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How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitterin this video i show y


Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitter

in this video i show you how to download,twitter videos if you're new to the,channel please go down below and hit,that subscribe button and once you have,subscribed please go and leave a like as,well i really do appreciate it so please,do make sure to watch this video right,until the end you know all the steps to,properly download the video and that any,further ado let's go and jump straight,into this as you can see i'm now on my,phone but this tutorial is going to work,on any device regardless if it's an,iphone an android desktop it's all going,to work and this tutorial is going to,apply to all of them and in my opinion,it's super super simple and one of the,best ways out there uh you don't need to,go and download their apps you can all,do it within the twitter app or the,twitter web application so the first,thing of course is what you want to do,is go onto twitter make sure you're,logged onto your account and go and find,a video you want to go and download so,in this case i'm going to go and,download the one i posted several,minutes ago and i want to go and,download this back onto my phone but in,your case it may just be a video useful,on twitter which you'd like to have in,your own phone in your own camera roll,to go and use and do make sure you have,the permission of the original copyright,holder before going and downloading,other people's videos so yeah once,you've gone and found the video then all,you want to do is go and click on it and,you need to go and type a reply so click,here and basically what we're going to,do is we're going to go and tag a bot,which is going to allow us to go and,download it it creates basically a,download for us and it's really simple,so all you want to do is press the add,button and all you need to do is go and,type send,vid,bot now do keep watching those doing the,full steps then go and get it from this,bot onto your phone in a few tips and,tricks then all you need to do is go and,click tweets,and he's going to go and send it,if i just go and reload this as you can,see it's now sent it now what you have,to do is wait a few minutes okay it's,going to take a few minutes because,there's demand for this service,basically so i'll wait a minute or two,and then catch up with you guys then and,then guys after about four to five,minutes you're gonna go and get this,reply as you can see it says you've got,this link however if you don't get a,reply do not worry give it around five,minutes we want to do is go to your,search browser and all you need to do is,come to,and you need to go and enter your,twitter username just like so so i'll,type mine in but you may not need to do,this if you get sent the link but if you,don't get the link this is the way to do,it so then go and click check and it's,going to go and send a list of all the,videos i've requested a download for so,as you can see this was four minutes ago,and i did another one which is 23,minutes ago,so then i'm going to go and click,download and i'm going to click download,and i may go and get taken to an ad if,you do scroll to click back and it'll,take a minute to load and as you can see,it says do you want to download the file,name dot mp4 i'm going to click download,and then as you can see in the top right,side of download but this will vary on,each device of course so i'm going to,click on it and here we go i can now go,and open up and play it just like so but,as i previously said you can also just,go and click on the link in the tweets,but if you haven't got that tweet you,can go and do it manually as i just,showed you if you found this guide,useful please go down below and hit the,subscribe button leave a like for more,i'll catch you in the next one peace

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How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android

How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android

hey guys it's queen tech and welcome,back to my channel,so today i'm going to be giving you a,tutorial on how to download videos from,twitter,directly to your iphone okay guys so for,this,tutorial we're going to be using the,document app if you guys are not,familiar with this app i have used it,multiple times in my previous videos,and honestly it's i recommend this app,for anybody anywhere,it works for both iphone and android and,it's a hundred percent free,this app can work on any site any,platform and anywhere just to download,any software,and it's also good for writing typing so,honestly i do recommend this app,so first of all we are going to need a,video to download so i'm just going to,go into twitter,once i'm in twitter i'm just going to um,look for a video,okay okay i choose this one so next,we're just going to click on,it and then right beside the dislike,button,okay i'm going to like it right beside,this like button there's this share icon,where it looks like a,arrow is coming out of the box all you,have to do is click on it,and then this should pop up then,immediately click on copy link to the,suite,once you click on that it should,automatically copy to the,click clipboard i'm sorry copy to the,clipboard and then you leave the app,so next you go to your documents app and,once you are here you're going to click,on the bottom,right this safari looking icon on the,bottom right,and then once you do that it should,bring you here to a default page,so next all you have to do is type in,twitter,to why can't i type,to talk to mp4 and then click on go once,you are here,click on this,is a 100 free website,that you can download videos from,twitter to your phone i recommend it,i've used it a lot of times that is the,best out there,so then now you're going to paste the,link which you just copied,and then click on download immediately,the video should pop up,and then it should come out in format in,which the video can be downloaded,it would make combating more in my,comments and less based on the video,quality,of the uploader so once you do this i'm,just going to click on,download video and then our famous,pop-up icon should come up,so you can edit it choose where to save,it to your itunes folders,to like to anywhere and then even edit,the name but i do not want to enter the,name so i'm just going to click on done,now we should automatically start,downloading and here it is,it is downloading very very fast based,on your internet connection,so now i'm just going to go back to my,home page and then i should look for the,video,which should be right there just click,on downloads,and then look for your video which you,have just downloaded,okay here it is the video is up here so,now all you have to do is right click,okay see the video right here guys,so all you have to do to save this video,is to right click on these three bottom,dots at the bottom of the video section,and then click on share right under the,share,folder and then once you click on share,you should come up here again and then,you're supposed to click on save,video so click on save video,your video should automatically save to,your phone so next you should go to your,phone,and then the video should be right here,the video will receive successfully,using volume and you should,video should work properly so guys i,hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you,did,please subscribe give this video a,thumbs up and i'll see you guys in my,next video,bye

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Zekken.mp4 (Valorant)

Zekken.mp4 (Valorant)

foreign,that guy's clueless I don't know what,you're talking about dude George is a,liar like you can't believe George you,know what I'm saying here making leaking,everything,first Subs hold on this and then make,this huge,go do it I love you all I will see you,hopefully tomorrow,so this is my offer to you I have more,info than George I've been practicing,against all of the new teams with my new,team and if you want if you want the,information that he's not giving you I,know he leaked the yay thing I know cryo,saying blah blah blah everyone ,knows that but if you want the real,sauce yo give me some money I will leak,everything I don't give a bro I'm,retiring after this ,what's up,um,yeah I'm gonna play a couple games with,BBJ first though that's okay he does,have bigger tits than me all right,that's fair and I also promised him I,was gonna play like a while ago and I,never did that's awesome,and we're gonna kick her in we have,to win this we we got into the people,that I wanted,hey watch me kill this chamber up for,you you want to play Let's play later,all right don't stop there bro oh all,right,aside from yay I would call second the,second best pickup of the offseason,I've got this in the bag,wait I'm gonna stanky leg,s,second is such a good player the hyper,flexible as well nice,Astro come on dude,I'm so sorry,too long too long,enemy oh my God,we did it oh my God,use other abilities,oh my God I hate I hate cats,one enemy remaining oh wait wait,oh my God,oh my goodness 10 seconds,insane I think it's like one of the best,flex players like in our region,is crazy right now second is crazy great,deal point I guess exactly sure,kidding me he's acting you're nice

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Работа сразу в нескольких браузерах в Twitter.mp4

Работа сразу в нескольких браузерах в Twitter.mp4

и сегодня я расскажу как увеличить,скорость работы в твиттере 5-10 раз для,чего это вообще нужно сделать так как,работать придется со 100 аккаунтами то,это не очень удобно и будет отнимать,очень много времени,данным способом можно увеличить работу,порядка вот как я говорю уже в 5 10 раз,путем установки несколько раз оперы как,же эти сделать сейчас покажу от нас,установлены опера,так вот наводим на нее мышкой и видим,где у нас на установлена c program files,at our и переходим если папки,пока не диск c,program files,находим папку опера,сюда у нас основе браузер берем копируем,все содержимое,создаем в этой же папке program files,еще одна,создаем папку,называемые opera 18,для начала у,нас получается две папки opera opera,вставляем что содержа начинать,что у нас скопировалась теперь запускаем,вот у нас уже есть начал запускаем,первого тура,теперь у нас запущен и одна и та же,опера только два раза почему то,произошло каким что у,первого установлена разным директории,в,закладки и,видимо все у нас есть я не буду,показывать это на 10 операх сразу так,как все это делается аналогично,копируем просто содержимое в другую,папку и вставляем,сейчас я покажу это на примере просто 2,браузеров,также лучше сразу же переименовать,папки под своими именами как-то,прописывать в твиттере и,сила духа своим аккаунтом,эту же папку я также назову как и,прописывать твиттере,сейчас я переименую папку,за папка перегноя и она запущена 2 брал,как я подпишусь твиттере так и,называется моя папка,перезапускаем просперо,авторизуемся,все теперь я нахожусь двух аккаунтах но,и того же браузерка установлена в разные,директории,выполняем задание,открываем следующий бронзы,все также аналогично как из десяти,браузером также конечно можете 5 и 20 30,градусов как вам удобно,возвращаемся к первому браузеру и,нажимаем оплата,деньги получили задание,также не закрывая пока эти браузеры,можете заняться раскруткой аккаунтов то,есть переходите в twitter пишите,сообщения добавляете читателей свою,ленту,сразу вы прорабатываете все 10 аккаунтов,основной принцип заключается в том что,вы заходите под каждым браузером и,сохраняете свои пароли

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How to Use Twitter.mp4

How to Use Twitter.mp4

how to use Twitter with Twitter a,powerful social networking service you,have the potential to reach millions of,users instantly use it to issue public,safety alerts broadcast real-time news,developments in form constituents or,solicit feedback it's free and easy to,use here's how to get started you will,need a computer with internet access,optional mobile internet access and,texting capabilities step 1 create an,account go to twitter com and click the,green get started button to join enter,your name username password and email,address and you're good to go step to,decide what you want to say in general,Twitter messages or tweets answer the,question what are you doing right now,but you can also post a link express an,opinion or reaction will pose a question,Twitter keeps things short and sweet,messages can be no longer than 140,characters step 3 on the homepage type,your message into the box at the top of,the screen and hit update,congratulations you've posted your first,tweet,if your tweet is intended for one user,in particular type the at symbol,followed by that user screen name before,the text of your message step 4 twitter,is a two-way street now they've posted,your first update choose people whose,updates you want to follow to search by,name click on find people in the upper,right corner and then click the find on,Twitter tab you can follow individuals,like friends and colleagues and groups,like new services organizations and,nonprofits people may be listed under a,screen name that doesn't match their,real name step 5 once you've found,someone you want to hear from on Twitter,click follow and you'll receive their,updates automatically people you already,know will often reciprocate and start,following you too if you have a gmail,yahoo AOL hotmail or msn email account,you can import any contacts that also,have a Twitter account you can also,invite someone via email or scroll,through a list of suggested people step,6 to help people find you fill in,account information under settings such,as your location real name and a brief,bio you can also add the URL of your,website or blog if you have one if you,want to restrict your Twitter updates to,only those who follow you check the box,marked protect my updates you'll,maintain your privacy but you limit your,reach to get the full Twitter experience,leave the Box unchecked step 7 you don't,have to be online to use Twitter no,matter where you are you can stay,connected with your cell phone on the,devices tab under settings enter your,mobile number to receive and post,Twitter updates via text message,Twitter doesn't charge for text messages,but your wireless provider might make,sure you know the details of your,messaging plan step 8 on the picture and,design tabs customize how your profile,appears to others by uploading photos,and choosing background themes step 9,see what people on Twitter are saying,about subjects you're interested in at,the bottom of any Twitter page click,search and type in a name or topic or,either below the search box or alongside,search results check out what's,generating the most buzz by browsing,through trending topics step 10 you can,post updates from the web in the update,box be a text message on your cell,phone's web browser using M twitter com,or from any third-party application apps,are available at / downloads,the more updates you post the more,people will follow you now get tweeting,did you know President Barack Obama,announced his selection of Joe Biden as,his running mate simultaneously via text,message email and Twitter

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twitter in de klas 1ha3_3.mp4

twitter in de klas 1ha3_3.mp4

hey left hey hey hey cool tap mennen,donut,now even my cat an offense Luke and,ocean niente to drag in the class this,is you understand itís co-worker and,dangled oak chose also median to josh,max this owners from the overworld at,this place ads of new and yeah I'm,machinist meet outside Aoife yeah who do,not Minister personalized gonna rack and,I'm on their side Counihan mag dan,wheldon's home yeah motif irritability,war chest leader and yeah and it's,controller for look over it will honor,excellence Mei yahoo d-day and any,better evil invasion able to and just,fun this yapping x-info on cote de,llamar an infinite power locum Dojima,solitude and yeah you can talk Vince may,scored also shows phone spell would like,the lynn and evans into the trust,everything else yeah oaks now the,operative field turns into the stuff,around,ok Yosser cream or her back on the fly,page a Twitter them have him on the less,as an energizer them not with Alec 274,innovate a fkin if you watch it up again,then we watch from every angle here you,can come over water and allow do not,blame vijaykumar two guys I guess five,words to a new name on some watches are,you doin stuff out loans los llevo,Cavallari this time in animals Zeppelin,candy hipster Dalek soon the three,jerseys or some people vanished on the,catechins by deeper to have a dinner and,I have another car Manteca yeah,guess the water kennice meet emoji vodka,can you go back kennice ooh gasps no,gasps hey,get that you like it I know just what,everyone is tall I'm doing it in length,comments any long does it feel in my,lungs news and some long you want your,leg to store this game ESS is fun bar,watching Emma d these are some ugh name,is faster if you only asked you an,amazing watching movie hashtag fascia,ain't hardly personnel or Nia out of,your steam an arresting understood how,does it estate news Batman go section,they don't give you some equipments okay,be made some news watch never be,anyone's is a few water so stell,Mowgli,oh we did three times we should read,this morning I video yeah haha,my nice one I will you know ASAP no good,okay nice integration puts I also,stopped all the conference okay I'm glad,when his hits the water stop there as he,a dog who doesn't even help back 40,years has a whole fat boy does have you,know my dad has got a Catholic your,straight headquarters has entangled yeah,gato flag one has his new you as you,inhale back walk past a colon cancer,does uncle not after that and hasn't got,hey daddy tap hasn't got the cat and,hasn't gotten a cat that food is the,fiercely have increased business Benson,entry fee fee of five chefs save our,Nega Nega watches you down take erotica,via Twitter and talking about Kelly yeah,okay super plush with shelf comes up for,dance and buckles very good can't test,yourself matter come on out audi media,corner pins the bundle of ghosts appear,chips i think i'm like and yeah it's,into the locals today computer Internet

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General Twitter.mp4

General Twitter.mp4

hi this is David we build community I,want to explain the general use of,Twitter person you log into your account,if you have a set one up yet it's real,simple it's like setting up an email,account I think special after you log,into your account you're going to see a,timeline timeline is also commonly,referred to as a tweet stream a tweet,stream tweets are we actually your,actual messages so if I wanted a message,will say Dan schwab are you at Dan trip,and I just take him I'm just messaged,what I was saying this is somebody I'm,following their am i following list yeah,they are you click following I can just,message whatever i want to say huh I can,just say how are you we clicked week and,that will actually be tweeted out to,that that's called a at mention and this,is my tweet stream of people that I'm,following at I can click this at mention,button and I'll show people messaging me,mentioning what I'm saying he was,responding to my question of where is he,from I start asking some real estate,questions from there you can actually go,and retweet information let's see if you,find his little information about some,ways to build a personal brand important,you want to tell your followers people,that are following you what's what this,information is really important so you,can retweet this so basically how,retweet works is I will appear and the,as the name saying who said it but I'll,show him and his information and I'll,just say it came from me this is my,following list so these are people that,I'm following here's a follower list so,people that are following me you want to,see what I have to say from there we use,are the trends and the right side these,are just common trends that are being,talked about on the internet right now,and how to separate a trend is actually,just use this pound sign which is called,hashtag on twitter hash this pound sign,creates a hashtag and this is the trend,being talked about right now so these,what people are saying this was common,down there well this is just common,little fun things to do you can create a,trend even if you're able to take one if,we'll say like you are a dentist and,then you can just create something,that's kind of funny I don't say like,them was like did you know that,mosquitoes I can spell that correctly,have more teeth then an adult you can,split like trivia and so that's the,trend Chinese trivia very simple very,easy so you have any questions just be,sure to tweet me at david rebuild,election media and i'll be sure to,answer any of your questions good

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Social Media Starter Kit Part III: Tweeting, Hashtags, and Twitter Basics.mp4

Social Media Starter Kit Part III: Tweeting, Hashtags, and Twitter Basics.mp4

hi this is David tubs from the greater,kitchener-waterloo Chamber of Commerce,and this is part three in the chamber of,social media starter kit part 3 will,cover tweeting hashtags and other,Twitter basics for your small business,now before you actually set out using,Twitter for your small business remember,to always weigh the pros and cons of any,type of platform and Twitter is no,different pros it's the second largest,social network in the world behind,facebook has hundreds of millions of,users around the world and this means,that people in your local community are,utilizing it as well especially in,kitchener-waterloo tech-heavy area and,industry it's always been an excellent,communication tool for a lot of people,it also allows for direct and instant,access to your potential and even,existing customers and clients and it,creates that customer service back and,forth that you might want to utilize or,actual promotional tool too so your,followers can stay connected with the,growth of your business or new,promotions the time commitment does not,have to be that large 10-15 minutes a,day it then you can get your message out,you can also plan your tweets your,actual communication strategy is very,easy to make it so it you're not,spending too much time on it and of,course you can expand your potential,client reach very easily you will be,surprised how many people in your,community will hear from another person,that you're doing what you're doing and,they'll start following even it's,creates that growth that is one free,because witter is free which everybody,loves with marketing and to its as,growth potential all the time because it,has the viral aspect of one person,that's following you retweets here your,post it can just spiral into possibly,thousands of people viewing it cons,there is the small learning process with,anything on the internet it takes a,little bit of time to master composing,your tweets and actually communicating,developing your own plan but it's not,too heavy and it can become addictive ly,interesting when you're following people,responding to tweets it can become very,addictive but at the same time very fun,now here are some basic Twitter terms,you have micro blog which twitter is,because twitter limits every user to 140,characters at a time per message this,means that you can talk about your day,or your business in a very tight micro,fashion as opposed to a traditional blog,which has no limits you have your tweet,which is the actual 140 character,message and Twitter you will be,surprised how much you can say in 140,characters you have hashtag it's a loon,Twitter first began Twitter didn't have,any type of search database mechanism to,search what people are talking about or,if you're looking for a particular,sector like someone's talking about the,Super Bowl you couldn't do that so,Twitter users actually created the,hashtag by putting the pound symbol in,front of terms such as KW awesome is a,very popular one in our area follow,fridays another thing that that users,started to develop a few years ago for,twitter the retweet is just you,reposting somebody else's message to,your followers and it will generally,always have an RT in the front of that,message when you eat wheat to actually,denote that someone else said it now,when you're setting up your account,you're always going to want to fill in,your profile bio you do get 160,characters to fill it out again be tight,be consistent and make sure that you,fill it out if you don't there's a good,chance that ninety percent of people who,come upon your page will not want trust,it and two won't follow you because of,those it's in just another space to help,sell yourself to sell your ideas and,that's the biggest thing if you have,that space and I know in a platform is,giving you it fill it out same for your,profile picture adding a your brand,image as opposed to the bland,leg that they put up there now and you,actually do create your account is,wasted space if you're not using it,always remember to fill in the website,as well if you don't have one if you'll,have a website use your facebook page or,if you're a private contractor of any,kind throw in your LinkedIn page if you,have a LinkedIn account as well now for,your background image you'll see when,you go on twitter com that your profile,will have just a regular blue kind of,cloudy background this can be customized,for yourself and the space available for,your average page will be 2560 pixels,wide by 1600 pixels high this is what,the twitter com interface will look like,when you're logged in and in your,account here I've customized our page as,I said as I suggested you do with your,background image this is the section,that I've customized it will take some,trial and error to get that sizing down,pat but it'll look really nicely I've,gone with a minimalist look here with,our branding out of the facebook or,linkedin group and our URL and this is,the section where all of the tweets are,coming in for the

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