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Toxic Profile Pictureswelcome back to another ingenuous ass,video profile pictures are an absolute,s


Updated on Jan 27,2023

Toxic Profile Pictures

welcome back to another ingenuous ass,video profile pictures are an absolute,staple in your image as an internet user,and a profile picture truly depicts,what type of person you are based on,what type of profile picture you,actually pick i mean they're the first,thing most people see when checking out,your profile for whatever website it is,whether it's youtube instagram twitter,tick tock snapchat facebook reddit skype,whatsapp linkedin etc and you may be,wondering why i brought up all those,social media platforms i mean it just is,that we're just talking about profile,pictures here right but it's to actually,extend the time of this video you dumb, in fact me saying in this sentence,is also extending the time of the video,but you won't know it until i actually,finished saying the sentence moving back,to the main point of the video today i'm,going to be talking about the most toxic,profile pictures people have it's really,hard to truly define every type of toxic,profile picture there is but i think,there are universally agreed upon ones,and by the way i know every person with,these pfps is not going to be toxic,obviously i just need to say that before,people start crying in the comments and,even if you do i don't care so the very,first one that we're going to start off,with is just the very plain profile,pictures just the default unembellished,profile pictures given by the websites,respectively themselves when you don't,want to make a profile picture you know,they give you this automatically after,creating an accounting ship you may be,confused why this is actually here but,hear me out real quick so since 99 of,the world is already lazy we can equate,this to why a lot of people have this as,their profile picture 99 is a big number,as well so really think of it out of all,those people who don't change their,profile picture you think toxic people,aren't going to slip by and come through,they do in his shows because i swear the,mofos like this with this profile,picture always have the most to say most,of the time is stupid and they're,not even being just toxic i feel like,they think they're above people just all,the time not to mention i feel like this,profile picture gives you like a sense,of safety since you're not showing,anything about yourself from the picture,itself you feel like you're anonymous in,that and have no consequences to,face like they say it's the no face no,case next we got the anime profile,pictures but not just any anime profile,picture like i really need to clarify,something i know a lot of people say all,people with anime profile pictures are,toxic but i really just don't think,that's the case although it can vary in,anyone having an anime profile picture,could be toxic there is one universally,agreed one that no one can really argue,with and that is the aaron jaeger,profile picture my god these people have,something mentally wrong with them in,the way they act i swear you'll hear the,most unbearable things stated in the,world from these people anime fan bases,are already toxic but the aot fan base,is just another different level of toxic,and that's why i think people with aaron,as their profile picture are just so,toxic if you bring up one thing you,dislike about attack on titan they're,like aaron yeager's personal defenders,you might as well have just spit in,their mother's and chopped off,their father's head at all occasions,they will just have paragraphs written,about how aaron jaeger is the best mc in,anime of all time and you're wrong for,not putting aot as your number one best,anime of all time oh and don't forget,the people that put in their bio errand,over any other person in fiction but,there are some other anime profile,pictures i want to bring up as well,another one is goku this is,self-explanatory i mean we all know that,meme he not being goku though,specifically even more when it's like,the ultra instinct version of goku,another one is hitachi maybe we could,throw in some gone and kilauea profile,pictures there and i hate to say but,sometimes the mofos are like the jojo,profile pictures my profile picture is,literally based off a character in jojo,so you cannot say i'm biased the next,one we got is the legendary xbox 360,profile picture this one has to be the,most universally agreed upon one in the,entire world i've seen so many people,say this so you know i had to include it,the crazy thing is i was never really an,xbox 360 person like that i was usually,a ps3 person and you may be wondering,why i didn't have an xbox 360. because i,was a broke-ass okay my parents,never wanted to pay for the xbox 360,live so they just bought a ps3,instead i'm glad though i can't believe,y'all really paid monthly just to,play online with other too,anyways going back to it even not being,an xbox person myself i could already,tell people with this profile picture,were gonna be toxic this picture,literally reminds me of duncan from,total drama island and that man was wild,as so i know you would

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NEW Twitter NFT VERIFIED Profile Pictures FEATURE!

NEW Twitter NFT VERIFIED Profile Pictures FEATURE!

what's going on everybody so back to the,video hope everyone's having a great day,in today's video i got some awesome news,for anyone in the nft space so with,twitter being one of the main places to,go to to find enjoy new projects you can,now set the nft you currently own as,your profile picture so some of you guys,may ask aren't already people doing that,over on twitter for example if you have,a board ape the one you currently own,people will just screenshot it and set,that as your profile picture,but with this new feature in twitter,blue and if you don't know what twitter,blue is it's kind of like a subscription,membership on twitter where you get a,bunch of extra features for a small fee,every single month so this feature is,now on twitter blue which i'll show you,guys how to access in a second here and,um this feature is only available on ios,and you scroll down on this tweet which,i'm linked down below description it,shows you step by step on how to do that,so basically once you do,sign up with twitter blue you basically,just go to your profile edit profile you,go to change your profile like you,normally would and now with twitter blue,if you have that membership you should,get this new option right here called,choose nft and then once you click on,that right there it's going to ask you,to connect your wallet whether you use,like coinbase wallet metamask trust,wallet the ledger live anything like,that so for me i do own a couple nfts so,i would go into metamask and then right,here you can literally see the nfts you,currently own and then set that as your,profile picture and you guys will notice,right here it is a new kind of shape so,it's not that circular icon for your,profile picture it's going to be kind of,like that hexacon new look so for,example right here i do have one of my,um boys over on twitter i believe he,owns an mt right here i think it's,google's that's what it's called and you,will notice it's now a hexacon lux so,it's not a circular look so you can,basically verify that he owns that nft,because of this new look right here if,you do tap on it you're going to be able,to view the nft details uh basically who,the creator is,owner description of it the collection,cell just basically um goes really in,depth with the nft itself the properties,and nft details what is an nft and all,that stuff i'm not gonna really get into,too much detail with nfts like i know,some people may,think it's stupid why can't i just,screenshot it a random nft synthesizer,professor profile picture and then i own,that but now with this feature i guess,with twitter blue you're going to be,able to verify who actually owns the nft,so um basically if you want to register,or sign up for the twitter blue all you,want to do is go to your profile so i'm,going to go right here,and then you would click on your profile,and you'll see this new option called,twitter blue right here and then you,subscribe obviously every single month,so for me i live in canada currently so,it is 349 every single month and may be,different for you depending on where you,live so,i have heard a lot of people don't have,this feature yet that new nft profile i,believe it is rolling out right now and,it is only available on ios so if you're,on android uh you may have to wait a,little bit longer but as of right now if,you go to there um if you search up,twitter blue see right here it says good,morning you asked a lot so we made it,now rolling out in laps nft profile,pictures on ios so i guess for android,devices they will have to wait a little,bit longer but uh yeah guys that's how,you guys do it um i currently actually,own an nft so the one i own is right,here i'm gonna go you guys it's a crypto,mori i was planning on selling it uh,just because i want to explore new,projects and basically use the profit,that i earned from this but i did,purchase this crypto more for about 0.07,each including gas fees and now you guys,will see the floor price is now 1.2 so i,was able to earn a quite a bit of profit,from it not sure if i'm gonna sell it,yet but uh there you guys have it hope,you guys did enjoy this video if you,guys did drop like on the video hit that,subscribe button and that post,notification bell so you guys never miss,a video if you guys are into nfts let me,know down below in the comments which,nfts do you currently own,as well as what products you're,currently looking at um i'm curious to,hear your guys's thoughts on that um,yeah guys that's basically it and i'll,see you guys in the next one

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yo what's going on it's a point is down,here bringing you guys another video and,today in this video I'd be talking you,guys about how you can go ahead and make,yourself a gaming a logo and banner for,your YouTube channel or twitch channel,but before I get started in today's,video if you are new please be sure to,hit the subscribe button as well as turn,on post notifications I'm trying to get,a hundred thousand subscribers so all,support is greatly greatly appreciated,now without further ado let's go ahead,and get started right into today's video,so the things that you'll need is just,access to the internet to get pictures,off google images as well as photoshop,now no need to worry if you do not have,Photoshop I'll leave a link down below,and I can actually get Photoshop,absolutely for free and also might be,making an updated video very soon on,that so I'll just update the link once I,make a new video on that but you can,still check out that video if you do not,have Photoshop and we have those things,you are actually ready to start making,your logo and banner for your YouTube or,twitch channel so what I want to,recommend you guys to do is start off by,finding some games that you probably,play in your channel or some cool images,you might want to put as your banner and,logo so right here I picked out this one,as my banner because it just looks,really nice and I think that the,fortnight theme just fits really well,for this time period s4 is a very,popular game at the moment and now,you're gonna have to search up also in,Google Images template for either,YouTube or twitch you can actually find,this online so for example if you search,up template which banner you actually be,able to find different templates such as,this one right here and this is the type,of dimension that you'll need to use for,twitch before YouTube I'll be showing,you guys that but right now really quick,let me show you guys the twitch banner,size so I'm gonna click on Photoshop and,once you're inside Photoshop you click,file new and make sure the settings are,set to pixels and now say for example,you're trying to make a twitch banner,you're gonna have to make it 18 70 by,500 so you got to make the width by,eighteen seventy and then a height five,hundred and then what I recommend is to,make sure the resolution is 300 so you,make it as much crisp and HD as possible,and then hit OK and there you go this is,gonna be your twitch dimensions but,today I'm gonna be showing you how I can,actually do it for YouTube so for,YouTube you just do the same thing file,on you and make sure the width is,actually 2560 and the height is going to,be for 1840 right there so make sure,that is a resolution if you're trying to,get a banner for YouTube set the,resolution again at 300 it's the same,thing like I'm gonna be doing for,YouTube you could do the same thing for,twitch so right now what I want you guys,to do is put in your twitch or YouTube,banner no matter which one you're doing,on so I'm gonna put that in really,quickly alright so I'm gonna set that up,right here and there you go this is the,banner template right here and this is,how it's gonna look basically for your,TV the whole thing and then on this area,it's gonna be basically on your desktop,and from this to this like this dark,gray area it's gonna be on your tablet,and this dark gray or black area is,gonna be how it's going to your banner,is gonna be shown on mobile devices so,what I want you guys to click on now is,ctrl R on your keyboard or command R if,you're on Mac to open up these ruler,lines now this just makes your life much,more easier because you could just set,up the banner so that you don't need to,have this template in the back anymore,now we're just gonna do that right there,now you don't even need to be that much,of a pro to do this in Photoshop or you,don't have to really go ahead and pay,anyone to make these I've been making,banners and logos GFX in general for a,lot of people so far so this just came,second nature to me now but for you guys,it won't be that difficult either so,what I want you guys to do now is to put,your first image in so file place again,just like you did for placing the banner,and I want you guys to go ahead and,place in your background or backgrounds,so right here this is my character I'm,gonna use her and gonna put it right,here just like that and now what I like,doing for YouTube on,I like making squares to block out this,TV side thing so what I mean by that is,to just select the rectangle tool right,here and just make a rectangle that,blocks out everything that you don't,really need just to highlight the banner,area now I like that how it looks so far,it looks pretty pretty clean like that,now I'm gonna put in a stalk now what I,want you guys to do is go on to Google,and search on Google images for GFX,stocks on Google I'm gonna see a lot of,different stocks right here and these,are really cool images that I want you,guys to put over your background or,gaming p

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What your profile picture says about you

What your profile picture says about you

i want to give a quick shout out to all,the brave individuals on the internet,that have a furry profile picture,despite knowing you're gonna get bullied,i can't imagine the amount of constant,harassment you're getting for just,having a profile picture and not,changing it after getting the first few,death threats super saiyan profile,pictures are either a minority or,someone who's racist towards minorities,or both it's such a weird phenomenon,it's like dragon ball z profile picture,that's most likely a racist black guy,i've seen people with roblox profile,pictures talking the most and i,just have one thing to say to you mike,up kid have you guys seen those profile,pictures of like an animated version of,the person that has the profile picture,but for some reason the profile picture,has a mask on it bro you better watch,out your profile picture is gonna get,covered did you just catch coronavirus,you're gonna lose subscriber you know i,had some guy in my discord server with,the sasuke profile picture and uh,he used the word train instead of,workout or exercise,bro,you're on discord who are you training,against every discord server got the,wait hold up something ain't right here,you know those ahigao profile pictures,obviously anybody that has this is a,comedic genius because you guys get it,it's cropped hentai it's funny i had,some guy once tried roasting me from,mispronouncing a high or a haggai or,whatever the and it's like sorry,for not being such a coomer that i,memorized the pronunciation of hentai,vocabulary lolly profile pictures,every time i see a person with a lolly,profile picture i hear the same excuse,i just find her cute that's pedophilia,coke you're coping she's not cute bro,she's a victim and you know just anime,women in general if you're a grown ass,man why do you have this as your profile,picture anime profile picture equals no,opinion dragon ball profile pictures,being the exception especially if it's a,my hero academia one look at this ,trap deku,vs trap goats,what impossible what's this an anime,profile picture with the correct opinion,oh wait i made this in photoshop,can you guys donate to my patreon they,don't give me lunch breaks at youtube,and i can't do anything about it legally,every morning i thank god for not making,me someone that used one of these,profile pictures this is corny as,hell why do you feel the need to have a,little uzi or playboy cardi profile,picture bro it's 20 21 just feel,comfortable about coming out the closet,already it's alright we'll accept you,this also applies to jojo profile,pictures every discord server got the,swag daddy,swag daddy looking good bro if you don't,have a profile picture you either say,the most based ever or the most, ever there's no in between,oh wait never mind the in-between is,that they're a federal agent,the trap profile picture bro,you guys know those profile pictures,with the with the photoshop gun and it's,always on some cringe character or some,dead meme i call this the unfunny 15,year old with the wrong opinion profile,picture i swear these are probably the,most annoying on the,internet and lastly we have the base,joker flotch profile picture not to,stroke my own penis here but okay i am,stroking my own penis here only the most,bass have this profile,picture and since i'm the only person,i've seen that has it i guess i'm the,most based sorry i don't make the rules,here and our message is from our,patreons wes says this is a message for,help i need five thousand dollars to,bail me out of prison i'm in here from,tax evasion,clixton says i ain't got to say,have a good day

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What your profile picture says about you! (1M Sub Special)

What your profile picture says about you! (1M Sub Special)

oh yeah what your profile picture says,about you,selfie you're most normal people,filtered selfie you're very,self-conscious and a 5 or under on the 1,to 10 scale,nothing you're too lazy to get a profile,pic or you're too old to figure it out,a letter you just made a google account,a spider you like scaring people,a hair you like annoying people,anime boy you're a girl,anime girl you're a boy,filtered anime character okay you,probably are a girl,a shift your 12 year old who has way too,much time on their hands,a real ship you really love boats,someone else is selfie you like,catfishing and ruining people's lives,a meme you're a natural born troll,the ocean there's a 90 chance you took,this picture yourself,a sunset same thing as the last one,food you have good taste,a historical figure you're a teacher or,one of those edgy discord kids,your art you want to be a successful,artist,along with hundreds of thousands of,other people,roblox avatar you don't actually have,any robux,minecraft avatar you're trying to become,a minecraft youtuber six years too late,smash made you think everyone wants to,know who your smash mate is,they don't care black,something really bad just happened in,your life or you're going through some,drama,a flag you have your fair share of,internet debates,your original profile picture but with a,christmas hat added you're,celebrating christmas or you're too lazy,to change it back,sonic i'm just not gonna say anything,about this one because if i do the sonic,kids are gonna get mad and rant in the,comment section,don't wanna get them on my bad side,space,you'd rather show space instead of your,face,a car you want to be what you don't have,or you love flexing your ride on,everybody a celebrity,99 of you are fans but one percent of,you are actually the celebrity,themselves,a logo your biggest goal is to make us,buy your stuff,an unrecognizable logo you're a brand,new business who's failing already,makeup you're a beauty page,and there's a lot of you out there,cosplay selfie,you've got a lot of simps and probably,sip for other cosplayers yourself,any game character you either love this,character or you want to be this,character,and you're not you're a pet,you believe your pet represents you,better than your own face,a gun you're a big gun fan,and 60 of you are under 21.,use a kid you want to show people what,you look like without actually showing,them what you look like you in a,relationship,you're flexing on the entire internet or,you broke up and are holding on to the,last fading memories of your last,relationship,or you're trying to make your ex jealous,you being buff,you're literally flexing on the entire,internet,you're looking off into the distance you,think selfies are overrated,money you know exactly what you want,youtube logo you're one of those stupid,accounts trying to get 1 million subs,with no videos,hey i'm sorry to break it to you but,it's not going to happen just face the,facts you aren't getting a million subs,for doing nothing,something very inappropriate you're a,scammer or a bot,either way get off my channel,matching icons you're in a long distance,relationship with somebody you're never,gonna meet,okay everybody i hope you enjoyed the,video of course it's all just a big joke,so don't take it seriously i'm sorry if,i hurt your feelings,what is your profile picture comment,down below and let me know if i was,accurate or not,as always my name is evie perry and i'll,see you in the next video,oh yeah

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Destroying Twitter Avatars

Destroying Twitter Avatars

I need to draw,that's amazing that's horrendous I want,it from,he got bulbous eye sockets bro so draw,this boy be its Gibby without hair let's,that's a good one,keep that one I'll do that one over that,way I open minecraft usage of Rises,like from top to bottom you see a,timeline of Carson's patience oh look at,these funny guys look look look he was,like do my dog oh wait and the funny,Twitter people are like you know what, it hold on I'm gonna do this on my, computer I'm photoshopping team,buddies King Neptune hold on King,Neptune Paul that's what the dick is,response to the tweet on that,Kirstin pick one that you think would be,good for me okay,something that I can like reduce the,brain capacity of how about this one,cowboy Noah he's a cowboy,he's cute I like his soulless eyes his,penetrating pinpoint eyes horrifying,looking like a creepy policy so can,someone take cryos why is the president,running a gaming channel I'm gonna do we,stand here's my rendition scary it's,scarier because it looks like a child,you're it josh Josh josh Josh Josh oh,and draw a brain lit out of this guy,why'd you bring me check it out a foot,somewhere,is oh that's incredible he's taking a,picture with those eggs I salute you,Grayson I really do you're very good,with the proportions Cooper you look,like a man with a very deep voice be,funny if we made a minecraft parody this,can make a really good drawing,welcome to alien time baby oh that's so,good I love it,Ted you're legitimately artistically,talented why did you that on the wall I,was scared,okay this is quiet and Licari oh okay,that looks way too good you've gone,and made an actual drawing how do you,have yeah there you go,there you go Lucario's putting out some,I gave this guy a cloak because he,looked really mystical this is like a,freeze frame from Sloane's PowerPoint,presentation oh and a scam it's,like like medieval logo you just wrote,out vivo for curse ads I've just gone in,me,a TV with a green screen on it what,would you like me to put in the green,screen I'm gonna put by my bikes in,there yeah can you do okay can someone,do this one who doesn't have one what's,he just like blowing on him with the,airbending,no he volted him against the wall he,find an image of like a fast-moving,animal how about this one that's not,fast-moving but it's very bulky and,could kick my ass it's in the middle of,the water by the way it could kill my,ass with divine holy power no I wanted,Josh to just draw a most disgusting like,homers ever homie Homer is a funny kid,yo Homer alright that's the plan I'm in,a real scary place right now,dude what the hell am i doing this is so,not Homer Simpson here's my ,nightmare like a witch doctor that got,turned into a bag I'm gonna move his,pupils so he's looking directly at the,camera,his head is so smooth it's a noodle boy,good looks just as horrible as any,clothing item on a Club Penguin Mason I,really like it they said it looks like,Gary but it was Squidward but now it's,Gary that's actually really good I,thought that was just some oh yeah no,that's like legitimately really good,yeah Oh Cooper you can draw for tonight,girl yeah please draw a truck-driving,over here CK here with earPod and here,please stop the car truck that's,atrocious good that's really something,the dark between the legs thank you hey,someone take its own take this image and,make the lights like it takes please,look like spiders very clean that is for,sure of Panda now it's really good it,wasn't complete without fortnight in it,this on someone want to draw the club,penguin in puffle oh that's his arm,that's my drawing that's good thank you,death is your only escape

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How to create the PERFECT TWITTER PROFILE | Twitter Profile Tips

How to create the PERFECT TWITTER PROFILE | Twitter Profile Tips

if people don't find your profile,appealing then you won't grow any,followers,it is that simple in today's video i,will show you,three features on how to improve your,twitter profile so,make sure to watch until the end of the,video so that you don't miss out on any,of the advice my name is stephanie i am,a phd candidate and a twitter coach,and i help people particularly academics,and young startups to promote their work,online and currently i'm doing,one-on-one coaching to help people,promote their work online,the first thing that most people are,missing out upon and that is such a,missed opportunity,is the header image it is such a great,way to show people within seconds what,your profile is all about,yet so many people kind of miss out on,this opportunity,and instead use landscape images or just,leave it blank and your profile doesn't,even necessarily need to be pretty,actually people follow you for the,content,and not for the aesthetic of your,profile so making your profile look good,is only the,second priority the first priority is,actually to,show people what your profile is about,so that they,know whether it is worth following you,and what kind of value,they are gaining from following you i,recommend using a header image that kind,of is associated with the things that,you are doing,for instance i have a computer i have a,phone and i have my logo,so i hope it comes across that what i'm,doing is something digital,and then i also recommend that you use,some keywords in your profile,that are describing what it is that you,do or you use a tagline and very,importantly i give this advice to so,many people and then,they use a header image that is very,busy,and use a font and they just put it in,front of the busy picture,and then the font just disappears and,people cannot read it anymore and then,it is not worth,anything so if you are doing this and if,you are writing something onto your,header image,make sure that you are putting a box,behind,whatever it is that you've been writing,so that people can actually read it by,the way would you be interested in a,video on how to create,your perfect header image because there,are some really great free tools out,there,that are super intuitive and your header,image will always look,very very professional also by the way,in case you find this type of content,interesting then be sure to subscribe to,my channel and also to hit the little,bell so that you get notified every time,i post a new video,and so that you stay updated on new,videos and as a tiny side note,you should also have a profile picture,with your face on it because when you,show up on people's news feeds they will,only see your profile picture,so this should already be kind of,inviting to click on and to find out,more about you the second thing is the,bio,the bio is for instance already one,thing that again when you show up in,people's news feed,they can read when they hover over your,profile picture,and i myself am a very impatient twitter,consumer so i rarely read bios and i,only read them when they are inviting to,read and sometimes people are tempted to,just cram everything into their bio,and it kind of says dog lover husband,researcher on xyz,and passionate surfer and so on,so in the end a new follower has no idea,what your profile is about,because it is just about everything and,nothing maybe you can see,my bio basically says i show academics,how to promote their work online,and that's it that's very,straightforward and i think a bio should,be,easy to read and to just be,straightforward and,understandable within one read and one,more thing that you can do is to use,hashtags in your bio i've recently,discovered that about,20 of my followers come from suggested,profiles,and the way to enter or to end up in the,suggested profiles of other people,is to for twitter to be able to,categorize you,for instance my audience is mostly,academic,and i'm using lots of hashtags that,other academics are using and i'm using,them specifically in my bio,and this way twitter knows ah this,profile,that is posting a lot of academics tough,will also be interesting to other people,that are posting academics tough,the only important thing is in those,hashtags that,when you're using them is to use,hashtags that people,are frequently using but that are not,too overcrowded because otherwise you,are competing with,millions of people and you are never,ending up actually being shown in the,suggested profiles because there are,some larger profiles that will always,win in the competition so do a little,bit of research,actually click on the hashtag and then,see whether your profile shows up in the,suggested profiles or actually,it's even better if somebody else checks,whether you come up,because i noticed that every time i,click on the hashtags that i'm using,my profile is being suggested and i,think it's mostly because it is me who,is checking,so it's better if you're checking from,somebody else's profile to see how,actually,twitter p

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Elon Musk with a NFT pfp on Twitter?

Elon Musk with a NFT pfp on Twitter?

hello everyone welcome back my name is,nft luffy today's video we'll be talking,about something very interesting that,happened today and that is elon musk,changed his profile picture temporarily,to a few images of board 8. let's get,into the videos as you can see right,here in this tweet,by watcher guru bayc's floor has,increased by 10 eth after elon must,change his profile picture to an image,of board api clips so as you can see,there's various,images of baycs right here all in elon,musk's profile picture pretty funny to,to see that right and we'll see a bit of,the effects,of this happening very shortly you know,that once everyone found out about this,it was just everywhere on twitter in the,morning when it happened and it'll lead,to a few things as you can see now um,elon musk has changed his profile,picture back,to something else however um he did,tweet out i don't know seems kind of,fungible right so after he said that,right and you know given how nfts are,supposed to be non-fungible meaning,there can only be one you know he's,essentially just kind of making fun of,nfts because they were able to be,screenshotted right that's that's kind,of what he was referring to he's,definitely playing a bit of jokes um and,you know it's definitely pretty funny to,see right here um from block works 22,plus board ape,uh have been sold in the past hour since,elon must change his profile picture,which is pretty crazy right i mean the,amount of sales,that happened because of just elon musk,changes changing his profile picture is,it's pretty funny right so this isn't,the only thing that pumped we will look,at that in a bit however just a bit of,clarification elon musk did not buy the,slot speed lot for anyone that was,confused that's what the profile picture,was about however um you know it was,just more more so just like a troll,troll tweet that's kind of what the,purpose of it however um if we look at,board about club right on os if you take,a look at the activity so this right,here is more of the activity this,happened on april 4th so if you took a,look right here there was 18 sales on,april 3rd 30 24 sales on april 2nd or,may 2nd and then may 3rd right here 18,but then on may 4th we see 57 sales so,there was a a good amount of sales that,happened today just because of this,tweet which is pretty interesting and,like i mentioned this was not the only,thing that pumped if you take a look,right here this is uh this is a coin,token this was around five in the,morning right prior to to that coming,out and you know and then just out of,nowhere right and it was around here,people began to notice and then,right literally mooned right went from,roughly around fourteen dollars to,uh seventeen and a half dollars i think,right after elon musk tweeted about um,how they seemed fungible it just kind of,dipped,um and reached around fifteen dollars,and i kinda you know just been moving,from there but pretty interesting to see,how one tweet from elon musk kind of,sent board ape and the ape token,mooning for a bit pretty funny and i,think overall it was just a pretty funny,thing that happened in in the nfd space,and um he definitely was trolling what,are your thoughts on this all right do,you think he gets into nfts or anything,i don't know guys enjoy don't forget to,like comment subscribe see you guys next,time peace,you

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