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Helena Duke, Teen Who Outed Mom At A Trump Rally, On Her Mother's Racism & Supporting Ashanti Smithu

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Helena Duke, Teen Who Outed Mom At A Trump Rally, On Her Mother's Racism & Supporting Ashanti Smith

uh her mother teresa duke was seen at a,pro-trump rally on january 5th,the day before the insurrection uh and,in my interview with ashanti smith last,week she said teresa duke and another,woman,was harassing her put her hands in her,face and ashanti smith says she defended,herself,and helena duke uh basically said this,is my mother on social media,in a tweet that's gone viral let's bring,her on the line right now,helena duke are you there yeah hi,hi thank you for being here i know uh,you're in school and you're really busy,so i really appreciate you being here,uh how are you doing because uh,trump supporters can be very intense and,people have,been getting death threats and a lot of,intense energy,how are you yeah i'm i'm doing really,good,um i am overwhelmed of course there's a,lot going on,but i have been getting like an,overwhelming amount of support,of course i do have the threats and the,name calling,but overall uh i have a lot of support,so it's going okay,good good now uh just explain in case,folks don't know that you saw this video,of ashanti smith and she says she was,defending herself against your mom and,your aunt,and you decided to say mom this is you,and you also put in there,how your mother was outraged that she,went to a black lives matter rally just,briefly explain that,yeah for sure so earlier on this year,after,the george floyd um after he died,all of that um it was like really the,heat of black lives matter protest and i,told my mom that i was going to,some peaceful protest and she's told me,i couldn't go,and that she believed that black lives,matter was a violent organization,um they were going to excite violence,and i could get hurt,um seeing as all of that was not true,obviously but seeing her at this very,much violent,event inciting violence and then in turn,getting injured she really,marked off all the boxes for hypocrisy,there,and after the black lives matter protest,i did,get kicked out of the house when she,found out i went to the protest anyway,and so it was just really this tweet was,very much,liberating i would say and emotional but,that's pretty much how it came to be,your mother kicked you out of the house,because you were protesting,somebody who had a knee in their neck,for eight minutes that's i'm really sad,i'm really sad to hear that how how has,your relationship been with her even,before this tweet,how has your relationship been with your,mother since then since she kicked you,out,so it it's been really rocky it's really,roller coaster i mean,she did have most of the custody over me,at the time,throughout the summer but i rarely spend,time at her house always with friends i,just,am like a social person in general but i,never wanted to go home obviously,because she is very,manipulative and mentally abusive and,she has been like that like most of my,life,but it was really rocky i did get kicked,out um,a few more times according to her eyes,being disrespectful but i think all i,was doing was,um just defending people of different,races or different sexualities etc,and she doesn't take those,things too well she doesn't take the,arguing um so i have been kicked out,because i stand on what i believe in,a few times obviously we don't have the,best relationship,but yeah now you said that your,your mother was radicalized you said,that she was a democrat,and then in this trump era she became,radicalized and i'm just curious to know,because i keep hearing this term,radicalized elena,what what talking point from trump,radicalized her,what made her uh become this radical,trump supporter what was it about him,specifically,that radicalized her you know i'm not,too sure i just know that after,a little less than a year he was in,office she turned from,a very democratic individual to,radically right just the way she was,talking and the way she was like,a lot of conspiracy theories came up i,think a lot of her,views have been skewed because of her um,family members like her sisters and,brothers i think were already,radically right and she kind of fed into,it i,guess she does enjoy the fake news,things and conspiracy theories and um,denouncing anything that i say even like,factual evidence so,i really i'm not sure if there was a,certain thing that he,said that really radicalized her but,i know it happened pretty quickly and it,was really scary,you know helena a lot of things that we,hear is that you know we got to be able,to,talk to the trump supporter they're a,part of our country we have to really,we have to really uh engage them and,here you are,your mother is a trump supporter and she,threw you out of the house just from,your own experience,is there a way for us to really engage,them,should we put in this work to engage the,the trump supporter who is uh believing,these these lies,you know i think at first i was like,maybe,if i educate myself on these topics and,really,try to show them the factual things or,show them a different perspective than,maybe they could understand but what i,have

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School Regrets Trans Pronoun Rule After Christian Dad Tells His Pronouns

School Regrets Trans Pronoun Rule After Christian Dad Tells His Pronouns

after the school board passed a,transgender affirming pronoun policy an,iranian christian father came up with a,brilliant personal pronouns for himself,and his children that may have the,administrators regretting their decision,before we begin make sure to smash that,like button subscribe to our channel and,click the notification bell for more,amazing videos the loudoun county public,school board notorious for leading the,push for ultra-progressive policies in,virginia schools is once again making,headlines for implementing yet another,woke prescription however their latest,measure wasn't without major pushback,during a board meeting district,officials passed a reform that allows,students to identify as transgender to,not only access school facilities in,groups of their perceived gender but,will also force teachers and staff to,address them by their preferred names,and pronouns the blaze reports,incredibly the rule doesn't allow for,exemptions based on one's religious,beliefs leaving educators to choose,between their convictions and their jobs,for three hours the loudoun county,public school board was forced to listen,to angry parents and community members,railing against their progressive,political policies of course the board,members were probably still certain of,their support for the transgender,affirming rule that is until one parent,stepped up to the microphone with a,perfect response,introducing himself as an iranian,christian immigrant demus christophe,lambasted the board's decision in fact,he compared their indoctrination efforts,to those of the ayatollahs,dear disgrace board members you think,you're woke well i'm going to wake you a,little bit more he began i'm a chaldean,married to an armenian we're minorities,of the minorities in this country our,ancestors survived massacres of the,church and isis i grew up in iran as a,christian and when we went to school as,much as the government wanted to,indoctrinate us the teachers didn't,allow it the teachers did their job to,teach us the curriculum science math,biology etc they didn't try to show,propaganda down our throats like the,aletolas did,kristoff continued reminding the board,and educators that their only job is to,ensure the children in their care are,sufficient in academics not social,policy or politics,now in the 21st century we have social,justice warriors so-called teachers,trying to shove their garbage ideology,down our kids throats he continued these,are our children not yours their job is,not to raise my child or my neighbor's,child their job is to teach our kids,math science biology literature and,that's it not ideology,now you want to push garbage crap like,pronouns how the hell does that keep a,kid from succeeding how does that help,them does that teach them how to act,at the conclusion of his speech kristoff,decided to fight fire with fire using,their own progressive policy against,them he notified that the administration,must refer to his sons as king his,daughter as queen and himself as master,as their personal pronouns,you want to push that garbage down my,kids throats i'll make you call my kids,king and queen that's how you'll address,my sons and my daughter and when you,look at me you call me master do you,want that pronoun to be in your mouth,when you look at me he said christoph,was eventually cut off due to the time,limit prompting him to calmly walk away,and sit down as soon as he took his seed,the flood of parent after parent,criticizing the board's policy resumed,the district's policies have become so,politically invasive that fifth grade,teacher laura morris announced a,resignation in the middle of the same,meeting citing her refusal to,indoctrinate students with lessons in,critical race theory,sobbing morris said school board i quit,i quit your politics i quit your,trainings and i quit being a cog in a,machine that tells me to push highly,politicized agendas on our most,vulnerable constituents the children,i'll find employment elsewhere i,encourage all parents and staff in this,country to flood the private schools she,also added that she was previously told,during so-called equity trainings that,white christian able-bodied females,currently have the power in our schools,and quote this has to change,the school board is not only pushing,harmful propaganda on our children but,also setting up teachers to fail how do,they expect a teacher or administrator,to keep up with all their students,separate pronouns especially when some,may change theirs on a daily basis due,to how they're feeling that day,the time wasted asking each student for,their pronouns and trying to keep up,with this ever-changing spectrum is,absurd parents must stand up to these,officials pushing politics on our,children before it's too late we vastly,outnumber them it's merely a matter of,using our voting power tax dollars and,pulling our children out of their,schools,you

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Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice") - Postmodern Jukebox Lorde Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party

Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice") - Postmodern Jukebox Lorde Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party

I've never seen a diamond in the flesh..,I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies...,And I'm not proud of my address...,In a torn up town...,No post code envy,But every song's like,Gold teeth, Grey Goose,Trippin' in the bathroom,Bloodstains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,We don't carrrre!,We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams,But everybody's like..,Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece,Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash,We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair,And we'll never be royals (royaaalls),It don't run in our blood!,That kind of lux just ain't for us!,We crave a different kind of buzz..,Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen B!,And baby I'll rule (I'll rule I'll rule I'll rule) Let me live that fantasy...,My friends and I we've cracked the code We count our dollars on the train... to the party,And everyone who knows us knows that we're fine with this.. We didn't come from moneyyyy,But every song's like gold teeth, Grey Goose, trippin' in the bathroom Bloodstains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece,Jet planes, oh, tigers on a gold leash We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair,And we'll never be royals!! (royaaalls) It don't run in our blood!,That kind of lux just ain't for us! We crave a different kind of buzz!,Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen B! And baby I'll rule (I'll rule I'll rule I'll rule) Let me live that fantasy...,Ohhh waohhhh... (repeat),I'm bigger than we ever dreamed, and And we'll never be royals!! (royaaallls) I don't run in our bloooood!,That kind of lux just ain't for us! We crave a different kind of buzz..!,Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen B! And baby I'll rule! (I'll rule I'll rule I'll rule),Subscribe!

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Connected, but alone? | Sherry Turkle

Connected, but alone? | Sherry Turkle

Translator: Dita Bytyci Reviewer: Helena Bedalli,Vetëm pak më parë,,vajza ime Rebeka më shkroi mesazh 'paç fat'.,Mesazhi i saj thoshte,,"Mami, do kesh sukses.",Dhe kjo më pëlqen shumë.,Ta merrja atë mesazh,ishte sikur të merrja një përqafim.,Dhe ja ku e ke.,Unë personifikoj,paradoksin qendror.,Unë jam një grua,që i pëlqen të marre mesazhe,që do t'ju tregojë,se shumë të tilla paraqesin një problem.,Në fakt mesazhi nga vajza ime më,kthen tek fillimi i storjes sime.,1996, kur fola për herë të parë në TED,,Rebecca ishte 5 vjeçe,dhe ishte e ulur aty,në rendin e parë.,Vetëm sa kisha botuar një libër,që celebronte jetën tonë në internet,dhe shpejt do isha në faqen e parë,të revistës Wired.,Në ato ditë plot emocione,,ne po eksperimentonim,me dhoma 'chati' dhe komunitete virtuale në internet.,Po hulumtonim aspekte të ndryshme të vetes sonë.,Pastaj filluam.,Isha shumë e emocionuar.,Dhe, si psikologe, çfarë më emociononte më së shumti,ishte mendimi se,ne do shfrytëzonim atë që kemi mësuar në botën virtuale,rreth vetvetes, identitetit tonë,,për të jetuar sa më mirë në botën reale.,Tani të kthehemi në 2012.,Jam prap këtu në skenën e TED.,Vajza ime është 20 vjeçe. Është studente.,Ajo fle me celularin e saj,,po ashtu edhe unë.,Sapo kam shkruar një libër,,por këtë herë nuk është i tillë,që do të më çojë tek ballina,e revistës Wired.,Pra, çfarë ka ndodhur?,Ende jam e emocionuar nga teknologjia,,por besoj,,dhe jam këtu të argumentoj,,se është duke na çuar në vende,ku nuk duam të shkojmë.,15 vitet e fundit,,kam studjuar teknologjinë e komunikimit celular,dhe kam intervistuar qindra e qindra njerëz,,të rinj e të vjetër,,për jetën e tyre lidhur me teknologjinë.,Dhe çfarë kam gjetur,është se pajisjet tona të vogla,,ato që i mbajmë në xhepat tanë,,janë psikologjikisht aq të fuqishme,saqë nuk ndryshojnë vetëm çfarë bëjmë,,por edhe atë se kush jemi.,Disa nga gjërat që tani bëjmë më pajisjet tona,janë gjëra, që vetëm disa vite më parë,,do të na dukeshin të çuditshme,ose shqetësuese,,por shpejt jemi familiarizuar me ato,,ashtu si i bëjmë gjërat.,Vetëm t'ju jap disa shembuj:,Njerëzit shkruajnë mesazhe apo email,gjatë mbledhjeve të bordit në korporata.,Shkruajnë mesazhe, blejnë gjëra, kontrollojnë Facebook-un,,gjatë mësimit, gjatë prezantimeve,,faktikisht gjatë gjithë takimeve.,Njerëzit më tregojnë për një aftësi të re të rëndësishme,të të mbajturit kontaktin me sy,ndërkohë që shkruan mesazh.,(Të qeshura),Ata më tregojnë,se është e vështirë, por mund të bëhet.,Prindërit shkruajnë mesazhe dhe e-mail,gjatë mëngjesit dhe gjatë darkës,ndërsa fëmijët e tyre ankohen,se nuk kanë vëmendjen e plotë të prindërve të tyre.,Por më pas të njejtët fëmijë,i mohojnë njëri-tjetrit vëmendjen e tyre të plotë.,Kjo është një foto e fundit,e vajzës sime me shoqet e saj,duke kaluar kohë së bashku,por duke mos qenë së bashku.,Ne shkruajmë mesazhe edhe gjatë funeraleve.,Unë e studjoj këtë.,Ne e tërheqim veten,nga dhimbja apo mendimet tona,dhe hyjmë në telefonat tanë.,Përse është e rëndësishme kjo?,Është e rëndësishme për mua,sepse unë mendoj se jemi duke i krijuar vetes probleme --,probleme sigurisht në atë,se si lidhemi me njëri-tjetrin,,por edhe probleme rreth asaj,se si lidhemi me veten tonë,dhe kapacitetin tonë për vet-reflektim.,Ne jemi duke u mësuar me një mënyrë të re,të të qenit të vetmuar së bashku.,Njerëzit duan të jenë me njëri-tjetrin,,por po ashtu diku tjetër --,të lidhur me të gjitha vendet e ndryshme ku duan të jenë.,Njerëzit duan të rregullojnë jetën sipas kërkesave që kanë.,Ata duan të shkojnë e të kthehen nga vendet ku janë,sepse gjëja që ka më shumë rëndësi për ta,është të kontrollojnë ndaj gjërave që kanë vëmendjen e tyre.,Kështu ti ke dëshirë të shkosh në mbledhjen e bordit,,mirëpo dëshiron t'i kushtosh vëmendje,vetëm pjesëve që të interesojnë.,Dhe disa mendojnë se kjo është gjë e mirë.,Mirëpo përfundoni,duke u fshehur nga njëri-tjetri,,edhe pse tërë kohën jemi të lidhur me njëri-tjetrin.,Një 50 vjeçar biznesmen,më tha me keqardhje,se ndjen sikur nuk ka më kolegë në punë.,Kur ai shkon në punë, ai nuk ndalon të flase me asnjërin,,nuk i thërret.,Dhe ai thotë se nuk do t'i shqetësojë kolegët e tij,sepse, thotë, "Ata janë shumë të zënë me e-mailet e tyre.",Por pastaj ndalon veten dhe,thotë, "Në fakt, nuk po them të vërtetën.,Unë jam ai që nuk do të shqetësohet.,Mendoj se duhet të dua,,mirëpo më shumë do preferoja të bëja gjërat e mia në Blackberry-in tim.",Në çdo gjeneratë,,shoh se njerëzit nuk mund të ngopen me njëri-tjetrin,,vetëm dhe vetëm nëse,kanë njëri-tjetrin në distancë,,në sasi që mund ta kontrollojnë.,Unë e quaj Efekti i Goldilock:,as shumë afër, as shumë larg,,diku në mes.,Por çfarë mund të jetë "mesi",për atë ekzekutiv të moshës mesatare,mund të jetë problem për një adoleshent,që ka nevojë të krijojë lidhje ballë-për-ballë.,Një djalë 18 vjeçar,,i cili shkruan mesazhe për çdogje,më thotë i trishtuar,,"Një ditë, një ditë,,por sigurisht jo tani,,do doja të mësoj si të bëj një bisedë.",Kur pyes njerëzit,"Çfarë ka të keqe të bësh një bis

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Exploring Montana Series in American Truck Simulator: Helena

Exploring Montana Series in American Truck Simulator: Helena

welcome to my virtual Over The Road,Trucking Adventure in Montana,in this video series which we are just,wrapping up we are exploring the Montana,DLC in American Truck Simulator,and we we explore Montana by delivering,a load to every city within Montana,and to the extent practical drive over,every major highway within Montana so,let me show you what what we're looking,at right now we have one city left and,that is uh Helena,we've covered all of,excuse me all of the other cities,and we even did a little Scenic driving,around Thompson Falls,um,but in the last video we delivered to,Missoula and in order to get a load to,Helena I had to backtrack a little bit,to Thompson Falls so I deadheaded,I also had to dismiss my flatbed trailer,because I couldn't find any other loads,to Helena,so we're using a,company provided trailer the company,being rustic that's what we're picking,up at,and we're going to deliver to Helena,which is 257 miles,this should not take us long,we will make that delivery,and that will be the last location,well the last city on the map,so here's what we're taking we've got a,flatbed trailer with a tarp system on it,loaded with,sawdust panels,so,let's get going we don't need that,blinking going on,oh we're gonna go out here we're gonna,get on the freeway how heavy is this 42,537 pounds,let's go to Helena,yes let's go to Helena,get ready to turn left,turn left,right,go straight,and this is the freeway right up ahead,foreign,we're going to head east,back to well we have to go back through,Missoula,foreign,I just think that river is so beautiful,and I always thought the same thing when,I drove through here in real life,I always looked nice,so this is Missoula,thank you,now I believe it is Butte,that we have to get to,select the map,quiet,it's really loud,uh,yeah that reminds me,isn't there a yeah over here,there is a couple of things I wanted to,do,so I'm going to make a pit stop a pit,stop,I want to come up here,actually I want to come here,I shouldn't really do that with this,load but we've got time,we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna take,a Scenic detour in Butte,because I meant to do it earlier when we,covered Butte,but I forgot,and I want to make sure that we're,discovering these places and I forgot to,do that,when uh when we travel to Butte,some weeks ago now,hmm,speaking of discovering well we'll talk,about that near the end,of the video,because since we're wrapping up Montana,basically uh we gotta talk about where,we're going next,I know what I plan to do my question is,what would you like to see,okay so now I've done it I've asked the,question let me know in the comments,what's the next state that we should,explore,so basically it boils down to,should we explore,Texas,or any other state,or Texas,we should probably do Texas right,as I record this,Texas DLC is coming out tomorrow now I,already have a early release copy,and I have shared some I did a live well,I did a few live streams I did two live,streams for my channel members,and then I did a live stream for my,general audience,Texas is awesome,and I can't wait to get back into Texas,to record more videos,now this,um,Montana hat has I think 15,cities,and Texas I believe has 29.,so it's about double,look at those snow-capped Peaks over,there,all right I think we've got an exit,coming up and looks like we might nope,that's not it I thought maybe there was,a scale coming up,that's a truck stop,yep those truck stops are really there,in real life,really really,now I think we need to be in the left,lane,yep,exit left,foreign,growling an angry truck,oh I didn't know oh,I didn't know you could turn left from,that lane,or I would have,wow,thanks a lot buddy,I think we're gonna turn right up here,and there is a photo op,which is a new feature,in version 1.46,oops I forgot the signal,that's bad,so I just need to stop,go into photo mode,Silver Bow Courthouse,okay I don't know why that's important,but apparently it is,got it,get ready to turn left,turn left,oh wish we could stop and get a hot dog,go straight,and of course Butte is an old mining,town,so you've got some uh,mining paraphernalia,I'll call it,okay we'll signal this time,and we're gonna come up here to this,viewpoint,I hear birds chirping,that's cool,look at that big pit mine,yeah they're kind of ugly,but they're a fact of life,of modern society city of Butte,the heck was that,sounded like a gunshot,well there's that Courthouse I took a,picture of,refreshing chukar Cola,foreign,there's another one of those,sounds like a gunshot,so now it's mostly just filled with,water what is that,there's somebody over here shooting into,the,the thing,what's this,can you hear that,you like a gun range over here so what,is that,bad graphics,oh what's that up there let's go look at,that too,so is there just somebody's,shooting into the into the mine the pit,they must not be using this mine anymore,let's go check this out what is that,oh it's a uh,Mary,probably or Christ I don't know which,but probably a lot

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hey people so today's video we're,talking about,buffers buffers if you guys don't know,what buffers are,you have your gear heavy levels this is,how you improve your damage we have,buffers,uh buffers are ships that give some kind,of skill,towards not only them but that benefits,the whole fleet,so this video we're going to have a lot,of ships here that i'm talking about,we're going to talk about buffers,vanguards backline there's a lot of them,so let's get right into it because it's,going to be a very very long video so,vanguard buffers i'm sure most of you,guys,um already aware but vanguards have a,lot of buffers,a lot a lot of buffers there's so many,things going on with vanguard buffers,it is utterly insane there is a lot of,buffers a lot of buffers,so let's go right into it it's going to,be a long long topic so i'm not going to,try to carry on for too long,let's just get right into it first one,i'm pretty sure hell not everyone uses,hell no she's one of the most commonly,used buffers in the game,she is insane radar scan plus nothing,too quick nothing to um,talk much about here 60 chance to apply,a debuff to the enemy where they take 40,percent more damage for 10 seconds,that is really really good and by far,the best,sort of quote unquote buff in the game,obviously the debuff but it's the best,damage amplifier in the game,nothing to say about this one easily the,best ship in this game when it comes to,amplifying your damage for whatever,content you're doing,the best one as of yet next we have,assault order this is carried on,by cleveland and kent i don't have a,kent invested right now but talk about,cleveland,assault order so this is a like a,slightly,uh weaker version of the sg sg scan,um is a 25 chance to increase all damage,by the fleet instead of a debuff its,damage increase the whole,fleet by 25 for eight seconds,now it's a little bit shorter it's not,as strong and it's a lower proc,rate as well extremely extremely low not,reliable,but definitely is something you can look,at if you want to do some kind of like,crazy uh,bursting content or whatever you can,reset multiple times,that's one of the go-to choices as well,cleveland assault order or,kent assault order next,kirov now kirov this is a very very,unique ship because,it won't say right here um in this skill,in particular,but it does it's down there it's i've,checked the wiki i've checked the,english one i've checked the,chinese one it's there and i've tested,it myself in other content as well,she has a skill where this barrage right,here it approx after uh 15 seconds,and it is basically when it lands,it applies a 15,debuff on the enemy so they take 15,percent more damage,when uh they're getting hit by this,barrage it happens at 15 seconds and it,lasts for,um eight seconds very very good now the,issue is,with this one is that it's a little bit,earlier compared to like the big big,buzz like hell on the scan,and assault order but if you use a sg,radar or whatever,you can make hellnos scan 16 seconds and,this lines up,very very well with the helena scale,right here so,very very good skill i highly recommend,this one if you guys wouldn't want to do,any kind of like burst setup with this,assault order key rob and helena that's,basically the go-to,next we have rune movies rune moves i'm,not sure i'll talk about this one in,particular because a lot of people know,of her already,basically every 15 seconds she uh uh,stops the enemy and they take,ten percent more damage or um,uh yeah they take ten percent more,damage for um,six seconds for all enemies hit by this,so very very powerful very very solid,and rude move is also a good ship as,well for damage and durability,can't go wrong with groom moves at all,very very solid ship,we also have helena mata now helena,maida is one of those ships that,um you're not going to build her for,purely uh,i'm debuffing whatnot for like damage,amplification obviously some people are,going to do that and it's fine,but you don't really want to do it for,that one it's just she's just there for,like applying damage or whatnot,but she has a 30 chance to,increase the damage taken by enemies by,10 seconds but for five,seconds uh one second shorter than rune,moose,is rng as well but there's multiple,pellets when it comes to the shadow wing,touch,or shadowing torch so most likely it's,going to hit,obviously it's rng still but it's pretty,it's pretty up there it's pretty much,always going to apply to debuff,because there's so many of the pellets,when they get fired off,so it's not bad it's just a five seconds,duration that's very very small,otherwise it's not a bad ship at all for,when it comes to uh damage,amplifications and whatnot,next we have e-girl yes um e-girl does,do something,not just durability not just damage not,just,having demon horns she does something,she has,an armor break this armor break right,here if there's no enemies near her,apply his armor brick now i believe,armor break uh in general is like a,six percent damage

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Picnic with Helena Vlog

Picnic with Helena Vlog

good morning um well it's not actually,good,oh it is kind of good morning it's uh,it's 11 00,it's 11 14. that's not focused at all,brilliant,it's 11 14. um i'm making my lunch,um i'm having turkey and,and yeah that's what i'm doing right now,um oh you can see in the background,my ukulele i'm vanishing it,slowly and surely it's been painted but,now i'm vanishing it,um yeah sorry about all the mess,i'll face this way um,so i am making my lunch right now,because,helena and i are going on a picnic today,um so um helena and i are going on a,picnic,um so come along,enjoy the day um i will bring you with,me,something just fly through the door,oh well right so that's what's happening,right now,so we're we're picnicking now and,helena's,there i oh yeah i'm new at this by the,way so i don't know if,i'm in frame i will find out when i edit,this,so i'm in frame this is genius vlogging,um so there's my sandwich and what have,you got you've got chicken,it's chicken chicken sweet corn it's not,even coming up on the camera so this is,great,oh hello hello oh there's my hand oh my,hand is massive,my hands are actually tiny fun fact um,so we're by the river but we noticed,that,it may start to rain and we didn't plan,for this no it's the thing,this could end up being really,interesting or we eat really quickly,and then yeah i might have to wait,really quickly um so the next clip could,be,us standing in the rain also eating,really quickly,it's also got really cold all of a,sudden so i'm gonna really eat right now,bye,it didn't rain and we finished our,picnic now and it's freeze,oh my god i am wearing a jumper that has,holes in it,why was i so stupid i'm so,cold right now i just want,a really hot chocolate i'm gonna go get,hot chocolate,i decided i'm gonna get hot chocolate,i'm just gonna i'm gonna get a second,chocolate okay we're gonna go we're,gonna go walking town now,we're gonna go shopping okay we're gonna,go shopping,we just got back from the town but i,thought i showed i thought i'd show you,what i bought i bought this really nice,kimono type thing it's like,it's really nice print pattern i don't,know if that's focused or not,this camera's a bit rubbish like that,but it's good um,it's not i'm really close to it because,i'm standing,in a doorway to show you it oh there we,are there we are,um it's this really nice kimono type,thing um yeah and i really like it,and this is what it looks like on it's,got these kind of,boxed excuse the bathroominess,um it's got these kind of boxed sleeve,things and it comes down to kind of,like almost knee length i don't know if,you can see in the mirror,sorry i'm in my bathroom right now um,there's no mirror in my room,so i can't show you in like a a mirrored,my room mirror because i don't have one,um but i really like it i really like it,with this,like a white top um,and these black jeans actually quite,like it,but i just thought it looked really nice,and casual,and really good for theater thingies um,yeah i really liked it so yeah that's,what i got i like this thing so much i,think i'm gonna wear it for the rest of,the day,i really like it also i don't know if i,i can mention this earlier i don't know,if i'm cutting the top of my head off,i should really look at these clips and,then make sure i'm not,um yeah so i'm going to now,write an essay,this is how exciting my life is yay i,get to go out and have fun,and then come home and write,you

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The BEST Of Olivia Colman On The Graham Norton Show

The BEST Of Olivia Colman On The Graham Norton Show

so Emirates day one had to finger me,sort of avoid finding anything that you,shouldn't have because it's sort of,under the sheets like that and she said,little bit worried about her weight that,way I'm well I know I know it so I asked,makeup Titan if they had a sponge and so,I put Spanish there the fungus sponge it,was a big wet Spanish picture just going,up my leg and shoe it Olivia just where,do you stand on the whole kit off thing,I rather not yes that's a totally,respectable choice in fact it might even,be respectable was the audition where,you went you had to dress all sexy oh,yeah I mean it was very early on so,maybe my third or fourth ever audition,and I was going to see a really,well-known well-respected theatre,casting director and I was so excited,and I had this script sent through and,the character was quite a raunchy hooker,so I bought some fishnets and I had a,top as low as I dared and the short,skirt and I wore a big duffle on the way,there when I got there I took off what,did you think about the character of,Matilda or something and I was thinking,don't think that was the character I was,looking at that sort of half an hour,sort of trying to pretend that I knew,what she was talking about and then she,realized I haven't got the same script,that she had and passed over the real,script which is about nuns,there was a slight road rage incident,and you know those crossings whether,absolutely I don't know if it's the same,rules apply but they're not staggered,they're straight cross road thing no,idea what you're talking about,right you have to turn in front of each,other not behind each other on a,staggered crossing no and you've got to,go behind it yes okay so this one was,coming towards me and wanted to go right,her right and I was going right so I I,turned to go in front of her and she and,as if I had tried to drive into her and,I thought okay well there's no one else,coming in so just to keep her happy I'll,do what's wrong but I'll go behind her,and she was doing in the car,and it was started to really piss me off,cuz I was right and now is helping her,out and then I suddenly got this red,mist just as our cars were coming next,to each other I said just as she was,doing that red,every the 14 Valentine's Day Olivia :,what will you be doing on Valentine's,Day oh I'll be watching film your film,comes out oh my god hi pulling teeth,okay wait cuz I thought you meant cuz,it's a perm years before that so I'm,actually watching on that day I thought,you meant what would I be doing and I,was thinking I'll be sitting with,millions of others in a cinema watching,my new film Cuban fury this is a human,fury a new British comedy with yourself,a Nick Frost could be you with a leg in,the air now I can safely say later,without fear of contradiction it is the,best British based salsa rom-com no it's,a really funny sweetville is it lovely,film now who are you and I can't let you,remember the name of my character,laughs sex law is promoting absolutely,didn't know who she was playing in the,film it was finished it was in the,cinema it was a long time after we'd,before you came on a chat show,I have no idea why this the also cause,contractually no offense but we sort of,asked to come and,doesn't one day to be here there,great but I do wonder why they asked me,to do it,thinking she's never been one of my,phone,she's good and now how much preparation,goes into well obviously put a nose on,but what else goes on preparing for,cowcatcher I should make up some but,when you're playing it at something like,a detective do you do like for,broadchurch did you do preparation David,did and I could ask him questions it,seems silly doubling up to defend my,actions I think my character spoken the,same sort of rhythms as detectives so I,thought it'd be better if I didn't have,that influence,well Nick Frost is the lead guy and he,as a child I'm his sister and as,children,he was South's a champion and endless,cups and awards and things and we used,to go off and do competitions and as his,dance partner and then something,happened and his life changed and Sauza,wasn't for him after that moment and,then cut to Nick Frost present day or,whatever his characters called and he's,called Bruce,the names of people you film something,yes,Nelson Mandela we know you're not into,big do you not it makes preparation but,you must have had some down - yes - I,was forced to because I had to dance on,screen so I had to practice do you look,good though,well there is as you know they have,people who actually can dance yeah who,cuz I can only spin three times before I,vomit so we do we do have a picture of,you in rehearsals where it doesn't look,like it's going that well,ever,like a full sweat suit and heels it's,just amazing it's wonderful you know,that that you know you're very,successful in this country and much,beloved but now you see kind of the,world discovering you and but like but,now you see you in things like Vogue and,all these things doing high fa

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