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Charlie Rose and Jack Dorsey (How Twitter Started)and how did Twitter get started Twitter,um twitter


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Charlie Rose and Jack Dorsey (How Twitter Started)

and how did Twitter get started Twitter,um twitter has a long story I've always,been fascinated by cities and how they,work and I just I taught myself how to,program so that I can understand how the,city works and I was inspired to,specifically just have the program so,you can understand has cities work I,wanted to visualize them I wanted to see,them I wanted to play with them I was,inspired by New York City and just if,you consider New York City of all these,entities just roaming about the city you,have taxicabs ambulances fire trucks and,they're always reporting where they are,and what they're doing and if you can,visualize that you can actually see how,the city is living and breathing and,what's happening in the city so I,started building dispatch software and,that's that's the software that runs,these these entities always reporting,where they are what they're doing I'm an,ambulance at fifth and Broadway I'm,taking a patient in cardiac arrest to,st. John's Mercy very very simple model,in 2000 I realized that I had this,beautiful picture of all these verticals,in the city that make the city work but,I was missing the citizens I was missing,the people I was missing my friends so,what if I could just take my phone and,we're gonna have mobile phones that,really worked that well back in 2000 I,had this very simple rim device which,was the precursor to the Blackberry what,if I could be anywhere and share what's,happening and I could also get,everything in real time what if what if,we did that and it turns out it was just,the wrong time 2006 SMS got really big,in this country,I met my co-founders Biz Stone and Evan,Williams who had worked with bloggers to,build blogger so they understood the,importance of self publishing and I just,added this real-time aspect an SMS,aspect and we said what if with just SMS,on the web,I can read go anywhere I want and report,what I'm doing and then see what,everyone else is doing in real time very,very simple start and the users have,taken it from there so they're these two,ideas one is that first of all the is is,Twitter the next big internet success,story play I mean you would expect you,to say yes but if you had to say yes why,would you make the case,I think it's I think it's huge I think,it's huge because never before have we,had such access to that immediate,information and then once we have that,information we can actually participate,and interact with it I mean it spans and,is at the intersection of every single,medium in every single media it's a,great way to point to video to images to,text to websites any media that you can,imagine it can point to and carry in,real-time and the only the only other,technology I know that's done that well,is the web itself so I put it on the,same league as as the web,you

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Scandal and Betrayal: The Story of How Twitter Started

Scandal and Betrayal: The Story of How Twitter Started

hi welcome to another ColdFusion video,Twitter today is how hundreds of,millions of people communicate,it's how the news today breaks,eighty-three percent of world leaders,are on Twitter in a way it's actually,the most instant communication network,on the planet it's augmented the,internet and how information is,disseminated but the story of how,Twitter started is one filled with,betrayal and controversy here's a,Twitter account owned by a man named,Noah gloves his bio reads I started this,if I was to tell you that Noah the owner,of this Twitter account with only 38,thousand followers helped start Twitter,but was kicked out of the company before,it got off the ground you may not,believe me but that is true so why,doesn't anyone know about Noah and why,did he get kicked out well it's partly,because of this man Evan Williams but,also because of this man Jack Dorsey it,was a coup within the company to rid,Noah not only this but co-founder of,Twitter Evan Williams may have cheated,investors out of hundreds of millions by,bluffing so let's explore how one of the,most recognizable social media companies,has such a controversial beginning most,people think that the story of Twitter,starts with Jack Dorsey or Evan Williams,but its story actually begins with Noah,and that's where we'll start you are,watching ColdFusion TV,our story starts in San Francisco in the,early 2000s Noah glass had created a,product where a user would dial a number,and the service would turn your voice,message into an mp3 message which would,be hosted on the Internet,remember these are the early days of the,web where everything was relatively new,and people were throwing around crazy,business ideas Noah would turn this,online voice mail idea into a company,called OTO one of the early investors in,OTO was a former Google employee friend,and also neighbor of Noah Evan Williams,Evan had recently sold his company,called blogger to Google and he had a,ton of cash,the idea turned from hosting voice,messages as mp3s to a podcasting,platform the company moved into an,office and started hiring more employees,one of these employees was a quiet,on-again off-again web designer and,university dropout by the name of Jack,Dorsey the 29 year old was shy after,battling a speech impediment as a child,he was living in a tiny San Francisco,apartment and had recently been turned,down for a job at a shoe store around,this time before smart phones iPods were,the hottest thing and everyone had one,in 2005 Apple announced that iTunes,would include a podcasting platform,built into every one of those tens of,millions of iPods in people's pockets,the employees of odio began to realize,that Apple had just crushed them without,warning in addition to this they just,didn't listen to podcasts as much as,they thought they would Evan Williams,who by now was the odio CEO knew that oh,do as a podcasting platform was doomed,he contemplated shutting down the,company but Noah thought that it was,best to see what the employees could,come up with,Evan agreed and in a last-ditch effort,he told the company's employees to start,coming up with ideas for a new direction,for odio employees would break into,groups and spend the whole day working,on projects,after a hard day's work the office crew,would often see live music shows and,drink late into the night usually,talking about technology during this,time Jack Dorsey and Noah glass really,hit it off and soon they were,inseparable back at work when looking at,what the staff was working on to save OD,oh no a glass gravitated towards Jack he,thought of him as one of the best stars,in the company Jack had an idea for a,completely different product that,revolved around status statuses or a,popular idea in the 2000s Facebook,featured them heavily and Foursquare was,based totally around that not to mention,the Bourbon app which would later become,Instagram he is no explaining it further,quote I got the impression jack was,unhappy with what he was working on a,lot of cleanup work on audio he started,talking to me about this idea of status,and how he was really interested in,statuses I was trying to figure out what,he found so compelling about it Noah,goes on to describe a moment when he and,Jack were talking in his car after a,night of drinking it was about 2:00 a.m.,and raining outside Jack said that he,wanted to quit the tech world altogether,and become a fashion designer Noah was,taken aback and he pushed Jack to,explain his status idea further quote,there was a moment when I was sitting,with Jack and I said oh I do see how,this could really come together to make,something really compelling it all fit,together for me one day in February of,2006 Noah and Jack presented the idea to,the rest of the company it was a system,where you could send a text to the,number four zero four zero four and the,text message would be broadcasted to all,your friends they would receive an SMS,of what you wrote and you could add more,friends via text message so what

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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes after Elon Musk lays off staff

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes after Elon Musk lays off staff

Welcome back.,President Biden,is calling out,Elon Musk saying the billionaire,bought a social media platform,that, quote, spews lies across the world.,And, quote,,The president's remarks,follow news,that Twitter,laid off thousands of employees,,including 15% of its trust,and safety workforce.,Just a week after,it was acquired by Musk.,CNN tech reporter Brian Fung,is following the story for us.,So, Brian, good to see you.,Let's talk about these massive cuts.,I mean,,and they come just days,before the midterms.,In fact, civil rights groups,say it could,jeopardize the platform's ability,to safeguard the democratic process.,Is Twitter,Is there anybody left at Twitter,to even respond to the critics?,Well, Fred, Twitter is saying,that it's still committed,to protecting the election,and that none of its content moderation,policies have changed.,But as you pointed out,,civil rights groups,and leaders are saying that,even though Twitter,may still have,these policies on the books,,the layoffs could make it harder for them,to enforce the policies,that it does have.,Meanwhile, you have major advertisers,pulling out of,spending on Twitter advertising,,and that's caused sharp declines,in revenue at Twitter,,according to Elon Musk.,And, you know,,to shore up,revenue, Musk,has this kind of harebrained plan to,charge people for verification,,to have that little blue,checkmark next to their accounts,,which some experts have said,could have unintended consequences,if it's rolled out,in the post-election period,or even before the election, potentially,without proper testing.,You could potentially see, for example,,you know,,some people,paying to have that blue checkmark,and then changing their names,to impersonate official accounts or,or try to spread misinformation,under a verified account.,And how would the company respond to that,with a smaller workforce?,It's unclear.,Twitter, of course,,laid off,15% of its,trust and safety team,,but 50%,of its overall workforce,amounting to about,3700 people across the overall company.,All of this, of course, coming,just days before the election,,injecting further uncertainty,into an already chaotic situation Fred.,And Brian,,I think a lot of us,have been reading,all about what a lot of former,Twitter employees have been saying.,But now what about the former CEO?,How, you know,,what kind of reaction,is coming from the former CEO?,Yes.,Well, Jack Dorsey,,the former CEO of Twitter,,just tweeted about a half hour ago,Let me read what he said.,He said, Folks at Twitter, past,and present are strong and resilient.,They will always find a way,,no matter how difficult the moment.,I realize many are angry with me.,I own the responsibility for,why everyone is in this situation.,I grew the company size too quickly.,I apologize for that.,Very interesting tweet,from from Jack Dorsey's,taking accountability or,responsibility for having,grown the company,too large,and thus putting the company,in a position,where layoffs may have been necessary.,But not really addressing,some of the other,election security or election,integrity questions,that are swirling around Twitter,at this time.,That's a very sensitive time, Fred.,Yeah, a remarkable sequence of events.,Brian Fong, thanks so much.

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The INSANE Lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The INSANE Lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

you are watching the story every Monday,we bring you a deep dive into the,fascinating lives of incredible people,the insane lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack,Dorsey welcome to a luxe calm the place,where future billionaires come to get,inspired if you're not subscribed yet,you're missing out hello a lack sir send,a welcome back if you're one of Jack,Dorsey's 4.1 million Twitter followers,you might have some idea about how the,tech entrepreneur lives his life but,today we're taking a deep look and,uncovering all the controversial and,sometimes shocking elements of his,lifestyle that you may have never heard,before,since co-founding Twitter Dorsey has,become one of the most successful,figures in Silicon Valley but his,lifestyle is not one you might expect,from a typical billionaire today we're,telling the story of the insane,lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who,is Jack Dorsey so who is Jack Dorsey,anyway let me see if I can tell you in,280 characters or less just kidding but,of course jack is best known as the,co-founder and CEO of Twitter he came up,with the initial idea for Twitter when,he was an undergrad at NYU and ended up,dropping out of college one semester,short of graduating he was only 29 when,Twitter launched in March of 2006 he's,also a co-founder and current CEO of,square which offers a device that allows,for mobile debit and credit card,payments when Square went public in,October 2015,Dorsey owned twenty four point four,percent of the company however he first,became a billionaire in 2012 and today,his net worth is just over five billion,dollars with that much wealth you can,imagine Dorsey lives a life of luxury,but it's probably not what you'd expect,Dorsey's lifestyle is truly insane but,let's start with the basics,where he lives since 2012 jack has lived,in a relatively modest two-bedroom,two-bathroom San Francisco mentioned,that cost him ten million dollars the,view alone is worth at least a million,bucks his home is located on a cliffside,with direct views of the Golden Gate,Bridge,when Dorsey decided to expand his,property portfolio he didn't look very,far in fact he bought the house next,door in late 2018 Jack paid twenty one,point nine million dollars for the,five-bedroom three-bathroom mansion that,also has breathtaking views of the San,Francisco Bay the house had been left,vacant for 15 years and needed a bit of,work he's already spent hundreds of,thousands of dollars on renovations,where he lives is probably the most,luxurious part of his lifestyle but now,let's look at one of the most,controversial aspects of his diet,Dorsey's diet it has to take plenty of,energy to run two very successful tech,companies and we all know that energy,comes from food so it might surprise you,to know that Dorsey barely eats it all,Dorsey follows an extreme diet of,intermittent fasting he skips breakfast,and lunch every single day he eats one,meal Monday through Thursday between,6:30 and 9:00 o'clock at night from,Friday through Sunday evening he fasts,completely and only consumes water the,first time he tried it he said he was,having hallucinations by the third day,but now he says fasting helps him to,focus,he also says eating just one meal a day,makes him more efficient when he does,eat his typical meal consists simply of,a protein like grilled chicken and,vegetables the only sugar he eats comes,from mixed berries dark chocolate or a,glass of red wine Dorsey is constantly,experimenting with his fasting schedule,as well to see what's most effective so,there are variations in his routine but,he strongly believes and intermittent,fasting now that we've covered his diet,let's see how he spends his day morning,routine Jack always aims to go to bed by,10 p.m. and wake up between 5:30 and,6:30 a.m.,we know he doesn't eat breakfast so how,does he start his day sticking to a,consistent routine is very important to,him he begins to stay with a cold shower,followed by an hour of silent meditation,on days he has off and in the evenings,he hops into his infrared sauna space,sauna and sits in temperatures as high,as 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes,he'll then go directly from the heat to,a 3 minute ice bath in his tub which is,set to negative 37 degrees Fahrenheit he,repeats this hot and cold process up to,three times before walking out the door,he also likes to drink about 28 ounces,of water or a mixture of lemon juice,water and Himalayan salt on the three,days a week he goes into the office he,walks the five miles to work which takes,him about an hour and 15 minutes he says,this walk makes him feel alive but what,about what he gets to work work habits,Jack works from home two days a week but,Monday Wednesday and Friday,he walks to Twitter's head offices first,he works there from about 9:00 a.m. to,2:00 p.m. then heads across the street,to the square off assets he stays there,until 6 or 7 he works at a standing desk,and has a near infrared bulb shining on,him which is said to support cellular,regeneration and an

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Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Answers Twitter Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Answers Twitter Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

hi my name is Jack Dorsey and I'm one of,the co-founders of Twitter and this is,Twitter support,baby sea Oaks my English teacher just,told me the Twitter bird's name is Larry,well our co-founder Biz is from Boston,and when we decided that the bird was,going to be our logo he naturally went,to,the most famous bird for him maybe the,most famous bird in the world Larry Bird,I will say though if you follow bird,watching on Twitter No tweets about,Larry Bird at Maddie crates asks why,does Twitter have a character limit,still I'm tired of sacrificing my,grammar for the good of the tweet,on happy face so some history on the,character limit we originally started,with 140 characters so that we could fit,in one text message which is what the,whole service was based on in the early,days but we also believe that the,constraint was really useful because it,inspired a lot of creativity and this,resonated with comedians it resonated,with journalists it resonated with poets,and hip-hop artists and creatives of all,type they figure out ways not to,sacrifice their grammar but to actually,make it work but,we thought they might be good,to increase the limit just a little bit,and we decided to do it twice the amount,which seems enough for most people and,if that's not enough we have threads you,can link all the tweets together so we,have a 280 character limit but you can,link as many tweets as you want so,it's really Limitless,at my wife is Joni asks how can I,identify a Twitter bot I have suspicions,over one or two I see but cannot prove,it at Twitter support well I'm from,Missouri which is a show me state we're,all Skeptics and I would always,recommend that we be skeptical of,everything that we see if you have,suspicions go through a reporting flow,but you don't necessarily have to assume,that everyone is a butt some people just,haven't updated their profile picture,and some folks haven't chosen their own,ad name so if you see something that is,suspicious we have a reporting flow you,can send it over to us and we'll look,for it always be skeptical,at Peter Alston asks when will Twitter,Facebook and Google be regulated like,the public utilities they are the,information economy moves fast maybe,soon we believe fundamentally that the,job of a regulator is to protect the,individual and level the playing field,for everyone and our job is to help,educate Regulators around smartpass,forward so we're always having,conversations around the world with,Regulators about what technology makes,possible and how Twitter fits into that,we welcome smart regulation and we want,to help guide it as well,at tazy Doris as IO Twitter can we get,that edit button in 2020. the answer is,no,the reason there's no edit button there,hasn't been an edit button traditionally,is we started as a SMS text messaging,service so as you all know when you send,a text,you can't really take it back we wanted,to preserve that vibe in that feeling in,the early days but now you know we have,an app and a lot of people are using us,on the web and there's some issues with,edit that we can we can solve one is you,might send a tweet and then someone,might retweet that and then an hour,later you completely change the content,of that tweet and that person that,retweeted the original tweet is now,retweeting and rebroadcasting something,completely different so that's something,to watch out for a lot of people want it,because they want to fix a quick,spelling error or a broken link or,whatnot and that's great we've,considered a one minute window or a 30,second window to correct something but,that also means that we have to delay,sending that tweet out because once it's,out people see it so these are all the,considerations it's just work but we'll,probably never do it,okay at Southern Peaks instead of an,edit feature Twitter should allow users,to see how many times a tweet link has,been copied because we all send tweets,with a did you see this one message you,know just to liven things up smiley face,I agree that's a that's a pretty good,idea we'll look at that one,at Alan Lampe author hey Twitter God can,you please activate spell check I can't,believe there are so many trending,misspelled hashtags especially from,writers at least Trend the properly,spelled hashtags first hashtag writing,Community hashtag writing Community,spelled wrong writing Community once,again build wrong our algorithms would,actually notice if these three hashtags,were trending and group them together so,we don't do the spell check and we don't,edit your Tweet but we will group them,appropriately in the right way so that,everyone can find your content even,though you may have misspelled it,at Andre 3xk at Twitter why don't you,follow your boss at Jack Twitter was,following me for a while and then we,decided to do something much much cooler,we put a bunch of people on billboards,and their tweets on billboards all over,New York and San Francisco and we,followed them now and now we can DM them,as well so I don't

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The Dropout Who Invented Twitter, Before Getting Fired

The Dropout Who Invented Twitter, Before Getting Fired

Jack Dorsey was born on November 19, 1976, in St.,Louis, Missouri, as the oldest of three boys.,He had a speech impediment and struggled to communicate with family and classmates.,Jack was unable to say more than one syllable at a time.,Later, he described his difficulties, saying “I could pronounce in my,head, but they just would not come out.”,Jack’s parents took him to speech therapy and, after two years, he improved greatly.,Though he overcame his speech impediment, it left an effect on the way he communicated.,Jack became very reserved.,He was more often the listener and observer, and he couldn’t help but,overanalyze himself when he spoke.,Jack’s family moved a lot while he was growing up.,His father, Tim, was an engineer who specialized in medical,devices and changed jobs often.,Marcia, Jack's mother, was a stay-at-home mom who later opened a coffee shop.,Because of his father’s job, Jack had an early introduction to computers.,A bit of a loner growing up, Jack was quite taken with computers.,Instead of wanting action figures or toys, he wanted new technologies.,At eight-years-old, his father bought him his first computer, an IBM PC Junior.,Jack learned to speak in code.,Three years later, Jack got a Macintosh.,By the time he was a teenager, he had taught himself how to build computer programs,and was helping Tim with work projects.,Jack was also drawn to maps, city planning, and how people in cities,were connected in real-time.,He followed the movement of police and emergency cars,,using a program he made himself.,He listened to a police scanner and noticed the way people spoke to convey information.,They updated each other often and used code to communicate in a short time.,Jack got his first job in the field when he was only 15-years-old.,He was a programmer at Mira Digital Publishing, owned by Jim McKelvey.,Unpopular at school, he found immediate success in the workforce.,At Mira, Jack soon earned himself a reputation for hard work, efficiency, and perfectionism.,When he was still an intern, he was managing people who were twice his age.,Jim even referred to himself as the “assistant to the summer intern,”,because Jack was so valuable.,When Jack turned 16, he became interested in logistic dispatching and tried to start,his own business: a bike messenger service.,There wasn’t very much demand for bicycle couriers in St.,Louis, but Jack got to practice writing code and he learned a lot about dispatch.,After high school, Jack enrolled in the Missouri University of Science and Technology,,and majored in computer science and math.,While in college, Jack came across a company called Dispatch Management Services.,It managed bicycle messengers in New York.,He hacked the security system of the company's website to expose its flaws.,Jack then found the email of the top manager, Greg Kidd, and told,him about the security issue.,Though he could have been arrested, Jack was instead offered a job at DMSC.,Later that year, Jack left Missouri and transferred to New York University.,There, he continued to work for DMSC but that would soon change.,As the Internet exploded and was being used on computers all over the world, Jack,and Greg tried to convince DMSC to focus on their online presence to no avail.,Frustrated, they both ended up leaving the company.,Around this time, Jack had been working on courier software that would dispatch taxi,and emergency vehicles using the Internet.,He and Greg decided to move to San Francisco and begin a Web-based,dispatch company together, called DNet.,DNet would provide same-day delivery of online purchases.,Jack then dropped out of university with only one semester left and moved to San Francisco.,There, he adopted a new look for himself.,He wore dreadlocks that he would dye different bright colours, wore earrings,and a nose ring, and got tattoos.,Unfortunately, Jack’s time at DNet was cut short.,The company’s CEO fired Jack when they disagreed on business strategy.,DNet did not survive for much longer and failed during the Internet bubble crash.,While this crash was devastating at the time for tech companies and investors, thanks to,our sponsor, Masterworks, you can protect yourself from the current global downturn by,adding contemporary art into your portfolio.,Masterworks helps individuals access high-value contemporary art, from legends,like Picasso, Basquiat, and even Banksy.,The platform acquires paintings and securitizes them with SEC— allowing,investors to buy shares in artwork, and gain potential profit when the painting is sold.,Blackrock, the world's largest asset manager, recently stated that the portfolio,of the future should include alternative assets; and their CEO personally recommends,contemporary art, saying it's the "new gold".,So far Masterworks has sold 6 paintings, for an average net return of 29%,,through COVID, and rampant inflation.,There's a waitlist to get onto the platform, but you can skip it to join Masterworks,by using our link,

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Why Twitter's founders left

Why Twitter's founders left

is there trouble at Twitter is there is,there turmoil in the management ranks as,their difficulty growing are you having,trouble making money these were the,central points of this story I'll answer,those six in reverse order or some order,were growing faster than we've ever,grown before you heard some of the,statistics just now when when we were,introduced their actual actually already,higher when I was on stage at at d9 last,month I said that it took three years,for the first billion tweets to be sent,and now a billion tweets are sent every,seven days it's now a billion tweets are,sent every five days and it's growing,ever faster last month according to,third party google analytics 400 million,uniques just to the website just to,twitter com 400 million uniques mobile,use is growing one hundred and sixty,percent year-over-year so forty percent,quarter-on-quarter growth in the mobile,use of Twitter when we talk about users,we we talk to talk about them in terms,of unique visits to the site in terms,that are measured by third parties and,registered users because people will use,the term active users but an active,Twitter user is can be someone who comes,to the site it doesn't log in reads the,tweets that way uses Twitter search sees,tweets in syndication obviously we have,a significantly syndicated model so you,know along any excess you measure us,we're growing faster than we've ever,grown twitter is one of these companies,that's the objects of fascination I,think for good reasons for reasons that,Twitter should be proud of but it puts,you under the microscope so in the media,and the people who pay attention to,twitter we put a lot of energy into the,story of biz and dev right and yes biz,and yeah I've excuse me right and then,all of a sudden the story of businesses,that business aren't anymore yes decided,he no longer want to do this thing we,spent the previous two years saying i,wanted so so yeah to do yes so let's,address that for a minute in late two,thousand nine we started putting,together a senior management team at,twitter i joined the company but and the,meet the media has focused on the,founders coming and going but what,going on really inside the companies,we've been building out this senior,management team our CFO a leer el ghany,was the CFO at Pixar for five years,working with Steve and the great,management team at Pixar and Lassiter,and Ed Catmull there our vp engineering,Mike Abbott was running engineering at,palm and built the webos before coming,here Jack Dorsey's director of product,development Sasha Patel was a Google,working for Susan Wojcicki and the great,operating executive David Rosenblatt at,double-click before that so while people,like to focus on one of your board,member that's correct one of our board,members David well people like to focus,on the comings and goings of the,founders and they've always said that,they would do what was appropriate at,the appropriate stage for the company,and they've and they've continued to do,that what's been really going on inside,the companies we've been building out,the senior management team and that,teams and working together now for,months okay so will will will your point,is there in fact is no management,turmoil at Twitter is on the contrary,yeah the country like I said we've been,working together the team's been working,together for months now we work really,well together Jack and I specifically,work very well together you know one of,the things I like to say about him is he,speaks with the fluency of the inventor,of the product and what I mean by that,is you know at any given point in a,discussion about the product you'll have,engineering and design and product,management usually engineering and,design in some perhaps contentious,discussion about the direction in which,you want to take something and it's,helpful to have the inventor of the,product in the room who can clarify that,discussion focus everybody on one,solution and then that ends the,discussion

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Medium founder and former Twitter CEO Ev Williams on the value of being bored

Medium founder and former Twitter CEO Ev Williams on the value of being bored

in our series pay attention we explore,ways to sharpen our focus and recapture,our attention from distracting,technology we recently spoke with,Twitter co-founder EV Williams who,Forbes called the LeBron James of online,publishing he stepped down as Twitter,CEO in 2010 and later started the,blogging platform medium Williams who,remains on Twitter's board regularly,steps away from technology through,meditation yoga and walks in the woods,are you intentional about how you spend,your attention with respect to,technology yes they're very much so,everything from what notifications are,on so what apps are on your home screen,for instance if I'm on vacation I'll,move my email off my home screen and I,won't check my email as much when I'm on,vacation so little things like that that,or even having a watch I know a lot of,people's like I don't need a watch I,just look at my phone so you look at,your phone then you're in a whole,another world they look at my watch I,know what time it is it's a discrete,thing you've done it it hasn't pulled,you off your intention exactly what I,like to do in the morning is I don't,check email I don't check news or or,anything so mornings are pretty quiet,and I mean not quite with the kids but,quiet in terms of technology and,information and once I leave the house,then I'll often turn on a podcast or an,audiobook and sometimes I'll keep it off,just like okay what's going on the mind,just kind of like look or maybe I'm,focusing on project but that start of,the day,I carve out do you think there's a value,in being bored mmm yes I do think,there's a value in being bored I was,tremendously bored as a kid I think it,forces you to use your imagination and,when my kids are bored which is rare I,always say that's great that's so,exciting you're bored what do you what,are you gonna do what are you gonna,think about what is their response when,you say it's great to be bored,roll roll their eyes and complain of,course just like any kid and sure what,what I did what as a kid he's one of the,dangers of this moment we're in where,there's always something to keep us from,being,word yeah I think I think there's a,danger not having border and not not,having silence and our inner minds and I,think that's why meditation to having a,formal way to actually just quiet the,mind that's so important is because it's,constantly inundated do you think,Twitter is responsible or as part of,that inundation period or feeling I,think people can get swept up and,Twitter just like in or any social media,and for sure and people need to be,conscious of how they use it,is there any way in which medium is a,kind of antidote to Twitter in that,we've become so focused on the now and,the twitch that we need really to be,pulled into something deeper well the,way I think about it is like an,information diet and that you can live,on on social media alone often it's it's,that hamster wheel of what's happening,right now what we try to do with medium,is provide a space for things that,aren't necessarily of the moment whose,responsibility is it to solve this,challenge that we all feel and I which,is the shredding of attention I think,first of all the responsibility is on on,ourselves for ourselves and for our,children we're in charge of what we put,in our minds and and to blame anyone,else for that I think would be not fair,and not wise what about the technology,companies though who are playing on our,attention well I think that there's some,responsibility there certainly and I,think there's a new awareness in in the,companies that I'm familiar with that,it's not all good necessarily it can be,too much,and anyone building technology I would,expect if they're being responsible,their goal is to actually serve people,and if that's not the goal then I think,that they should rethink you have kids,you had kids and what are the rules for,devices with them we have rules they're,six in eight they don't have any social,media accounts they have iPads we let,them use them on the weekend for a,limited amount of time and an hour or so,so we're figuring out as we go and we're,trying to set good examples but we don't,always do that my little one the other,day,I was I was on my phone and he was,waiting for me is that why your adults,always on their phones,yep yep thank you for that reminder Jack,Dorsey who was a co-founder of Twitter,with Williams spoke out recently about,the companies saying it had a toxic,content problem our interview with,Williams took place before dorsey's,remarks but in a new statement Williams,wrote that media companies should have,responsibilities but ultimately the,responsibility lies with all of us as,individuals and parents to be both,critical thinkers and open to ideas that,don't conform to a narrow view of the,world it was reassuring to hear that,even he struggles with how much social,media and screen time their kids should,have right because it's something that,all parents are experiencing and,managing attention is a prac

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