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Batman game makes us swear off bad PS2 games foreverThis video is sponsored by Skillshare.,It's the


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Batman game makes us swear off bad PS2 games forever

This video is sponsored by Skillshare.,It's the new year and I'm a new me, except for the parts that are the same.,I'm not just trying on a ton of new clothes.,I'm also trying on a bunch of new skills with Skillshare.,Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for anyone,who loves learning and wants to explore their creativity and learn new skills.,Invest in yourself and your personal growth at 2023.,Why not?,Are you interested in making a career pivot or upleveling your skills in your current,role?,Skillshare is an awesome resource to help you learn new skills and launch it to a totally,new career with classes like Finding Fulfillment, Using Pivots to Power Your Creative Career,by Emma Gannon, Start Your Creative Career with Sonia Rossulli, or Find Your Style, Five,Exercises to Unlock Your Creativity with Handy Pizza.,Mr. Pizza, please come on Game Grumps.,We just want to talk.,Skillshare is ad-free so you can stay in the zone while you're exploring new skills and,new classes are launched each week, so there's always something exciting to learn in the,new year.,I have new clothes and a new attitude.,Check out Skillshare today.,The first 1000 people who use the link in the description will get one month free trial,of Skillshare.,What are you waiting for?,Grammar!,If I took a Skillshare class on talking, I'd probably be better at doing these commercials.,Hey I'm Grump, I'm not so Grump, and we're the Game Grumps!,Hi.,Hi.,I'm Batman.,No.,Are you ready for my vengeance?,Batman's right here.,You can see him.,That's who I'm speaking as.,Oh.,How's it going?,Hey.,What are you guys doing down there?,He just has a little like curled up smile.,You partying?,Hello.,Hello, it's Batman Vengeance.,Batman Vengeance.,It's a video game.,How can you, you tell the story?,I don't, like, well, Bruce Wayne was walking with his parents.,No, not the story of Batman.,Which story?,The story of why we're playing this.,I don't remember.,You went to the wall and you said, Al, let's play this.,No, that was Chicken Blaster.,No, this was a long time ago.,Oh.,Okay.,I mean, it's still here somewhere.,You brought it in, yeah, it's over there.,Really?,You just like walked in and you were like, let's play these pieces of shit.,It doesn't sound like something I've ever said.,Batman Vengeance.,Wow, look at that.,That's exactly the words that you said.,Huh.,Yeah, we had Buffy, we played that.,Yep.,Charlie, we played that.,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.,Yeah, and then Batman Vengeance.,Yeah, Batman Vengeance.,I guess I must have.,Okay.,Well, I did just watch Batman, the 1989 movie again for the first time in 30 years.,Yeah.,I loved it.,Yeah, it's kind of boring, eh?,No, I thought it was excellent.,Oh, okay.,Rest in peace, Kevin Conroy, by the way.,Yes.,Voice of Batman.,Yeah.,Very recently.,He seemed like a really good dude.,Wonderfully talented guy.,And what a voice.,I mean, he had that like, I'm Batman voice, you know, it's just like so iconic.,You just hear it and you're like, that's Batman.,It's gotta be.,He's like, I'm Batman.,I used to rush home from school so I could catch the beginning of the Batman animated,show.,Just because it was so like, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah,,dah.,It was fucking Danny Elfman's score, man.,Was it really?,Yeah.,Wow.,That figures.,Kidnapping a Pixar mom.,Huh.,So they did.,Yo, what that ass do, doe?,What a cute bomb.,I think it's the Joker.,It's gotta be.,Oh, did she die?,Wow.,Did it explode?,Was that the implication?,I think it was.,Oh my God.,This game starts with violence.,Oh, that guy died.,Are we getting vengeance?,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,Are we getting vengeance for the Pixar mom?,I guess so.,Well, you loved her.,He's like, dead ass doe.,Sounds like someone's dead.,I must avenge it.,Wow, that's pretty dark.,Do you think his cape gets stuck on those gargoyles?,I do.,Do you think his butt cheeks get chafey and tight all the time?,Oh yeah.,No question.,I honestly, if you told me that it didn't, I'd be surprised.,And offended.,Yeah.,Hey, I look different now.,It's terrible on the news.,Let's turn the brightness way up.,I won't be able to see the man of bat.,Alright, so here we are in the world of Batman.,Ooh, look at this.,Are there, wow.,You can just kind of like morph into a puddle of bat.,And I can punch.,And I think I can, whoops.,Oh, the bat communicator's unavailable.,The bat communicator's unavailable, yeah.,Wait, I thought I said the Batman communicator's unavailable.,That would be, there would be no point to that.,But I was, hold on.,Because you are Batman.,No.,What?,I was playing this to see if it worked before we started recording Game Grumps.,And when I pressed that button, it said Batman communicator.,Oh my god.,Did I get an instant Mandela effect in my life?,I think you must have.,What did you remember?,Because you were excited to mention it.,I remember saying it out loud.,I was like, why does it say Batman

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just random freaky tiktok....💦#2

just random freaky tiktok....💦#2

i want you to touch that little dangly,thing that's swinging the back of my,throat i'm a certified freak say what,seven days a week ain't got nowhere puss,but i got this ,put it in take it out slap that ,right on her cheek she say that where,else gonna make this put like gang,weed i'm gonna check it on the tip and,then,i wanna see your cheeks glow red,red,red,why did you say,oh,all over here,i wanna see you without,any clothes,mother earth,we bought tickets for admission,little baby my addiction yeah little,baby need to listen,i ain't talking about when drake feeds,your little baby meeting all my,women got the back scratches in the,i've had sex freak edition,is,you

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Freaky tiktok that will make you my sub😈

Freaky tiktok that will make you my sub😈

i've never done anything like this,before calm down i'm not a cop i'm not a,cop i'm not,all right man i'm about to head out real,quick oh don't be safe,yeah i got those you got your gym bag,it's in the car the water bottle in the,car you rather just stay home and get,your dick sucked yep,sometimes, pg this rated,porn,wave after weight,wave after weight,slowly drifting,ice in my veins i've been driving this,train,back she asked a million questions,like,like what's next what's that what's up,i just wanna chill drink smoke,do,and leaving the door open is the worst,mistake any employee can make because,um it could let in a draft it could let,in a child,you can't stop the rain,so,my manager is a dumb and also a dick,but to be fair he got me react i promise,i'm not going to try and get you to,drink water i'm not going to trick you,into doing something that makes you,compliant that's not what this is,are you ready,on behalf of all dominance,no,three sex facts in less than 30 seconds,last one is quite depressing comment,below your thoughts on it right above,the back of the knee is a very arousing,spot for many people you're trying to,spice things up maybe try a little,tickling there hey psychology study,shows that individuals that are into k,to the ink are often interested in,sexual activities to help them get out,of their head which isn't a bad thing,also k to the ink isn't always what you,think in first time hookups with men,women tend to finish seven percent of,the time this is something that i would,like to change in society what about you,double tap and follow for more sex facts,daddy,yes princess,daddy,yes baby girl daddy,yes,princess i want your sausage and my taco,ow,why do you always wait till i'm dressed,like i've got my boots on and everything,and now,now you want sexy time because because i,want you to make the effort,because your boots are sexy,why are you laughing at me,because i love you princess,you're wasting time take your boots off,you better not stop,get on your knees,why i'm 10 feet away you have safety,glasses and we're outside mark today's,the day mark today's the day will you,back up a little bit further no 10.

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Everything Funny That Happened On Twitter In 2022

Everything Funny That Happened On Twitter In 2022

this is you know I didn't pick these,tweets they were picked by my mods so if,they're not that good it's because my,mods picked not good ones right all,furniture is ugly a true statement that,I made because I was looking around the,internet trying to find furniture and,all looked bloody terrible the memories,someone took offense at my no onion,extra pickle Double Quarter Pounder,order they stopped making my burger,Midway in order to put a whole onion on,it as if the mere suggestion that onion,is bad is an insult to their entire,family line I think this has happened,multiple times onion is still bad like,it is actually bad although to be fair I,wouldn't say it's grown on me,necessarily but I don't hate it as much,as I used to what I'm trying to do with,my life is just like grip my teeth and,deal with stuff like I didn't used to,eat tomato and burgers and I would take,that off but now I'm just like it I,can eat a tomato I'm 31 20 years old and,that tomato ain't that bad with onion,I'm just like it I'll eat it and I,still don't like the texture but I can,get through it I'm like yeah it why,not like to be fair like it didn't,matter what period of my life I was in,if I was out with people and someone put,onion on my burger I just eat that ,like no way I'm gonna sit in front of,like a bunch of people and just be like,excuse me,take off bits onion of a burger like I'm,not that crazy George pepia Jr,tweets day one of tweeting to Dark Viper,Au until he admits Australia is fake and,on their first day I respond Australia,is fake I'm a people pleaser man sure,the government might kill me for,admitting to this in public but you know,I take these risks for my my fans now,the unlicensed movies and TV meta for,twitch creators is over what's next for,them will they actually make original,content or they go back to stealing,YouTube videos from actual content,creators yep half the content on Twitch,is YouTube videos again I mean we say,this is over but what was the most,watched stream on Christmas on Twitch,the time where people can be super,creative and have like Christmas,specials and stuff to celebrate with the,community it was xqc watching Home Alone,so it's never really over as long as,there's the on Twitch who just,want to steal people's some people,feel sad because our world isn't more,like the world of Pokemon don't feel,that way I would 100 kill you with a,trousers if Pokemon were real so you,wouldn't be able to enjoy such a world,anyway makes this world seem better eh,you're welcome again chat a people,pleaser I'm just out there helping you,out there's just black void that I'm,sitting in like I mean there's no other,alternative I suppose it's a it let,me give you some advice don't take,advice from people on Twitter this is,good advice you should totally take it, people who tweet them the,world is sick referring to my pole which,is better if you could only have one for,the rest of your life which would you,pick and 65 of people picked onions and,only 35 pick pickles but why there are,so many different types of pickles like,are you really telling me on your,cheeseburger at McDonald's you're you're,biting into that and you're thinking man,I'm so happy the onion is there not the,pickles the onion I have on more than,one occasion imagine a scenario where I,was sent back in time and then became,stressed due to believing I won't,remember enough to capitalize on the,situation I have to actively tell myself,to stop thinking about it as it's never,gonna happen probably I still do,sometimes do this it is stressful I'm,sure everyone does this sometimes like,just things about how they would handle,particular scenarios that are never,going to happen because we're all dumb,basically throughout my GTA 5 rainbow,Miser series people have constantly left,comments asking why I'm so bad at flying,it physically pains me that I do not,have the time to write because I don't,have wings in reply to each of these,comments I've done it a few times though,I don't like spend too much of my time,making such shitty jokes but I do have a,little bit of time for that so if you're,one of the people who got one of those,comments you're welcome because that's,funny as now this is a banging,tweet yellow all the levels of,complexity it's it's just what color is,yellow I meant to say the dude's name or,something I don't know man it was a dumb,thing I said okay,it's funny though you asked a lot so he,made it now rolling out Labs nft profile,pictures on iOS I respond on one hand,targeting a subscription towards stupid,people who've already proven themselves,willing to spend money on stupid things,is a brilliant business decision on the,other hand knowingly taking money from,stupid people is morally not a good look, Savage nft is bad no ,thanks as skill up would say nfcs are,still around chat there are still people,actively on Twitter being like nfcs of,the future man the greatest thing ever,look at my profile picture gross gross,wait didn't you buy Twitter b

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The "All American" Cast Reads Thirst Tweets

The "All American" Cast Reads Thirst Tweets

I want to sit on Daniel Ezra's face,period,what what,s up everybody my name is Michael Evans,Bailey I'm Samantha Logan and I am,Daniel Ezra,and today we are here to read uh this,tweet this is going well and we're from,All American we are from online let's,read some tweets shall we yeah Daniel,Ezra makes me think nasty thoughts,okay I want to,do a good stop okay Samantha Logan is on,the list of women I would drop,everything for her she's so bad why are,you not in your hair,that's nice that's cool that's like no,that's very nice that's super sweet,thank you appreciate that the way I,would drop out of college without even,attending first just to date Michael,Evans building that's very endearing,stay in school but also get your degree,if I had to kiss Samantha Logan that,much and not fall in love with her yeah,sounds insane to me it's actually pretty,easy,a big old L for me you know I feel the,same way Michael Evans Bailey can slap,across the face I'm assuming you meant,to say me across the face and I'd thank,him finally silent okay come on let's,move on to be honest,if Daniel or Ezra came at me I'd give,him a baby I swear,came at you,oh,minor intense,oh my God mine are like life-changing,like,you guys I literally have the biggest,crush on Samantha Logan it's the full,name for me it's really funny like I'm,talking about twirling my hair and,blushing whenever I see new content of,her I'm so,I did the Emojis this yeah melting the,melting and the Moon,that's sweet though that's cute thank,you the things I would let Michael,Evan's bailing due to me,okay is that the emotion that's the,other side that was the Emojis,I will lick Daniel Ezra's sweat I don't,care they are I'm so glad I'm not a guy,these are nasty these are nasty,nasty thoughts,if Samantha Logan said she wants to step,on my neck there it is there it is I'd,literally lay down flat on the floor and,let her do just that,if if that's what you want,oh what I mean you after a long day I,think that you I'm just trying to,accommodate it's what the people want,that's,that's okay not to be dramatic but I,would do anything,to have George Baker as my baby daddy,can have whatever part of me he likes,then give Michael Bailey the rest,should I leave what part don't you want,you just get like the toes,holy Olivia Baker is a goddamn,smoke show and I wanted to have my,children yes I know I'm late but it,smokes,what it's a goddamn smoke,it's a goddamn smoke smoke I think what,did I say smoke show that's probably,right did I say show you said the show,Jordan Baker can help me bake his kids,bake inside me lol after marriage of,course oh she saved it okay okay yeah we,went okay that's a little bit of Heaven,and Hell,Spencer James could fold me up like a,pretzel he'd been fine as since,season four wait,in season four so one two and three I,went one two and three you were,subpar apparently hey you know Sky girl,on my head,the way I'd suck up,Jordan Baker Mr Spencer and,Darnell from All American yeah I'm just,a whole choo choo,I want to sit on Daniel Ezra's face,period,what what,all right all right you just began mean,bro you just became an internet that's,it for you that's it for you that's,gonna follow you until this show is done,I just want Samantha Logan to disrespect,me,and chores,so sorry there you go the more I watch a,whole American the more I want to lick,Jordan Baker and Spencer James like a, lollipop,the yawn face,my doctor told me I wasn't allowed to,have dairy,but he didn't say anything about nuts,he said but he didn't say anything about,nut,dot dot s I'm gonna give you that one,that's that's that's hard,that's hot that's that's hard,Samantha Logan is so hot I want to eat,my arms,Jordan Baker is a fine ass specimen like,it's just not right,that he's not under me right now hashtag,all-americans,I would literally suck the life out of,Daniel Ezra's dick,there's no like metaphor there's no the,fact that someone tweeted this there's,no vagueness that's what I want straight,okay okay,straight to the point Samantha Logan can,get her ass a there you go,foreign,thank you thank you for watching yes,thank you thank you for watching this,thank you for watching the show uh,y'all look gross appreciate it we,appreciate your grossness oh take me,home oh no literally get me out of here

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Matt Taibbi: Why I Reported on 'The Twitter Files'

Matt Taibbi: Why I Reported on 'The Twitter Files'

foreign,host Richard RJ eskal joining us once,again is my friend Matt taibi who has,recently been part of an initiative,called the Twitter files after Elon Musk,purchased Twitter he gave access to,internal Twitter Communications emails,and so on to Matt and a couple other,journalists they've been publishing,those I believe the original stipulation,was that they originally be released on,Twitter,um so a lot of people have been,following it uh I'll start with of,course Matt welcome you back to the,program thanks for having me RJ yeah,always a pleasure and uh as I said to,you uh earlier,uh you know a lot of the revelations,have involved uh censorship and,collaboration on censorship between,Twitter corporate Executives and uh,parts of the government political,parties and so on and much of that,censorship has uh,been that that's been discussed or,revealed is of right-wing figures uh uh,I think that's fair to say and so I,think I told you jokingly that you know,one of my reasons for having you on was,that uh I I'm tired of hearing friends,of mine in the Democratic party saying,your friend taibi oh no really yeah,because there's this there's this,perception I I know you've dealt with,this Matt there's this perception I,think that because,uh uh the vast majority it seems to me,of the incidents un uh veiled so far,uh seem to be censorship of the right,and you know there's a hunter Biden's,story too which had benefits for Biden,and the Democrats politically to have,that suppressed and so on that,um,that somehow you might be,a tool of Elon and his right-wing,politics and,um and I think the bigger picture,has gotten,obscured yes right,um,and you know I know a lot of us myself,and I'd like to know why I was blocked,from Twitter for eight months and,couldn't get back on and were you I,didn't even know that yeah yeah and I,couldn't get an answer until somebody,said to me,um why don't you write their local DC,lobbyist and see CJ miraskin your,congressman,uh and after eight months of countless,letters and calls and trying their,government relations office and,everything else and the Press office and,no luck I wrote to the lobbyists and CC,Jamie were asking 45 minutes later got a,text saying good news,uh We've reinstated your Twitter account,so,I think,you know a lot of us would like to know,what if anything's more about what might,have been happening to the left on,Twitter but that aside the story has,inherent importance and,um,I'll let you I have my opinions for why,that is you've said you agree uh what do,you see is the importance of this story,um,a person,I I think it's not for one of trying by,the Republicans I think you you,definitely see if you go through the,email record that overwhelmingly the,number of requests that come in come in,from uh the re from the Democratic side,like I ran searches for RNC and DNC,versus all the people in the trust and,safety side of the company uh and on the,DNC side you see one request after the,other can you look at this account can,you look at this account on the RNC side,it's all the RNC is suing us uh you know,and is that because the company,inherently you know goes after,conservatives or is it because the,Republicans realize they're they're just,not going to get any traction with that,company,um and they don't try,you know this last thread that I did,documents an effort by the state,department under Mike Pompeo to get a,series of emails a series of accounts,um looked at and Twitter sort of resists,the idea of doing that but ultimately,they do a seed to requests from,um from that state department as well uh,and I think people are kind of missing,the forest for the trees here a little,bit because the the big picture story is,really not about Republicans Or,democrats but about the Machinery of,this,which is really about a a very popular,international platform that has a very,powerful tool for getting people to,organize organically and having that be,under very very close scrutiny and,control of uh law enforcement and even,the intelligence agencies it doesn't,really matter what the parties are I,think that's the key Revelation in all,of this stuff and what's interesting,about it to me Matt and you know maybe,that for our listeners we have to go,into a little more detail at some point,but what's interesting to me about it is,that most of these emails and other,Communications,took place,around when a republican was President,right so so you you have a sort of uh,you know and here I'm gonna sound like a,right winger but you have a sort of,parasite or deep State as well as,political thing going on here where you,have members of the FBI and,Trump's own government,theoretically Trump's own government uh,making some of these requests you have,and then you have the Democratic,committee as you've said uh it's,interesting though to me that you say,there was a dearth a lack of requests,from the Republican side of Courts,during almost all of this period of the,Trump presidency anyway Trump was,bene

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Bella Poarch Reads Thirst Tweets

Bella Poarch Reads Thirst Tweets

hi i'm bella i'm here today with,buzzfeed i'm going to be reading thirst,tweet i'm not ready,okay,i'm a bella porch synth now where do i,begin do i buy bella themed socks or,some,bella themed socks for sure maybe a,shirt or something listen i'm down for,bella porch and i don't care what anyone,thinks her voice is amazing she's,adorable and i hope she does well in her,music career oh this is so sweet,so nice thank you not thirsty but i like,that what does bella porch feet look,like it's for a project can someone just,send me a picture please it's for a,project,um i'm pretty sure i i have a lot of,pictures out there of my feet but on,instagram if you look it up but um yeah,i let bella porch run me over several,times just so i can make sure her tires,are good to go wow,okay i let bella porch get me pregnant,honestly okay i do want kids,bella porch can have my whole soul and,both my kidneys if i have two i don't,even know how many i have do you need,two i think you only need one to survive,but i can sell your kidney to the black,market if you want me to,mommy sorry mommy sorry mommy sorry yes,honey do you want me to make you some,breakfast,need bella porch to choke me with the,metal arm,there is a picture of me of larae,choking me but i'm surprised i didn't,choke anybody with my metal arm,i want to eat bella porch respectfully,of course oh i like that it says,respectfully put me on a plate,i would let vela porch sit on my face,are you a chair are you a comfy chair,because i only do comfy chairs,bella porch can i lotion your toes,please,actually i don't actu i don't think i,lotion my toes so yeah sure bella porch,can choke me to death with her thighs,and i'd be honored to die to be honest i,think my thighs are strong enough i,guess we'll have to see,dreamt of falling asleep on bella,porch's boobs,these,there's nothing really there but,okay,bella porch fine as hell she need a spit,in my mouth oh,that's that's,disgusting i'm down i need vowel porch,to crush my balls,i don't think that's nice for me to do,but also that's gonna hurt a lot but,with my platform boots i feel like i'm,so down i've never done that to anybody,so if you're down just hit me up i'll,crush your balls i would lose a limb and,bleach my eyeballs to have sex with pope,no comment,on that one i'd give up all of my toast,just for a whiff of bella porch her five,foot ass can choke my six three ass out,and i wouldn't even struggle you like,choking,i kind of like it too but,i'd let you cut me into pieces and eat,me mommy it would be my dream to provide,you with nutrition and be able to,explore your digestive tract and leave,your body through your anal cavity,that is so precise what,um i don't know what to say i'm just,like that's insane i would suck bella,porsche's butt plug,like a pacifier sucks suck,ew,i'm not really into,butt plugs no comment i,no,yeah that was a lot of thirsty,tweets i think it started really good,talking about how my voice was pretty i,really liked that and then it came to a,point where you're talking about about,plugs,okay it just like escalated quickly,thank you buzzfeed for having me really,had fun reading those thirsty tweets,my first ep dolls is out now so go check,that out thank you,you

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Fendi Red Addresses Fake Twitter Profile Tweeting Super Freaky Posts

Fendi Red Addresses Fake Twitter Profile Tweeting Super Freaky Posts

how did you get popular on social media,Instagram for example well I do love,taking pictures and when Instagram first,came out I went crazy on it I'm on other,social medias but I just like you know,taking pictures because I'm photogenic,how I got popular is because I know a,lot of people in the industry and I,guess you know the type of pictures that,I take in the kind of messages that I,send out it just really attracts a lot,of people I'm not scared to be myself,you know I'm really open-minded and,blunt,now what Instagram posts get the biggest,response for you yes as make it,half-naked pictures face but ass is,number one do you have an Instagram,strategy um well I do like to post when,everyone I know everybody is online I,post anytime after 7 p.m.,that's my secret because that's when,everybody's getting off work and they're,on social media being nosy,now speaking of Instagram how crazy are,your DMS is bananas now when it in a DM,when people are trying to holla at you,what percentage would you say male,versus female trying to holla at you 95%,males and as far as the celebrity miss,of a DM when it comes to celebrities,trying to holla at you percentage-wise,and we don't got to say names but what,would you say is athletes what would you,say is musicians what would you say is,another form of celebrity I will say 50%,of athletes and 29 maybe like 40% of,rappers and upcoming rappers so 40%,musicians ah 50% yeah athletes and then,10% some other type of celebrity yeah,and then when we're talking athletes,we're talking more football players more,basketball football and basketball now,have there been any DMS from a celebrity,that's surprised you oh yeah a lot of,them is crazy because I'm glad you,brought this up it's crazy because I,have no Twitter and there is a,Twitter page of me and she actually has,like 25,000 followers I know that's not,a lot but me part I don't like Twitter I,just can't get down with it but this is,a crazy thing about it is on her page,she has my booking info like everything,and celebrities actually come through my,email like I was talking to you on,Twitter,you know like big celebrities like and I,one time I didn't turn the light oh I,message her and I'm like who are you,like why are you doing this and she was,like you should be happy that I'm,doing this and it got so scared to the,point the little Twitter page that I had,I had to delete it and I was,getting people like yeah I was talking,to you on Twitter like we will come,through the video like we ready we got,the money I'm like why is she doing it,like so somebody's pretending to be you,on Twitter didn't hurt her Twitter day,miss I am finding it I kid you not on,myself and she's still currently running,it and messaging and,it is and I really didn't want to say,that man and give her no clout,but at the end of the day I have nothing,to be mad about she has sent me some,money is crazy I don't know who the ,this person is when I had a Twitter it,was the roof in the grid and her Twitter,is I am finding red you could look at it,right now,and I bet if you message her she is,going to message you back now do you,think it's somebody that's like a super,fan of yours do you think it's somebody,trying to portray you what do you I,don't think there's nobody that's trying,to portray me the only thing that I,don't like what she puts out is super,freaky a she's super freaky like a porn,star I'm like I'm not no porn,star like I'm a video model you know,saying I'm not no porn star like,some of the she pulls up his like,uh I feel like sucking dick right now,but she has sin I don't want to say no,names but she has seen me a few people,in my email and I have talked on the,phone with them and I told them like,that's not me and even one of the guys,he was like well well I like what I,see those are your pictures round like,yeah so now back to your Instagram how,do you deal with disrespect on Instagram,have you been disrespected on Instagram,either through your DM or comments I,ignore do you block do you have a block,party oh yeah,I don't even respond just blackulas how,long guys down to be going back and,forth now are you on snapchat,I am I just add a snapchat I'm trying to,get used to it somebody got to teach me,how to do this how new to snapchat are,you oh three weeks now you're kinda I'm,not gonna lie to you you're kinda on the,late train with snapchat I know and you,know what I downloaded it before and I,couldn't get down with,and I saw it was just growing very,properly so I downloaded again and I,liked it but I just don't like it as,much as Instagram I love Instagram now,why couldn't you get down with it at,first I really didn't understand how it,goes the way it's made up it's kind of,confusing the only way to learn snapchat,is if somebody showed you how to work it,now when it comes to your DMS on,snapchat are they worse than your,Instagram I haven't opened them so you,don't check your DMS on snap now when,we're talking social media in general,what's your bigges

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