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How To FIX Twitter Not Loading Tweets! (2021)i'm back everyone you may be in a,situation where for s

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

How To FIX Twitter Not Loading Tweets! (2021)

i'm back everyone you may be in a,situation where for some reason,none of your tweets are loading on any,of your devices whether it's an android,iphone computer whatever it is now this,can happen for a lot of different,reasons but i'll break down the most,common ones,and the very first thing i would,recommend telling you is to pretty much,check your network settings your network,connections this is the number one thing,i would recommend looking into,so what you want to do is on any device,an android computer,a tablet whatever it is you want to find,your network settings options so it,tends to be in the settings you know you,can click on your settings once you open,up your settings you'll come into this,panel you want to go ahead and check,your wi-fi,or cell connection or whatever and,verify that you are connected to a solid,network,if you're not connected to a reliable,network or wi-fi connection or whatever,you are going to run into problems no,matter what so you want to verify that,you're able to connect to a solid,network,and once you do that you know you want,to go ahead and open up some other app,so open up you know whatever safari it,doesn't matter,wikipedia you want to load up any web,pages that you can,and see how long it takes you to load,them up if you're able to load up your,web pages and everything looks fine,then you may want to move on to the next,step but if you load up your safari,browser,or any other browser or any other app,and you see that no other app is loading,up anything else,either instagram isn't loading stories,snapchat's not loading up stories,then you can pretty much verify that you,have a network connection problem,so what do you do here you can probably,you know research your router you can,try a different network connect a cell,connect to wi-fi the opposite or,whatever you're doing,those are pretty much the most common,things you can do in this situation,now there's a lot of things you can do,in that sense so i would recommend,looking into it,so that is pretty much the first way to,go ahead and check and make sure,whether your tweets are not loading,because of a specific network issue or,not,now let's say it's not a network issue i,will be honest,right now twitter is actually going,through i think some weird phase so like,they're having a bunch of like network,connection problems,so having a lot of server connection,problems and stuff so it doesn't really,matter how good your network connection,is,what you want to do is you want to go on,either reddit other posts you want to go,into the comment section of this video,sort by the latest comments and if a lot,of people are tweeting at the same time,saying something like oh you know tweets,or twitter's not working or tweets,aren't going through nobody's work or,whatever,then you pretty much know that there's a,server issue with twitter so again it,doesn't matter what you do,it's the problem with twitter zen so,they're going to have to fix it if you,look in the comment section or whatever,and nobody's commenting or nobody's,doing anything then you pretty much can,know that it's probably just a problem,with you,if you don't see it trending on either,google or whatever the case is,then you pretty much know that it's a,specific issue with you but if a lot of,people are commenting,at the same time and saying the same,thing then you can pretty much verify,that it is a server connection with,twitter,and you're just gonna have to wait until,they fix it ultimately the last thing i,would recommend doing after this,is go into your app store if you're on a,web browser doesn't matter but if you,have the,app you probably want to go ahead and,just update the app so go on your app,store play store whatever the case is,search up twitter you want to click on,twitter and you just want to update the,app,again if you're on a super outdated,version of twitter it may not work out,for you,so you're going to have to be up to date,on one of the more recent versions of,android and once you go ahead and do,that,you'll pretty much be set that's like,the last thing if this still doesn't,work,it may be a network issue or maybe a,server issue on there and most probably,it's a server issue on there and you're,just gonna have to wait until they fix,it,so that's essentially it if you guys,have any other questions or anything,like that,let me know in the comment section below,hit the like button that'll be so much,but definitely hit that subscribe button,every single subscriber that we get,really discount show me so much if you,guys can hit that,also check out the other links down in,the description as well my twitter my,instagram my other channels,more importantly everything always i,love every single one of you guys,hopefully i'll catch you guys in the,next video,peace out till then,you

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Twitter Employees Shocked Getting Fired After Not Working

Twitter Employees Shocked Getting Fired After Not Working

purchase Twitter for 44 billion dollars,he inherited a company that had not,turned a profit for eight of the past 10,years they were having trouble,attracting new users they're having,trouble,the revenue,now that it's a private company but,analysts have been able to piece,together an assessment from the,company's last regulations and musk's,public statements,s p data showed that Twitter had less,than 600 million dollars in net debt,before the Takeover talks now post,acquisition they have 13 billion dollars,in debt and that's a major burden on,their shoulders,the company last year generated just,over 630 million dollars in operating,cash flow while this new debt could,potentially swell its interest payments,to more than one billion dollars a year,that's a lot of money that they have to,pay down with cash and where are they,going to find that cash just one week,after taking over the company,suffered a massive massive drop in,Revenue and was losing over four million,dollars a day the journal has reported,that a number of big advertisers,analysts have pointed to this you know,being a significant decline in Revenue,as major companies leave over concerns,over what's the the future of the,business model what's the vision under,musk to make ends meet musk has moved,quickly to slash cost chat including,country company staff by half chat chat,why is everybody plugging watching,filings showed Twitter had 5 500,full-time employees at the end of 2020,and 7500 a year later based on the,company's most recently disclosed median,pay figure the layoffs of about 3 700,people could save Twitter roughly 860,million dollars,15 of Twitter's 5.57 billion dollars in,costs and expenses last year analysts,have noted that this could do more harm,than good because some of the companies,engineers and developers and marketers,are heading out the door the billionaire,owner has also been trying to add,subscription Revenue with the Twitter,blue service,users a blue verified check mark if they,pay 7.99 a month it's unclear whether,there's enough demand for that people,living jobs subscription revenue is,potentially a new outlet I generally,think with every with big emerging tech,companies there's going to be a lot of,bad weeds in your uh Workforce because,of uh just just how it is this is my own,opinion okay and and there's a lot of,survivorship bias result based analysis,and you think that everybody's good at,their job because the company successful,overall right but I think it's very,important in these in these times to,make a layoffs for people that aren't,actually good and it's okay to to,downgrade and and start from another,Point Break It Down restart that was it,older people are losing jobs okay that's,that's the real world people get hired,for a job maybe they're giving me,they're not after some after long it,loves a lot of analysis they get fired,they get another job on to you,what what do people feel like people are,entitled first of their entire life,regardless of their performances,a new opportunity to make up for the,revenue that's been lost amid the recent,Advertiser accidents in an all hands,meeting with Twitter staff on November,10th musk warned that bankruptcy is a,possibility for the company analysts and,academics it's a competitive world of,capitalism okay you get paid for a,service you get paid for something not,good at it you might get you might you,might get lit off and you might run out,of a job it happens okay people say oh,I'm loyal to my company no you are not,you're lying you shouldn't be,loyal and you're not and they're not,loyal to you either okay do you do you,really think that if the company is,having problems paying their bills and,they're like yo dude what I mean really,we're having some troubles right now man,are you loyal I really think a half half,your uh half your salary and continue,working for us realities you know what,we're gonna say no no,because you know what you're worth it,and you know what happens when they have,to cut costs right you know what we're,gonna do they're gonna fire you that's,it you want to service done you can do,that service you're done,it that's just how it works,there's no loyalty in business that's it,stop being a loyalty stop being loyal to,companies and employers they don't give,a about you don't give a about,them either boom these Financial,challenges continue to mount there could,be other options he could raise Equity,uh he could buy back debt from lenders,potentially at a very deep discount in,the event that the company does going to,Banks the more loyal you are to,companies and businesses the more of a,liability you are to yourself this,is not musk's preferred option,and that likely means that those funds,will be entirely wiped out,um what direction hello Felix try making,your own World Cup bracket predictions,healing Pac-Man,Monday in the life of Twitter employee,welcome to a day in my life as a Twitter,employee so this past week went to SF,for the first time at a Twitter

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all right welcome back to the channel so,twitter has been down since 805 this,morning here on the east coast i was on,twitter this morning of course because,i'm addicted to twitter as probably many,of you are and uh yeah for the last half,hour it has been down in a major outage,and uh not just in the united states,we're hearing uh reports from all across,the world that there is a major twitter,outage so i wanted to start with that,we're learning uh you know what's going,on with that i do have some altcoin news,here uh to jump into right after this,but this is the error i keep getting so,yeah we'll continue to monitor that and,see what's going on uh with twitter of,course crypto a big part of twitter we,get a lot of news and information from,twitter a lot of great uh people in the,crypto space uh bring us up to speed on,a lot of the goings on via twitter so it,is down uh twitter is again experiencing,a major outage issue started right,around 805. with uh users reporting over,capacity error uh messages and even,errors saying the page is down the,issues are affecting both the mobile and,tweet deck and the web version of,twitter i've tried all three just to be,safe it's a major twitter outage since a,series of problems for the social,network in february it was down twice in,a week in february as well with users,unable to access the service in parts of,the u.s due to a technical bug that was,preventing timelines from loading and,tweets from postings so again twitter,down we'll continue to monitor that i do,want to jump into some big altcoin news,with polygon a top 20 cryptocurrency has,been on a tear in the last 24 hours for,a couple different reasons a huge,announcement and,we've been talking about the technical,analysis on polygon and if we broke,through a particular level right in this,low 60 cent range we had room to run to,the upside and we still have that door,open uh here in the one day we're up 14,for polygon you can see here in the last,seven look at the big surge polygon had,all the way down in here uh from 52,cents all the way past 65 cents,uh really and this is crazy i mean in,the matter of,a couple you know a couple hours we saw,huge gains but throughout the day,yesterday uh this thing has just went,parabolic and it's on the heels of some,big news,so here's what it is uh polygon joins,the disney accelerator,and matic jumps from 50 cents to 65,and we can see here we're excited to,announce that polygon has been chosen to,be a part of the disney accelerator,program so the walt disney company,disney accelerator is the largest,business development program designed to,accelerate the growth of cutting-edge,entertainment companies across the globe,so in 2022 the program is focused on use,cases that involve augmented reality,nfts and artificial intelligence matic,polygons token immediately reacted to,the announcement the matic price added,25,in less than seven hours yesterday,revisiting a five-week high over 65,cents and it does have some room to run,to the upside into the mid 70 cents if,this overall market cooperates and we,can stay uh in you know the green here,over the next couple days uh the matic,price has slightly dropped uh by the,time this was you know uh putting out,there and again we're back down to about,the six 628 level right now the disney,accelerator program is set to start this,week by the way polygon will be,accompanied there by flick play and,locker verse web 3 social apps uh and,artificial intelligence startups as well,will be there as covered by you today,previously the malik uh molok the matic,price was catalyzed by integration with,fintech heavyweight heavyweight robin,hood and the upcoming launch of reddit's,nft marketplace,and so a lot of good things happening,around polygon we've been talking about,manic for quite some time and uh that's,what i've got for you here in this quick,update twitter's out what the heck are,we gonna do today uh drop down in the,comments if you're experiencing these,issues too and uh man it's where we get,all our crypto news a lot of it right,but luckily we have some other sources,out there,and uh yeah that's what i've got for you,here in this one thank you so much for,popping in appreciate it and uh let me,know what you're thinking about all this,down below in the comment section i'll,see you next

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How to Fix Twitter Not Working, Not Opening, Unfortunately Stopped, Problem Solved

How to Fix Twitter Not Working, Not Opening, Unfortunately Stopped, Problem Solved

how to fix a Twitter not opening not,working or unfortunately stop problem to,the start skills video me mob Covadonga,at the aapke twitter pay abjure hey up,car Twitter or pinata company car,unfortunately stop but a pie Yahoo does,thought you told me up kazoo be problem,are I will see up case if expect is,video me up go down go to the study are,happy to give video Qian tuck up DJ have,no problem Kossoff Kirke pongy or,comment up maduro saga Mozilla finically,thank you todo space video wake like,Toby Kebbell to ziggity game nobody goes,to me up kokum Sikkim teen solution to,Tonga discovered a job a problem,definitely solve over our biggest,obstacle Adams a basic of solutions to,Sir Watkyn take up go play store measure,know him,please Tommy John ik about me to stop,going up is simply search karna head,tutor Twitter Amina happy search can I,just say hum fix Carnevale Yami they,keep determine the up cop did i ah hey,co-op we update caolan80 game in the,update I had to up Quay update curtly,name Kabhi Kabhi Kyoto gusto Hammadi,tutor me both re update Iowa Rita or,older person cannot measure him,misbehave cart icon size in Utah his,layup K update Kalina update connect one,thing but chiki chaka problem soulful,tahini yet he was up by 2 both body,about in neo taiko etiquette me arguing,up for the dissolution baton of along,with keyboard up quiting neo top was,simply John I helped me mobile key,settings fee-setting special Ichabod,widow's talk with scroll down Kirky,examle Tiana he needs I like about,Morocco app management comes issue,category click on I was sucked IQ option,will be installed apps can also show,curry yo feed application manager can,also show curry basically application,Tiana what Scott Austin Yahya Kaduna hey,apke Twitter the chili home don't let a,have our applicator copy here teeter,twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter,twitter copy editor poking a happy to,eat also here on happy algebra to talk,open up go click on i click a link,valuable storage use it with our hit,cleared automatically colonel or is it,clear container it clear running about,me up cook bacon on him permission,dishonor him or the empanadas provision,club allow could my yellow gonna grab me,of normal quick but he started easy or,mobile corey open gz clinic about me,gusto up codes or her application for,your,yup got to enjoy calm karnilla Giga 90%,aapke calm Canela Higa by lady any,chance 10% of become naked I know he cut,me a final solution baton Wojcicki,mother Sarah because Sarah problem,surface area whose clock was fills the,settings Posada he or Yahoo pay awake,the minute sake do not hear about phone,copy Yahoo software update up capacity,of a software update Sony oratory about,from Mitchell is a you up yoga simply of,course offer update panic about me,yaha PR pooja hey chicken IKEA co-opted,I awakening he the software update I'll,to OpCo update Cardinal I was software,update secure connection here Marathi,Turco problem Yami the kiddos for apne,Twitter dojo he update raka why making a,hobby update Nakia top ki O rahi up got,Twitter cognition a updation June 9 road,version Keely banaya gyaa a two-year,purana Android version major hey MATLAB,come to arugula concise a gum Niigata I,think a boats are a problem semiotic,compatible neo time easily acquire,install opcode download currently know,they take a year college a gigantic,about me definitely up card problem,solvers I go meet caught on video person,target thanks for watching

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Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

第一个游戏是 ,是数字卡游戏 ,- 我选2 / - 好 2 ,就是了,什么啊? ,没有 ,完了 ,结束了 ,输了 ,Jimin很会玩 , ,一天洗两次澡的人!,一周洗一次也很够了 ,- 是你了 / - 你走吧 ,问题怎么这样啊? ,我完全是果汁啊 ,都说我是柠檬的样子,- 我没有撒谎 / - 是的 ,- 我 / - 是撒谎者 - 是的 / - 真的? ,怎么你一听到问题就动耳朵? ,问为什么举手的时候 ,- 回答很不具体 / - 就是啊 ,是撒谎者 ,这个回合是市民的胜利 ,- OK / - OK ,接下来是 ,- 我有异议 / - 我有异议游戏 ,天才发掘团第三场比赛是 ,我有异议游戏 ,我有异议游戏规则 掷出1到5的骰子,将棋子送至终点,但只有掷出骰子的玩家才能确认点数,可以说谎假装是其他的数字,其他玩家如果对此抱有怀疑,可喊出"我有异议"之后确认骰子点数,如果是真的 掷骰子的玩家可前进相应步数,提出异议的玩家就要后退相应的步数,相反如果是说谎 掷骰子的玩家就要按照喊出的数字后退相应步数,提出异议的玩家可以按照其喊出的数字前进相应步数,还要注意一点,骰子上写有“假话”两个字代替数字6 ,出现“假话”时 当前玩家 ,就必须要说谎 ,游戏开始之后,按照到达终点的顺序 第一名70分,第二名60分,第三名50分,从第四名到第七名,每人可获得20分,这个不错 ,每次都喊"我有异议!"不就行了嘛,在原点的人可以那样做,这个真的是心理战,提出异议 ,对在起点的人有利 ,因为可以一直提出异议 ,就是不要胡来,- 只要不胡来 至少还能前进到一半 - 是啊,依我看这游戏是不是要教育人说,- 最终只有正直的人才能获胜 - 最后还是前进不了的话,一直提出异议不就可以了 ,为了更好地理解游戏 要不要先试一轮? ,- 不用了 都理解了 / - 不了 直接开始吧 / - 不必了 不必了 ,直接开始吧 ,- 开始吧 - 理解了,- 理解了 - 好大,好 我要开始了 ,因为这是第一轮 肯定马上就有人提出异议 ,立刻 立刻就提 ,骰子刚一落下来 就会有人说,我有异议,不对 落下来之前就说,我打算提出异议 ,- 但是我有可能说的是真的 - 是啊,所以你只能说真话,- 我有异议!! - 我有异议!!,还没说是多少呢 ,2!,- 不对 我有异议! - 我有异议!,也有可能是1,我有异议 ,Jin哥和南俊哥?,什么啊? ,才第一轮我为什么要说谎?,那我错了,对不起,不好意思,2,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的不是2 ,不是2,你摇到的不是2 ,你不是2 ,肯定不是 ,要么是假话 要么就是1 ,OK 我有异议!,OK 我有异议! , ,- 挑战 挑战 / - 桢国... / - 我有异议! ,是多少?,2!,- 真的吗? / - 嗯 ,- 重新回到起点! - 回去吧 / - 回去吧 ,今天之内能结束吗?,我把哥哥送出去了,我有异议!,你在说谎 ,1...!,- 你在说谎 / - 1? ,感觉应该不是1,我有异议! ,这是真的!,- 感觉应该不是1 / - 假的 假的 ,- 我有异议 / - 这是真的 ,是假话,怎么第一局就抽到假话呢,那我有异议! 我有异议! ,我现在没有异议了 ,调整一下呼吸 ,是2,2 ,2 ,我有异议!,你摇到的不是2,确定吗?,- 嗯 / - 我也觉得不是2 ,你有异议吗? ,我有异议! ,其他人还有吗?,后退...,- 我有异议! / - 有异议就说出来 ,我有异议! ,有吗? ,因为他认为2是颇具良心的谎话,请安静,- 是2吗? / - 摇到了2 / - 是2 ,没关系 反正我也无处可退了 ,OK 这的确是心理战,不要看 大家都看向前面吧,- 看不到! - 知道了 看不到,而且根本看不到勒!,什么“看不到勒”啊?,那是什么话啊?,抱歉喔 ,把视觉 ,坐下,直接放弃了 ,- 是1 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的是“假话”,- 感觉不是1 - 是1,- 感觉是更大的数字 / - 是假的 ,- 假的 不对 他摇到的是假话 / - 是更大的数 ,都有谁提出了异议,请举手 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 ,是的 ,就是1 ,- 啊 / - 真的吗? - 摇到了1,叮 ,辛苦了 ,聚在一起很温馨嘛 ,我打算后面没有异议了 ,就是因为这样 所以才没法前进,假话 ,这像话吗? ,我有异议!,我还没开始呢,我还没摇骰子呢 ,我有异议!,不是 我还没说呢 ,我摇到的是3,那我要提出异议 ,我也有异议!,他可能预想到了我们会提出异议 但我这次不提了,桢国 你不是还在起点嘛 不管有没有异议,我有异议 ,对啊 你没有损失 ,怎么都不举手呢? ,好 OK 是多少?,是3 ,处于领先的闵玧其选手 处于领先的闵玧其选手,来了 来了! 大家都准备好了吗?,- 快点吧 - 我要转骰子了,我有异议!,是4!,啊 我有异议,应该不是,你摇到的是象征骗子的4 (韩语谐音),- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! 我也有异议! ,- 你应该是在骗人 / - 你摇到的不是4 ,你摇到的是假话 ,- 看来你们到现在还是不了解j-hope - 我有异议,反正我没什么好失去的了,没什么可输的人是最可怕的,我真的是4,拿去 ,- Jin哥 错 / - 我要前进了 ,痛失一切 ,我打算从现在起要提出异议了 ,JK现在还没离开起点呢 ,5,我有异议!,我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 居然说是5? ,居然说是5? ,看他表情就知道了,1 ,- 1? / - 我有异议! 我有异议! ,3 , ,什么啊? 到底是什么?,请说出准确的数字,5 ,摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 ,- 摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,- 我也提一下吗? / - 不对 ,- 不对 可能真的摇到了5 - 我也提一下?,- 不知道了 - 我有异议!,哦 玧其 ,挑战 我有异议!,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,摇到5了?,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,- 正确答案是? - 正确答案是?,是假话,- 闵玧其 / - 玧其下注成功了 ,玧其中彩票了 ,早知道我就说1了,桢国 那边空气怎么样?,这边空气吗? 很浑浊,OK ,居然说很浑浊 ,这个游戏要有人提出异议才好玩,我太了解金泰亨了 对不起 ,- 我了解你 / - 好像摇到了假话 ,1 ,- 1? / - 1? / - 1 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 我也有异议,我有异议! ,数字是多少呢? ,1 ,- OK - 你了解我什么?,你懂什么? 你算什么?,- 你算什么? - 你哪有了解我?,你算什么 还说了解别人?,- 为什么装作很懂的样子? - 什么啊?,你算什么 装作很了解我 你懂我吗?,就因为你 把我也连累了,Jimin如果戴着猫耳朵,现在应该晃得很厉害,哦呵 真是 ,拜托 拜托 拜托 ,是3,桢国 提出异议吧 ,当然要提出异议了 我有异议 ,其实就是3,哎 真是,处于第二名的金南俊选手 ,我们友好竞争吧 南俊,- OK / - 友好竞争 ,如果抽到假话 那就说不定了 ,是2 ,- 这个频率是固定的 - 2? / - 是2,有人要提出异议吗? ,除了我就没别人了,- 现在只有你能提出异议 / - 对 ,你干嘛呀?,你摇到了假话吗? ,- 怎么了? / - 是假话吗? ,是假话,桢国成功了 ,- 我终于可以前进了 - 所以说一无所有是最可怕的,没什么可输的人最可怕了,好 我要开始了,是2!,好像是假话吧?,- 看他耳朵都红了 / - 假话这么容易摇到吗? ,Jin哥耳朵变红了 ,因为大家都盯着我看,- 变得越来越红了 / - 你们... ,因为你们都盯着我看 所以才会这样 ,我要提出异议 ,走上异议之路 ,桢国 你要想好了 ,我回到原点也无所谓 其实是2 ,OK 那么就请桢国,回到原点吧,明明都出来了 ,现在水鬼又出现了,- 我要把你们都拖下水 / - 水鬼 ,我要提出异议,依我看他摇到了假话 ,表情 ,我觉得玧其哥会实话实说,我摇到了4 ,我当然要提出异议,正确答案是?,的确是4,- 运气真好 / - 玧其哥 ,遥遥领先的闵玧其选手 ,稳定的战术,好 我要开始了,原来要出现假话才行啊,在演戏是吧?,他在演戏 他在演戏 他要说1或者2了,是1 ,OK 就算是1格也前进一下吧 ,我提出异议 ,即使是1格也要前进 ,试一下吧 试一下吧 ,- 确实是1 - 啊 1,对吗? ,- 因为田桢国 我们都没法说谎了 / - 来 传过去吧 ,是啊 只要有人在起点 我们就没办法随便说谎了 ,为了我们的游戏顺利进行下去,可能直接相信他会更好一点,不提出异议 ,是4,- 好 你走吧 / - 我相信 / - 我信 我信 ,那我说5,我相信你 ,- 那我就说5吧 - 相信你 往前走吧 往前走吧,我提出异议,那我就说是4,那我不提了 ,真狡猾啊 ,- 你要不要提出异议? / - 太透明了 - 真狡猾啊,他怎么这么透明呢? ,桢国最终的数字是?,- 是4 - 4,有人提出异议吗?,- 没有 - 没有,- 我能再改成5吗? / - 没有 没有 ,你改成5 我就提出异议 ,- 4 是4 / - 桢国 4 ,前进吧,好 现在起点没人了 ,玧其哥只要选择稳定战术 就能得第一名了,我摇到了4,我有异议,我有异议! ,我也有异议 ,我有异议 ,OK 我有异议,桢国 你是不是需要再往前走两步呢?,我退出了 ,我退出 ,- 三位 - 三个人吗?,请往后去吧 就是4,- 就是4 / - 真是 , ,幸好我退出了,有意思 继续进行吧! ,不错 还挺有趣的,- 是1 - 有趣,看来你还不了解我的性格,我有异议 ,是假话,恭喜 恭喜,并排前进一格... ,摇到了假话对吧 ,这家伙真是孤独啊,你是摇到了1吗?,我摇到了1 ,就算是1我也要前进 ,我有异议! 我有异议,你非要这么做吗?,我要前进1格 ,就是1 ,你真是 你往前走走吧 ,- 因为他 我都不能说谎了 真是的 - 就是说啊,是4!,异议 我有异议,- 因为害怕他 我游戏都玩不下去了 - 异议区域,我要提出异议!,我的目标是,摧毁这场游戏,- 是4 / - 是啊 / - 应该是对的 ,- 桢国 - 嗯?,别开玩笑了 我们试试进入第二第三名吧?,怎么进入第二第三名啊? ,肯定可以的 ,这里玧其哥要摇到假话才搞笑,综艺之神究竟是否站在我这边呢? ,我要开始了,3 是3 ,3的话哥哥就到终点了 ,我有异议,要先提出来 ,当然要提了 我们俩要提 ,也有可能是假话,玧其哥好像要进入终点了,我也提一下? 我有异议 ,是假话 ,哦 闵玧其 ,玧其下注成功了 ,你们往后去吧,就是3 ,- 结束了 / - 太厉害了 ,我到终点了 ,我现在来给大家现场解说 ,哇 玧其哥太懂进退战术了,- 是啊 / - 一下子就赚到了 对吧? ,- 是啊 - 人生就是如此,好 我要开始了 ,我这次要正直一点,我摇到了3,当然要提一个了,提吧 提吧 ,Jimin还不举手 愣着干嘛呢? ,我有异议 ,是3 请看 是3 ,怎么了?,Oh,这样就很可能是说谎了,5 ,他为了无论如何都要前进 ,我有异议 ,就是5 ,哇 Jimin 就剩你自己了 一定很孤单吧,我附近还有人啊 那是谁?,是我 是我 ,我刚才一个不小心,直接退回去了 ,这种程度可以说是隔壁了吧? 是邻居呢 邻居? ,5,要赌一下 要赌一下 ,我有异议 ,桢国 他如果不是5的话,那你就领先了 就是第三名了 ,那我相信玧其哥一次吧? ,毕竟玧其哥已经完成了,老实坐着,让我老实坐着?,我要毁灭这个游戏,5,桢国 ,试一下吧 桢国 人生在此一搏 ,人生在此一搏 ,- 我提一个? - 提吧!,- 桢国 来吧 来吧 / - 来吧 来吧 - 不行 不行 不行 不行 ,OK 我要提出异议,不行 ,不行?,桢国和Jimin提出了异议 ,正确答案是?,是5 ,肯定是这样啊 ,不要随便听信别人的话 ,- 虽然没什么意义了 / - Jimin哥 ,Jimin哥, ,不会是1吧?,- 不是的 南俊哥

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Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Job

Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Job

foreign,yeah come on in you know uh you're 20,minutes late,yeah Twitter we didn't have like start,time schedules are uh,remnant of an oppressive colonialist,regime oppressive colonialist regimes,okay well look the work here is pretty,demanding we need to find someone who,can inspect all of our outgoing Miss are,you okay I'm sorry I'm not really used,to bosses using trigger words like,demanding and inspect and work,but this is a job we don't say that,either then how do you get any work,well I mean so how do you get any uh,laborer stuff production the hand work,Network sorry stuff done how do you get,any stuff done,a strip's got ten some stuff,okay well what would you say,you did there I was responsible for so,much as a Content moderation specialist,some days during my afternoon cornhole,sesh I get a text telling me I had to,ban someone so then you'd have to,actually like walk over to your computer,and ban them uh no I would just hit a,button on my phone and then bam Babylon,b band Libs of tick tock band Steve from,Fruitport Michigan you know he banned,and then back to cornhole uh all right,well what else did you do there drink,like a sailor they had wine on tap,mimosas a full micro Brewery,they also had a a which was,kind of helpful for me,one day at a time,uh well congratulations,uh well so I think I've seen everything,that I need to see did you have any,questions for us tons okay first you,don't actually like,expect me to,come well how do you expect to get any,work done labor done stuff done at the,factory without coming into the factory,oh so this is like a job job,yeah that might be a deal breaker for me,uh also I didn't notice any meditation,rooms when I came in do you guys have,any gurus on site or is it more like a,byog type situation by what also I,didn't see a QR code for your lunch menu,but I assume your shrimp is non-GMO and,cage-free shrimp where'd you get shrimp,we don't have any shrimp hey sorry to,interrupt boss pneumatic drill is on the,fritz again I need to go pick up some,parts I'll be back in five,oh what was on his hand uh it was Grease,how did it get there because he worked,does stuff engages in manual labor okay,that's it I can't do this,I'm sorry Mr Dunson we've decided to go,in a different direction,all right well I'm sorry to hear that,Miss,nope nope,hey boss she gone yep you thinking what,I'm thinking rooftop cornhole sesh I got,the mimosas,are you a paver of fine goods and a,patron of quality entertainment if so be,sure to like subscribe and comment to,support the fine institution known as,The Babylon bear and if you don't,subscribe you must be one of those,unfortunates who can't even afford an,in-house sommelier speaking of which,Reginald bring the 1986

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FIX TWITTER LINKS NOT WORKING 2023 | How to fix links not working

FIX TWITTER LINKS NOT WORKING 2023 | How to fix links not working

hi everyone today I will show you how to,fix Twitter Link's not working problem,before moving on to the video you can,support me by liking the video and,deliver this video to people who are,looking for this video like you let's,start,our first solution is to clear Twitter's,cache files to do this we go to settings,then we click on apps and then we enter,manage apps,we type Twitter in the search bar,foreign,storage,click on clear data click on clear cache,and press ok to confirm,we cleared Twitter's cache files now you,can go to Twitter and check if the,problem is solved or not,if the problem is not solved we will,move on to our second solution,our second solution is to clone Twitter,to do this we go to settings,then click on apps,then we enter dual apps,we find Twitter among our applications,and click it,then we click turn on,if your device does not have a cloning,feature you can download an application,that provides this service from the play,store or App Store and clone Twitter,through that application,we cloned Twitter now you can open,Twitter and check if the problem is,solved or not,if the problem is not solved we will,move on to our third solution,our third solution is to turn on the use,in app browser feature,to do this after opening Twitter we,click on settings and privacy,then we click on accessibility display,in languages after doing this we click,on display,we toggle on the use in app browser,feature after following these steps we,will not need to leave Twitter while the,links we click are opened,if your problem is not solved after this,solution we have one last solution,our fourth and final solution is to,download the old version of Twitter,the reason we do this is because the,problem we are experiencing may be due,to the last update to Twitter,we will try to solve this problem by,downloading the old version of Twitter,before downloading the old version We,delete the current Twitter on our device,we deleted the current Twitter now we,can download the old version I left the,Twitter old version download link in the,description section you can reach the,site from there after entering the site,click download if you have never,downloaded APK files before you may have,problems here,for those who have problems I left the,solution video in the card section they,can watch the video from there,click on download and start the download,process,the download is complete now we can,start the installation of Twitter,installation is complete now you can,enter Twitter and check if the problem,is solved or not,we have come to the end of the video I,hope one of these Solutions fixed your,problem if the video helped you don't,forget to like the video,you can also subscribe to my channel to,support me take care and see you in the,next video

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How to Fix Videos Not Working On Twitter Issues? [11 Methods]

How to Fix Videos Not Working On Twitter Issues? [11 Methods]

hello everyone and welcome back to  the channel we share unique tips and  ,tricks to improve your video quality using  Wondershare Repairit as the name suggests  ,it will work wonders with your videos or  photos and repair them smoothly ,Wondershare Repairit is designed to fix corrupted videos  and photos with its easy to use interface,today we'll be looking into the most common video  issue that you may face on twitter there are times  ,when you might have to say my videos are not  working on twitter well don't worry because it's  ,not just you many face this similar issue with  the social media platform so let me give you a  ,walk through on why twisty videos aren't working  on chrome or android or even your iphone and how  ,you can solve that with a few simple techniques  but first be sure to subscribe to our channel  ,so you don't miss out on any future videos and  also make sure you click the bell notification  ,icon as well so you'll be notified whenever we  upload a brand new video but first of all we'll  ,be talking about videos on twitter not working  on chrome the reasons why twitter videos don't  ,play on chrome can be quite various and if you're  wondering why your video isn't playing today then  ,there are a few things to consider many issues  can cause videos on twitter to not work on chrome  ,in certain situations videos on twitter will not  be working on chrome and this can be caused by  ,a collection of too much web surfing data  to fix this problem delete cookies cached  ,images and files and of course your browsing  history and here is the simple steps on just  ,how to do that first open chrome and select the  three dot symbol in the upper right hand corner  ,then select the more tools option from the drop  down menu now click on clear browsing data you  ,will then be redirected to a new tab and all you  need to do is clear data clearing your browser's  ,cache cookies and browsing history will basically  refresh the browser making it more suitable for  ,various tasks including twitter and giving an end  to the problem that why can't I watch videos on  ,twitter of course though if this technique has  not worked for you then let's move on to the  ,following method what if one of the plugins that  we use in our browser for simple administration  ,causes problems with the twitter video  adobe flash player is one such plugin  ,also the chrome browser not being updated can  also lead to the twitter playback error however  ,one of your plugins may be just simply obsolete  or corrupted in such instances the videos then  ,may be uneven or choppy or even display an error  whilst being played or it could even be quite  ,simply the twitter video is completely black so  to solve that all you need to do is to uninstall  ,the older version of adobe flash player for that  use the program and features in the control panel  ,and then again reinstall the updated version of  the plugin and you are ready to get started now  ,when it comes to updating the chrome browser you  need to open up the settings in chrome and then  ,go to the about chrome menu there you will see if  your chrome browser needs to be updated or not as  ,you can see here my chrome version is up to date  and if yours is updated then you are good to go  ,but if you still have the issue why won't twitter  videos play on my computer then we have another  ,simple hack just for you if your twitter videos  won't play on chrome you may try turning off  ,hardware acceleration to see if that fixes the  problem so in your chrome browser select settings  ,from the drop down menu by once more clicking the  three dots icon in the upper right hand corner  ,then select advanced from the drop down menu  and then click on system then you must disable  ,the option to use hardware acceleration when  available after that reload the twitter video  ,page to see whether the playback issue has  been resolved this method is most likely the  ,most practical answer for 99 of browser-related  issues thus it should help you get your twitter  ,videos launched in the majority of situations  however if none of our previous procedures have  ,worked and your twitter videos just simply won't  play in chrome then you may need to adjust your  ,extensions sometimes your browser particularly ad  blockers prevents things like videos from playing  ,so to manage your chrome extensions first select  more tools then extensions from the three dots in  ,the right hand corner of your address bar now  to see if twitter videos are working disable  ,each chrome extension and then reload the page  also the videos not working on twitter issue  ,can be caused by more than just a surplus of  surfing data there might be several complex or  ,then once loaded click on the add button  to select your downloaded twitter video  ,when your video has been added you will  then be shown a preview of your video  ,on the screen and all you have to do is hit the  repair button in the bottom right hand corne

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