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How To Make Twitter Login Form With HTML & CSS | Web Development Tutorial 2022hello guys welcome bac

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Make Twitter Login Form With HTML & CSS | Web Development Tutorial 2022

hello guys welcome back to my youtube,channel in today's tutorial we will,learn how to create this amazing login,page design,using on html and css this login page,designed for,twitter also when you go to twitter,login i will show you example of this,login page,so if you type twitter login,page you can see we have similar to our,own okay,so this is what we are building this is,the login page that we are going to,login from that will create using only,html and css,also you can see we have this similar,one to this one,you can see here we have the logo of the,twitter twitter logo also we have the,sign in with google and sign in with,apple or,you can just sign,phone email or username,also you have this don't have an account,and we have the sign up,also,so we'll create this login form using,only html and css so kindly before,starting this video kindly do subscribe,to our youtube channel and also share,with your fellow developers so without,wasting time let's start the video hello,guys welcome back again so here i have,created one folder called login form,inside this folder i have two,logo that is for apple and google,let's open this folder with our text,editor so i'm using visual studio code,so inside this folder we'll create one,file,called index,dot html,also i'm going to write the basic html,structure,i'm also going to give a title for our,tutorial for for this login form okay so,i'll say twitter,login form,and also we need to link our css so i'll,create another file called,style.css,and let me just remove this also we are,going to add,our link,we're going to link the css and html,by using this link tag,next i'm going to write i'm going to,create one div with a class container,inside this container we're going to add,another difficult,box and also we'll add another book,another class called box one,inside this div we'll add the i tag and,also for this one we'll give it a class,called,twitter okay,so simply i'm going to add an icon here,so i'll go to this website,called,here we're going to search,twitter,and after this we need to find the,twitter logo so i'll choose this one,so not this one,let's just search again,so i'm going to choose this one,and simply i'm going to embed html,and i'm going to copy this,okay paste this fragment into actual so,i'm going to use this url,so let's come back to our text editor,i'm going to add the between the i tag,now simply we have added our logo,next we need to create is a button,inside this button i'll add img,and here i'm going to add my,first,image that is,apple now we're going to add google,,google.png sorry,also we don't need this let's just,remove,and here i'm going to add a width of,19.,next i'm going to add a span tag,that says sign,sign in with,google,now let's save this,and go back to our folder,now let's simply open this in our,browser so simply double click it,now you can see we have our logo and,our sign in with google,next we need to add for we need to add,another button,so i'm going to,simply copy this button,and,simply duplicate it,and change the image,to apple,also i'm going to say sign in with,apple,next at the end of this div tag,we need to create a h5 tag,and here i'm going to say,or,and this way we create our input,validation okay,inputs i mean inputs,so next i'm going to create one d with a,class name box and i'll also add another,class called box2,inside this div i'm going to create a,form tag,so we don't need to add action because,we're not dealing with any php here,this idea i'm going to add my input and,the type is going to be,text also i'm going to change this one,to placeholder,we don't need to add id so just move id,that one and inside this placeholder i'm,going to add phone,we're going to add email,or we can say username,after this form tag we need to add a,button,for this button i'm going to give it a,class called,next,btn,also i'm going to say next,at the end of this give tag i'm going to,add a paragraph that says don't,have an,account don't have an account,so let's say like don't have an,account,and i'm going to add a,tag,that says and we'll add a text that says,sign sign up,so if you don't have an account you can,sign up okay,simply save your file,come back to the browser refresh it,now you can see we have our form but,this doesn't look,cool so we are going to add some styling,so by the way this is our twitter,sign-in sign-in page okay,so if you actually visit the twitter,sign up page you can if you try to log,in you'll see this same login form okay,so let's add some styling,simply before i do that we need to add,our next button here and for this button,i'll give it i'm going to add that text,that says forget password,okay,if you do if you log try to log in and,you don't forget your password,you can simply click this button,now let's add some styling,so i'll start with the body,for the body i'm going to add background,color,so you should be comma okay,so that's our background color next i'm,going to style my class containe

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Rick SPLURGES On $35,000 Chihuly Glass Vase | Pawn Stars Do America (Season 1)

Rick SPLURGES On $35,000 Chihuly Glass Vase | Pawn Stars Do America (Season 1)

hello hi what do we got here,a truly glass piece it's an amazing,cereal bowl right here,Dale Chihuly super famous artist,he's from Seattle Tacoma area I know,that art class it's just a genre that,hardly anyone else did and then he,turned it into like a massive art form,and then he made some amazing part and,he's still with us today,so where did you get this my dad,actually rebuilt the bathroom in the,Chihuly Boat House in exchange for his,work he was gifted this piece and now,it's mine,it makes sense I mean like my,understanding was he did gift a lot of,things away when you're an artist it's,like printing money I mean there's bars,all over the place in France in Paris uh,where there's like napkins surrounded by,Picasso yeah,how much you want for it,I really can't take less than ten,thousand okay we might be close but once,you become this famous so many people,out there just start baking your stuff,but your luck my buddy Billy is on the,parking lot he actually worked with,Chihuly he's a glass artist he knows,everything about this need help ASAP as,soon as billy gets here he'll look at it,and then we'll go from there awesome,Billy Rick how are you this young lady,brought in a Chihuly vase base boss yeah,I actually met Dale in the summer of 99,as his boat captain okay 15 16 years,later and I now have my own Studio not,too far from Chihuly and we make our own,glass and we have our own Series so uh,yeah that's that's how I met him I truly,was working with the Picasso of our,lifetime that what he has done in glass,is really beyond words okay,um so is this Chihuly can I take a look,at that sure all right be gentle I will,um yeah beautiful piece this exterior is,a series that he did called Makia Maki,is a time for spotted,and to get this color combination is,very very difficult,but let me find the signature and that,will help too because,1998 yep Julie,yeah beautiful piece gorgeous so the,date is right around when he was making,the style yeah okay and the signature is,key and it's actually perfect so what do,these go for today I would say that this,is a this is a seriously an 18 000 piece,that's what it would retail for in a,gallery yeah okay all right nice meeting,you nice meeting you too,all right so it retails for like,eighteen thousand dollars at a gallery,my best best best price in the world is,going to be eight grand,hey,there's no way you can do time I mean,like little Ram pushing it at eight,thousand dollars,oh,well thanks for bringing it in,credible piece though really really,incredible you changed your mind you,know where I'm at okay thank you all,right earlier today my buddy Billy,helped me out when I had a seller with a,Dale Chihuly glass base I wasn't able to,make a deal but Billy invited me to his,Glass Studio because he has a friend,with a Dale Chihuly collection of their,own for sale,Billy hey Rick welcome to glass eye,Studio,I'm impressed yeah we make everything,right here in our studio okay,um the true holy didn't work out well,that's okay I mean I think you got,something that you're gonna really like,upstairs so why don't you come with me,and I'll show you some okay amazing,pieces how do we get there this way,this is impressive this is all true lily,this is all true yeah,Rick this is my good friend Justin how,you doing Rick doing well Billy hey how,are you so this is your Chihuly,collection yes our nice way and take a,look this is super cool it's really,collecting bunch of everything he had,well my family's been clicked for about,20 years let's talk about the elephant,in the room,uh the equibana series That's a classic,example of Dale where he's traveling,around the world when he was in Japan,the Cubana flower form is something that,is obviously you know connected to Japan,this is his interpretation of that in,glass,um yeah it looks extremely fragile yeah,yeah it is okay this one right here oh,black is not you know uh Dale being from,the Pacific Northwest the American,Indian culture has had a huge effect on,him and if you notice that gorgeous,textile on the front that's threading,very unusual he works for two other,artists named Flora mace and Jerry,Patrick this is a really beautiful,collaborative piece that he does and,this is like Venetian glass right here,right exactly I mean the Venetian series,is Iconic to obviously Venice and this,is Dale's interpretation of that in his,form didn't Dale actually go to Venice,and like learn some of their techniques,there yeah he was one of the few,Americans to actually get into Murano,learn the technique so how much do you,want for all of it 300 000 for the,entire,um quite frankly it's more than I want,to spend,how much for the Venetian I mean it,looks very Vegas,I was in I'll give you 30 grand,how about just a little bit higher how,did we say 35.,and I'll ship it to Vegas for you and,insure it,all right we have a deal,I own a Dale Chihuly congratulations all,right now that I've seen your workshop,and everything I really want to try to,blow glass that sounds

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Twitter Login | Login Help | Sign In

Twitter Login | Login Help | Sign In

hello there welcome back to our channel,on today's video tutorial I'm going to,show you how you can log into your,Twitter account so today is a quite,popular social network just like,Facebook you can find a lots of,influential people celebrities,politicians and lots of amazing content,on Twitter so once you have an account,you can simply log into your Twitter and,you can start using ok so without any,delay let's get started,so you can type on your web,browser or you can simply search for,that and click the first link so this is,the page that will open once you type, and on the top right you can,see the log in also you can see in the,sign up and yeah so these are the,options that are available on this,default home page of Twitter so we are,good trying to log in right so I'll,simply click on this so on the next page,you have to enter your login details so,you can see the the two have three,different options you can enter your,phone you can enter your email or even,you can enter your username as well I,have created my account using an email,then I picked up my username while,creating my account then password and,then I was able to create a Twitter,account but the case might be different,for you such as you have created your,account using phone so in this case what,you can do is you can simply enter your,phone then your password and then you,can just hit this login all right cool,so let's get started so I will simply,enter my login details and I'll just hit,login,you,so I have entered my username and then,password or instead of this you can just,simply enter your email or you can phone,as well so once you entered these,details both correctly and you can,simply click on this login option so,within a second you'd be able to you,would be able to logged in now this is,kind of a Twitter feed and yeah what's,trending hobbies and if I click on this,I would be able to browse all the tweets,from this particular interest and so,this is the basically the Twitter feed,that will come after your login yeah,it's quite simple if you click on this,you can logout from your account right,here I can add another account yeah so,what we did is we just go through, we enter our login detail,and we were able to login to our Twitter,account thank you so much for watching

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Cara Login Twitter Tanpa Email & Password Terbaru ! Masuk Twitter

Cara Login Twitter Tanpa Email & Password Terbaru ! Masuk Twitter

Apakah kalian mengklik video ini kenapa,Penasaran ya bang emang bisa Bang login,Twitter tanpa menggunakan email ataupun,password Oke jawabannya adalah bisa,teman-teman untuk kalian penasaran,jangan lupa like ya video yang sedang,kalian tonton ini Oke gua akan ingin,Kasih tanda terima kasih kepada gua,kalian bisa Klik tombol support,thanksnya di situ kalian bisa memberikan,kepada gua berapapun itu nominal,teman-teman terserah kepada kalian ya,gua sangat berterima kasih sekali dan,pastikan juga Klik tombol subscribe-nya,aktifin teman-teman notifikasinya sip,Jadi yuk langsung aja kita menuju ke,step dan panduannya ini dia,oke teman-teman di sini gua udah membuka,ya di Twitter HP pribadi gua Nah untuk,login Twitter tanpa email ataupun,password itu kita bisa jadi kita masuk,tanpa memasukkan email ataupun password,Nah untuk syarat yang pertama ini adalah,kalian jangan loginnya lewat aplikasi,Twitter bagi kalian para pengguna HP,Android ataupun HP iPhone Oke kalau kita,login lewat aplikasi teman-teman jelas,enggak bisa ini kita diwajibkan ya masuk,ke nomor HP ataupun email ataupun,misalkan kita Oke jadi kalau kita,memasukkannya di aplikasi itu wajib,pemasukan email dan juga password Oke,Jadi kalian bukanya di browser aja,teman-teman ya brosur di PC ataupun di,desktop kalian masing-masing Oke kita,langsung aja set Twitter ya di sini kita,akan rubah dulu ya teman-teman ya,menjadi Mode desktop Oke desktop site,Oke kemudian kita pilih login Twitter,oke nah kita kalau udah login Twitter,ini teman-teman kita bisa memilih yang,sign in with apple ataupun sign in with,Google Oke kalau kalian akun twitternya,Sebelumnya udah pernah tahu teman-teman,antara ke Apple ataupun ke akun Google,ya udah kan Tinggal klik aja ke salah,satunya oke nah kalau kalian Misalkan,nanya Bang Gimana ya cara mentautkan,Twitter ke akun Google ataupun Twitter,ke akun Apple ID Oke gua udah pernah,buatin teman-teman video ini ya untuk,menghubungkannya untuk video di mana ada,di atas layar atas ini atau kalian bisa,cek juga di bawah deskripsi video ini di,situ ada playlist tentang Twitter kalian,bisa Klik dan tonton mana yang kalian,butuhkan pastinya oke nah kita langsung,aja gua loginnya pakai Google,teman-teman udah pernah terdaftar ya,sebelumnya Oke teman-teman dengan begitu,gue udah berhasil ya untuk login ke akun,Twitter kita jadi kita tidak perlu untuk,menggunakan email dan password cukup,menggunakan salah satu akunnya itu,adalah kalau kalian sudah tertakutkan,dengan akun Google selamat atau kalian,yamahasisnya itu menggunakan ini juga,sama teman-teman Oke jadi seperti itu,untuk login Twitter tanpa menggunakan,email dan juga password Oke kalau ada,yang ingin kalian tanyakan tambahkan,ngasih gua kritik saran ataupun pesan,seputar tentang login Twitter ini gua,punya silakan kepada kalian semua,teman-teman untuk berkomentar ya di,bawah kolom komentar video gue ini oke,sekian dulu dari gua gua Sean di channel,YouTube pribadi gua mengucapkan bye bye

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How to Create a New Twitter Account (Bangla) | My Twitter Account | Login to Twitter 2022

How to Create a New Twitter Account (Bangla) | My Twitter Account | Login to Twitter 2022

Shimada development or microblogging,site twitter mission boro boro celebrity,or webshop addiction shaho ati bahar,Karthikeyan on aqui Mexico to Marta,otaku jalopy image until Opening,bharata-varsa its allow protein to eat,curry Alan Torrie Connor katana would,say Jorge Mischa bottom on Twitter at,the Egyptian shaba daba applica no,peaches have been children a scary video,today Connecticut away a pre-meeting,afternoon no 18 Newton Twitter account,called the Birdman boulders are,available in each at sea happy to the,Emery's second channel in luton borshu,critical not a subscribe for a past a,Kubelik on a preschool raccoon Jetta,Korea Marco no corroborative video,upload honey shamanic addictive on acne,I'll do the already subscribed court,again thank you so much,hi guys this is Cybermen Azim and,welcome back to my channel at skate,video today I'm a pro to move to bake,book if I'm wrong on the Twitter account,it will go dark when I'm on the Twitter,account a customization profile picture,that I put a cover picture shower on the,information given like as to my score,book then after the comedic he became,have a power to tell a tweet Corbin post,color Kittredge avocado creme wit a shop,key to a paddock a mystery to a,videotape water utility serve entre our,potable guna showroom to reality screen,Akiba variety Twitter account cool go,mandra pro 2 2 vector boxing a mythology, slash login a pitcher a,googly Gil just Twitter,nikla dictabird sunako-sama - l'chaim,login on twitter,it is knowledgeable same extra address a,personage Elizabeth so everyone I'm on,the couch a pro - moto a mother kiss,signup code table a Canon log in control,it up on to the account navigate our,shake heated up a log in portable burner,and she'd only a mother create code,table a blow to rectitude account suit,on I'm not a click create control no,charge for each other were a sign up for,Twitter sign up for Twitter issue a,predictor button I can a name phone,number,she gets a repeatedly use email address,Street disjunct out the Shakira theater,the birth date of birth in Peppa gulapa,Giga probate court album the pro to move,no American a model number leaky DTS are,a ser Addam yes I am eat a dish I want,Jody vector to tell account of saving,ham video description of a D&C about,Silas you can think I'm a gay polo court,the Baron so I meet up like a decorative,more like a coronet she just call our,parabola meet again stop Curitiba bar,delete Curitiba so then economy at a,phone number they change a phone number,table Ashiya procured it away after,parcels a phone number to use : ever,make him valid phone number up on a,profit good hobby so you can I make a,phone number donítí Parker Aiken a date,of birth,I want John Moore saw DDT bad on,metallic Jetta he can return in the a,time of John motoric do do a tamil real,John mocha rigna I mean it a up a turkey,baguette see you can take camera Viktor,Bout Sanjay Jha assaulted freedom month,day ammonia tickets a to a canal mother,a to buckets H parameter next day next,to a shop or vector passenger customize,your experience,where you see Twitter content across the,web think I'd say it Ottoman xdd more,sign up it's reasonable you predict,about syndicate if a phone takes to your,verification code J number Tama decision,Umberto that was standard SMS fees may,apply you can okay need even ever upper,phony ACTA messes SB j phone number,table making it provide corrosion,already I'm a phony act a message to,relationship according to button evokes,a messenger a me act a verification code,paid see Shaco Takei a Kansas Tamra DD,chip,so I'm not Kotick a kind of boss even a,bow she's just taken under next to,eligible next to a char predictable,Sanjay you will need a password apply to,a password,the turban then I'm ready connect a,password DDT to a ton of other password,is Elam nahi next the password there,Capri amia brother Carradine is brutal,taxi share about say a peacock on,uppercu no account a password given a,peach Esther Corbin up mache accounter,pass or target we strongly cute color,take a say kitchen later I've been given,number one been tackling issues symbol,like been cage of character Ragman shop,key to minions in a that were a capital,letter in small later minions he may act,on password pretty good way not just,recover needed the information out say,Saguna prevent Korat gem on upper movin,number up nom baba my number she can,attack insha'Allah condom the episode,bear Corbin do the apnea Pacheco account,a haircut take a bath of the tongue it,actor extracted 0 so vulgar able Victor,box njpk profile picture have a favorite,selfie,upload it now it cannot forget the,profile picture rapid corrosion,impulsive Tommy do a picture set called,rickety it a DDT profile it after our,washing up at the Dexter Bill Ackman it,also computed the aperture value Kuhlman,mom I know up me and him have a cult,apartment Jodie Abner mobile AJ Kuno,browser a gay after day extrapolation,can adjust to tell look at me a keeper,begi

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Login To Twitter | Python Automation | Selenium | Mayuresh Satao

Login To Twitter | Python Automation | Selenium | Mayuresh Satao

hello there so i have set up my project,and i named it as practice and,the name of the file is twitter,underscore login.device,so as you have guessed so we will be,learning about how to login in our,twitter account,using python and selenium,so it's quite easy we just need to fill,a simple form,of sign in and i'm considering that,you are account set up already,so let's do that,first of all i will open a browser,and visit so,yeah this is the home page and now we,just want to log,in okay so this is how,a normal twitter login page should look,like,what i will do is i will copy this url,and add it in my file,first of all let me import selenium so,from selenium import wave travels,and from selenium dot,webdrivers dot common dot keys,import keys now what are the use of,these files,as we have learned earlier webdriver,allows us to basically,interface between a browser and our,script,so driver is equals to,webdriver.firefox i will be using,firefox,so that's why you can also go with,chromium,or internet explorer as you wish,now to visit our page,that is login i will simply,use,driver dot gate and inside a gate,function,it takes a parameter that is a url,instead of passing the hard-coded value,what i will do is i will create a,variable here,so the login url,is equals to,this is our login url and i will just,pass,the variable here so whenever in future,if you want to change the url,for someone select consider hypothetical,scenario that twitter changes the url,slash login to slash sign,in so this is a new url instead of,checking where we used this url,we just simply need to come here and,just replace this value here,and all other instances all other,references will change,automatically so that's the benefit,now once we are at the twitter login,page,we can basically grab the elements,and the elements i'm talking about is,this,phone email or username and second is,this password,now one question may arise so what about,this,login button so basically,if you enter any values here let me just,add,some dummy username and a password here,and if i press enter it will get,auto submitted okay although it is a,wrong password,that's no issue but as you can see,if we press enter at the password,if we press enter at the password it is,gonna,submit our form and that is what we,wanted,right so let's do that,and to grab elements we will be using,some specific fields,first of all we need to use the inspect,tool,to basically check the element code,so i will just simply select this option,and cover to this,input field and as you can see this,input field,has some parameters parameters like,name type or,autocorrect and other stuff as you can,see there is no id parameter,and we are now unable to basically fetch,this field or grab this field with the,help of id,but i can see one thing there is a name,parameter here,and i will just simply copy this value,so name is,session and then a square bracket,username,underscore or underscore,email and then square bracket so we can,use this,to grab this element and let's do that,so input,email is equals to and to grab the,element we know the method,find element by name the second method,then we need to pass the name and the,name is your session,your username or email similarly we can,grab the password field as well,so input password is equals to similarly,driver dot find element by name,and here we need to grab this password,okay so here we go we got the password,field as well,and the name is session square bracket,password,and square bracket so let's put that,here,okay great so we got the email field and,the password field,now it's time to enter our username and,password,now simply you can use a single command,that is,input email dot,send keys now this function,basically takes a parameter you can pass,string,you can pass some keys as well that is,possible,so now we want to send our username,for example i choose dummy user,and then similarly i can use input,password,dot send keys,determine password and,now what you can do you just simply need,to press,enter on the password field so,to press enter we can use this,keys here the library we,imported so send keys,and here to press enter,we can simply use keys dot return,return or enter both are same,and now if we run this program,obviously it is going to give us an,error that the username and password,does not match,it is invalid but the whole scenario is,to explain how it works,so automatically the details were filed,and the,form was submitted that's what we wanted,now let's talk about how to securely,enter your username and password,if you enter your username and password,here,and for some reason if you need to share,this file,your username and password is going to,be public,or any other user will know that your,your credentials so how to secure that,or at least abstract that,to do that we can simply create a new,file,so i will simply create a new python,file and name it as,credits which is short for credentials,and here i will create

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BINGUNG? Begini Cara Atasi Twitter Yang Login Dengan Akun Google

BINGUNG? Begini Cara Atasi Twitter Yang Login Dengan Akun Google

halo halo tumbuh-tumbuhan khusus Wayah,dimanapun dan kapanpun kalian menonton,video ini Jumpa lagi bersama gua saya,teman-teman dan hari ini kita akan,membahas kembali ya tentang sosial media,yang bernama Twitter Oke Arini,teman-teman Twitter udah menyediakan ya,untuk cara login kita menggunakan akun,Google dan menggunakan Apple dulu kita,hanya bisa menggunakan,loginnya hanya melewati nomor HP dan,juga email teman-teman Oke untuk kalian,yang biasanya tiba-tiba login yang,menggunakan akun Google akal tapi kok,jadi gak bisa login Jangan khawatir,teman-teman kita akan ngebahas ya,solusinya biar kita bisa login kembali,ke Twitter menggunakan akun Google,seperti biasanya Oke untuk ayam,penasaran teman-teman Jangan lupa kasih,gua like dulu dong di video gua dan Klik,tombol subscribe aktifkan juga,loncengnya like nya ya Oke yuk kita,langsung saja menuju ke,Nah ya ini ya,oke teman-teman di sini gua udah membuka,ya dua layar yaitu adalah layar yang ada,di HP iPhone gua dan juga layar PC gua,jadi gini teman-teman ketika kalian,mengakses Twitter ya di HP ini gua udah,update teman-teman ke versi terbarunya,ya dan asal kalian tahu oke kita ke menu,login teman-teman Nah untuk menu login,ataupun menu untuk membuat akun Twitter,baru,itu baru bisa menggunakan ini ya email,dan juga nomor HP kita Nah untuk kalian,yang ingin menggunakan akun Google untuk,login di Twitternya ataupun menggunakan,Apple ID untuk saat ini temen-temen,kalian hanya bisa mengaksesnya di versi,desktop ataupun versi yang ada di webnya,Nah untuk kalian yang mengaksesnya di,versi mobile lembek itu kalian,menggunakan HP Android ataupun HP iPhone,itu belum bisa ya mungkin akan menyusul,teman-temannya sekitar lima sampai enam,bulan kedepan untuk saat ini hanya bisa,mengakses di versi webnya Oke karena,kita ingin ngebahas yang gak bisa login,lewat akun Google Oke teman-teman kita,langsung aja praktek ya Nah di sini nih,kalian sadar Nggak sadar temen-temen ini,sikap Google artinya kalau kalian belum,memiliki akun twitter resmi,Hai Bisa daftar lewat akun Google dan,semisalnya kalian blom punya dan kalian,mengklik di login in Twitter itu juga,bisa teman-teman jadi dia akan,memindahkan data ya dari nama foto,profil username dan sebagainya mengikuti,dari alamat Google kita sama halnya,ketika kita ingin membuat akun Instagram,kita ingin membuat menggunakan akun,Facebook juga bisa email dan nomor HP,juga bisa Oke jadinya disini gua belum,ada ya teman-teman akun Google yang,terhubung dengan fitur belum ada Oke,kita buka akun Google gua nah Disini,teman-teman Nanti kalau kamu udah daftar,Twitter nih nanti di akun tertaut kan,ini akan ada nah disini gue belum ada,sama sekali teman karena gua enggak,memiliki akun yang terpaut ya jadi gua,belum memberikan akses Google gua,terhadap pihak ketiga termasuk yang ada,di Twitter Oke Langsung aja kita,berteman blog it with Twitter klik ya,Ayo kita buka akun Google Gua Kece,terkendala yang enggak bisa lobby,temen-temen biasanya di jaringan,internet sama yang ini nih kode,verifikasi ya dalam untuk SMS Nah,kekurangan dari Twitter teman-teman gua,akui ketika dia memiliki kode verifikasi,abrupt SMS itu kalian harus mencoba,teman-teman sekitar dua sampai tiga kali,ya agar kode verifikasi via message ya,itu muncul Nah kadang-kadang juga,teman-teman,Hai Mungkin aja ya kan Nomor HP kamu,udah bener nah tetapi yang bikin enggak,masuknya itu karena kalian kita cek dulu,Elements Ayo kita potong kita telepon ya,Hai Oke kita cek pulsa terlebih dahulu,Hai nah mempengaruhi juga teman-teman,kalau kan enggak memiliki kuota ya,ataupun enggak memiliki pulsa itu tidak,akan muncul kode verifikasinya nah akan,tapi kalau misalkan kalian udah memiliki,Hai pulsa yang cukup banyak ya lebih,dari 1000 lah minimal kuota internetnya,kosong baru kita Saint aja,Ayo kita tunggu Apakah SMS yang masuk,Hai yang bikin ga masuk karena nomor HP,kan udah marquee udah mati udah mati dan,kalian udah lama nggak menggunakan nomor,HP kalian atau kain lupa nomor HP mana,yang kalian daftarkan pokoknya jangan,sampai kalian daftarin di HP yang udah,kalian gunakan lagi Takutnya,suka gak muncul temen-temen Mending lah,kalau suka nggak muncul pasti akan,muncul kalau nggak muncul-muncul ya,Kasihan lu nggak mau kalian harus buat,akun Twitter yang baru oke di sini gua,belum keluar temen-temen hanya baru,muncul ya Coba kita masukin cocok,Hai,Oke kita coba ini memang bisa nggak,hai hai,Hai Oke kita tunggu nih,Hai Oke teman-teman udah masuk ya Nah,ternyata dia loginnya masuk di akun,Twitter gue ini nih ya udah terlogin kan,secara otomatis ya jadi waktu itu akun,gue ini biodata Lee Da ftar kan,temen-temen melalui email yang saat ini,gunakan plus gua menggunakan nomor HP,yang gunakan jadi dia akan otomatis ya,mengirimkan sebuah kode lagi berupa SMS,teman-teman coba kita coba message lagi,Ya Nah diam Oh jadi ada dua temannya,website yang berupa Google salam SS yang,berupa Twitter Oke kita masukin aja,kodenya ya jadi akun gue makin double ya,Hai Jadi 1ml grup A 1 akun aja,temen-temen nggak b

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Twitter Sign In- #React Native (react-native-twitter-signin)

Twitter Sign In- #React Native (react-native-twitter-signin)

welcome back my channel guys,in this video we are going to implement,twitter login in react native,so far we completed uh google login and,facebook login react native,and we're gonna see today twitter login,in react native,and please suggest me the next video i,have to upload,social login linkedin or instagram,you can let me know by comment or you,can join my facebook page,so now let's talk about twitter login,react native,in my opinion i find it little bit,difficult,rather than facebook and google login,because you need a twitter,development account you may mean twitter,develop,developer account to do twitter login,react native and it's quite,difficult it's not easy to create a,developer account,and it's quite irritating,because twitter wants to know why you,are creating this developer account,and you have to enter a description,minimum 20,200 words and if you want twitter post,you can also have to enter description,almost 100 watts or maybe 200 and,so on so,so i that's why i find it little bit,difficult because in facebook on google,you don't have to do anything just,you have to log in the login in that,developer console,using your facebook id or your,gmail id for gmail login but in twitter,it's,they will ask you lots of questions that,will irritate you,so let's focus on twitter login right,now,so first i am i am using,this library react native twitter sign,in so,first you have to first you have to,install,by entering this command ntem install,reactionary twitter sign in,minus minus save minus minus f stands,for it will,install the latest version,so i already installed this and after,you creating your twitter development,account,developer account so your developer,portal look like this and,here is option add app so i'm gonna add,apps,so it's showing my existing app,as rather than choosing existing app,i'll show you how to create i'm,creating a new app i'm creating a new,app,and you have to remember the name have,to be unique,so if i show you if i enter my app,it will show me that looks like the app,name is already taken try a different,one,so i'm gonna enter,my channel name,and this is my api key and api secret,key and barrier token,so you don't need hit this right now and,if you,i want to do a twitter sign in so you,have to enable,this authentication setting so,let me show you from the beginning,this is my project portal so this is my,app and clicking on developer setting,settings option so i am going to enable,authentication settings,and you have to enable this one,and and when you are trying to,login with twitter account so you,obviously need the user email id,and if you don't need this so you don't,have to enable this one and if you need,user email id so you have to enable this,one,and twitter needs a callback url,and for that you can see here callback,url required,first one is for ios and second one is,for,android so for ios we have to enter,twitter kit,and miner app api sorry api key,then colon slash slash and for android,just we have just entered twitter sdk,colon slash class,and we have to we can find our api key,api key and secret view keys,this is our api key,so for ios and android,for ios you have to first you have to,enable this to,then for ios you have to enter twitter,kit,minus api key colon slash slash,twitter kit minus,api key colon slashless this is for ios,and for android,we have to enter twitter,sdk colon slash,and say twitter sdk columns list,and twitter also need a website url,organization url terms of service,privacy policy,i will show you why this,is this is required so just you can,enter your demo,demo url for writing for now and,in future when you are publishing your,app you have to enter a,valid url because for privacy policy,so i'm gonna enter this one right now,this one for everything,and hit save so it's safe,and we don't have to do anything over,here,and if we go to the,twitter login sign in library you can,see,for android we don't have to do anything,we just have to install the plugin,that's it,and if your react native version is,lower than,point 59 so we have to add this one,and this one and this one so i guess,everyone is using react negative version,greater than 59,so don't have to do anything and for,twitter for sorry for for ios,you have to do this,you have to do this you have to add all,of this you have to import this twitter,kit,you have to add this,so now we already,added our project in twitter account,so now we are gonna open vs code,so i run my project so i have empty,project so now we're gonna implement,twitter login in this first we're going,to add a button we're going to remove,the text i'm going to add,a button,button will have a title,and on press method,now i'm gonna call this method here,i'm gonna shift,let's see we have the button login with,twitter,so first we have to do,we have to,are gonna import,rn sorry,on native model,i'm going to input rn twitter sign in,from native module,and secondly we are gonna need the api,key and,consumer secret key so we're go

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