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Lesbians Rank Men's Attractivenesslesbians rank men from ugly to hot why,are they can I ask why they

Joe Bartolozzi

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Lesbians Rank Men's Attractiveness

lesbians rank men from ugly to hot why,are they can I ask why they're doing,this cause like even if you aren't,attracted to someone you can still you,can still say whether or not they're,attractive you know what I mean like I,can look at a dude and be like yeah he's,hot or not hot I mean I have I kind of,do have a romance a bromance going on,with Max Taylor but I am you know I'm,dedicated to Brooke everybody knows I'm,dedicated Brooke but you know Max Taylor,he's kind of he's kind of the the side,Bromance right in this scenario but I,can look at dudes and tell whether or,not they're attractive am I wrong like,you don't need to be attracted to,somebody to know whether or not they're,attractive like so it it it's just like,it's they're saying lesbians wreck men,from ugly to hot it's just women do you,have anything talents I can uh do the,worm okay we gotta see that I know,foreign,that's like saying that's like saying,what's your talent I can hit I can hit a,pretty mean gritty what's your what's,your talent what's your best talent well,I uh well,I would say my sturdy is is maybe is,above par,um because I'm gay I'm a lesbian do you,find them attractive at all every great,now and then there's like a Bradley,Cooper out there that I'm like yeah that,does it for me,oh yeah yeah I forgot who Bradley Cooper,was man from Hangover,what ways are men attracted to you,outfits perhaps so it's kind of a visual,dream for me how much drip do they have,cringe when people say they work at,Amazon,it's gonna show you why is it cringe to,say you work at Amazon what's a cringy,job to have don't say influencer so,y'all are all don't say influencer,what's a cringy job to have cashier just,sucks I don't think it's cringy I think,being a cashier feels cringe but like,it's not like it's actually like a,decent job but it just sucks like it's,not a fun job what's a cringe job,influencer tick tocker okay Game Stop,there's one there's one there's one a,blockbuster you work you work at the,only Blockbuster left is that in,like Canada all right they gotta rate,them from hottie hot hot you're cute,lukewarm could use some work,meh and this ain't it they only have one,of each I feel like that's annoying six,would be somebody who is not very,sensitive I also this is someone who,smells,in my book six is somebody who smells,like I also find doing drugs kind,of really unattractive do you do drugs,uh heroin only on the weekends though,you kind of have like a feminine vibe to,you which I do really like what do you,do studying to be a gender surgeon so,like for Trans surgeries and stuff like,that okay that was like green flag green,flag that's amazing,Sports school I did football at,basketball and soccer oh wow and,volleyball wow okay so when you're,addressing yourself,do you,think to yourself people are gonna see,me do you care about that,I mean it's a good question is she gonna,say that caring about what people like,think about how you look is good like,yes you should dress to impress but you,shouldn't give a about other,people's opinions you know what I mean,it's kind of contradictory but you,should be proud about yourself but also,not give a if like someone like,thinks you're ugly no okay doesn't care,do you think I care yes no I do care,that people no you're in a full,suit who don't care don't put effort in,what do you mean is his outfit bad I,think he's got drip he uh he's a good,looking guy he's not he's he's got jeans,he's got the jacket take that okay,rewind it back I mean Freddy's not bad,number two middle of the road is any of,this attractive to you,um not necessarily,imagine these like imagine they're like,do you think you pull women,well I'm The Wizard of Oz,nah that is so crunch bro I,would die laughing if any of them try,and say they have rizz and like look her,up and down right off the back he's a,tall as very good looking yourself,um,would you consider yourself a feminist,100 what makes you a feminist believing,that women can do the same thing that,men can do,you look you kind of looked away when,you said no I was looking I thought,there was a camera there how tall are,you six,six two six three on a good day yeah,that's a good height oh okay there's,okay,um the pearls not the pearls bro,how do you pick up women,I don't think oh here oh here here's,your shot here's your shot say you're,the river of Oz say You're The Wizard of,Oz say say I don't pick up women women,pick up me,okay,come to you they do they do I know this,I'm gonna give you four I think you're,attractive just in general but who knows,I'm gonna go with one for now you get,the one party hot hot but you're good,looking and you're stylish and you're,also a very gentle salt which I,appreciate arrogance really pisses me,off hello hi nice to meet you she's,about to give someone a sex nah nah,she's about to throw someone,under the bus bruh quick PSA G fuel,shaker cup tagged below should be bottom,left check it out that's all Gary what,do you do I work with like homeless,youth okay

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Marvel Woke Virtue Signal BACKFIRES | Disney Cut Lesbian Kiss In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Marvel Woke Virtue Signal BACKFIRES | Disney Cut Lesbian Kiss In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

foreign,abundantly clear over the last several,years that they put agenda over,entertainment that they put identity,politics and virtue signaling ahead of,telling an actual good story and when,you promise those things to people when,you tell everybody our focus is to be,diverse and welcoming and inclusive and,incredible well you know what then woke,activists are going to hold you to those,standards and even with everything they,did in 2022 that still wasn't enough,Disney not gay enough for glad receives,insufficient Mark in annual lgbtq,inclusivity report card and of course so,many of these things that they decided,to shove the gay agenda into including,kids movies ended up being a disaster,for Disney losing hundreds of millions,of dollars but would it surprise anybody,that once again despite all their virtue,signaling despite saying how much we,care about representation that now some,people are upset because Marvel cut what,would have been the first lesbian kiss,in the Marvel Cinematic Universe out of,black panther wakanda forever Marvel,Studios first lesbian kiss got removed,from the Final Cut and you know even if,it would have been in there even if they,would have got it in the Final Cut of,the movie to show how inclusive they are,you know that they wouldn't have,released it everywhere just the same,thing they did for eternals when they,bragged about how inclusive eternals was,how amazing and groundbreaking it was to,have a gay kiss but then of course they,cut it out of a bunch of countries just,to make sure it got released we gotta,love the double standards coming from,the MCU here new information brought to,light that Marvel Studios first,on-screen lesbian kiss was cut from,Black Panther wakanda forever Marvel,Studios and in turn the mcu's become,more and more Progressive over the past,few years it's almost like there's a,direct correlation to the box office,weird and black panther 2 is a direct,result of that effort the mcu's even,been awarded for its on-screen,representation however it seems as,though the studio may have nixed one,recent opportunity for its first,on-screen kiss that was said to be part,of black panther wakanda forever and you,did see a lesbian relationship although,it was very much blank and you miss it,in wakanda Forever very similar to the,rise of Skywalker groundbreaking lesbian,kiss wasn't it according to a black,panther wakanda forever scripted sprung,up online Marvel Studios first lesbian,kiss was cut from The Final Cut of the,film The deleted scene takes place in a,neca's wakandan apartment as AO offers,to restore the warrior as Adora milage,from there aneka gives Ayo a kiss on the,cheek to which kasume's wakandan Warrior,responds by kissing aneka on the lips,and uh here's the entire thing right,here in a house party in full swing,aneka dressed in casual clothing opens,the door revealing Ayo General,Ayo takes in the revelers behind in NECA,I'm here on behalf of the elders they,would like to offer you restoration as,Adora the elders that that is kind to,them something tells me I had a strong,Advocate I accept I know aneka gives her,a kiss on the cheek AO kisses a NECA on,the lips the Final Cut of the film,ultimately saw the pair share a kiss but,it was one where Anika kisses AO on the,forehead during the final battle that,scene looks a little different in the,script as well not featuring the kiss at,all and of course that entire thing was,talked up in a big way by the actress AO,actress Michaela Cole previously noted,the pairs of forbidden Affair was,something she was excited to explore she,remarked that she knew how big a deal it,was to show this kind of representation,on a very mainstream platform well maybe,she was talking about what used to be in,the movie but what didn't make the final,cut and there's some people that have,been complaining about this once they,realized what Marvel Studios cut because,again when you say that this is what you,want to do when you say you're all about,diversity at all costs we don't care,what it costs we're gonna put these,characters on screen we're gonna make,sure you feel represented but then when,push comes to shove and there might be a,lot on the line where you just slowly,and carefully edit that out because you,want to release it in a Middle Eastern,country because you want to get every,single last dollar you can out of,something you know is going to be a box,office disappointment that's when you,start getting called out by the very,same people that you're pandering to,once again Marvel seems to have decided,to very low-key cut something out,despite promising all the woke activists,that they actually do care about them,let me know your thoughts in the,comments section below smash a like,button subscribe to the channel ring the,bell for notification share this video,out there and I'll talk to you later,foreign

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Lesbian Web Series - Til Lease Do Us Part Episode 10 (Season 2)

Lesbian Web Series - Til Lease Do Us Part Episode 10 (Season 2)

第十集,妳果然是穿運動型內衣,天啊, 妳快點出去,不過是運動型內衣, 有些人直接穿這樣去健身,喔,妳擔心什麼,我不想給妳看的, 是...裡面的東西,我早就看過了, 妳也知道的,那是很久以前了, 已經不一樣了,對啊, "它們"長大了,妳應該出去了,我們應該談談了,不行,妳還要多久? 我出門前也需要用廁所,一下下,我要小便,只是想知道妳還好嗎?,什麼還好,我不知道, 接吻的事?,喔, 還好,妳只是想幫我擺脫我瘋狂的老媽,是啦...,對, 我是這樣想的,但是我...,喔, 搞定,妳是不是沒洗手?,可惡,妳也是在演戲, 所以?,乾乾淨淨,妳們就站在這裡聽我尿尿?,不是, 我在等著要用洗手間,喔, 對喔,寶貝, 妳今天真美!,可以請你賣我個面子, 今天不要穿高跟鞋?,為什麼?,嗯哼,妳為什麼不加個增高鞋墊?,我已經加了,喔, 真慘,嗯, 我已經搭好今天的造型了,包括鞋子, 不幸是高跟鞋,所以妳是想再等個一小時-,才能夠出門...,不, 妳就換雙球鞋!,或是帆布鞋就好了,妳最好別這麼說,這樣說是哪裡不對?,好吧, 不然妳去我們衣櫃找找,看有沒有其他鞋子可以搭,- 好吧, 我去找 - 妳自便,嗯, 我就直說了,我想再親妳一次,不行, 想想潔斯,我知道, 我也是真的喜歡她,- 我不想傷害她- - 那就不要,妳不想嗎?,我當然想,從妳搬進來以後, 我就很想,但我不能傷害潔斯,她真的喜歡妳,她會找到其他女生的,喔, 是啦,我其實只想著這件事,想知道有多少女生會喜歡上潔斯?,不, 親吻妳! 妳這豬頭,喔! 我就知道,我不知道, 我們最好避開單獨相處,抱歉, 妳看過《The L Word》嗎? 沒效的,我知道, 我講完就自己覺得很蠢,那麼...,我們該怎麼辦,不怎麼辦,We are Adults 我們都是成年人了,Almost 幾乎啦,我不能傷害潔斯,好,妳說得對,妳說得對...,妳的鞋子太多了,我看得眼花撩亂,沒關係, 寶貝,我會去換掉高跟鞋,請收看下一集, 並訂閱本頻道

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Lesbian Web Series - Til Lease Do Us Part Episode 6 (Season 2)

Lesbian Web Series - Til Lease Do Us Part Episode 6 (Season 2)

第六集,嘿! 妳在幹嘛?,唸書,何苦?,明天有小考,太扯了, 蕾希跟我要喝酒,真好?,過來一起喝?,不行, 真的不用功不行,聽說喝醉了唸書, 而且到考試都還是醉的, 會考得比較好,妳隨便說說的吧?,大概吧,來, 一起喝嘛!,這瓶酒只花了我兩塊錢,和醋一樣難喝,你在做什麼?,唸書!,何苦?,兩位, 我很樂意和你們一起喝酒, 但現在真的不行,無趣,妳...真無趣,好吧, 如果妳改變主意的話, 我和蕾希就在那邊找樂子,好,嘿,嗯, 怎樣,過來喝嘛,拜託?,為什麼這麼想找我一起喝,不知道, 會很好玩的,來嘛,好吧,耶!,來乾杯!!,我以為只是喝葡萄酒,那是五分鐘前的事了, 現在升級到乾杯了,兩位, 我實在不應該喝,呃!,怎麼沒放萊姆?,喔, 我忘了,這酒有夠烈!,再乾一杯!,我們為什麼又無緣無故在喝酒啊?,西班牙文的乾杯怎麼說?,妳不是墨西哥人嗎?,是啊, 不過是第三代了,妳不是德國人嗎?,是啊,那德文的乾杯怎麼說?,我不知道,喔, 我有四分之一希臘血統,說"Opa!",喔, 好,OPA!!!,喂, 妳女朋友酒量不太好耶,她從來沒跟我們喝過, 小可憐,她不知道我們多能喝,我覺得, 我覺得我愛她,妳說什麼?,我, 我要跟她說,顯然現在不合適, 但我很快會說,妳會不會覺得這樣太快了,我...嗯...,我交過很多女朋友,砲友, 應該是很多砲友,對, 精確來說,但是蕾希不一樣,我覺得我很愛她,還是...我只是太醉了?,好吧, 如果妳真的愛她...妳應該跟她說,好,我會說, 這禮拜就說, 還是今晚?,也許不要今晚,她還好嗎?,有在呼吸! 我們很好, 我們很好,好極了,妳明天不是要考試?,喔, 完蛋了,真是不用功,那我得多喝一點,不行, 妳不能喝了,記得收看下一集, 並訂閱本頻道

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Girl On Girl Love | The Jerry Springer Show

Girl On Girl Love | The Jerry Springer Show

please meet Dorothy she says there's no,in Hell she's passing up Love Again,Dorothy what's going on yes,um,I'm bringing my friends here today of,six years to let her know that um I want,to try to expand our relationship now,she's been my first my first girl on,girl experience I've actually never been,with another woman besides because she's,more than just a friend she's your lover,yes,thank you,because if you're just friends you can't,be on the show,we don't do a show about friendship,okay so anyway so now what happened well,um the only problem is,she has a girlfriend,um she's been with her girlfriend for,um for like a few months now yeah but I,feel like um I'm ready to be committed,to her I've actually,um had a boyfriend in the past that's,the reason why we are not together is,because I was confused but now I know,what I want I mean she she's what I want,and I'm here today to try to win it when,was the last time you were intimate with,her a few months ago okay was she,already with her girlfriend yeah yeah,okay yeah now when you mention this to,her that you you'd like to be back,together again what did she say do you,think I'm she thinks I'm joking she,doesn't take me as serious because we're,joking on this show,I know,let's bring out,all right well I'll let you oh this is,you know this other woman yeah I've met,her a few times I don't know her know,her but I've met her a few times okay,and she The Other Woman is Amber yes,well she now knows that you're before,this show because she's watching,backstage before this show was she aware,that,you were messing around with her,girlfriend so this is all news to her,yeah oh well here's Amber,you're sure,what is all of that,thank you,thank you,foreign,well let's find out what she has to say,about this is Canary,what is wrong with you,the opportunities,but you know I love you bro I love you,too but that's why I gave you chances I,know baby but I was confused for me,watching you cry over your baby daddy,come on now is that okay hold on yeah I,want to pursue that that interesting,point,you do sometimes want to go back to him,right because you do still have love for,him of course I have two beautiful kids,with him right so if you still have love,for him then she can you can understand,why she would say you know what that's,always going to be there it'll never,just be us too I understand he wants to,move on I want to be with Amber nobody I,want to be with you baby,oh,yeah,I don't want you fighting her don't,fight my girl I'm gonna marry her I'm in,love with her I'm in love with her I,loved you I love you but I'm not in love,with you I was with you for six years we,was together for six years Dorothy you,had all that time you told me you loved,me you told me you want to be with you,but you never showed me telling me,somebody could tell me something and,like you get what I'm saying right so I,can tell you something somebody,yeah,but but that's because I'm Jerry,Springer,we'll be back,if you think that was wild and crazy,then click here to keep watching and,don't forget to subscribe all you have,to do is click here and one more thing,take care of yourself and each other

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hey guys it is the gay women Channel's,10-year anniversary and we are reacting,to our videos as they turn 10 years old,today we're doing Ikea lesbian you know,what this is a Hidden Gem some of you if,you know Ikea lesbian you're a true fan,this is if you know you know if you know,you know it's a very weird video this is,like I feel like a video we probably,would have made in high school that,we're like it's silly and it's funny and,it's what YouTube used to be I can't,believe we didn't get kicked out of Ikea,doing this,yeah I think we were just in the,entrance how long was the last time you,watched this,10 years ago all of them I have not,always in so long I don't think I need,to set this up but we did make this,video because of the infamous Ikea,monkey where is he now hopefully still,alive it was like around Toronto this,monkey got loose in Ikea and I remember,going to California and they had like,IKEA monkey like merchandise thank you,guys for watching our videos and our,Channel over the past 10 years and if,you are not subscribed make sure to hit,that subscribe button and click the bell,for notifications this has 217,000 views,crazy who watched this I want to read,the first comment maybe 20 lesbians on,repeat oh most people are just quoting,it,um but then someone said I love how,Sarah is getting into the passenger side,of an antique,for the record Ikea is my favorite of,the like box stores honestly,cries like he didn't reach out to us to,do some kind of Brandon content this is,like um I know you go to IKEA expecting,to find cheap furniture not unstylishly,dressed lesbians this man oh my gosh we,need to blur his face look at the show,that is of the IKEA monkey and we placed,you in it,customers were shocked and quickly I,love if you caught it you're in Ikea,Sarah I was we are in it with the video,camera I was holding my cell phone,filming you like a bystander but then,I'm also I play two characters I guess,where is this coat from I'm just gonna,say where's the coat from did we buy,this coat I don't think we bought it but,I don't we own this coat I don't know,everyone if you look in the background,is like looking at us being like what is,it I think we literally we just went in,the entrance at Ikea and just yeah for a,while but now you I don't think you can,do that anymore that's a good oh the,best joke that's the best joke the owner,of the lesbian Jasmine Bermuda,she is my lesbian she is mine she,belongs with me where did you get the,lesbian from I I mean let's say I will,not saying be reunited with her owner,what do you viewers think,oh my God we're just gonna read a few,comments from Ikea lesbian I love the,way Adriana talks,my friend and I sent this video to each,other whenever we were having a bad day,and it always made us feel better love,it I love it,my dad keeps taking me to Home Depot I,think he knows oh you guys make me laugh,when I'm down this is a time too,um when we were on the channel just,making videos that just wanted to make,each other laugh yeah that was it we,were like what do we think's funny and,this is what we thought was funny I'd be,a lesbian a lesbian,lost in Ikea honestly it's a banger like,that's one of the best videos we have on,our Channel and it's under a minute and,a half and it's just like full of it's,everything is funny just the jokes I I,mean,I'm proud of that this still holds up,and holds up it totally it's offensive,to No One except Jasmine Bermuda I love,them where did you get the lesbian from,I will not I will not say I I also love,I love your um news reporter voice can,you do it now for us can you still do,that you go to IKEA expecting to find,cheap furniture,not unstylishly dressed lesbians she is,my lesbian she belongs with me she's,mine she is mine,I don't have a lot of insight about this,because it was just a silly video and we,shot it at our local Ikea with no,permission,and at a time when you couldn't just,shoot on a cell phone and no one would,think anything of it we had a full,camera yeah I remember a friend came and,like helped us shoot it I mean it did,only have 217 000 views yes it did not,go viral but it's a lot considering what,is this video it's classic classic gay,women Channel yeah thanks guys if you've,been watching um for 10 years it's gay,women channels 10 year anniversary it's,our birthday Ikea lesbian turn 10 today,happy birthday Ikea lesbian leave a,comment if you saw this video when it,first came out what you thought of it if,you're seeing it for the first time what,do you think if it doesn't hold up it,does it really does

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Can We Trust Astrology?

Can We Trust Astrology?

foreign,welcome to Good Mythical More I'm still,getting used to uh spinning with the off,arm and that did hurt my good arm uh,well I volunteer as tribute uh to spin,the wheel if I need it thank you I'm not,ready to relinquish that Duty because I,don't I don't know if I would ever give,it back give it it back give it well Hey,listen man I can see into the future and,I see a healed kneeled okay you're gonna,get that arm back that's right I know,it's like I just I just need to be I,just need to be patient what are we,doing today you ask we are um matching,ourselves in other mythical crew members,to their compatible psychic energy,friend so from like an astrological,perspective that's what I call it we'll,talk about what we think about that in a,moment and what just happened in the,episode uh but first we'll play who you,talking about,this is when we read a comment that,somebody left it's about one of us and,we guess which one it was about Kayla,price says blank has firmly established,himself as the dookie expert of YouTube,on YouTube I think YouTube Not Just of,the show but YouTube the dookie expert,of YouTube now let me just say I think,both of us would like to have this title,I know I really want to so uh man dookie,expert like I actually already have a,business card made up where that's my,it's my time we've talked a lot about,dookie on this show and I think both of,us have said things of with you know,implied Authority how could one,statement lead someone to think that,only one of us is the dookie expert,I don't know man I really do if it comes,down to like if it was like a medical,like optim body optimization statement,it would be you but if it was a like the,best thing to do with dookie or to like,the way to deal with it the best way to,paint with dookie no like what do you do,what do you do with your dookie Hobbies,how do you do away with your dude and,that would if it's techniques it's me if,it's uh okay but what is your higher,mind tell you me,my higher Minds tells me you as well oh,good so let's go with that I think this,is like a good a healthy size dookie,like if you're if you're doing this big,around about that long you've made good,decisions,play bugs you've made good decisions,it was me you firmly established,yourself as the dookie expert according,to Kayla price well I gotta say uh uh,either our higher mind is inaccurate or,we don't believe uh or the higher mind,thing doesn't work,so the these are our psychic well that's,reflective good gracious these are our,Psychic Friends is that we put it on,your side neon Warwick,Psychic Friends can we do that Morgan,yeah because I oh because you want us to,uh matchy you want us to do like we want,to we're gonna actually draw on this,yeah yeah so this is a obviously this is,all people that you know and love from,the mythical crew yeah this is all,people who are just uh you know,celebrities and we basically uh based on,astrological signs and compatibility,that comes with that,we are technically from that perspective,more compatible with one of these,celebrities,uh than the others or maybe two two you,know whatever,so is Psychic Friends the best term here,Stevie,um no you don't know okay,astrological astrological matches,um,astrology let's let's define that first,of all you want to take all the time to,read all everything on this card,um I don't a range of practices to,utilize the placement of celestion okay,can we just go by feeling yeah yeah I I,kind of because I feel like your vibe is,probably what we're talking about here,and then we'll see if astrology actually,matches up with that but as we do that,talk I mean I'll tell you right now,first of all like my hero growing up,hold the back of that so I can use some,sort of pressure,with Judge Judy,crap,crap let's,there we go,I could also do this you could just tell,me where to do it,you won't go to Flavor Flav all the way,to Flavor Flav oh man no I think I think,I think I dressed up as Flavor Flav one,year for Halloween but it involved no,sort of paint,okay I just want to be clear I just,turned my hat sideways and I danced like,him right yeah yep that's why I kept,asking you who who are you I did what I,was wearing a clock yeah I was wearing a,clock right well that helped okay um so,he's my he's but is he your spiritual,match,I could see that first of all,it's Vibe match Vibe match I get to see,you in flavors that's one,did you want me to talk about what,happened in the show is that what you,were asking yeah yeah yeah,um,you know what they showed their true,colors I mean,um what about that last round,I mean,I guess she had a 25 chance,and she went against,what would be like an A logical guess,and that was quite a reason,but it's okay it's okay she what well,you know she had that moment where she,she conjectured about the banana or the,quartz in a in a way and then she went,against yeah what she said she pulled a,link yeah yeah yeah I was like I know,what she's about to say I think she said,man yeah maybe I'm

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Dating Problems Every Lesbian Will Recognize

Dating Problems Every Lesbian Will Recognize

- So I guess this is good...,bye.,Hey, you still have my Buffy season two DVDs!,You bitch.,- Aw, Britt, don't look so sad.,It's been like a month since she's broke up with you.,Come on, you gotta get back out there.,- I went on, like, three dates last week,,and they were all failures.,- What happened? Were they horse lesbians?,- No, this was actually a blind date,that I had high hopes for.,You know, got my puss waxed for it.,But I get there, and she's practically my twin.,Like, I'm narcissistic, but I'm not gonna,have sex with myself.,- It could be fun though.,You guys could like, trade lives,like in The Parent Trap.,- That was a good movie.,- Yeah, but what about your second date?,What was wrong with her?,Was she a CrossFit lesbian?,Like show up with a tractor tire and a kettle bell?,- No, second one was actually going really well,until her ex-girlfriend showed up out of nowhere,and declared her undying love for her,and that she built her house,with her bare fucking hands.,- Aww, that's so romantic.,- U-Haul! Typical.,- What about the third date?,Lucky number three?,- No, that was the worst of all.,- But it looks like it's going so well.,- No, look closer.,We have the same name.,Hi, my name is Brittany,,and this is my girlfriend, Brittany?,That's disgusting.,What would that wedding invite look like?,- I mean, have you tried online dating?,- Yeah.,I've swiped 'til the end of Tinder.,Do you know what that feels like?,- No!,- We met in person.,- Like, years ago.,- Yeah, before Tinder.,- I'm sure there are plenty of single lesbians,left for you in this town.,- Yeah, we have a lot of,single lesbian friends.,- Like Jacqueline!,Ok, I met her and a feminist friend.,She's very empowered.,She talks about vulvas and how they mean,something more than what we think they mean.,- No, she hooked with my ex like two years ago at Dina.,- Hold on to your taco shell,because here comes Cynthia!,- Oh, she's great.,- Yeah, I know she's great.,I dated her.,- We have a bunch of straight girls,who I feel like if you got them a glass of wine,things would get a little crazy, right?,Like Marsha?,- No, I'm done with the whole straight girl thing.,I can't do that anymore.,They think my clit is a pencil eraser.,- No, I know that my sister would sleep with you.,- She said I was pretty for a lesbian once.,I just wanna find a nice, available, single,woman who knows she's into other women,that's done experimenting, isn't going to move,into my apartment after two weeks,,hasn't, you know, slept with people I've slept with.,Is it really that difficult?,Thank you.,- What are you reading?,- I know, I'm a stereotype.,- Ooh, yikes, me too.,- Oh, incredible.,- But at least you're - not alone.,- 'Sup? You Brittany? I'm Jean.

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