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Northernlion on the public Twitter firingIM live playing make pixel,3. by the way I I didn't even pu

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Northernlion on the public Twitter firing

IM live playing make pixel,3. by the way I I didn't even put a link,under it hold on,let's put a link under it,I mean like under it in a separate tweet,because there's still no edit button,dude,I I know like I I really do resist you,may be surprised to hear this I really,do resist the urge to say that,everything wrong with Twitter is a,result of New Management,but uh seeing the Tweet yesterday from,the the the new CEO about how um Twitter,is slow because like 80 of the micro,services are bloatware and then not me,five seconds later realizing that,um my Twitter feed has turned into top,tweets instead of latest tweets then,clicking a button to make it be latest,tweets refreshing the page top tweets,refreshing the page top tweets,refreshing the page top tweets uh sleep,for eight hours go to Twitter top tweets,they they so it's just the website is,just breaking I did hear that they broke,uh two-factor authentication which is,horrendous as well,me I would have thought I did love uh,yeah the engineers saying uh replying to,elon's tweet and saying this is not how,it works I've worked here for six years,and then Elon replying don't worry he's,fired,and then actually firing him and then uh,insane people in the comments that are,like you should know hey we support Free,Speech 100 at all everyone should be,free to tweet whatever they want at all,times but you can't bad mouth your boss,publicly good doll you can't buy a,dollars it's your first day on planet,Earth you can't bad mouth your boss,publicly,to which they very civically civilly,replied well they he put us on blast,publicly he could have just you know,sent us a message in slack or you know,internally or something like that you,can't you can't make fun of your boss I,don't know what world you live in with,your 400 lunches and your sparkling,water on tap I'm not gonna add my boss,on Twitter and call him an idiot I mean,I might if,um,if I had a lot of like laterally,employable skills and I was on a sinking,ship,and I was getting put on blast by my,boss on Main I might uh I might say you,know what uh maybe you would maybe this,is the best maybe this is the only time,to do it now I'm not gonna go on Twitter,and and at Andy jassy and be like hey,man where's the what happened to my my,cut,what happened to my damn cut all to say,Thank you Mr Jesse sir thank you yes sir,yes sir but that's because I have no,other options I don't have any other,um I I mean I I do have a University,degree and an associate's diploma in,software engineering but like I said not,not much lateral employment opportunity,you're saying you want to do those,things no not really I don't know I just,like I'm not like I hate to say it I'm,basically like a foe,revolutionary I basically I I just kind,of like go with the flow I know how this,sounds but if like someone was uh being,mean to me in public,there's a part of me that would be like,I deserve this if someone I'm more,likely to speak up if someone is being,mean to someone else in public and I,don't think that makes me selfless I,think it it's just an easier position to,argue from it's like hey don't be mean,to that person hey don't be mean to me,makes you sound kind of like whimpering,and pathetic 2V1 is easier exactly it's,it's you're stacking the deck in your,favor I mean I don't want to say I'm a,hero but we were we were at the,Vancouver Christmas Market on uh on,Sunday,there's like one ramp you can use to get,from one section of the market to the,other section and there was a person at,the bottom being escorted in a,wheelchair but the ramp was not wide,enough for people to have two-way,traffic and allow the wheelchair to come,up I saw the situation I waited at the,top of the ramp and I I hit him with the,the hand wave like the come hither,gesture and they were like thank you,thank you and then I I kid you not,I was holding back like a little traffic,like not holding them back physically,but like psychically I put my arm out to,be like we're just going to take a,second here to get them up to the top,and like a 72 year old man looked at me,like I was crazy,and then tried to walk down the ramp and,force the person in the wheelchair to go,all the way back down the ramp so that,he could get by them and get to the,bottom,anyway I did I Chris Pratt Jurassic,worlded them and uh and and then they,got to the top and there were like seven,people in their party and they all said,thank you thank you thank it was like I,was like you know what I am a good,person and then I a lot of people look,at karmic balance,which is like oh something bad happened,to me so,now I'm do something like a favor in the,future I look at it the opposite way I,did a great deed so I neglected to use,my signal light the whole way home I,don't want to have a karmic Surplus on,my Cosmic balance sheet I want to get,right back down to neutral so I drove,like a complete the whole way,home now you have negative Karma no I,don't think so,I don't know about that my car doesn't,let me turn

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Iron Man is my new best friend (Marvel: Midnight Suns)

Iron Man is my new best friend (Marvel: Midnight Suns)

let's keep it in the deck I don't know,why not,pumped about meeting place weren't on,the street as the dude's a major a-hole,oh come on hold on I'm just looking for,Hangouts to join,who do we use the most Spiderman,Spiderman having better environmentals,would be nice Captain America doesn't,want to hang out today for whatever he's,just reading this he's doing his dark,bidding,anybody outside here anybody chilling,outside anybody want to interact no not,really okay,have we ever used patience no we have,not,I think that needs to be removed from my,deck I'm also trying to think about what,gifts I've got,what I forgot what gifts I got,yeah we'll figure it out,okay let's um let's explore the grounds,I have to imagine that Spider-Man would,love exploring,you have a lot to learn,says the man from the era where we,thought that sickness was caused by bad,humors,I've learned to adapt,Spider-Man,would love to,receive a fresh and fruity snack box no,doubt about that he loved the rare gift,he disliked going around the activity,he disliked exploring the grounds,he's an indoor cat,that's true I guess he is a city boy,that's a good point,we should have gotten a bacon egg and,cheese we should have we should have,asked them to occupy some of the cheese,we have on the grounds,okay it's looping time,oh you are gonna love this,what is this I forgot hero Ops will,grant additional rewards right right,right and then we wanted to do alien,Alloys because we upgraded the Captain,Marvel abilities we also have Blood,Sweat and Tears apply modifications to,upgraded abilities you know what I,probably would rather do that,we don't really care about a second item,bench because I don't use it that much,unfortunately upgrade four Nico,abilities that's something I can do four,Iron Man abilities re-roll a card when a,gamma coil is analyzed Iron Man consider,yourself upgraded we're going Blood,Sweat and Tears Iron Man our mission for,today,is getting two Iron Man cards upgraded,so that we can do that research next,definitely give you an edge apply one,vulnerable final let me it must end your,turn when you use it I feel like I could,audience yes okay,well that's in that's just looking at,that I'm like that's a very easy thing,for me to screw up that could be funny,apply one marked I kind of like that web,Slinger another one of those,wouldn't mind it I mean I like all of,these honestly,I just joined how many missions has he,done today I don't want to talk about it,the answer somewhere between zero and,two,vulnerable goes insane,and then I think I'll take a web Slinger,honestly but this is a great pack I,can't be mad about the pack,I used that card last night,centuries ago what do you mean is he,addressed the thick Twitter picture,that's not like someone linked me a,Twitter picture of a bald man uh bending,over in khakis and he has like the,fattest ass I've ever seen in my life,there's nothing to address the man has a,great ass it's it's not me,I like to think I got a pretty good one,too but it's it's it's not me I don't,wear blue Nikes I wear brown blunt,stones,okay I want I both of these are great,uh let's go Captain America friendship,though because he's been he's had less,of an opportunity,for us to hit the next level he,literally said go away swine you see him,wave his hand like this,so uh,this someone want to tell me what we're,doing here,we have a plan Robbie we just need you,to wear something huh what we'll get to,that it's a statement piece and what,kind of statement is that relaxed kid,you should be excited,you're going to summon Johnny Blaze for,us,all right,retribution knockback discard a random,card we have to take Johnny Blaze on,this Mission so we should probably,upgrade his deck a little bit too,see that man's neck which man,compliment,I don't have enough intelligence to do,this my man the thick man,the the sled we are playing an x-com,Style game so sure the thick man why not,okay now hold on before we do that we,got a lot of other stuff on the go okay,why is Wolverine looking like big head,oh man,combat bonus friendship XP chance to,resist status effects dude we're so,close to Captain America leveling who's,closest to Next Level friendship,like actually nobody,maybe we could get Wolverine to level,one,Ghost Rider is like he's not as close as,I'd like,epic combat bonus reduce the cost of,environmental attacks by one that,actually seems pretty good,topple and falling trap objects deal,increased damage in combat now if only I,could use them like uh on purpose,Spider-Man get healed Hunter,he's kind of serving Big Ed time to take,it to the next level in in so many ways,such as okay,can I upgrade two Iron Man cards that's,your question here,let's see this is like the final exam of,if you've mastered the mechanics of this,game,if we take two quick blasts out of the,deck,and two Mark targets out of the deck no,we just were just one of each put a mark,Target in put a quick blast in,and then put a blast in,see they tried to trip me up that's

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No, this is the greatest chip of all time (Nintendo Switch Sports)

No, this is the greatest chip of all time (Nintendo Switch Sports)

you may have to to just revert your,mindset to a more base level and shake,off,the chains of the luxuries to which,we've become accustomed to for a little,bit but if you do I think you'll find a,deeper level of satisfaction,I'm going to continue Nintendo I'm going,to make the executive decision to,continue here,error paid online,that that was a slurping tonight,I was pissed when I went to the Canucks,game too because you may remember last,maybe it was two years ago at this point,I saw the Leafs at Canucks,and of course it was 90 Leafs fans,because a third of Canada's population,lives and grew up in the greater Toronto,area and the dude uh who was walking,into the arena at the same time as us,was like I put 60 bucks on Austin,Matthews to score four goals anyway the,Canucks one two one so his ass did not,get the payout let's put it that way and,I was like that's why you never gamble,idiot in my head I don't want to start a,fight everyone's like eight pints deep,at the at the game,um when we were at the Islanders at,Canucks games a game I should say there,was a group of three young guys behind,us and one of them said I just put 50,bucks on Bo Horvat to score the first,goal,guess who scored the first goal,99 of gamblers quit before they have,their big payout,he is the one percent,dude I actually think this is the rare,perfect betwixt,and I would kill,for like a 3.5 with backspin,wind didn't take it as much as I wanted,but I had to stay betwixt I had to stay,betwixt,it's a plausible chip tough chip but but,plausible,thought the wind would help me out a,little bit more the power was right,where I wanted it though that's progress,it's not bad not bad,I mean everybody else is not doing,particularly well that's a par,my buddy won 40K on a six-way parlay did,he quit gambling like immediately after,that because otherwise it's just a,matter of and I'm not even being a hater,it's statistically guaranteed that it's,just a matter of time until he gives the,gains back to those who we took it from,in the first place,foreign,are you okay,are you all right,hit the ball cradles do,have you seen the guy who won 500 000 on,a 20-way parlay okay but like listen,this stuff is for entertainment value,sure,but like you have to acknowledge that it,seems like hitting a 20-way parlay is,like easier to replicate than winning a,lot of money on on the lottery but it's,exactly the same,in fact it might even you know if,gambling has one hater,it's me but like if anything Sports,gambling is more Insidious because a,it's actually fun and B there is an,illusion of skill like stock picking,no disrespect of Kathy Woods in the chat,it's my whole,backspin,full power backspin,it's a little light unfortunately,maybe it's not maybe it's actually maybe,we're blessed to have it a little light,it's it's late breaking like a story on,the CBC,oh close close,hate to see some Eagles here but it's,not a bad birdie not a bad burden,stop getting Eagles,odds of hitting,20 way parlay assuming a 50 50 chance is,0.05 to the power of 20.,no sorry like listen I think we did the,math slightly wrong,is it not 0.5 to the power of 20. I mean,it it changes the result from,0.00095 to like,0.00095 but still,dude you underestimated how easy it is,by a factor of 10.,instead of one in three billion it's,it's one in 300 million,no actually it's like 20 extra zeros oh,yeah actually that makes way more sense,because you do you're multiplying it by,itself 20 times anyway listen,you don't watch me for my math takes,okay,no backspin full power,we send these,there's a chance there's no chance,listen I'm going back to backspin 100 of,the time,I'm now over correcting by not using,backspin when I should be using backspin,more often,I'm letting the backspin haters get in,my head because when you use backspin,and it makes your shot worse,that's considered like you made an,action and it didn't work,like it it hindered you,people hate that they they don't mind as,much not taking an action and it it,hurts you because for some reason that,feels like at least I didn't try,something new and screw myself,it's it's the Monty Hall problem in some,ways in the in exactly one way,the right thing to do is use the,backspin because we know on the average,shot it improves things the wrong thing,to do is not use backspin because oh,what if my shot would have gone in if I,didn't use backspin,then I would feel loss aversion,touched for the very first time my ass,is eliminated with 27.,holy cow,oh no we got one more hole please help,me help me,twitch went down again,can we find somebody in San Francisco,that knows how the internet works,they haven't all moved to Austin yet,have they,in Milwaukee,my city Milwaukee reference,oh this is this is makeable,shakeable and bakeable especially with a,little backspin,backspin was still good there we would,not be on the green without the backspin,can you move your putter I can't see,that absolutely had to go in we will I,thought it said Eagle I literally my,brain read e

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The restaurant is a well oiled machine (Dave the Diver)

The restaurant is a well oiled machine (Dave the Diver)

foreign,isn't that brain rot yeah but like in a,you know like the same kind of brain Rod,you get from having like two pints of of,an IPA,like you know good brain rot,I stock shelves overnight for six months,the podcast did not help,I honestly think I could be kind of a,good cashier I don't know about shelf,stalker,I think I could be I was having a great,time cleaning my fridge mind you that,was literally for like 90 minutes,maximum but,you hate people though yeah but like,people my age you know they don't want,to talk to the cashier either,it's only the like the Boomers and,they're like increasingly short supply,it's a great time to buy low on the,cashier industry,I don't know this is a privileged take,but I was going to say from my limited,experience,the worst thing about office work was,just being bored and having nothing to,do,like at least having something to it's,different if you have your own office,and there's no productivity software,monitoring you because then if you've,got nothing to do you can just off,but like if you're in an office and,you're like being supervised but there's,nothing to do so you have to spend like,more effort pretending that you're doing,something in hiding that you're ,off like that's what is draining it,makes every day that's eight hours long,feel like it's 12 hours long,but that's like,to to be actually busy instead of,filling like a third or more of your day,with fake work,that there's some there's no ability in,that I think,anyway I'm just spitballing I'm not,trying to make any overarching takes huh,Who Dares interrupt me I'm sorry we're,not open yet you can't come in like this,by the way I know I said we were gonna,have some gaming here but I had to now,that Kate's in chat Kate did you see,that Megan has a 97 on Rotten Tomatoes,so are we going Thursday at midnight or,are we gonna like,I know the baby's not in daycare,tomorrow would you would is it okay if,it's rated R probably maybe PG-13 are we,okay,can we take her to the movie,what if we took her to the movie but we,dressed her as Megan and told her to be,quiet people might think that she's like,just a prop,I'm sure we've got some meganesque,clothes,you know how there's a play area for,kids in Ikea okay I'm listening,they should do that at the movie theater,actually incredible idea Kate one of the,all-time greatest ideas you've ever had,without a doubt,I would go well we would go see so many,more movies because here's the thing,it's really hard for Kaden and I to see,a movie right now which is like it's not,that big of a deal but like usually we,have to wait till she like goes to bed,not Kate we have to wait till the baby,goes to bed and then we like go see a,movie at 9 00 PM which is crazy because,we don't get out till like 11 15 and,then maybe we don't get home until like,almost midnight and then we gotta wake,up at like 6 30 a.m the next day there's,not a lot of movies that are worth that,kind of investment we're not even,talking about like the financial stuff,but like to instead be able to see a,movie at like 2PM and just have our,daughter be in like a McDonald's play,place that's supervised by a licensed,daycare provider would go it would go,crazy,that would be amazing,we have that at ours how much would you,pay for that,I mean I would I would pay what we would,have paid to the babysitter probably,just for the convenience of it,plus you'd be having a great time you,know like with the babysitter the,babysitter is mostly just there to make,sure like she's not gonna,you know turn the oven on accidentally,or something like that but if she was,having fun in like a soft Play Place,soft play place or something like that,they used to have that at the mall too,when I was growing up my parents used to,drop me off at this like Gymboree thing,in the mall and then go shop for like an,hour and a half anyway,I would love to know your thoughts I,think it's a great idea,I would definitely pay minimum minimum,twenty dollars,like surcharge for a a movie theater,that had a daycare where you could put,your kid in there for like two hours,and they would have a great time,that's absolutely that's a minimum you,can now dive at night too there are many,vicious nocturnal fish at night but,you'll also see exotic fish always pay,attention to the sushi Bar's opening,hours,I could also see why like a movie,theater would never want to offer that,because there's a lot of liability but,on the other hand,okay we need to serve Moray Curry,honestly brother I'm just gonna tell you,don't waste your time sitting here,waiting for the Moray Curry it's going,to take us,probably three in-game days to actually,get the fish,okay,let's add it up I can't believe this is,only I mean we've been talking a lot but,also there's a lot of stuff going on in,the game this is like they this is night,two at the restaurant,they love this I remember that they love,this add that to the menu and Auto,Supply,they love this add this to the menu,let's clear out some old invento

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When Northernlion accidentally becomes horny twitter

When Northernlion accidentally becomes horny twitter

by the way thanks for asking,we had a great Halloween appreciate it,I know you're good the first thing,everyone nobody ever asked how my,Halloween is they only asked how my,tweet came to be how did my tweet come,to be that was um had a great Halloween,stay pegged everyone well I typed listen,here's how it went okay I was sitting in,my my kitchen counter I typed um,into my phone I typed had a great,Halloween stay pogged everybody send,tweet went to the bathroom peed washed,my hands then looked at my phone and was,like why does this have 400 likes,in like 90 seconds read it through and,realized it said stay pegged every reply,was huh,and then I was like you know what it's a,happy accident you can't you can't,delete that after it already comes out,dude I I was honestly like I felt like,um it's I usually feel like Sally Airy,tag yourself I'm Sally Airy,um but with that tweet I felt like,Mozart like I had accidentally made art,effortlessly,and I I imagine there was probably a,Sally area out there that was looking at,it that was like I tried my best to come,up with all these tweets and yet nobody,ever likes them but this tweet he all he,did look at the misspelling The,Accidental autocorrect it's beautiful,it's like a gift from God himself the,baldness the lights,Romancing,so natural,misspelling,anyway sorry,oh okay that's Louis Armstrong,I'm sorry,is he okay,foreign,okay my wife broke into my room with a,hammer,she did say here's Ryan what are you,what are you doing with that,ah,she's Johnny,what do you mean my mind where the,minerals are why do you mind with the,vertical,you think I should mine more horizontal,I've heard that before,I got tons of time what are you talking,about,backseat driving,well when I have like you know two,seconds left,I got nothing to do I'm like I might as,well just mine it out up here a little,bit,I can't believe she she ran in here and,said go go go you've got no time that's,so,will go you don't know time,but at the same time your mining is,crazy there's nothing wrong with my,mining,honestly if you can't navigate this mine,there's probably something wrong with,your medulla oblongata,what's your high score in this again,soon soon to be huh,it's just I didn't have time to play it,but I have a great run coming right now,I'm at like uh 750.,excuse me I have a hammer I know that's,why I'm so scared you're just coming in,my room with a hammer I just I it's very,interesting there could be a compilation,of times I've walked into your stream,versus times you've walked into my,stream yeah yeah almost every single,time I walk into your stream love you do,you need anything for lunch have a good,day honey,every time you walk into my stream uh,he's bald lull Baldy,it's happened in the past,then maybe maybe I shouldn't be bald,that's it I knew that was coming maybe I,shouldn't be bald,we got two triangles we could live here,isn't that just run overs,oh never mind I didn't heal fast enough,I was like I got time I got time,so you do talk about I5 a lot you know,what's funny I was gonna dunk on you for,the typo but I actually do talk about,the I5 a lot that's the that's the,interstate in Washington that runs north,to south so you you know what that's the,rare typo that ends up being very true,just like stay pegged everyone,you got me on that one I can't deny it,you also find out real quick that like,all the people who were like hey don't,King Shame actually just didn't want you,to King Shame because they want a King,Shame it themselves like in the Discord,Apollo was like you know he was goofing,on me he wasn't being serious but he was,like you can't have it both ways you,can't be a dad and then also like talk,about pegging and I'm like why,being a dad means I'm not a human being,with a prostate anymore,wow it's funny I guess my friends,without kids be like no only I can be,into some freaky ,that's why they call it the Xbox 360. so,true because when you see it it makes,you want to throw up so you turn 360,degrees and walk the other way,you have both a lift and a teleporter,but you use neither no don't we're going,to use the teleporter,guy who ordered food at a restaurant 30,seconds ago where's my food,um excuse me Garcon I thought I ordered,a cheeseburger with no lettuce tomato or,sauce on it,and then unsalted french fries with a,side of salt,uh yes sir it's on its way Salt Bay is,preparing it in the back right now and,can I get a Caesar ciality real quick,can I get a Caesar salad are you I get,it it takes a while to get a hamburger,because you're probably just um the cow,is just being born right now,or whatever,I think this voice worked better back,when I was still the pistachio disguise,of twitch that's Breaking Bad,I like um Walter White next to Walter,White but he has Mark Mike Ehrman,Trout's ears,I also like,um,Walter White Megamind and I like,um Walter White about to be hit by a car,driven by somebody from Pretty Little,Liars,this is Breaking Bad,this is,American Ninja Warrior it's not fair I,don't

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Diners love me, fish fear me (Dave the Diver)

Diners love me, fish fear me (Dave the Diver)

foreign,I'm just chilling,hello,yowie I saw a boss card acquisition,notification pop up on your Marine card,account,it's this giant squid boss card yes it's,a foil I killed it,of course it's number 101.,how did you get this it's such a rare,card uh well I was just on my way to,pick up a delivery and as chance would,have it,oh I don't have any clue what that means,but in any case you've made amazing,progress,try collecting all the rare boss cards,something good sure to happen,if you venture to new regions the,automatic Marine card AI system will,unlock a new card pack don't forget to,collect fish Cards into new regions as,well,honestly I think I will forget to,collect new fish cards,because I got other things on the go,right now,there's there's a lot of stuff going on,right now in the game,but I mean I I can't resist opening a,pack of course,I guess I don't open the pack I guess,the pack has been open for me and that's,that's fine,that's fine,you want to craft me uh a hush Dart,Maybe,appreciate it,foreign,no question there,new weapon,you should play this cool roguelike card,game called FIFA Ultimate Team,I think if I wasn't a streamer my ass,would probably play a lot of Ultimate,Team,so I I think uh streaming for saving me,from that sorry fate,this time let's investigate the signal,you still be stuck on DOTA no I might I,think I might be one of those guys who,just like um gets Forza Horizon six on,Game Pass,and then like just plays that for like,three years,foreign,we've all got one guy like that in our,lives he's probably killing it like uh,in in other avenues of his life,I did play uh NHL Ultimate Team,for like I don't know maybe three months,I spend no money on it except and this,is a legitimate except he's going to,sleep,um,except for the pre-order,bonus cards,and then I reached a point where I was,like this is ridiculous,like I remember like I was like,committed to not spending any money on,the game and then they would have like,these monthly uh like free pretty decent,cards you could get like I remember you,could get a ray Ferraro he was a 91,overall center with great speed very,important in in today's NHL right,I played like two hours a day of doing,the daily quests farming the AI in order,to earn him and then when I got him I,was like this is like 60 hours of work,it will not work but 60 hours at least,to like,save ten dollars and feel good about not,spending ten dollars and I think some,people that's their breaking point where,they go I'm just gonna put the ten,dollars in for me I was like I had lost,all respect for myself,so instead I said I'm not playing this, it's just a like,economic treadmill,I just quit,okay just wait it out wait it out,I mean you're not wrong I could have,paid the 10 bucks but like then where,does it end then you're paying you know,a million dollars and you're well I need,oxygen I need oxygen,I'm going to die,I am dead I'm There's No Escape for me,unless this has O2,nope all right that was bad,I would call this a bad performance,let me die like a,like a dog in the caves,I don't know why a dog would die in the,caves but,hang on,oh my horny ass will never drown,not the most productive day but hey dude,there's 10 portions of Atlantic,anglerfish,okay we need someone who's good at,cooking,James he's a 78 in the kitchen,I mean that's a that's a gimme,let him cook,hello viewers this is yui from starred,the chef now we're back at Pancho Sushi,what kind of sushi will the chef have,prepared I've prepared jellyfish Sushi,jellyfish you mean like in Chinese,called vegetables do you think you can,win the acknowledgment of Vincent,yamaoka while ignoring the traditional,ingredients no way you call yourself a,gourmet will you judge yourself before,you've even tasted it all right bring it,over then all right I'll bring you one,serving of jellyfish sushi,he sultivated,wow so this is jellyfish the flesh is,transparent the white dots are pretty as,well what you made it with bunched rice,you should have made sure it doesn't,scatter by making Gunk and Maki instead,it'll dry up hurry up and eat it's,already been seasoned I know it can't,possibly taste good but since it's for,the program I'll try it,it's Ratatouille,Vincent the look on your face this is,amazing I can taste the sea as soon as I,bit into it and the jellyfish is nice,and firm and I taste something popping,inside could it be flying fish row,weight they're bigger than that caviar,no that would have killed the jellyfish,flavor could it be yes I added some sea,grape below the jellyfish firm jellyfish,and sea grape this is the seed I taste,the seed the sea where the sea kelp sway,I can't help but admit that Sushi is,amazing based on a very deep,understanding of the ingredients but why,is it you use such unknown ingredients,instead of The Proven ones the first,reason is the Taste jellyfish has a,gentle mild taste with a strong texture,making it a perfect match for the scent,and flavor of sea grape the second,reason is the potential there's so

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The greatest chip of all-time? (Nintendo Switch Sports)

The greatest chip of all-time? (Nintendo Switch Sports)

we're back playing switch Sports golf,perhaps you've you've watched some,perhaps you've heard of it,we're not going to play volleyball,we're going to play golf,I'm just saying man they said with the,stream snipers,they're quick on it today intense fan of,only fans,what a name,yes I know cold brew is easy to I mean,we do this we don't have to do this,every time yes cold brew is easy to make,why do I buy Cold Brew at the grocery,store rather than buy cold brew or buy,coffee grind them myself and put it in,my cold brew kit at home because buying,another store takes a millisecond and,making it at home takes five minutes,so it was literally like even though,it's easy to make cold brew at home and,it's cheaper probably by like half,it's a billion times more time,investment I look at it proportionally I,don't look at it as a scalar value,plot that is true the other thing is,sometimes you're like you only notice,that you're out of cold brew when you,open your fridge in the morning and,that's a real problem,because it takes 12 hours to make,okay hold on I'm I'm a little out of the,loop here it's been a bit,I think this,and it's holding oneable,I think we want like three point,six with backspin,that's that's going to overshoot I I,always overshoot this one everybody's on,the green I'm ,okay minimal wins,sloping down into the left,I'm gonna go like one,one plus a little,hello hello oh,par I'll take it,twitch died okay one second one second,can you still hear me badges are gone,again,thank you,okay everybody got a birdie so that's,not great,not everybody but many people,my badge My Stream,I mean it seems to work for me,Internet's been kind of bad lately huh,I know every time I say that like the,internet used to be better,people call me a boomer which is like,fair to an extent,but,there is also some that you're ignoring,the possibility,that some things used to be better at,least don't bunker me I'll take that,I'm not saying the internet necessarily,used to be better but I think there are,some things that used to be better,like for example,streaming media companies used to be,better,back when it was just Netflix,and there was no competition,that's one I think most of us could,agree on,so obviously there are some things that,used to be better we can't just say that,nothing ever used to be better,is one of the craziest shots I've ever,hit I hope that that twitch was not down,for that because that was one of the,most insane shots of all time,thank you you're welcome,did Chad did you not see the shots,it was actually I you're not gonna,believe this,and I probably wouldn't either,but I actually for the first time in my,golfing career I hit a a curved shot,with backspin around a tree for an,insane approach,nice park,two bogeys means we qualify,no because bogey birdie is better than,two bars I'm gonna die,I'm not gonna die,we're back we're back,oh Dad I'm dead,I thought they only eliminated two,people,hey you're back hello hi,okay,please tell me we don't de-rank too much,I mean like we got two pars that's not,that bad,apparently it is that bad,we'll get them next round,listen I gotta be real with you for,anybody that's still able to watch we,are still going to pay out the bet,we did not make the finals,uh something went wrong when setting up,the prediction no okay maybe it's,working there we go will we make the,finals,I can't bet twitch says I have zero,points yeah,blind betting,I do think I mean I'm trying to think of,some things that used to be better,I did like,streaming media definitely used to be,better I think that one is like a gimme,there's got to be other things,I mean this is maybe the most Boomer,take of all time but I do think that,popular music used to be better it's,probably better now than it was,in,my teenage years,because it was like pure garbage,but I think it's definitely worse than,it was in like you know like the late,60s,you didn't lose your channel points,they're still connected to the database,they just you know it's just they might,have to restore from a backup or,something it's okay don't even worry,about it just watch this drive,nice,we go crazy for this,they have no backups bro then the whole,source code leaked like a year and a,half ago they could just remake it,two and a half backspin,I like it I like it,just stop stop it right there roll it,back a little,a beautiful approach,it's back it's back,hello gamers,sorry maybe they can use some of the,extra revenue from the pay cut that,they're applying to their Partners to,keep the website off you know what I'm,not even gonna I'm not even gonna say it,I'm not even going to say I don't want,to get in trouble,I am plus doing,you said 80 of it no I said 100 and then,I'd,say that I'm not going to say it as if I,had something that I was holding back,because like it's even spicier to make,you think that I'm holding something,back,but actually I was holding nothing back,I just don't have anything else to say,oh dude we got,back what is this person doing,and Joe

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Northernlion Predicted the Elon Twitter Meme Lord Saga?!

Northernlion Predicted the Elon Twitter Meme Lord Saga?!

and if I think if I could trust myself,to do it if I got to the that point,where I was like yeah let's like we can,do it let's retire,um then that would be cool but I I think,like within a year I would be like I'm,going back to coding school and then I,would be like I'm gonna try to try to,make the next like Facebook I'm gonna,make the next Friendster or something,like that I would just end up getting,involved in a different job that,honestly would be like probably worse,the saddest cautionary tale for sure is,like,when independently wealthy people,retire and have like more money than,they know what to do with and just spend,every day making themselves miserable on,Twitter like that's that's what I worry,about happening to me,it was like I'd I'd retire and then be,just spend all day being like does this,make you mad,that one sucked man,is this is this song a banger yeah it's,like makes me want to uh make a gun go,bang next to my head,that's a great joke I,will you press the button,you fall in love with and marry your,dream man or woman but every night he or,she turns into a creature from your you,worst nightmare and you are forced to,fornicate with it,um,it seems like a heavy no that,that's right,absolutely not I will not press the,button,like I'm just thinking about like the 36,percent of the people that are like,I fall in love with my dream man or,woman and every night,I gotta do it to a spider,but that's okay because the rest the,other,23 and you know a third hours a day are,very fulfilling that one part with the,spider stuff,not so much but uh,the other 23 and a third,that's the good stuff,but they're hot,uh well when you put it that way hey,Meat Boy is kind of hot,foreign,you are guaranteed a spot in heaven and,get everything you want after your very,painless death but Saint Peter shows you,videotapes of every interaction,intimately between your parents and,grandparents before entering,as easy as push in my life yep,not it's it's gross,don't get me wrong,and Saint Peter is a freak you know it's,a weird it's a weird horn dog he's a,weirdo it's just very soon I don't even,know what he gets out of it this was,very bizarre about it but um you know,after some uncomfortable moments for for,the rest of Eternity,I'm I'm living life in heaven dude I,almost had to like have strong words,with my mom I apologize by the way Josh,she keeps telling me a watch,Ray Donovan like every every time she,visits she's always like have you seen,Ray Donovan yet and I'm like first off I,didn't I don't appreciate the fact that,we're just taking it for granted that,I'm going to watch this show but just,haven't gotten around to it like I don't,get me wrong your recommendation carries,some weight but at the same time she's,like if you gotta see it and I'm like,Mom I don't know like it's like eight,seasons of television with an hour-long,episode each times like 15 episodes per,season like that's,I don't know my mom is like she's got a,crush on him she's not gonna feel,fulfilled unless I watch Ray Don and,then the other thing is you'd think like,oh if you just watch it then you don't,have to worry about it anymore nah then,right after that she's gonna tell me how,much I gotta watch Shameless she's,constantly telling me Oh yeah your mom,watch Shameless why wouldn't I let my,mom watch there's a lot of dongs in it,bro yeah she saw she saw at least two in,her life,ah three yours and my dad's,what's the difference,will you press the button,you can make any picture format moves,like dot gif,but your suck at Photoshop,I feel like I would push the button,I already suck at Photoshop this never,stopped me,dude could I like look at the Mona Lisa,and just turn the Mona Lisa into a gif,that's a picture format is Doc canvas,all right the thing is it's not me,oh then it's fair all right yeah,you got me sorry it's me it's it's me,I'll vote for me,do you think he voted for himself,yeah I'm gonna vote for him too you know,what I'm gonna vote for my selfless like,God,oh you Liars,he's a crazy person,as I trusted you which seems very stupid,in hindsight you know,you can own the world's most successful,business with no stress or out-of-pocket,money,but you have to donate 75 of your,personal paycheck to the charity of your,choice,there's,literally like no problem it's like you,could get,1 000 times your current salary,but you'd have to give three quarters of,it away to a charitable cause,yeah I probably I would probably hit the,button,who's the 13 percent,they're like no it's my money,no way,you go back when you die that is,literally that's the rules this is,massive that's massive,so that's what the alt does,they just hunt four people apparently,apparently I got out of four mantles but,they are all in the same Lane so like I,don't feel like that's that much,yeah but oh yeah that's not a big deal,yeah you're right it is what it is it's,just how it happens though,if you want to become a kid you will or,you want to be adult you will but every,time you're in p

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