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How to Create Twitter Fleets - Disappearing Tweetshey everyone twitter just released one,of the bigg


Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Create Twitter Fleets - Disappearing Tweets

hey everyone twitter just released one,of the biggest updates it's ever had to,its mobile app,and it's available for iphone users and,all android users,starting today and within the next few,days everyone should have this option,and it's a new section on top of the,twitter mobile app,it's a lot like stories on different,platforms like facebook stories,instagram stories,a lot like snapchat where you could post,videos,photos or text and they will disappear,after 24 hours so a lot different than,the rest of twitter,where you could compose text-based,messages or photos,and then they always permanently stay on,your profile unless you delete them,these are disappearing messages that,only last,24 hours a lot like stories if you've,seen those on different platforms,so let me show you how to use it right,now again update your twitter app,and if you don't see it just after this,video just make sure you wait a few days,you should have it and on your home page,on the twitter mobile app,you should have this section on top and,these are called fleets,they're not called stories they're,called fleets,so to create a fleet all you have to do,is press add right here,and it brings you to this page and there,is multiple different things that are,available on this page,it gets access to your camera roll so if,you look on the bottom you have a few,options camera roll,means everything that's on your phone,you could post a picture from there or a,video from there,next to that is text the text option,just,lets you type out a text and post it and,these will disappear,after 24 hours so you just tap here,type out a text and then you have some,options like making your text bold here,and putting a background against it,changing the color if you want to,and i'm sure they're going to add even,more options over here and then you,could just press fleet,on top and it will post it to that fleet,section,on twitter here next next to the camera,roll,we have capture and with capture you,could go ahead and capture,an image just tap to take a picture and,you could post that picture,by pressing fleet on top you could also,add,text over here same as the other section,so you could add text,on top of your images here and then you,could use your finger to move that text,anywhere within your image,you also have video here so if i go to,the video tab i could go ahead and,record,a video instead just by pressing and,holding down and then pressing stop,and then again i could add text here and,then i could press fleet on top to add,it,i could even mute the audio when i have,video here on the corner,and if i go back to my profile page now,you could see on top i,created a fleet here if i press it it,takes me to the one i posted which is,the text,and i could always add to it by pressing,add in the corner here,and then it takes me back to that same,place where i could compose my fleets,here,and then i could create more and other,people as they create theirs,they'll show up on top on your profile,page so on this page i'm not following,many people so i don't have any and this,is a new feature so not many people are,using it,but all those will appear on top so you,can select any of them,jump into it and then go ahead and see,the next one by just tapping so you,could have multiple fleets,on the same account so right now i could,add to my fleet by creating another one,you could have many many many fleets,in a 24 hour period of time and that's,the new fleet section,on twitter let me know what you think of,it in the comment section below,i think it's going to be a very useful,options inside of twitter because,twitter was a little bit limited just to,the profile,and other social media apps are adding,features all the time so,i'm kind of excited to see this come to,twitter as well thanks so much for,watching this video please give it a,thumbs up and i'll see you next time

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How to Use Twitter Fleets - Twitter Stories Guide

How to Use Twitter Fleets - Twitter Stories Guide

twitter has introduced a new feature,called fleets which is similar to the,story feature on other social media,platforms,i'm jessica from and in,this video i'll be showing you how to,use twitter fleets,now let's get started twitter fleets are,vertical photo,video and text posts that disappear 24,hours after posting,this is where you can share your,fleeting thoughts that you might not,want to permanently have on your twitter,page,when you open up the twitter app you'll,notice the new fleets bar along the top,of the app,here you can tap the profile icons of,people you follow to watch their fleet's,posts,you can tap the right side of your,screen while watching fleets to skip to,the next post,or tap the left side to go back swipe,downwards on your screen,or tap the x icon at the top to close,fleets,to post your own fleets tap the add icon,that appears with your profile image in,the top left corner,in the bottom menu you can select what,type of post you want to share,text camera roll capture or video,with text fleets tap the middle of your,screen to start typing what you want,your post to say,then you can adjust your text alignment,boldness background and color,tap done when you're happy with how the,text looks,you can then drag your text to wherever,you want it to sit on your post,use two fingers to adjust the size and,rotation of the text,if you want to add more text tap the a,at the bottom to create another text box,when you're done adding text you can,change the background design by tapping,the colored circle in the bottom left,corner,when you're happy with how your post,looks tap fleet in the top right corner,to share it,when it comes to photo and video fleets,you can upload images from your device,or,capture a new one after that the editing,tools are the same,if you want to upload a photo or video,from your device to fleets,select camera roll at the bottom then,tap the image you want to upload,to snap a new photo select capture then,tap the camera shutter button to take,your photo,to record a video select video at the,bottom,tap the record button to begin recording,and tap it again when you want to stop,recording,after you have captured or uploaded your,photo or video you can leave it full,screen,or use two fingers to pinch it smaller,and have a background behind it,you can change the color of the,background by tapping the color dot in,the bottom left corner the same way you,do for text fleets,you can add text to your photo or video,post by tapping the a at the bottom,edit the text style color and alignment,using the same editing tools as,demonstrated earlier for text only,fleets,when you're happy with how your post,looks tap fleet in the top right corner,to share it,once you've shared a fleet your,followers will be able to see it in,their fleets bar,at the top of the twitter app and can,tap your profile image to see your,fleets,fleets can also be accessed by going to,someone's profile page and tapping their,profile,image at the top then select,view fleets at the bottom,after 24 hours fleets will automatically,disappear,if your twitter profile is public anyone,who goes to your profile will be able to,watch your fleets if they choose,if your profile is private only your,followers will be able to watch your,fleets,that does it for our guide to using,twitter fleets,thanks for watching if you found this,video helpful we'd love it if you'd hit,the thumbs up button below and subscribe,to our channel,we put out great new tech tutorials like,this one every week,you

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A Fleeting Story: How Twitter Fleets Failed

A Fleeting Story: How Twitter Fleets Failed

this video is brought to you by us slide b we  help companies pitch investors by helping them  ,prepare a pitch deck calculate how much they  need to raise and identify investors in their  ,space you can sign up for free at  youtube when you talk about stories in social  ,media it usually means posts that can be a  video an image or text that'll just vanish  ,usually after 24 hours before snapchat introduced  this idea of disappearing messages and content  ,back in 2013 every post on social media remained  in the archives of the internet forever now fast  ,forward to 2021 and all the leading social  media platforms have their own stories feature  ,the ones we all know instagram facebook  and even linkedin and then there are other  ,platforms like pinterest and spotify they're  experimenting on implementing a story feature  ,and then of course twitter but some of them may  have been a little too early to the party twitter  ,only came up with this version of stories in late  2020 when they introduced fleets like fleeting  ,tweets get it and the first days the feature  reportedly experienced issues with a load of users  ,and was pretty sluggish being the solid platform  they are twitter fixed the technical issues but  ,fleets had a bigger problem people wouldn't use it  it was pretty much the same stories feature people  ,had been using for years a roll of posts on top of  your regular feed just like your instagram stories  ,the content you see there from the accounts  you follow disappears after 24 hours but fast  ,forward to today only eight months later twitter  is calling it a day and shutting down fleets why  ,well they have admitted that the feature didn't  pick up steam as they hoped and they're going  ,back to the drawing board so let's talk about  twitter today and how they failed to adopt one  ,of the most trending forms of social media for  younger generations this is company forensics,a brief history of stories the first one took him  up with this feature was snapchat back in 2013  ,when it introduced the interactions between users  in the form of disappearing messages and posts  ,snapchat wanted to be a more ephemeral and  informal channel to interact with other people  ,it became one of the fastest growing social  media apps ever already in 2014 snapchat had  ,more than 30 million users and continued to  grow to more than 80 million in the following  ,years and a lot of that success probably had to  do with snapchat's fresh take on social media  ,that simple idea of disappearing posts became a  blueprint for the industry it resonated with the  ,younger audience right away but also proved  to be quite valuable for different purposes  ,all this matters because stories took over popular  social media platforms almost 10 years ago twitter  ,joining the party so late might be bad in the  long term since the beginning of stories its  ,functionality has evolved in many ways it has  constantly added new engagement features like  ,ar filters good old stickers and gifs but a set of  new e-commerce solutions makes stories appealing  ,for advertisers and different kinds of businesses  too in 2016 instagram pretty much carbon copied  ,the feature and became a massive success counting  more than 500 million daily users now they were so  ,popular that facebook decided to implement them  on its platform and on whatsapp and even other  ,platforms like spotify which is not inherently a  social media platform linkedin and pinterest have  ,been experimenting with stories and then came  of course tick tock in 2017 making waves on the  ,social media waters sharing many of snapchat's  styles of doing things with short videos in full  ,screen vertical format however tick tock has no  stories or vanishing posts for that matter but  ,other companies have evolved their version of  stories for example youtube is now calling it  ,shorts and experiments to make the platform more  accessible for people to record and upload 60  ,second videos from their phones one we are trying  ourselves by the way it just got out of beta and  ,it remains to be seen if youtube will end up  looking more like tick tock after all can you  ,imagine me dancing to bts and it has also become  the place for experimentation on live streaming or  ,live audio chats twitter has noticed other  social media facts too like the fading success  ,of clubhouse or watch a video about it and anyway  they introduced spaces which is a place for live  ,audio chat groups and apparently spaces will  continue to live and take fleet's space on that  ,upper page so stories are part of the new norm a  more casual less permanent way for people to share  ,experiences and thoughts on the fly it sounds  like something that would have fit into twitter's  ,nature isn't twitter supposed to be all about  fleeting thoughts and casual conversation at least  ,it was before it mutated into this powerful  social and even political tool but that's  ,probably a whole nother st

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Twitter Fleets - how to use?

Twitter Fleets - how to use?

so to eater fleets are available in the,twitter app,they are rolled out around the different,countries,gradually and they're available in the,top part,just of your twitter home tab uh,you will see first the different,accounts your twitter accounts your,following and then you can see,different like fleets so just,tap and you you can just swipe,the same as like in instagram,or snapchat and stuff like that,so that's the idea and,it's pretty simple so to create a,twitter fleet just tap,at in the top left,and then you have different options in,the bottom you can just share,a text you can,change the alignment you can make it,bold you can,do that and then you can change the,color of the text,you can change the background,of the feed something like that,to add emojis just use your keyboard,not sure if you can add hashtags,yep you can add hashtags so that's,pretty cool,and then just tap fleet and there you,have it,my fleet is posted i can also upload,from camera roll and create something,like capture not sure what that is,i can share a video fleet,hello fleets,and then i can just again add a text,change,and then i can just move it around if i,want to delete,text i just swipe it down to the trash,icon,and then again again i just tap fleet in,top right,so that's the basic functionality,uh yeah so then you will see your,fleets here you can,tap and delete tweet fleet you can,also tweet your fleet as well,so if you just go to a fleet you can,just tap here and then you can tweet,this,and then your fleet will be tweeted,so yeah you can delete them fleets are,available for 24 hours,and then they'll they just disappear so,it's similar concept to,snapchat or instagram nothing new here,another thing,you can create fleets from tweets either,your tweets or,someone else tweets so just,go to any tweet you want to make a fleet,tap share and then,share in a fleet and then able to share,this tweet like in this cool form,change the background and then tap fleet,also for accessibility purposes you can,add,alt,oh nope you can add alt tags,in the bottom right something like this,just describe this photo,um so there you have it,so you can flip tags directions to,tweets photos videos,and you can customize your fleets with,various backgrounds,when you are going to,uh yeah just someone else tweets,fleets you can send a direct message,like here or you can just send some,emoji in the fleet,so that's that just like tweets fleets,must follow the twitter rules,you can report a specific uh fleet,just by going to like specific fleet and,then just tapping here,or whatever and just tap report uh,so that's that uh,at the moment there is no an option to,have like live streaming,uh i think it will uh,it's coming soon and uh,some of the other functionality will,also be coming soon,uh yeah i think like live streams,uh should come soon it's uh,yeah it's my it's mentioned in twitter,blog i guess,uh yeah you can also,see how many people actually seen your,tweet,fleet in the bottom left you you see,that no one has senior fleet okay,but if someone has seen it you will see,who did that and then you will be able,to,see the profiles,so that's the area,so that's that's twitter fleets it's a,cool new feature um,so hope you enjoyed uh this quick,overview

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Twitter launches 'Fleets'

Twitter launches 'Fleets'

fleet week came a little bit early here,on fast money or late depending how you,want to look at it,no we're not talking about ships or the,navy we're talking about,tweets twitter rolling out a new feature,today,called fleets just like in fleet of,ships,let's get out to julia borston with the,details,not in the navy but still take us,through what exactly,fleet fleets are this has nothing to do,with the navy dom,sorry to disappoint but twitter is the,latest social platform,to allow its users to post photos or,text that automatically disappears after,24 hours,now fleets this refers to the fleeting,nature of a thought,are now rolling out to iphone and,android users now this is designed to,play into users desire to minimize their,digital footprint,and twitter says that those new to the,platform when they were testing it out,found it an easier way easier way to,share,but on the downside the fact that these,messages disappear,means that fleets lend themselves less,well,to advertising now this feature of,disappearing messages was pioneered by,snapchat's,stories feature and then followed by,instagram stories,twitter's latest feature launch comes,the same day,that ceo jack dorsey testified before,the senate along with facebook ceo mark,zuckerberg,they both said they agree that the,section 230 liability shield,needs to be revised both of them called,for more,transparency around rulemaking and,enforcement they were also pressed on,anti-conservative bias which they both,denied,dom all right julia borsten fleets i,guess it means fleeting,that's the play on words right,pretty much all right julia borsten,thank you very much,twitter we're gonna trade it maybe not,in a fleeting way but dan,nathan fleets are they a game changer,for twitter does it make you want to buy,the stock,well listen i i don't think it's a game,changer but i do like the fact that i,opened my twitter application today on,my iphone and i saw something different,for like the first time,in 10 years and i thought that was,pretty cool there's a company that,has not been um growing users that was,one of the reasons why the stock got,nailed,um last month pop following their q3,results and i think that they have,a lot of innovations to roll out not all,of them are going to be game changers um,but to me i like the fact that they're,doing it for all intents and purposes i,just make one point is that,you know i don't know why this has to be,you know like an,instagram or a snapchat chat sort of,thing i don't know why,tweets can't expire after one day that,sort of thing and maybe they're going to,be pushing towards that but,i like the innovation karen do you like,the innovation is this going to make you,tweet more,i follow you on twitter you do,i think i follow you too i don't tweet,very much though so,it's i'm not really there the target,user though i mean for social media,stocks i'd rather be in,in facebook and mark zuckerberg also,getting grilled on the hill today,you know i just um i just still think,despite,all of the political noise around it,i don't know what's actually going to,change and you know the,product that they provide advert,targeted advertising is just,too valuable so i like facebook here i,think the valuation's not expensive,i mean i it may be worth noting here,like you said karen that these,both these ceos were grilled by,lawmakers on capitol hill on both sides,of the aisle by the way guyadami,i don't know if you caught any of that,grilling that happened today,for those ceos i watched some of it is,this a true scenario where social media,has,real headwinds in the coming years,because of just how much controversy,they've stoked,about are they publishers or just,platforms,i missed it i was actually releasing my,shoes at the time,that was i found that more interesting,than watching uh virtual hearings from,the floor of the senate with that said,jack dorsey is a stud and i don't think,he gets enough credit,for uh running two companies,simultaneously and in terms of the stock,i think twitter's fine now i didn't,think it was going to go from 53 to 38,but 38 was the level that it held a few,months ago 38 seems to be the line in,the sand,and if you look david einhorn from green,light just,initiated a position i think half a,million shares or so and he's obviously,one of the more savvy investors out,there so,i think twitter is fine i think you try,to buy it again here again i didn't,anticipate that,huge decline from 53 down to 38 but 38,is your line in the sand i think it goes,higher from here,shepherd smith here thanks for watching,cnbc,on youtube

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hi guys welcome back to my youtube,channel and you're watching mariela,alicia m,so for today's video i will show you how,to enable,the twitter fleet or story on twitter,but before we start please subscribe to,my channel and turn on notification bell,so you never,miss an upload so without further ado,let's get started,so,bye

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Twitter Fleets: Stories for Twitter!

Twitter Fleets: Stories for Twitter!

can't say I saw this one come in what's,going on YouTube my name is Sam Scheffer,and I've got some interesting news to,share with you today twitter is testing,ephemeral tweets called fleets that,disappear after 24 hours yes basically,stories for Twitter I guess it was only,a matter of time,Twitter is currently conducting the test,in Brazil right now so if you're in,South America definitely check to see if,you have access and let me know ok so,here's how fleets work there's gonna be,a new interface at the top of your,Twitter feed as you can see here yes it,looks just like Instagram stories you,tap on a profile to view fleets you tap,on your own profile to create a fleet a,fleet is basically a tweet 280,characters you can add an image or a gif,that gets posted to your Twitter profile,photo and not the main Twitter feed and,stays there for 24 hours,you cannot retweet fleets you cannot,like fleets you can however respond to,fleets in the form of a DM or with an,emoji reaction just like you can on,Instagram where fleets differ from,Instagram stories is how they're laid,out fleets are vertical and Instagram,stories are horizontal I like you,probably do have a lot of questions,about fleets you might be asking,yourself why why not just post a regular,tweet and be done with it some people,might not be comfortable tweeting things,that can be shared and retweeted to,infinity and beyond well yeah you can,totally just screenshot a fleet and then,share it for the world to see I guess,the answer to why is Twitter doing,stories is the same answer as to why,Instagram did stories back in 2017 the,stories format just works for ephemeral,sharing things that are meant to be,deleted and disappear you probably use,Instagram stories right I definitely do,personally I'm really excited about,fleets it's one of the biggest changes,to the Twitter platform ever again it's,only being tested right now so I don't,actually know if it's gonna roll out,globally to all users but I'm remaining,optimistic I had more questions about,fleets that I tweeted and then the,official Twitter comms account answered,all of them for me can you create or,view fleets on desktop no it is a mobile,only product right now can you restrict,them to certain groups allah close,friend,on Instagram stories no will you get,impressions or view metrics on your,fleets yes will there be a private,historical log of all your fleets like,you can view your Instagram stories or,snapchat memories even no and no you,will not be notified if someone's,screenshots your fleet but interestingly,you can share a fleet as a tweet once,you fleeted that's a mouthful and I,guess most importantly when will you or,I have access to fleets it's hard to say,again they're only testing it in Brazil,right now but I'm excited if you're not,already following me on Twitter and now,would be a great time to do so because,when I get fleets I will be fleeting,like a madman again if or when I get,them thank you for watching this tech,update subscribe if you're new around,here and I will see you in the next,video

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How To Create Twitter Fleets - Disappearing Tweets

How To Create Twitter Fleets - Disappearing Tweets

Welcome to a Foxy Tech Tips tutorial  on creating fleets on Twitter.  ,If you find this tutorial helpful please consider  subscribing to my channel and liking the video.,Fleets are a new feature on Twitter. You  can post video photos or text and they last  ,24 hours. After 24 hours they  will be automatically deleted.  ,Fleets are similar to  Instagram and Snapchat stories.,Text and image-based fleets last about 6 seconds  each. Videos in fleets can be 30 seconds long.  ,But you can take multiple videos and add them  to fleets and they will play in order. Fleets  ,have chapters at the top of the fleet similar to  on Instagram. So each fleet will be a chapter.,You will find the fleets section at the top of  the Twitter homepage, each circle is a fleet.,To create a fleet, tap on the circle with your  profile image that says add. Here you have lots of  ,different options. You can create fleets that are  just text, or create image fleets or video fleets.,To create a fleet that is just text, tap text  ,at the bottom of the screen and then  type whatever you would like to say,  ,you can change the color of your text by tapping  the colorful circle and then selecting a color,  ,you can make your text bold by tapping the  B, you can make your text have a background  ,color by tapping the circle with lines  in and then you can choose the color.,Tap Done when you are finished editing your text.  You can move your text around, pinch it to make  ,it bigger or smaller and add a new textbox  by tapping Aa button from the bottom left.  ,You can change the background color of the fleet  by tapping the circle in the bottom left corner.  ,Tap on fleet in the top right to post your fleet.,If you want to delete your  fleet, open it from the top  ,fleets section and then tap on the dropdown  arrow in the top right, then tap delete.,Tap camera roll at the bottom to create a  fleet from an image in your camera roll,  ,you could just post the image or you could  choose to add text over it. Tap the Aa button  ,to add text. You now have all of the same text  options as you do with adding a text-based fleet.,You can also add a video from your camera roll,  ,you can only post 30-second videos though, so  if it is longer than 30 seconds you will have  ,to slide the selected 30 seconds to wherever  in the video you would like to be selected. You  ,can also choose to trim your video to less than 30  seconds here, by pulling the edges of the clip in.  ,tap trim in the top right corner  when you have chosen the section  ,of your video. You now have the  same text options as before.  ,You can choose to mute the video  in the bottom right corner.,To take a live photo for a fleet, tap on  capture at the bottom of the fleets screen,  ,then take your photo, again you have the  same text options at the bottom of the page.,To take a video for a fleet, tap  on video at the bottom of the page  ,and then tap the record button to record your  video. You can video as long as 30 seconds. But  ,if you want a longer video you could just  keep making videos and posting the fleets,  ,they will play in order for your followers when  they tap on your fleet. You have all of the  ,same text options as before. You can also just tap  anywhere on the screen to get to the text options.,If you open your posted fleet,  in the bottom left corner,  ,you will be able to see who has seen your  fleet, this will only be visible to you.,If you would like to add to your fleet,  ,you can open it and tap add. They will play  as chapters in order of when you posted them.,And that draws an end to this  tutorial. Please like the video  ,if you found it helpful and subscribe to Foxy  Tech Tips for more Twitter tips and tricks.

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