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We Paid for Jakipz OnlyFans so you don't have to...I mean he's packing,today we're going to react to

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

We Paid for Jakipz OnlyFans so you don't have to...

I mean he's packing,today we're going to react to Jack,'s only fans jacket potato he's one of,the biggest only fans creators and makes,over 1 million dollars each month on,only fans and I still cannot pronounce,his name,I don't know it's oh Jake aren't Rich,it's his name that sounds like a very,German name Jacob andrich and he's a,huge Trader and only fans he's got a,huge Instagram and from what I've heard,he's also got a huge horse penis wow,he's literally got the built of one of,these Dragon Ball characters or,something you know what I mean but then,he has got this soft spoken voice,like masturbate Role Play Dirty Talk,nothing crazy wholesome wholesome all,right first of all we're gonna look at,his Instagram here we see Jake arnery,the number one erotica personality in,full-time weirdo only fans linked,straight in BIO I mean bro just look at,that body like isn't that 160 000 likes,I'm gonna zoom in on this but you're,gonna have to censor this in post,because holy he's got a ,Vein on his back quad Jeff would you say,like if you look at a man is this like,your type it's not exactly my type but I,get it all right let's look with one of,his Instagram reels okay,I I I see the vibe I feel the vibe okay,whoa,oh God it looks like a zombie coming to,you so now that I've seen his Instagram,page where he goes pretty far I uh now,want to see what he doesn't only fans,but before that we're gonna pray,only fans live right now all right,welcome to my only fans everyone first,post time for your initiation so it's,his head he looks very cute with a,baseball cap very nice his ta his,tattoos bro is that an octopus and you,go down here,he got us yo I went down and then I,thought he's wearing pens and then all,of a sudden like it just like comes out,of there I mean he's packing he's,packing for a guy his size having a,wiener that still is like just stealing,the show in the photo I won't do any,nude shots where I'm standing up because,I don't like the penis to leg ratio on,me what's your PTL ratio I don't know,but it's a big divisible it's like one,of these optical illusions right okay,look at these two lines you think this,one is longer than the other they're not,they're actually the same length but,it's an optic illusion so think about,his schlong dong in the same way but the,optic illusion cannot hide the fact that,he's got a long one on Tick Tock 9.4,million followers on Tick Tock every,single video him solo this video 4.4,million views,foreign,you know that's sometimes what makes me,question what I'm doing on social media,because this video just got 4.4 million,views and I like putting my heart and,soul into making comedy skits with you,okay he's 25 years old and then the,first thing that showed up when I Google,this age is like it's Jake arndrich gay,despite all the rumors Fitness star Jake,Arness is yet to come out as gay,everybody's yet to come out I mean he's,doing everything solo so he's not doing,it's not like you you're triple kissing,Riley and you know what I mean for,this week's super vocal session,lots of descriptive dirty talk about my, you rocking it all bouncing,I'm smiling eye contact smiling,that's a present okay don't worry,oh my God It's oddly inspiring I don't,necessarily want to look at it but when,I look at it I cannot look away it's,frozen too you know the voice where,you're following it into the woods it's,like you're just following it you know,why but you're just doing it,um I don't think his balls are bigger,than mine,from the looks but his penis is,significantly larger and now as always,guys we go to the Forbidden section of,the library we go to jacobitis DMS by,the way why the would you choose,like a handle that's impossible to,pronounce what's your hands he's like,check upstairs so I just signed up he,sent me a full list of like from April 7,DMS oh okay listen guys I've been,subscribed as only fans for a while now,I'm a huge fan I'm like for five dollars,fuzzy stomach balls,top down view of me laying on my bed,with my gym clothes on showing off,myself under my shirt and waving it,around showing off and peeling off my,shorts so you can see my and,and then I pull up my play with it a,little while flexing myself,have an amazing weekend everyone much,love,unlocking for five daughters,all right and we get he's laying on this,back with his shirt covering his,shlong-dong so picture like when you do,kegel exercise you kind of contract your,blower reach of your body and then it,kind of comes up his thing is like in,chanchi the dragon that rises out of the,sea you know it's like that it's like,you're seeing literally him going like,you know like a wild beast trying to,escape he's not moving like a cow no one,reminds me of he reminds me of Malika,Gotti a little bit Malik,you all have to do a collab and it's,gonna be a Clash of Titans and also,we're gonna do collab with him we're,gonna fly to Canada we're gonna call it,David and Goliath I think we feel the,vibe here I think we need a penis expert,on set we

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This Gay Muscle Bar in Tokyo was Off the Charts!!

This Gay Muscle Bar in Tokyo was Off the Charts!!

Hi Tokyo Tops!,We're in the gayborhood and everything seems so lively at the moment,Yeah, it's kinda back to pre-Covid levels,I dunno if you guys still remember, but the last time we were at the VITA Pool Party we met someone who was super muscular,and you guys were so thirsty over him!,So today we are actually going to the gay muscle bar (he works at) called, "Blacknude" in Shinjuku Nichome,Last time we went to the muscle bar in Akasaka, that one is actually, you know, straight guys in the bar,So I think maybe we'll encounter some different dynamic today with gay muscle guys, Andrew: I have a question for you Meng: Okay,Will it feel different when you get attention from gay muscle guys vs the muscle bar (in Akasaka) with the straight guys?,I'm pretty sure all of them today are going to be...,So like...,See, it's easier for me to get attention from straight guys,Because...,Meng: You don't hold hope! Andrew: Yes,A tip for you is to work on your insecurity,Oh, great! So I'm just gonna go into a place with a bunch of muscle guys and that's really gonna help?,Alright, no problem!,Meng: Wow, what a surprise, a lot of flowers!,So here we have lots of flowers,They're celebrating their 8th anniversary tonight,So today's fee is gonna be 4000 yen, which is like, 30 something dollars with the rate at the moment,Here you go!,Sayuri (Papa): Hello! Andrew: Hello! Nice to meet you!,Staff: Welcome! Meng: Hello!,Staff: Hii 💖 Andrew: Hiiii!,Ooooh, what do we have here?,Oh, is this some Dick Tracy sh!t?,Oh yeah~,I think I might be hiding something detective,Come find it!,Maybe you can show what you're hiding behind that coat while you're at it!,OH YEAH💖,And there you have it, everyone!,What did you think?,Let us know in the comments and make sure to subscribe for more content like this in the future!,As always, thank you for all your support,And we will see you next time!,Bye bye!

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