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Josh Marshall, Publisher and Editor,

this week on Q&A Josh Marshall publisher,and editor of talking points memo calm a,web-based news organization featuring,breaking news opinions and investigative,reporting Joshua Micah Marshall how,would you describe what you do for a,living I'm a publisher of a news website,and I'm also the editor so I'm I'm,heavily involved in the editorial and,publishing side of the operation but,that's basically what i do i publish a,news website how long have you done it,I've done it in the site itself has,existed for just over 11 years but in,anything like its current form it goes,back about five years when i say current,form where we we employ a number of,journalists where it's you know it's,it's a it's a full company with,everything that that goes with that for,the first five or six years that i did,it it was just it was just a one-man,show so there's continuity but a very,you know a radically different,enterprising and it's now can you,remember the first moment you said i,want to do this myself create this,website uh yeah well I you know when I I,think there were a couple moments and,there are a couple moments where i had,that where I didn't do it yet sort of,false starts when I was in graduate,school I was I was involved in web,design basically to support myself and I,put together a newsletter that was about,things having to do with the internet,and stuff like that and I liked it I,liked I think I liked being a publisher,I liked putting something together and,then when I got into being a political,journalist I had urged to do something,like it and it only cut it only really,came together at the end of the 2011,a it was it was bi-weekly came out twice,semi yeah just get confused came out,twice a month so you know a very,different time pace and I had a sort of,an urge to do something like this and I,was on vacation what was supposed to be,the week after the two thousand election,which as it turned out was still the two,thousand lection was still going on down,in Florida and I started then and I I,just was addicted from the beginning,quick around your early years you born,where i was born in st. louis missouri,what year 1969 parents did what I,complicated my my parents my father was,a graduate student at the time he was,getting a PhD my mother when I was born,I think was working as like an,administrative assistant at the same,school at Washington University in st.,Louis so they were sort of some mix of,hippies and and would be academics at,the time and mom died early yes my,mother died in nineteen eighty one you,went to something called the web school,yes that is a it's a boarding school,basically it's a private boarding school,in claremont california they have a,small number of day students and i was,one of those i was a scholarship kid,there and it's a it's a great place it,it was great for me it was it was a,great place for me it helped me sort of,start to become who I was was very very,important placed why why was important,yeah what it would happen there that,made it made a difference um,it's it's a small place and it's it's,you know I was lucky my my family didn't,have the means to send me there and I,was lucky to get scholarships and stuff,like that but it but small private,education they they can there's more,attention they can they can give,individual students especially if,students who don't maybe aren't kind of,you know cut from exactly the the,typical mold and I was very interested,in as very interested in history and,politics not sort of the politics that I,now write about but but political,history and I think although I didn't,see it that way at the time I I was I,you know I I was only a couple years,away from my mother having died and,there's there's probably a you know a,little more community little greater,level of attention that was that was,important for me even though I didn't,not sure I realized that at the time,school was in karma California it's like,40 miles east of Los Angeles it's what,they call the Inland Empire out there,and where was your dad then at the time,he had left being a academic botanist,plant you know basically see plants,marine biology and he was in photography,and he was actually for most of that,time he was actually working at and then,owning a photography store in in that,you know in that little in that little,area so that's what he was doing then,why first school Princeton yes at,Princeton um and how did you know what,did it take to get in there you know I'm,not sure I I I it was I think I think,when i was in when i was in when i was,in high school I I grew up in you know,grew up in Southern California,um I think I had this thing with that,that you should go to one of these East,Coast schools that have been around for,a long time that that was something and,I'd never been to the east coast,literally never been to these coasts I,don't think I've ever been not sure I've,ever been east of the Mississippi River,maybe been to West Virginia ones i think,as often is the case with c

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The Future of Journalism; Josh Marshall, Clip3

The Future of Journalism; Josh Marshall, Clip3

the,house republican caucus sort of flushed,with um,their victory,went ahead and changed the rules,that governed the leadership of their,caucus and one of those rules was,that if,if a member of the leadership were,indicted he had to step down,and this was right about the time when,tom delay knew he was about to be,indicted so their first act as a,as um,a re-elected,majority was to,you know enable tom delays criminal,actions sort of uh in in advance which,is not the kind of thing you would think,that that a politician would want to do,you know out in the light of day they,did it in a private meeting with a show,of unrecorded show of hands and so forth,um,and it struck me this was one of those,cases where,if light could be,shined on the individual people in,question no one no one could,uh,no one would stand behind this,and so what i ended up doing,was,getting readers to call,the offices of their local,representatives,um and ask,and and uh it's easy to blow off a,journalist but it's much harder to,do that with constituents,and not surprisingly,no one wanted to admit whether they had,voted for this thing or not and so we,were able to or at the time it was just,me,able to mobilize,um,a few thousand people,across the country,who were relatively quickly able to,reveal who had voted what way,on this,on this measure um and eventually it it,led to um,the repeal isn't exactly the right word,but,they basically couldn't stand behind it,and eventually ended up being being,withdrawn,um and then the following year during,the,uh president bush's attempt to privatize,social security uh,by this point with these other cases i i,was getting more of a sense of,how it was possible,in cases like this to mobilize these,networks of people that were able to,bring forward information that,conventional journalism,was,both unable in some ways,uninterested in in in pulling together,and,the focus there was to,find out where individual members of,congress stood on this issue whether,they supported,privatization of social security or not,and so we came up with short lists just,the people who are who are on an odd,side of the issue democrats who were,supporting it republicans uh who were,against it,and during that period,you know there are insider um,trade sheets in washington dc that the,political class basically uses the,hotline national journal national,journal group stuff,where you where this kind of information,is generally put together but i think,during that period of time i don't think,there's any question,that,um,our site talking points memo,had the best intelligence than anybody,had then the people in the white house,had then people in congress had over,just where,each member of congress stood,um and that was very powerful to have,that information be able to shine a,light on on,on the different people and that was all,from,having,out of an audience of say 150 000,readers a day,um,five ten thousand readers who were,going to town hall meetings and asking,questions and recording what was what,was said,uh who were receiving constituent mails,who were,calling,the offices of,of their representatives,and we didn't pass this on without,checking it but stuff like that is easy,to verify once you,know what to look for so we were able to,find out,i don't have any doubt we were able to,find out,when people were changing their,positions,before the leadership in the congress,were finding out for the people in the,white house in fact i know we were,usually a head of ahead of what the,white house knew,um,now these were each,this is journalism but with a heavy uh,tinge of uh of activism to it,but,it was at that point that i really,could sort of see like wow if you if you,if you did this in a concerted way,for,reporting on political corruption,you know you could you could do some,amazing things and that's when,i started basically hiring other,reporters we built out sort of to the,the organization that we that we have,right now where this is the,model that we use in everything in all,the reporting that we do we're all we're,heavily dependent,on,the tips the feedback and the,specialized knowledge of different,readers when we come to when we come to,different stories

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Twitter Week Day 4 Great Tools and Tips on Twitter

Twitter Week Day 4 Great Tools and Tips on Twitter

guys welcome to internet marketing Chris,it is day four of my Twitter week first,and foremost I'd like to give a shout,out to josh marshall at Talking Points,Memo who received national coverage on,the colbert report that of courses will,get him hundreds of thousands of people,hitting his website congrats on that it,also helps us other bloggers really,getting credibility into what we're,trying to do creating a web presence for,ourselves within the blogosphere alright,I've gotten a lot of comments and,questions about the tools you guys,wanting more tools what I really want to,explain though is though walk with me,viral URL and i follow back are all,excellent resources to get people the,people that are following you really,don't want to follow they're just,following you back or placed in a system,where they automatically follow you or,you know stiffer things like that you,really should be focused on manually,marketing your twitter account there are,many many ways to do this i'd like to,cover for the biggest ones with you,right now first and foremost the biggest,one that will help you out or wear a,very long time is articles when you,write an article usually the article,directory will let you place one two or,three promotional links what's really,nice about your marketing your twitter,with articles is it won't count as one,of your promotional links because you,really don't need to even link to your,profile all you need to do is type your,name leave the at and then your name,such as mine is at make money 321 and,people will be able to follow you all,you all they have to do is ww, slash your name and they're,there they can follow you if they want,another big one that you can use is,forums the big forms that i like to use,our digital point v7n site point and,geek village all excellent forums and,they all allow you to place links within,your signature now to place a link,within your signature you're going to,need to know a little bit of BB code and,to find out all you have to do is go to,to google and type in BB code and all it,is is basically HTML with brackets so,all you have to do is replace the,brackets with the arrows and you're good,to go another big one that people may,not be using our vlogs I'll be showing,you in later posts some tools where you,can show people your following accounts,such as I have on my blog and website,make sure you post both links to your,account of your Twitter account on your,blogs and on your websites that will,definitely help increase your exposure,to your Twitter account and increase the,number of followers that are not really,they're following you because it was an,automated process or because they,promise to follow back but followers,that want to follow you because they're,actually interested in to what you have,to say what you think and so on so,alright next I'd like to cover a Twitter,tip and that is finding promotional,partners on Twitter once you have a few,thousand Cup you know 10,000 20,000,100,000 followers you should always be,looking at people to do cross,promotional campaigns with whether it be,guest post link exchanges three-way link,exchange this is the place twitter is an,excellent place for you to do this so,feel free to ask all of your followers,is there anyone with a business website,is there anyone with a marketing website,that would like to do some promotion,promotional ads guest post link,exchanges whatever you're in the mood to,do ask your followers if there's anyone,that's interested in to have them DM you,are a direct message for those who are,somewhat new to Twitter the next thing I,like to talk about is I will be starting,an SEO company I reach the top page,actually the top three position for make,money online which I'm really excited,about with over 200,000 people searching,that a month so but i'll be offering is,on page off page SEO and off-site SEO,and also do an analysis of where you are,at and where you will need to be what,you will need to do to become the top,page I will also be doing a competition,analysis going over all the competition,in your niche and mainly for the,keywords so that you would like to rank,well for I can also help you find some,keywords that will bring you in some,decent surge I'm starting it with my,partner who is doing web design just you,know basic setup website and get it,going get it online and get it get you a,domain name get it all set up for you,i'm charging 100 he's charging 100 we,decided that we would cut 50 off if you,purchase both of our services so look,for that we are building the company,right now and I am in fact ready to take,on jobs so just let me know you can,email me at cabe use 21 kb e us 21 at,GMS if you're interested anyway i'll be,keeping you guys updated and coming back,to you tomorrow with some awesome tools,for twitter including a tool that lets,you follow back anyone that's following,you or get rid of people that are not,following you also look forward to,getting a Twitter counter I will be

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The HILARIOUS Downfall of Elon Musk & Twitter

The HILARIOUS Downfall of Elon Musk & Twitter

there's also the obviousness,non-verified user Suites are suppressed,Elon can no longer get ragged on by,random nobodies that's also true,depending on how replies to tweets,interacts with that one of the best,things about Twitter is that you could,literally tell somebody like Elon Musk,to suck your dick in his replies and,there's a chance he might see it like,being able to do that to politicians and,other public figures and celebrities has,always been like one of the best parts,of Twitter but now if it is the case,that your replies get de-prioritized if,you don't pay eight dollars a month that,does kind of insulate anybody with a,check mark from any of that negative,backlash and promotes a uh Eight dollar,a month only Echo chamber all the people,in their Ivory Towers that they bought,with eight dollars a month yeah Elon is,making a safe space literally,how do you feel about what Elon is doing,to Twitter it's really dumb next,question,the best part about Elon Musk buying,Twitter is that it's really revealed,that he has no idea what he's,doing in any of the Pursuits that he,does that's always been the case but in,this moment it's very clear to people,like clearly he's not the engineers at,PayPal he's not the engineers at Uber,he's not the engineers at SpaceX he's,not the engineers at Tesla he's just the,CEO he's the face of all of these Brands,and that's it he's just surrounded by a,bunch of yes men that make him think,that he has the capacity to do anything,because he's got a lot of money so you,just buy whatever he wants right it,turns out you can't buy being good at,running a business much less these,social media company that the old like,so what's really funny is the only,reason he's in this right now is because,it's not the case that he got like drunk,one night and essentially like ,posted an offer to buy Twitter for 44k,or 44 billion sorry and then somehow,progress that to the point point where,it might have actually happened and then,decided he wanted to pull out and then,Twitter had kept him in the deal so that,they could get the bag and now here he,is,because he was getting sued otherwise,and that's it but the cool thing is the,cool thing about that is is that his,fans are terminally mentally ill because,they're conservatives and if he fails,which it's likely he will and,essentially just destroys Twitter,they'll be like oh well you know he was,that was the goal the whole time he,spent 44 billion dollars and lost even,more money than that after the fact to,stick it to the libs or whatever and two,that's really it I don't see what the,other one is I don't see Twitter like,doing any better maybe like they've,tread water for a while but that doesn't,seem likely because the advertisers are,very uh shaky right now and I do not,think that the paying for a check mark,thing is going to be very successful,when it comes to accruing revenue and,also he's in debt when it comes to,Twitter as well so it's just it seems,like he's just providing the conditions,for himself to get bailed out by selling,Twitter to some other major conglomerate,organization that already has social,media like Google meta or whatever,else and just gonna he's just gonna,continue the monopolies there I would be,surprised if meta joined it because they,already have Facebook and,Instagram and both of those sites are,dog ,um if Google bought it it's annoying,because it's Google but it's better,than meta I guess at least that's how it,feels it's like you you're choosing,between and so it's like,if Google buys it it gets shut down in,two years I don't know Google Plus was a,steaming pile of so I don't know,I really do think Tumblr could,capitalize on this if they made some,changes to their website that made the,website work a little bit more like,Twitter not like a carbon copy but like,just a little bit more to give the,people who are moving from Tumblr to,Twitter or like just using both now to,make them feel more like they have an,idea of what the to do on the,website because I I do think that,Twitter's format is really good for what,it is like obviously it's a social media,website so it's all dog but I think,for what Twitter is the format is pretty,good I don't hate it but like tumblr's,format is just I don't even know what's,happening,but I'll get used to it obviously so,like here's my Tumblr home page the,world this is my following tab so that,these are tags and accounts that I,follow which isn't going to be much here,right however if I go to my for you page,because I follow fashion we see this,useless England facts is posting Twitter,screenshots ah more Twitter screenshots,hey this has been funny this is an,account that I've been Jesus I don't,know if I can keep scrolling,um this is an account I've been seeing a,lot because I follow hashtag politics,CIS snowflake is an account that has,been popping up for me it's like one of,a few accounts that's actually posting,about politics right now and obviously,this is like tailored to my specific,acc

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'I'm Not Trying To Trick You': John Kennedy Grills Ex-Twitter Employee

'I'm Not Trying To Trick You': John Kennedy Grills Ex-Twitter Employee

former twitter security chief peter,zacco testified before the senate,judiciary committee on tuesday,during the hearing senator john kennedy,asked zacho point blanket quote half of,the employees at twitter have access to,senator grassley's account dot co,responded quote based upon what i saw,technically yes,in his testimony to the government dot,co alleged he saw multiple failings in,twitter security that led him to believe,the company was quote misleading the,public,lawmakers regulators and even its own,board of directors over its ability to,protect user data,thank you thanks senator klobuchar,senator kennedy,thank you mr chairman um,mr zadko give me 30 seconds,well strike that senator grassley is an,active user on twitter i'll use his,emmett as an example give me 30 seconds,on the type of information twitter has,on senator grassley or someone like him,if i was,uh if there was somebody uh just like,what the cto came to me and said hey,we've got a problem with this user is,this user,just give me 30 seconds on the type of,information,sure twitter has on the average twitter,user sure um what's the phone number,what's the latest ip address they've,they've uh connected from other other ip,address they've connected from is this,the uh current email how long have they,been using that email with the account,what are the prior emails uh for it from,the ip address there's a where do we,think they live,where do they we think they're connected,to right now are they still connected,even if they're not actively using uh,the information what type of device,are they connected with um what type of,web browser are they using which brand,is it possibly which computer what,language did they connect in it um those,are at some of the front end systems,thank you thank you for that,um and i'm going to be sure understand,you're telling you're telling this,committee that,all of the engineers and half the,employees of twitter,have access,to senator grassley's account half of,the employees of twitter are engineers,the engineers are by default given some,access to the production environment if,it is from what i saw if they wanted to,root around in the data and find it they,could find it okay let me try to leave,some have what you i'm going to,understand okay i'm not trying to trick,you,from what from your testimony i,understand that half of all of the,engineers and half of the employees at,twitter have access,to senator grassley's account is that,correct,based upon what i saw technically yes,okay,and if they go into senator grassley's,account,if an engineer does for example,twitter doesn't know that that engineer,has done that,is that correct,it would be,difficult to find the logs showing that,is my understanding correct okay so you,don't have a login and log out system,there was not an easy ability for me to,find,which engineers had logged into which,systems and what and what data that they,had accessed okay,so this engineer,who who can secretly go into senator,grassley's account and get all this,information,um,twitter has no idea what the hell he's,that engineer is going to do with that,information does it,under the hood no,okay so so,that engineered twitter could sell it,for example couldn't he,i'm sorry could what could sell it,could sell access i've i've seen,numerous accounts on underground forums,offering to sell such access whether,those are valid or not but i've seen uh,the offers to sell access to accounts to,delete accounts to unban accounts well,that engineer could just call one of his,buddies and say hey you don't like,senator grassley let me give you some,information here and,and uh,you may want to use it against him could,that engineer do that,with the access they have would twitter,know that the engineer done that not,necessarily okay,now did did mr dorsey know all this,i did explain this to mr dorsey uh my,understanding is he did not understand,this prior to bringing me in and that,was one of the reasons that does he,understand it now,i believe after seeing about your ceo,does he understand this um i believe,since he has been there for 10 years and,rose up through the ranks in engineering,and he has talked to the engineers and,and they have told that yes i i believe,yes i believe mr brett taylor from,salesforce he's the chairman of your,board does he know all this uh he knows,what i put in my reports i do not know,whether he understands it all right,you've got it you've got an executive,from mastercard mimi i'm going to,probably mispronounce the last name,ali mayu,for mastercard,does this board member know that i do,not know if she knows that well is this,the kind of thing that a reasonable,board member would inquire about,uh i would i would think so but i've,also seen that what was presented to the,board was not represented,during your time there did the board,ever ask,uh the board did not ask these directly,even after all these problems with,foreign agents,not when i was there during the board,meetings they just sat

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NBA Injury Update | KD Sprains MCL, AD Update | NBA Fantasy Basketball

NBA Injury Update | KD Sprains MCL, AD Update | NBA Fantasy Basketball

in today's show we look at injuries,around the MBA an update on Kevin Durant,an update on Anthony Davis Michael,Bolton thanks Josh it's Michael Bolton,here and it's time for another episode,of the locked on Fantasy Basketball,podcast let's get to it let's get to it,indeed,fall podcast part of the locked on,podcast Network,hello and welcome to the locked on,Fantasy Basketball podcast brought to,you by basketball monster my name is,Josh Lloyd and I am the lead fantasy,Analyst at and you,can find me on Twitter as always at,Redrock underscore bball and Tick Tock,Redrock underscore Bible and on,Instagram at locked on Fantasy,Basketball today's episode is brought to,you by Price picks first time users can,receive a 100 instant deposit match up,to 100 with the promo code locked on,that's the promo code is,locked on thank you for making locked on,Fantasy Basketball your first listen,every day we are free and available on,all platforms let's go through the,injuries across the NBA warning let's,get it on Gilly,all right the Hawks it's only one and a,lot of these teams the injury lists,again despite your fantasy protestations,they're pretty small it's clinker power,who is out at the moment with this calf,injury that has caused him to miss two,weeks this time and like two weeks the,time before I don't know whether he's,going to play on Wednesday that's the,Hawks next game I I'm just going to Mark,him doubtful at this stage and we just,keep rolling within yakarakong where,they also have a Friday Saturday back to,back so even if capella does return on,Wednesday he's probably going to sit one,of those games and be unlimited minutes,for this week so that makes it hard to,start capella for the week in a weekly,League it also makes it really solid to,keep going with the nyakara Kong it is a,problem obviously capella has had,Achilles soreness issues for the last,two seasons didn't have it this,pre-season and now has suffered multiple,calf injuries which of course we know,are significantly related and that's,that's a problem as we move forward,I don't I don't know whether this is the,last season the capella is functionally,a full-time startup it must be starting,to get close to that though if there's,going it's good they've got a cable,backup in a Kong with a capella is at,this point still better than a Kong Wu,but these injuries continue to be,somewhat of a problem again a wooden,starting this week and I would keep,rolling with uheka okongwu,the Boston Celtics well,again pretty clean apart from Marcus,Smart who bang these last game he's been,ruled out for Monday's game already,you'd have to expect that the Wednesday,Thursday back to back is in summed out,there for for smart what will happen,here is it'll be white and Brogden who,will both push up and probably play 30,minutes you'll get a little bit more out,of Grant Williams and you'll probably,get 10 or 12 minutes out of Peyton,preacher you might get 16 out of Peyton,Pritchard but that's obviously just,deeper League stuff it just means that,white and Brogden if they're on the wave,away and they are in some leagues,because they've been sort of like 130th,140th best player for a lot a lot of,stretches of the Season they're guys,that we had for this week with the,expectation that out of the four games,the Celtics play this week and they play,three and four nights to start the week,um yeah I don't think we'd get any more,than two out of marker smart at best but,we don't have any update to say that,it's a long-term situation,this is the more significant one and we,go to Brooklyn to talk about Kevin,Durant who does in fact have a sprained,MCL which was the expectation I guess,from seeing the mechanism of that injury,again we always have to be careful when,the Tweet is,um there is optimism it's a less severe,injury that's great and we do believe,that,um but it's he'll be reevaluated in two,weeks you're not back in two weeks he's,not back in two weeks he's reevaluated,in two weeks the good news is he is,there's no surgery,um I would think we're talking more four,weeks to be honest and MCL is usually,four to six weeks I just two weeks he's,crazy three weeks is,maybe optimistic but I'll guess that,he's not playing in January I'll I'll,put that out there I don't think he's,going to play in January I think,probably February and just before the,All-Star break is a more realistic,situation he's older multiple knee,injuries,um they need him for the playoffs,obviously yes he will return that's,great news but uh Durant will be out at,least two weeks but it is going to be,longer than two weeks,he um with him out they've only got two,games this week they don't play till,Thursday so we're not going to get any,clarification on minutes I think it's,just going to be a mess it's going to be,two or three extra for Royce O'Neill,it's going to be two to three extra for,TJ Warren it's going to be extra for,Seth Curry it's going to be extra for,Joe Harris now two wee

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Twitter Files: Parts 7-10

Twitter Files: Parts 7-10

foreign,yeah sorry people no intro,so yes,we are here today,talk about Twitter files going in raw I,hope everybody had a very merry,Christmas,because you know we could say Merry,Christmas again because of me,those damn left to send their attack on,Christmas those horrible leftists in,their valent attack their antifa attack,on Christmas,and ironically I do hear a lot more,people saying it than like a couple,years Christmas instead of happy,holidays here take your happy holidays,oh I said it on accident I felt so,cringe the other day like I was on the,phone talking to guy about ordering,metal and I was like oh happy oh ,I was like,I have a few Bay Area refugees,who I know they say happy Holidays happy,holidays neighbor yeah happy holidays so,whatever you're doing,I usually think about it in terms of,like uh Christmas and New Year's so you,know that's where my brain goes but I,know it's just cringe left Merry,Christmas and a Happy New Year that's,what we've got it's too many words,all right so let's get this started,so I guess over the Bro over the time,we've been off there's been four,additional drops of the the Twitter,files,so yes we'll go through them now so,oh sorry I thought I'm sorry dead,already Jesus this one's this one's from,Michael Schellenberg have you started,drinking yet,so the Twitter files part seven the FBI,and the hunter Biden laptop that's,that's not real it's not a thing,so how the FBI and intelligently,discredit factual information about the,hunter Biden's foreign business dealings,both after and before the New York Post,revealed the contents of his laptop on,the 14th of October 22 2012 and before,so in Twitter files number six we saw,the FBI relentlessly seek to exercise,influence,over Twitter including his contents its,users and its data,in Twitter file 7 we present evidence,pointing to an organized effort by,representatives of the intelligence,Community I see aimed at senior,Executives at news and social media,companies to discredit leaked,information about Hunter Biden before,and after it was published,The Story begins in December 2019 when a,Delaware computer store owner named John,Paul JP Mack Isaac,can we all appreciate,that man who works on Mac computers his,middle name is Mac,boring for it,John's meant to be black guys at home,yeah oh God John Paul Mac Isaacs it's,like brilliant,it's a terrible name I mean well it's,weird to me because I thought that's a,surname like my name,um like he's Mack Isaacs yeah like Mark,Isaac Mike Isaac Mac Isaac or Mick Isaac,I am a mick of something but I think,I've never seen someone whose middle,name is Mac it doesn't make it's weird,maybe they were listening to like uh oh,god what the hell's his name Isaac Hayes,and then like also big big children yeah,but yes JP JP Mack Isaacs contacts the,FBI about a laptop that Hunter Biden has,left with him you love it Shaman don't,lie yes Shaman nerds I think,accurate so yes on December 9th 2019 the,FBI issues a subpoena for and takes,Hunter Biden's laptop and here's the uh,here's the receipt which is,the worst quality image I I have,I've ever seen but yes this is a,subpoena to testify before a grand jury,so and the the testimony is the laptop,itself thanks guys that's helpful,so yes the FBI came and took it,by August 2020 Mac Isaacs had not heard,back from the FBI even though he had,discovered evidence of criminal activity,and so he emails Rudy Giuliani who of,all the people,to email this but who was,on who was under FBI surveillance at the,time,in early October Giuliani gives it to,the neural post so,timeline is,laptop gets dropped off,in 2019 sometime,Hannah Biden just forgets about the, thing,um doesn't doesn't pay for it of course,completely spaces on it and then it,becomes as per the,the agreement,becomes yeah,the uh the property of the store owner,store owner looks at the laptop goes,holy there's some weird, on here,and decides to phone up the FBI the FBI,comes out and collects it in December,and,he hears nothing,and by August he decides that he's going,to talk to Rudy Giuliani,can you imagine if he gave it to,somebody like you know Rand Paul or,somebody like competent yes you know to,really really nuke them well yes yeah so,shortly before 7pm Eastern on October 13,Hunter Biden's lawyer George,Messiahs emails JP Mack Isaac Hunter and,Messiahs had just learned from the New,York Post that its story about the,laptop will be published the next day,the message from his his Law Firm so,John Paul thank you for speaking with me,tonight as indicated I'm a lawyer of,Hunter Biden and I appreciate you you're,reviewing your records on this matter,thank you,at 9 22 Eastern,FBI special agent Elvis Chan,that sounds like such a fake,name God I love it,since since 10 documents to Twitter's,then head of site Integrity you're rough,through teleporter a one-way,Communications channel from the FBI to,Twitter,so the next day October 14th 2020 the,New York Post runs its explosive story,revealing the business dealings of,Presi

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Elon Musk Ruthlessly Mocked for Spotlighting His Own Fall From Grace

Elon Musk Ruthlessly Mocked for Spotlighting His Own Fall From Grace

2022 has not been kind to Elon Musk to,put it lightly not only did he choose to,make one of the dumbest decisions ever,by purchasing Twitter in the first place,but he bought it for far more than it's,worth and in addition to that Tesla's,shares have plummeted he went from being,the richest person in the world to,becoming the only person in history to,lose 200 billion dollars in net worth,and perhaps worse for him is that he's,learned that most people don't like him,in fact they view him as a complete joke,and he's even the laughing stock on his,own platform now so to say that 2022 was,a tumultuous year for Elon Musk would be,an understatement but he seemingly,responded to his Fall From Grace on,Twitter with a really sad tweet saying,12 months ago I was person of the year,yeah and now look at you a lot can,change in a year but for you sir all I,have is the world's tiniest violin,foreign,and that was pretty much everyone's,response so they replied to him when he,made that tweet and they roasted him as,they usually do Randy Bryce wrote,setting 44 billion dollars of flame can,do wonders Brandon Friedman shared a,tweet from Donnie snarko which reads,well well if it isn't the consequences,of my own actions Travis Allen writes,this year you're the worst prison of the,Year Molly Zhang fast says before you,started tweeting there's a lesson here,John Marshall says hello darkness my old,friend that's a that's a good one,Christina Wong just juxtaposed his Time,person of the year cover with the time,opinion piece critiquing Elon musk's,erratic Behavior Marty Shannon writes,now you're a type of person of the year,Alejandra carabayo says amazing what,transphobia does to a person you destroy,200 billion dollars of your wealth set a,social media company on a path to,bankruptcy and you nuked your Public,Image all because you didn't like a,trans transphobic joke being taken down,by Twitter and that went on and on and,on and really if you ever just want to,see a good Elon Musk Rose session all,you have to do is look at the replies to,any of his tweets and there are,countless people relentlessly ,on him,now there's a plethora of reasons to,hate Elon Musk from his douchey demeanor,to the fact that he's a greedy,billionaire but I specifically can't,stand him because of the impact that he,has on society and his reach even if,he's more hated now has been Amplified,because he is the owner of Twitter and,he is actively trying to make Twitter a,worse platform which has deleterious,impacts on society itself for example as,Jessica Corbett of common dreams,explains as advertisers depart Twitter,in the wake of Elon musk's recent,takeover the billionaire owner continues,to shake up the social media platform,which on Tuesday relax the ban on,political and issue based advertising,put in place over three years when then,CEO Jack Dorsey announced the ban in,October of 2019 he explained that this,isn't about free expression this is,about paying for reach and paying to,increase the reach of political speech,has significant ramifications that,today's Democratic infrastructure may,not be prepared to handle while,advertising was Twitter's primary,revenue Source premium musk it's not,clear that the policy change will,notably benefit the company from a,financial standpoint before the ban,political ad spending for the U.S 2018,midterm cycle was less than 3 million,dollars Twitter's total revenue was 3,billion in 2018 and in 2021 it topped 5,billion 4.51 billion of which came from,ads a few weeks after musk bought the,company in October Media Matters for,America revealed that 50 of its 100 top,advertisers which collectively accounted,for nearly 2 billion in spending on the,platform since 2020 and over 750 million,in advertising in 2022 alone had,announced or seemingly stopped,advertising on Twitter now I think that,the last paragraph does indeed give us,some insight into his true motivations,yes political ad spending didn't account,for much compared to other AD Revenue,that Twitter breaks in but still 3,million that's 3 million more that,Twitter currently doesn't have so if he,brings back political ads then that's,just more money in his pocket and he is,desperate after losing 200 billion,dollars of his own net worth so he wants,to make this company profitable and he's,going to do that even if it makes,Society demonstrably worse now the thing,about political ads and why I think that,Twitter was right in the first place to,ban them is that they are incredibly,deceptive we don't know who funds them,oftentimes a Super PAC from either party,can just create an ad that's completely,fictitious smear somebody and there's,basically no accountability for that I,mean Republicans they do this but,Democrats can also do the same exact,thing in fact they do do this I've seen,ads you've seen the mailers that are,incredibly deceptive that that get sent,to our homes uh every election season so,to allow that on Twitter means he's,simply allowing for more misinformation,an

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