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Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Jobforeign,yeah come on in you know uh you're 20,minut

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Job

foreign,yeah come on in you know uh you're 20,minutes late,yeah Twitter we didn't have like start,time schedules are uh,remnant of an oppressive colonialist,regime oppressive colonialist regimes,okay well look the work here is pretty,demanding we need to find someone who,can inspect all of our outgoing Miss are,you okay I'm sorry I'm not really used,to bosses using trigger words like,demanding and inspect and work,but this is a job we don't say that,either then how do you get any work,well I mean so how do you get any uh,laborer stuff production the hand work,Network sorry stuff done how do you get,any stuff done,a strip's got ten some stuff,okay well what would you say,you did there I was responsible for so,much as a Content moderation specialist,some days during my afternoon cornhole,sesh I get a text telling me I had to,ban someone so then you'd have to,actually like walk over to your computer,and ban them uh no I would just hit a,button on my phone and then bam Babylon,b band Libs of tick tock band Steve from,Fruitport Michigan you know he banned,and then back to cornhole uh all right,well what else did you do there drink,like a sailor they had wine on tap,mimosas a full micro Brewery,they also had a a which was,kind of helpful for me,one day at a time,uh well congratulations,uh well so I think I've seen everything,that I need to see did you have any,questions for us tons okay first you,don't actually like,expect me to,come well how do you expect to get any,work done labor done stuff done at the,factory without coming into the factory,oh so this is like a job job,yeah that might be a deal breaker for me,uh also I didn't notice any meditation,rooms when I came in do you guys have,any gurus on site or is it more like a,byog type situation by what also I,didn't see a QR code for your lunch menu,but I assume your shrimp is non-GMO and,cage-free shrimp where'd you get shrimp,we don't have any shrimp hey sorry to,interrupt boss pneumatic drill is on the,fritz again I need to go pick up some,parts I'll be back in five,oh what was on his hand uh it was Grease,how did it get there because he worked,does stuff engages in manual labor okay,that's it I can't do this,I'm sorry Mr Dunson we've decided to go,in a different direction,all right well I'm sorry to hear that,Miss,nope nope,hey boss she gone yep you thinking what,I'm thinking rooftop cornhole sesh I got,the mimosas,are you a paver of fine goods and a,patron of quality entertainment if so be,sure to like subscribe and comment to,support the fine institution known as,The Babylon bear and if you don't,subscribe you must be one of those,unfortunates who can't even afford an,in-house sommelier speaking of which,Reginald bring the 1986

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Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

I find it so fascinating how often,people just film their own crimes or,post on Twitter about illegal activities,that they're doing and then it,eventually comes back to haunt them,where they lose their job or get,arrested it's just wild that so often,people have this complete lack of,self-control and inability to stop,themselves from saying or doing dumb,stupid things on Twitter like posting,cringe on Twitter has cost more jobs,than the invention of machines and today,I want to go over a disturbing new case,of gross this was something that,went viral a few days ago but I've only,just now caught up on it it's really,gross and I actually think that this is,a deeper onion than most people realize,I think that this was all a manufactured,marketing campaign conducted by a,Shameless degenerate in order to get,only fan subscribers so let's take it,from the top I'm sure if you were on,Twitter a few days ago you saw this post,floating around this little bit of,eyeball poison was getting Dunked On by,everyone around the globe and if people,weren't on it they were, themselves out of just pure,repulsion so the post is talking about,how they're coming out as trans canine,and talking about how they've been with,six dogs so they celebrate dogs,and they double down on this triple down,on it and have made it their entire,brand identity now like this is now,their online presence is being the dog, and they're very open about it,talking about it and trying to make it,like some kind of powerful movement,about why dogs is a great thing,obviously I'm on the side of Common,Sense here animals can't consent to,having sex thus you're not even having,sex with the animals you're raping them,you're a dog Raper it's called,bestiality and it's a crime it's illegal,it's not something to be celebrated or,encouraged now I think the person behind,this knows it and was making this as a,giant post that would hopefully gather a,lot of hoopla and put eyes on their uh,their content because even prior to this,post they were dropping nude photos lewd,photos and just talking like about,trying to monetize their sexual content,and then after this post got so much,steam they made a statement saying that,this had cost them their job they now no,longer have a way of making money so in,desperation they're saying it and,starting and only fans when I'm pretty,sure that was the entire plan from the,get-go and by having so many eyes on,them from all of this this Spotlight,that was shining there they immediately,got a giant head start like they're way,over 150 000 followers at this point and,I'm pretty sure that this was their,intention from the get-go they'd chose,something that they knew most people,would have a problem with no one likes,to see animals being abused and no one,likes to hear about animals being used,as like sexual objects or sexual props,for people in their content it's like,that is beyond weird so they are,probably aware that by making that post,it get would have gathered a lot of,steam which it did and then they,immediately went around with this,narrative that they were fired there's,no way of knowing 100 for sure if they,were fired I take all of that with a,grain of salt and even the way they talk,about it like in that post they're,saying they're going to sue everyone,that got them fired that just seems like,a troll that legitimately just seems,like a weak low effort troll statement,at the end there there is evidence to,suggest they may have actually lost,their job from this but even still I,don't think it's 100 confirmed as of,this moment like it just to me feels,like this was all part of the plan and,you can also even see them like lean,into it if you go back a couple days,before this blew up they made this post,about how only fans models are the devil,you know this is terrible stuff look,what kind of example are you setting for,children you Godless heathens and then,only days later turning around and,dropping one of their own only fans is,disgusting and you're going to hell for,it as they're signing up for an account,I could be wrong this all could be done,genuinely and wasn't meant as a,marketing play for only fans subscribers,but to me that's just really what it,feels like it feels like someone that is,very aware of what they're doing and,trying to capitalize off outrage and,being the villain I've said this a,million times but on Twitter since,everyone has unlimited access to every,unhinged thought and person imaginable,across the globe you will always find,people that agree with you no matter how,outrageous the belief you will always,find supporters and that's exactly,what's happened here they now do have,legitimate supporters backing them and,the dog stuff from other equally,deranged animal it's pathetic,sad and it's just really depressing that,this is actually succeeding for them,financially now if I'm correct and this,is all just revolting marketing for,their only fans it doesn't make any of,this justifiable excusable and it,doesn't

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Why I left my job at Twitter...

Why I left my job at Twitter...

I have some bad news guys,I got fired from Twitter and you might,be wondering why it's honestly all,because of you watching this video they,fired me because we have a youtube,channel skirt just kidding,I did not get fired I'm leaving Twitter,for my dream company but today is my,last day at Twitter so most of you,probably know me from my day in the life,at Twitter video but if you haven't,watched some of our other videos in,college I did internships at Microsoft,Adobe Tesla and Twitter and I ended up,signing with Twitter full-time and,that's where I've been for the past two,years and at the time I'm filming this,it's actually in the middle of the,coronavirus so the Twitter office isn't,even open for the next eight months or,so it's gonna be a little bit of a,unique experience having a last day of,work where I'm just totally remote so I,want to walk through with you guys what,the last day looks like at Twitter why,I'm leaving and also where I'm headed,so looking at my calendar here I have an,exit sync and then I have two,one-on-ones saying bye to my manager and,another member of my team and then I,also have a project handoff at the end,of the day,a few moments later alright I just got,done with my exit sync it was pretty,quick so I have a little bit of a gap,here before my next meeting and before I,really dive into why I'm leaving Twitter,I want to explain the first off I'm,definitely not making this video to like,bash on my time at Twitter quite the,opposite I actually had an incredible,experience at Twitter there's a reason,that I picked working there over all the,other companies that I'd done,internships at seeing the news articles,pop up the day after you launch a new,product or a new feature you're working,on that's the kind of experience you,really don't get a lot of places and on,top of that the team was amazing super,fun group of people to work with amazing,perks and benefits and on top of all,that the pay is incredible there I'm,gonna make another video diving into,exactly how much I made it Twitter so I,won't cover that in this video,and before I jump into more I actually,have to hop on,one-on-one with my manager so I'll be,back in a half hour I've had this huge,to-do list I've been going through,trying to make sure I don't forget,anything it is what time is it 4:00 p.m.,and at 5:00 p.m. they shut off access to,my laptop it's not my responsibility,anymore,I filled out documentation for my,teammates got all my passwords off here,I deleted all my personal info oh wait,did I I don't want no Twitter employees,like snooping through my text messages,whew I deleted all my texts off here,that's it I think I've done turning your,badge,laptop in any other assets Katie can you,believe this is happening yeah you can,believe it at the end of an era this,thing could fall off of like a semi,truck going 80 miles an hour and it,would be fine in this bar all right I'm,gonna box this up and we're gonna go,drop it off at the post office,all right drop off the package then go,get a burrito to celebrate Josh's last,day at Twitter and I'm gonna be doing,some interviewing of him getting you,guys all the good details of why he's,leaving what made him want to leave,where is he going where are we going are,we moving or we sing in the Bay Area to,kick things off Josh why don't you just,tell us why are you leaving Twitter I,think it really comes down to three,things first off I feel like I'm pretty,new in my career and I really want to go,to a company that I feel like is growing,a lot like Twitter is doing really well,as a company I can't like there's,definitely not room to complain but the,thing is Twitter kind of already had,that hyper growth stage they went,through their IPO several years back and,at the time there was a lot of,excitement new user growth they were,acquiring different companies and,expanding into different things getting,new office buildings just to fit all,their new employees they were hiring and,I definitely feel like I missed that,point of Twitter as a company which,really made me just want it more and,want to look for a kind of opportunity,that would provide that and allow me the,growth that comes with it so reason,number two this is really about product,passion like Twitter's a really cool,product but at the end of the day I feel,like I'm just not a Twitter guy deep,down inside and that's not really like a,deal breaker I mean I've worked in,plenty of jobs like Windows server for,example that I will probably like never,use again in my entire life the stuff I,worked on and that's okay like there's,tons of software out there that's needed,to run the world that like it doesn't,have the developer doesn't have to be,like the most passionate person about,that product for it to work out but I,just felt like with so many products out,there that I am passionate about that it,was definitely something I was looking,at is an opportunity to jump to a team,and a product that,I now totally think is really cool but,that'

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Former Twitter employee reflects on losing job in 'confusing' layoffs

Former Twitter employee reflects on losing job in 'confusing' layoffs

an email went out uh in the early hours,of the UK,um that confirmed the sort of rumors,we've been hearing for a while about,there being layoffs coming the email,basically said there'd be a large,reduction in headcount,um it said that,if we would be affected we'd hear to a,personal email if not to our work email,and it was about an hour after that that,I found that my work laptop was remotely,wiped and accessed to slack and Gmail,revoked checked in with a few U.S,colleagues who were still awake and many,of them were reporting seeing the same,thing,um I've I've heard from a couple of,people that they've had,um emails saying that they're being kept,on,um that's about all I all I know and,they didn't go into too much detail,um that's only a couple of instances,from the I guess a few dozen people that,I've I've directly spoken to at this,point I think,um,it seems to have,moved very quickly,I don't uh,it seems difficult to me to understand,how,you would be able to correctly evaluate,so many people's uh positions and,performances and you know the value of,of roles,in such a small period of time,that's the kind of the part that I'm I'm,struggling with,um,but as I say you know it's um,it's one of those things where,pretty much everything about this whole,acquisition has been unprecedented so,expecting anything to go in in any,particular way,um,it's not really something that you can,sort of hang your hat on,um,obviously in in the way that this plays,out they will have to be very careful,about,abiding by labor laws in in any given,territory um that's not really something,that you can just ignore,so we'll have to see how that plays out,I mean it seems pretty likely that,um,people with with different circumstances,will have you know some some pretty,challenging times ahead I think,certainly people that are on uh,work-related visas,um are going to be feeling very anxious,right now and my you know my heart goes,out to them you know depending on on,what kind of visas people are on if they,aren't able to find new employment quite,quickly they may have to leave their,homes leave the country that they may,have lived in for years um and that's,that's really heartbreaking so,um anything that I think people can do,to help support anybody in in this,position,um that you know that's that support,network is already happening it's really,strong it's really great to see it it's,it's keeping people going and that's,amazing to see,yeah it's it's kind of all over the,place I mean I I think a lot of it,depends on your sort of personal,attitude,um I'm a pretty Zen person so I just get,on with my day,um but I I think,we we kind of this was it wasn't,unexpected once the transaction had,completed last week because obviously,the entire sort of executive team were,sort of immediately fired at that point,um and those were,those were the people that we we all,sort of directly reported to in in the,chain so once that's sort of removed,then,um,it's kind of hard to figure out what's,what's going to happen next and we you,know weren't really told too much,things all sort of went a bit quiet so,people were just kind of confused,um and yeah that's that's where we are,today so,I I do think there will be significant,product changes yeah I mean,it's I think the saddest thing to me is,that there are a lot of really promising,projects and that had been sort of,launched or were about to launch in in,the last sort of six to 12 months,um and if,if those don't sort of get get continued,that would be a real shame there was,some really great stuff happening,um but at the same time I understand,that due to the economics of of this,acquisition,um it's very likely that the product,focus at least in the short to medium,term,um if not completely will shift to,things that sort of directly bring in,Revenue,I would say broadly that that things,where,uh things where people either pay the,company,or get paid by the company with the,company sort of taking a cut,um a sort of create a model,um I think those will probably be the,two the two biggest focuses um going,forward,I'm kind of just yeah holding tight to,to see how this process plays out I mean,I'm um,I'm pretty I'm pretty sort of I have a,good reputation in the UK startup scene,I was an early employee at monzo,um so I did a lot of work at monzo for a,number of years that was very sort of,public and community events and,management,um so I have I have good connections I,have people reaching out to me already I,get headhunted all the time so uh it's,just one of those things where we'll see,how this plays out and,um I'll review any options as and when I,need to and see where we go

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I got laid off from Twitter

I got laid off from Twitter

what I experienced at Twitter was unlike,at any other company people supporting,each other people having each other's,back people who wanted to make sure that,whatever happened they were able to help,one another and it was not self-serving,it was absolutely out of the goodness of,their heart and that's the one thing,that I want to leave with all of you,today no matter what company you're at,no matter what position you're in is,that coming together and helping each,other is the most important part of life,I really wanted to believe that there,was a way to Breathe new life into the,old bones of this company that there was,a way to change things drastically,without having to lose our culture and,the unique aspects that made Twitter,Twitter so I didn't think I was going to,be making this video today no no no I,didn't think I was going to be talking,about this but here we are it's Friday,November 4th 2022 and I just found out,this morning that I've been laid off,from Twitter not only have I been laid,off but it seems thousands of my,co-workers have been laid off from the,company I don't know the exact number,but I know it's a lot of people I know,that in my case the majority of my team,was laid off and only a few remain a lot,of people were laid off and from what I,can tell there doesn't seem to be any,method to the madness it seems people,were fired almost at random there were,people who were fired who were single,who were remote who were in office who,were married who had families their,people on paternity leave maternity,leave people who are unbereavement leave,who were fired seemingly at random for,me I'm one of the lucky ones I've been,in situations in the past where I've,known to know that a job can leave at,any time and to always have a backup,plan,not everyone is so lucky and many people,came to depend on Twitter like family a,company that was reliable long-standing,they always had Revenue coming in they,were always able to pay their employees,many people were planning their lives,and their families around this,employment at Twitter and now they are,forced to look elsewhere I can only,imagine how my co-workers who are still,running the company keeping the lights,on the few that remain I can only,imagine how they feel right now,I mean they must be scared lonely,confused many of them lost their,managers lost their whole teams uh,they're in this sort of alone now and in,fear as well of speaking up against,whoever remains so my co-workers who are,still working at the company who had to,inherit all these projects from everyone,else I can only imagine what you're,going through and uh I can imagine,morel's really low right now and you,must feel so lonely I'm sorry that,you're having to experience this from,the other side I can tell you that a lot,of what's been linked to the Press ended,up being true we've seen it become true,and I can tell you that a lot that's,been said from other people inside and,outside the company can also be taken,out of context in some ways not,everything that's been said is true not,everything that's been leaked is a leak,but at the same time a lot of what's,going on really is kind of Chaos in the,moment something that seems to be,completely absent in the discussions,about Twitter's layoffs is just how much,anxiety and stress people working at the,company have felt over the last few,weeks and even last few,especially though in the last two weeks,leading up to the acquisition many of us,didn't know if it was actually happening,once it had happened what the next steps,were what was going on everything we,learned through the Press just like,everyone else the fact is we've seen a,lot of numbers about how many people may,or may not have been laid off and it,seems like those numbers may not be far,from the truth so the question that most,of you probably have is Tony how are you,feeling about all this and quite,honestly this is the reason that I made,the video was to share my feelings to,put it simply I'm disappointed leading,up to the acquisition a lot of things,were said about the importance of safe,conversations on the internet not only,from an ad Revenue point of view but,also from a platform engagement point of,view it was important that people feel,like they had control over the,conversations and the media that they,saw and at the same time we're able to,also have healthy interactions with,other people on the platform that is,what my team focused on solely was on,healthy interactions and so we thought,that our team was completely safe,there's no a way they would get rid of,us if it's that important then we know,we're here and we were ready we were,optimistic so back up a couple of months,when we first heard about this,acquisition I was actually pretty,optimistic skeptical but optimistic I,really wanted to believe that there was,a way to Breathe new life into the old,bones of this company that there was a,way to change things drastically without,having to lose our culture and the,unique

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Twitter Work From Home Jobs | Remote Jobs | Online Jobs

Twitter Work From Home Jobs | Remote Jobs | Online Jobs

welcome back to resources with marie and,i am your host marie,to all my new subscribers thank you so,much for sharing thank you so much for,becoming a part of the community,and thank you for being here watching to,all my oldies but goodies you guys are,awesome and amazing as i always say,you're always sharing,all the videos sharing the channel so,that others can find out about these,awesome work from home opportunities,always there giving a thumbs up,and showing all of your wonderful and,positive support in the comments section,thank you so much,let me point something out,y'all,some have been going into the comment,section,telling me either the website shut down,or they don't have any more remote,opportunities they completely shut them,down,we are right now we're like about 520,but we're like 520 like bold you know,you guys are out there remember,everyone is sharing,so if you see a video that has,4k 5k views,that mean you at the end of the line so,what do you got to do you got to,subscribe,hit the notification bell because early,bird gets the worm,period early bird gets the worm so if,you want to be first dibs in all these,opportunities you got to subscribe and,have that notification below we posting,every day we've been posting every day,for 45 days straight,so,you know when you bound to find an,opportunity but you have to be there,subscribe you got to be hitting that,notification bell make sure that as soon,as that video go up you are there and,not thinking twice about fitting out a,job opportunity,today's work from home opportunity is,from,twitter yup,that company everybody,goes out and and do their little,commenting and,and tagging or sharing back and forth,often,i don't know too much about twitter i,don't engage in twitter but i know a lot,of people do,so,here we go,,,yes they do have some jobs guys and they,are remote so once you see this page,hit careers at the bottom,i don't know if you guys saw the little,band at the bottom hit careers here,you're going to type remote,once you hit remote,search,34,you have 34 remote job opportunities,34.,okay,34,you gotta sift through and see what you,could find,so,i actually found one that i would,consider,yeah i would consider like an entry,level job at a good pay,and i'm gonna show y'all,here we go,crm sale system manager,global strategy and operations,i'm gonna show you so they do have,about three positions,they got in new york they got a san,francisco,there's remote los angeles seattle okay,let's see if,it's,like remote and it's just established in,one of those places or,when we read we'll find out,i just i i only i kind of sifted through,company description twitter is what's,happening and what people are talking,about right now for us,life's not about a job it's about a,purpose we believe real change starts,with conversation,here your voice matters come as you are,and together we'll do what's right,to serve public conversation,the position in this world you will,support,strategy and operations and drive the,vision for twitter support tools,implementation as a service cloud expert,you will be responsible for identifying,issues defining business requirements,providing recommendations and performing,configurations for system enhancements,you will also manage day-to-day,operations of the platform including,administration,or administrative,sales supports and,configure,configuring integrated tools like adobe,experience manager,this position will act as a liaison,between the technical and non-technical,departments,responsibilities,drive division strategy and scope of,twitter salesforce service cloud tool,work with business stakeholders and,analyze business requirements partner,with technical team to prioritize design,and deploy solutions configure,salesforce and integrate tools like,adobe experience manager,frame,and,present project plans define track kpi,and communicate updates for ads,own platform maintenance troubleshoot,issues and create user training identify,and recommend areas within the service,cloud ecosystem,share best practices to enhance the,quality and efficiency of salesforce,it sounds pretty easy,qualifications,four to five years,working in advertising in-depth,understanding of k of capabilities,and constraints of salesforce salesforce,administrate,201 certification,maybe though they can help you out with,that one hands-on experience with adobe,experience manager bonus certified,salesforce service cloud consultant,bsba preferred in business,administration finance engineer or,computer,never mind we just scratched this off um,i didn't read normally the ba is up here,i don't know why they put bachelor's,degree all the way at the bottom,normally bachelor's degrees are the,first thing that they put right,never mind never mind i sifted through,this and i did not read this it ain't no,entry level job,you need to be in,additional information,we are committed to,an inclusive and diverse twitter,twitter's an equal opportunity emplo

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Elon Musk to slash half of Twitter jobs, says reports | Latest News | WION

Elon Musk to slash half of Twitter jobs, says reports | Latest News | WION

hello and welcome let's take a look at,our big story since taking over Twitter,Elon Musk has recommended plethora of,changes on the microblogging site first,he suck the top management then he,announced that the site will charge,eight dollars a month for the Blue Tick,and now reports suggest that musk plans,to cut around 50 of Twitter's Workforce,according to reports musk intends to cut,about 3 700 jobs at Twitter in an effort,to reduce costs and Twitter's new owner,will inform the impacted employees on,the 4th of November it was only last,week that the senior members of the,product teams were instructed to aim for,a 50 Workforce cut according to reports,those who are laid off will be provided,with 60 days worth of severance money,musk also plans to end Twitter's policy,that allowed employees to work from home,since musk took control of the,microblogging site he has fired a large,portion of the top management team,including Twitter CEO parag Agarwal and,the microblogging site has now canceled,its chirp conferences amid management,transition the conference was scheduled,to take place in San Francisco on the,16th of November in a tweet the company,said that it is hard at work to make,Twitter better for everyone including,the developers and that it might suit,some of the news about the topic now it,is however unclear what Twitter for,developers will look like in the musk,era meanwhile Twitter has a disrupted,three china-based operations that were,trying to influence America's midterm,elections the operations spanned nearly,2 000 user accounts however the Chinese,Embassy in Washington has said that the,country was not behind the accounts that,were suspended Twitter's takedown of the,networks which operated between April,and October comes during a stormy period,for the social media giant as it faces,scrutiny over how it manages to handle,misinformation ahead of the midterm,elections in America,now for more on this we are being joined,by Martin Bryant who is a tech expert,from Manchester UK thank you for being,with us on the broadcast now after the,reports that there were not going to be,big layoffs we are now getting reports,suggesting that musk plans to cut around,50 percent of Twitter's Workforce what,details can you share on this,well certainly this is um we were,expecting uh significant layoffs uh Elon,Musk has taken on a huge amount of debt,to acquire Twitter and uh certainly he,needs to cut costs significantly uh,there were reports that it was going to,be 75 percent uh Elon Musk himself,actually denied that last week but as we,move towards these Cuts actually,happening at 50 certainly seems like it,will be uh roughly the figure we'll see,um it's uh certainly uh concerning in,terms of what uh departments will feel,the cuts the most that's something we,don't know and what impact that we'll,have on Twitter both on its stability as,an app for individual users you know,will it will it still work properly will,it crash that kind of thing will,development slow down on important new,features,um or in features that were previously,thought was important within the company,and more importantly as we look to the,US midterms next week will moderation,take a hit and platform Integrity so uh,these are definitely problems that uh we,need to look at and the the loss of the,work from home policy is certainly,something that um isn't surprising uh,knowing uh what we know about musk and,also the fact that he wants to try and,uh build a new company culture very,quickly but it will potentially impact,the ability for a diverse range of,people to work at the company people,with family commitments and people in,different countries for example so that,will have a major impact on on the,company and how it operates,right in a tweet the company said that,it is hard at work to make Twitter,better for everyone including the,developers and that it might soon share,some of the news about this do you have,any further information on the new and,improved Twitter,well certainly uh from an internal,developer point of view Elon Musk is,moving forward very quickly with new,products so we're seeing um a new,verified uh system where anyone can get,one of those blue and white verified,badges which you see on a lot of,celebrity and journalist accounts for,example at the moment,um it's reported that it will launch as,soon as next week although some of these,changes are being rushed through very,quickly so how effective and how,thorough they'll have been implemented,it remains to be seen in terms of the,conference that's been canceled this is,for external developers this is for,people who develop apps that use Twitter,data that help people use Twitter in,different ways and Twitter has had a a,rocky relationship with those developers,over the years it used to love those,developers and then it very much locked,down uh the way it it operated because,it wanted to make sure it could build an,advertising business and not have people,building say you know thir

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These Innocent Twitter Artists Are Losing Jobs Because Of…This?

These Innocent Twitter Artists Are Losing Jobs Because Of…This?

philippine artists are losing,commissions because of the new president,many people who have hired illustrators,from the philippines to do some work are,cancelling or asking to have their names,removed from the client list,no no no no no no,hey how's it going welcome back to my,channel today we're going to talk about,this sad case that has been going on,with filipino artists for the past,couple of weeks,and seeing how important this is i want,to encourage everyone who watches this,video to hug a filipino artist today,because they're going through quite a,lot right now,but before we go ahead and get into the,video i like to do a quick comment shout,out from my last video there was a point,in my life where i wanted to work at,marvel definitely not anymore i mean,it's not like the entire company is bad,there are still good editors and,producers that work at marvel if you're,trying to break into comics i guess you,should just listen and learn from the,experiences from people who have worked,at marvel and are still working there,i'm sorry but i just have to call out,the fact that you're playing the bully,soundtrack in the background i love that,game sorry just had to that's actually,quite nice of you to notice that i,really loved bully back in the day and i,played it so much along with other rock,star titles i'm sure it's not just the,soundtrack that's the most obvious thing,you can recognize from bullying this,video right now,do you plan on talking about what's,happening to filipino artists after may,16th elections,yes filipino artists who innocently,found themselves between the crossfire,of politics and just making a living,while avoiding it entirely are about to,have their livelihood taken away from,them and for the most absurd reasons,like honestly if you just sit down and,think about this,this shouldn't be happening to artists,at all but anyway let's take a look at,the entire situation before we just jump,into conclusions so an artist made a,post on twitter where they explained how,totally dismayed and shocked they were,because they just found out that people,were cancelling commissions from,filipino artists and the tweets started,trending and many other artists,immediately started talking about their,own experiences with their commissions,and the comments i cannot believe,there's people backing up from,commissions and other businesses because,the artist is filipino how heartless do,you have to be genuinely freak everyone,who's trying to do this where on the,verge of a very dangerous dictatorship,that dictatorship is not going to harm,you directly it's going to harm us so,much loss has already happened in the,last six years christ i'm going to be,finishing some adopts hopefully soon and,maybe open commissions for myself i'm,trying to not lose hope but i'm still,terrified for what could happen i,haven't been distressed in a while so i,did what every decent human on twitter,will do when they see drama like this,which is to put on my early stress and,follow the white rabbit down the rabbit,hole and for the majority of people who,don't know what's happening in the,philippines here's some more details for,context philippine artists are losing,commissions because of the new president,who was elected in the recent race that,took place in the country in recent days,ferdinand marcos jr was elected with,more than 90 percent of the votes now,apparently this ferdinand junior is the,son of ferdinand marcos senior who was a,hardcore dictator back in the 60s and,70s and just hearing the word dictator,you already know how that's going to go,and why everyone literally hates him,with every last breath in their lungs,like if they had one last breath to stay,alive they'd rather die than breathe,where he exists ferdinand marcos was a,dictator who ruled the philippines with,an iron fist between 1965 and 1986 the,former dictator was removed from power,after a popular uprising many deaths,executions and robberies took place,during his dictatorship after fleeing,the philippines the dictator went to,hawaii where he died some time later,pregnant marcos's dictatorship was seen,as cruel and responsible for stealing a,lot from the philippines and her people,behold his son ferdinand marcos jr,entered the recent elections and was,elected president of the philippines,according to newspapers marcus jr used,this information in the campaign,claiming that his father's time was of,peace and prosperity well looky here,like father like son i guess it's safe,to say that,i mean sometimes people do change and,sons who grow up despising their fathers,grow up to become totally nothing like,him but for him to just weasel and scam,his way through to winning an entire,election just literally shows you that,he has a lot in common with the old man,and,that doesn't look too good for my,filipino people philippine artists are,losing commissions because of the new,president what is happening right now is,because of the news of marcus jr's,election many people w

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