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EEVblog #1076 - KRK Textile Dome Tweeter Teardownhi someone wanted to take a look at this,I ki k TW


Updated on Jan 17,2023

EEVblog #1076 - KRK Textile Dome Tweeter Teardown

hi someone wanted to take a look at this,I ki k TW t ke triple o1 - tweeter from,the Rocio six that I've got and this one,failed you to the black a gunk of death,and I thought we'd just take a look,inside it let's go,if we take off the soft dome outer there,it's just glued on easy to peel off it,looks like we got some some foam inside,here that's just stuck on to the magnet,inside there anyway it looks like it's,got the coil on the outside which on,this one is blowing so oh look we've got,our coil on the outside so this is a,moving coil one Jesus that's not mini -,oh no is that just like one that's just,a connecting no is that it that's it wow,that's the entire coil are you kidding,me Wow,looks like it's just one big solid turn,around there that's that's crazy so,let's have a squiz at this under the,Tigana microscope here we go here's the,wire coming in and what I know sorry,that looked like one wire strip you,probably saw that on HD it didn't make,er didn't make sense at all but once you,get under there it's obviously moldable,turns you just need X amount of,magnification but it's like right up the,top that magnet so how many turns out,and I count the turns in there so,somewhere in this it's been blowing so,let's check around there,yeah well yeah I don't know where it's,blown but anyway um so there's like ten,turns or something on that there's some,foam on top which I don't know what it,actually does doesn't do anything,presumably or is that uh no there we go,it's covering it's covering a hole in,there sorry I'm getting a bit medieval,on the TAS but it is blowing,it's not something you to repair really,I wouldn't go in there and uh but anyway,we'll go down meeting it in the middle,so a screw right down no there wouldn't,be a screw,is there anything right down in there,Bueller Bueller,anyway that's very different to what I,expected to see then what if I try and,take off all this tape around here maybe,this parts glued on so it looks like we,can get around the edge there and break,that seal so it looks like this whole,thing comes apart as assembly but,there's some glue on there so let me try,and get all that out first so I haven't,actually been able to get that open any,further so sorry it's not that hugely,interesting and it basically just came,down to um it blew the I sent out of the,coil yeah okay you can probably rewind,your own coil yeah go for it but yeah,that thing's just cactus you're better,off just paying your 30 bucks or,whatever for a new one especially the,massive excursions that went on this it,would have just deformed all of the coil,stuffs so I couldn't actually get that,apart any further but obviously I just,believe that's a just a like a permanent,magnet assembly that the coil goes,through now I think what is happening,here is because well the coil just,obviously it's a moving coil design it,moves within the magnetic field in there,now it's completely destroyed and,distorted now of course but I believe,how it works is that you can see some,glue on the back of there like there's,the glue around this edge here which,actually connects which glues onto the,top of there but then I believe,that we didn't see in the teardown,because it was all torn off that the,coil was actually glued on to the,textile dome or what you know I believe,they're usually called like a textile,dome and that is what is causes this,thing to tweet um it's physically,attached this textile dome very close to,the outer rim so that's really,interesting but it's high-frequency,stuff but I felt massive excursions on,this thing so this thing was just going,thump thump thump so obviously you know,the first time it did that it probably,just sheared away from the tweeter even,if the coil was are still intact the,first time I powered it up it you know,it wasn't gonna acoustically work,anymore so that is yeah that's totally,cactus but there you go that's inside,one of these textile dome tweeters and I,don't know I expected something fancier,than that but anyway that's pretty much,all there is to it coil attached it's,sort of fairly rigidly attached to the,outer rim of that textile dome,fascinating with a big-ass magnet behind,it so there's obviously going to be very,little excursion in that but that's not,what you expect that's what woofers are,for not these little poor little,tweeters this one is abused so anyway,it's surprisingly simple but you know,there's a lot of engineering and testing,that you know and performance validation,that goes into these sorts of things so,I've no doubt it's a fairly decent,textile dome tweeter in terms of,response and performance and all that,sort of stuff it's not top-shelf stuff,but anyway there you go I hope you found,that interesting if you did please give,it a big thumb up thumbs up there we go,as always discuss down below catch you,next time

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Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan Ranveer Singh| Kamaal R Khan Twitter Wars With Celebs

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan Ranveer Singh| Kamaal R Khan Twitter Wars With Celebs

के जंगल में रहकर शेर से पानी में रहकर,मगर से और फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में रहकर सलमान,खान से बैर नहीं करते हुआ था,वॉइस मेल मोस्ट वॉन्टेड भाई सलमान खान से,पंगा लेने के बाद दर्द का लेवल क्या होता,है तकरीर के साथ होती है कोई समझे ना समझे,लेकिन खुद को नंबर वन फिल्म क्रिटिक कहने,वाले केयर के यानि कि कमाल राशिद खान जरूर,समझ गए होंगे,तू कमाल आर खान उर्फ केआरके जो आए दिन,न्यूज़ में रहते हैं सिर्फ के बारे में कि,अपने नेक्स्ट कमैंट्स या नेगेटिव,स्टेटमेंट को लेकर फिर आ गए हैं,कॉन्ट्रोवर्सीज के घेरे में,कि वे इस बार उन्होंने पंगा ले लिया है,बॉलीवुड के दबंग सलमान खान से जी हां,सलमान खान की फिल्म राधे और मोस्ट वॉन्टेड,भाई को लेकर दीए नेगेटिव रिव्यू पड़ गया,है कि यार के प्रभारी व ट्विटर पर तो करके,बैक टू बैक भाईजान के खिलाफ बयानबाजी कर,रहे हैं और अब तो वह दूसरे स्टार्स पर भी,निशाना साध रहे हैं वे लिए कोई पहली बार,नहीं है जब के आर के ने खुलेआम बिक,स्टार्स को अपने ट्विटर और व्यूअर्स के,जरिए बेइज्जत किया हो आज आपको बताने जा,रहे हैं कि आरके की विटामिन,कॉन्ट्रोवर्सीज के बारे में और बताते हैं,आपको कि कैसे ट्रैक्टर्स ने दिया कि आर के,को मुंहतोड़ जवाब,कि सलमान खान केयर के को सलमान के रिश्ते,की लिस्ट फील राधे का रिव्यु करना फिल्म,में सलमान को बुरा कहना फिल्म की एक्ट्रेस,दिशा पाटनी को बेटी की उम्र का बताना काफी,महंगा पड़ा है जी हां यह बीते दिनों ईद पर,सलमान ने अपनी मोस्ट अवेटेड फिल्म राधे,रिलीज की फिल्म की आईएमडीबी रेटिंग भले ही,लो है लेकिन सलमान खान के फैंस को फिल्म,पसंद आई और मूवी रिपोर्टेड लिए 300 करोड़,क्लब में भी शामिल हो गई है हॉवेवर अपने,बड़बोले अंदाज के लिए मशहूर कमाल राशिद,खान ने भी फिल्म देखी और नेगेटिव रिव्युज,दिए जिसके बाद सलमान खान के लीगल चीनी उन,पर डिफेमेशन का केस कर दिया सलमान के,सेक्शन पर यही माना जा रहा है कि आने वाले,समय में किया के की मुसीबतें बढ़ेगी और आप,चाहे तो यार के सलमान खान के पिता सलीम,खान से मदद मांगने या किसी और से पूछ काम,नहीं आएगा क्योंकि सलमान खान एक बार जो,कमिटमेंट कर देते हैं तो अपने आप की भी,नहीं सुनते,शाहरुख खान सलमान खान व पीआर के होने से,पहले हुआ था कि आपके वर्सेस आर के जी हां,यह के पॉइंट्स कमेंट से शाहरुख खान भी हुए,थे परेशान,2014 की बात है जबकि यार के ने इफेक्ट,ट्वीट पोस्ट करते हुए आमिर खान सलमान खान,और शाहरुख खान को लेकर एक कमिनल कमेंट,किया था कि आपके ने कहा था कि अगर नरेंद्र,मोदी पीएम बने तो इनहेरिटेंस को कंट्री,छोड़ना पड़ सकता है एंड स्टोरी डिड नॉट,स्टॉप ईयर शाहरुख ने किया के को आड़े हाथ,लिया था और के इस कमेंट का करारा जवाब,दिया था शाहरुख ने लिखा था सही वक्त वन,फूल्स को बताने का जो बात कर रहे हैं उस,पर एक ट्विट के बारे में जो मैंने किया ही,नहीं कि तुम्हारी इंग्लिश उतनी ही बेकार,है जितना कि वह ट्वीट ए बिग गाइड वेलकेयर,के तो कि यार के है उन्होंने कभी कोई मौका,नहीं छोड़ा किंग खान पर तंज कसने का आप वह,कई बार हिसार के फैंस को लेकर तो कभी उनकी,चीज के बारे में कमेंट करते ही रहे,कि रणबीर सिंह यस यू आर राइट रणवीर सिंह,के कुछ नेक्स्ट कमेंट का शिकार हो चुके,हैं कि आपके ने रणबीर को खुद के कंप्रेशन,पर रणबीर को ₹2 पर्सन बताया था वे रणबीर व,और समझदारी से तैयार की को अनफॉलो कर दिया,बटर लगा ऑस्ट्रेलिया जैसे ही केयर के कोई,रियल लाइफ हुआ कि रणबीर ने अनफॉलो कर दिया,है तो उन्होंने इस पर रियायत की ओर लिखा,सो रणवीर सिंह और शॉन पोलॉक ने Bigg Boss,मैं ऑनेस्ट रिव्यू आफ विल इवन आई डोंट,वांट पीपल टो फॉलो मी टू लाइफ प्रेजेंटली,सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा कि युवक को कह दिया,था बच्ची जिस पर सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा को,आया था भयंकर गुस्सा रिर्पोटेंटली,सिद्धार्थ अपने एक्स गर्लफ्रेंड आलिया,भट्ट को डिफरेंट करने आ गया है लेकिन केयर,के ने उन्हें अपने निशाने पर ले लिया आपको,बता दें कि आलिया ने वह मैगजीन के लिए कवर,शूट किया था जिस पर कमेंट करते हुए CR के,नहीं आलिया को बच्ची कहा था विच डिड नॉट,डूइंग वेल विच सॉइल एंड उन्होंने इस पर,यूज कर हुआ था सर विल्सन अधिक स्टांप,डच्यूटी ट्विटिंग केयर के ऑफिस पर रिप्लाई,किया सच्ची सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा 130 करोड़,पीपल आफ इंडिया अलसो प्राय वेरी हॉट टुडे,ड्यू टो स्टॉप एक्टिंग पर क्योंकि डूइंग,फ्रेंड्स यह लास्ट टाइम यह खत्म नहीं हुआ,सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा ने फिर उन्हें,मुंहतोड़ जवाब दिया आई थिंक यू नीड,इंग्लिश रीडिंग क्लासेज सर ए पेशेंट विल,अंडरस्टैंड में प्रीवियस ट्वीट वे लिए,ट्विटर वॉर तो जारी रहती अटैक सिद्धार्थ,ने खुद समझदारी दिखा कर के हार के को,इग्नोर करना बेहतर समझा,कि सोनाक्षी सिन्हा के आर्य ने Twitter पर,एक बार बेस्ट बट सर्वे किया था जिस पर,सोनाक्षी ने उनकी आलोचना की थी सोना ने,ट्वीट करते हुए कहा था कि अगर आपको लगता,है कि क्लियर के महिलाओं का सम्मान करते,हैं तो रीट्वीट करें उनको उल्टा लगता है,जाने की जरूरत है और चार थप्पड़ मारना,चाहिए,सनी लियोन इस तरह से सनी लियोन पर भी केयर,के ने ट्वीट किया था यह लोग सनी लियोन,कहती है कि रेप क्राइम नहीं है एक,सरप्राइज सेक्स है इसके खिलाफ सनी लियोन,ने साइबर क्राइम सेल में कि यार के खिलाफ,शिकायत दर्ज करवाई थी मीणा,कि बिपाशा बासु एक बार क्लियर के विपाशा,बासु के बॉडी पार्ट पर कमेंट किया था इस,पर जवाब देते हुए विपक्ष ने लिखा था इस,दुनिया में कई गंदे लोग हैं हमें ऐसे,लोगों को भाव नहीं देना चाहिए था,में आयुष्मान खुराना एक बार आयुष्मान,खुराना ने ओपनली कमाल राशिद खान को नौटंकी,बाज कह दिया था जिसकी वजह से आज तक के लिए,टेक केयर के निशाने पर है आयुष्मान के,नौटंकी बाज कहने पर कि यार के ने कहा,विमान खुराना आप चाहते हो ना कि हम आंख,मारे मारेंगे इस जरूर मारेंगे इतना ही,नहीं बल्कि रीसेंट्ली जब आयुष्मान खुराना,ने रिया चक्रवर्ती को सपोर्ट किया था तब,केयर के ने ट्वीट करके लिखा था आयुष्मान,खुराना

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KRK Roasted Me - My Reply to KRK Alien

KRK Roasted Me - My Reply to KRK Alien

"Some people came out of the spaceship but one of them did not go back","-Wow! Jadoo! (Magic) -Wow!!! Magic!",This is that Jadoo of Koii Mil Gaya who was left behind by his fellow aliens and they never came back for him,They left him behind on earth like a burden for us,*Jaaaadooooo*,Controversy, controversy, controversy!,*I don't like it!*,I LOVE controversy! *Kangana Ranaut's tagline be like*,And I can't believe myself,who I've embroiled myself in a controversy with this time...,The man... the myth... the legend... my childhood favourite superhero,who evokes this thought in my mind- *This is shit!*,Upon seeing his films I'm like- *This is shit!*,Upon seeing his movie reviews I'm like- *This is shit!*,Upon seeing his dance, I'm like- *This is shit!*,Oh God this man is- *shit!*,KRK!!!!!,Two to three weeks ago, I made a reply video on KRK's KGF 2 movie review,in which I pointed out the factually incorrect points in his video,KRK uncle has made a response video on that,Come, let's watch-,"There's a boy named Triggered Insaan.,He roasted me around 1 month ago...",No! I did not roast you.,Even if you go watch the video today, you'll see that I only said that the points he made about KGF 2 were factually incorrect,Is that a roast... If you think so, then okay...,"I saw that video today.,So, today's video is for this nincompoop who's face is like ******",Bro, as soon as the video starts, he starts commenting about my face!,I agree my face isn't that beautiful.. but this... this guy with a butt like face...,Chootad is hips in Punjabi. So, I've not uttered a slang,This guy with a butt like face is talking about mine!,In fact, my bottoms are better than his face!,And he's talking about my face?,Look, we don't make fun of people's faces on our channel but when someone talks about another's face,,then he gives permission to all others to speak about his/her face,And him- the correct description for him would be-,*A face that one would not have even dreamt of, forget about seeing it in real life!,Eyes like a crocodile, hair glued on the scalp with glue...*,And this guy is talking about my face within 10 seconds of the video starting!,"So, it is essential to reply to this ****face.,Brother, it is another matter that your face is like ****",He's said it four times already that my face is like a .... particular thing,I mean, it is a little vulgar. I might not be able to show that on my channel,But him- *who's responsible for shitting this?*,This is an old tissue. And I clean my nose vigorously on it And look- KRK,Forget about mine, how can he talk about anyone's face with a face like that on himself?,"With a face like that, you go around roasting people!",*Ulta chor kowal to daante* *The kettle calling the pot black!*,"Have you no shame?,Friend, mummy daddy must've have told you that your face is like ****,Stop roasting people and have some shame!",It's been one minute into the video, okay?,In that one minute, he's been repeating just one line- your face is like this, your face is like this,Wow! KRK uncle, wow! What a reply!,Talking about someone's face- that's your reply When your own face is like...,No, I've talked enough about his face,If I keep talking about his face then there'd be no difference between me and him,So, you're very beautiful,sir. You're very pretty!,No, my parents never said anything about my face,For parents, their child is very dear For them, their child is the most beautiful,Maybe it was not so for your parents,As soon as he was born, his father was like-,*One day, this child will bring ruin to the family's name.,Give him poison with your own hands and finish him!*,*Then do it!*,"I saw your video and could not understand if you make someone sit there to ******* while you make the videos?,Because you laugh without any limit!,*Someone cast him for the next sequel of Bhool bhulaiyya as Manjulika!*,You ******",That's not how it is! It's like this sir- *proceeds to laugh and show him how it's done*,*laughs as if someone is making him laugh at gun point*,What is this, son?",Sir, that's my style!,When I spot a funny thing, like you, I laugh!,Now, I WILL laugh at you, right?,Forget about me, the whole wold laughs at you!,*Me- KRK!*,*I am the superstar of the industry that you work in*,"I understand that you picked up this habit since fifth class.,Without getting *******, you're not satisfied,But atleast make videos without getting *********",It's been around 1.5 minutes and he is only talking vulgar things,Basically, he is trying to say that I have a guy sitting down there who tickles my bums,and then I go like- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and laugh,"Think about it- You're such a big dumbhead, you're such a fool,that you make jokes and then laugh on them yourself!",*Manjulika 3.0*,"My dear stupid friend, if your jokes are nice, then we will laugh!,Let the public laugh!,Why do you make jokes and laugh on them yourself?",The biggest joke is right here before me!,You know what's the biggest irony, the biggest hypocris

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KRK-ன் கலவரம், Time pass space-யை தெறிக்கவிட்ட பெண் போராளிகள் |Feminist | Twitter time pass space

KRK-ன் கலவரம், Time pass space-யை தெறிக்கவிட்ட பெண் போராளிகள் |Feminist | Twitter time pass space

foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,um,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,is,hello,foreign,you don't know what feminism is you,don't freaking know you have no idea,about it go read about it educate,yourself everybody here educate yourself,and then come talk about it,and we know how educated you are yeah,foreign,okay,foreign,foreign,i just hope you guys educate yourself,because you sound like idiots,foreign,foreign,foreign,uh,was yeah in the character,but we never were able to get to that,point where we were like in the,situation when you're realistic,the great characters need to be written,with more depth,everybody not every uh,aspect of a grey character can be a,redeemable quality,but we never got to that point,foreign,uh,my point got lost and eventually that,point got made because last night i,received 61 rape threats,screen shots,61 rape threats so when pavitra comes in,here and she's losing a it's,because we wanted to speak about,something we could never get to that,point,of space,for,so at this point all i want personally,is for you to leave me the alone,okay 61 random men on the,internet talking about how they want to, me is not how i expected my last,night to go,so i don't want anybody,though as if we signed up for this we,are being every solar hung on a cross,over and over again this was in the only,space,already our issue was,so that was not about the person who,spoke,what actually happened yesterday so we,have to clarify first what happened and,then what didn't happen and then what we,meant to say what we didn't mean to say,the easiest thing would be to just leave,us alone,and maybe next time we speak about,something join from the beginning if you,want if you don't want to don't but but,the you're misrepresenting us being,misrepresented and then i'm going to get,chat on again today because it is,no no okay okay,so don't worry okay,okay man,um,foreign,foreign,yes,foreign,dynamic from the film and then continue,so we couldn't come back to anything so,you know,foreign,sorry to see that it is happening to you,it's not a right way for any men or,women to,be abused,when you come to social media we need to,understand,it's,like then i was supposed to come in,later on the discussion everything and,this so suicidal translation movie or,impact,oh i wanted like,social media,okay

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Irrfan और Rishi Kapoor की death को लेकर Kamaal R Khan (KRK) ने tweet में लिखी बेहूदी बातें | FIR

Irrfan और Rishi Kapoor की death को लेकर Kamaal R Khan (KRK) ने tweet में लिखी बेहूदी बातें | FIR

झाला देख ऐ दिल नु आखयान उन्नत तेल को,दुनिया से रुखसत हुए और अगले दिन ऋषि कपूर,का भी निधन हो गया इन दोनों बड़े कलाकारों,का एक साथ जाना लोगों को दुखी कर गया फिर,मैं इंडस्ट्री में मातम पसरा हुआ था लेकिन,कमाल आर खान यानी केआरके रिमोट के बाद,दोनों कलाकारों के बारे में बेहद भद्दी,बातें जो चप्पल कि इसे लेकर बाहर पुलिस ने,ठेकेदार के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज कर दिया है,की स्मेल से न्यूज़ एजेंसी पीटीआई की,रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक युवा सेना की रिपोर्ट,मृतक बच्चे राहुकाल की शिकायत पर मुकदमा,दर्ज किया गया है एक पुलिस अधिकारी ने यह,बताया कि गुजर चुके दोनों वायर्स के खिलाफ,अपमानजनक बातें कहने के बाद देखिए हमने,कमाल आर खान पर FIR की है आईपीसी की धारा,294 यानि सार्वजनिक रूप से अपमानजनक काम,करना यह सब चीजों का इस्तेमाल करना और,बाकी धाराओं के तहत केस दर्ज किया गया है,क्या लिखा था कि आखिर यह लीजिए इरफान के,लिए लिखा था मेरा दोस्त इरफान चला गया कभी,कुछ भी हो सकता है इसलिए हर दिन को ऐसे,जियो जैसे कि आखरी हो और किसी की भी,जिंदगी पैसों के लिए वनवास मत करो क्योंकि,हर किसी को खाली हाथ की ओर जाना होता है,इसके अलावा भी केयर के मेज़बान के निधन के,पहले जब उनकी मां की मौत हुई तब भी घटिया,बातें लिखी थी कहा था कि इरफान,नीति-निर्माताओं के पैसे बर्बाद किए फिर,मैं अस्सी नब्बे फीसद सूट करके छोड़ दी,बहुत से लोगों का नुकसान किया और भी कई,बकवास बातें उन्हें इस तरीके के लिखी,हालांकि बाद में केयर के अनुसार इस बीच,हटा दिए थे अभिषेक कपूर के बारे में बता,देते हैं आंसू ऋषि कपूर के लिए जब उनके,अस्पताल में भर्ती होने की खबर आई थी तब,हेयर के ने लिखा था कि ऋषि कपूर क्वेश्चन,Reliance अस्पताल में भर्ती है मैं उनसे,कहना चाहता हूं कि सर ठीक होकर जल्दी वापस,आना निकल मत जाना क्योंकि दारु की दुकान,बंद दो-तीन दिन बाद खुलने वाली है तो,इन्हीं सब ट्वीट फरकिया के खिलाफ शिकायत,हुई और के दर्द हुआ है हालांकि अभी तक,गिरफ्तारी नहीं हुई है,हां यही सदी में गिरावट आ सकती है,हुआ है,ए विलेन टॉप मतलब आप की खबरें पढ़ने का,एक्सपीरियंस बदलने वाली वेबसाइट यूट्यूब,और फेसबुक पर भोपाल काटने के बाद अब बारी,है एप्स लल्लनटॉप है जो लांच होते ही कुछ,ही घंटों में बन गया था नंबर पर Play,Store से Android ऐप इंस्टॉल कीजिए और,जुड़े रहिए लल्लनटॉप खबरों से अब एक ही,जगह पर मिलेंगे पॉलिटिकल किससे लल्लनटॉप,शो चुनावी कवरेज पड़ताल और आसान भाषा में,पाइए लल्लनटॉप सी वीडियो सबसे पहले फेसबुक,पर यूट्यूब से भी पहले कब है और वीडियो का,आपको मिलेगा नोटिफिकेशन बड़ी खबर हो या,फिर हो किससे सब आपके फेवरिट सेक्शन आपको,है बताने इतना ही नहीं क्रिकेट मैच का,स्कोर इलाके में मौसम का दौर भी जानिए आज,ही Google Play Store पर जाइए और,डिटर्जेंट आप ऐप इंस्टॉल कीजिए तो,हुआ है

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KRK Game over Cheers Rajamouli Allu Arjun fans| Kamal R Khan Twitter Account Suspended| News Bowl

KRK Game over Cheers Rajamouli Allu Arjun fans| Kamal R Khan Twitter Account Suspended| News Bowl

you know picture ooh Nordic am would,stay at the baggage star do printer lock,who says star do only I know cheaper,than Elohim analogic kunda ante content,a bucket you want to do Connie,Thomasina critical ton of Bollywood but,if you could not do better big,whoop-de-doo,baahubali to fit the disaster on to see,him off with Elena mother dear Jose to,see such a salut salut,Rajamouli would that super a coddled,dubia do Tata illusion taja chakram the,water Jeff another one to see a pseudo,hero gnaw on - Coco Coco Co in lucca,looking on a Telugu look at the star on,top,Bollywood hosted junior artist put up an,accord interpreter low post invitado,Hindu Rashtra love Telugu practical who,during the day with the kr al-ankabut,appear who I say pump and in the book on,the Sammy important than a tagging H,every key victory pop impart Indy under,K we were to put in the Elan t learn to,be able to follow leads your bundle,activate let the water go to one element,in Armani in Chile amar today,en I got it Twitter Coty's suspended in,the arena in solemn hope EcoPOD of,Karnataka Twitter as my name's Pandey ji,en agaric Ottawa was tuna your bundle, thought to call a manatee HACCP,Cupid SRO ha you know pitcher pitcher,Plato do k RK and take common Rashid,Khan in T Twitter kata suspend an anthem,at Rothenberg I am way to be part in the,Nogami Sunday home a pre-k was to now,oku creaky work good job ooh not taken a,year put filters of boondi the mana mana,Burma gorilla an interpreter love,marathi telugu radhika malarkey,fraternal écoutez inter got a sahaja,when she Doron of Aleppo in italic I in,the context Amazon Pokemon yeah cake,abundant Twitter a you put up a two,pointer and the cinimala JC opportunity,internal not to do ratchet on air bath,on to social media love to Daddy,come on she preparation on wood china,pattern of muhammad show the notes in,the wall - peachy quote allure a,post-chaise to add a picture in Caillou,to blow no cinema review la muchacha de,on top 32 noodle didn't YouTube has,money would chupa to sleep good thing,economy reggae potato,Princeton Andromeda hotel who say he,arcade fornicate atomically into the,pipe gold particular ooh,anakata,in Turkey carnem Bollywood village,channel to do american anthropologist,renato amir atashi from secret superstar,chapter on them to pretty low done will,be open to male illa change and run two,years to nadu the High Court love tales,hunter none - pelipper - Nadu KRK Emma,there is our anyway attended Bollywood,love pre honest nebula Milligan and,Karan Johar Kajol mythology - Rajesh,Adam Karan Johar Chitra mere dil hai,mushkil a Jo garnet interest abide and,develop pada Harlow okay sir Deidre a,awesome aimless avoid chapter Gavin and,Oprah's RJ Manning current on a career,while actually turn on - chaotic chatter,ah damn book we particular J they were,gonna cause a loop currents oaxaca,martyrdom LeDoux first American to K RK,Paducah member adeana pay a mere alas,and estado true da hai busy people,Evie dia Banda Marina videos Qasim,please subscribe news bowel

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Kangana Ranaut sister Rangoli's UGLY TWITTER WAR with KRK

Kangana Ranaut sister Rangoli's UGLY TWITTER WAR with KRK

kangaroo nod has been in headlines ever,since she spoke her heart about her,alleged relationships with Hrithik,Roshan and added upon chole in a recent,interview Kamal R Khan has said,something which will put anyone to shame,cognizance Terran goalie has been pretty,much active on the social media and has,been at a sister site KRK interrupted,and this is what happens,rangoli then did not keep quiet and,slammed him through a series of tweets,so guys what do you think about this,Twitter fight between cognizant,erinbowley and KRK like this video write,in your comments and don't forget to,subscribe to Bollywood backstage

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#105 - KRK Rokit 6 studio monitor speakers repair

#105 - KRK Rokit 6 studio monitor speakers repair

hi everyone,welcome to the lab this time i have a,pair of,krk rocket 6 studio monitor speakers for,repair,i picked them up for free they are in,good physical shape,and both power up and these logos light,up,but both speakers have some problems,one speaker has no output at all and the,other one has some output from the,twitter but nothing from the woofer,let's take a look,a quick look on the back the model is,rpg to fg made in china,we have mains input means voltage,selector,power switch xlr anterior as balanced,inputs,rca unbalanced input volume control,and high frequency level adjust this is,a switch with four positions,zero db one db boost one db,cut and two db cut,here we are inside and this massive,transformer means we have a linear mode,power supply,so this mains voltage selector selects,appropriate primary side,sections and the secondary side has,five wires the center top is this,black wire and the yellow wires are,for 15.2 volts sections,from the center top and these red ones,are 21.5 volts from the center tab,and this separate board is the pre-amp,obviously,and this must be the power amplifier,and this pair of wires is marked hf so,this must be for the tweeter,and this must be the woofer and this,must be,led in the logo,i don't like the look of this resistor,at all,and it seems to me we have another,instance of corrosive glue,in one of my recent videos i repaired,the retail receiver,which had a corrosive glue similar to,this,and one diode was damaged,and one trace on the pcb as well,so perhaps we have something similar,here,this seems to be a bleeding resistor,across this capacitor,in the power supply and this must be,the other one for this capacitor,so even if this one is damaged,it should not be the reason that there,is no sound,so there must be something else wrong,but i see,this glue in several places here,here and there and over there,and also over there,so something else must be wrong,somewhere,or maybe something unrelated to the glue,all together,here's a closer look at this amplifier,and i think i see some corrosion here on,this,link on this resistor and on this,bracket here and i think,this capacitor bulged so,i think i need to do some cleanup where,this,glue is look for damaged components,and the check electrolytic capacitors,sure enough this bulged capacitor is,dead,it should be 220 microfarads,and we read about two microfarads and,the,sr is 35 ohms,this area was covered with this nasty,stuff,and i checked the transistor here and it,didn't look right,so i desoldered it and sure enough the,legs are corroded,and one leg fell right off unfortunately,because of the glue,the marking on it is not readable i,tried cleaning it with alcohol,but it didn't help much i still cannot,read it,i found schematics perhaps a slightly,different model,it says rp6g2 here,and on the picture here i see rpg2,and we have rpg2fg,so maybe it is slightly different model,and the schematic here at the end seems,to match,let's make it slightly larger,and the transistor in question is here,in this,power supply plus and minus 15 volt,rails,and the designators match the board q101,and this one is q102 and i can read the,marking on this transistor and it,matches this,b647 so,this one must be npn device d667,and the bulged capacitor is this one,which is,on the input to this low frequency,amplifier,this capacitor was right next to the,transistor and it is corroded as well,all right the cleanup is done new,resistor here,new transistor and new capacitors here,the glue is removed for the most part to,make sure there is no other damage to,the board and components,and now it's time to power this thing up,and see if we have plus and minus 15,volt rails,look at this it is powered up and,we have ground here so,this should be positive 15 volt rail,14.76,and this should be negative,14.78 wonderful,just a quick check on the schematic that,both amplifiers have,the negative side grounded so there is,no problem probing here with the regular,earth referenced oscilloscope,here is my test setup i soldered three,pairs of wires for convenience,this pair is low frequency amplifier,input connected to function generator in,the scope,generating one kilohertz 100 millivolts,peak to peak,this is the output from the low,frequency amplifier connected to the,scope,and one more pair is unmute connected to,this power supply,set to 5 volts and if we enable it,we see some output,and now this is reconfigured to test the,high frequency amplifier,and that is working as well,this is the second speaker and this one,did have some output from the twitter,so i think power rails here should be,okay,let's check them now i know where to,check power rails,let's power it up and this is the ground,and,here we should see positive 15 volt rail,here it is here should be,negative and it's there as well,here we should see a higher voltage,supply for the,low uh frequency amp 31 volts positive,and,31 volts negative and here we should see,power rails for the high frequency amp,2

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