatever you tell us your brand is.,Remind us that you know what's up.,Remind us that you are in the know,,by sharing statistics, facts, quick tips,,anything that is simple, actionable,,reinforces that you know information related,to whatever it is you're doing.,And, this tends to be the tweet type that,gets the most retweets.,And retweets are important because that's you,essentially getting yourself in front of,other people's audiences.,And that's really a key element to growth on social media.,Right?,It doesn't mean that every single retweet's gonna get,you a ton of new followers, but it could.,And in general it's just helping you build brand awareness.,When someone reads your tweet and goes,,"Hmmm, I couldn't have said it better myself,,"so I don't have to, retweet.",That's how that works.,That's the psychology behind that.,So industry buzz tends to be the easiest and,most common one to retweet, and so it's good to mix,those in to your content schedule.,How often should you tweet, by the way?,That's a hard question to answer.,Sometimes people tweet four times a day,,som

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How I post banger tweets with artificial intelligence // Twitter Bot Tutorial

How I post banger tweets with artificial intelligence // Twitter Bot Tutorial

a few weeks ago i taught you how to,exploit the twitter algorithm to get a,six-figure job in tech but there's just,one major flaw with that strategy nobody,learning how to code has time to tweet,multiple times per day luckily you don't,have to because today i'll teach you how,to build a twitter bot from scratch that,uses artificial intelligence to create,unique high-value tweets all day long my,twitter bot bob is coming up with,awesome tweets at the top of the hour,every hour and i only pay him like 10,cents a day he tells funny jokes gives,web dev hot takes promulgates conspiracy,theories says nice things about his mom,and humble brags about his 100 days of,code journey he is my protege my magnum,opus when i die he will be the one to,carry the fire if you're new here like,and subscribe because in today's,tutorial you'll learn one of the most,important techniques in web development,today and that's how to work with the,oauth 2.0 authentication protocol as a,developer it opens the door to building,apps that act on behalf of a user from,another service like you might use it to,upload files to google drive process,payments with stripe connect or in our,case post tweets to somebody's twitter,account so before we jump into the code,let's do a quick crash course on api,authentication for twitter you'll first,want to create a developer account then,on the developer portal you can create a,new application when you create an app,it will give you an api key and api,secret the api key is like a username,while the secret is like a password,these two values together create what's,known as a bearer token to authenticate,your developer app this token is,included on an authorization header when,making a request to the api that tells,twitter who you are and what you have,access to that's nice and easy but it,just provides read-only access to public,information on twitter that's because,you don't automatically have access to,somebody else's account to get,permission from a user you'll need to go,through the oauth 2.0 authorization code,flow there are three steps in the,process on the server you'll first need,to create an authorization link that,will redirect the user to twitter where,they can grant access to your,application from the browser once,permission is granted twitter will then,redirect them to a different endpoint on,your server which is called the callback,url that url will also include a special,code that you'll need to verify on the,server once verified twitter will give,you two values an access token and a,refresh token you'll want to save these,values in a database the third step is,to use the access token that's the value,that gives you access to make api calls,on behalf of the user now the one,problem though is that the access token,will expire after a certain amount of,time it depends on what your app is,trying to do but if you want to post,tweets in the background while your user,is asleep then you'll also need to,refresh the token for that you make an,additional call to the twitter api with,your refresh token and it will respond,with a new access token this is a,security measure that prevents a hacker,from going absolutely crazy if your,database is ever compromised now that,you know how oauth 2.0 works let's,actually implement it with some,javascript code i'm going to use,firebase cloud functions for this,project but feel free to use any node.js,server that you want and also keep in,mind that if you're building a real,twitter bot you'll also need a database,to store the access tokens in this demo,i'll be using firestore to handle that,all you need is a firebase account which,is completely free and if you want to,get really good at firebase become a pro,member at fireship io i'll leave a,discount in the description to create a,new node.js project i'll first run,firebase init functions from the command,line lcd into the functions directory,and then install two dependencies we,have the twitter api node sdk and also,the openai sdk for gpt3 that we'll look,at later now in the index.js file we can,create multiple serverless functions,let's go ahead and do that for all three,steps in the process first we have auth,which will generate the authentication,link then we have the callback url and,finally we have an endpoint to do,something interesting with the api now,we're working in a trusted server,environment so i'm going to import,firebase admin and call admin initialize,app this will give us access to the,firestore database giving us a place to,store the access tokens in fact i'm,going to make a reference to a document,in the database right now which you can,think of as a json document that we read,and write to now from there we'll want,to initialize the twitter api there are,a few different ways to do it but in our,case using oauth 2.0 we'll want to,instantiate it using the client id and,client secret to get those values we'll,need to go back to our twitter app and,select oauth 2.0 from the authentication,settin

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Trending Twitter quotes post editing sinhala | Viral Twitter post edit | Tech s geek

Trending Twitter quotes post editing sinhala | Viral Twitter post edit | Tech s geek


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How to Tweet

How to Tweet

There are a lot of different ways to use Twitter. Some users may never post,anything on Twitter, choosing instead to follow updates from other people.,But for other users, there might be a lot of value in sharing what's going on in,your world and joining the conversation.,Twitter makes it easy to get started.,To post a tweet, you'll need to have your own Twitter account and be signed in.,Now I do want to point out that in this example we're using the Twitter app for,iPhone, but you should be able to follow the same basic steps to tweet from an,Android device or from your web browser.,Select the New Tweet button.,The Tweet box will appear.,From here, you can type whatever you want to post to Twitter.,Twitter is built for sharing things quickly, so every tweet is limited to,just 140 characters; as you type the counter at the bottom will tell you how,many characters you have left.,You'll see this actually go into negative numbers if you use too many characters.,You can usually find a way to cut down on the number of characters in a tweet.,In this example, we just going to erase a few things and replace them with a semicolon.,When you're ready, select Tweet.,By default, your tweet will be shared publicly, along with anyone else who follows,you on Twitter.,It will also appear at the top of your Twitter timeline.,A tweet doesn't just have to be text. For example, you can include a photo with your tweet.,You'll start the same way by selecting the Tweet button and typing your post,,then choose the camera icon,,then select a photo or use your device's camera to take a new one.,In this example, we're going to choose a photo that's already on this device.,When you're ready, select Tweet.,And there we go.,Another thing on Twitter are links to an article or video on a different website.,To share a link, you can simply copy and paste it into your tweet.,It's worth pointing out that Twitter will shorten the number of characters in,a link automatically, so it doesn't really matter how long the URL to that page is.,Once you've posted a link, anyone can select it open that page.,When you're browsing the web, you may see,the option to share that page on Twitter. Just select the tweet button or twitter icon to,quickly create a new tweet with a link to that page. You can add any other,comments he want, and that's it!,OK, just one more thing. if you want to share and tweet from someone else with the,people that follow yo, just select the Retweet button below any post.,It'll then be shared with everyone who follows you on Twitter, even if they,don't follow the account that originally posted it.,Now you're ready to start tweeting and join the conversation on Twitter!

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