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140 Second Twitter HQ Walkthroughso here at Twitter headquarters and I,have the place all to myself

Katie Nolan

Updated on Jan 21,2023

140 Second Twitter HQ Walkthrough

so here at Twitter headquarters and I,have the place all to myself but I don't,know my way around so rally do you think,that you could give me a tour let's do,it here's the thing Twitter only gives,me 140 characters so I'm only giving you,140 seconds,I'll have to be fast let's go let's go,should I should I follow you,absolutely don't listen to the roofdeck,days look at all that space check it out,this allowed totally is this just like,my office except like 18 times the size,of it this is amazing this is a Twitter,comment where we have all of our,meetings all of our major announcements,and more importantly all of our food oh,how much is the is it expensive it's,actually free there's too much to show,you we should head upstairs I got to,show you something I'm not sure if,you'll recognize it no anyone oh my god,I remember this it's funny because the,way you guys I mean I'm sure the painter,only had so much time but you missed I,was right here oh so I'll just,that's unfortunate yeah just put,yourself in it fix it you want to get in,here too and me and my figures friends,so let's head on in here I want to show,you where you're gonna be all week,is this a living wall like it's real,it's like dirt in here this is a real,wall you know what might make you feel a,little bit more relaxed what a little,special surprise for you you might want,to head over there yeah there's a bar,I'm gonna just get myself some beer,wait what it's kind of disappointing but,I have a little surprise for you,next stop is on the fifth floor remember,I think we can make it yeah BYOB come on,in welcome to the lodge oh my god it's,like a little like a log cabin that's,exactly what it is it's two log cabins,that we moved into the space wait really,yeah well I have you here tell me really,quickly like what what's the power of,Twitter during an event like the,Superbowl yeah I mean the power of,Twitter is that it's real-time and it's,kind of like a bar your favorite sports,bar right in front of you you can talk,with all of your friends and maybe,people that aren't your friends and you,can do so with the beer in your hand all,the time like if you put garbage time on,this screen and watched our show my head,would be almost as big as Peyton Manning,so one last stop are you up for it I'm,bigger the prize of the day was amazing,you buried the lede just start here then,we wouldn't have made it anywhere else,I've heard about you,is there Wi-Fi in this room there is,blue I'm never gonna welcome to your,office we're excited to have you guys,here this week thank you so much of,course thanks for coming damn right

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Jay Bhattacharya: What I discovered at Twitter HQ

Jay Bhattacharya: What I discovered at Twitter HQ

There's a public Slack channel, public meaning everyone inside,Twitter can see, and then there's a private Slack channel,,which is that only people with certain permissions can see. I,was given access to the public Slack channel to search for my,name.,Hello and welcome to UnHerd. I'm Freddie Sayers. Unless you have,been living under a rock for the past three weeks or, of course,,if you've been only reading the New York Times or the BBC, you,will know about something called the Twitter Files. This is a,gradual release of information from the newly Elon-Musk-owned,Twitter, about exchanges at the very highest levels inside the,company, towards government agencies, about what should,happen on censorship questions; who should be suppressed, whose,information was misinformation, who was too dangerous? And one,name that has found itself in the centre of this storm is Dr.,Jay Bhattacharya. He was mentioned by Bari Weiss, who was,one of the journalists who had access to the so-called Twitter,Files, as someone who was in some way suppressed. The Twitter,authorities had pressed a button that meant that his messages,,unlike everyone else, during the pandemic couldn't go viral,,wouldn't get the same kind of attention and as a result of,that, Elon Musk himself was in touch with Dr. Bhattacharya and,invited him into Twitter HQ to see what was really going on and,see what evidence there was about what had happened to him.,Well, he hasn't spoken to anyone else but he is an old friend of,the channel and I'm delighted to say he joins us live from San,Francisco where he has just re-emerged after his nationwide,tour of the past few days and he's gonna let us know how it's,all been. Hi, Jay.,Hi, Freddie. Thank you for having me.,So, you've really been in the eye of the storm these past few,days. It sounds like quite an intense week.,It has been incredibly stressful actually, with a lot of a lot of,media attention. I do have to say that the revelations of this,shadow banning, what they call a 'trend blacklist', it's actually,a healthy thing. A lot of people suspected this was happening and,to have it there in black and white in Bari Weiss's reporting,was in a sense a great gift. I wish that the blacklist had,never happened. In fact, the whole term 'blacklist' reminds,me of some 1950s-era bad novel where you're some Hollywood,communist or something. But I think it's good and healthy that,we now know this happened.,So I really want to come on to what Mr. Musk was asking you to,do and what you found out at Twitter. But first of all, just,so that everyone watching understands what is it that we,found out? So you were on so-called Trends- What did they,call it? A trends watch? Trends...,'Trends blacklist.','Trends blacklist'. And that means that messages you put out,on Twitter... And let's remind everyone that you only joined,Twitter in August 2021. So it's not exactly in the most,frightening early moments of the pandemic, this is pretty late,on. They had adjusted your settings so that your messages,couldn't really reach as many people.,So what I understand about it is that my messages, my Twitter,messages can reach my followers, people who directly follow me.,But if they can't, they have no chance of being put on a broader,visibility setting, so that people who don't follow me would,see my messages. So it's one of those things where like, okay,,I'm talking to my group, and I think everything's fine but my,messages have an upper limit on how far and wide they go.,And you didn't receive any notifications about this at the,time, any messages from Twitter saying you've been put on this,list?,No, I received no messages at all. I mean, everyone always,suspects their messages are being suppressed or something,but it just feels paranoid to say it out loud. To see it,actually confirmed is quite something. The way that this,happened is that, so I joined Twitter in August 2021. One of,my very first posts was the Great Barrington Declaration,,just the link to the to the Great Barrington Declaration,,the petition where we , Sunetra Gupta of Oxford, Martin Kulldorf,of Harvard, where we argued for focused protection of vulnerable,people and lifting lockdowns, opening schools.,It was the first big non-lockdown proposal, an,alternative way.,Exactly. This was in October 2020. So August 2021, many,people had heard of it not, not everybody heard of it. And I,went on Twitter, in part to promote those ideas broadly to a,broader audience. That day, when I joined Twitter, apparently,Twitter received a number of unspecified complaints about me.,It's not clear from my time and Twitter headquarters, exactly,,who. Their systems are not set up to answer that question very,easily, although apparently people are looking into that.,And that then induced Twitter to put me on this trends blacklist,to make sure that my tweets didn't reach a broad audience,outside of my own network.,So these are complaints that were upheld, do we think by some,sort of internal process?

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Why Twitter Employees Don't Want to Work for Elon Musk (As a Twitter Employee)

Why Twitter Employees Don't Want to Work for Elon Musk (As a Twitter Employee)

what's up i'm josh i've worked at both,tesla and twitter and i'm pretty well,known for my twitter day in the life of,a software engineer video which has a,couple million views on youtube so a lot,of people ask me because of my,perspective to share my thoughts on elon,musk's recent purchase of twitter,i realize this is a very politicized,topic right now and honestly if you're,looking for a political opinion from me,i don't have anything to add i just,wanted to share a totally different,silicon valley perspective i'm really,sharing an employee's perspective here,and it's probably not what you think,okay first off let's just get this out,of the way working for elon musk kind of,sucks this isn't just my opinion in,silicon valley it's a pretty well-known,fact that tesla looks really cool on a,resume but it's a pretty toxic place to,work i had heard this a lot before i,actually started working at tesla but i,really experienced it like first hand,actually day two of my internship when,my boss got fired directly by elon musk,i mean i get thrown into this internship,day two and all everyone's talking about,the whole week is how elon musk reached,down like a couple levels in the org,chart and just fired my boss one detail,you'd probably be surprised by is like,his employees talk about him a lot,that's like all the gossip is around the,office his employees respect him and,like almost revere him in this very,unique way but at the end of the day,he's a very opinionated man and he,treats his employees as almost,replaceable tools that he uses to,fulfill his mission as a result most of,the employees that end up at tesla are,like first time entrants into the,silicon valley tech scene and tesla,honestly has a pretty difficult time,recruiting from other silicon valley,tech companies there's a couple other,reasons for this besides the toxic work,culture that i'll talk about in a second,but i mentioned that word elon musk's,missions and i want to chat about that,real quick elon musk has these missions,like accelerating the world's transition,to clean renewable energy or making,humans an interplanetary species is a,pretty well known one a lot of people,know that let me set the record straight,like these missions are awesome i can,say pretty much every single tesla and,twitter employee loves these and gets,behind these 100 and i really want to,emphasize this point twitter employees,love what elon musk is doing they buy,his cars they like live stream the,rocket launches on the company tvs in,the office pretty much all of silicon,valley roots for elon musk and that is,no different at all at twitter but that,doesn't mean that elon musk is a great,boss to work for or that people want to,work for him at all and this is a fact,that's made even worse by my second,point which is that tesla does not treat,their employees very well tesla perks,are the absolute worst in silicon valley,hands down case closed you guys saw my,day in the life at twitter video like,free smoothies free lunch and breakfast,orange juice snacks popcorn cool like tv,rooms to watch sports while you're,working none of that exists at tesla,there are no freebies at tesla in fact,it is the total opposite they are,actually making money off of employee,food if you go to the tesla kitchenette,and buy a cup of noodle soup it costs,more than if you just bought it from the,store please no no,no i distinctly remember my last week at,tesla we were gonna go out to lunch with,the team to like celebrate we picked,this fun mexican restaurant drove there,during our lunch break and after we had,all eaten there was this like awkward,moment all my teammates were looking,around i realized they were trying to,decide like how they were gonna pay for,lunch at the last moment my boss was,like don't worry guys i'll cover it i,got the bill and to be clear this did,not mean that tesla was going to pay for,the team lunch this meant that my boss,out of his own money was gonna pay for,our lunch for people not employed in,tech this might seem like a totally,normal situation what's wrong with six,figure employees like buying their own,lunch but if you truly understand the,mind of a tech employee in silicon,valley this situation is like bizarre,when you live and work in a place where,there are thousands of companies that,throw free lunch at you crazy insane,like no premium insurance plans totally,free dry cleaning box office suites to,nba games a company as big as tesla that,doesn't have a budget for like big,quarterly team lunches gets a pretty bad,reputation pretty fast but the free,lunches and perks situation definitely,isn't the only thing that tesla is,infamous for they also have a pretty bad,reputation for having low pay,and i'll tell you right now twitter,employees are definitely worried that,their pay is going to drastically change,if you're outside of silicon valley you,might not be used to this but a huge,huge portion of silicon valley pay is,through stock packages i'm not talking,about like

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so first up one of people that we have,who's going to be joining as their,Adichie's she is a filmmaker and any,nice for him okay advice I would say,your junior in high school you don't,have and so just pursue whatever you,love this guy and just make videos about,that do not do not conform to what,everyone else is doing because that's,what's gonna keep you until 2 a.m.,editing that video is doing something,that you truly love you're truly,passionate about I know that sounds,cheesy but if you're doing something,that's not true to yourself that's not,going to be sustainable we just finished,our presentations how to go one pretty,well so is the fun thing where we were,like online and gave all PowerPoint,presentations to this exclusive audience,of just creative entrepreneurs all that,stuff and it was fun go team good,woo no guys the next thing I'm about to,do is very exciting I can't wait to,share it with you so excited it is time,you know I love them you know I love,Twitter so that excited let's go visit,Twitter H cute should I bring my hat I,did bring my Twitter hat I just I don't,I'm not going to bring it in hopes that,will give me another go give me a block,moving away from this to blue and gray a,new Twitter color palette guys yes it's,what's happening sitting here in the,Blue Room at Twitter I want to introduce,you to James what do you do here at,Twitter I do partnerships here at,Twitter yeah Sarah's awesome she's the,best I'm so happy,but yeah I found it interesting I have a,question for you,the people at Twitter do they say Jif or,gif what is what is that consensus I go,back and forth every time okay I've been,a Jif person yes I started as a good,person in vanilla yes she's like,converted I'm converted what we're,saying Heidi I think I say gif,okay I say Jeff here in the Blue Room so,Connor at Connor Franta was here last,week mm-hmm so yeah Connor Connor Franta,was roaming roaming this room that's,pretty cool scholars box,Connors box on it oh my god look at this,guy's maybe one day could club if you,know me well you know I love Twitter so,that that was amazing I met a lot of,just so many amazing human beings have,you seen the past few weeks of vlogs you,know I wear my Twitter hat a ton and I,also wear that other green hat attend,you probably have no idea what it is but,it's for it's like the symbol for niche,and niche is the like Twitter's company,that pairs up creators with brands and,so I just got a niche swag box we should,look what's in it but first things first,look what I got I felt like the biggest,dork,James handed me like a pink Twitter hat,so I had I was like um you know so I,already have the pink Twitter hat and,the blue Twitter hat and the white,Twitter hat the only one that I'm,missing is the black I got all the other,ones from VidCon and so to complete my,collection I have the black Twitter hat,I have to get ready for dinner,so y'all look out the window for a,little bit for fancy dinner okay it's a,quick life update I've been outside I'm,proud of myself I've been outside more,than normal but I've been getting a,sunburn I've been getting a crewneck,sunburn so I had this redness and then,since I'm wearing makeup Sun isn't,getting to the face it's it's,interesting you guys are always talking,about how white I am I know I know,look hillside it's a it's a smiley face,baby it's a county things I didn't,really say a nun smiley face yeah yeah,and that's me just finish the tire China,I'm trying to convince it to start like, know what you mean,once a week I think she in the last vlog,had like a hashtag team,okay keep doing that and also good team,did a team thing so the night is winding,down it was an amazing amazing dinner so,much fun giving like presentations and,hey you never want to be amazing people,why would I ever do someone this gonna,is Travis do you do a lot of them on,YouTube I have a channel called dev tips,teach people how to design encode and,think like a professional,I'm such a big believer and like going,to those places where the people are,like similar professions or just similar,ways you make I can't even thinks I'm,just overwhelmed every night but you,just never know running into a random,person out of party that's how we met,literally at a VidCon party or just we,were getting coffee you know and as a,relaxed conference you never know of,course you go to the conference's go to,these events to learn things and it's,about the people other people,shaking our hands,and the icing is supposed like never,just hanging out yeah,very real today CPG

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New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employees

New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employees

or following developments tonight out of,Twitter the deadline has now passed for,employees to decide if they want to work,there under Elon Musk the new CEO told,those who did not share his vision or,were not willing to work intense hours,to leave the deadline was today at 5 PM,Eastern and employees were offered three,months of severance NBC technology,correspondent Jake Ward joins us now,with Moore and Jake depending on what,you're watching on social it looks like,a number of people at least are tweeting,that they're out and that they have made,no secret of their desire not to work,under these new conditions but what more,are you hearing,well Joshua At This Hour really what is,not happening at Twitter uh we as you,mentioned a few hours ago we're looking,at this deadline this ultimatum that,Elon Musk had put in front of his staff,essentially saying click here to commit,to extreme hardcore working conditions,and it was not spelled out in an,internal FAQ document exactly how that,might change for instance the benefits,you would have only that you would be,working harder possibly working weekends,the the ultimatum that he put in front,of people seemed to have been intended,to sort of weed out the people who,weren't adequately committed well,supposedly at this hour not enough,people have uh clicked that committal,button to basically keep the place,running what we are hearing from,internal Engineers is that critical,teams teams charged with the,infrastructure that keeps Twitter going,and again this is not just some company,this is the way the world leaders speak,to each other this is the way uh that,that police get evacuation orders out,right that site is in danger of go going,down because some of the critical teams,in charge of infrastructure are there,are supposedly walking right out of that,place here's another important thing to,understand at this hour uh Joshua is,that right now as we understand it an,internal email went out to everyone it's,been shared with our colleagues at CNBC,saying we are shutting down the offices,so the big Twitter HQ the iconic,building is locked out as of this hour,until Monday not clear why that might be,but certainly the paranoia we have seen,from Elon Musk over the last few days,seems to have been reflected in the,order to shut people out of that,building so tremendous resignations the,ultimatum does not seem to have gone the,way he intended it to and at this hour,that building is empty Joshua,so this is a lot of upheaval in a very,short period of time and for people who,don't know San Francisco that building,was the source of a lot of political,unrest because Twitter got tax breaks,from a previous mayoral Administration,including to keep it there on mid-market,Street in a more or less beleaguered,part of downtown San Francisco at the,time so there's a lot of unrest going on,at Twitter right now but Jake just a,little bit of context we have heard from,people in other parts of tech especially,Say the video game industry we're,grinding on software is normal right,where it is expected as part of the,culture that you're gonna work crazy,long hours you'll get paid well you'll,get great benefits but it's just de,Reger it's just sort of the way that,things are done this feel feels,different though this feels like it's a,cultural shift that people didn't accept,when they got there but now they're,being forced to accept to stay there do,I have that kind of right,I think you absolutely do I think we're,looking here at a big shift and you know,I can I absolutely understand to,somebody looking in from the outside,looking at this and saying how can these,people be complaining they're some of,the best paid most valuable employees in,the world right and the complaints that,we have seen in recent days that Elon,Musk and his team are scouring the,tweets of employees to make sure they,are not disparaging their former,employer you know that is weird for a,guy who claims to be a free speech,absolutist but it is absolutely normal,in Corporate America right uh you know,we at any company are required to not,disparage that company publicly so all,of that I understand what we're also,seeing however is a big shift from what,was really an article of faith in,working at Twitter that you were there,as part of a piece of big important,Civic infrastructure you were,theoretically trying to keep people,together we're talking about the,instrument by which world leaders who,have no other diplomatic channel to,speak to one another get the word out to,one another in Acro lost Twitter right,it is an extraordinary channel in terms,of what it does and it is largely unique,in this landscape at this moment I think,that the bargain that people who were,working there really made with,themselves was we're going to go and,work as hard as we can on this place in,order but because we believe in it then,Elon Musk comes in and begins talking,about how he wants to blow all of that,up he of course throws away the,verification syst

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How Elon Musk 'Encourages' Workers to Sleep at Twitter Headquarters

How Elon Musk 'Encourages' Workers to Sleep at Twitter Headquarters

Twitter employees were surprised to find,that Elon Musk had made some Renovations,in their offices specifically he had,converted empty office space into,full-on bedrooms for himself and his,employees hopefully not to sleep,together but we do have some examples of,the images which by the way has sparked,an investigation by the city of San,Francisco because there are zoning laws,and I'd like to think some labor laws,that would play into this I don't know,but here's an example so new the BBC has,obtained pictures of inside Twitter,rooms that have been converted into,bedrooms for staff to sleep in so there,you have it there's a bed that was a,conference room earlier yes the one on,the right lots of fun uh James Clayton,also shared these images let's go to the,next yeah so that's that's just a couch,with sheets on it that's not really a,bed uh so there's really no renovation,being done there,but they are bringing in couches and so,they're bringing in couches so that,people bringing encounters by itself,doesn't necessarily mean anything,there's couch is in any office right but,they're purposely bringing in couches,because they want people to sleep on,them,yeah and then there's this uh just,full-blown wardrobe like there's a,wardrobe,closet uh in one of the rooms as well,um so there's that uh there are even,slippers former staff say Elon musk's,room is a converted conference room and,looks like a hotel room fun and Elon,Musk even installed a washing machine uh,last month yeah,yeah I look I mean I would have to,really love my job at Twitter like love,it and be so obsessed with it that I,would agree to this agree to sleeping,there,no I don't think I love anything enough,to do that I love you Jake I love tyt I,wouldn't there's no way in hell I would,sleep here well I don't know about that,so no way okay hold on so let me give,you guys context Okay so so did uh some,folks sleep here at different times yes,first of all Hassan slept here all the,time when he wasn't supposed to uh are,you serious why no not overnight he just,fall asleep in the middle of a a meeting,that's very different very different,actually and he didn't do it all the,time he did a couple times anyway uh but,no seriously we did a 99 hour filibuster,a long time ago we were trying to get,blocked the filibust the nomination of,San molito how right were we uh until,the Democrats finally did a real,filibuster and we got that to work so,we've been doing activism for a long,time so we went 99 hours straight on the,air so I did 78 of the 99 hours so I,slept in the office for a couple of days,that's different effort though it's not,it's not part of the workplace culture,it was a one-time thing that literally,happened like two decades ago that's,exactly why I'm bringing it up yeah,because Hey listen you got to push,something out it we get it it happens,you got a special occasion you've got a,launch coming up for an app you've got,whatever okay I got it right when you,start putting in beds you're saying no I,want you to sleep here all the time and,it's reminiscent of what Elon Musk had,done at the Tesla factories in China,where you know there were the covid,shutdowns he was super salty about it,because it was slowing down production,so he forced the workers there to,literally sleep in the offices yeah and,so and there's a giant difference,between uh Hey man we were doing this,one big push and it's a very rare thing,and there's also a giant difference,between hey if you do that we love you,forever and no you really kind of gotta,do it right and Elon Musk earlier had,put out memos saying hey if you don't,want to work incredibly grueling hours,you should leave and then he followed,through and a lot of people follow,through and they did leave so,people are probably not going to like,this but I don't care I'm going to speak,my Truth uh because Elon Musk actually,made a good point even though I disagree,with him I do disagree with what he's,doing I don't think employees should be,like living working sleeping in the same,place and never leaving working,literally 24 hours a day is insane,um but he did say something in regard to,the department of building inspection,which is investigating this due to like,possible zoning possible zoning,violations zoning violations zoning,violations yeah in San Francisco oh yeah,well I mean,no look guys,I need everyone to understand when you,are,when you're being hounded by the local,government endlessly anything you want,to do to your place you got to take out,permits you got to make sure you're,following uh code you got to follow,zoning you know restrictions all that,and then when you see all sorts of,regulations being broken right in front,of you all day every day and nothing,happens it it is very frustrating okay,so let me give you his statement he says,so city of San Francisco attacks,companies providing beds for tired,employees I don't agree with that part,of it obviously instead of making sure,kids are safe from fentanyl where are

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US: Elon Musk trolled outside Twitter headquarters in San Francisco | Latest World News | WION

US: Elon Musk trolled outside Twitter headquarters in San Francisco | Latest World News | WION

the billionaire Elon Musk has not failed,to make headlines since having taken,over Twitter and in the latest his,employees have found a unique way to,criticize his latest actions,the mask was trolled with messages that,were displayed on the exterior of the,social media company San Francisco,headquarters,and musk's recent actions have led to,hundreds of Engineers and others to quit,from the company,the reason they knew surrounding the,Twitter layoffs and also changes have,led to social media users and experts,weighing in on the possibility of,Twitter's downfall a professor of,information science at the University of,Colorado predicts that Twitter might,stop working altogether if employees who,are involved in the maintenance work,are sat or do not show up for work,here,here is um,I also think that people see the,potential for just waking up one morning,and going to the Twitter website and,it's just gone the website just doesn't,work I have absolutely no idea how,possible that really is but it is not,outside the realm of possibility and,that would be really unusual,meanwhile Elon Musk has started a poll,on Twitter asking users to vote on,whether the former American president,Donald Trump was banned from the social,media side should be reinstated,and this of course is an interesting,poll that Elon Musk is in fact called in,the his followers to vote on in our next,board and get some more details on this,which is sources said Twitter has closed,its offices and cut staff access until,Monday it comes as hundreds of employees,are leaving the company after the new,CEO Elon Musk gave them an ultimatum,work hardcore or get fired some took to,the social media app to announce their,departure posting the accompanying,hashtag love where you worked past tense,according to one source security,officers have begun kicking employees,out of the office on Thursday evening,just a day earlier musk emailed Twitter,employees asking them to commit to quote,working long hours at high intensity the,email asked staff to click yes if they,wanted to stick around those that didn't,respond would be considered to have quit,and given a severance package,a poll on the workplace app blind found,that more than 40 percent of 180 pole,participants had chosen to leave,a quarter said they were staying,reluctantly and just seven percent said,they clicked yes to stay I'm hardcore,blind verifies employees through their,work email addresses and allows them to,share information and honestly musk has,already cut around half of Twitter's,7500 Workforce including top management,the departures include many Engineers,responsible for fixing bugs and,preventing service outages raising,questions about the stability of the,platform,the social media company which has lost,many of its communication team members,did not respond to a request for comment,Beyond is now available in your country,download the app now and get all the,news on the move

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Looming staff cuts create tense atmosphere around Twitter HQ

Looming staff cuts create tense atmosphere around Twitter HQ

it is the news that has the tech World,buzzing right now new Twitter boss Elon,Musk is expected to cut the staff in,half as he tries to squeeze some cash,out of his 44 billion dollar purchase,kpx 5's Mary Lee is in San Francisco,with more on these looming layoffs,we went to Twitter headquarters today,which was pretty quiet since many,employees are still working from home,but the big topic of the day for many,people we spoke to was Twitter and the,expected layoffs,I'd say I come here like once a week,it's strange to think that Elon Musk is,like a few stories above us right now,the market is one of Kendall Blake's,favorite lunch spots it's also just,steps away from Twitter headquarters,today's topic of conversation the,massive Twitter layoffs expected to hit,employees on Friday if it's not cheap to,live here in San Francisco so how is,this going to affect that many people,who live here will they need to move,will they need to relocate finding a new,job right now isn't easy so it's,definitely scary in that way to imagine,it for the stress of the people at,Twitter must be feeling right now Elon,Musk reportedly plans to eliminate about,3 700 jobs at Twitter which is about,half of the social media company's,Workforce according to Bloomberg News,wedbush analyst Dan Ives told CBS money,watch musk overpaid for Twitter by about,20 billion dollars which would likely,Force the billionaire to make sharp,Staffing cuts CSU East Bay Professor,Nolan Higdon teaches history and,Communications he says he's not,surprised by the expected layoffs,because even the tech industry is not,immune to the downturn in the economy,Silicon Valley did a really slick,campaign of making it seem like an,industry that cared about workers so,it'd give you nice coffee or give you a,ping pong table it'd give you stock,options as part of working there but now,when push comes to shove I bet you a lot,of workers would wish they had the power,of previous generations to push back,against some of these layoffs or push,back against their employer forcing them,to come back into the physical workspace,versus working remotes as is rumored to,be happening on Twitter right now with,these massive layoffs looming Kendall,says she's definitely worried for,Twitter employees than the social media,platforms she and her friends use every,day we rely so many of my friends rely,on Twitter for news and it's frightening,to wonder about the future of Twitter,Twitter employees have been bracing for,these layoffs ever since Elon Musk took,over that's according to Bloomberg News,so we'll just have to wait and see what,happens tomorrow in San Francisco I'm,Mary Lee kpix 5. as we just heard in,Mary's report musk may also just scrap,Twitter's remote work policy so kpix 5's,Lauren Toms joins us now with that part,of the story and Lauren you kind of got,a sense of what's happening in the,surrounding area near Twitter,headquarters yeah exactly Juliette uh,earlier today I spoke with District Six,supervisor Matt Dorsey and of course,Mass layoffs like this can have the,potential to Rattle the communities,they're housed in but this is somewhat,of a unique situation here many of the,Twitter employees have been working from,home through the pandemic which hit the,south of Market neighborhood pretty,badly but when I spoke to Matt Dorsey,who again his district is home to the,Twitter headquarters he told me that,while he of course doesn't wish laughs,upon any company the in-person policy,could be good for the neighborhood,from the standpoint of the city and what,it means for the neighborhood I,represent here at Mid Market our,interest is making sure that people are,coming back to work and shopping in our,local stores and supporting our small,businesses like here at the market on,Market Street we want people coming back,to work and we have to do our part as a,city making sure that we're keeping our,streets safe that's why Public Safety,has been a big priority for me so we've,got to do our part to bring people back,too but um,look fingers crossed that whatever,happens with Twitter more people come,back to work and that'll be good for all,of us,he also told me that there is a,Statewide law that requires companies,that are laying off 50 or more employees,to notify the city before doing so and,the city as of this evening has not,received this warning from Twitter he,said this policy is in place largely so,the city can provide these workers with,resources and job training they may need,and he suggested many of the pl the,employees who may face layoffs look to,the city's open job opportunities here,in San Francisco and there are did you,get a sense when you were sitting there,the mood around I mean just as you were,visually going well there's some layouts,you kind of feel it yeah well the coffee,shop that we were actually sitting in,when out of business during the pandemic,Matt mentioned that it was one of his,that it was one of his favorite uh,coffee shops in the city uh but the uh,we are gettin

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