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How To Make Twitter Login Form With HTML & CSS | Web Development Tutorial 2022hello guys welcome bac

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Make Twitter Login Form With HTML & CSS | Web Development Tutorial 2022

hello guys welcome back to my youtube,channel in today's tutorial we will,learn how to create this amazing login,page design,using on html and css this login page,designed for,twitter also when you go to twitter,login i will show you example of this,login page,so if you type twitter login,page you can see we have similar to our,own okay,so this is what we are building this is,the login page that we are going to,login from that will create using only,html and css,also you can see we have this similar,one to this one,you can see here we have the logo of the,twitter twitter logo also we have the,sign in with google and sign in with,apple or,you can just sign,phone email or username,also you have this don't have an account,and we have the sign up,also,so we'll create this login form using,only html and css so kindly before,starting this video kindly do subscribe,to our youtube channel and also share,with your fellow developers so without,wasting time let's start the video hello,guys welcome back again so here i have,created one folder called login form,inside this folder i have two,logo that is for apple and google,let's open this folder with our text,editor so i'm using visual studio code,so inside this folder we'll create one,file,called index,dot html,also i'm going to write the basic html,structure,i'm also going to give a title for our,tutorial for for this login form okay so,i'll say twitter,login form,and also we need to link our css so i'll,create another file called,style.css,and let me just remove this also we are,going to add,our link,we're going to link the css and html,by using this link tag,next i'm going to write i'm going to,create one div with a class container,inside this container we're going to add,another difficult,box and also we'll add another book,another class called box one,inside this div we'll add the i tag and,also for this one we'll give it a class,called,twitter okay,so simply i'm going to add an icon here,so i'll go to this website,called,here we're going to search,twitter,and after this we need to find the,twitter logo so i'll choose this one,so not this one,let's just search again,so i'm going to choose this one,and simply i'm going to embed html,and i'm going to copy this,okay paste this fragment into actual so,i'm going to use this url,so let's come back to our text editor,i'm going to add the between the i tag,now simply we have added our logo,next we need to create is a button,inside this button i'll add img,and here i'm going to add my,first,image that is,apple now we're going to add google,,google.png sorry,also we don't need this let's just,remove,and here i'm going to add a width of,19.,next i'm going to add a span tag,that says sign,sign in with,google,now let's save this,and go back to our folder,now let's simply open this in our,browser so simply double click it,now you can see we have our logo and,our sign in with google,next we need to add for we need to add,another button,so i'm going to,simply copy this button,and,simply duplicate it,and change the image,to apple,also i'm going to say sign in with,apple,next at the end of this div tag,we need to create a h5 tag,and here i'm going to say,or,and this way we create our input,validation okay,inputs i mean inputs,so next i'm going to create one d with a,class name box and i'll also add another,class called box2,inside this div i'm going to create a,form tag,so we don't need to add action because,we're not dealing with any php here,this idea i'm going to add my input and,the type is going to be,text also i'm going to change this one,to placeholder,we don't need to add id so just move id,that one and inside this placeholder i'm,going to add phone,we're going to add email,or we can say username,after this form tag we need to add a,button,for this button i'm going to give it a,class called,next,btn,also i'm going to say next,at the end of this give tag i'm going to,add a paragraph that says don't,have an,account don't have an account,so let's say like don't have an,account,and i'm going to add a,tag,that says and we'll add a text that says,sign sign up,so if you don't have an account you can,sign up okay,simply save your file,come back to the browser refresh it,now you can see we have our form but,this doesn't look,cool so we are going to add some styling,so by the way this is our twitter,sign-in sign-in page okay,so if you actually visit the twitter,sign up page you can if you try to log,in you'll see this same login form okay,so let's add some styling,simply before i do that we need to add,our next button here and for this button,i'll give it i'm going to add that text,that says forget password,okay,if you do if you log try to log in and,you don't forget your password,you can simply click this button,now let's add some styling,so i'll start with the body,for the body i'm going to add background,color,so you should be comma okay,so that's our background color next i'm,going to style my class containe

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How to Create a New Twitter Account (Bangla) | My Twitter Account | Login to Twitter 2022

How to Create a New Twitter Account (Bangla) | My Twitter Account | Login to Twitter 2022

Shimada development or microblogging,site twitter mission boro boro celebrity,or webshop addiction shaho ati bahar,Karthikeyan on aqui Mexico to Marta,otaku jalopy image until Opening,bharata-varsa its allow protein to eat,curry Alan Torrie Connor katana would,say Jorge Mischa bottom on Twitter at,the Egyptian shaba daba applica no,peaches have been children a scary video,today Connecticut away a pre-meeting,afternoon no 18 Newton Twitter account,called the Birdman boulders are,available in each at sea happy to the,Emery's second channel in luton borshu,critical not a subscribe for a past a,Kubelik on a preschool raccoon Jetta,Korea Marco no corroborative video,upload honey shamanic addictive on acne,I'll do the already subscribed court,again thank you so much,hi guys this is Cybermen Azim and,welcome back to my channel at skate,video today I'm a pro to move to bake,book if I'm wrong on the Twitter account,it will go dark when I'm on the Twitter,account a customization profile picture,that I put a cover picture shower on the,information given like as to my score,book then after the comedic he became,have a power to tell a tweet Corbin post,color Kittredge avocado creme wit a shop,key to a paddock a mystery to a,videotape water utility serve entre our,potable guna showroom to reality screen,Akiba variety Twitter account cool go,mandra pro 2 2 vector boxing a mythology, slash login a pitcher a,googly Gil just Twitter,nikla dictabird sunako-sama - l'chaim,login on twitter,it is knowledgeable same extra address a,personage Elizabeth so everyone I'm on,the couch a pro - moto a mother kiss,signup code table a Canon log in control,it up on to the account navigate our,shake heated up a log in portable burner,and she'd only a mother create code,table a blow to rectitude account suit,on I'm not a click create control no,charge for each other were a sign up for,Twitter sign up for Twitter issue a,predictor button I can a name phone,number,she gets a repeatedly use email address,Street disjunct out the Shakira theater,the birth date of birth in Peppa gulapa,Giga probate court album the pro to move,no American a model number leaky DTS are,a ser Addam yes I am eat a dish I want,Jody vector to tell account of saving,ham video description of a D&C about,Silas you can think I'm a gay polo court,the Baron so I meet up like a decorative,more like a coronet she just call our,parabola meet again stop Curitiba bar,delete Curitiba so then economy at a,phone number they change a phone number,table Ashiya procured it away after,parcels a phone number to use : ever,make him valid phone number up on a,profit good hobby so you can I make a,phone number donítí Parker Aiken a date,of birth,I want John Moore saw DDT bad on,metallic Jetta he can return in the a,time of John motoric do do a tamil real,John mocha rigna I mean it a up a turkey,baguette see you can take camera Viktor,Bout Sanjay Jha assaulted freedom month,day ammonia tickets a to a canal mother,a to buckets H parameter next day next,to a shop or vector passenger customize,your experience,where you see Twitter content across the,web think I'd say it Ottoman xdd more,sign up it's reasonable you predict,about syndicate if a phone takes to your,verification code J number Tama decision,Umberto that was standard SMS fees may,apply you can okay need even ever upper,phony ACTA messes SB j phone number,table making it provide corrosion,already I'm a phony act a message to,relationship according to button evokes,a messenger a me act a verification code,paid see Shaco Takei a Kansas Tamra DD,chip,so I'm not Kotick a kind of boss even a,bow she's just taken under next to,eligible next to a char predictable,Sanjay you will need a password apply to,a password,the turban then I'm ready connect a,password DDT to a ton of other password,is Elam nahi next the password there,Capri amia brother Carradine is brutal,taxi share about say a peacock on,uppercu no account a password given a,peach Esther Corbin up mache accounter,pass or target we strongly cute color,take a say kitchen later I've been given,number one been tackling issues symbol,like been cage of character Ragman shop,key to minions in a that were a capital,letter in small later minions he may act,on password pretty good way not just,recover needed the information out say,Saguna prevent Korat gem on upper movin,number up nom baba my number she can,attack insha'Allah condom the episode,bear Corbin do the apnea Pacheco account,a haircut take a bath of the tongue it,actor extracted 0 so vulgar able Victor,box njpk profile picture have a favorite,selfie,upload it now it cannot forget the,profile picture rapid corrosion,impulsive Tommy do a picture set called,rickety it a DDT profile it after our,washing up at the Dexter Bill Ackman it,also computed the aperture value Kuhlman,mom I know up me and him have a cult,apartment Jodie Abner mobile AJ Kuno,browser a gay after day extrapolation,can adjust to tell look at me a keeper,begi

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Login With Twitter using Laravel Socialite

Login With Twitter using Laravel Socialite

hello everyone welcome back again,so in last episode i have i sent,my my application to twitter for,doing this episode because we will need,so first you will send your application,to twitter,then they will review it and if it's,approved,then you can create your application and,get,the token and the k secret any use case,for example we will use twitter with,laravel socialite so we can sign in,or register with twitter account,yeah i just got,a new email right now,yeah this is the email actually the,account application is approved and,now we can access to the laravel,actually twitter developer portal,so yeah here we go that's it,i did a few testing about because,twitter can't,accept the localhost 8000 so i,installed laravel valley to get this,pre-url,for those who doesn't know laravel,valley just go to laravel,andrew packages it's an official package,from laravel team this is,and load the installation,can just install php,if you have php actually this is for mac,and laravel value works i think just,only with macos,i don't know yeah so it's environment,for mac os minimalism,okay so and if you have a windows,machine,or something like this i suggest to use,laragon it's a,laragun it's good actually for,for windows users,it's work they have a lot of uh,of pre things just check it out,and you can go to download and yeah,once you can download the full version,uh or portable as you wish,here you will find a lot of things you,have,you can install uh for example in your,application just,a new a lot of an application and they,have many,other frameworks wordpress ruby on rails,django flask a lot of things,and you can have,this url like this for example or dot,dev,but i will use laravel body so yeah,here we go this is already the server is,running,and i can go to,the login page here we have only the,github and i will add new button for,twitter so let's go to the vs code,i will open my,code editor and so,i need the controller first so without,back again to this terminal let's create,a new controller,and thanks guys about your,support you can just subscribe in the,channel to get,new videos and also,there is some good courses,coming for example once i,finish it controller once i have,finished,this laravel socialite package mini,course,i will create the,something amazing from scratch with a,lot of vue.js,and thailand we will use some other,stock maybe,i will use graphql,yeah there is a lot of things i still,think about,for example clearing some,big applications and create,the most or if we don't say,old features but most of the,common features in that application we,may,use instagram,twitter or there is a lot of application,but i will think about it once i have,finished this,we will decide together if you have and,if you have any suggestions just leave,me a comment,and yeah hit that like button if you,like this content,so we have created the controller the,twitter will go,up http controllers and off,folder we have twitter controller,so yeah as we did in previous series,this this code right here you will find,this in the,first first episode,uh when we implement i think google,yeah so yeah i will just copy past,those two functions and i will go,through them,explain line by line so yeah copy this,actually okay,so we don't have any underlying issues,now,yeah the driver type is twitter,and as we see it in the previous episode,of,uh in guitar github i see that,if you have if you have multiple or,couples of providers,you don't need to replicate this code in,every controller just uh we will,if you don't have how to do this i will,do,the last video of the socialite package,i will,refactor this code so you don't need,you can just use this in once in,every controller so yeah that's it so we,have the handle github redirect,and handle github coolback i will name,this twitter,and by the way follow me on twitter,if you if you are using this uh,i it's actually laravel uh,io that's the username of our github,yeah so that's it so here in the in the,first,function of the direct we'll just,redirect to,this provider type,endpoint and then we will authorize,our twitter account to access or,our application to access our twitter,account and then once it's,authorized we will go to this function,this is actually the callback we use a,try and cache statement here,we have we will get the user if it's,successfully processed,we will get user from that provider and,in this case we have twitter,and we will check if the user already,existed,in our user table,with this auth id and auth type,this you may for example,you can add some validation uh on the,registration we said this before but,i i will not use this because i'm just,it's something easy to do with laravel,and yeah once we have the user existed,we will just,log in the user and redirect to,dashboard,otherwise we will create a new user with,those,informations that we get from that,provider,and yeah we will trigger this dispatch,event,this is coming from jitstream,and once we have this we will do,we'll c

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How to Create a Twitter Account

How to Create a Twitter Account

hi guys welcome to richard kabila,youtube channel and today's video,i will teach you how to create a twitter,account,in your mobile phones okay guys but,before we start,kindly subscribe to my youtube channel,by pressing the subscribe button and the,bell to notify you if i have new,videos okay guys let's start wait guys,the first things you can do,is go to your play store in your mobile,poll,if you don't have a twitter account,application go to play store,and search for twitter,and okay guys i have a twitter account,installed to my mobile phone if you,don't have a twitter account,click the install button,so okay guys after that guys if,the application are installed to your,mobile phone,okay go to twitter application,and okay guys here in your twitter app,you can see the create account buttons,okay,click this,and okay we have to create a twitter,account,create your accounts okay we need the,name of your account it's okay this is,uh example only,okay i put my name here and okay guys,the phone number and after,you put the phone number date of birth,click the date of birth so after you,click,the date of birth so you can adjust your,birthday date here below,it's okay example alright guys after you,enter the name number and your birthday,so okay click the next button,and alright guys customize your,experience track where you see twitter,content across the web,so okay click the next button below,and okay guys after that,you can see this sign up so click the,sign up button and the popup will show,and,okay we need to verify the phone number,so we'll text your verification code to,your numbers okay guys click okay,and we send you a code so okay,you can receive a code from twitter,to your mobile number or,phone number okay guys after you enter,the,code from your phone number so you'll,have to do is click next button,all right guys we need to enter or,create a password so make sure it's 8,character and more,alright guys after you enter your,password click the next button on the,lower right side on your screen,okay guys pick a profile picture it's,okay,if you don't have ready a proper picture,so you can click skip now,and okay guys describe your bio,it's okay this is uh,example only,okay guys after that click next or,skip now okay guys connect your address,book,to find people let me know on twitter,okay guys you can sync your contact or,you can click not now,which language do you speak it's okay,i select english and after that guys,click the next button on the lower right,side on your screen,all right guys what are you interested,in,so okay you can skip,this option it's okay skip,and okay guys after that suggestion for,you,to follow so okay click next,and okay guys welcome to twitter so okay,guys we have successfully,create your twitter account using your,mobile phone so okay guys that's it and,if you have a question kindly comment,below and don't forget to hit the,subscribe button and the bell to notify,you if i have new,videos sophie guys thank you for,watching

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Twitter Login | Login Help | Sign In

Twitter Login | Login Help | Sign In

hello there welcome back to our channel,on today's video tutorial I'm going to,show you how you can log into your,Twitter account so today is a quite,popular social network just like,Facebook you can find a lots of,influential people celebrities,politicians and lots of amazing content,on Twitter so once you have an account,you can simply log into your Twitter and,you can start using ok so without any,delay let's get started,so you can type on your web,browser or you can simply search for,that and click the first link so this is,the page that will open once you type, and on the top right you can,see the log in also you can see in the,sign up and yeah so these are the,options that are available on this,default home page of Twitter so we are,good trying to log in right so I'll,simply click on this so on the next page,you have to enter your login details so,you can see the the two have three,different options you can enter your,phone you can enter your email or even,you can enter your username as well I,have created my account using an email,then I picked up my username while,creating my account then password and,then I was able to create a Twitter,account but the case might be different,for you such as you have created your,account using phone so in this case what,you can do is you can simply enter your,phone then your password and then you,can just hit this login all right cool,so let's get started so I will simply,enter my login details and I'll just hit,login,you,so I have entered my username and then,password or instead of this you can just,simply enter your email or you can phone,as well so once you entered these,details both correctly and you can,simply click on this login option so,within a second you'd be able to you,would be able to logged in now this is,kind of a Twitter feed and yeah what's,trending hobbies and if I click on this,I would be able to browse all the tweets,from this particular interest and so,this is the basically the Twitter feed,that will come after your login yeah,it's quite simple if you click on this,you can logout from your account right,here I can add another account yeah so,what we did is we just go through, we enter our login detail,and we were able to login to our Twitter,account thank you so much for watching

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Log In with Twitter OAuth2 with React and NodeJS

Log In with Twitter OAuth2 with React and NodeJS

hey writings here let's add the guinness,twitter to a react app with node.js back,end first you'll go to the twitter,developer portal and choose oauth2,redirect urls require https so if you,want to test everything locally you can,use and rock tunnels i didn't do it but,instead went straight to the production,finally you should set the website url,here i have the signings twitter link to,open the twitter off page to construct,this url i use the get twitter auth url,function it adds our app specific,parameters to the twitter autoright,endpoint here we set the response type,take that video client id from,environment variables you can find it in,the developer portal a path redirect uri,from arguments and set scopes,the state parameter is a random string,you provide to verify against csrf,attacks,then we have two pkca parameters you can,read more on that if you want to provide,an extra level of security but twitter,or auth will also work if you won't pay,attention to them for now we can assign,random string to the code challenge,parameter the get url with query params,helper will convert parameters to an,encoded string and will attach it to the,base url after the user finishes,everything on the twitter page they will,appear on the redirect uri it's a page,in our react app that will take care of,finishing of the authorization flow,my app also has other or sign-in options,therefore first i will take shared query,parameters using the third query,parameters function it will get the,query scene from the windows location,and convert it to an object using query,string to object util the provider and,destination parameters are specific to,my app and i put them as a part of the,redirect uri if you have only twitter,auth you will extract only code and,state parameters,after that i query my node.js graphql,api to finish identification if,everything is alright i should receive,agility token with a response send it to,local search and i'm good to go my,backend is an apollo server and here we,have a query for sign interviews oauth,first we'll validate the user with the,get validate user function,it has a record with validators and one,of them is validate with twitter twitter,provides a typescript sdk and we can,take advantage of that,first we initialize a client it should,have the same scopes we set on the front,end to set the code challenge we need to,call the generate our url method it's a,bit weird but at the moment of recording,as a kid doesn't provide any other ways,to accomplish that,after that we should be able to request,our token to validate the user we can,call the find my user method which,returns information about the user,the huge client is the twitter api to,does not give access to user email it's,a bit crucial for my app so most likely,i will not use twitter authorization,until they add a way to get the user's,email,once i validate the user i would use the,generate or data util to create a dvt,token and set it to the client,that's all stay productive

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[C-LOG] HJ'S Holiday Vlog #1 (형준이의 휴가로그 #1) l CRAVITY (크래비티)

[C-LOG] HJ'S Holiday Vlog #1 (형준이의 휴가로그 #1) l CRAVITY (크래비티)

I'm going to Tongyeong, today.,Mom!,Isn't it cute?,I lied down on my bed after dinner.,- Okay, bye. - Okay.,- Goodnight - Goodnight,How long does it take to get there?,What? What?,What?,Take me with you!,Flower market!,It's a lot of flowers.,Where are we going?,What is this?,Hello.,I'm going to Tongyeong, today.,I'm at Gyeongbu Express Bus Terminal at the moment,and it is,5:45 right now.,I was supposed to take the 5:30 bus at Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal,but I missed it!,I had to rush here,,and booked a bus leaving at 6:30,so here I come!, It's December 1st, today,and it was my birthday yesterday.,I happened to have some time,to go see my family!,I was going to film inside,,but if I go inside,I can't because I'm too shy.,There are way too many people.,I still have 35 minutes left.,What am I going to do for 35 minutes.,I love the cold air these days.,Can you see my breath?,Well, see you in Tongyeong.,Bye!,Why is my luggage so heavy..?,It's HYEONGJUN inside HYEONGJUN inside HYEONGJUN.,I just arrived in front of my house., You scared me, Nari.,Nari...,Mom!,Nari, it's your brother!,Nari., Mom, how did Nari gain so much weight?,- Is it her hair? - She's not fat, her hair grew., Nari, come in., - Nari - It's your brother!, My familiar house!,Hello, Nari,Come here!,How did she grow so much hair, mom?,Nari, say hi.,You're super popular, now.,To my LUVITY.,I just slept.,- You slept? - Yes.,The contacts rotated.,It fell off., I think it was too dry., Why were there contacts in my pocket., Sister., Nari!,Hi!,Sister!,Sister!,Who am I talking to.,- Sister! - Why., - Where's the big sister? - She'll come in after a phone call.,Nari.,You came to take this...,What are you doing tomorrow?,I'm going to a flower market with my big sister.,You, too? In the morning?, You're going, too?, Yes.,Do we need 3 people?,She said she's leaving at 8 in the morning.,- At 8? - Yes.,That's late.,You're also going?,Should we go to Geoje after?,No, I'll be arranging flowers at her store after!,Let's go after!,No, I'm sorry. I have a dinner plan after.,Before your dinner.,I have a birthday party.,You're not supposed to have a belated birthday party.,You don't even have friends to have a party with.,I'm having one with the family.,With your family?,How come I was never invited?,I told your sister., Where was my invite?,Nari, are you invited?, You're not, right?,I told her we should go to a steak or pasta place.,But before you go there,,- I thought it would be nice to visit Windy Hill or something. - Oh? Okay., What is Windy Hill?,You are upsetting people from Geoje, right now.,I'm not from Geoje, how would I know what Windy Hill is?,You have to think of Windy Hill as soon as you hear Geoje.,Do you even know Seoul's Forest in Seoul?,Seoul? Gyeongbokgung!, No, Seoul's Forest.,- I know Seoul's Forest. - Where is it.,Isn't it something like Sharosugil?,Whatever., Hi, what are you wearing?,It's too cold outside.,Isn't it cute?, ,Do you have more pillows?, Do you want more pillows? Do you want something high?,I just need something soft.,I lied down after dinner.,What?, I like this., ,What do you want!,Hey!, ,Are you in Tongyeong?,Yes.,- Are you filming? - Yes,Why?,For my vlog.,Okay!,Okay, bye.,Okay!,Try this ramyeon pancake, it's so good. Hurry up!,- Nope! - Come out already.,No.,This is the dish I can make the best, trust me.,Ramyeon pancake?,Who makes pancakes with ramyeon.,Come here, already.,You are upsetting 100 people,who like ramyeon pancake, right now.,Who are those 100 people.,(Well) Me.,4 of my friends.,I secured 5 people already, come here., Can you just bring it here?,Come here.,I'm too full for a ramyeon pancake.,Just come.,I'll be back.,I'll be back.,Let me see what ramyeon pancake is!, Oh, it's so good!,Wow!,- I know, right? - Yes!,Ramyeon pancake is so delicious.,LUVITY, you have to make ramyeon pancake at home., Is ramyeon pancake even a real thing?,It is real., It's so good.,I was full., I got the water ready, go take a shower.,I don't want to.,You have to take a shower., Go take a shower and then lie down.,I'll be back., I'm back,What time are you waking up? Big sister!,She is leaving at 8.,- So we're leaving the house at 8? - You leave at 8.,That's so early.,She will be late if she leaves at 8.,- Really? - She usually leaves at 6., - To the flower market? - Yes.,It opens at 8.,I'll set an alarm., - Goodnight. - Goodnight.,- Why? Do you want me to turn it back on? - Yes, Actually, I think I'm still visible.,- I love you - I love you, Goodnight, cutie pie.,Goodnight, mommy., Sweet dreams.,Goodnight., It's 10:36, right now.,- We overslept. - The Song sisters,I mean Song siblings,said...,we would leave the house at 8AM,,but we all overslept,all three of us did,so we rushed out in the morning.,You couldn't wake up, right?,I woke up on time.,- Why did you go back to sleep? - I couldn't beat the temptation of my bed.,I'm sure she overslept, How long does it take to get there?,1 and a half hours.,What? Where are we going?,- Busan! - What?, -

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Twitter: Fix "Something went wrong" loop | Logout\Login error fix

Twitter: Fix "Something went wrong" loop | Logout\Login error fix

what's up my name is technova here for,troubleshoot and welcome back to another,video in today's video i've got,something a little bit different,basically i use twitter once in a while,i don't really live there but an issue i,do have sometimes is rather annoying,basically i'll head across to, and as soon as i get here,i'll be presented with this error page,upon clicking refresh nothing happens,refresh in the top left nothing happens,log out sometimes it works sometimes it,doesn't and you just sort of get stuck,in that loop for now i'll go ahead and,log in and we'll see if it works ah yes,it worked this time though sometimes it,doesn't really sometimes clicking the,logout button doesn't help or you do,eventually log in and you get stuck,right back in the same loop what can we,do to try and fix it well of course,assuming you see a log out button and,you can click it hopefully it'll work,and you'll end up in the place that i,ended up with everything working,properly again but if you don't and,you're still stuck in some kind of loop,on twitter the simplest thing to do is,to clear the cookies for the current,page that you're on which,will in turn log you out and hopefully,get rid of that error completely to do,this if you're inside of chrome right,click and click inspect then when you,see this new window over here click the,application tab at the very top you may,have to click the arrows over here to,find it in the drop down list if it's,not showing at the very top of your,screen then expand local storage and,click on inside of here,select the first item and then just tap,delete until everything is gone from the,list do the same for session storage,we'll click at the top and tap delete,then we'll head across to cookies and do,the same here we'll start at the top and,tap delete until we reach the very,bottom this time when we refresh twitter,or at least go to you'll see,that we're logged out and we're asked to,start anew i'll go ahead and sign in and,everything goes back to normal if you're,using something like firefox opera or,anything else like that you'll find it,in a very similar tab it may not be,named application but it should be,somewhere like that something else that,can help is disabling ad blockers,tracking blockers cookie blockers etc,etc i use privacy badger and sometimes,disabling it on twitter helps the issue,same thing goes for adblock plus and any,other ad block plugins you may have,installed it's very odd and rather,annoying when you do get stuck in these,loops but following the simple guide,should help you get out of the loops and,back to using twitter as normal now of,course this can happen on other websites,and it's not exactly guaranteed to work,the same way it could be an issue with,the actual website itself but if it's an,issue with the cookie on your computer a,time mismatch or something like that,this is usually the simplest way of,fixing the issue completely it's not,just a band-aid fix logging in,completely from a what looks like a new,fresh browser should help fix the issue,pretty much permanently until it happens,again sometime in the future but anyways,that's about it for this video thank you,for watching my name has been techno,before troubleshoot and i'll see you all,next time ciao

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