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Jake Paul VS. KSI Heated Argument (Twitter Live)it's just a waste of time why don't you,just give th

Jake Paul

Updated on Jan 26,2023

Jake Paul VS. KSI Heated Argument (Twitter Live)

it's just a waste of time why don't you,just give the fans what they want,it's a waste of time like even even Mr,Beast,even Mr Beast comes on your podcast and,is like yo why don't you just fight Jake,and you're like oh,I mean,buddy,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it,I'm going to send a boat Christmas,I'm ready I'm ready Corby,bro you know that I agree I agreed to,fight you,I agreed to fight you for free and you,know that and everyone online knows that,on short notice you had me you had me,two weeks before your fight I could have,fought you for free I could have fought,you for free on short notice and you,still pussied out,okay,Tommy's not gonna show up either,brother you and him you hey hey what,what what's hey what's in the water in,the UK because because y'all be ,y'all be ducking bro hey hey duck duck,goose duck duck goose,laughs,yo KSI you want to fight over the summer,but are you actually going to do it,when when,ended again but like actually are you,going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro,how am I gonna Retreat you always do you,always hide behind negotiation I offered,to fight you for free and you still,wouldn't do it so what are you gonna do,now,I swear I swear that I was going to,fight you for free you can ask Logan he,called me he called me and he goes why,the would you agree to fight him,for free and I said tell him,get anything from king size manager,about that like was that ever cops at,one point bro duck duck goose duck duck,goose,duck duck goose it was your fight it was,your fight I said I would show it for,free why would I send you a contract for,your fight that I was gonna show up at,in London or wherever the ,it was and knock you the out,you know you're yes they will allow it,what the do you mean people get,approved all the time on three weeks,notice they approve Tyron Woodley on,nine days notice your excuses honestly,bro honestly like from the bottom of my,heart and even your fans see it bro even,your fans see it that you're just,ducking and making up so many excuses,all the time and it's always a,new lie it's always this it's always,that,I don't give a what size the ring I,don't give a about any of that ,bro,bro I'm walking out with a ski mask,taking all the earnings of this, thing because you said we would,fight winner takes all I'm walking in,with the ski mask bank robbery knocking,your ass out in two rounds and,then I'm doing a front flip off of your,body while it's on the campus and you,can and you can ,guarantee that but you're a and,you're a and I hope you I hope I,hope you realize it I hope you realize,that when you look yourself in the,mirror at night every every ,night you realize that you're ducking me,and you're scared and the greatest thing,that ever happened to you is Prime and,my brother brought that to you and,you're lucky because the Paul family,keeps blessing you but I'll see you,later boy,peace,whoa

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Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

all right let's do this,so,if you guys didn't hear I'm in London,but that's not the big news that we're,talking about today,Jake Paul and KSI just had their first,unofficial press conference on Twitter,spaces and yes we need to talk about it,want to make sure I get it out there KSI,hopped into enemy territory in this,Twitter space not sure why I did it but,KSI Mr knowledge strength and integrity,does things the way he does them I don't,know he's answering questions of the,opposite team he's answering Jake's fans,questions about why KSI does what he,does but that's not what got the people,going someone let it leak that KSI was,in the room and guess who showed up,Problem Child now this changed the angle,of the conversation no longer was it,fighter talking to fans it was the two,fighters we want to see in the ring,talking to each other and some big,things came out what well the breakdown,let's go all right so let's talk about,what happened,Jake basically Amish KSI in this room he,basically said,I wanted to say to this guy for the last,two years in front of my fans and he's,really not going to be able to say,anything about it the first one was,watch yourself,and the first one,was,KSI you didn't fight Woodley why didn't,you fight him I fought him on short,notice why didn't you and to be fair to,Jake,he kind of has a point bro that's what I,did that's what I did when Tommy pulled,out I fought Woodley again I was,training for a different fighter I was,training,bro you're made and you know it,KSI even said he regretted not going,with the Woodley fight so,if that was the fight,why not make it now,and I get KSI too you know he was,training for a southpaw bringing Woodley,in now even though I know just like you,guys do Woodley's gonna sign and he's,gonna show up it wouldn't have made as,much sense as sticking with a southpaw,like Tommy it fits his style isn't an,easier fight,probably but it doesn't mean it's not,competitive because it absolutely is,Tommy is a competitive fight for KSI no,doubt about it let's just say that Jake,was right sure he didn't pick Tyron,Woodley okay well,who else could there have been and,that's,when Jake brought up slim and you duck,glimp you should have fought slim,because slim beat face temper slim is,not even that great bro what are you on,about then why wouldn't you fight him,that's a bigger fight he's undefeated,he's undefeated honestly dude honestly,Jake swimming slim versus KSI is 50 50.,like I think case like actually,that's a good fight that's a good fight,now Slim is the fight I told you guys,that KSI should absolutely take that was,the one that made the most sense Slim's,undefeated he's also knocked out Tommy,who KSI is fighting temper Tommy I know,I say his name a lot but,again you come into what is,unfortunately,a kind of a conundrum for KSI,how does he go and fight a guy that's,he's not prepared for a guy that just,beat this man,and Ryan Taylor,what's up brother good to see you how,are you my bro I'm chilling man chilling,good looking,blow it up bro you know I'm trying I'm,trying I'm getting there so again while,I don't disagree with Jake in fact I I,do agree with him it should have been,slim absolutely should have been but,KSI is fighting temper because of the,style matchup and that's really it,that's all I can really say KSI got,caught in a corner again here and his,defense was like I said okay he said,exactly what it was I'm fighting temper,because he's a South Fawn that's what we,prepared for so my coaches said and,that's really it but I think Jay got the,upper hand here too bro I'm here to,build Miss Misfits am I not oh come on,man come on what you mean,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it in between a,bunch of back and forth bicker in two,school girls in the yard going back and,forth over who's their favorite crush,and why they didn't talk to him in,recess both guys did end up saying okay,well let's make the fight you want to,fight over the summer well I said well I,said I said well I said end of the year,in it but are you actually somewhere in,a rematch at the end of the year am I,gonna are you dumb actually are,you going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro Jake actually,pointed out that he already tried and,he's right that he said when Alex Wasabi,pulled out last year that he would come,in and fight JJ for free now this is,where I call a little bit of the yes on,Jake he was not fighting KSI for free as,much as he wants to say it that fight,was way too much money for him to come,in and say oh I'm just to show up and do,it for free what do you have shown up,what do you have done it absolutely but,not for free and he knows that that's a,little bit of gamesmanship and KSI,called him on it I think that fight's,way too big to do it on nine days,personally but I do think Jake would,have shown

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Adin Ross & Zias Get Into a FIGHT on Stream!

Adin Ross & Zias Get Into a FIGHT on Stream!

and I don't even know anymore lately,it's like I I feel like I have to try my,hardest to get your attention it's like,you don't take me out to eat it's like I,have to insist you don't no no no no no,no I'm talking to you no you don't take,me out to eat no that's not funny come,here I'm not sit I'm serious bro nah bro,real you don't think,put the gloves on bro,I don't want to do this,right I don't want to do this bro I,don't want to do this chat I don't want,to do this,bro,you know what it you want to do,this ,you really want to do a bro you,want to really do bro,chat you wanna do this give me one,give me one,okay,foreign,foreign,foreign,I guess you're not tired you ain't doing,that you're tired movement,I wanna I wanna box in 20 20 24.

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Let's Find Out Why Twitter is Fighting for **WARRIOR NUN**

Let's Find Out Why Twitter is Fighting for **WARRIOR NUN**

does this feel really foreign to you,because it definitely feels very,important to me I'm like how do I even,film it's probably still a little echoey,in here it's not completely done but,we're in our space we're living we're,laughing we're loving we're here to,watch a brand new show guys so for the,lack of better terms I got um as one,would say harassed on Twitter being like,yo you need to watch Warrior none and I,put out a tweet which I probably,shouldn't have but just basically saying,you guys I can't keep doing this you,keep telling me to watch these shows I,do and then they get canceled maybe it's,me it's me hi I'm the problem it's me,but I made a promise to the warrior,non-fandom which is the show we are,watching today to do a video on this,topic and hopefully you know get you,guys to be a fan of the show help get it,renewed the whole shebang so this video,is going to start off a little bit,different than what we usually do so I,did watch season one on my own season,two just got released it is Eight,Episodes all the episodes run from about,40 to an hour-ish long so it's a pretty,easy watch you honestly can sit down and,binge it pretty quickly to wrap up this,intro it kind of quickly or as quickly,as possible I'm going to give you a,little rundown of what season one,contained so then we can watch the first,two episodes of season two together and,then if you guys like it obviously go,and watch it on your own if you don't,want any spoilers go watch season one,and then come here that could be really,fun as well but for y'all who want to do,the former rather than the latter oh say,that five times fast I'm gonna give you,a quick rundown of season one,um stay with me okay because saying it,out loud it makes it sound ridiculous,and you're like,what is this show but it actually is,really interesting okay okay hold on so,season one starts off with our main,character Ava who um is dead there's a,shady ass nun who is like yeah no she's,dead I don't know how that happened she,probably killed herself,but then these like sexy ass nuns come,in and they're like fighting these,things and they have their leader who is,severely injured and we find out her,name is Shannon and she has this thing,called a Halo in the back of her back,yeah she is the protector of it and this,Halo basically amplifies her abilities,to do kind of superhero-esque things she,is the leader of this organization of,these sexy nuds again sounds crazy stay,with me stay with me so we find out that,she is dying which is uh not very good,for these beautiful nuns she has this,friend named Mary who personally,everyone's like oh they're best friends,they're this they're that I I think,there was a little oh,you know they say their goodbye to each,other Shannon tells Mary hey don't trust,anyone because these people are shitty,as hell I know we're in the church but,these are some Sinners don't trust them,so Shannon unfortunately passes away and,they're like okay well we got this Halo,what we gonna do so they put it into,Ava's body now when they put the Halo,into Ava's body oh she Rises up she's,alive and she's like oh how did I,get here and here's the twist she was a,I don't know how to say this properly,but she was paralyzed and she literally,couldn't move but with this Halo she's,able to move so when she gets to Halo,she gets up she starts running around,causing Havoc being like I don't know,what's going on but I'm gonna live my,life psych girl no you're not she,quickly goes on this journey of like,discovering herself she meets a boy blah,blah blah blah blah and we go through a,couple episodes of her trying to kind of,like understand what has happened to her,her accepting it because one she's not,even religious she's like good for you,I'm not about that life I didn't ask for,this like I'm just here to have a good,time maybe kiss a boy Maybe,you know I don't know like let's see,where it takes us but she eventually,finds her way into the church so this is,like a whole Couple Episode journey and,a lot of you guys who have seen the show,told me like hey you know the first,couple episodes are a little slow but,like hang on to it which I completely,agree with I honestly honestly honestly,wasn't really into it until like the,fifth episode-ish fifth or sixth of 10,which is such a shame because here's the,thing there was so much character,development there was so much of like,let's set up this scene let's set up,this whole world for everyone to live in,but it's only 10 episodes the way that,they did it was such a like 20 plus,episode season I don't know why shows,have abandoned this I'm assuming it's,for like audience attention like no one,can sit down and actually watch a show,and learn details about the characters,in the world but I love it like build me,a whole world but don't do that in a 10,episode situation you know what I mean,ugh whatever so along the way we meet,other characters we meet this woman,scientists I still don't know how feel,about her personally li

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thank you,thank you,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,thank you,very much,um,the five on the belt and,now,I think how happy are you James,did you have the fight close I know,unofficially Steve Farrow had added a,very very close fight I mean I think,he's gonna have been closer I think that,he was edging his wife,pulling his way into the fight you know,it was he was doing this thing what,impressed you the most from both,Fighters here tonight well the most from,tankers at some patient he took his time,he broke him down he wasn't in a rush,what about Hector did he did he do,anything I mean he was able to yeah,I think the first three or four rounds,made it more difficult for tank to get,to him which is good but I think he just,couldn't be sustainable based on what,you saw here how does he match up with,Ryan Garcia now I've never seen him,fight before ever no none of the fights,never seen the fight were you here for,the fight that was here on the ground,what happened tell the eyewitness report,hey man I don't know,whatever can you actually can you um,tonight,I don't know I know because I'm not I,wasn't here for that I was able to,support uh uh I'm here to support the,brother man I mean my first time ever,since the fight live that's what it was,all about well those were your first,time watching I'm Duran Booth interfly,what were your thoughts on them,I wasn't I wasn't I'm not a Critic,tonight I'm just all about watching you,don't have any thoughts on just how he,looks no because I mean if I come into,the fight with an expectational idea and,I can't enjoy the fight but if I come in,like with nothing you know okay granted,you came in with no expectations and,after watching it what were you just get,your thoughts on him like if you look,good did you look sharp was he able to,cut off,he did what he was supposed to do what,he's supposed to do is win the fight,and then any other time whenever you got,time to work on what everything you,didn't do you have time to work on it do,you think yeah,hypothetical I don't know,so I don't know I mean I'm not even,thinking about it you know based on um,the performance here tonight do you,think talk uh Ford Geron the face of,arrows should kind of calm down I don't,know I mean I think that um,I think that you got to believe in,yourself and what you know man what you,do good to meet you what do you think,about tank Davis's performance tonight,versus Hector Luis that was a it was I,think at least four smart took his time,because he is not gonna walk through,Stephen we just had another wonderful,night of boxing uh a little bit of games,were shipped inside of the crowd tonight,we had a little bit of a fight going on,man what happened,fan bases we had the Russells we had the,Meek Mill we had you know people you,know a little bit of conflict you know,you know but look everybody walked away,no problem just a lot of yelling and,pushing tank Davis with another another,knockout this one really did was sudden,and came out of nowhere the belt just,kind of came to a sudden Hall uh,described to me what you saw in the last,seconds of the fight well for me what I,saw I I did see a lot because I was,chaos but look that's the thing you,never want to rely on the power but,that's the advantage that the power,gives you you know you can have a it was,a rough fight it was neck and neck you,know it was tactical uh but when you,have that game changer power everything,can change in a couple punches and,that's exactly what happened what do you,think Hector Luis Garcia showed himself,in an effort he ultimately fell short,you know we we knew who he was he's 400,amateur fights he's tall he's tough you,know you but you know doesn't matter how,much experience you get you get hit in,the temple like that with a clean shot,from tank Davis it's going to change the,game,on greener pastures look like they lie,ahead tank Davis Ryan Garcia now it,looks like we will be getting The,Showdown sometime in April initial,thoughts now that we have Hector Luis,out of the way what are your thoughts,and feelings on that no look it's it's,smooth sailing now you know the road,goes straight to uh to tank and ride you,know that that's what's up next I know,there are people out there rooting that,it doesn't happen but tanks committed,Ryan's committed we're committed and,that's all that matters you know so,we're going to see that fight,they said that the Russells and um Meek,Mill were fighting you know that they,were the ones that were fighting yeah,congratulations,last night just now and Felix told me,that uh Hector Louise could not see out,of his right eye and that's why yeah,that was the shot he got caught with,foreign,foreign,Garcia 45 minutes ago just tweeted out,goodbye tank is over for you and Jake,Paul says that he's picking Ryan Garcia,to knock you out what are your response,to those companies,and things like that so,it should be no more talking it should,be just working and that's where Ryan,did right no more talking and he also,wro

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Twitter Employees FIGHT Elon Musk | Hasanabi reacts

Twitter Employees FIGHT Elon Musk | Hasanabi reacts

all right let's get to Elon watch pack,watch big fan watch you and Tim pool all,the time,yeah me and Tim pool we have very,similar ideas I think you can pull,wooden shows was under his hat you won't,show us what's under your house same,thing all right let's continue uh all,right so it looks like two-factor,authorization has been shut down on,Twitter by the way apparently they,didn't turn off two-factor,authentication but they did turn off the,service that sends you to the two-factor,authentication code so if you log out,and try to log in with the,authentication code you simply won't,receive one law lamal part of today will,be turning off the micro Services,bloatware less than 20 are actually,needed for Twitter to work that's,awesome looks like Twitter might be,having big security issue which is no,surprise remove app from your phone log,in from computer not phone set up,two-factor authentication make a,one-time backup login code store safely,tell friends do it now said bloatware,and took off one of the most significant,security measures from the application,that is insane to me that's crazy okay I,wonder what else got absolutely,eviscerated in the process like Elon has,talked about how his vision for Twitter,uh to to basically turn it into like,WeChat you know what I mean which he's,too stupid to do like there's no shot,he's gonna be able to achieve that,meanwhile he's like oh we got to take,off all this bloatware what do you mean,dude that's what normalized and made,Twitter like more all-encompassing like,that connection between Twitter and,other applications if you want to go in,the WeChat Direction like you're doing,the exact opposite thing he doesn't even,know Twitter API and is making changes,yeah I don't know who he's listening to,I don't know who's in his corner or,Twitter like I feel like someone is just,like blowing this up or worse he,legitimately is single-handedly making,uh these decisions which would be crazy,apparently in the process of removing,bloatware Twitter 2fa is now broken,email codes might still work but I'm not,testing it for obvious reasons if you,have two-factor authorization you want,to continue and want to continue using,Twitter I remember I recommend not,logging out since you will be unable to,log back in,That's crazy dude two-factor costs heaps,I think so be saving money with removing,it but it's horrible what bro that is,that is something that you have to have,that's a crazy take there's no way,you're cost cutting that significantly,when the actual the actual damages that,you're potentially uh putting on the,platform which makes it easier like,which makes it infinitely easier uh to,to you know take advantage of security,flaws I don't know what to tell you like,if you legitimately think that that's,like worth it because it's not turns out,you were right he is a dumbass yeah some,exactly dude with the nose I could also,save heaps by not installing seat belts,in my cars well Elon already kind of did,a version of that where he was like you,know if you're in a if your car lights,on fire your doors lock automatically so,you you save heaps that way you know,what I mean rolling out soon Twitter,Twitter will enable organization to,identify which other Twitter accounts,are actually associated with them will,any user be able to be slash create an,organization or will Twitter be the,Arbiter of what constitutes an,organization ultimately I think there is,no choice but for Twitter to be the,final arbiter but I'm open to,suggestions dude this is literally Elon,Musk come into the realization that like,if you run a platform like this you are,going to be the Free Speech you are,going to be the end I'll be all in free,speech how is this any different dude,how is this any different Elon Musk is,learning,what uh Elon Musk is learning in real,time,the the necessity for all of these,things that he criticized from the,outside,most basic problem is that Twitter was,not being run by Lefty sjw type,suppressing Free Speech it was being run,by business people who were trying to,make money with the same aim he'll end,up trial and erroring his way back to,their exact policies a series of oh so,that's why they were doing it like that,moment it's true that's crazy that oh,here what is this so Elon is talking to,Eric fraunhuffer who is a Twitter guy,who is now super slow on Android what,have you done to fix that we have done a,bunch of work to improve performance and,we found it it correlates well with,increasing UAM and AD spend agree,there's plenty of room for performance,improvements on Android however I don't,think the number of requests is the,primary issue Elon Musk for a cold start,of the app there are 20 requests to load,home timeline most of those requests are,non-blocking and happen in the,background this includes things like,images user settings hashtags Etc I,think there are three reasons the app is,slow first it's bloated with features,that get little usage second we have,accumulated years of tech

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KSI: Dillon Danis Won’t Compete for Misfits Boxing Again - The MMA Hour

KSI: Dillon Danis Won’t Compete for Misfits Boxing Again - The MMA Hour

he is the undefeated,let's see boxing,promoter,boxer recording artist,um YouTuber uh sometimes actor,entrepreneur,um drink entrepreneur as well there's a,lot of things that this guy is doing,he's kind enough to give us some time he,is the one and only JJ AKA KSI there he,is hello kids oh what's up all right,first of all I'm not a good actor,I'm terrible you were in a film right,you were in a film oh it was I I no no,okay it was terrible well uh yo great to,be here man thank you for having me from,from the uh familiar spot right here,this is big,yeah yeah no it's uh well obviously last,time I saw you with uh Dennis going ham,and then all obviously after going in on,him and uh going in on me and you know,Misfits and everyone and it's true yeah,we probably had a bit too much faith in,him actually trying to show up I didn't,even didn't even show up in the end so,yeah that was that was bad enough but,Israel is I'm still back you know,fighting this Saturday and uh yeah I'm,ready you know fight comes done I'm,prepared and uh yeah I'm excited to get,back in the ring and just again show,everyone that you know I'm serious about,uh this boxing thing okay okay so we,went a few steps to uh ahead there yeah,you just went and went crazy on me uh,first of all you know who would have,thought I get the 10-7 over Dennis you,don't even get to punch him in the face,it's a crazy world that we live in,um but let me ask you this let's start,with that uh going back to Austin uh you,guys agree to the fight he says to us in,the interview that he was supposed to,fight,Logan Paul Logan gets injured and I,guess it was according to him some Talks,Of You may be fighting someone else and,I want to ask you about that person is,that all true did it all go down like,that or was that made up,no no that is all true so I was gonna be,fine wouldn't we and Tyron Woodley uh,Dennis yeah and I was and then uh what's,his name uh Logan Paul was gonna be fine,then Dennis and then uh yeah and then,Logan got injured uh the budget got,shorter,from The Zone uh and then we were kind,of like oh okay and then Pine Woodley,was just having a little back and forth,with the rehydration claws and you know,the weight so we were just like well,we've got Dennis here who's who's free,and he's hungry and he's he's been,telling us he wants to fight he's been,going in uh telling my manager moms yo I,want to fight I want to fight I want to,fight so I was like all right let's,let's go Dylan Dennis he wants it you,know he's hungry for it and he's gonna,be entertaining you know I know between,Dennis and Tom Woodley I'm gonna get,more entertainment from Dennis because,he's just wild and he's just weird,stupid but he he's you know he,gravitates eyes towards him and it's,just going to make it a bigger spectacle,also get the MMA Community into the,whole uh into whole into watching it and,it was just kind of like a smart play,and I knew I'd just knock him out anyway,but you know I think it would have been,just a great Showcase of me to be like,okay this is what I can do and then uh,and then yeah he's just there's a lot of,just well I mean there's obviously we,all know what the story is well so I'm,curious was there any part of you that,thought he might not show up like,initially no no no no no,real soon,throughout the process like even when,you saw him sitting here were you,starting to have any doubts,while I with him being there kind of,made me go oh okay he's actually serious,like he's going on your show he wants to,actually fight he's he looks like he's,somewhat prepared you know maybe he was,rambling on here and there but he looked,like he was serious so I was like all,right cool and you know from what my,manager's been telling me what people,have been telling me they're like oh,he's he's actually down so I was like,cool let's do it like I did hear,Whispers especially on Twitter and like,maybe if you comment here and there,being like oh he's not gonna show up,he's not gonna show up he's not gonna,fight he's gonna fight but I was just,like,nah man especially with the amount of,money he was going to be getting I was,like there's no way he's gonna just put,out especially everything he said saying,I'm not a real fighter saying that you,know I'm I mean I'm I'm an idiot uh I'm,stupid this is that that I I call box,blah blah blah he's gonna knock me out,blah blah blah there's no way he can,come through this much smoke and then,pull out and then he did,it is a crazy thing it is an absolute,crazy thing is there any part of you,that goes back to the press conference,and says we should have known then like,he didn't show up to the press,conference maybe that was a sign,well I mean that could have been smart,on on his part because for him to travel,all the way to the UK to do a press,conference and then fly back to wherever,he's from to then train again it's it's,kind of doesn't really make too much,sense and you know maybe,if he had then maybe use that as a,holiday not holiday as a way t

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what'd you think of the stoppage here,Toronto when he was surprised by Corner,uh stopping surprise huh but but it's,not surprising but the power we have and,uh his ability and his skill set so it's,not social product did you have the,fight close I know unofficially Steve,Farr had at a very very close fight I,mean I think it should have been close I,think that he was edging his way,pulling his way into the fight he was,doing this thing what impressed you the,most from both Fighters here tonight,well most from tankers that impatient he,took his time and he broke him down he,wasn't in the rush what about Hector did,he did he do anything I mean he was able,to,I think the first three or four rounds,who made it more difficult for tank to,get to him which is good but I think he,just couldn't be sustainable based on,what you saw here how does he match up,with Ryan Garcia now I've never seen him,fight before ever no none of the fight,I don't know,um,based on what you saw tonight,I don't know I know because I'm not I,wasn't here for that I was there to,support uh uh I'm here to support the,brother man I mean but first I've ever,seen him fight a lot that's what it was,all about well that was your first time,watching I'm Daron booth and a fly what,were your thoughts on them you know,I wasn't I wasn't I'm not a Critic,tonight I'm just all about watching you,don't have any thoughts on just how he,looks because I mean if I come into the,fight with an expectational idea that I,can't enjoy the fight if I come in like,with nothing you know okay granted you,came in with no expectations but after,watching it what were you just get your,thoughts on him like if you look good,did he look sharp would be able to cut,off,he did what he was supposed to do what,he's supposed to do is win the fight,and then any other time whenever you got,time to work on whatever you think you,didn't do you got time to work on it do,you think yeah,hypothetical I don't know,I don't know I mean I'm not even,thinking about it you know based on um,the performance here tonight do you,think talk uh Fords run to face barrels,should kind of calm down a little bit I,don't know I mean I think that um I,think that you got to believe in,yourself and what you know man what you,do it can't be really kind of like uh,I don't know do you agree with what he's,saying I'm not emailing everyone would,have smoked him no I'm not in it I'm not,in there I'm right in there,do you think they could be possibly,moving him a little bit too fast right,now Durant that's not the IVF interim so,he's technically arrowed on mandatory he,thinks a little bit too fast too soon I,don't know man I'm trying to catch my,man hey right right,thank you

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