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✅ Twitter Image Sizeson social media multimedia content is,key even on twitter what would happen if,


Updated on Jan 22,2023

✅ Twitter Image Sizes

on social media multimedia content is,key even on twitter what would happen if,a media company shared news on twitter,with a pixelated photo it doesn't look,too professional right it almost looks,like fake news and probably you are not,interested in an account that doesn't,seem to take its job seriously so the,same would happen to any other profiles,that's why if you want to grow fast on,twitter you must ensure you give your,best to succeed a pixelated or poor,quality image can definitely ruin your,twitter profile so let's avoid mistakes,by knowing firsthand the correct size of,your images on twitter first impression,your profile picture this image,identifies your brand or yourself if you,have a company your logo is the best way,to identify it and if you have a,personal brand use a recognizable photo,of yourself and show your face here are,the measurements ideal size 400 pixels,by 400 pixels maximum weight 2 megabytes,let's move on to the header image the,one behind your profile picture also,important to give a good first,impression 1 500 by 500 pixels or 1024,by 280 pixels 5 megabytes max and once,you have optimized your profile let's go,to the image formats on twitter the,twitter card or link previews in this,case the right sizes are eight hundred,by four eighteen pixels or eight hundred,by eight hundred and three megabyte max,the card displays a title description,link and photo when you share a site's,url that contains the correct twitter,cards code however the summary card with,an image has different dimensions in,this type of post not only the image,will display but also the meta,description so here's the information,title with 70 characters max and a,description up to 200 characters image,size 280 by 150 pixels maximum one,megabyte except jpeg png and gif never,risk a good image for your ads,especially because you want to maximize,your investment so take note the,recommended size for your ads is,800x200px,oh and last but not least the videos if,you upload external videos bear in mind,these recommendations the format must be,mov or mp4 and the maximum file size is,512 megabytes regarding the gifs you,don't have to worry about them because,twitter offers gifs natively and there's,no error option so now you know the,exact sizes to have professional images,on twitter but don't leave yet let me,share a little secret with you getting,your images right is not the only factor,allowing you to grow on twitter the,posting frequency is also essential so,if you want to upload the right images,and keep twitter always active we,recommend using an automated tool that,makes your life easier so you can,schedule your posts preview your tweets,before they're posted and ensure that,everything is correct this includes,threads and it's free now it's time to,say goodbye until the next video and for,more tips follow us and since you're,already here leave us a comment and,activate the notification bell until,next time metro cooler,you

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How To Create The Perfect Twitter Social Media Image Sizes - Twitter Image Size Guide

How To Create The Perfect Twitter Social Media Image Sizes - Twitter Image Size Guide

hi welcome to this dcp web tutorial in,today's tutorial,let's go ahead and open up the web,browser and we'll look at this blog post,i created definitive up-to-date guide,for social media image sizes,so i created this blog post if you,scroll down you can click on any of,these links here and they'll take you to,specific sizes for different types of,social media accounts so i've covered,facebook twitter instagram linkedin,pinterest youtube google my business and,reddit and i'll create some more as well,as i go along if you click on twitter,you can see all of the different sizes,and all of the different image types,that you can upload to twitter so i'll,put a link to this blog post in the,youtube description if you want a more,detailed explanation uh in written form,about different social media image sizes,okay let's go ahead and close down this,blog post and that will take you,directly to my twitter page so we can,see my twitter page here we've got a,header up here we've got a logo and,we've got various images that have been,posted onto,twitter profile right so the first thing,we want to look at is really how do we,add a logo here in this particular,position and how do we make sure the,logo displays correctly uh within the,realms of this circular shape okay i'm,just going to open up this little image,quickly and it shows us the exact,dimensions we need to use to create a,twitter profile image so the image,itself is going to be 720 by 720 pixels,we're going to add this white space,around the edge and we're going to keep,our logo within the realms of this blue,section here the reason to do that is,that always make sure that your logo,displays correctly on desktops and,mobile devices it doesn't need to be a,logo it could be a picture of yourself,for example it can be anything that you,want it to be but if we were to close,down this image quickly and look at this,circle we don't want it to sit too close,to the edge right,we call this a bit of white spacing,around the edge to make sure our logo,sits nicely,so to do this i'm going to do it in,photoshop,i'm going to open up photoshop here i'm,going to press ctrl n to create a new,document it's going to be 720 by 720 at,72 pixel resolution i'm going to click,create so we've got this simple white,square here and i want to and if we look,at this image again we want to add an 80,pixel gap around the edge right so to do,that let's go ahead and click on the,rectangle tool here the rectangle tool,and we want to we can choose any color,i'm just going to happen to choose this,sort of gray color it doesn't really,matter too much maybe we'll use that red,so it kind of stands out quite a lot so,you can see it a bit more clear and,we're going to draw a little shape here,so the shape is not perfect we need to,set the width here to 720 so we're going,to set it to 720 and then we need to set,its height to 80 pixels 80. and we just,want to center that out so let's go,ahead and click on the move tool and,just drag it so that it snaps to the top,here right so we've got the gap here now,we know that we can't put our logo in,this space here basically right so if we,click that and press ctrl c or command c,and then control v or command v on the,mac to copy and we'll drag it down to,the bottom then we'll copy it one more,time says press ctrl c and ctrl v or,command,c and command v on the uh on the apple,map let's just do that one more time,and then we want to rotate this one so,let's just move our mask to the edge and,we're going to rotate it hold down the,shift key and rotate it all the way,around and we drag it onto this side,here and then we'll create one more so,let's just left click out select that,object ctrl c and ctrl v to copy to make,a copyright let's just make a copy,let's see,copy it here and we'll drag it across to,this side here so we've got this spacing,around the edge and we know that our,logo should not sit,off the edge of here so what i'll do now,is go ahead and find my logo so i've got,a copy of my logo here i'm just going to,drag it into photoshop and i'm going to,hold down the shift key and the alt key,on my keyboard so hold down shift and,alt and use the mouse to resize the logo,i don't want it i don't want to be too,close to this edge or overlap this edge,i want it to be roughly around here,somewhere something like this right,something like this should be pretty,good and then we can just go ahead and,hide all of these red elements so we're,left with the logo and if your logo is,quite tall then you want to make sure it,doesn't hit the top if it's quite wide,and you want to make sure it doesn't hit,the sides and if you size your logo,correctly like this you'll find that you,can use it on,instagram you can use it on your,facebook page on you know loads of,different profiles uh you can also use,it on probably linkedin as well lots of,different profiles if you size your logo,correctly in the first place then you,can go ahead and use it on all the,different social media ac

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Twitter best image size

Twitter best image size

hello again so this video is gonna be,about the sizing of Twitter images now,if you don't use Twitter it is a very,good platform but what I recommend is,that you pick two so if you already use,Facebook and Instagram focus on them for,now master them and then move on to,Twitter Twitter's being around for a,long long time now and it performs very,well depending on where you are in the,world it will perform better like we,find we get a better response from the,Middle East and Asia for Twitter and for,more like European we we always use,Facebook so it and some of what you're,targeting where you are as well so,Twitter this is I always say just the,basic four photos if you want to go into,more depth Twitter advert and watch over,Twitter video when I'll take you through,the entire process of how to create it,pay to build it what to put and hey we,get good results so I'm gonna say it I,would do it every video don't pay to,resize your images,please stop paying for things like this,follow this link and resize it for free,if you can already use the software,that's on this link then go back to the,main page and there will be a video,which will take you through this,software it's very quick very easy don't,have to download anything it's all done,live on your computer and it's,absolutely free to stop paying for,things please okay so Twitter has three,things that you will need to resize,photos for pictures images videos is,first of all your profile secondly post,and thirdly pads now as always add the,things that are going to be a little bit,further down the line I don't expect you,to pay for ads if you're just starting,out a lot of people never ever pay for,ads we pay for ads because we upscale,this business that's such a rate now,that we are we are paying for ads but I,will take you through all that as most,of you know already we do have a social,media ad company main focus is on,Facebook Instagram snapchat but we do a,little bit of Twitter,well I'm as I said earlier for Middle,Eastern markets and things like that so,your Twitter ads so sorry your Twitter,profile image and your cover image now,if you've already spotted the mistake on,this page I'm gonna say that I didn't,make this picture in front of you I,found it online I thought it was good,enough so I used it and it's clearly a,mistake on the right hand side but we'll,come to that so for your profile image,it needs to be 500 pixels by 500 pixels,again going through that software put it,to a JPEG or a PNG and put 500 by 500,and press convert and it will give you,the exact image that image will then fit,perfectly in that ring little box that,is your profile image for your cover -,the cover image a lot of banner issue,that's what you want to call it it is,1536 by 768 now you might see on the,right-hand side where it says Twitter,profile image that should actually say,banner a bit of a profile maybe I should,have create this image myself but they,I'm a little bit too busy what I can,find them like this so use those,settings 1536 by 768 guys now make sure,that it's it's it's a long photo okay,make sure it's taken in landscape all,the image that you put up is a landscape,photo because this will make it the,right size but if it's like a square,image and you're trying to make it,rectangular it will stretch it or squash,it so you know use your brain a bit a,Twitter post so these are when you put,in poke say you know most days I'll put,a post day just to get a bit of,interaction with the people who follow,you all the people that you follow and,for your post there's two sizes then,standard one which one will be the one,that you're most mostly using is 900 by,450 or if you're going to use the square,post it's 1080 by 1080 we always use the,stand the woman because it blends in,with all the other posts out there if,you start using it as a square post,people will think it's an advert because,a lot of people for some reason like to,put ad versus square posts and then on,to the actual ads themselves so these,are paid ads so you won't find this in,your basic tools on Twitter all the free,tools this is paid stuff that you may,use later down the line but there's two,types so you'll be looking for five,twenty by two five four or if you're,looking for a car that is okay for eight,hundred by three twenty I'm not gonna go,into details of what a car that is or,what a basic link ad is but we will make,a nice long video for that so there's,the image size guys I hope that helped,and I'll see you soon

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Images Size in Twitter

Images Size in Twitter

hello ladies and gentlemen I am David,parado I am graphic design it I have,been working for Matt and teen years as,a graphic designer for a lot of,government companies this is my video I,hope that you give like if you like this,video,it's so important the content that you,will publish as well as the image that,accompanies it,the profile image will be fine who are,you and want to try to convey to the 4,words conveyed in social networks its,published images pixelated I haven't,sang this video for have you in this,text let's see this the cold photo must,be 1500 pixels wide by five hundred bits,of hide the profit photo must be 100,pixels wide by 500 pixels high minimum,now a tweet with image is 5 times more,likely to be retweeted so you should,know me the opportunity to visually,support the content more people which,she did alright continue with a image,cited the minimum size for sure image,must be 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels,justified pixels height but the way,signs for shape image must be 102,thousand pixels wide by six thousand,fifty pixels high,these optimally but the sharing must be,eight thousand pixels wide by three,thousand twenty pixels high and you must,keep in mind some tips you can polish,images in gif or jpg and PNG the maximum,size for PNG and JPG images that you can,publish is 5 megabits forget,images up to 5 megabits in mobile for 15,megabits in web in video the compatible,formats are mp4 and movie and the,maximum resolution is one hundred nine,thousand twenty pixels wide by one,hundred two thousand pixels high,okay friends I hope this information is,useful for everybody follow me in,twitter facebook instagram with hands,pinterest and youtube you can find me,like they go para rage in all my social,networks thank you for your time I see,you soon bye bye,there is a gentleman

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How to create a Twitter Header / Cover Image in Photoshop

How to create a Twitter Header / Cover Image in Photoshop

hi there it's wade mcmaster here in,today's video i'm going to show you very,quickly,how we can create a bit of a template,and create a design for,uh basically a twitter header image in,photoshop now it's pretty,straightforward uh you're basically,creating an image that is 1500 pixels,wide by 500 pixels tall however there is,this image of,the id photo overlapping now on phone it,also overlaps but it actually,sort of covers less of the image so,we're going to try and set it up so that,way we're in a safe zone regardless of,what device we're on,now you're going to notice i've got this,here and i've got,like a test account that will upload,this to test later but,basically if i head to photoshop,you see i've taken a screenshot here i'm,going to go over this process in a,minute,but we've got the idea that we have,these guidelines here so that when i,turn them off,just do that for a second we know we can,put whatever information we want in here,but generally speaking it's good to sort,of keep the information fairly central,not get too wordy in twitter because i,think sometimes these images can get,cropped to move around a bit not too,sure they tend to change the interface a,little bit but,this is just something to give you an,idea that if you do want to put some,information or something visual in there,it's not going to get covered by,your id photo now i'm going to set this,up as a template you can download,on a blog post so if you want that,that'll be a link in the description,below,but otherwise we'll basically show you,how to set it up yourself,so the idea is i'm going to go to a new,image here,now it's already pre-existing here but,we want to go 1500 pixels,by 500 pixels so 1500 pixels wide by 500,pixels tall i'm going to hit create,for that i'm just going to invert this,to make it black once again,it's easier to see the guidelines,up the top i'm going to go to view and,i'm going to go new guide,now i've got the vertical position here,i want to make that,380 so 380 pixels,and that comes in from the left 380,pixels,and i'm going to then go to now this,isn't the actual size it is on screen,because it does get shrunk,but this is the recommended resolution,so that uh its sizes,better on all devices next one we want,to do is go to view,new guide this time i'm going to go,horizontal we're going to go,285 it will bring it from the bottom up,285 pixels and this is the area,that our image appears in so now if i,actually import a little bit of,information so i'm going to import some,images i'm going to go,place um we'll create this get the stone,background,dial this down a little bit,now i've been using this one a lot in a,couple of videos recently but,let's say i get this,little head image here,maybe i'll pop that in there for,whatever reason,now let's say i'm happy with the neck,here getting covered a little bit the,ear not so much and then let's say i,want to put some info so i'm going to,say,test profile so you know we've created a,design now,obviously this isn't a great design,because uh you know you kind of want to,have your logo there a few bits and,pieces but,just for the sake of video this just,it's a very quick way of showing you,that you can set this up so that it,dodges this whole area if anything,because it's a circle it should,pretty much miss that head almost,entirely so i've got test profile here,actually i might even just let's just,make that,a bit bigger and if you do want some,tutorials on how to use photoshop,for basic edits and things like that for,design let us know in the comments below,and i'll go through in detail a little,bit more of these movements,i'm focusing more on the template itself,here so,let's say we've got our design done good,to go and now obviously we've got no,information here,and even just to demonstrate i'm going,to grab my brush tool,and i'm going to actually draw just some,yellow lines it's going to be,it's not going to be attractive but i'll,just sort of show you,give you an idea of where we end up,so we can see exactly what we're looking,at so this is our profile we've got our,lines here,in place now i'm actually going to go,i'm going to save this image just so we,can have a look at it,and now i'm going to bring up another,twitter profile i have here,and i'm going to go edit profile and i'm,going to change this image,okay so the image there i can crop it in,a little bit if i want to but,the way i've designed this template i,kind of don't want to do that so i'm,going to apply,save,and you'll notice circle has actually,dodged with a little bit of space there,which is good,you can see that we've actually managed,to dodge that circle and all the,information is being shown,and you can see by these yellow lines,that everything is cropped just nicely,so that's sort of i guess a little bit,of proof on,how it works but it gives you an idea of,how that so,so simply creating that image adding,those guidelines in you can now design,pretty much,freely within that area,so if i turn these

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Images for Twitter: How to Create the Perfect Sized Image

Images for Twitter: How to Create the Perfect Sized Image

hi everybody today i'm going to show you,exactly how to make a perfect twitter,image in just four easy steps,this is a question i'm often asked,how do you make the right size i see,horizontal images i see square images,which is the right size how many pixels,do you use well if you stick with me,i've got a great download for you i,created my own template which i use,myself to,share images both on twitter and,multiple social media networks so it's,going to save you a heap of time so keep,watching and let's get started,so that's all there is to it you've now,created your basic twitter image which,is perfect for sharing over on twitter,as promised i'm going to leave you a,link to a cheat sheet and a free,template that you can use in the link,below,next time i'm going to be showing you,exactly how to start customizing your,template for business use and start,amplifying your brand so if you like,this video hit the like button below be,sure to share it with your friends and,hit the subscribe button so you don't,miss another thing,i will see you next time bye

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Orange Pi 5 - Easy Setup and Overview!

Orange Pi 5 - Easy Setup and Overview!

raspberry pies never seem to be in stock,and when they are they sell out quickly,you're limited by the quantity you can,purchase it's a real mess so what,alternatives are out there one of the,latest single board computers to hit the,market is the orange Pi 5. it has some,Modern Hardware making it one of the,most powerful single board Computer,Solutions available today and the best,part it's actually available today like,literally you can go buy one right now,in this video I'm going to give a quick,overview of the orange Pi 5 list some of,the pros and cons and then configure it,to boot from an m.2 SSD you heard that,correct one of the coolest things about,the orange Pi 5 is that it has an m.2,slot built right onto the bottom of the,board now I've already gone through the,learning curve and done all of the hard,work in order to make your life easier,so let's dig into the orange pi 5.,foreign,did you know that only 25 percent of the,people who watch these videos are,actually subscribers if you enjoy this,kind of content and you'd like to keep,up to date with crosstalk's latest,videos go ahead and hit that subscribe,button down below it's like giving us a,nice warm virtual hug and best of all,it's absolutely free let's start by,talking about the orange pie 5's,Hardware it's got some pretty impressive,stats the CPU is a rock chip 8 core,64-bit processor and it comes in flavors,of 4 8 16 or 32 gigs of RAM though,honestly 32 gigs of RAM on a single,board computer does seem a bit extreme,to me if you need that much RAM you,should probably just bump up to an Intel,Nook or something however if you are,aware of a great use case for a single,board computer that actually requires 32,gigs of RAM put that down in the,comments below I'd be curious to hear,about that the orange pie 5 also,features a Mali g610 GPU which boasts,support for up to 8K video at 60 frames,per second which again I don't see a lot,of people buying this device for 8K,video but perhaps if if you're using it,as a media server or something like that,the extra GPU of power can be useful,beyond the CPU and GPU it also comes,with a gigabit Nic a full-size HDMI,connector as well as that m.2 slot for,either an nvme SSD or a combo Wi-Fi,Bluetooth card now the orange Pi 5 isn't,the first board to come out that has an,m.2 connector on it but I really really,do love this feature for my orange Pi 5,I purchased 128 gig m.2 nvme drive from,Amazon for less than 20 bucks I've got,links to all the products that I feature,in this video down in the description,below the nice thing about the m.2 SSD,is that it is much much faster than,MicroSD as well as more reliable over,time plus the fact that it lives on the,bottom of the board keeps everything,nice and compact versus the Raspberry Pi,4 which requires like an external SSD,now the Raspberry Pi 4 still does have a,couple advantages over the orange Pi 5,depending on how you're using it such as,the dual HDMI my connectors versus the,single HDMI connector on the orange Pi 5,but to me the most glaring omission of,the orange Pi 5 is the lack of any,Wireless connectivity whatsoever there's,no built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth now you,can add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by popping,in a combo Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card into,the m.2 slot but now you don't have,anywhere to put your m.2 SSD so you kind,of have to choose between Wireless,connectivity or onboard storage so,either way you can always add external,accessories to get everything you need,but it would be nice if the orange Pi 5,just had a Wi-Fi chip built into it,that'd be amazing one of the other,things that I've really found,challenging is the lack of online,documentation as well as sort of,community feedback about this board it's,brand new right so it's still in its,infancy versus the Raspberry Pi 4 which,has been around for like three years and,it's got tons and tons of online history,of people you know figuring out how to,do stuff with it the orange Pi 5 doesn't,yet even have full OS Port dialed in for,example if you go to the orange Pi 5,official downloads page the orange Pi OS,folder is completely empty for this,board there's also the popular armbee,and Os which did not have a page for the,orange Pi 5 just a couple of weeks ago,when I first received this board now,though it does have an orange Pi 5 page,and I've been able to successfully,install armbian onto the m.2 SSD of this,board and boot off it without a Micro SD,card so the software and support is,getting there but finding any answers,about this board is you know still,pretty scarce now in order to help,combat that scarcity I'm going to show,you in this video how to install orange,pies flavor of Ubuntu 22.04 onto the,orange Pi 5 with a Micro SD card and,then I'm going to further show you how,to get everything to boot off of the m.2,SSD so that no micro SD card is needed,whatsoever to get started you're going,to need an orange Pi 5 you're also going,to need a micro SD card I've also got,some heat sinks that I've put on the,bo

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in this video we're going to be talking,about social media image dimensions,so what are social media unique,dimensions does that mean that image,dimensions are,the sizes various sizes of,image issues,the size,of,the,this channel if you are new,go to subscribe to discuss,tech issues with this we discuss,a lot of things we do vlogs,and we do graphic design tutorials soon,hope to see you subscribe to this,channel for,more of this,thank you and let's get into the video,immediately,okay so for the social media dimensions,we are starting with,youtube here on youtube so let's go,for youtube without the youtube profile,picture,800 by 800 pixels,while the banner,youtuber,the tv size is,two thousand five cc nice,1440 pixels,now for the desktop we have,two,thousand five fifty times,four twenty three pixels,now for tablets we have,1855,pixels by 4,123 pixels,now for all devices um,which is the safe area for your youtube,partner we have,five hundred and forty six by,423,now for you to thumbnails,you don't thought there was a general,size is one thousand,two hundred and eighty,by 720 pixels,so that's all for youtube,now to tick-tock,tick-tock we have profile picture,which is 20 by 20 pixels,that's almost so tick-tock mainly those,videos,so,next we have facebook,facebook profile picture,you can use it one by one ratio,of,170 pixels by 117 pixels,doesn't matter just use a one by one,ratio,now for landscape,we have,1260 by,360 pixels,now for portrait photos we have,360,330 that,by,1200 pixels,now for square,features you can use,one by one ratio aspect ratio,which is,1200 by 1200,now for facebook stories,we have 1080,by 1920 pixels,now for your facebook cover photo we,have,820 pixels,by 312 pixels,that's all for facebook let's get to,instagram instagram,now for instagram we have profile,picture,one by one ratio aspect ratio,which is,320 by 320 pixels or any aspect ratio,that is one ratio one,so we have a landscape photos which can,be,1080 by,566 pixels,we have a portrait photos we can use,1080 by,1080p by,1350 pixels,now for square photos,we can use 1080 by 1080 pixels,now for stories we can use 1080,by 1920 pixels,so,that's all for instagram,let's go to tweeter,now for twitter the profile picture is a,one by one ratio aspect ratio of,400 by 400 pixels,now for landscape,we have,1024,pixels by 512 pixels,now for the cover photo we have,1500 pixels,by 500 pixels,now,that's all for,twitter now for linkedin,the profile picture goes,by,300 by 300 pixels,now for the landscape we have,120,1200 pixels by,six,to seven pixels,now for the portrait pictures we have,six to seven pixels by,1200 pixels so,now for cover photo of linkedin we have,1128 pixels by 191,pixels and for sponsored content we have,1200 by,627,pixels,so that's all for linkedin,now,for pinterest we have the profile,picture,which the size is one by one aspect,ratio,one two five,by,one six five eight pixels one six five,and one six nine pictures now the broad,display image is 222 pixels by 150,pixels,then the standard pin,is 1000 pixels by 1500 pixels,now for pinterest story,we have 1080,by 1920 pixels,thank you so we have come to the end of,this video,please do well to subscribe,like and comment everything is anything,is not clear that you can go back thank,you for watching this video,see you next time on cleantech media,thank you very much

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