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LAST TO STOP KISSING WINS $1,000!we went to the most busy street downtown,austin texas to give away


Updated on Jan 28,2023


we went to the most busy street downtown,austin texas to give away a thousand,dollars,a thousand dollars i'm a thousand,dollars the longest group of girls to,make out 100 pick someone to make out,with one i made out with her and only,got 50.,are you good at riding yeah absolutely,is this the birthday girl,birthday girl how does some birthday,money sound good yeah have you made out,with any of your friends before no no,what if we gave you one dollar per,second for every second you made out,with one of them a dollar per second,who wants to make out with their one,dollar per second,we're gonna switch it up all right we,got two verse two the longest to make,out will win three hundred dollars,okay wait we got some negotiations going,on what's the final verdict we're gonna,do all right,okay here we go one,two,three go,oh my gosh,what is going on,free,they're money,well you guys look for 20 seconds i got,you guys 500,okay for what do you guys both flash the,camera right now 250 each,no i don't know,do you guys want to make out again we'll,give you a hundred go,oh yeah,gotta pay them bills,it's like over 30 seconds but you guys,keep going,i'm with taylor we're at buckwild i got,a bet with taylor if i last longer on,the bull thing she does you got to make,out with one of your friends but if you,last longer than me i give you a hundred,dollars still,all right,that was i got robbed my bull,was way more aggressive we got cash,let's go see some girls making out have,y'all ever kissed a girl yes yeah yeah,okay well y'all could get a dollar per,second up to 100 seconds which equals,100,if you all make out,for an extra 300,for a total of 400 total all you guys,have to do is just flash the camera,400 extra 300. that's a lot of money you,guys got 100 locked up 100 guarantees,are you gonna post it no no we're just,gonna watch it at home,what do you think are we gonna post it,all right here we go one two three,we gotta scope out some bad bitties and,see if they'll make out have y'all ever,kissed a girl,all the time how do y'all feel about,getting a dollar per second for however,many seconds y'all make out a hundred,dollars right here babe,so for a total of four,you guys flash the camera four hundred,dollars 200 each,oh look we're giving you guys one dollar,for every second you guys make out a,dollar a second we're actually related,so that's nasty,i didn't know that but hey,two dollars a second,there's an hour how about this two,one two three,three dollars,how would y'all feel about making a,dollar per second for making out a,dollar per second you could go up to a,hundred dollars,100 seconds y'all will get a hundred,dollars,99 99 99 100,and you guys got the extra bonus ten,dollars i saw that i saw that so for a,total of 410. all right,you guys both flashed the camera let's,just do it all right okay,we're for the bonus round you guys know,what that means one two three,look y'all hope you all enjoyed this,video hey what should they do tell them,what to do,i want to see your dropout only fans let,us know let let,let us know all right but hey if y'all,want to see the full video it was crazy,where can they see it nerd baller,what are you guys waiting for all right,close this youtube channel,all right,all right guys we're about to shoot part,three later all right y'all cut the,camera for that let's go ladies

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You LOSE You TWEET (Golf Edition)

You LOSE You TWEET (Golf Edition)

welcome back josh is he okay,for everybody watching josh is upset,because today we're playing golf with,your friends and it's whoever loses,tweets,we know how much you guys love this and,josh is notoriously bad at this game the,boys golf with your friends you lose you,tweet we are playing on a new map we,have one of the highest rated community,maps that we found on the steam workshop,none of us have played this map so molly,doesn't have an advantage this time get,it all out of your system boys because,once i hit start it's where friendship's,over you don't understand dude if i post,any more weird cool stuff on twitter my,parents are gonna break up with me molly,i just got verified i can't have it,taken away from everyone got verified on,twitter bro it makes these tweets so,much worse,oh this is the third week in a row,juicy hasn't been here because he died,you can't say he's died dude,rewind,this is the third time that juicy's not,here why eddie because he's uh,trafficking drugs across the mexican,border is everyone ready does everyone,have it out of their system no just,press it okay,there's no turning back boys there's no,turning back this is 18 holes of pain,you're gonna be okay with this one eddie,is it too many holes for you eddie you,did you should they're too close,together,it makes me want to throw up dude when i,see too many holes next to each other no,josh stop look at it,eddie got a hole in one and he got a,hole in one oh no no am i last,oh i'm i'm in last right now this video,proves i'm clearly not terrified of,holes no gabby does gabby proves that,wow,oh,what are you doing back there man,i'm struggling,dude i am struggling to get my ball in,the hole what are you doing back there,all right you got it nice,oh too hot joshy boy too odd,shut up shut up,pay attention this is molly's ,talking stage,i love this yes thank you,hi guys what's up i'm,hanging out bro how you doing eddie get,my way,i'm trying dude i'm just gonna drink,narrative good work there you go i'm not,even trying to with anyone today,dude i'm just trying to get in the hole,eddie come on bro what are you doing,you'll get there i'm trying to get in,the hole,shut up bro shook it there right you,shut the heck up shut the up yes,fantastic boys good job everybody,oh we did the same thing eddie,let's go let's go let's go let's go all,right here we go,all right good job boys that was a,pretty easy hole not bad i'm nervous,very ,oh i see that i see a little stretchy,oh my god look at this,easiest hole of the whole game boys,oh eddie what the ,i thought it would go down i thought it,would go down further you hit the wall,that hard that you bounce back,eddie's up against his two greatest,enemies holes and walls dude,holes and walls how's everyone feeling,halfway how's everyone feeling halfway,feeling very horny oh yeah damn daddy oh,oh hey careful mate josh dub don't get,in my way molly or i'll scream you keep,hitting me,no hey,all right come on mathematics,mathematics oh no,oh mate you forgot to carry the wire,just slow it down you've been driving,that tesla around too much so it's too,quick just slow down everyone just,breathe just breathe boys all right it's,not that hard what enough happened just,in oh never mind,oh where's the flag oh it's right,there,oh i bounced over i bounced over,let's go to that one,oh you guys got in nice oh that's a,birdie,why'd you say it like that,you go wherever you want to,are you dumb ho,oh,into boys,no,oh boy this is where it all goes wrong,for joshie,oh god no i can't take another tweet,dude my career cannot take another tweet,it's over for me man,i'm not messing with this no more i,failed math in school i'm not about to,play with physics no more,oh,eddie what are you doing bro okay there,you go good job good job good job,oh my god oh ,eddie you just want to fight around here,let's go bro i'm going to smash you nope,i think it's something,i think you and me are okay god damn it,dude not today josh josh tried to get me,bro josh tried to go for revenge after,last time,of course i hit the god damn thing in,the middle,oh molly yes,did you get that in,oh bro,i can feel the tweet brewing bro,it's over for me bro it's,me i can't get the timing right josh,just breathe just breathe,i don't want to tweet it again man we're,only halfway dude anything could happen,right now man oh you better shut your,mouth molly you can shut the up,dude because you're in first place is,the only reason why you're saying these,things anything can happen boys don't,stress,that's not bad that's not bad that's not,bad that's not bad that's not bad that's,not bad,that's perfect,the more you say it the worse it is,shut the up man i'm scared,what the ,i'm not trying to hit you josh some of,y'all need to work on your aim and it,shows dude wait did i just push you in,yeah yes,come on eddie just nice and soft man,just nice and soft there you go,beautiful shot dude beautiful shot oh,no i hate this man i hate these,ones as well man,dude oh god oh,me

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can I can i no no you cannot you cannot,I had to count on my fingers I'm really,bad at math you just vendor just was,banging a 7 year old and you're just,gonna let just go blaze order you've got,something better to say go ahead Donnie,wonder do you have then I am a 7,year old woman,mr. random I'm interested in someone 16,years younger than myself I'll just turn,40 she is 24 my friend thinks my friend,thinks I'm robbing the cradle but I'm,just having fun,is this wrong yes next next question no,no no all right what do we think 40 year,old 24 year old what's the difference in,age 16 years right actually for me like,so I'm 26 and if that how old is the,person 40 40 okay so I have three kids I,although I'm mature like you do life,differently so although I'm mature right,now in my life when I'm 40 and don't,have kids and they'll be there always,that's 14 years your youngest kid is,gonna be 16 still in the house,okay listen,they're graduated hypothetically I'm,gonna go with you yeah and you travel,like I'm gonna go out and do a bunch of,stuff that's the best part about this,show because there's a 50 year old a 40,year old a 30 year old and 20 year old,and she's almost 30 and we don't really,have Alyssa shout to Alyssa she's a buck,night we'll see if you alright but,that's so cute how you think that whole,no.3 you're gonna have one sick I know,you have plans everyone when they're 26,they got big plans,it's long do this is what I'm going and,when I'm 40 this is evident let me tell,you what's gonna happen when you're 40,you or when you're 40 you're gonna have,a 16 year old who still has two years of,high school left so you're in the thick,of and you're gonna have two,kids in college and you're,dealing with that or one kid in college,and one kids just a nightmare,you know you don't know where that kids,that you know that I mean like you don't,know what you're gonna be doing you're,40 years old I'm thinking like normal 24,year olds I am real rare you know real,rare I went through a lot of stuff I,grew up really fast you're gonna be on,the show from now on cuz she just gave,me just drop it dude just try,but you're never gonna win this all,right you're right no that's true I,agree with you Ashley I think you're,right,of course you do Oh interesting,bender you have something that's 30,years older than you oh no you cannot,you cannot I had to count on my fingers,I'm really bad at math you just vendor,just was banging a seven-year old and,you're just gonna leave or you've got,something better to say go ahead I am, a seven year old woman no I,don't even believe it who I don't know,I'll check it later I'll take that,Google that the other point I was,gonna ban her,can you just do my mother better can you,just define what a relationship looks,like to you oh my god senior discount on,everything he ate at 4:30 I'm gonna go,there and ask this did you have like a,relationship definitely she can't get,pregnant,Oh genius you know I made fun of bender,but it's getting sounded better better,you're sad I get 20% off everywhere,that's a goddamn lie don't do that to me,really like he got rock-hard when she,said on the bright side no TV no tseebo,job I've had one it's not like it's not,like this amazing thing it's not like,the most amazing thing ever,it can't be,like I just stepped into like the,twilight zone knees a little old do,anything about decades I mean the only,reason we broke up was cuz you passed,away bender you're lying to me,right now,bender the 77 year old woman who,look like Helen Mirren oh my god yeah,Bender's gonna pull it up now I want to,see the real picture though yeah unless,you want to see Bender's like dick and,balls don't ask for a picture of that,chick okay so far ever ever hey guys you,have questions of your own check us out,on Facebook Twitter and YouTube,absolutely you can check us out and we,will do our best to answer any questions,you have,which probably ended that differently,any questions you have,you

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Asking 100 girls for head on Tinder (Chad Edition) | Tinder Experiment

Asking 100 girls for head on Tinder (Chad Edition) | Tinder Experiment

in the past,i've said that i bang a lot,that i'm some sort of a king or prince,of poon i'm no stranger to ,in fact you could say it's one of my,favorite pastimes just running around,and i have a pretty detailed,history of sucking and,i'm known around town as a bit of a dog,if i had a piece of bread for every,woman that i've been then the entire,continent of africa would be fed,but that was a lie,i'm a fake and a fraud,i don't know how to i don't bang,and i never have,the last time i got laid,my uncle was babysitting me i'm sorry,all these years i've been charging men,thousands of dollars for my pickup,courses,when the truth of the matter is i have,zero hoes,and i have no i i have not the slightest,idea of how to acquire them but you know,what that's gonna change today because,i'm gonna use the internet to get some,using my method the research team has,dubbed the head method or a variation of,it the head method is where you message,head to every match you get i'm not,going to be doing that exactly but i'm,pretty much going to be asking for some,sort of intercourse within the first two,messages,be very direct so you just get it out on,the table you're not on here to dilly,dally you're on here to take out your,willy and get it done here is the first,profile i am testing out the head method,on these are pictures,of yours truly daddy the bio reads 18,years young 18 centimeters hung,nefarious critter,heterotwink 511 i am not 5 11 i'm 5 10.,i'm scamming these what i'm,gonna do after is create an account,using images from the internet that is a,chad someone much more attractive than i,am and use the head method on that,account and see how the results vary but,before you run an experiment it's,important to set a hypothesis because,that's the scientific method and i am a,man of science my hypothesis here,is that,now i can't see into the future or,anything,but my hypothesis here is,that i will get more matches if i am,attractive,yeah obviously right but i would predict,that the difference would be large,enough to say that,tinder is pretty much a search algorithm,for the top 10 percent of men which i am,not one of after 24 hours gerbert got,about 10 likes and 9 matches,which is very average from what i'm,looking at it without using tinder gold,or anything like that and the trend,continued after three days i got just,over 30 matches along with 14 likes but,let's see i did in the messages,wanna splunk left unread,can i politely extend the invitation for,you to on my chest,left on red,oh a dog is cooking,left on red head yes please that's one w,are you down to boink left on red,head,left on red,a soulja boy wanna ,yeah,do you have feet,left on red,holy i'm about to expunge,ha ha what does that mean okay we have,some unfinished business here,uh it means it means i'm feeling the,thunder,in,my,tinders,that's a good word head no head,a real disappointment head maybe if you,ask nice,may i please have some head,no response head,why hi mommy do you have any toes,no response,would you be willing to hazard a guess,as to why they call me the master,blaster,no response head,maybe hello mommy may i politely extend,the invitation to nibble your toes,i'm going to kill myself but you know in,general gerber didn't do a great job,i'm just the average guy,i tinker with my creature every once in,a while i in the bathtub but what,would happen if i was a,what's up is the professor back,again the results are in,i use this account roy he's quite the,chad his real name is gino palinci or,some like that but he's foreign,he's a model but he has a lot of,pictures that that uh you know don't,look all uh fake and like like a,professional photo shoot so it's a,pretty realistic account i even put a,random ass dog at the end i made it very,real and it worked,this guy got,like four times or probably five times,the results i got,in half the time it's been like one day,bro and just,take a gander at the abundance of hoes,this man was able to pull and when i was,swiping it was just like hit after hit,after hit like very rarely would it not,be a match and i'm not really mad about,it or anything i feel like i did pretty,decent but with this with this guy it's,just a whole different ball game and a,lot of the girls messaged first with roy,that happened to me like once but with,him it happened quite a bit,and you know i use the head method here,what's up you want to boink it's not,going to have a 100 hit rate even an,absolute chad can't just go around,wobbly dabbly expecting 100 results,especially when the matches are also,high quality like some of them were,actually on his level step on me mommy,you know it's not always gonna work i,also made an effort to make some of the,messages like weird and creepy and also,direct so if this guy didn't look like,this it wouldn't work but there there,they respond back,i'm gonna cream,look at you though like,bro if i said that forget about if i,said that i'm like a five or a six if a,three said that,banned immediately with th

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83-Year-Old GILF Has Daily Sex With Different Men

83-Year-Old GILF Has Daily Sex With Different Men

I'm on Tinder to find young lovers,I'm comfortable not wearing underwear,though,I'm comfortable not wearing underwear,hey yo hey yo I'm on Tinder to find,young lovers I gotta get back onto,him though we'll meet for a drink,if it seems like it's going to be good,we'll go right up to my apartment and,we'd make love,am I missing something how many guys she, we made up go for drinks have,dinner,use,I've never had one I can't say I don't,want to experience one not necessarily,downstairs I'm talking upstairs gummies,man gummies take them Dentures out baby,you know what I mean the amount of,pressure that can put down and there's,no binding involved there's no teeth,my name is happy and uh I'm 83 years old,83 and she get addict on the regular,come on I think I know more about males,genitalia than any doctor I may not know,more than a gay man but, is a specialist specialist in dick,and she wears it on her chest with pride,because she's proud of her she's so,confident you can't even hate it like if,this was a woman in her like early 20s,or whatever you're automatically calling,her a but she's probably had her,family had her kids or whatever and,she's just at that point she's,like 80. it's gonna have some fun why,not I do I know I know about guys yeah,yeah look how she's sitting bro she's a,flexible little thing eh but I can't,even sit like that she does a daily,stretches and is that the secret to,staying like flexible at an old age,she's getting do you only date,younger men well first of all most men,my age are aren't around anymore fair,enough,all the there they kind of,depressing guy it's like she's not even,aiming for younger men she just doesn't,have a choice which is kind of sad but I,guess she's getting the Dixie wants and,needs anyways before we continue,yeah the boys as you know and today 83,year old swipes didn't offer toy boys,now I saw this,and quickly before we continue I want to,give a big big big happy birthday to,Mitchell who's one of my subs from,America one of the very few of us whose,birthday is actually today so happy,birthday Mitchell hope you have an,amazing day bro be sure to leave a like,if you're new and you subscribe yeah,boys mostly they're not concerned that,they're not going to be hard and they're,not going to be able to deliver for the,woman and younger men I mean a while now,they get off on getting a woman off very,different from when I was younger that's,a lot to process she's just basically,saying she wants a nice hard erect ,and you can't get it with minute sick of,these Viagra dicks you know I'm saying,she wants a naturally erect penis never,thought I'd say that sentence uh what's,this about getting off to pleasing women,who,hate me you just have to get yourself,off before I get myself off you don't,get yours before I get mine that's on,you that's on you right they love giving,orgasms I love getting them so now I,have a steady stream so,she has a nice steady stream of dick,this tall guy from Ecuador he was,attracted to me so I said okay let's go,should we go to my apartment,and then after I said and by the way how,old are you that's pizzas,19.,19. like I don't know man like being,attracted to older women's one thing,like when you're 19 women in their 30s,40s all right 83 bro like I,don't know maybe you have to have a,certain kind of Kink for it right now,like I look at it and it's like like no,offense,but I'm a struggle to even get a semi,and look at that that's what a hug her,and give her some flowers and be like oh,can you make me a pie make me some some,like nice Grandma food or something man,I guess I can't knock it till I try it,eh,any gifts watching comment down below,slide in the DMS man okay so my feet are,in and I lie back,what kind of kinky Contraptions,that bro she just swings back and forth,into your dick just stand there she goes,foreign,like athletic and man I feel like,I'd struggle to do that I'd be like back,there like,mom help,my husband and I former husband had a,wonderful sex life and when the children,went off to college a lot of the,Dynamics broke down so we got divorced,and then he remarried and I thought and,I'll remarry and it didn't work that way,but I was horny that's,the way she's so casual about it I love,it I wanted to get married but it just,wasn't working not with anyone and I was,horny so I just needed some dick I,can't even argue with it I can't even,complained because she's so straight up,however you need a new Barber bro like I,don't know what the going on here,it's like half a faded she hasn't been,Blended in yet,I was 55 and I put an ad in the paper we,didn't have the internet what do you,mean you left and add in the paper,would you put hot female 55 single and,Reddit a mingle boys,looking for some dick how do you even do,that can you just put anything you want,in the newspaper I was like we just ring,up and be like hey can I put an ad yeah,yeah what do you want the ad to be me,I'm lonely man I just,want some dick can I do that can I put,an ad in

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Girls Kissing for $1 Per Second

Girls Kissing for $1 Per Second

around,welcome back to nerdballer where,we get done,hey guys it's Icky Vicky we're out here,on 6th Street in Austin we're gonna ask,girls to make out and for each second,that they make out they're gonna get a,dollar about the blue seat belts because,it's gonna be a wild ride what's she say,that's right,have y'all ever kissed a girl before yes,yes,okay how about wait no,no depending on how long y'all make out,y'all will get a dollar per second for,making out a dollar per second,guaranteed respectfully decline are you,trying to make a dollar per second,depending how long you make out with a,girl I'm a dancer I'm making a lot,of ladder I get that we were just at Red,Rose and we gave them a lot of money so,have y'all ever kissed a girl before I'm,aggressively straight,ah I just have one question have you,ever kissed a girl before no he's my,cousin I can't kiss her by the way I,mean if you,one two three,seconds,have y'all ever kissed a girl before no,no are you serious would you be down to,do it tonight for a dollar per second,depending how long y'all kiss Alex,one,two three,have you ever kissed a girl before never,never oh my God you have to oh really,who's my kiss I think I'm the only girl,around so it looks like that yeah,fun would y'all be down to make out with,a girl for a dollar per second I'm,serious,serious birthday girl said it's her,birthday wish so y'all gotta do it y'all,have to ready one two three,have y'all ever sucked dick before whoa,never never never would y'all be down to,kiss each other for a dollar a dollar,per second,okay hold on hold on we need a timer one,two three,dollars,they just wanted a kiss have y'all ever,kissed a girl before yes,y'all get paid a dollar per second okay,okay we'll do it for 30 seconds okay,ready one wait one two three,y'all are out 15 seconds that's fifteen,dollars,25.,give me my puppy I'm sorry God please,forgive me,oh really okay,a dollar per second,I'm scared scared you know your friends,don't got herpes one two three,a dollar for a second guys,they're going in,how long is that so far how long is that,50 okay fifty dollars fifty dollars you,know they're not gonna stop day gray yes,how long are we going for,High Five Guys,y'all did that for real I feel gay,explode y'all make out for a dollar per,second rightly no I can't do that do it,no I'm scared do it what are you gonna,do fall in love with her maybe a dollar,per second up to a hundred,two,two three,all right we're at five dollars,all right Uber's here Uber's here okay,okay a dollar per second who's timing,who's timing okay ready one two three,oh my God oh my God we're at five,dollars,oh,bye,guys we're at twenty dollars how high,will they go,you know what Amazon an extra ten,dollars if you grab her ass,three two one go for it you guys are at,ninety dollars keep going oh my God,ladies and gentlemen we have a double,make out right now what is going on oh,oh look guys I'm sorry we have to end,the video right now you guys want to see,the full uncensored video nerdballer, hope you guys enjoyed the video,subscribe to nerd baller TV and go find,his website nerdballer go,subscribe to yeah

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Whats a GILF? 👵 - VTuber highlights - 02

Whats a GILF? 👵 - VTuber highlights - 02

hello,i'm so sorry i'm late i'm so sorry,please please forgive me for being late,please forgive me,oh you ,because it if it's banned or if it's,illegal it's illegal kind of thing like,worldwide illegal type thing,like the entire uh,un has decided that these things are,horrible and no country should ever have,them wow,an rpg you know,should i touch him,i guess so like just,and so the date of spelling bee she,decided to not go through with it,like she just like called on sick or,whatever,and so i had to go and i was at a period,and i was so nervous and i didn't want,to do it because i already was like okay,i clearly didn't win,and i lost because i misspelled square,i'm the cancer professor,my favorite starter,don't say pikachu please,i know now i see that there is the egg,under the bus,the joke is getting,better what's happening,i'm crying i'm crying,yay i did it,oh,dare you deny the vlog cuts,it's fine it's time we did it,i know you can see my chat on the right,side but like i said stream elements,completely on me,how about i just,i just,you know ah,pretend that's not there,i should make that a sound alert,for something,see,it's really cute it's really cute most,opportune moments yes,i can just imagine,at one point,but yeah yeah america new model um,ah well sorry f sorry,so um looks like you're drowning in the,corner of shame i i do apologize,not really though,um,how can you believe me no no no no no no,i'm telling you the truth now,the game is over so,it's going to be the honest mummy right,now 100 percent honest,okay,i mean,look look at me eyes look at my eyes,would i lie to you right now,i'm crying right now,you believe me right,please,but yeah it was a fun game,it was so fun,i'm tall like guys i'm like heck and,tall,i'm like heck and tall i don't know what,to do i can't even fit on the screen get,that crunch and then that squish and it,just doesn't feel right to me,dark mode it is then,yeah hey hey oni how are you,uh we we've got nude lips and,what nude nips in here,that's okay i'm gonna stop talking about,that because that did not go well,anyways,you don't deserve to be stepped by me,that's,too much for you,a gilf what is a guilt that a girl i,like to what hey yo chad got down,bad real quick,uh let's see oh let me see how my,bunnies are doing,had a lovely bunny oh,look at those adorable bunnies over here,just surviving hello little hello,hello,how you doing and you of course,hello,what you looking at,you want some carrots,and those two over there just just,chilling in the back,hello,there,i don't know what to wear if i tell you,the truth i mean,there's nothing golf here,if you see something golf,tell me please i don't know what to wear,i think there's nothing goth here,i think,maybe something more chromatic,oh no miss i'm sorry,hey it's okay you can always duel,anytime but unfortunately you do have to,go to the,whoops you do have to go to the um,where are you come here so i can steal,you,what you got what the ,mizzy you can't hide there you are,all right you have to go,here,to the corner of shame until you are,freed i apologize i don't make the rule,oh wait yes i do,look how cat girl goes mad with power,i'm more of a summer child i like the,sun,but i don't like the,the sun,um,rising up too early in the summer i,would like to sleep,so that's one thing i don't like about,summer that the sun is coming up very,quickly in the morning,it will be like 6am and like oh hello,there good morning,i'll be like no i want to stay in bed go,away,but it's fine,it also has like the,it's so beautiful also in the autumn,like the,but i think that i can do a lot i think,that my problem it's more pronunciation,well my i think my teacher is,trying to get us to talk like if we were,british she's all the time saying talk,here,come here,excuse me,how dare you throw an apple at me why,didn't throw an apple at you,oh did you not did you say something,else i threw a rock at you,oh,that's even wet,yeah but it's like the opposite side of,the pokemon safari thing,oh i think,for a first time,i think i did pretty well,um,no it's different jonah you know keeping,everyone alive is also boring so a,little bit excitement,oh yeah nick oh my god,i forgot about eric and nick,those are mine,bye,an australian fish,it really makes me nervous,yes i get a red snapper it looks pretty,dapper i like it oh no my god thank you,so much,thank you thank you so much you're here,you can't boo but,boop jiggle bubba tickle thank you thank,you thank you,thank you so much,oh my gosh,so,i see you guys um,maybe tomorrow maybe the day after,tomorrow you never know,i love you guys so much and thank you,thank you for being here thank you so,much i can't thank you guys enough,you're all such lovely people thank you,so much,okay let's go,um,am i doing this,it's gonna happen,hi there cuties it's cusama thanks so,much for watching small ones new videos,are posted every saturday morning at 10,a.m eastern standard time,definitely don't miss the next one,be sure to like this

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and today we get to experience together,the unsettling reality that fast food,chains are invading our meme nation and,slowly trying to make us gravitate,towards wanting to their mascots,got buff lien McDonald the Pennywise,fanbase jacked off to Wendy that smug, that made you feel invincible,because now when people insult you the,joke's on them because that was the best,sexual gratification they could have,given you and now,Kassie releasing its first official,otome a game I love you colonial Sanders,solidifying a new aspect in hentai,called Gil grandpa I'd like to a,genrih we really didn't need but alas,this is our lives now and what kind of,degenerate would I be if I didn't share,my experience with all of you about my,journey through love betrayal and most,importantly wrinkly old dick let's go,all right I don't know who animated that,but I'm gonna say that's a pretty damn,good animation for a parody otome a game,before we begin let's pour one out for,Colonel Sanders dead spirit just,wandering about just just pour one out,for fret because we're gonna be all,apart aching and his anime wrinkly dick,I'm gonna call myself my character after,me because I need to know as this,encapture is it just a cab case so it's,always gonna feel like somebody's,yelling at me great I need to put my,name in because I want people to know,who the they're talking to and how,lucky they are the chicken does look,really good and I wasn't even sponsored,by KFC to make this or to say that but,I'm not here for waifu's not today,buddies no I'm here for that colonial,Sanders Tech Talk I don't know,it's Ashley your archrival aka actual,best girl even though she's kind of a, I love this one line she can get,anything she wants and she knows it like,it's literally was like a ripped line,from some shitty like high school book,that's just like who the most popular,girl in school and she's a but,she's kind of hot making me have these,weird feelings when you have like thighs,like Ashley you are gonna have well,you're gonna give other girls feelings,like when they that that good YUM we got,a little,Wow look at the baby,hahaha professor dog I may be cute and,fluffy but I demand respect look at they,even have Toby's he's got daddy Sanders,his remarkable goatee Harland is that,actually his real name,you should try and butter him up by,giving a chicken snack Wow oh I had no,idea that it'd be his favorite it's not,like this game completely revolves,around chicken or anything or the old,guy that's the mascot for it who's,supposedly a giant hottie I,don't even know where I just honest with,your dick out colonial Sanders,I honestly wonder though in a lot of,ways like why can't see one to make this,game like why really did they want to,make a KFC anime game for obviously,directed the anime community it's like,why would you want people who like anime,eating at your chain store like this,this is like a good race that needs to,be exterminated Wow,this is trying to hop up onto my,old man's dick even as I say that I just,feel like a little cringe in my side,this is just done this is the guilt game,of the century it and the only one we,probably will ever need,how should I make you love me huh,take him to show your own strength,Wow him with a big idea be modest but,thought ball what do you want me to be,colonial standards I'll be anything you,want just as long as I could put my face,up against that heavenly mustache oh oh,what still should be Wow hmm I wonder,which of these dishes are actually,served at KFC I'm just gonna take a,really good guess and pick this one,Bologna oh don't let me down do I have,daddy issues because this old guy looks,hot as there's something I need to, and I can ah you ban ban,wow what the getting a little real,here we can see Wow is this just some,yonder a that we never needed but,we all got Amba yes I got to rub the fur,baby's belly this is the best game,who could blame them honestly how could,blame anybody for what is that who could,blame anybody for fantasizing about this, I'm getting high from a pepper oh,my god oh my god oh my god this is like,the biggest pressure in my life what,state of mind offers the most aah,No,what is the sentence no try again,how am I supposed to know that when they,were making chicken and all these facts,are being thrown at me that they matter,Thank You colonial poppy this little,minx how do I get her killed,Wow so hard,Wow not just from that devastating loss, you colonial Sanders you soon dairy, I love it the ice kind of look,like Lilith from Evangelion am I getting,an Ava reference colonial give me that,biscuit that dress at your mouth and,you're gonna have a Pepsi Minnie Wow,na hey dude I don't know because like,when I was assertive before he didn't,like it as much you decided that I was,your me,Wow,can it be that kind of game I came here,anticipating it no I may be festive,atella truth colonial Sanders my best,friend bastard blaster lock Android,hemorrhoids no I need to persona 5 this, you can't beat me I

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