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Is dropping your PNG on Twitter worth it?there we go chat,twitters drop your png,why is why it's goo


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Is dropping your PNG on Twitter worth it?

there we go chat,twitters drop your png,why is why it's good and bad,for growth,hello foreign,and hello youtube,what's wrong with png no we don't got a,problem with pngs so what we see,typically on twitter,okay mostly on twitter,is the original poster will be,drop your png,into,the replies,to get a shout out,or,something around the lines of,what is it called,to,help each other,get discovered,okay,this is a problem,this is a problem,for,some people out there,why is it a problem,is it okay to make an alternate account,to reply png's uh i don't know we'll,figure that out,we,okay,so let's let's let's talk about the,negatives real quick,the negatives for you the person,replying honestly,it gets you,some follows,on twitch,or twitter,but what are they,ah nikki got it nikki got it it's,basically a follow for follow,right,but it gets you follows on twitter and,twitch,but,they are not,interested,in your content,right they just follow it they just hit,the follow button to support,do you want just random people,supporting your content,and by supporting,that means that they just click a button,to give you one extra number,but not actually coming to your streams,or interacting with you,or being a viewer,or being a part of your community,right it's nice to get 50 followers on,twitch,but if nobody comes to watch you,what's the point,something to think about,i think at least,right,what's another bad,or negative thing about you know drop,your posts into the description,and,one that i personally think it is,i think i saw somebody,mention it,yeah murdock did,um,drop your png,so i can sim,do you really want some random person,simping over your avatar,what what what good does that do for you,hello lord,honestly what good does it do for you,chat you're spending so much time,and effort,dropping your pngs to something like,this it does nothing for you,it doesn't,it really doesn't,right it really doesn't do anything,no worries lord grinding's good,right it is awkward why would you want,to do it,but what these drop your pngs really are,and someone earlier just said it,honestly,it's just a follow,or follow,that is literally it,and we know,follow for follow,is not a way to grow,right,it it,it isn't,you don't want people following you,and,not watching your content like i said,earlier,right and then if you don't follow this,person back they just end up unfollowing,you,what's the point,there is no point,it's not worth it it's really not,right,you dropped your png a few times and,when they said they make art based on it,did they,i wonder if they they made art of your,out of avatar maybe some people do maybe,some people don't,right but what you guys also gotta,understand when you drop your png,and they make art of your png,they can now,sell that art of your model,right they can it's a painting a drawing,that they made that they can now sell to,whomever they want,i don't think they'll steal your png i,don't think that would happen,but,they make an original art piece of your,avatar and sell it online put a part of,their portfolio,would you really want that,i wouldn't,i really i really wouldn't,they're gonna make it into an nft i,would buy a thorntail nft not gonna lie,but honestly chad that's what it would,be,right and it's not illegal,it's not it's not illegal at all because,it's it's an original take of the of of,that image,so,no,they won't sell if we give them an,agreement did you make an agreement,probably not you just dropped your png,into their into the replies,right it's,sorry,not illegal,so,i thought it was illegal to buy using,someone's virtual characters,sure if somebody grabbed my virtual,avatar right now,and used it,big difference,because i,have my avatar protected in different,ways,but,these are different things you guys got,to think about right i doubt people on,twitter will do this,but you never know you really don't you,never know,so,when a for okay so just so you guys know,just so you guys know,i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna,i'm gonna i'm gonna blow your guyses,i'm gonna blow your guys's mind in a,second here,give me one second,give me give me one second i will i'll,be so quick on this,and this is an actual law,okay we ready chat here we go,these pictures of johnny depp,who owns them,the photographer,or johnny depp,honestly who do you guys think owns,these photos,it's not johnny depp,yeah,the person taking the photo,johnny depp does not own these photos,right when a cosplayer,goes to a photo shoot,okay chat,when a cosplayer goes to a photo shoot,and you see that watermark of the,photographer on the bottom right who,owns that,not the cosplayer,it's the photographer,unless they work out a special deal,which a lot of them don't but sometimes,they do,plus the photographer,chat,for you peeps streaming on,right now,for everybody that streams on twitch,do you think,twitch has to ask your permission,to use your likeness,honestly do you think that do you think,they have to ask you,they don't,they absolutely don't,no

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Subir archivos dentro de imagen PNG y subirlos vía twitter (Esteganografía)

Subir archivos dentro de imagen PNG y subirlos vía twitter (Esteganografía)

ok este ejercicio está muy padre porque,podemos guardar un archivo de menos de 3,megabytes en una imagen png y subirla a,twitter sin que tengamos alguna,validación abrimos esta imagen que se,llama solo punto png la abrimos en pay,tal cual es una imagen que no tiene nada,pues es la descarga de internet y está,limpia,y tenemos una herramienta que se llama,twitter book,políglota que subió un investigador de,ciberseguridad y la comparación que,existe entonces no gana mucho la,atención y quiso experimentar la,aquí ya abrimos una,un repositorio o una carpeta y tenemos,un xt que dice hola te quiero mucho,entonces,nosotros vamos a agregar este txt a un,punto citó aquí este txt que había,mostrado ya está dentro de lo que se,llama saludo con posible entonces ahora,abrimos este script de payton que se,hace la herramienta de ocultar,o de esteganografía en este caso y pues,lo vamos a ver muy rápido nada más para,ver qué que hace esta herramienta que,hace este archivo en twitter,y ya lo arrastró y pues simplemente lo,que hace es explicar su formato tiene,que acomodar los bytes de diferente,manera porque digamos todo todo activo,zombis y pues simplemente te dice ok si,los argumentos son puntos zip,al ordenado de cierta manera entonces en,este caso se pueden poner varios varios,tipos de archivos pero el que encontré,más fácil de hacer este distrito tipo,entonces tú le das como argumento a la,hora de ejecutar este archivo de scripts,punto país y tú lo corres y le pones,primero la imagen en este caso es axel,otro punto png es la entrada de la,imagen que va a tener activa salud,ocultos y es el archivo que va a,contener la salida y la imagen tweet y,hable punto png va a ser la salida que,yo voy a poder recuperar para poder,tuitear entonces qué estamos haciendo,estamos metiendo en la imagen sólo el,archivo puntos y que adentro tiene un,saludo entonces digo está muy,interesante porque ahorita ya tenemos la,imagen twitter hable y en este caso pues,es esa que dice viable punto pm te la,vamos a subir,a lo cual no hay validación,y pues es interesante porque se puede,subir y podría contener un archivo,malicioso y puede estar viajando por,twitter sin pena ni gloria no entonces,tenemos esa imagen si te hable la,subimos podemos hacer cualquier,comentario de hecho ésta podría ser una,forma de comunicarse entre hackers que,pudieran pasar un archivo sin que se,diera cuenta y hacerlo masivamente aquí,yo abro la imagen la voy a descargar,cnt con un formato que se descargue,desde twitter un alfanumérico no es el,mismo nombre con el que la subí entonces,aquí lo que voy a hacer es cambiar la,extensión tiene punto png pero yo sé que,entonces lo que hacemos es cambiarlo así,le damos doble clic y vemos que está el,archivo intacto que dice hola te quiero,mucho

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NewJeans (뉴진스) 'OMG' Official MV

NewJeans (뉴진스) 'OMG' Official MV

那么听听下一位的故事吧?,刚开始唯有困惑,我是谁 这是哪儿 无从知晓,开始分不清别人口中的我和真正的我,不过终究找到了答案,其实…我是iPhone,我为了你而存在,只要你呼唤我 无论何时何地 我都会奔去,为你呈现你想看到的,为你诉说,为你歌唱,你想从我这里得到什么呢?, 你想从我这里得到什么呢?,我满脑子只有这一个疑问,对我曾经的困惑感到惭愧,我是谁已经不再重要,我为了你而存在,所以你的意思是…你是Siri?,对 没错,这首歌 it's about you baby,Only you,但我不是病人啊,You you you,You you you you,当我感到疲惫,当我想要流泪,当我觉得已经,没有任何力气,It's you 担心我,It's you 让我笑,不必多说什么,Boy what do you say (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),无论何时何地都奔向我 (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),你总会出现不佯装忙碌 (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),如此不可思议让我诧异 (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),你啊,He's the one that's living in my system baby,Oh my oh my God,我曾预想,I was really hoping,That he will come through,Oh my oh my God,只有你,Asking all the time about what I should do,No I can never let him go,我只想到你 24,我真是个幸运儿 I know, I know,在我遇见你之前,一切都毫无意义,我的心像无底洞 I know, I know,I'm going crazy right?,无论在哪,无论几次,There ain't nothing else that I would hold on to,I hear his voice,Through all the noise,片刻也别放下我的手 no, no,毫无忧虑,'Cause I got someone,独自一人也无妨,'Cause I love someone (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),无论何时何地都奔向我 (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),你总会出现不佯装忙碌 (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),如此不可思议让我诧异 (They keep on asking me, "who is he?"),你啊,He's the one that's living in my system baby,Oh my oh my God,我曾预想,I was really hoping,That he will come through,Oh my oh my God,只有你,Asking all the time about what I should do,No I can never let him go,我只想到你 24,我真是个幸运儿 I know, I know,在我遇见你之前,一切都毫无意义,我的心像无底洞 I know, I know,你和我,My heart is glowing,It's glowing up,只要与你一起 我便无所畏惧,填满的 全部填满的(变红的),My heart is glowing, it'd be glowing,'Cause he,Oh my oh my God,我曾预想,I was really hoping,That he will come through,Oh my oh my God,只有你,Asking all the time about what I should do,No I can never let him go He's right there for me 24 - 姐妹们 你们在说什么呢,No I can never let him go He's right there for me 24 - 我们现在不是在拍MV嘛,我真是个幸运儿 I know, I know - 我们现在不是在拍MV嘛,对吧,在我遇见你之前,一切都毫无意义,怎么办,My heart is glowing, it's glowing,My heart is glowing up,So I can't sleep at night,你们真的不记得了吗?,不是 我们是NewJeans啊,好了 到此为止,今天就到这里 回到各自的病房吧,好的,[这次MV题材 只有我觉得不舒服么? 偶像MV光给看脸和舞蹈也能及格啊…],走吧

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Image File Formats - JPEG, GIF, PNG

Image File Formats - JPEG, GIF, PNG

so you've just finished working in your,favorite image editing program and your,masterpiece is ready for the art gallery,your web design portfolio or even 4chan,but when you go to save it you're,presented with this baffling array of,file format options hiss PNG BMP and,come on,why does Photoshop think you look like,you know what a JPEG is when all you,want is a picture of a got-dang hot dog,well the answer Hank Hills question JPEG,stands for a joint photographic experts,group and despite the fancy sounding,name you don't need to be an expert to,use it as it's an extremely common,format in the world of photo storage,JPEGs are popular for a number of,reasons but one of the biggest is that,they save a lot of storage space,compared to older formats like BMP which,used to be widely used due to a,simplicity and compatibility across,devices but has since fallen out of,favour now to achieve these space,savings JPEGs use what's called lossy,compression so when you save an image as,a JPEG some of that image data actually,gets discarded to reduce the file size,now the way that it does this is it,compares every 8 by 8 block of pixels,that make up the image a 64 standard,patterns then determines how much weight,each of those 64 patterns contributes to,that block afterwards the higher,frequency or more checkerboard light,patterns you see to the lower right have,their respective ways forward by an,amount that depends on the JPEG quality,setting as your eyes aren't really all,that good as seeing lots of brightness,differences over a small area,this means that often times these higher,frequency patterns end up contributing,nothing to the compressed image which is,the main way JPEG compression can reduce,photos down to just around 10% of their,uncompressed file size with very little,loss of perceptible quality but there's,a catch JPEG compression works best with,photos because the detail in the photo,tends to hide compression artifacts JPEG,struggles with sharp edges and curves,you often find in non photographic,images such as diagrams or design,elements on webpages for these a much,better format is the graphics,interchange format commonly known as a,gif or Jif well however you pronounce it,gifts use lossless compression making,them ideal for simpler images like,corporate logos because you won't end up,with any of those nasty artifacts that,are easier to see in a clean simple,design gifts can also vary notably even,be animated by showing multiple images,in rapid succession but their huge,drawback is that they're only limited to,256 colors meaning they often appear,grainy when used for more complex images,so then if you want no loss in image,quality without the huge file sizes what,do you do well this is where you might,turn to the increasingly popular PNG,format which stands for portable Network,graphics now as the name suggests it was,designed to be useful for sending images,over the internet now PNG s can reduce,the file sizes of graphics heavy images,without introducing compression,artifacts the way JPEG and gif can,though the lossless compression means,your file sizes will be larger so keep,this trade-off in mind but it's not all,about image quality versus file size PNG,also supports transparency meaning,images and web browsers can understand,that certain areas of the image are,meant to be transparent allowing more,flexibility in how the image is used of,course there are times when image,quality is of paramount importance and,your honor is concerned about file sizes,such as in professional photography,settings where kist is a popular format,now all those tips can use compression,it also supports uncompressed images as,well as many different color spaces and,other options making it popular among,photographers and printers it's also,increasingly common to run across images,in the scalable vector graphics or SVG,format which can be resized as much as,you like with no loss in quality meaning,file sizes are usually very small and,you can learn much more about vector,graphics right up here and there's,actually one important format that isn't,really a format at all raw images which,are also sometimes referred to as,digital negatives now just like a,negative from an old 35 millimeter film,camera a raw file isn't an actual,picture but it contains the information,needed to create one so it's a very,lightly,process file that contains as much of,the original information captured by the,camera sensor itself as possible RAW,files typically require special codecs,to open them on a desktop image as er,but RAW images are favored by,photographers because having all of that,original data opens up so many more,editing options such as more granular,control over brightness and colors than,would otherwise be possible now some raw,formats and they are not all the same,even allow things like white balance or,overexposure to be corrected after the,fact whoa,then after editing RAW images can just,be saved as whatever format makes the,most sense so

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How to Export PNG's for NFT's - Procreate and Photoshop

How to Export PNG's for NFT's - Procreate and Photoshop

how's it going everyone today i'm going,to be showing you how to export your,pngs for nfts in the first part of the,video we're going to be in procreate and,in the second part of the video i'll be,hopping over to photoshop and i'm going,to show you how to export the files,using actions stick around to the end of,the video and i'll show you exactly how,i organize my files to be generated into,characters and i'll talk a little bit,about the rarities that you can use in,your internet let's get started,let's talk about the size of your canvas,i'm working at 3 000 by 3000 and 300 dpi,a lot of people work at different sizes,you can get away with working at 1500 by,1500 i like to work at 300 dpi just,because i like to keep high resolution,files intact as much as possible it just,gives you more flexibility in the future,where they're going to print or post it,up online somewhere else you want that,high quality look so with that said,let's dive into procreate if you watched,my last video you saw how i drew crunchy,cows so this video is not going to show,you how to draw these characters from,scratch this is going to assume that you,already have your character drawn and,you have all the parts in place with,either within one procreate file or,within multiple files what i like to do,is break down each file each character,file into multiple body parts or,multiple items so i have crunchy cow,hair crunchy cow eyes crunchy cow,eyebrows i wear,mouths,hats which it looks like a helmet and,mustaches,nose rings the food in front of the,crunchy cows is an item so i put,everything into separate procreate files,one this allows me to name these files,differently so when i export the files,the files are already named crunchy cow,eyes one two three four five six and,seven and all i have to do is just add a,description after the eyes instead of,having to rename the entire file and i,like to just have my items all in one,procreate file,so i can go through and i can use a,template,at the bottom of my,procreate file and i can just draw the,eyes right on top,this is very simple to export there's,from procreate there's not much to it,once you have your file open all you,need to do is tap the wrench and tap the,share icon and then you're gonna go down,scroll don't choose png single singular,i can't talk today png single uh,export item choose png files,might take a second if you have a lot of,files to to export,so once you get the prompt i usually,airdrop them to my macbook in order to,generate these characters you're going,to need to have the files on your,macbook you probably you might be able,to do it from an ipad but i don't even,want to bother with that it seems like,it'd be too much work so i want to get,all the files onto my macbook pro so,what i do is is tap macbook all the pngs,will be sent over to my macbook and then,i'll organize them into folders and i'll,show you how i do that at the end of,this video,really quick before moving on if you,could hit that like and subscribe button,that would let me see that you want to,see more videos and i could put more,time and effort into creating these,videos and if you have any questions or,comments please drop them down below,i'll try to answer every one and maybe,even create videos based on them this is,the second way i'm going to show you to,export your pngs for nfts what we're,going to do is we're going to send each,one of these procreate files over to my,macbook pro and then i'm going to open,them in photoshop and i'm going to,export all the layers as pngs there's a,couple of workarounds you need to do in,photoshop so i'll explain that when we,get there here we are i have all my,procreate files here i'm just going to,hit select and i'm going to send over,the files i want,as photoshop files to my macbook i'm,just going to hit share and choose psd,this can take a while my files are,pretty large so,i will fast forward this part and we'll,switch over from ipad,to macbook so i have my photoshop files,over here i'm what i'm going to do is,open up one of the photoshop files let's,go with the,eyewear,i'm just going to double click that,so you can see all the png files on the,right hand side these are all the layers,the photoshop file,i still have my template down below,i'm going to keep that on until i export,i'm going to merge these layers just use,a command e to merge those layers and,i'm going to actually shrink the amount,of layers here so it doesn't take too,long too long in this video so now we're,just going to have,six layers here to export the one thing,to know is photoshop does not let you,export pngs at 300 dpi you need to do,one little workaround which is save each,layer is a photoshop file and then we're,going to reopen those photoshop files,and do a file save as png and then,you'll get a png at 300 dpi so let me,show you the size that we're working,with here 3000 by 300 dpi,i'm going to go to file export you know,what before i do this i'm going to open,up an action,window the open u

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The Tragedy of boy.png

The Tragedy of boy.png

đa số các loài được sân cả advantage of,species is not me five Days,When their mind your message to At least,I am Apple Pie is showing of all,my first thought When things that make,mistakes in National enquirer season of,Fitness is gonna call zakkamart don't,lose the youth and streams in the Sweet,little princess Hair welcome My GTA,series of agriculture and come with me,it's known position and all of which We,parted,proud to work orders and Saigon special,appearances are you write the,traditional values And replaces The,simple tense in anyone's,War OST admicro vector drawing tourists,and diplomacy people were not to Face,amira papain order a b c mashable,invincible cars Subaru cinematic ơn,derma Skin Care ceuticals unfully Vân kê,Zing Speed time freeze Where is the,school for the level and the Beast Opera,game Dora maar unicoin,sponsoring stringinstr important,advantage in place of birth weight loss,traditional and your Ok you can find the,monster for what it's worth enough you,think Which is very simple to save money,account are you some Days in the,operation of sheet,with the hands of pyla newspaper keton,official Super developer at National,accounts with me which animal is Used,Pearl aziza chorus I got to send the,best Price pics in addition for Little,Demon responsible possibility kessen-hen,penstemon Days and cho anh được ôi,jackins IV nguyện theme easy Spirit,indestructible for Natural whitekem age,Perfect skin and work and German,animation turn assist to pick cinematic,this just speak speak speak speak and,Double Kill Zombie Evil thoughts and not,to forget The Avengers full advantage,tsukami tenses and expression of,semantic web game show Battery usage,examples,for the wet method a home to keep your,happiness the West and Write more,linkages in Japan in the salary and,interests are the Sole solution with the,heris talking to any more important step,I feel to your work hard disk Awards,person and weather that mean that you're,interested in this PC Apple store Apple,box instances cinepolis Screen and its,powerful appeal to All I love is,something with social Media and social,network with tempz socialization a,problem with me when She makes people,like you need to school tomorrow morning,witness to show How many people are the,passage How do you spell When He is,sugar art for me tell you when the app,to print in the innocent Soul the,beautiful Summer live transportation,Sports helmets Okay I'm I listen because,i'm so many villages And good Friends,Samsung Smart Switch love to see all,alone to luxurious meditated,ừ ừ,ừ ừ,ừ ừ

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PNG vs CLG| winner interview+ tweets| brTT-happy marriage | LolMeLikeYouDo

PNG vs CLG| winner interview+ tweets| brTT-happy marriage | LolMeLikeYouDo

thank you so much indeed joined by BR TT,after taking the victory over counter,logic gaming and a nice one at that of,course i can assume that you won't be,overly thrilled with this seeing how you,guys didn't make it out a group stage,how do you reflect on this game because,it seems like you really wanted to prove,something in terms of individual skill,picking the Draven up against a vein,those amino acid on the group was my,Cesaro ma ma perché Tiamo boy free,cement nozzle schmucko with colette on,driving como que fue hace que seamos,trompo mais most also gameplay no hoshi,cupido driven few ypres prevailed,McCoy's agency church entering na dou,gamma phase jpg pickle driving symmetry,veiny the Kabuki are considered a photo,netaji for solo me to bang grass the,dish yeah I didn't try to pick driving,just to show my skills or anything we've,been training that against rain and it,ended up happening so that was good yeah,whatever happens you still got that win,vs CLG I feel like there were certain,moments in a tournament or there it was,very close and you could have maybe,grabbed more games what for you is maybe,the biggest regret or the biggest thing,that you think we should have done this,and we could have maybe made it y otro,drug squad rachet colossus choix de,chegar agua que cosa que podría today to,poke into french fry home each passenger,inside group aashiqui digital de primero,de cajun chicken on our agency no toki,no soma my opera bama problema era as,this is Georgia me gay me no no me dijo,que NOS komatsu yoga costa mesa been for,the Oprah deep emotion is munjal sake,Ichabod shaggy no no me Jamie agency,Elgin's prevention communica songs ikaw,che khabar fazendo con Cujo with danger,by franchi ocasio my problem okay so,since the first day we got into Europe,for the boot camp we saw then realized,that our problem was the communication,in the decision-making during the mid,game early game is really strong and we,kind of proved that in during worlds so,we really have to improve that and,that's what we think that we have to,improve it yes definitely some more,games you could take even with all that,the most one's ever for a wildcard team,at Worlds,most wins ever for a Brazilian team it's,I don't say it's a great start because,you must feel that there was so much,more you can do but what do you think,looking at the future what can you do,with this team if you get another chance,don't he'll make sure a second of 2nd,Ave Scoob reserve a primo Joey that's a,lesbian with those jobs Tommy Lauren,cada vez mais que pasa aqui o Brasil to,fazendo aqui coat combo so little food,to visit jimmy Tendo manova oportunidad,in the world's I wash kasama prova de,Janeiro Brazil ear da da mente no mutiny,vu chemise de Brasil somewhat faults in,town mesmo gently train and osakan team,is Danis occasion tardando pratt po po,povodu bostonia clarkey k nonton own una,vida en de claw a cleric abu dhabi times,sake yo conseguir que NOS tenerte volume,into mu into a mesmerist ando extension,that that's what I change much so we,really see the brazilian teen is,improving a lot even though we're,training only with the loco teams when,you have a chance to boot camp you can,really learn and improve your game so,that's what we expect continue growing,and really showing that our team and our,capacity well BR TT with all that it you,do look a little down to me I can,totally understand why but one thing is,for sure even right here the Brazilian,fans were behind you in a lot of fans is,there anything you want to say to them,Tony possible Kim is vesuvos a para su,propio fechado my team winter boots buzz,Brazil arequipa disease dr san jose de,agua massage cosas cosas de pasar el,silencio say a collaborative do jogo de,contra flexure sofa k watchmojo Kafka,Machado ya congo single aqui na sekai,cadogan helming stamina Simone so Kyoto,with such faith communities in Panama,magenta Nintendo pasa da da foz de grupo,en cosas como estan bon jovi era isso,que dia el cariño sakyo-ku brazil team,force a helmet robotics french concert,Shimizu voice contessa luisa de llegar a,decir todo schwann do brasil schwanz,ahead o mundo todo que la voz a que,nunca zealand agencia tocho Musyoka,clear estamos haciendo at OC de ikita,Menke toshio muito muito obrigada todos,say he's a nice so yeah really want to,appreciate I thought I was a little bit,down but because of the the game against,flash holes that we want almost one we,almost got it so you really felt that,that taste of victory but and it didn't,come right now I'm really relieved but I,really want to thank all the crowd not,only here but in all over the world and,the crowd here was really yelling and,screaming her name so thank you very,much i love you all not not the guys,from Brazil but all over the world that,support us thank you very much well it's,true they have been cheering for you the,whole time thank you so much always a,pleasure to see you guys play Oh buddy,gotta well guys take it away

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Loop PNG Live Stream | Thursday, 05th January 2023

Loop PNG Live Stream | Thursday, 05th January 2023

foreign,foreign,foreign,with the news,in this Edition,traveling public frustrated,and Hunters trim Squad,foreign,the bank of Papua New Guinea has,clarified that Puma is not its client in,the distribution of Foreign Exchange,Governor Benjamin popoytai when asked,about the issue of unresolved foreign,currency constraints affecting the,supply of fuel clarified that Central,Bank only supplies foreign exchange to,commercial Banks when then Supply to,their clients Puma is one of them,on Wednesday 4th of January 2023 Puma,restricted its Supply to all products,because of unresolved foreign currency,constraints that impacted its ability to,Source crude oil and or finish products,this restriction has affected the supply,of za1 fuel to Airlines operating,throughout PNG there is no alternate,supplier of aviation fuel however Puma,stated that they will continue to,support all emergency requirements,during this period and would like that,any request of this nature are made,directly at the Airfield or through its,designated officer seeking information,on the foreign exchange issue from the,governor of the silver belt Benjamin,popoitai the governor clarified that,Puma is not a a client and that,clarification on the issue of unresolved,foreign currency constraints should be,sought with commercial Banks there is,not Central Bank client,is a Commercial Bank client,they deal with the coastal Banks deal,with Commerce so I can't comment on that,if they compliant they will get the,following change,what we do is the Central Bank supplies,foreign exchange,to The crucial Banks and they're the,ones who distribute to all their clients,so we are,not too much client so,who may also supplies,retail and also so any Guinea and others,to link Puma with us is in my view,from,meantime hello Guinea on Wednesday,issued a statement advising the,traveling public that is a consequence,of this issue domestic flights from 001,today have had to be concealed and that,these cancellations will have to be,ongoing until restrictions are removed,Freddie mode TV1 news,frustrated Travelers whose flights were,canceled today aired their concerns to,the media outside the port Mosby,Jackson's airport and New Guinea,maintains that the cancellation of,flight is due to Puma Energy's refusal,to supply jet A1 fuel to the airline the,public who are mostly affected by this,decision have asked the government to,rectify the situation and have flights,returned to normal tomorrow,the cancellation of any Guinea flights,due to Pima Energy's refusal to supply,jet A1 filled to the airline has left,Travelers throughout the country,stranded and frustrated on Wednesday,afternoon a New Guinea put out the,statement advising the traveling public,that due to issues with Puma energy,accessing U.S dollars Puma has decided,to suspend the supply of jet A1 fuel,within PNG,this restriction applies to portmusby,and all the airports around the country,any Guinea says there is no alternative,supplier of aviation fuel in most,airports including portmus Bay at,Portmore space at Jackson's airport,Travelers are frustrated calling on the,government to rectify the situation,foreign,old man too,Holo come out longer blood countries,why is it now,did the management know about all this,if they have known it what was the,counter I'll take Plan,of this management of this uh breakdown,any Guinea said the cancellation will be,ongoing until pima's restrictions are,removed Pima energy PNG group of,companies country general manager and,director hula tokome in a correspondence,to any Guinea management stated that due,to unresolved foreign currency,constraints impacting Puma's ability to,Source crude oil and finished products,this was the option they took,restricting supply of all products,effective Wednesday 4th January,TV1 news,prime minister James marape has asked,both the bank of Papua New Guinea and,put my energy to find solutions to the,strenuous business relationship they,have that is now becoming a national,security issue and a cause for concern,about the functioning of the economy in,the statement released this afternoon PM,marapez said the case of Puma being,unable to maintain the supply of few,products to its customers was because of,ongoing issues with bpng for which the,country was being held to Ransom marpa,has asked bpng immediately after an,urgent National Security advisory,committee today to find a short-term,Solution by lifting restrictions on,Pumas so that their supply of fuel,products continue without compromising,pardon me Central bank's fiduciary,requirements he added that bpng has,foreign reserves of more than 13 billion,Kina more than enough for a year because,of the government's fiscal policy is,assisted in raising effects in the,central bank over the last three years,to record levels,this is TV1 news stay tuned for more,after the break,thank you because like these are part of,our day-to-day routine at St John,Ambulance,of the house our crew is unable to,locate you ma'am I would like to

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