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How To Make The *THE BEST* VALORANT Header in PHOTOSHOP (2022)before this video starts as well let y

Alex Tulko

Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Make The *THE BEST* VALORANT Header in PHOTOSHOP (2022)

before this video starts as well let you,guys know that you're gonna have to join,my discord to get these uh to get the,assets for this type of header style and,uh yeah i also want you guys to,subscribe and like and i hope you guys,enjoyed this video let's get straight,into the video and see you all right so,you want to open up photoshop you want,to go three thousand by one thousand,1000 like click file new uh pixels width,is 3000 height is 1000 since we're doing,a header so just like that you can do,you can do resolution 150 but i'm gonna,just do 72,uh because we just like that right now,all right anyway once you've done that,you're gonna have a perfect looking,header thing you want to click this,because it's probably gonna be locked or,whatever all right so first of all what,you're gonna do is you're gonna create,the background all right,all right so all right so to make your,uh custom background you're gonna need,two pngs one pg like this since you're,doing a valerian so make sure the two,characters are from the game,so we're gonna,use this right here we're just gonna,erase this a bit actually no hold on i,would like to do this and then erase,this away and then erase this instead so,use a razor tool,put the hardness all the way to zero and,the size to whatever size you want you,can hold out and do this stuff,like change the thing and then up and,down to change the hardness,just like that i like to do it just like,this,there you go that looks perfect,once you have done that what you can do,now is you can hold ctrl press on this,ctrl e,and now gradient map i think we're going,to do like a similar color to this,already color so we're going to just,select this just like that and then this,grayish,so what we're going to do is we're going,to create gradient map boom,and there you go it's already going to,do it for you uh what you want to do is,click reverse,there you go it's going to look,something like this so you can see that,this one didn't change that much just,changed a bit but yeah,you can actually mess around with this,so you can actually put the grayish a,bit more and a bit less whatever you,like the best,i'm gonna keep it like this,now you can merge these two,and now put the exposure a bit down like,this,and don't remove don't merge this one,and yeah yeah you're kinda done what you,can do also is add another exposure,layer uh you can put the exposure a bit,up and then hold ctrl and then press e,ctrl e,then use the brush tool and just press,on the eyes and here again,like that,and now what you can do,is you can actually create another solid,color thing you want to print use this,color right here,linear college dodge ad right here and,okay with my photoshop freeze oh yeah,control e again and then you want to put,the flow a bit down,like uh yes i'm like this,okay uh this kind of,okay,photoshop is kinda laggy,then you can just okay yeah maybe a bit,less flow can do like nine percent,just press here press here press here,and add a bit smaller boom,boom,there we go and that's perfect we can do,the same here but you don't have to i'm,not gonna do it actually because i like,to do it where it's dark,once you have done that you can just uh,let me just put the chat render above so,you can just take all of these and group,it together call it the,uh yeah so you don't really have to do,much you can control j and control e and,then you can just call this the,background just b for the background,here we have the jet render i'm just,gonna call it j uh so here's the jet,render i'm gonna be using for this,uh,thing,it's gonna look something like this so,it's basically a cool render just like,that,we're gonna probably gonna put it like,around here-ish,and yeah now we have a bit of brushes as,well that i'm gonna be using but we're,gonna use those later and now let's move,on to the text you wanna open up cinema,40 um yeah so open up some cinema 4d and,that's where you're gonna do the 3d text,all right so uh i'm not going to tell,you guys what the font is even if you,find whatever this font is use it but,listen i'm not going to tell you guys,what this font is because if i do,everyone's going to use it and um i want,you guys to be different with your fonts,and not use what other people use so,yeah anyway so you want to change the,color you want since we're doing like a,little bit of like cyanish what is,turkeys whatever you want to call it,so we're gonna do like,i think it's like this right here,just check yeah something like this and,then for the this part i think it's,supposed to be,oh wait no this is supposed to be the,part,like this,oh that's gonna work that can work yeah,yeah,so yeah just like that and now it's,pre-rendered just to see how it looks,uh that's a bit too light so we want to,you know go back change this,so yeah you know what i mean you just,gotta do this so let's just copy this,okay so this is like over here like this,yeah that should be good yep that's,better so we're just going to use this,and now we're go

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How To Make Manipulation Headers #2

How To Make Manipulation Headers #2

oh hey guys welcome back to a new video,today we're making a manipulation header,this is a semi-tutorial not really so,follow along enjoy,and maybe you'll learn something new,alrighty guys first step open up,photoshop create a new document make it,three thousand by one thousand with 300,resolution,and start that up after you put up,your document you guys need to grab your,logo that you're going to be working,with today i'm just working with errors,logo,and our first step is going to be making,this 3d,so guys now that we have brought in our,logo we're going to rasterize the logo,and then we're going to grab out the,lasso tool and then from here we're just,going to draw some little shapes that,look like cut marks in the logo and then,later on we're going to turn this into a,3d extrusion,so guys now that you have created some,little shapes in your logo what you guys,are going to want to do is,duplicate using ctrl j on your logo,and then what you're going to do is,you're going to on the bottom layer the,one beneath,the top layer you're going to create a,3d extrusion on that just like this,and then once you've done that obviously,your logo will start uh extruding,so you're just going to bring the,extrusion down a little bit so it's,about the exact same length as mine and,you're going to make sure that the,cast shadows is off now what you guys,need to do is click on your 3d render,and begin rendering,ah the render's done alrighty guys so,now next step is to,rasterize the 3d render you guys just,made,and now it is time to find some images,alright guys so we found our first image,of google actually and we're just going,to use that as our foreground to um sort,of start,a or create the scene that we're going,to be using,for this design,all right so now that i've penciled that,out i'm just going to keep searching on,google and seeing uh what other images i,can find to create a sort of scene so,we're going to go through google and,have a bit of a look around and see what,we find,oh and i should probably pen all this,out as well so let's quickly do that,so i've gone through google and we found,a few images that i would like to use,and,yes these are all found off google like,i tell pretty much everyone who asked me,where i get my images,it is literally just google pretty much,90 of the time i don't have some,hidden keyword apart from my guest 4k,but a lot of you guys message me saying,where do you find these images and it's,literally just google,if you have a good eye for images then,that's pretty much all you need there's,no secret hidden word,alrighty guys so with the images i found,of google i'm going to create a sort of,mountain backdrop that's going to be in,the background so i'm just going to,quickly pencil out these mountain ranges,and sort of try and connect them with,the other mountains that i've got at the,moment,so now we're going to grab out the,eraser and we're just going to lightly,erase with a zero hardness eraser just,to,mush the mountains together almost,because they've got a pretty similar,texture so they should mesh together,pretty well,and also we might as well quickly pen,tool this mountain just because we might,need to use something putting behind it,later,all right now the foreground looks,pretty out of place considering it's,super saturated and,all the other stuff is pretty blue and,less saturated and less vibrant so we're,going to go into camera oil filter and,just adjust it with the sliders,and hopefully get it to look like the,rest of the scene,alrighty moving on so now we're going to,create a little bit more of an,atmosphere using some,smoke and fog to just uh give it a,little bit more character and make it,look like we're up in the mountains it's,always pretty uh foggy and smoky up,there so we're just going to add some,smokes in between our background and,foreground to sort of mesh it together a,little bit nicer,oh and just in case you guys didn't,realize i'm using a lot of brushes right,now that you guys might not have so i,will leave the brush pack in the,description,so that you guys can download it as tons,of good things like,uh it's got like leaf brushes cloud,brushes uh,ground smoke uh just general like fog,all those sorts of things trees,everything that you would need just to,especially for manipulation it is,extremely helpful and i highly recommend,you guys download these,all right so quickly we're just going to,create a more of a direct sunlight in,the top right corner it's going to give,it a quick little,uh boost i guess you would say because,that's where the light's already coming,from but we're going to quickly add an,extra brush stroke there,and now what we're going to do is focus,on texturing our logo,so just like before guys we're going to,go onto google and literally just search,up stone textures and find some that we,reckon could work well with the scene,that we've got,alrighty so we picked our stone texture,and first thing we are going to do,is we are going to clip this onto

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Making a Twitter Header in Canva

Making a Twitter Header in Canva

hey there this is how to use canva in,five minutes or less,so we've already signed in you can see,my username in the upper left hand,corner and then there are some options,to create a design you can also see,additional designs here and scroll now,what i'd like to do to shortcut this i,would just type in twitter and you'll,see that twitter header,should pop up it will give us the exact,dimensions that it needs to be to fit,the twitter header already,super easy choose either a blank design,or one of the pre-made designs there are,thousands,of possible designs that you can choose,from,that already have the words aligned so,that things like um appear your image,your user image appears right here in,twitter so you'll see that not many have,words in that space it's already done,for you which is really nice,so if you find one that you like you,just click on it and it will open in a,new tab,and then you can go into customizing and,editing that,now if you choose that you or you,realize once you click on it you're like,oh no that's hideous i don't really like,that,and you want to find something else you,can just click,on another one and it will um,load it in that same page if you need to,add a new page or you want to undo,because you actually really did like,that first one you accidentally clicked,on this,just click the undo button up at the top,okay so now we're obviously not doing a,mountain range we're going to,talk about softball today or sports so,we can either,use their stock photos or if there are,if there are patterns in the photo that,loads,from canva that means you have to pay,for it so watermarking means that they,own it and you have to buy it from them,when you go to click download it will,prompt you to pay a dollar or so,to use that image uh we have plenty your,parents,or you probably have plenty of images,to use so let's just go with uploads,you're going to,upload your own image or,find an image that of yourself and put,it somewhere let's see,if i just click on the image it will,just show,in the screen that's not necessarily,what i'm going for,i'm going to click and drag,and if it doesn't pick it up the first,time,then i'm going to delete it and watch i,really want it to appear,in this back background with the same,effects when i double click i can edit,the crop,and i can even make it bigger,than that crop space,there we go and i'm going to press done,now you'll see that it has the same,adjustments as far as brightness,contrast,that that mountain range image did,i like that but it's hard to read this,white text,so first of all let's edit the text,and you would put in your name,so this one will put in allison mario,she's my daughter so i'm using hers as a,test account an example,2024 is her high school graduation year,um she plays catcher,and 3b okay,now it's still hard to read that text on,that white image and i want to get rid,of whatever snowflake or thing that was,there,the easiest way is to add in an element,and you click on it you get a square,drag it out,shorten it up,let's just make it black,and let's send it backwards,there we go now that that is easy to,read,it shows you something about softball,and we're going to rename it at the top,header and we're going to download it,as a jpeg there you go,and once you do that then you can save,it,and,you will have a brand new,thing to a custom piece to put right on,the top of your,twitter header thank you

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How To Make A FREE Fortnite Youtube Banner + Twitter Header Without Photoshop! (Pixlr Tutorial)

How To Make A FREE Fortnite Youtube Banner + Twitter Header Without Photoshop! (Pixlr Tutorial)

what's going on guys welcome back to,another video here on the channel today,we're back with another tutorial this,one is a little bit special we have a,fortnight banner and a fortnight header,so again as always i will show you guys,how to make both of them with free,templates for free in pixlr so you guys,don't have to go to adobe and download,photoshop or pay for photoshop,subscription or anything like that pixlr,is a completely free website that you,guys can just go to and make these for,yourselves now before we get too far,into today's video if you guys could go,down there and hit a like button just,show me that this is the type of videos,that you guys like and that you guys,want to see more of um i put a lot of,work into the templates and i really do,kind of want to provide more for you,guys as you guys can see i am doing a,banner and a header so i hope you guys,like this and i hope you guys you know,find some use in this as well also if,you guys can hit that subscribe button,hit the little bell too it really really,helps me out more than you guys know um,helps keep me motivated to keep pushing,out these videos for you guys and keep,making really cool templates for you as,well so yeah with that being said i will,go ahead and just briefly go over some,of these stuff that you need um to,download and kind of how to do that so,you guys can be ready for the tutorial,um but if you guys are familiar with the,channel you guys have watched a bunch of,the tutorials already there will be,timestamps throughout the video so you,guys can skip ahead to whatever part,that you may need help on also i have a,bunch of anime tutorials already out so,if there's something you guys are,looking for i'll leave a playlist in the,description with all of my anime pixlr,tutorials i've done one for jiu jitsu,kais and i've done one for hunter hunter,a bunch of the characters i've done,tanjuro demon slayer so before you guys,ask in the comment section i'll make,sure to go ahead and just scroll through,i've been doing a bunch of them recently,and as far as you know other type of,games i will do lots of other tutorials,as you guys can see i'm still doing,fortnite i want to bring those back and,i do have valorent planned as well i see,you guys comment about that a lot and,then i'm thinking about doing some call,of duty ones as well because i see those,comments as well so i do see you guys,all down there requesting stuff i,appreciate you guys you know requesting,stuff because it gives me lots of ideas,to you know do future tutorials on so i,appreciate it guys and yeah with that,being said let's go ahead and just jump,into today's video,all right so very first thing here if,you guys are new um you're just going to,want to go to the top link in the,description of this video um it's just,going to be a simple google drive link,and in there you guys are going to find,this folder right here as you can see i,just downloaded it to my desktop,recommend you guys just do that right,away just download everything there so,you have it um but once you double click,it you guys are gonna see in there you,have a couple things now for a youtube,banner if you guys are familiar with it,you guys are gonna need this template,here as well and that kind of matches up,with this one right here and then for,the twitter header you guys are gonna,have it right here and you have the font,and the render now i'm just going to go,ahead and jump in the tutorial instantly,because i have a banner and a header to,show you guys i don't want to waste your,guys time at all so first thing you guys,are just going to do here is just go to,pixlr i will leave a link in the,description if you guys don't want to,type it in yourselves and then all we're,going to do here is we're going to go to,open image and i will show you guys how,to do the youtube banner first because i,think that's probably what you guys are,probably here for and i'm going to go,ahead and just click youtube banner,template and it should kind of,automatically load for you now as you,guys can see we got this here we're just,going to go ahead and get the template,that i provided for you guys for free in,here so we're just going to hit layer,and we're going to hit add image as,layer up here on the left and then we're,just going to double click on the,fortnite butterfly youtube banner we,want to make sure we're clicking on the,youtube one so that it fits and if you,go ahead and double click it as you guys,can see i made it fit perfectly so once,you have it in here you do not have to,move it whatsoever what i'm actually,just going to do is i'm going to right,click on the layer on this right side,and i'm going to actually click lock,just so we don't happen to move it at,all because it is essential that we do,not want to move this template,whatsoever now the very first thing,we're also going to do here as we always,do is we're going to go to layer on the,top we're going to go to add image as,layer and we're going to double

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How to make *THE BEST* 3d Text Anime Header in PHOTOSHOP (2022) | FREE PSD AT 200 LIKES

How to make *THE BEST* 3d Text Anime Header in PHOTOSHOP (2022) | FREE PSD AT 200 LIKES

hello guys as i said i'm gonna make a,full header tutorial,everything you need is linked down in,the description,and yeah have fun,okay so first of all we're gonna make a,new composition um 3000 by 1000 pixels,and change the resolution to 300,okay you're gonna set up your text i've,done a full tutorial on how to do a text,like this on my youtube channel,i'm gonna link it in the description,and,as a next step you're gonna search up,the main render and yeah,uh you also want to search up for,some more renders i would say something,like around five,uh we're gonna place them in the,background and stuff,next you're gonna,search up,for wallpapers after the anime,and you're gonna resize them and make,them,a bit smaller and,just erase some parts of the edges so it,looks cleaner and soft,to change the hardness of your brush,you're just gonna,press alt and right click and,move your mouse to the,top of your screen,okay when you're done with the part,you're gonna hold shift and left click,on your bottom layer and shift and left,click on your top layer,and then press ctrl and g to group them,and then press ctrl and e to match them,into one layer,next you're gonna press,ctrl and you,and check the colorize box,you're gonna change to you to the color,of your text,and the saturation,gonna be something really low as well as,the lightness,next you're gonna head over to filters,and blur then,click on gaussian blur and change the,radius to something,around 2 to 3 or something like this,next we're gonna make a new adjustment,layer,and,we're gonna take the gradient map clip,it to our render,and change the color to black and white,and next we're going to take another,adjustment layer,we're going to take exposure,and we will,make the exposure higher and the gamma,correction also higher so the blacks get,more black again,then i'm going to take our next render,i'm just going to erase this little part,right there,and,i will put him behind the render,and just let him peek out a little bit,then we're going to take the next render,and i will also put him behind the main,render,but this time on his left side,we are also going to make him black and,white so make a new gradient map,change the colors to black and white,again and clip it to the render,also create an exposure adjustment layer,pull up the exposure and the gamma,correction just the same stuff as before,next you're going to open up my assets,pack i put the link down in the,description and you're gonna head over,to the plans and,just copy paste,for example that plant just take,whatever plant you want,and place them in one of the corners,what i also like to do is to head over,to the main render again and create a,new layer and put it above,the main render and then you're going to,take your brush take the color of your,header,and,make the brush just as big as his eyes,and,the hardness again to zero person,and then you're gonna change the,layer style to,linear dodge,um what i also like to do is,creating a new layer behind the main,render and just take a big brush and,just paint once behind them,so it gets this glowy effect,and then you're going to create,an adjustment layer,with hue and saturation,and,you're going to change it to colorize,and choose the color of your header,again and,then you're going to,set the blend mode to linear dodge,then you're going to,click on the adjustment layer and press,ctrl and i,so it inverts the colors that means the,blacks,the whites are getting black,and then you're going to paint with a,soft brush just,on the edges of your render,then you're gonna go into my pack again,and head over to the brushes tab,and you're gonna take one brush that you,like i will take this one and,yeah we're gonna place it right behind,the text,and we will,and we will press ctrl,i to invert it again to make it white,and we're going to change the blend mode,to,to overlay,what i also like to do is to take a hard,brush and just click one time to get a,circle and then create a new layer and,take a black and a white color,and you're gonna clip the layer to the,circle and then paint with a soft brush,on the edges,you're gonna paint with,black on one edge,and with white on the other,then you're going to head over to filter,and go to blur and,motion blur,and change the distance to something,around 30 pixels,then duplicate it by pressing ctrl and j,and place it on the,empty spaces,of your header,then you're gonna head over to the,textures tab and take this texture,and you're going to place it somewhere,on your header and change the blending,mode to lighten and,then you're going to erase some parts of,it,then you want to go to the halftime step,and take one of the halftones,and you want to place it somewhere in,your background,in the next step i'm looking for another,texture and i'm just going to place it,in the back and change the color with a,gradient map,then press t,and to get the text tool and write in,the name of the anime character,and place it somewhere above the text,then you'r

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PS Tutorial: 3D Text Header

PS Tutorial: 3D Text Header

what's up guys express here back with,another tutorial now it's been a while,since i made another tutorial we,recently created something like this and,i thought it would be interesting to,make the total out of this so everything,that i'm going to use in here comes from,my anime pack link is in the description,if you want to download that first,create a header is of course create a,new file go to file click on new and,then you can create the file that you,want if you want to do this for the,twitter header then 3000 1000 pixels,is the right size so once you have that,you probably have something like that,and you want to have of course,a background i'm going to have like a,slight dark,gray background i'm going to fill that,in with all backspace everything that,i'm using as shortcuts you will be able,to see in the left corner as well,so let's jump straight into it type your,text from the font that i used in that,specific header is minor and,so you will have something like this but,i want all of the text separately or the,letters separately so i'm just going to,start with the s,and the s i'm going to make it a bit,bigger it's just selecting with the text,tool and making it bigger with,this so around something like,so would be nice to start with and then,i'm going to with the text tool again,type a and the aim will make a bit,smaller,i'm going to turn that around like so,okay so you have like custom text i,think that's a nice way to call it ctrl,j again to copy the text and then select,the a again and type f i'm going to make,the f a bit bigger,and make sure,that it fits like so save,um,and then the e of course i'm gonna make,the e also a bit smaller but not too,small,i'm gonna make turn around the other,side like so,and you will have something like this,what you want to do with that is just,put that in the middle,once you know it's in the middle you'll,see these uh lines pop up and then,you'll know it's in the middle and what,you want to do with that is like i did,on the other one you want to make a 3d,i've done a lot of tutorials on how to,make something 3d and of course i'll do,it again for this tutorial purpose is,you want to ctrl j and ctrl e everything,want to drag it below everything double,click on it should make it a different,color than already this yellow is,perfect and then you want to move it,down with the arrow keys um just down,i'm going to hit ctrl t and hold down,alt and make it a bit smaller,and there you go,maybe a bit more to the bottom,like so,a new layer between um,the front text and the bottom text and,you will of course have the same color,as the bottom text that yellow i want to,fill in these little corners i've done,this a lot and you do this with a,polygon lasso tool if you don't have the,polygon last tool uh,hold in left click above the lasso tool,and you will have options to have the,polygon lasso tool,so,and then you just want to fill in all,these little spaces like so to feel to,connect the bottom layer and the top,layer like so,so i'm just going to speed this process,right up and you guys can,do the same thing,now there you go now um everything is,filled in and what you want to do is of,course give the text,something more to work with so the main,reason the main like tutorial is this,text really and then the background is,just a bit of uh filled in space i guess,select the s double click on the s and,what you want to do with the s is give,that a um,either a color overlay of a color that,you like that fits with the color that,you have,something orange maybe,or something,purple i think purple and yellow fit and,then what you want to do is give it in,the shadow and in the shadow let me just,change everything up hit it from a,120 angle and then the distance is fine,then the choke on the zero and the size,a bit less,like something like that and the opacity,also a bit less and you will have,something like that okay now you can,also change the angle if you don't like,the angle but i think the angle is,fine we can do it on the other side but,i think from the top is better but then,what you want to do is do it for every,single text but as maybe change the text,color,to something different maybe a bit,purple or a bit red or a bit of orange,it's what you think fits the most,with team and then of course give it,another in the shadow and do it for all,the decks that you have there you go,and then what you want to do is of,course merge the back layer so you have,the layer that you filled in everything,and then you have the copied text layer,so you want to merge those two layers,with a control e double click them and,also give them in the shadow well this,in in the shadow has to be a bit,different so you want to have pop up the,size and pop up the opacity,like so,and maybe change the color if you have,like um yellow with me change it to a,dark orange i think that looks better or,like a brown i think that looks a bit,better,and then you want to have something like,this,okay um you want to spice up

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Export your Twitter Headers with Minimum Quality Loss! *CRUCIAL*

Export your Twitter Headers with Minimum Quality Loss! *CRUCIAL*

you,hi guys today I'm gonna be showing you,guys a tutorial with Photoshop and how,to specifically save your Twitter,headers for better quality normally you,take your header here you to export it,quick as PNG just for an example I'm,using a header I made for someone named,rocky,they're a super smash bros melee player,for a polar ice but normally you take,your header here quick export it and,then you'd come over here to Twitter,normally Twitter go to your profile you,dug your header you'd apply it and you'd,notice right after you save it kind of,gets a little bit blurry as you can see,the edges around the text look a little,blurry they blur in the background just,looks bad and the quality just kind of,fades away here around the C and the e,you can see it just kind of gets,distorted and it loses that quality a,way to work around this that I found is,you take your header you're going to hit,ctrl shift alt s as a way to open up the,legacy save option if you don't want to,use the hotkey you can click file export,save for web legacy version right here,all you're gonna do is make sure you're,on P and g8 selective diffusion 256,colors and that should be all everything,else default you can copy the settings,here after that save you don't want to,save it to you whatever whatever you,want I'm just gonna save it right here,stupid phone going off,I'm just gonna save it on my desktop for,that boom and then instead of going to,the normal Twitter this is another big,key to doing this is you're going to,want to actually go to the mobile,version of Twitter you can do that,easily by typing in mobile Twitter calm,right here you can actually access the,mobile site from this this kind of works,around Twitter's compression system so,if you go back to your profile here edit,profile click right here on this camera,and then you're gonna upload the other,one that you just exported you're gonna,apply that save that and once it's all,saved you can go back to your normal,Twitter you can refresh and you can see,the quality has drastically increased,see if we can open up a comparison here,as you guys can see here the quality of,this is the first one as you can see,there's like some weird black like,blotting almost in the letters here as,well as the detail up here on the fuckos,feathers here a little blurry letting go,here to the new one and you can see that,detail comes back that blotchiness goes,away and everything's just more crisp,and overall you just get a better,quality header so that's a quick,workaround for Twitter's compression,being awful so I hope this guy's help I,hope this helps you guys make better,quality headers and thanks for watching,guys

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How To Make The *CRAZIEST* 3d Text Anime Headers in PHOTOSHOP (2022)

How To Make The *CRAZIEST* 3d Text Anime Headers in PHOTOSHOP (2022)

do you guys want to make banners just,like this on your screen right now make,sure to watch this whole video,load up photoshop and actually first you,want to load up cinema 4d i'm going to,be showing you guys how to do the text,as well let's just do that before we do,anything else because this is one of the,most important parts of the video i need,you guys to really follow what i'm doing,do not skip this is really because a lot,of people just skip and they,and their banners completely just you,know this could mess up your banner,alright the text is important so just,keep looking,the lightroom is posted in my discord,server so you need to join my discord,server to get this lightroom right here,and okay once you have the lightroom you,can put whatever name um okay let's,think of a name i don't want to use my,own name,all right we're just going to use this,name right here it's for my friends,all right so yeah i might just put black,on because i i kind of like it like with,this black kind of more than the red so,we're of course going to change,everything so don't worry you're going,to click here after you've done that and,then what you're going to do is you're,going to,you want to go to your folder text,render folder whatever you want to call,it um,and call it 3d this first,export call it 3d at the end all right,then what you want to do is just want to,click here,and then this will render your thing,wait till it's done,and okay once it's done what you want to,do is you want to go back to this see,where it says death you want to put this,to zero,you want to go back to the render thing,and you want to change it to 2d,and now what you want to do is you want,to export it as well so yeah,that's your text done,import it to photoshop right here as you,can see uh you see resist 3d just call,it 3d it'll be a bit easier until you,put the 2d over the 3d layer just like,that and you want to actually hold ctrl,select this,and you can make it bigger so,our text is gonna be either here here i,think we're gonna put it right here,kind of like it like that that's perfect,size as well,just put in the middle,this is perfect we're gonna have it,right there and yeah,all right so you're going to see this,this is also on my discord server so,you're going to be needing this usotex,psd you're going to be needing this for,the effects,so yeah see right here,text main what you want to do is you,want to copy this you want to press copy,then what you want to do is you want to,press paste on here on the 3d,and you see these cracks right here you,can choose to have them or you can,choose to not have them i'm going to,choose to have them,so you just line it up like that,doesn't need to be the most accurate,thing ever and just boom to the 3d,uh take these two right here put them,over,and now you'll decide what color is,going to be your banner i'm going to,make mine,red,or actually hold on i've done blue red,pink,shadow green i haven't done green before,i don't know how that might look i might,just do red,so,um,you actually want to put it to red this,right here,so it looks red okay boom that's red,okay,now what you want to do is you want to,go back here,you want to go to the 2d you want to,copy layer style and then click paste so,let me know if i'm going too fast i'm,really sorry what i'm just trying to,show is that like right click here and,then copy layer style and then paste it,through your thing here is an image uh,you can use any i'm just going to use,this kaguya thing,so,just like that,alrighty,and now once you've done that you have,all of these right here you can,hold ctrl and shift and paste them over,just like that,and it will look something like this,and now once you've done that you can,what you can do now is you can,hold control hold shift press down here,uh group it hold control and then play,press j and then ctrl e,and then you can hide this call this,backup,and what you want to do now here is you,want to go to camera raw filter,and you want to mess around with the,settings a little bit so,mess around with the settings there,isn't any specific settings for this,just mess around see what looks best,and yeah,so for this i think this is gonna look,good,and then color grading can do a bit like,red so it looks more red,there we go,and that'll look like that,now what you want to do now you can call,this camera raw you don't really have to,do this it's just what i do then you can,press ctrl j,filter blur gaussian blur put it to 10,press lighten and then put this on like,around 60 to 70. uh,what you want to do is you want to press,ctrl j,click filter click blur and then click,uh radial blur and then make sure it's,10 spin and best or good,and it will look something like this now,what you want to do is you want to do,color dodge add and you want to do like,12,around there,so your text will look like this at the,end which is what you want and you can,merge it all i don't think that's it,does a little change so just,group it i think it's bette

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