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How To Create A Twitter Thread - Desktop and Mobilehello everyone welcome back to another,tutorial t

Dusty Porter

Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Create A Twitter Thread - Desktop and Mobile

hello everyone welcome back to another,tutorial today i'm going to show you how,to create a twitter thread so sometimes,you uh have something on your mind that,you want to tweet out that goes beyond,the character limit on twitter and you,can create a thread and it basically,attaches these tweets these longer,thoughts or tweets that you have and,you've seen threads before so i'm going,to show you exactly how to do that now,so we're on the desktop version of,twitter now and then i will pop up my,mobile device and show you how it looks,and how to create a thread on your,mobile device as well so here we are in,twitter and we have the normal thing,make sure you're logged into your,twitter account and i've just gone over,to,and i have selected a whole bunch of,text and i've copied that text just like,i would if i was creating a very long,tweet now if you've ever gone over the,character limit here on twitter you can,see uh that basically everything beyond,that little line there or this little,letter e,is over the limit so everything from,this point here as highlighted in red,lets you know you are over the twitter,limit and also lets you know that you,are actually 581 characters beyond the,limit that twitter allows uh currently,so what we want to do is we want to make,sure that we can tweet everything out,and get our full thought on twitter but,we want to do it in a way that's nice,and neatly packed up in a twitter thread,so you can see something here that is,the edition symbol should pop up now if,you see the edition symbol here you know,you are on the right track so what you,want to do is you want to go to the uh,the word here that's going to be cut off,and you want to select everything from,that word on down so create everything,there and then you can just right click,and cut,so you're good to go you're no longer,over the limit there and this will be,number one in your thread on twitter and,then if we go and click the addition,symbol go to add we can add another,tweet to this thread by going and right,clicking or commanding control v to,paste the text now we see it goes down,to here so now what we want to do is go,to the other word right here that's,getting cut off select from that word on,where you see it highlighted go ahead,and right click or command and control x,and cut that information out there and,then hit the addition symbol and you,kind of get the point right you just,keep hitting the addition symbol you,keep pasting it there you keep cutting,until you basically have everything that,you want and you have all of the,information all of the text here into,that thread,once you're good to go basically you go,here and you click the blue button that,says tweet all this will allow you to,tweet everything in this thread starting,from the top to the bottom and it will,be listed from top to bottom so when,folks view it and they basically they,expand the thread out,you will see that it will go from the,top down so that's how you create a,thread on twitter and then if we go over,to my mobile device i have an iphone it,really doesn't matter what you have and,as you can see here,i've just pasted some,incoherent text from the random text,generator here and it lets you know that,everything highlighted in red will no,longer be able to be seen because it,goes over the limit just like i said but,if we go up here and we select the text,and we go here it's going to be a little,more difficult on a mobile device and,you just select that and you cut that,there you should be good to go you just,tap on that edition symbol add another,tweet paste it in just like you would,and you just do the same thing you just,select wherever it's being cut off so,we'll go here and we will select that,all the way down and we will cut that,out go to add here add another tweet and,then once you're good to go you paste,that in and then you can see at the very,top there it says tweet all so that's,how you create and make a twitter thread,very simply on both desktop and,mobile if you have any questions please,put those in the comment section down,below don't forget to like share and,subscribe if this helped you out and i,will see you guys in the next one,you

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alrighty ladies and gentlemen and hello,my name is Parker hope everyone is doing,well here today I landed so late oh,good okay bro getting a Hades right off,the Ripper is always a good thing I,think there's like oh,well there was just three guys right on,top up here,bro the hell just like went down yo,oh Fantasia skin I love you okay uh next,guy is gonna be right here in astronaut,oh wait uh what focused on this guy oh,why was that so scuffed,um I don't know where the astronaut dude,what we're gonna go and pop for full of,this bro this was such a scuffed start,oh there is still so much going on over,there okay let's do that oh,this dude shooting from up top okay,we're just gonna go and do a little,surprise bro I thought the Hades hip,fire was significantly better here by,the way I don't know why it was not,doing anything on that other dude oh man,oh he's gonna be here I think he's,running late right here,yo,oh no he is one more layer below bro I'm,getting juked out okay now he went up,here my guys please just chill out,please holy what is going on right now,bro oh astronaut man hello there my,friend oh it has been a hot second since,I've last one and seen you oh,wow dude there is like barely any recoil,going on with that and oh he just oh my,God,um okay like bro not only are my bad oh,wait,like right the shots are bad don't get,me wrong but I don't know why he went,and did that move oh yo dude a team went,just absolutely ham up in here whoa whoa,whoa whoa oh I see this dude oh,wow I am so happy,here here we'll go in decrypt dude I am,so happy that that uh pumped actually,wouldn't work for me in that situation,okay getting oh no I'm about to go and,get off,okay I am also very lucky that that's,sucking,happened right at that moment oh baby,oh,yes,wow I got lucky a lot during that whole,gunfight man,excellent oh,bro this guy has been slow playing this,for so long oh my God my guy okay here,like bro I'm down to go and get a little,funky up in here let's do oh,okay so he had he had everything just,set up like that like bro hey fair play,to you baby all right boys the loadouts,are dropping in and I am so excited to,go and use this qq9 build now I need to,go and preface this by going and saying,that this is a free to play build I'm,using a qq9 that is just completely raw,here and uh I just want to go and,showcase to everyone,that bro you don't need some type of,like a special legendary skin here bro,you don't gotta go and spend money in,order to go and pop off in this game,here man oh,good we're good old crouching and game,mechanic oh dude look at that A-list is,going on right then hit fire aim assist,oh like it's just something about the,qq9 oh my God that you just feel so much,more powerful than everyone else on the,map especially when you're up close like,that oh dude give me the high damage mod,here too I thought oh,okay that guy's gonna be real and he's,just going into hauling I wasn't able to,go and tell whether or not this guy was,a part of the team oh I guess no not,okay this one's just vodacious I'm just,gonna go and pull for like a better AR,just for like a secondary here just to,have at least a little bit of range oh,wait What patients are real,oh,this build does also have,oh my God this build does also go and,have the high damage rounds on it here,too so I would highly recommend for,everyone to go and have at least like an,extended mag for uh for one of the mod,selections here whoa what,what oh what,what is the reality that I am living in,what what's like real anymore am I and,I'm still on a dream state I'm assuming,like that is my guess is that I am in a,dream state and I just need to straight,up go and like I need to wake up please,someone go and tell me hey pts go and,wake up also I've been trying to go and,input certain things the inputs have not,been working bro I am so down,horrifically bad here oh teammate wants,to go and pick me up but teammate you're,gonna be in for quite a surprise here,all right here let's go and toss out,that nade oh my beautiful grenade let's,just keep on going here with a little,bit of forward progression always good,uh let's go and crank open a little,Granada here just something that we can,go and toss over there maybe get a hit,okay I got a little bit of a hit let's,just continue on moving forward so I do,not go and die by this Zone here which,would be a horrendous ending uh to go,and get so we'll just keep on moving,forward here oh my god oh boy dude that,whole team that just when it died,I'm pretty sure that those were all the,guys in bus station holy smokes oh my,God and they just keep on dying I bet I,could drive back that way and just find,all of them like just dead there oh,man my hair whatever oh that would be,one of them their sucking machines thank,you oh and it just wants to go and hover,okay there we go,yo this dude just oh my God what a way,to go and come back you just come back,sucking oh,I like dude even at mid-range this qq9,build is not too shabby here b

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Twitter Ads 2020 | How to Increase Mobile App Installs Through Twitter Ads Campaign Tutorial

Twitter Ads 2020 | How to Increase Mobile App Installs Through Twitter Ads Campaign Tutorial

hi welcome to online list marking,training in this video I'm explaining,about how to increase mobile app,installs with our Twitter ads okay and,in my previous videos I've already,explained how to increase followers and,how to create a normal Twitter ID at the,same time video views and everything so,anytime you can come back to my channel,and into it so let me go to this,campaign,so go to ads dot if you're,doing for the first time it will be,asking you your currently and time zone,and by default it is US Dollars and you,can change the settings later the only,acquitted Twitter camp account and you,can't create the campaign minimum 30,days is required to create a campaign,right after that create a campaign,before going for the campaign first of,all understand what is your objective,here your objective is app installs,after that whom you want to target and,what is your bidding type and what is,the creative then you will be getting,the results so select the object to it,there are a different object to do I am,going for the app installs,and click on next we'll be going to the,campaign a campaign level give a,campaign name okay,important thing is first of all you,should have app which is registered on,the Play Store okay so I already,mentioned the app anyway that's why I,can choose it,and you haven't mentioned this then,create new hell open a new tab then it,will be asking you whether it is Android,or iPhone Freddy's Android what is a,Google Play URL or ID for your app so,you might be knowing this right place it,over here and click on the Save button,that's it so that it will be available,over here so I already have that's,reason I'm selecting it it's not mine,anyway I'm just for explanation I'm,using and remember if you want to use,for app installs conversion tracking is,mandatory without conversion tracking,this campaign is not useful and how to,do the conversion tracking I already,explained in another video I'll be,mentioning the link in the description,so please go through that campaign name,and what is a daily budget and total of,adjured total but it is not mandatory,it's optional based on how much about,you pay it will take and start and end,it also or mandatory but if you have a,specific dates mention it,your standard and accelerated always,standard is recommended twitter work in,such a way that it will try to serve,your ad throughout the day if it is,accelerated there is a possibility you,can lose your budget immediately right,the campaign then click on the next,he'll go to the ad group see guys one ad,group is enough if you want to create,multiple ad groups people create,multiple ad groups to test what kind of,creator is working what kind of age,group is working or and so what kind of,audience is working so sometime you can,test with 21 to 30 how it is working 30,to 40 working with a different ad groups,so you won't don't want to do ever be,testing just go with a normal one ad,group here again mentioning the budget,star dining rates are optional what is,important is reading type there are,several B types here automatic bit,automatic bit means fitter automatically,will take care how much amount they want,to charge for install,this is the best one recommended one but,if you select target cost right hand,side they'll clearly show you how much,they're charging for install so here,again there are two types anyway you,will be paying per app click or app,install as a from the saying that for,click on app and go into your Play Store,to your app they're charging one point,nine nine dollars anybody can start with,point by nine also fifty nine cents but,if you use per installed it will,increase,starting with a $15.00 this is huge,anyway normal if he who's a Google Ads,they're charging around 50 cents that's,it,it is very cheaper anyway but here also,they're recommending this doesn't mean,that you have to go to $15 anyway if you,want you can stand with $1 also there,are two types anyway for applix are for,install you can choose any one option,anyway so for installing is much better,than the app taken away right so if you,choose maximum bid means how much you,want to pay maximum within that budget,only they'll be charging you let's say,$1 within one per dollar only will try,to give there is a possibility less,people it'll reach anyway so always go,with a good omen sorry buy install are,we showing here there are different,kinds of building methods here cost per,app click bidding optimization click,building cost per install bidding CPI,it's just one of what I'm recommending,innovate very exactly will be getting,installed where there's cost per app,click means they clicked on your ad be,to the app after that whether they,installed or not you don't know there is,a possibility they will be installing,your app also for that they're not,charging for click on will be charging,it this is good anyway put the getting,the cost is very less whereas this the,cost is highest you might have seen,clearly,so the charging ar

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hello and a good day to all of you folks,in this video i am going to compare and,contrast twitter web and twitter mobile,app in terms of their content layout and,design but first,let me show you a short glimpse of my,poster first,both twitter web and twitter mobile are,used by almost a billion twitter users,from different countries especially here,in the philippines to share thoughts,and explore friends,twitter trends etc but,has any one of us wonder the difference,between the two let's find out,the content,this picture has the contents of twitter,web,the content of the twitter web has home,button explore button,notification spell message button,search button,bookmarks button list profile button,options button compost tweet button,twitter feed who to follow trending list,and settings,this picture contains the contents of a,twitter mobile app,the content of the twitter mobile app,has fleets,the fleets is,a facebook inspired my day where you can,post,the activities that you do every day,through pictures,just like on facebook,twitter feed home button,search button message button,profile button,notifications button,compose suite button,and,settings,let's move on with the layout,this is what the layout of twitter web,looks like,the layout of the twitter web is,simplistic and clean users can use or,choose between twitter's,classic white interfere and two dark,mode options directly on their computer,it's user friendly butter tailored for,the user has an area of highlight colors,to choose and margin is present,this is what the layout of twitter,mobile app looks like,the layout of the twitter mobile app,fits on every mobile screen margin is,present it's wider in appearance,highlight colors are allowed and the,layout is compressed,and for the finale we have the design,this is the actual design of twitter web,courtesy from my twitter account,the design of the twitter web has a,sleek design customization of design is,applicable for every twitter user the,design looks organized from the,beginning up to the end,the design is simple and web friendly,and this is the actual design of,twitter mobile app when you open it on,your smartphone,the design of the twitter mobile app is,just right simple just like the twitter,web,the design is mobile friendly,users will feel at ease when they are,using twitter on mobile it's like,facebook mobile but better in design and,features,that's all folks thank you for watching,you

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Prime Icons X TOTT - Best Special Squad Builder! FIFA Mobile 23

Prime Icons X TOTT - Best Special Squad Builder! FIFA Mobile 23

excuse me,it feels,ready,I was looking into darkness,thank you,God,you got it going on a heartbeat tell me,your favorite song,Hollywood,me,we'll never get over,my baby,hello it's great to be with you and no,problems at all on the weather front as,we get ready for this match my name is,Derek Ray and my commentary partner as,usual is Stuart Robson and without doubt,a match with the potential to bring,genuine excitement It's Brazil versus,Argentina thanks Derek as always this,should be a good game great atmosphere,inside the stadium we've got two teams,full of quality some interesting,match-ups and two coaches that want to,play an attractive brand of football,what more could you ask for,about Camp plenty of support here,well disappointing end to the move,the chance,thing in the way superb save,not quite the clearance they were hoping,for,and in the end no damage done,Ronaldinho,Neymar,Zinedine Zidane,but I'll tell you what Hunter,that was shabby,Carlos Alberto,you Savio,Jude Bellingham,eusebio,teammates available,promising attack this,in the opinion of the referee now what,can they do from this kick situation,just wanted to get it out of there,Dennis Bergkamp,Lionel Messi and on to Bellingham,as clean as a whistle that challenge,Lewandowski the fourth officials,official to put two minutes on the board,the attack Fizzles out,and so it is the first half story has,been written,with the club secretary please note Mr,moon has left the building,and as the second half commences both,sides can reflect on a first half in,which they were so very evenly matched,and Neymar with teammates to help him,Lewandowski,so a chronic kick it'll be following the,deflection,and it goes the goal for one nil and,that changes the dynamic,thank you,well here it is again Messi's cross,really invites somebody to go and attack,it which makes it a fairly simple finish,in the end it's a really good goal,s restarted one nil here,Dennis Bergkamp,well he's won the ball,superb tackle from Carlos Alberto,and onto shabby,and Messi with teammates to play it too,this could be the equalizer well that,was a guilt-edged opportunity for The,Equalizer well I'm not sure how he's,missed the target from there that's a,poor effort,Neymar Ronaldinho,well nearing full time and here's the,question are they going to come up just,that little bit short Stuart your,thoughts well I think their forward play,has been poor today they've not had,enough movement from the front players,and the Midfield have been too safe with,their passing unless that changes in,these final few moments they'll get,nothing from this game well they've won,possession back what can they do from,here,10 minutes left for play,oh big chance,level once more incredible scenes,well here it is again and the keepers,lost his concentration here he's totally,in the wrong position he'll be,disappointed with that,so underway again following the goal,that made things level,and a goal at this stage could be,decisive but they took care of the,situation defensively,stoppages we will have two extra minutes,must take the lead here oh,and is that going to be the one that,wins it for them there's every chance,and the fans are loving this up,well you have to admire this bit of play,just look how he runs with the ball he,always looked in control didn't he,that's a brilliant goal and full time,Brazil That's the big story here Stuart,your thoughts on their performance yes,Derek there wasn't much in it to be,honest really competitive game with,chances at both ends but they probably,just about edged it overall and deserve,the result in the end,foreign

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Building a Mobile App With Twitter Search REST API

Building a Mobile App With Twitter Search REST API

hey this is max let me show you how to,build a mobile app that talks to,Twitter's Search API so we got a new,project here and we got an empty phone,frame here we got jQuery Mobile,components and html5 component so to,start we're going to build the UI I'm,going to take an input component and,drag and drop it and we're going to head,to properties and make the input to be a,place holder or prompt we're going to,get a button component and change the,label to search and we're going to,change the header to the app now because,we're starting with html5 mobile app we,can instantly test the app in the,browser by clicking this test button,right and you should see the actual app,in the browser now if you would like to,test without this film frame you can go,back test and you can inject this option,and if you would like to share the app,or open it on your phone make sure to,make it public so let's continue,building the UI and we're going to go,scroll down a little bit and going to,get a great component and then has two,columns by default very useful for,layout and the first one we're going to,put an image component and that's going,to be the Twitter image and which is,going to resize it to 48 by 48 as this,the size the Twitter sends us back into,the second column we're going to put two,labels the first label is going to be,the Twitter username and then the,Twitter actual tweet text and we also,got a lot of different themes and this,is just a short list so for example,selecting gold and we can test again and,this is how it should look so you can,create multiple screens of course you,can navigate between the screens you can,run custom JavaScript as well but next,step for us would be to connect to a,rest service or Twitter search api so,let's go back we're going to go to,project and we're going to create create,new service and so we've got rest,service,this is fine for the name click OK and,we're going to enter this where is,search api URL search all right and of,course we're using twitter but as you,can imagine aching this can be any rest,api out there any cloud api once we're,done with the URL we need to provide,request parameters in tourists case we,just need to provide queue which sends,for a query that's the only one required,has optional parameters born i'm going,to worry about it and what's really nice,is that we can test the service just to,make sure it works right here clicking,test connection and then Tring any value,or html5 for example clicking test and,this is the reply or JSON that we get,back from Twitter the next step would be,to create the services output or,response we can actually do it right,from here automatically based on this,response clicking this button will,automatically create the response,structure so this is much much easier,and faster than of course doing it by,hand so let's save and let's go back to,the design once we define the service,would like to add the service to the,page so we take the service drag and,drop it and so this indicates the,service is on the page next we want to,bind the service to DUI for that we go,to data mapping and this is the surface,input and on this side we got the page,so let's just expand a little bit we can,take the image component and going to,map it to services input and you can,also write custom JavaScript if you need,to that's it for request mapping let's,go to response mapping and so results,this is the collection of all the tweets,and i'm going to map it to the grid and,why to the grid um because it's going to,give me a looping feature because i'm,going to displaying multiple tweets from,user this is the twitter username so,it's map it to the first label in the,second column text this is the actual,tweet x so i'm going to map it to the,second label,and finally the picture which is profile,image URL we're going to map it to the,picture all right and again you can,write custom JavaScript you can also,save data into local storage again we're,over starting with html5 mobile app,almost down let's go back to design and,now we need to invoke the service so we,select the button and go to events go to,click select invoke service and select,the service click ok we're ready to test,clicking test and drink html5 and we got,the result now if you want to view the,app without the frame or as it would,look an actual device then we can go,back test and then check this option,click Launch and browser and this is how,the app is going to look on your phone,of course much smaller and so here we go,now if you want to export the app then,you go to export option and you get all,the options here you can explore this,html5 mobile app you can also export for,android iOS or Windows Phone and we use,phonegap for that so you can add to tikz,calm sign up and try building this app,thank you

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so hi welcome back to my youtube channel,so for today's content i search on an,app that has both web version and mobile,versions so let's contrast and compare,their versions through the,layout design and their content so,let's go,mobile app it runs natively on phone,it can be downloaded in app store or,google play store,it is faster and more efficient,it requires to regularly download,updates,do not need to be downloaded or,installed,it will update themselves,do not require app stora profile so,it can be launched quickly,it's quicker and easier to build than,mobile apps,so,the app that i chose is twitter,what is twitter so we all know that,twitter is a microplugging app,where you can log in it through web and,you can also download it through your,mobile phone so twitter is a micro,blogging app that with whatever you want,to write or post or tweets it's whether,it be politics fashion,cooking or your everyday life living you,can also tweets whatever you want to,know about you and to your surroundings,or environment,so i create a poster that highlighting,the differences of and web version,and mobile version,using twitter so let's go,look,so this is my poster highlighting the,differences,of web app and mobile app through the,twitter application,so let's talk about the differences of,web,desktop and a mobile desktop so this is,the web desktop,and this is the mobile desktop so as you,can see,in the web design and layout,it is wide,and,while you are scrolling you notice some,advertisement,that pop up to your feed while on the,mobile app,there's no advertisement while you're,scrolling,so in this side,as you can see,it is the search,tab,and,this is the,uh tab that you can write your tweets,and this is your feed,and this is your settings,you can see your photos,the,updates and the trends of the day,while on the other side,this is your,profile you can click it,through this,screen,so this is your feed,so both apps are much simpler and,cleaner,for basic reading and tweeting,which should appeal to most users,but for power users might be prostrating,you can also choose,your,color scheme,in this side of web default theme and,lights out,but,in the mobile app you can also go to the,settings and,choose your color scheme if you want a,dark mode or light mode,it is just the same,and both similar,you can,see,replies or replies,all tweets about politics,fashion,or sports,so that's it,so that's the differences of,using twitter through web version and,mobile version,so i hope you learned,from me,and from this video,so thank you for watching,see you in my next vlog bye,you

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alrighty ladies and gentlemen hello my,name is Parker hope everyone is doing,well here today guys these lobbies have,been so very much sweaty here for me oh,okay we got switchblade let's go after a,little AFK men please go and die thank,you gobble oh come on,okay we have to finish this guy no you,are not throwing down okay uh,what did he get oh he got nothing oh,little krig okay this guy is just,straight up AFK on that team here but no,like guys my lobbies have been juicy,they have been juicy I know like I it's,the whole thing like bro Parker gets all,the easy lobbies not right now man these,are the these are the peak of sweatiness,here,do oh shout out to mansion,all right oh dude I thought that guy's,name was Pitbull okay we're going in for,a little finish like this,I didn't mean to ever go and drop my,krig by the way oh come on zip up Zippo,pure,yeah dude I need I need my Crick back,but oh you're down here,sir I want to go oh I just saw a little,little glimpse,okay boys we're going in sir you need to,go and stop I must go and perform raw,murder oh all right that's like a sniper,lador there is a hundred percent of dude,that's up on my roof right now this,dude's right up here,beautiful oh another dude closer,hey,oh I'm so greedy I am so greedy,we're not doing that,oh man you know what but here oh he's,popping a full juice yo,what oh man bro I am being so risky,right now but like surprisingly it's,going and paying off like one of these,days I'm just gonna go and die by that,here man and this guy might be doing oh,yeah he's 100 doing the more resin going,on sir,dirt you will have to go and die here,unfortunately bro I need that uh that,gold damage mod here whoa,I guess I can I guess I can join him yo,oh yes thank you hey how are you okay,I guess this is still very much so a,spicy area oh this dude is also real,what is up with this 10 kills just all,in this spot right that's not bad,oh guys by the upgrade,dude if they were more out in the open,this would be so much easier here for me,like I'm down to I'm down to go back but,I want them to be I want them to be,exposed here like this guy going out,right that's exactly what you need going,on with the uh with the one hit vehicle,here you need to go and get enough speed,oh he is going for resi yes wait oh he,didn't fully die yo beautiful,okay this might be final guy here with,this team oh oh man okay it is so toxic,man it is so toxic yeah that was a,complete wipe there alrighty ladies and,gentlemen we are pulling for a garnet,that I rarely see people go and use and,this is gonna be a sniper here at that,but this is gonna go and be straight up,the Babushka man like oh and also okay,that's my teammate right like I own a,legendary Babushka here also it's not,called the Babushka it's called the,koshka I think is the uh pronunciation,regardless right like dude I see more,people going and using the XPR rather,than discard it and I don't think this,gun is bad here on this light it's like,I'm pretty sure at least with my loadout,oh bro there is a team wait wait are,these guys oh these guys going in for,little green,hey no,no babush,oh Babushka come on oh baby Babushka oh,dude that was like a 180 chest shot guys,like I think I might be oh no a little,Poltergeist okay here let's play this,semi-smart we're gonna go up,oh so that doesn't bring you no,oh my god dude this is so this is so,scary okay let's go run up here this,guy's right here yo oh,good,this dude's right here yo boam 144 144.,maybe I should I should really try to go,and prioritize fully finishing off that,dude oh,yo,oh hey there Buster how are you okay,okie dokie oh,hey Merry Christmas oh yes thank you,okay right like guys this is the sniper,so you obviously have to go in pick and,choose when you should go in and use,this gun also bro I am a hip buyer that,does not need to be on that oh no no,also I do oh bro I should really try to,go and prioritize like the headshot,because what that was a 180 body shot,like I'm pretty sure that this gun does,have one shot potential it's just I need,to be able to go and land a headshot if,I can no teammate,okay teammate died up over here on oh,bro he's like oh,this man's out of Zone here a little bit,wait wait wait,um like I do want to go and snipe a,little bit if I can oh this guy is right,here,yeah there is there is some enamigos,here in the area,a lot of guys,hey everybody,oh man okay that was whoa,what what what what what what what what,oh man like dude that guy would be a fun,snipe to go and do oh God,okay we are milking this wait is that a,dude out of his own Oh I thought I just,saw again,all right I guess we can try to try to,go in here like bro the angles the,angles are killing me right now there is,a tree,no bro this guy has a master pad,wow 225,no 75 I shot him in the foot I shot him,in the foot,oh God that is a very genuine real human,being with human emotions who needs to,go and die,okay,um I didn't know that this was that big,of a team,no teammate it's like bro I'm

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