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Jennifer Coolidge REACTS to Twitter Wanting Her to HOST Golden Globes (Exclusive)congratulations to


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Jennifer Coolidge REACTS to Twitter Wanting Her to HOST Golden Globes (Exclusive)

congratulations to you oh my god really,for you from all of us,I gotta tell you Twitter's on fire,petitioning for you to host the Golden,Gloves did you know that really,wow yeah they said after you presented,they were like yo Jennifer needs to host,the Golden Globes,God and you know I've never gotten,flowers at the end of these events thank,you you're welcome that's a gift from,all of us at extra oh my God thank you,would you like to hold that the whole,time this is like at least 300,we love you we love you hey it's nice,you know,what's it like you know um,what's it like do you think JoJo I think,there would be way too much fun I think,it's more fun,right if you're just sort of come out,for a little bit I think I think it's,hard to do the hosting thing because you,want to say things that are much,naughtier and more perverse and you want,to see you want to say those things that,might be offensive to somebody but,you now there you get so much you know,you can really be in trouble for it so I,think I just had some naughty things I,mean there was lots of bleeps during,your uh your acceptance speech I was,here for all of it there was a lot of,leaps,but I was here for all of it can I tell,you what touched me though why was Mike,White what you said about Mike White and,seeing the camera pad to his reaction,yeah could you see him from the stage no,was it good he was so emotional he was,so deeply touched by you and what you,said about him but it is true you know,what I mean like he,um,really unusual person you know really,kind guy and and,it's hard to find men,that want to give their money to the,animals,and um you know I mean he's devoted to,The Underdogs of the world,worried about big things you know what,else I like too Ryan Murphy I love what,you said about Ryan Murphy that he gave,me so many opportunities when nobody,would yeah yeah,yeah why does he mean so much to you,well he really did I had nothing going,on and he gave me some snip talk,and um and then you know later on I was,uh he gave me some parts in Glee and um,and then he just he just gave me a huge,job you know in uh The Watcher and um,um,it's so weird when it's really barren,really notice,who comes up with that job that saves,you to the next month and rent something,I mean you really remember who they are,you know and I know I I unfortunately,didn't mention another person that gave,me some incredible job and that was,Christopher Guest and I wish I'd,remembered,him tonight but I can talk about it now,Christopher Guest gave me like six great,jobs so I want to say thank you to him,too let me ask you something else does,this award mean more to you given the,fact that you almost didn't take this,job yeah it means yes it's it's very,good I mean look in the end,if I didn't get anything ever it doesn't,matter if I got this experience to act,in something that someone would never,have put me in so it that is the,ultimate gift but,I mean there's nothing to see you know,these awards are fun to get and,no,um,I mean they are fun to get,oh come on now come on did you spoil the,last did you spoil give us a spoiler at,the end of your speech did you give us a,spoiler at the end of your speech what,did I say did you give us a spoiler or,did you discourage sister can we talk,about longevity,oh,what did I say,hey when you were talking about,longevity at the end of your speech what,did I say even though you even even,though yeah even though even though you,wrote me off and you were talking about,Japanese oh yes yeah,so I wanted Mike to know that um,no I I wanted Mike to know that um,I don't know if I could ever expect this,mode so he gave me this moment that sort,of redeems him from ever giving me,another job so I might have to get it,from someone else but um but Mike's off,the hook,but he's really fun to do a job with,because he's um,you know he's he's a really fun guy and,you know he can survive on Water and Air,you know,I mean you know you never see him he's,never eating on the when he's filming I,don't know how he's just the survivors,that's why he was so successful in,Survivor because um,he doesn't need anyone from anything,from anybody he's sort of this,superhuman,um that,I'm absolutely fascinated with

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Elon Musk’s leadership is ‘eroding’ Twitter’s trust with users: Reporter

Elon Musk’s leadership is ‘eroding’ Twitter’s trust with users: Reporter

all right Twitter facing more chaos in,the New Year Bloomberg reporting at,least a dozen more staff cuts at Twitter,on the global content moderation side of,the business and workers already laid,off from the company are reportedly not,getting the severance that they were,promised employees detailing to Forbes,and wired the lack of communication from,Twitter about their Severance deals to,add to the Mayhem our next guest is,saying that Twitter's new verification,system to get that blue check mark,doesn't work Jeff Fowler Washington Post,a technology columnist joining us back,here Jeff it's great to see you again so,this new updated verification system,certainly has been or seen to have been,a priority for musk issues with it this,is the second time that you were able to,impersonate Senator Markey walk us,through how you were able to do it and,the biggest issues with this problem,yeah uh oops I did it again I guess you,might say,um what I did was uh I wanted to test uh,the claim by Elon Musk that his new uh,Twitter blue verification system would,be uh to use his words from a tweet,manually authenticated before they would,give out a check mark to an account so,they they said really they're going to,build trust back into Twitter with this,so I said okay let's check that so uh,once he launched this in in December I,went about trying to make a a fake,account for Senator Edward Markey from,Massachusetts and get a check mark for,it now I got permission from Senator,Marquis to try to impersonate him and uh,indeed Twitter had put some new barriers,up in place uh they made me wait a,little bit longer but at the end of the,day I was still able to do it I was,still able to get the account Senator Ed,Markey,um uh verified at no point did Twitter,ask me to show them an ID or to show,them an email or really do anything to,prove my identity other than hand them,eight dollars for uh for the check mark,at what point did they realize it wasn't,genuine and what does it say about Elon,musk's overall management of the,platform,they realized it when I published it in,the Washington Post uh and then,deactivated the account the same thing,happened back in November when I um when,I tried this experiment for the first,time with Senator Markey and a comedian,uh you know they realized it after I,published about it in in the post look,you know Twitter can say uh,impersonating accounts is against our,rules and we'll shut them down but it is,2023 and it is not good enough to just,say something is against the rules when,it comes to the trust and safety of a,social network we know that this,information,and has real world consequences and so,we have every reason to expect that that,Twitter is going to do better with this,especially when they're charging now,people eight or eleven dollars if you're,using an iPhone or for this privilege so,Jeff considering all this the lack of,ability really to weed out some of the,impersonation that is going on on the,platform right now from the consumer,aspect of things are you expecting a,backlash or how much do you think the,consumer tumor cares about something,like this,you know I think we didn't really talk,about it that much before Elon Musk came,along but one of the things that made,Twitter into the the cultural uh icon,that it is is that it became the,official place on the internet for,people to post apologies right and you,could go on Twitter and you could see if,there was like the screenshot of the,notes app of somebody saying oh I should,have done something or whatever and you,could trust that it came from them you,could trust that if a government agency,was talking on Twitter that it actually,was them or if a a corporation was there,talking uh under elon's leadership,Twitter is destroying some of that trust,that we have and that to me just is part,of eroding the value of Twitter for its,users I know that since um Elon Musk,joined you know I haven't you know quit,it in a huff yet but I'm I'm still using,it less because I think the chances are,higher than ever that I'm going to see,some information that's completely,fabricated tries to mislead me and not,have any way to know any better,so we're understanding that long tweets,really long could be rolled out next,month some say up to 4 000 characters,what would be the impact of that and and,Jeff you've followed this platform a,long time in any way has Elon Musk,improved the platform or the experience,on Twitter,well as for the longer tweets,okay maybe I mean I'm a journalist and I,write very long stories but it's not,something that that I've been,um you know uh holding holding out,waiting for uh so I guess maybe some,people might want it but that's not,gonna give me a reason to want to spend,eight bucks a month on on Twitter in,terms of other changes you know again I,really haven't seen Elon Musk focus on,the things that I think would really be,useful for people for example he keeps,claiming that uh that that Twitter blue,is going to reduce the number

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Ana Walshe’s Husband Arrested as Shocking Evidence Surfaces: Everything We Know

Ana Walshe’s Husband Arrested as Shocking Evidence Surfaces: Everything We Know

the search continues for a missing,mother of three from Massachusetts as,her husband sits in jail accused of,lying to investigators about her,disappearance no one has heard from or,seen Anna Walsh since the early morning,hours of New Year's Day her husband,Brian Walsh is in custody accused of,lying to investigators about her,disappearance and about the timeline and,he has some legal baggage too,prosecutors are saying that they found,evidence of blood in a bloody knife in,the couple's basement,foreign,Dake he is the director of the death,investigation Academy and Joe Jacqueline,is a retired NYPD Sergeant thanks to,both of you and welcome back to sidebar,thank you it's very nice to be here,Darren they say they found evidence of,blood this could be a cleanup job they,also said they found a knife with blood,on it so how important are those two,things when you look at piecing this,disappearance together well obviously,once they find out it's human blood and,if it's come back to DNA is correct to,his wife then that is huge you know I,mean at this point it's speculation that,it even if it even belongs to her but,yes if it's human blood and it's her,blood then then everything he has said,about,um or she's added things like that,obviously is a lie,and Joe they've been searching or at,least they were searching on Monday some,type of a trash transport area it looks,kind of like a landfill I've covered,landfill searches before and they can,tell where your trash goes it's pretty,fascinating to me that they keep track,they keep records these places of whose,trash is dumped in basically what,location,yeah absolutely I mean it's it's,actually mind-boggling I've been there a,few times and the the details and they,can tell you exactly where something is,and what section it is and it can even,go back years so This Is Not Unusual,that they have actually had the location,where the garbage was disposed of and,and what type of evidence could be in it,so yes I mean the sanitation department,has unbelievable record keeping better,than I've seen in just about any other,agency out there,also Darren it was kind of curious what,they claim they found in an affidavit,that there is video of Brian Walsh,purchasing tape you know duct tape or,something like that 450 worth of,cleaning products I mean your wife goes,missing and you're stopping at the Home,Depot to pick up all of this stuff,powerful pieces of circumstantial,evidence when you're trying to piece,together what what potentially happened,yeah absolutely and and we see that in a,lot of cases actually where someone,um you know it's harder to get rid of a,body than people might think and then,trying to buy cleaning supplies and,things like that uh you know we're in a,video world everything we do is tracked,our location is tracked everything's on,video and and yes if he's bought that,much cleaning supplies there's a reason,why and and again circumstantial but,really points towards the bad,Joe where do you go from here we have,the search of the landfill looked like,there were some items seized and,obviously they'll look through that,stuff they'll test it but where do you,go from here the CNN is reporting that,there were computer searches from Brian,Walsh on how to dismember a 115 pound,woman's body,but he's not talking it appears he's in,jail he's also accused of basically,violating the terms of his uh you know,incarceration or his you know home,detention because he is awaiting,sentencing on some a federal crime,involving some fake Andy Warhol,paintings so this is a guy who was,already in some hot water but how do we,go about figuring out exactly what,happened to Anna Walsh,well they're going to continue going,down the path of cell phone records,internet records and video surveillance,right so they only told us really about,the video surveillance that they had of,him at the Home Depot I'm sure there are,other types of video surveillance that,they have found on him the next thing,that I would do is I would end up going,back to the house and the grounds that,the house is located on with the warrant,and go through the entire place again,generally when you have these missing,persons cases you always start with the,home and then work yourself out of uh,you know out in so much at a circular uh,fashion just like a rock thrown in the,lake right the ripple effect kind of,thing so you know it's it wouldn't be,unusual if they find her close to the to,the home right unfortunately right now,this is looking more of a recovery,operation than an actual you know,location operation so,you know investigators still have their,work out cut out for them uh and I I,think you know in the long run if they,they go down that road they might even,be able to cut a deal with him and try,to get information out of him about,where she might be located,to me Darren that looking at what we,know so far and we don't want to convict,Brian Walsh but there are some really,bad facts here the purchase of the,cleanup product clea

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Inviting Friends Who Hate Each Other To Party? | The View

Inviting Friends Who Hate Each Other To Party? | The View

so a woman planning a party wrote into,Dear Abby,asking if she should invite the two,friends of hers who do not like each,other,apparently they had some sort of falling,out and never patched it up so she wants,to know if she should give either one of,them a heads up,Abby responded that she doesn't need,their approval for the guest list it's,her party,I kind of think you might want to let,them know yeah so that they are not,bitching at you because you invited that,one and ruined your party for you let,them know and let them work it out come,or don't come but this is what's,happening,it's like a lively party,and I would invite both to hide the,utensils that that's a given but I think,that people need to be in the same room,with each other they possibly could be,friends again if you put them in the,same part I know but is that your job,it's not my job to say to call somebody,up and say oh do you mind if someone,starts I don't think you need approval,but I think a warning because it's about,you so I think just a heads up it's kind,of like when you're going somewhere in,someone's ex is there and you're like I,just want to warn you something because,they may decide not to go right but I,haven't I don't want that you don't want,that you want people to come but that's,very selfish you you that's very selfish,though Joy you're not a selfish person,it's like you know,I think I know a little bit because you,let me bring 200 people to your parties,I I just feel I did not I know she did,not but I think you know give them the,opportunity to go or not go I'm actually,in this situation right now well hold up,hold up let her because she started hers,I ended up going on trips and parties I,had a mutual I had this woman I've never,been bullied as severely and my adult,Life by one person than this one person,and she shared a friend with me and,because I wanted to be there for my,friend I ended up traveling with her I,ended up at parties with her and,literally I would shake and my husband,would say are you sure you want to go,and I said this isn't about me I'm gonna,go anyway but I have never been so like,just petrified who is she will come yeah,literally taken care of we can just,attack again but that was,self-destructive of you yeah well the,thing is that I I hated it and it made,me so scared but my friend had gone,through cancer and she there was a trip,about like f cancer and I was like I'm,not gonna miss this because of a past,thing I'm better now but I look at her,to ask the friend not to invite the,bully because she has a different,friendship with her and I the one time I,brought up some of the history she was,unaware of she's like I talked to her,she doesn't remember it the same way and,I was like yeah oh my gosh I'm in the,corner fetal I haven't forgot but that,could be an opportunity to get back at,this point she tried but then she seated,me she seated me at a table with her and,I've come to terms with we're not going,to be friends and she starts to approach,how maybe I remember it wrong,it rolls over you shouldn't subject,yourself to I was just going to say I'm,going on a trip to women what had an,emotion an affair with the other woman's,husband oh yeah oh no CBC no and my one,friend invited both of them,it's a bad idea

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House GOP Holdouts Called “Enemies” & “Terrorists” By Dan Crenshaw

House GOP Holdouts Called “Enemies” & “Terrorists” By Dan Crenshaw

hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaron mate here with Americans,comedian Kurt Metzger and looking at,this bitter fight in the house in which,a group of members of the Republican,Freedom caucus leverage their vote for,Kevin McCarthy in exchange for,concessions and among the Republicans,who was not happy about this who just,wanted Kevin McCarthy to be confirmed,and therefore there to be no demands,made no concessions no wrangling was Dan,Crenshaw who is a republican member of,Congress in Texas Solid Snake for metal,gear,here he is he was not happy when this,was going down this is what he said,they lost those debates that should have,been the end of it because that's how a,team works right you half the stuff out,and figure it out and then you move on,but if you're a narcissist if you're a,narcissist and you believe that your,opinion is so much more important than,everyone else's then you'll keep going,is he dating them or something who the,freedom caucus they're narcissists oh,yeah it really sounds like that I even,think of that,he's saying this as the top rated above,Nancy Pelosi on the list of people who,inside trade on that list so I get where,he's coming from,and he'll threaten to tear down the team,for for the benefit of the Democrats,just because of your own sense of,self-importance it benefits exactly,what's happening they wanted concessions,that's the part that all this obscures,they wanted concessions and they held,out for it,we will not vote for anyone as well,I think they're stubborn and they think,they're not going to get the communities,obviously they won't but it's going to,be so much worse than that you know they,are enemies God they have they have made,it clear that they prefer a Democrat,agenda and a republican one oh my God,they are enemies they should run liquid,snake against them,that's a nerd thing well and here it's,more uh from congressmember Crenshaw,he's speaking on Fox Fox News Radio Show,so he called them enemies there but here,he's going to call them something else,get another scalp and another scalp,whether it's whether it's Boehner or,Paul Ryan or then McCarthy scalise would,just be next and we all know it we just,can't allow that to happen that's why,those of us are saying like look you,pushed us into this corner so now we're,now we're saying we won't go for anyone,but McCarthy that's why we're saying it,because we cannot let the terrorists win,that's basically what's happening we,who's the terrorists the house Freedom,caucus oh I said he was having a war,flashback,he called them the terrorists yes the,terrorists isn't he a veteran that,fought against you know the terrorists,yes wow yeah well he's a real piece of, now well but guess what everybody,after the vote happened and the house,Freedom caucus won Dan Crenshaw had a,change of heart so here he is on CNN,um look things get heated and things get,said,obviously to the people who took offense,by that it's pretty obvious that it's,meant as a turn of phrase in the it's a,metaphor it's in the context of,intransient negotiations I look I've got,pretty thick skin I'm called awful vile,things by the kind of the very same wing,of the party that that I'm fighting I,was fighting at that moment so I was a,little taken aback by by the uh,sensitivity yeah by the sensitivity of,it but,um,do the things they say about you are,they not true,uh you inside trade you have poor depth,perception is that really a,said that I had colleagues that were,that were offended by it I sincerely,apologize to them I don't want them to,think I actually believe they're,terrorists it's clearly a turn of phrase,that you use and what is an intransient,negotiation,it's important that the reason that you,know the two this is marriage counseling,basically you know their narcissist he,didn't take back the calling them,narcissists,when you say with an eye patch I'll tell,you that,well guess what the outcome was for Dan,Crenshaw News Congress member Mark,Greene wins the homeland security gavel,I'm told he beat out congressmember Dan,Crenshaw of Texas wait oh there was a,race yeah to be the new chair of the,homeland security committee and Dan,Crenshaw apparently didn't win too many,friends by calling his colleagues,terrorists and enemies,I can't believe what a like a absolute,like it's like a coin like ovu's word,the unit party but you there you you'd,bring Boehner remember they destroyed,every that awesome guy those narcissists,were mean to bainer he cried every day,here is Glenn Greenwald Dan Crenshaw is,one of the most warmongering neoconiline,members of the house and a huge fan of,the U.S Security State so his losing his,bid to control the homeland security,committee can only be a good thing,and a victory for narcissists I guess,I mean I was going to say he he turned a,blind eye to cry I'm not doing it I was,going to but I can't that would be,terrorism everybody we're doing live,stand-up comedy in Los Angeles in,January and February in Los Angeles and,then we

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Juice Is on a BOAT BITCH!!! | Juice WRLD Lil Yachty Yacht Club Reaction

Juice Is on a BOAT BITCH!!! | Juice WRLD Lil Yachty Yacht Club Reaction

what's up buzz fan back with another,beers and bars video I'm Casey court,today we're checking out little yachty,Yacht Club featuring juice World juice,world just what,all right guys let's get this so we're,gonna get straight into this one cheers,wait have you heard yachty have not,first timer first timer for the yachty,so if we mix them up don't be getting,crazy yeah,I don't know what this dude sounds like,that makes like you know how like juice,be trying to like blend his voice though,and stuff like that though you know just,like with the other artists and so it's,just kind of you know what I mean you,know what's funny is somebody in the,comments said something like that,they're like it's wild to me that like,like the older generation can't hear the,difference between some of these artists,I'm like but they're all using,auto-tunes guys like if you don't you,listen to auto-tune music very often,it's hard to differentiate yeah,loud,but it's surprising to me that he would,come out in like a slow vibe to talking,about being disruptive and like getting,thrown out yeah I know right I'm like,you would think though just like I'm,coming on some more hype tracks like,what right yeah come on yeah right kick,me off if anyone's getting thrown out of,a yacht club it's definitely,throw a party like rolling loud,don't come unless yourself,tell me I'm a God get on my knees for,confessions,I like how they switch yeah,it's kind of like that trippy red one,right where it is like switching back,and forth Tom Hardy or not Tom Hardy,Matt Hardy like it was you know like the,Matt Hardy James,only one,who's in our sections,just be like hey listen like they,underage right now though like they like,I'm 20 years old or whatever and they're,just like hey looks like they living,them grown lives,yeah you know they got that grown money,can't do flights with connections party,on my hip I won't fight I'm,reckless cutting what I said that ,call me straight from taxes,Lamborghini dreams,I don't know anything about Nexus yeah,Nexus Nexus that's the I'm here you know,spray and stuff like that it's like a,hair product but you're getting beat,like Nexus I don't get that right there,so that's why I was confused by that,Lamborghini dreams but you still would,drive a Lexus,taxes but I ain't no no Drake I,won't get her pregnant,oh what juice what oh no no Drake I,ain't get her did he say I'm not I don't,know Drake yeah because he knocked,that chick out I mean that's right but,like you knocked the book,yeah dang juice I didn't know you were,calling people out,pregnant I like how he says he's ,him like his taxes yeah,oh man ain't the only two things real in,life right guaranteed well I got three,things taxes death and drama yeah,yeah I forgot about the drugs,and I feel you until I get a naked when,I get up in it I might have to stay well,if she going like that let's run a train,yeah,you know just like going ski skiing all,over here,well is she going like that let's run a,train yeah I think,and it's,stronger,hey man so like she do the gang like a,nerd doing homework yeah yeah yeah hard,extra hard yeah,I like how they switched like that yeah,like yeah like to get in the stroller,and like the yeah,because a baby got your face maybe,they're I'm tying in the whole baby face,baby boys back,back,yeah I mean out there getting kicked off,Yachts yeah,all right guys you know we love juice so,that's the first thing we've heard from,Yadi so if there's something that we,definitely need to check out from Yadi,let us know let us know um we're always,giving new artists a shot because yep,we've been sleeping on artists for a,long time and that's what we created the,channel so until next time peace

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Jimmy Fallon ROASTED For Embarrassing COVID Parody Song

Jimmy Fallon ROASTED For Embarrassing COVID Parody Song

hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in for Jimmy here,with Americans comedian Kurt Metzger and,Kurt I'm sure you've heard this complain,a lot from people asking what happened,to late night comedy,it used to be something but in recent,years it's it's gone downhill you know,when stand up his corporate gigs it's,you know everybody it's like a you know,like cruise ships a lot of money but not,the most fulfilling artistically thing,to do because it's a corporate yeah now,all the gigs are corporate gigs even the,ones used to not be we I mean they're,always Prime Time core because but now,they're like you you are you don't even,get to be the comedian of it like you're,under the same HR as quite the regular,yeah I mean in terms of funniness yes so,that's what happened yes well do I have,a clip for you I think this is a this is,a new low I think perhaps oh in the,genre,it's becoming a lot of improv sketch,guys taking the shows and not stand-up,comics there's a fundamental difference,between like your Letterman's or,whatever your lenos and your colberts,and you know,well here's Jimmy Fallon host of The,Tonight Show he did it yeah and uh here,he is uh giving us the news about a new,oh uh coveted strain here it is oh my,God buckle up everybody,when you're inside a facility where's,your mask where's your band's mask he's,not even wearing a mask right now uh,wait yeah uh well I will say this this,was the speech that Hakeem Jeffrey,should have given,well we got more trilogy,sounds like the password of your parents,Wi-Fi,okay this is objectively more offensive,than when he was doing Chris Rock uh in,the makeup objectively,is it now I honestly don't know was this,written for him by one of his writers as,a comedy bit or is this like some kind,of PR like we're doing an announcement,to help announce the new covids out and,you give a I think it's the latter,it is yeah yeah like yeah a nice try,um,I can't say it enough,uh here's Jimmy Dore I'd rather suck off,Pfizer's CEO than do this oh,yeah well that's more dignity as well,everybody we're doing live stand up,comedy in Los Angeles in January and,February in Los Angeles and then we're,going to Tempe Palm Springs Milwaukee,Minneapolis Nashville go to, for a link for all those,tickets and become a premium member,while you're there

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How To Find Client for Twitter Guest Posting

How To Find Client for Twitter Guest Posting

build your brand online with a beautiful,logo just go to wix logo maker to start,type the business name and add the,tagline,it's for a pet supplies shop so it's got,to be fun,playful and fresh,then help wix logo maker understand your,style,choose where you'll use it,here we go,wow so many great options let's go with,this one,here is where you can customize the logo,like changing the icon,and the font,you can also print the new logo on,t-shirts business cards even mugs,it's gonna look perfect on your wix site,go to logo maker and create your,professional logo today

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