twitter locks trump account

Twitter permanently bans Trump's accountwhat's always been donald trump's,megaphone,now silenced his

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Twitter permanently bans Trump's account

what's always been donald trump's,megaphone,now silenced his personal twitter,account permanently suspended the,company says,due to the risk of further incitement of,violence,he responded using the official,presidential account,accusing twitter of banning free speech,and trying to silence him,those tweets were removed the ground is,shifting,in american politics so help me god,congratulations mr president this,tradition of the transition of power the,handshake between incoming and outgoing,presidents,will be missing this year trump will,skip the inauguration,and the next president is pretty happy,with that,one of the few things he and i have ever,agreed on,it's a good thing him not showing up,he's been an embarrassment,to the country embarrassed us around the,world,not worthy not worthy to hold that,office,if we were six months out we should be,moving everything,to get him out of office and teaching,him again,invoke trying to invoke the 25th,amendment whatever it took,to get him out of office but i am,focused now,on us taking control however little time,is left congress is pushing ahead,with impeaching trump for the second,time a vote,likely next week and almost certain to,succeed,so we can have a little asterisk in,history he's always wanted to do stuff,that's never been done before,there's never been a president impeach,twice before,so let's impeach him give him what he,wants,even after this belated concession my,focus now turns to ensuring a smooth,orderly and seamless transition of power,the pressure mounts to round off a week,that's defied belief,how about this from the speaker of the,house nancy pelosi on her conversation,with the head of the military,to discuss the available precautions for,preventing an unstable president,from initiating military hostilities or,accessing the launch codes and ordering,a nuclear strike,the situation of this unhinged president,could not be more dangerous,she wrote where protesters brought chaos,on wednesday,the preparations for the inauguration,have now resumed the question is what,donald trump's absence from this,inauguration stage,says to america is it the action of a,man who truly does now believe that joe,biden is the legitimate next president,or does it encourage those who've,already been mobilized,into action by his words the flag at the,capitol flies at half-mast in honour of,police officer brian siknik,killed in the mayhem on wednesday a,murder inquiry,has now begun,america is a very different place from,the one that witnessed the last,changeover in the white house,trump's time is running out and the,reality tv president will want to make,sure he remains the star of this show,until the very end greg milam sky news,washington

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Donald Trump: Facebook and Twitter restrict the president’s accounts - BBC Newsnight

Donald Trump: Facebook and Twitter restrict the president’s accounts - BBC Newsnight

he can't hold his rallies anymore,and his convention plans are in tatters,even the once reliable fox news is now,often critical,and he had to abandon his daily white,house coveted press conferences,when his sometimes bizarre remarks saw,his approval ratings plummet,supposing we hit the body with a,tremendous,uh whether it's ultraviolet or just very,powerful light,which left this social media as the,president's last remaining means of,getting his message,unmediated into american homes,if the twitter president can't tweet,what he wants,if his campaign can't post freely on,facebook well,it could put a huge dent in his chances,last night both twitter and facebook,took action against a posting from the,trump campaign,that contained this excerpt from a trump,interview,if you look at children children are,almost and i would almost say,definitely but almost immune from this,disease,and now one of the more well-known,washington national,fans this,directly contradicts official medical,advice from america's top immunologist,do children get infected yes they do,have hundreds of thousands of children,been,infected,twitter put a hold on the trump,campaign's account saying they could not,tweet again,until they removed the video the man who,introduced donald trump to twitter 11,years ago,is not surprised that the campaign very,quickly complied,they're not going to want to lose that,communication which has been very,effective for them obviously,uh so i think they'll figure it out,they'll figure out a way to,comply and work around it it's just to,become too powerful of a tool,for him personally and for his campaign,and and,a way for him to really communicate,directly to his face,this is the first time facebook has,taken such action against the president,in a statement they said this video,includes false claims that a group of,people,is immune from covid19 which is a,violation of our policies,around harmful covid misinformation the,trump campaign has accused the social,media companies,of becoming political activists mark,zuckerberg the ceo of facebook has,talked about this,he doesn't want to be the arbiter of,truth he doesn't think you know social,media companies should be playing that,role but like it or not they,are playing that role they have this,enormous amount of power in terms of,what the rules of the road are what they,allow politicians to say what people get,to hear,and it puts them in a really difficult,place thank you very much we're here,today to defend free speech from one of,the gravest dangers,it is faced in american history frankly,the president has previously promised to,hit back at the social media companies,even signing,an executive order the truth is he lacks,the power to do much on his own,before the election,now i'm joined by jeff flake who was the,republican senator for arizona until,2019 and was one of the few vocal,critics,of the president within the republican,party good evening,thanks for having me on what do you make,of the decision by,facebook and twitter,well i'm frankly pretty sympathetic to,mark zuckerberg's uh,statement months ago that he didn't want,to be didn't want facebook to be the,arbiter of truth once you go down that,road it's it's really difficult to get,back,so i'm not exactly sure how they'll go,forward with this,but you know when there are issues of,public safety,as as with the coronavirus and,statements by the president,might induce people to do things that,simply aren't good,i can see why they feel they have to go,that direction but,it's going to be a tough policy to,maintain or to or to get right,frankly it just seems also quite odd,because the clip was from,a news outlet it was from fox news and,in a sense that's gone out on on,television already and if the challenge,was going to be made it should have been,made by one of the journalists there but,now it's being,effectively edited by facebook i mean,who is really keeping donald trump,held to account as far as you're,concerned well frankly,if the trump campaign believes that,facebook is,doing them harm by not promoting this,i think they're wrong frankly facebook,is probably doing,the trump campaign a favor by keeping,this off the air,it does excite his base but it moves,independence and moderates further away,from it,so i in terms of what it does,electorally,i'm not sure that it really hurts the,president that much,i just don't know how do you maintain,this once we have a new president,uh i mean how do you go on and become,the arbiter,of truth as a social media platform it's,just,too difficult to do at a time where you,talk about an election coming up and,also,public safety i wonder how embarrassed,are you that republicans including in,your own home state,are politicizing covid19 for instance,encouraging people to break,lockdown rules well it's not good for,the republican party,it's not good for the population uh,voters uh citizens,or anything but just in terms of what,it's doing to the party,it's killing us as republicans we ju

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Twitter bans Trump's personal account permanently

Twitter bans Trump's personal account permanently

president trump fighting for his,political legacy as new questions,surface over his fitness for office in,the final 11 days of his presidency,mr trump lost his primary megaphone,overnight when twitter permanently shut,down his personal account,breaking off his connection to nearly 90,million followers,they also suspended one used by his,campaign this is calls from both,democrats and some republicans intensify,for the president to resign or face a,potential,second impeachment for inciting,wednesday's deadly storming of the u.s,capitol paula reed begins our coverage,at the white house this morning paula,good morning,good morning jeff multiple sources tell,cbs news president trump,will not resign and as momentum builds,on the hill to impeach him for a second,time,he's been banned from twitter the,platform he used to attack his political,enemies,often defend himself and he is even,credited with helping him win the white,house,in 2016. at real donald trump has,tweeted for the last time,late friday the president's preferred,social media platform,banned him in a statement the company,said the decision,was due to the risk of further,incitement of violence,the move came as extremist groups are,calling for,another round of attacks on washington,and,state capitals on january 17th,the president responded using an,official at potus account,tweeting a lengthy statement where he,declared we will not be silenced,twitter swiftly deleted those tweets and,said further use of that account,will be limited with just 11 days left,of his presidency,house speaker nancy pelosi called for,president trump to immediately,resign otherwise she said she is,prepared to move forward,with 25th amendment legislation and,a motion for impeachment the draft,article of impeachment,incitement of insurrection alleges that,president trump's conduct on wednesday,gravely endangered the security of the,united states,he would be the first president to be,impeached twice,but some republicans believe there just,isn't enough time,i've got enough decisions to make about,things that can happen rather than to,spend,time on things that can't happen the,final decision about whether to hold an,impeachment vote next week,will come from speaker pelosi who spoke,to 60 minutes as leslie stahl,on friday is anybody running the,executive branch,of the government who is running the,executive sadly the person who's running,executive branch,is a deranged unhinged dangerous,president of the united states and only,a number of days,until we can be protected from him,but he has done something so serious,that there should be prosecution against,him,cbs news has learned that republicans,are increasingly under pressure,to support this impeachment effort and,defend their institution against this,unprecedented attack cbs news has,obtained,this memo from the office of senate,majority leader mitch mcconnell,it lays out a timeline for a possible,senate impeachment trial,but because the senate does not resume,substantive business until january 19th,the first day this trial could even,potentially begin will be the day before,the inauguration,of president-elect joe biden dana all,right paula we will all be watching,thank you

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Twitter locks out top journalists covering Elon Musk - BBC News

Twitter locks out top journalists covering Elon Musk - BBC News

Twitter has suspended the accounts of,several journalists working for,high-profile Outlets most had written,critically about the Takeover of the,firm by Elon Musk and some had tweeted,about an account that tracked the,movement of the Billionaire's private,jet our reporter Tom Brader hasmore,this is the the latest Twitter debacle,which is basically putting a spotlight,on what is a very fine line between,moderating content on the platform and,what a lot of people would say,essentially amounts to censorship so in,the past 24 hours there have been a,flurry of suspensions targeting,specifically journalists and their,journalists from a range of high-profile,organizations CNN Mashable Washington,Post New York Times and also some,independent journalists and just to give,you an example I should be able to show,you one account if you search for Ryan,Mack for example who is a New York Times,uh Tech reporter all that you will see,when you look for him is this rather,ominous screen saying that his account,has been suspended and to understand why,this is happening you don't need to look,much further than what Mr Elon Musk,himself has been tweeting over the past,few hours and what he's written is this,criticizing me all day long is totally,fine but doxing my real-time location,and endangering my family is not,well I'm joined Now by Mashable reporter,Matt binder who's one of the journalists,band from Twitter,um Matt for what will you banned do you,think,I truthfully don't know I'm I'm racking,my brain to try to figure out what uh,could have possibly uh broken Twitter's,policies and and I'm coming up with,nothing honestly I added the elon's jet,Twitter account the one that was,tracking his uh uh you know his his,private plane but that was when it was,already suspended and I just added it,right on the platform so I mean it was,just basically pointing that oh look,this account was suspended have you been,critical of his leadership,I have um you know I've posted uh in on,both Twitter and in my reporting for,Mashable about how you know I I think he,came in with a a big ideals and he,hasn't delivered on any of them in fact,in in some ways uh what he said he was,gonna go uh and do with Twitter he's,done quite the opposite it's rather,hypocritical so what do you think,Twitter is now becoming,I mean just clearly from day one you,could see that he was uh basically,serving a very specific type of uh,Twitter user he is constantly replying,to the complaints and the requests from,right wing Twitter users and that's fine,if you'd like if that's what he wants to,turn his platform into but he says he he,does this while uh you know saying he's,neutral and he's looking for it to be a,free speech platform to anyone for,anyone to use and what will you do now,will you request to be reinstated or,would you um take your comments,elsewhere,well it appears there is a a Twitter,poll on his account right now and he's,done this before where he's pulled the,uh Twitter uh users what what they want,to see and you know it looks like maybe,he'll listen to it this time I'm not,sure but Twitter really is the platform,for uh political and uh you know news,media and uh you know it is a major,platform for me too if I'm banned it's,his platform he could do what he'd like,I'll go somewhere else and if I'm I'm,unsuspended and brought back I'll,continue to do uh the reporting that I,do on the platform and critiquing musk,well within Twitter's policies,for journalists like you how important,is Twitter as an outlet,oh it's a very important platform,unfortunately none of the other,platforms have substituted Twitter I,mean there are great platforms out there,anywhere from uh YouTube Instagram Tick,Tock their major platforms but the issue,with that is you need to take the time,to film a video or post a picture the,good thing about Twitter is I could,literally open it up at any time and,comment on a story uh say something,about you know a news item that I just,came across or share my own piece uh in,in really just a couple of seconds you,would accept though that,um that tracking a private plane is,probably not,um helpful in terms of Elon Musk his,safety and his security and that of his,family too,well I mean he is a very uh wealthy,individual he certainly can afford uh,all the things that come with being a,very very public figure such as you know,security and uh measures that need to be,taken,um it's unfortunate that there are,people out there who would do something,uh to really uh anybody and I abhor any,actions that have been taken against,musk and his family,um but this is uh by his own uh previous,tweets where he said he wouldn't shut,down an account like that because it is,free speech essentially he's going,against what he previously said not,Bender thank you very much indeed

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Twitter shuts down Trump’s account

Twitter shuts down Trump’s account

we want to go now to our white house,investigative producer john santucci,maybe the person who knows president,trump best within the abc news,organization,spent the most time with him covered his,campaign covered his presidency,john what did you learn today about our,president,i learned that while most of us were,watching television,horrified whether it be in our homes for,the people that do get to go to work,those of you that have actually been in,the abc building today,as those of us working from home tom,donald trump was doing,pretty much the exact same thing he was,vacillating between the oval office,um and the private dining room which is,just off the oval,watching coverage for a president that,as we've reported and you know as well,as i do tom,loves to be on the phone loved taking,phone calls loved making phone calls,he avoided phone calls for the most part,i mean chris christie said that on our,air but i'm told by,multiple sources and allies close to the,president they could not get through to,the commander-in-chief today,and their calls were pretty much all,going to be identical tom,imploring him to get out there to do,something and to say something,the most interesting thing though is,that you know in the early days of the,trump white house the place was,humming you you couldn't go around the,corner without seeing,somebody some aid some group of people,gathering,and not because of the covet crisis has,there been,a change of tune if you will but it's,because most people have just given up,many staffers are not going to work,especially today,several people that i know very well,openly told me they were physically not,going to go into the building today,because they wanted to avoid being near,the president and,because they knew that this was,potentially going to be a day surrounded,by multiple protests and violence which,obviously we've seen,play out but i think you know of all the,things that i think are the most,stunning,i think you're constantly amazed by this,president in so many ways but the fact,that,he was not uh upset by this you know,john carl touched on us a bit,in some ways you have to imagine he,might have enjoyed parts of it it was,his,people coming to washington he had a big,crowd on the mall he didn't have it four,years ago,for his inauguration celebration but he,got that today,and there was clearly a long lapse of,time,between when things were already violent,and and,when he starts tweeting and finally,addressing his supporters john final,question to you as we see images of,vice president mike pence and the,president right here where does that,relationship stand,at this hour oh dead buried over,forget about it tom i mean that was one,person that i never,thought you would see daylight between,but i had one person,tell me earlier this morning before we,knew where this day was going to go,mike pence was going to do the right,thing today and that donald trump would,destroy him for it and you've seen that,in our reporting you've seen that in,some of the tweets but you know,frankly what's most interesting tom is,that as we've seen,so few people in and around the white,house these days,you're getting that real-time thought,process from the president well,we just learned via rebecca jarvis that,we're kind of going to be in dark here,for about 12 hours,because twitter has shut down president,trump's lifeline they have pulled the,batteries from his megaphone as he is,suspended from twitter,so i don't know how we're really going,to get a sense of what this president's,thinking,maybe he'll end up calling into fox news,but he is very much avoided,coming out and saying anything beyond,twitter,john santucci john carl the two johns,for us covering president trump,we thank you both lindsey hi everyone,george stephanopoulos here thanks for,checking out the abc news youtube,channel,if you'd like to get more videos show,highlights and watch live event coverage,click on the right over here to,subscribe to our channel and don't,forget to download the abc news app for,breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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Twitter suspends Trump's account for 12 hours

Twitter suspends Trump's account for 12 hours

sadly we know that a woman was shot and,killed in the course of the chaos,at the united states capital today,joining us now house minority leader,kevin mccarthy who was inside,the capitol as this unfolded in fact we,were speaking with bill hemmer this,afternoon and you were,relaying this to bill and and uh you,could hear,leader mccarthy the shock and the,camera is just fear in your voice of,what was happening,at that time can you tell us more about,that tonight,well this was the worst we've seen of,america this afternoon,now hopefully tonight you'll see the,very best of what democracy and our,constitution tells us when we get back,to work,but this is unacceptable and i think for,the heart of every american we have to,take,a pause and we have to realize what has,gone on for the last couple of years the,anger we've had to one another,if somebody disagrees with one another,we are so much,better than what transpired today and i,i would hope,we'd take this moment to start to heal,and unite the nation together,we can disagree we can protest but not,what transpired today,a woman lost her life people were,scaling walls,people were breaking the symbol of,democracy into the capitol,it was appalling to see it was,the saddest moment i've ever had as a,member of congress and we are so much,better than what today displayed to the,world,so we watched the president earlier at,the rally,and he was telling everyone that the,election had been stolen that he had won,in a landslide,and that you know important things were,going to happen that he wanted vice,president pence to do the right thing,and then we heard that vice president,pence said you know i have analyzed this,in every way i can and my job is to,oversee and preside over the,certification of these states vote,and i heard one man who was walking,along the street with our griff jenkins,and he said yeah i just heard,i just heard that you know vice,president pence is not going to,overthrow this election um,you know what do you what do you think,of the of what the president said today,to the people there and,and of what transpired after that and,what they were so upset about,well people could be upset about an,election but you don't go to this,direction,this is way too far we can have a debate,where we can disagree we can have a,debate about election integrity we can,fix the problems that we have going,forward,but not in a display that took place,today,i want to get back in that chamber,tonight to show that that mob,cannot control this government that we,are so much better than what transpired,and will show what democracy looks like,to the rest of the world,that we could have a transfer of power,peacefully like we've done,every year before and we will debate,issues,but we will not act this way so you,spoke with the president several times,today what can you tell us how can you,characterize what he was thinking,and feeling as he was watching all of,this we saw the video,he again came out and talked about his,landslide win and he said you know that,he loved the people that were out there,and he wanted them to go home and then,he tweeted you know everyone remember,this day with an exclamation point,what do you think about all of that,i remember the day for a different point,i remember the day as a low point,um i hope this day changes the course of,history i hope this day,unites one another i mean if we all,think for one moment we all have a,responsibility as americans,we may disagree with somebody but think,about what you say on social media,think about what you talk about one,another did you lose a friend because,somebody else won an election,can't we respect the differences of,opinion i mean,that's the uniqueness of who we are that,is why we are the beacon of freedom for,the rest of the world,today was not that day but we can be and,should be,um and we'll have debates but in this,election,we do our very best we know there's,challenges in election we know there's,challenges about the integrity,we fix that we fix that through the,process that we all respect through a,constitution,not not through arms not through,breaking in not through intimidating,where a person ended up dying today,where the capitol police there are,broken bones,there are injuries with others defending,the nation's capital,from americans that's what's wrong and,that's what has to change,um i was just told that twitter has uh,suspended the president's account for,12 hours and they marked it with,violating the course of history,you've had a lot to say about twitter,and facebook and they have um,you know wielded their power in a number,of ways uh what do you say to to that,move this evening,violating civil integrity excuse me that,was a phrase,i think that bill i think that builds up,to everything else i mean that's why,everybody has responsibility in here,do you deny a person a voice do you,judge them based upon their opinion,you know we created a nation because we,believe in the first amendment it's the,very

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Twitter blocks Donald Trump's account, threatens permanent ban over inciting violence | World News

Twitter blocks Donald Trump's account, threatens permanent ban over inciting violence | World News

let's begin this bulletin now by getting,you all the updates about the chaos and,violence which unfolded in washington dc,we saw violence tear gas bullets and,fire all reported in the u.s capitol,hill in washington d.c,rioters overwhelmed the capitol police,and stormed the congress building,the pro-trump supporters were trying to,interrupt the certification of joe,biden's electoral college bin,but the interruption through the u.s,capitol into a deadly spiral of chaos,and violence,lawmakers staff and reporters were,forced to shelter in place and several,house office buildings were evacuated,due to potential bomb threats vice,president mike pence was also pulled,from the senate chamber,but the situation quickly spun out of,control as protesters breached the,capital,entering the senate chamber and,streaming through the statutory hall,one man even sat in the very seat that,pence had been,sitting in just a few minutes before,while another was in speaker nancy,pelosi's office,lawmakers reporters and staffers,sheltered throughout the building as,pro-trump rioters banged on doors and,shouted slogans,at one point gunfire was heard inside,the capital,as capital police officers barricaded,the doors to the house chamber,the police later confirmed one person,was shot and killed,although the circumstances of that,shooting have yet to be released,tear gas was also deployed and an,improvised explosive device was found on,the capitol grounds,and by mid-afternoon the national guard,was called up to help suppress the,unrest,nearly two hours after the first reports,of the breach,what unfolded at capitol hill was a,culmination of months of trump's tweets,and a speech right before the violence,erupted listen to this,all of us here today do not want to see,our election victory stolen by,emboldened radical left democrats which,is what they're doing,and stolen by the fake news media that's,what they've done and what they're doing,we will never give up we will never,concede it doesn't happen you don't,concede when there's theft involved,our country has had enough we will not,take it anymore and that's what this is,all about,world leaders the nato chief and his own,team members reacted to this brazen,display of anarchy on american soil,members of the u.s congress also called,on donald trump to stop the rioters,after much chaos and violence trump,finally said this,this was a fraudulent election but we,can't,play into the hands of these people,we have to have peace so go home,we love you you're very special you've,seen what happens,you see the way others are treated that,are so bad,and so evil i know how you feel,but go home and go home at peace,president-elect joe biden described the,chaos as an unprecedented assault of,american undertakings,he also said that the authorities,struggled to take control of a chaotic,situation at the capitol,that led to the evacuation of lawmakers,let me be very clear the scenes of chaos,of the capital,do not reflect a true america,do not represent who we are,what we're seeing are a small number of,extremists,dedicated to lawlessness this is not,dissent,it's disorder it's chaos,it borders on sedition and it must,end now we are also getting reports that,twitter has now blocked donald trump's,account for 12 hours,as of now and instagram will also be,blocking donald trump's account for a,period of 24 hours,we are now being joined live by,international affairs expert,stephen golub from california stephen,let's start our discussion by talking,about the constitutional course that,these events will eventually take,many trump staffers are planning to,resign while others are planning to,invoke the 25th amendment to remove,trump from office,tell us more about the same well,uh i'll i'll get to that in just a,moment the biggest,news the reason why we're talking about,invoking the 25th amendment,which entitles the vice president and,the majority of the cabinet basically to,remove the president from office,is because the president of the united,states is deranged and dangerous,he's always been an unstable personality,he's always been,intensely narcissistic according to,many reports even psychopathic in some,of the ways he views the world he,relates to the world,but it's really been ramped up recently,since his loss,there are reports from cnn and other,sources,of his own loyalists his own staff,saying that he's,lost it that he's ranting and raving,that he's out of control,in other words he's dangerous and what,that could mean on the international,stage or in terms of fomenting,more violence in the us is really really,frightening as to uh your question,uh there are two ways of possibly,removing him now one is impeachment,the house of representatives would vote,uh by majority,to remove him from office but then it,would really trigger a trial in the,senate,that would involve a two-thirds vote,it's possible that it's conceivable that,all that could happen,but that would be an unwieldy process,and whether the republican-cont

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Trump vs. Twitter

Trump vs. Twitter

because we today we celebrate one of our,most cherished holidays in this country,today is 7-eleven also known as free,Slurpee day you know any day can be free,Slurpee day if you drink them fast,enough,people love this holiday they've been,doing this for 17 years now and it's,much more popular than 711s other big,promotional holiday free tiny wrinkled,hotdogs that's been sitting out since,the Bush administration day I believe,that's October 8th but today is the day,today's the day you spent hours in line,waiting in line for a Slurpee for free,or you can pay a dollar any other day,get what I like two seconds but nothing,against Slurpees as a general rule I,don't drink anything that has the word,pee in it,we have a big-time show to celebrate,today the director of The Lion King and,friend of spider-man Jon Favreau is,your Cup winning USA soccer team two of,the most popular Americans in America,are here Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe,music from Keller Bennett you know the,president hasn't extended an invitation,yet to the women's soccer team to visit,the White House but today he rolled out,the orange carpet for a hangout with all,his favorite wing nuts,he held what he called a social media,summit at the White House today so he,invited a group of people that included,conspiracy theorists internet trolls q,and on followers all the worst people,who like their own posts all the worst,people on internet they haven't been,this many trolls in one room since the,table read for Lord of the Rings and,Trump notably did not invite Facebook or,Twitter to the summit because he claims,they're biased against him even though,they're a big reason why he got elected,without Twitter Trump would be a crazy,old man yelling at Busboys at mar-a-lago,right now but he doesn't trust them,because with all that's going on in the,world what the president seems most,concerned about is how many likes,he gets on Twitter when I put out,something a good one that people like,write good tweet it goes up it used to,go up it would say seven thousand seven,thousand eight seven thousand seventeen,seven thousand twenty four seven,thousand thirty two seven thousand forty,four right now it goes seven thousand,seven thousand eight six thousand nine,ninety-eight then they go seven thousand,nine six thousand seventy four I said,what's going on no it never did that,before it goes up and then they take it,down then it goes up I've never had that,this does anyone know what I'm talking,about with it,have you tried unplugging it and,plugging it back in because,and the Tropius thing is he claims,Twitter's got this conspiracy against,him so what does he do,today he tweets more than 20 times he's,a big subject today at the White House,social media summit will be the,tremendous dishonesty bias,discrimination and suppression practiced,by certain companies we will not let,them get away with it much longer,they will all be endorsing me at some,point one way or the other could you,imagine having sleepy Joe Biden or,Alfred E Newman or a very nervous and,skinny version of Pocahontas as your,president rather than what you have now,so great looking at smart a true stable,genius sound like someone's working on,his tinder profile to me but as far as,the election goes Republicans in,Congress met with administration,officials and they now say they're,confident that the election in 2020 will,be safe and secure from foreign,interference Senator Lindsey Graham said,he was very impressed by the,administration's plan for election,security and you know what if the people,with the most a gain from election,tampering say it's not a concern well,that's good enough for me these,Republicans in Congress are basically,the family that puts the ad t sticker on,the window of their house without,getting the alarm installed they're like,you know what the stranger things kids,already took care of the Russians if you,watch a new season you know so it's fine,you the last time Trump and Putin were,together they were giggling and,whispering in each other's ears I don't,think that's over eight US intelligence,agencies said Russia interfered in our,election the Republicans in Congress,know that we need legislation are,protecting itself but they can't say it,because daddy Donald takes it as an,insult he doesn't like to hear about,Russia interfering because it insinuates,he didn't win the election on his own so,what they're doing is nothing they will,do nothing and it will happen all over,again meanwhile vice president pence was,here in California last night he didn't,come to visit he's at Vandenberg Air,Force Base talking about,well his favorite subject President,Trump made it clear the time has come to,establish the sixth branch of our armed,forces and soon the United States space,force,be a reality this is the 50th time he's,announced the space force you know you,have to actually do something too right,you won't just the space won't just,appear you can't just say space ports,over and over again it's not

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