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New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employeesor following developments t

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employees

or following developments tonight out of,Twitter the deadline has now passed for,employees to decide if they want to work,there under Elon Musk the new CEO told,those who did not share his vision or,were not willing to work intense hours,to leave the deadline was today at 5 PM,Eastern and employees were offered three,months of severance NBC technology,correspondent Jake Ward joins us now,with Moore and Jake depending on what,you're watching on social it looks like,a number of people at least are tweeting,that they're out and that they have made,no secret of their desire not to work,under these new conditions but what more,are you hearing,well Joshua At This Hour really what is,not happening at Twitter uh we as you,mentioned a few hours ago we're looking,at this deadline this ultimatum that,Elon Musk had put in front of his staff,essentially saying click here to commit,to extreme hardcore working conditions,and it was not spelled out in an,internal FAQ document exactly how that,might change for instance the benefits,you would have only that you would be,working harder possibly working weekends,the the ultimatum that he put in front,of people seemed to have been intended,to sort of weed out the people who,weren't adequately committed well,supposedly at this hour not enough,people have uh clicked that committal,button to basically keep the place,running what we are hearing from,internal Engineers is that critical,teams teams charged with the,infrastructure that keeps Twitter going,and again this is not just some company,this is the way the world leaders speak,to each other this is the way uh that,that police get evacuation orders out,right that site is in danger of go going,down because some of the critical teams,in charge of infrastructure are there,are supposedly walking right out of that,place here's another important thing to,understand at this hour uh Joshua is,that right now as we understand it an,internal email went out to everyone it's,been shared with our colleagues at CNBC,saying we are shutting down the offices,so the big Twitter HQ the iconic,building is locked out as of this hour,until Monday not clear why that might be,but certainly the paranoia we have seen,from Elon Musk over the last few days,seems to have been reflected in the,order to shut people out of that,building so tremendous resignations the,ultimatum does not seem to have gone the,way he intended it to and at this hour,that building is empty Joshua,so this is a lot of upheaval in a very,short period of time and for people who,don't know San Francisco that building,was the source of a lot of political,unrest because Twitter got tax breaks,from a previous mayoral Administration,including to keep it there on mid-market,Street in a more or less beleaguered,part of downtown San Francisco at the,time so there's a lot of unrest going on,at Twitter right now but Jake just a,little bit of context we have heard from,people in other parts of tech especially,Say the video game industry we're,grinding on software is normal right,where it is expected as part of the,culture that you're gonna work crazy,long hours you'll get paid well you'll,get great benefits but it's just de,Reger it's just sort of the way that,things are done this feel feels,different though this feels like it's a,cultural shift that people didn't accept,when they got there but now they're,being forced to accept to stay there do,I have that kind of right,I think you absolutely do I think we're,looking here at a big shift and you know,I can I absolutely understand to,somebody looking in from the outside,looking at this and saying how can these,people be complaining they're some of,the best paid most valuable employees in,the world right and the complaints that,we have seen in recent days that Elon,Musk and his team are scouring the,tweets of employees to make sure they,are not disparaging their former,employer you know that is weird for a,guy who claims to be a free speech,absolutist but it is absolutely normal,in Corporate America right uh you know,we at any company are required to not,disparage that company publicly so all,of that I understand what we're also,seeing however is a big shift from what,was really an article of faith in,working at Twitter that you were there,as part of a piece of big important,Civic infrastructure you were,theoretically trying to keep people,together we're talking about the,instrument by which world leaders who,have no other diplomatic channel to,speak to one another get the word out to,one another in Acro lost Twitter right,it is an extraordinary channel in terms,of what it does and it is largely unique,in this landscape at this moment I think,that the bargain that people who were,working there really made with,themselves was we're going to go and,work as hard as we can on this place in,order but because we believe in it then,Elon Musk comes in and begins talking,about how he wants to blow all of that,up he of course throws away the,verification syst

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The contractor who shut down Trump’s Twitter account

The contractor who shut down Trump’s Twitter account

- He tweeted, my account was taken down,for 11 minutes by a rogue employee.,- He didn't tweet that did he?,Oh, yeah.,- Bahityar, how you doing man?,- How are you doing Tito?,I'm doing great.,Since I'm in Germany,I feel much better.,I miss the food here.,- Yeah?,Alright, let's kick it off alright?,So, November 2nd was a pretty big day right?,- Yeah, for some people maybe.,- It was your last day of work?,- Yeah it was my last day of work yeah.,- Where did you work?,- Physically I was in the headquarters of Twitter,in San Francisco.,- Twitter has said that an employee,deactivated Donald Trump's account right?,- Yeah.,- And like, that's public.,We don't know who that employee is.,Is it you?,- My opinion, it was definitely a mistake,and if I am involved in this I really apologize,if I hurt anyone so I didn't do anything on purpose.,But as I said, I had a wild time in America,and I was tired sometimes and,everyone can do mistakes.,So it might be that I did a mistake.,But of course not only one little mistake,,of one human being can lead to such a result.,I think it's all about a number of coincidences.,- What kind of coincidences?,- Like, very, very little probabilities,so which randomly occurred on my last day of work.,I didn't hack anyone.,I didn't do anything which I wasn't authorized to do.,I didn't go to any site or tool,where I wasn't supposed to be at.,I didn't do any crime and I underline it,that I comply with all rules and that I didn't,,I underline that I didn't break any rules.,- President Trump's Twitter account went down.,- For 11 minutes.,- Silenced by a Twitter employee,gone rogue.,- The most watched Twitter account goes down yesterday.,- This is why it has hit the headline,,because he's a controversial and maybe the most popular,person in the world and so, so and obviously,successful people have a lot of,,there are millions of people who do not like them.,So there are millions of people who would,take actions against him if they had the possibility.,In my case, it was just random.,Let's say unlucky or lucky victim,who's being put, who finds himself in this situation,where millions of Americans want, would like to be at.,Like, yeah.,- So, Twitter never officially published your name.,Nobody has published your name.,Why then decide to go public?,- I just want to continue ordinary life.,I don't want to flee from the media.,I wanna speak to my neighbors,,I wanna speak to my friends,,I had to delete hundreds of friends,because reporters are stalking me.,They add my friends on Facebook.,I had to delete so many pictures.,And I just wanna continue ordinary life.,- How do you feel about the reactions out there?,- Which one?,- People are like, oh man,I wanna buy this guy a couple of pizzas.,Because he finally gave us some peace and quiet.,- They are hailing this person as a national hero,or what else, they wanna nominate him for a Nobel prize,and this kind of things.,And these are just comments and,as I said, I find myself in a number of coincidences.,So for me it's just a coincidence,and that's it.,- But would you accept the Nobel Peace Prize,if it came up?,- I think it should be accepted by the one who deserved it.,I'm sure that I do not deserve...,I don't deserve to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Twitter melts down over Tim Allen's 'woke' question

Twitter melts down over Tim Allen's 'woke' question

foreign actor Tim Allen sending social,media into meltdown mode after posing,this question who is the face of woke do,wokies have a clubhouse in someone's,backyard or maybe a cute yet safe play,pen somewhere,Fox News anchor and author of the new,book that I love Fiona's Fantastical,Fort Julie Banderas joins us now to,react so my Twitter standards this was,pretty tame I mean it wasn't canceled,right no it's so ridiculous I mean first,of all he wants to know what the face of,woke looked like and here's what I,picture these trolls that hide behind,their computer or their screens and,their laptops and their keyboards,because those are the people that,complain the most those whose faces we,do not see yeah so Tim Allen that is,your answer you're looking at trolls,unhappy people yeah miserable,curmudgeons okay so I have to get to,your book because I love your book Thank,you so first of all it's by Brave books,it's pro-american Pro family which is,what I really love about it yeah,um and this book Fiona's for Fantastical,four yeah it's fantastic it really,focuses on the virtue of perseverance,yeah that's the theme of the book it's,something that's always been uh of utter,importance to me I was you know raised,in a family where my mom and dad always,taught me tenacity tenacity that was,like the word that my father always you,know loved to drill through and it,really is so important for parents to,teach their children about perseverance,because oftentimes our children I,believe expect things to be too easy for,them we're rewarding our children for,not completing tasks we're giving them,trophies for for prizes they really,didn't win just to make them happy and,then we're going to grow up and and,raise lazy children so this is a story,about a little girl whose father and a,father figure and a mother figure are so,important in a child's life to encourage,your children to keep pushing forward,even when things get tough because in,the real world everything's not easy and,it shouldn't be yeah,Fiona's Fantastical Fort there was also,uh because I'm because we're your family,Yeah by Missy Robertson this is a series,of Brave books and the father figure is,so prominent the mother figure so,prominent such reassuring forces in the,lives of the characters and it's such a,fun read why don't you read an excerpt,first okay all right cool so this is on, my book was the September,month uh book and so basically this is a,story about a little girl who she is,basically building a fort remember when,our kids actually played outdoors and,they got off their live iPads and their,laptops and their iPhones so this little,girl she tries several times it's sort,of a mix between I would say three,little pigs and yes um yes Field of,Dreams you know if you build it they,will come and so she builds this for in,her head it's Fantastical not so,impressive to her friends so she's a,little down and her father builds her,back up and tells her to keep working so,here's part of that bark uh in the,morning Fiona took her father to see the,Mansion but the rain had washed it all,away tears rushed to Fiona's eyes I did,what you said but look all my hard work,was for nothing her father held her,little paws in her in his big ones your,words Never for Nothing My Sunshine keep,your head up keep working hard and I,know you can build a fort that's even,better than before so Fiona dried her,eyes and set to work and you have to,pick up the book to see her final,Fantastical Castle uh that she created,after such a great story,such beautiful illustrations and also,again this towering strong father figure,that really you know gives her that that,reassurance yeah,you can buy the book you get a,subscription and a special so the,October month of uh author is Bethany,Hamilton she is the surfer who lost her,arm in a shark accident,um and she's got this awesome book about,overcoming fear so if you buy just today,if you buy if you subscribe subscribe to,the monthly book of us it's called the,freedom Island series you get my book,for free and if you get horrible I,really encourage you books for children,that are valuable and have a good,message so important all right thank you,Julie so great having you great to be,here I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade,and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here,to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube,page to catch our hottest interviews and,most compelling analysis

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Twitter users vote for Elon Musk to step down as CEO - BBC News

Twitter users vote for Elon Musk to step down as CEO - BBC News

an online poll by Elon Musk on whether,he should quit his Twitter CEO shows the,majority of those who took part voted in,favor of the move the margin was 15,percent the billionaire entrepreneur,launched the poll last night promising,to abide by its results but he is yet to,comment since the poll's final result,well let's go live to Glasgow now and,speak with our technology reporter,Alistair Keane and Alistair these things,can always be quite fraught when you ask,your audience what they think about,something the question is what's going,on behind the scenes at Twitter,yeah let's just say don't ask a question,you don't really want the answer to,although as some people have been,pointing out perhaps this is the answer,that Elon Musk wanted we spoke to one,former employee there that said he's,been under so much pressure from,external forces such as investors at his,other firm Tesla who want him to spend,more time focusing on that company that,actually maybe this is his root out of,being the CEO of Twitter although of,course if he does follow through and,abide by this poll as he says he will he,will still ultimately be in charge just,a couple of months since he paid,billions and billions and billions of,pounds and dollars to be in charge of,the company and he will still own it,even if he appoints a new CEO as it,stands it's not really clear who the new,CEO could be at the same time as,tweeting out that poll Elon Musk said,there wasn't anyone coming forward who,could keep Twitter alive therefore there,was no successor so there's still no,timeline as to how long it will take,before Elon Musk really gives up the,control that he has as the boss I mean,Alistair in truth if we followed the,news around Twitter it has felt like,utter chaos the the sacking of mass,sacking of staff and The Exodus and uh,you know at the weekend we saw,journalists being thrown off and their,accounts being blocked and then,reinstated,um and and and then I saw something,where he went into a Twitter space at,one point to answer their questions and,then disappeared again when he was,pressed it does feel like like chaos at,Twitter it does and if you describe even,what you've described plus all the other,things that have happened it sounds like,we're talking about years and years of,Company ownership and actually it was,only in October it's just been a couple,of months that Elon Musk took over we,have seen uh new policies come in we,have seen and the people complain about,those policies we have seen some of,those policies uh be taken away again,even uh this weekend there was a new,policy that you wouldn't be able to link,to certain other social media networks,you wouldn't be able to say you know,follow me also on Facebook and Instagram,for example and then that policy appears,to have,um disappeared again so it has been very,chaotic it's a very chaotic for users,and it's very chaotic for advertisers,who pump loads and loads and loads of,money into that platform and they're not,really sure what they're getting from it,and and how long they want to continue,being in it so and this perhaps is an,attempt to bring a little bit of,stability to the company but of course,that will depend on who's appointed as,the boss I mean the other fact is,Alistair that it hasn't ever really been,a profitable company has it he's taken,this on board and it it's a platform,that that many journalists and and,public figures and policy makers use,um but but the the the sort of general,public uh you know on Twitter on mass,all of the time is not something that,we've really seen no and I think we,can't underestimate just how influential,it is as a platform for those reasons,the politicians are there um as,journalists quite often if we want a,reaction to a story and that's where we,know we can go and we will hear straight,from,um the horse's mouth as it were of the,the people that are tweeting and huge,organizations local authorities councils,governments use it to tweet out,important information we saw that during,the pandemic but you're right as for,users they're finding other places and,the users on Facebook for example is,much higher than is on Twitter people,are moving to tick tock there are other,social networks that are competing for,people's time and a lot of them are,winning and and I suppose that what's,not clear is what does Elon Musk want,this iteration of Twitter to be once it,was handed over from people like Jack,Dorsey you know what is Twitter now and,is it is it the the Town Square is it,something into the the future then that,that like WeChat that that everyone,starts to use,yeah he's spoken a couple of times about,the different um things he wants the,platform to be and freedom of speech,being one of the big things he says it,should be a place where anyone can come,and have a say even if those are things,that normally people weren't allowed to,come on Twitter and say because they,were perhaps deemed offensive or or,illegal his response to that was,actually you

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Twitter outages spike, and the FIFA World Cup could exacerbate issues

Twitter outages spike, and the FIFA World Cup could exacerbate issues

Twitter facing elevated elevated levels,of outage reports following Friday's,resignations ahead of Elon musk's,extremely hardcore cultural reset at the,company this comes as the FIFA World Cup,is getting underway and that's expected,to generate high traffic for the,platform report sourcing former,employees suggest Twitter will struggle,during the World Cup and there's a 50,chance of a major major outage taking,this site online meantime as we were,talking about with Inez just a few,moments ago it sounds like President,Trump has at least been invited back to,the platform after a poll that musk did,over the weekend and Kanye West is back,on the platform as well musk apparently,is drawing the line at Alex Jones he's,saying in tweets that people who use,children as pawns to try and gain fame,or money are beyond the pail for him but,you know the line seems,obviously highly subjective it's tough,when you're choosing between conspiracy,theorists to let back on your platform,in the name of Engagement and so I think,for Elon Musk and what he signaled thus,far is that from the internal,perspective he wants to take an,authority authoritarian approach to who,is there who's with them I think there's,going to be that harsh lesson as well,though of the people who are so critical,to the operations of Twitter in order,for Twitter not to see some type of fine,in the different countries that they,operate in order for them not to have,major outages and making sure that you,secure those people and retain that,Talent is perhaps the most critical test,that they face right now as well I,really like what Bill George just said,moments ago where Bill sounded like he's,never even seen a situation like a,situation like this before and he's,right I mean none of us seen anything,like this before in terms of leadership,but also made up a good point that,eventually he's going to have to hand,off this baton you would think to an,outside CEO and then who is that person,I he this can't continue there's going,to be nothing thing left to this,platform,I mean I think this has happened before,it's just that it's happening all in,public View and because it is the,platform that so many journalists us,included use that also sort of magnifies,the whole situation he's tweeting,through the whole thing we're all,talking about it all the time we're all,on there all the time just you know,whatever problems notwithstanding and so,you know I think with smaller companies,you probably come in and had a cleaning,of house Etc it's just that this is so,visible and then look look what has,happened to what uh Bill said about 600,billion dollars lost and Tesla value has,this been playing out yeah and the other,thing that you think about is the number,of different sites whether they be new,sites whether they be just some type of,experience digital experience that that,people tap into and I think about a,company in in like a buzzfeed for,instance the different media Outlets,that also rely on traffic generation,coming back to their their actual owned,pages in order to see their advertising,dollars come through and if you're,tracking even from the midpoint of this,year or at least when a lot of the,discussion had ramped up about when,um when uh Elon Musk was going to take,over Twitter and and BuzzFeed for its,right has not seen a very welcoming,tenor from the streets since they've,gone public via that SPAC in fact so,many people fleeted away from BuzzFeed,in that instance but since about the,midpoint of this year in May late May of,2022 here it's moved lower by about 66,percent yeah now you make a good point,Brad on on the media you know in many,respects needing this platform look you,had CBS News what pull out of saying,they were going to be on Twitter and,then they came back over the weekend you,have for CBS News I mean you have to be,on this platform you have to get your,news out,yeah although there are a lot of other,platforms well yes there is that too

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Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

The so-called Twitter files, which,were written by a group of,independent journalists, given,access to internal company,documents, offer a behind the scenes,glimpse at how the federal,government shaped the flow of,information on one of the world's,largest social media platforms.,Whether or not the Twitter files,contain information that was,surprising to those already aware,of the thousands of takedown,requests the company receives every,month from law enforcement agencies,and the courts, or of the immense,challenges of content moderation,is beside the point.,Twitter files have brought important,new information to light.,They show that the company stifled,debate over important policy issues,by shadow banning certain accounts,for no good reason and then,misleading the public about it.,They show that Twitter was routinely,strongarmed by the White House and,the FBI into complying,with frivolous takedown requests,,and they provide evidence,that the intelligence community,likely influenced the decision,to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop,story in the lead up to the 2020,election.,I mean, to be totally frank,,almost every conspiracy theory that,people had about Twitter turned out,to be true.,So,is there a conspiracy theory about,Twitter that didn't turn out to be,true?,Conspiracy theorists are often,sloppy with the facts and exaggerate,what really happened.,But the information brought to light,by the Twitter files should be,alarming to anyone who cares about,free speech and a free society.,Government meddling in similar ways,on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,,and Google Search.,How can we prevent the Internet from,turning into a centralized apparatus,through which state actors can shape,and censor public debate?,Here are three major takeaways,from the Twitter files.,One: twitter distorted,the conversation and misled the,public. Twitter had a system of,white lists and blacklists,that allowed its algorithms and,human moderators to turn,engagement dials up and down,based on their users.,It used this power to limit the,ability of certain groups and,individuals to reach an audience,,including conservative commentator,Dan Bongino, Stanford economist,and medical school professor Jay,Battacharya,,MNRA vaccine critic Alex Berenson,and the Libs of TikTok.,When asked if Twitter Shadow bans,,then co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey,misled Congress.,Social media is being rigged to,censor conservatives.,Is that true of Twitter?,No.,Twitter Shadow Banning Prominent,Republicans.,Bad.,Is that true?,No.,The company sought to cover by tapdancing around,the meaning of the word.,In a 2018 blog post, Twitter's,trust and Safety team wrote,"We do not shadow ban.,We were always able to see the,tweets with no follow.,Although you may have to do more,work to find them, like go,directly to their profile.",Needless to say, making tweets,so hard to find.,Digging through someone's profile is,the only way to unearth them is,what's commonly known as shadow,banning, or as Twitter employees,termed it, with an Orwellian flair,,"visibility filtering." The Twitter,files show the company's staff,became increasingly comfortable,using these tools to manage,the flow of information and,political discourse around the 2020,election. Regularly deploying,filters to limit the visibility of,Trump's tweets and many others,pertaining to election results in,the weeks preceding the January 6,riot and the decision to evict,the president from the platform.,Yes, Twitter is a private company,and it has every right to label the,tweets of Harvard epidemiologist,Martin Kulldorf as misleading,when he tweets. Statements such as,"Thinking that everyone must be,vaccinated is a scientifically,flawed, is thinking that nobody,should." But Twitter is still worthy,of our condemnation,,Dr. Battacharya was shadow banned despite,being a respected epidemiologist,from a prestigious university, and,many of his warnings during the,pandemic turned out to be correct.,And you can acknowledge serious,problems with the work of former,New York Times reporter Alex,Berenson, who, for instance, badly,misinterpreted data to infer a spike,in vaccine caused mortality,while still believing it's,preferable to have a public airing,of controversial and deeply flawed,arguments.,A better way to deal with speech you,disagree with is to respond,to it, as Derek Thompson attempted,to do in the Atlantic when he,called Berenson "The Pandemic's,Wrongness Man." Ironically,,Twitter raised Berenson profile,by allowing him to inhabit the role,of the oppressed truth seeker.,Two: The government is secretly,policing speech.,The most troubling thing about the,Berenson De-platforming isn't,Twitter's decision per say,,but whether it made that decision,freely. Was it done at the behest,of the federal government?,The Twitter files provide,circumstantial evidence that the,White House played a role when the,Biden administration took over.,One of their first meeting requests,with Twitter executives was on,COVID, writes journalist Davi

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Twitter Suffers Major Outage Globally; Users Face Trouble Logging In | Twitter Down

Twitter Suffers Major Outage Globally; Users Face Trouble Logging In | Twitter Down

and breaking news coming in here in the,world this morning uh tutor suffered a,major outage,it's being reported that,thousands face a problem signing in to,its web version,as a lot of users were greeted with an,error message when they tried to sign in,this happened in the early hours of,Thursday when users that's today when,users attempted to access Twitter they,were met with an error notice and more,than 8 700 users and reported the,problem,as of 7 30 a.m that's that's 12 30 p.m,Greenwich Mean Time and uh these are the,reports that are coming in from various,resources the outage occurred two months,after musk acquired Twitter and that is,being seen as a very significant as,thousands of users were faced with an,error message when they tried to sign in,and our my colleague from the Mumbai,Newsroom to take us through the kind of,impact that this has had on the number,of users who are affected and what is,the situation now has Twitter offered,any explanation it's over to you,Go free,well as you've rightly mentioned Twitter,users all across the world have been,stating that a global outage is taking,place due to which users are unable to,access Twitter website in laptops and,even in their mobile phones this is it,has been happening since the morning so,we can see that users are in a mess,because they are trying to reach out to,Twitter users have been trying to reach,out but no response has come from the,Twitter officials yet now the,significant reason for Twitter crashing,down is being taken over as the mass,layoffs that have taken place after,Twitter was taken over by Elon Musk in,the first week itself when Elon Musk,took over Twitter about,7500 layoff took place and in the second,about 3500 layoffs took place so this is,being regarded as a massive reason,because of which there are disruptions,taking place in the Twitter and users,have been saying that more and more,Global outages are taking place in,Twitter because of this we'll have to,wait and see when Twitter website starts,working again or when the officials,start addressing this massive issue,well Sanya many thanks for joining us,there and for that update so while it is,being while the outage as a Sanya has,just told us is being blamed on the mass,layoffs on the micro blogging site after,Elon Musk took it over for around who,took it over just a few months back we,will have to wait and watch what the,authorities in Twitter have to say and,what explanation they come up with many,thanks Sonia for joining us there

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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

finally Elon Musk has made it public a,number of important initiatives he took,to combat bots on Twitter they began by,locating a small group of prominent,individuals who were running a sizable,number of Bot troll accounts then by,denying these malicious users access to,the platform they banned access to their,IP addresses more importantly Elon has,disclosed the three key strategies he,has created to counteract bots on the,platform also the key fear behind Elon,musk's decision to remove all Bots from,the network was that there will be a,drop in monthly active users however,Twitter is still experiencing a huge,increase in both user numbers and,engagement the reason for this is that,users of the site are mostly protected,against bots trolls and other bad,conduct it is important to note that,mask has provided details on a serious,potential bot problem that might have,severe effects on the platform,furthermore according to Elon Musk the,primary problem with Bots is that they,may give the impression that the topics,are trending when they aren't even worse,since Bots can repost tweets or other,content the volume of spam generated by,them may destroy any original content so,this is a crucial issue for Elon Musk as,you know Elon musk's deal with Twitter,initially fell apart due to the bot,issue when he claimed that a majority of,Twitter users were bought at that time,Elon said until Twitter publicly proves,that the platform has less than five,percent fake spam accounts that's it the,deal is off musk argued that these Bots,were damaging Twitter's reputation and,credibility and that they needed to be,removed or drastically reduced to make,the platform more valuable in response,Twitter requested that mask provide,detailed documentation and evidence to,support his allegations which he was,unable to do at the time City didn't,have access to internal Twitter data a,study conducted by ciabra which was,commissioned by Elon Musk as part of his,legal battle with Twitter found that,spam and Bot accounts make up an,estimated 11 of Twitter's total user,base this is more than the five percent,figure often cited by Twitter itself,cyber used a machine learning algorithm,to analyze hundreds of parameters to,arrive at their estimates Twitter was,fighting with Spam accounts every day,but this was a complicated issue of,people that create these accounts got,more sophisticated with time their goals,and tactics have evolved an Elon musk's,team also is conducting a random survey,of 100 Twitter followers to find out the,ratio of spam Bots that exist the,findings were significant because mask,had previously said he wanted to,purchase Twitter to address the,company's bot problem however less than,three months after signing an agreement,he attempted to terminate the deal,citing claims that Twitter had misstated,the number of bots on his platform Elon,Musk has a valid point about Bots being,present on Twitter and other social,media platforms as mentioned above,Twitter has access to data points from,its over 300 million monthly active,users yet it is still struggling to,clean up the platform from spam accounts,similarly Facebook has been facing a,class action lawsuit related to its,audience exaggeration which indicates,the need for more transparency when it,comes to verifying users thus Elon Musk,calls for third-party Auditors and,independent researchers who could ensure,estimates of active users are accurate,and also inform public policies,surrounding these platforms if they had,access to Quality data and freedom to,publish their results this would help,protect advertisers as well as investors,from being deceived by the false Matrix,of user engagement thus it can be said,that Elon Musk has a valid point about,Bots being present on platforms like,Twitter and Facebook Twitter suit must,to complete the deal accusing him of,using Bots as a pretext to exit the deal,after getting buyer's remorse and the,two sides were set to go to trial,however in light of seabra's report,confirming that there are indeed more,Bots than initially thought on Twitter,must decided to proceed with a deal Elon,musk's main issue with Bots is that they,can create false Impressions giving the,impression that topics are trending when,they're not this could be used to,manipulate public opinion on certain,topics and influence people's opinions,in a way that would be impossible,without the use of bots furthermore Bots,can repost tweets or other content made,meaning that original content may be,drowned out by the sheer volume of Bot,generated spam Bots can also be used to,automate activities like sending,messages and replies which can confuse,additionally they can slow down,Twitter's website performance or even,crash it if there are too many bots in,one place in short bots have the,potential to negatively impact Twitter's,user experience Elon Musk and Twitter,took several steps to combat bots on the,platform first they identified a small,number of people operating large numbers,

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