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Jake Paul VS. KSI Heated Argument (Twitter Live)it's just a waste of time why don't you,just give th

Jake Paul

Updated on Feb 06,2023

Jake Paul VS. KSI Heated Argument (Twitter Live)

it's just a waste of time why don't you,just give the fans what they want,it's a waste of time like even even Mr,Beast,even Mr Beast comes on your podcast and,is like yo why don't you just fight Jake,and you're like oh,I mean,buddy,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it,I'm going to send a boat Christmas,I'm ready I'm ready Corby,bro you know that I agree I agreed to,fight you,I agreed to fight you for free and you,know that and everyone online knows that,on short notice you had me you had me,two weeks before your fight I could have,fought you for free I could have fought,you for free on short notice and you,still pussied out,okay,Tommy's not gonna show up either,brother you and him you hey hey what,what what's hey what's in the water in,the UK because because y'all be ,y'all be ducking bro hey hey duck duck,goose duck duck goose,laughs,yo KSI you want to fight over the summer,but are you actually going to do it,when when,ended again but like actually are you,going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro,how am I gonna Retreat you always do you,always hide behind negotiation I offered,to fight you for free and you still,wouldn't do it so what are you gonna do,now,I swear I swear that I was going to,fight you for free you can ask Logan he,called me he called me and he goes why,the would you agree to fight him,for free and I said tell him,get anything from king size manager,about that like was that ever cops at,one point bro duck duck goose duck duck,goose,duck duck goose it was your fight it was,your fight I said I would show it for,free why would I send you a contract for,your fight that I was gonna show up at,in London or wherever the ,it was and knock you the out,you know you're yes they will allow it,what the do you mean people get,approved all the time on three weeks,notice they approve Tyron Woodley on,nine days notice your excuses honestly,bro honestly like from the bottom of my,heart and even your fans see it bro even,your fans see it that you're just,ducking and making up so many excuses,all the time and it's always a,new lie it's always this it's always,that,I don't give a what size the ring I,don't give a about any of that ,bro,bro I'm walking out with a ski mask,taking all the earnings of this, thing because you said we would,fight winner takes all I'm walking in,with the ski mask bank robbery knocking,your ass out in two rounds and,then I'm doing a front flip off of your,body while it's on the campus and you,can and you can ,guarantee that but you're a and,you're a and I hope you I hope I,hope you realize it I hope you realize,that when you look yourself in the,mirror at night every every ,night you realize that you're ducking me,and you're scared and the greatest thing,that ever happened to you is Prime and,my brother brought that to you and,you're lucky because the Paul family,keeps blessing you but I'll see you,later boy,peace,whoa

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Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

all right let's do this,so,if you guys didn't hear I'm in London,but that's not the big news that we're,talking about today,Jake Paul and KSI just had their first,unofficial press conference on Twitter,spaces and yes we need to talk about it,want to make sure I get it out there KSI,hopped into enemy territory in this,Twitter space not sure why I did it but,KSI Mr knowledge strength and integrity,does things the way he does them I don't,know he's answering questions of the,opposite team he's answering Jake's fans,questions about why KSI does what he,does but that's not what got the people,going someone let it leak that KSI was,in the room and guess who showed up,Problem Child now this changed the angle,of the conversation no longer was it,fighter talking to fans it was the two,fighters we want to see in the ring,talking to each other and some big,things came out what well the breakdown,let's go all right so let's talk about,what happened,Jake basically Amish KSI in this room he,basically said,I wanted to say to this guy for the last,two years in front of my fans and he's,really not going to be able to say,anything about it the first one was,watch yourself,and the first one,was,KSI you didn't fight Woodley why didn't,you fight him I fought him on short,notice why didn't you and to be fair to,Jake,he kind of has a point bro that's what I,did that's what I did when Tommy pulled,out I fought Woodley again I was,training for a different fighter I was,training,bro you're made and you know it,KSI even said he regretted not going,with the Woodley fight so,if that was the fight,why not make it now,and I get KSI too you know he was,training for a southpaw bringing Woodley,in now even though I know just like you,guys do Woodley's gonna sign and he's,gonna show up it wouldn't have made as,much sense as sticking with a southpaw,like Tommy it fits his style isn't an,easier fight,probably but it doesn't mean it's not,competitive because it absolutely is,Tommy is a competitive fight for KSI no,doubt about it let's just say that Jake,was right sure he didn't pick Tyron,Woodley okay well,who else could there have been and,that's,when Jake brought up slim and you duck,glimp you should have fought slim,because slim beat face temper slim is,not even that great bro what are you on,about then why wouldn't you fight him,that's a bigger fight he's undefeated,he's undefeated honestly dude honestly,Jake swimming slim versus KSI is 50 50.,like I think case like actually,that's a good fight that's a good fight,now Slim is the fight I told you guys,that KSI should absolutely take that was,the one that made the most sense Slim's,undefeated he's also knocked out Tommy,who KSI is fighting temper Tommy I know,I say his name a lot but,again you come into what is,unfortunately,a kind of a conundrum for KSI,how does he go and fight a guy that's,he's not prepared for a guy that just,beat this man,and Ryan Taylor,what's up brother good to see you how,are you my bro I'm chilling man chilling,good looking,blow it up bro you know I'm trying I'm,trying I'm getting there so again while,I don't disagree with Jake in fact I I,do agree with him it should have been,slim absolutely should have been but,KSI is fighting temper because of the,style matchup and that's really it,that's all I can really say KSI got,caught in a corner again here and his,defense was like I said okay he said,exactly what it was I'm fighting temper,because he's a South Fawn that's what we,prepared for so my coaches said and,that's really it but I think Jay got the,upper hand here too bro I'm here to,build Miss Misfits am I not oh come on,man come on what you mean,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it in between a,bunch of back and forth bicker in two,school girls in the yard going back and,forth over who's their favorite crush,and why they didn't talk to him in,recess both guys did end up saying okay,well let's make the fight you want to,fight over the summer well I said well I,said I said well I said end of the year,in it but are you actually somewhere in,a rematch at the end of the year am I,gonna are you dumb actually are,you going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro Jake actually,pointed out that he already tried and,he's right that he said when Alex Wasabi,pulled out last year that he would come,in and fight JJ for free now this is,where I call a little bit of the yes on,Jake he was not fighting KSI for free as,much as he wants to say it that fight,was way too much money for him to come,in and say oh I'm just to show up and do,it for free what do you have shown up,what do you have done it absolutely but,not for free and he knows that that's a,little bit of gamesmanship and KSI,called him on it I think that fight's,way too big to do it on nine days,personally but I do think Jake would,have shown

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KSI Confronted By Jake Paul (Full Twitter Space)

KSI Confronted By Jake Paul (Full Twitter Space)

KSI just got confronted by Jake Paul in,a Twitter space take a look at this I,think the reason why people are,struggling is because you say you want,to fight Jake for me I'll speak for me,I'll just say this for me I don't see,how you get to the Jake fight by,fighting um Tommy and then that's not,taking anything away from temper I'm,sure he's great I've seen him fight but,I you could I think you and I could,agree The Temper is not on the level of,competition that Woodley is or that,Silva is no matter who I fight unless,it's someone like Canelo people will not,be happy people are only going to be,happy until I fight Jake for me,personally Jake as well like people,aren't really happy with his opponents,personally I disagree I would have,respected you if you've taken that,Woodly fight or if you've taken,um uh anywhere I was gonna take the I,was gonna take the Woodley fight I was,gonna take the Woodly fight it was me,versus Woodley Dylan versus Logan Paul,that was what was going to happen it was,going to be a huge card in Texas that,was planned,is therefore you still want for Webley,or you just want to move on I mean no I,I don't mind at this point like,because yeah like I said I'm fighting,three times so I want I want High,competition I want to be tested,repeatedly I get tested all the time in,sparring I for this for this Camp I've,had 111 rounds 111 rounds of meat just,going ham in the ring you know like and,these aren't like lights boring this is,someone going at me trying to knock me,out and I'm there not even surviving but,outdoing my opponents I'm putting it,putting it on them so I'm I'm I'm,constantly each Camp I'm just getting,more and more ready and prepared bro you, why don't you fight,words,why don't you fight Woodley he could,step in like well you were gonna fight,do it now do it now because he's ready,bro how am I gonna do it now when,Dylan shitty Dennis pulled out,in how many days,bro that's what I did that's what I did,when Tommy pulled out I fought Woodley,again I was training for a different,fighter I was training,bro you're made and you know it,okay,bro you know I would you up I in,two times bro you know you know,yeah keep talking keep talking why do,you think I came back why do you think I,came back you came back to act like you,were gonna fight me and then when the,negotiations happen you get all ,up,then how come you haven't me up,then how come you haven't done it yet,well it's because first of all you're,fine,yeah yeah here we go come on,Hey Jake,but I show up every time and,fight actual real pros and yeah myself,fair play fair play bro fat play you've,done a great job there okay and then,when I come through I Flatline you you,understand that there's levels to this,game,wait levels levels FIFA tired Willie and,knocked him out slumped him and you're,fine Phase 10 oh yeah okay you're,literally fighting,look at the pace,got knocked out Woodley literally stood,there to get knocked out you on,his face that's what we do know yeah,yeah cool and then I'd be one of the,greatest Combat Sports Strikers of all,time KSI you have nothing to say right,you know what you know what's crazy is,your ego can't handle this ,you know you're afraid and you just,can't admit it KSI have you fool anyone,younger than 40. I'm Not Afraid why,would I be afraid I'm here to come and,fight you I beat up your best friend,I beat up your best friend buddy and,then we were supposed to fight but you,got scared anything else you,want to say bro because you're just,making yourself look like an idiot here,I no I said I make I came through to do,why not,and then like okay well all right ,how's that is that better I don't know,what the that both I came to do,music I don't know what that ,means all right cool now I'm moving on,to you up and show everyone that,I'm the greatest when it comes,to this YouTube boxes you haven't done,anything like that you haven't done,anything to prove that oh okay okay yep,cool and you duck glimp you should have,fought slim because slim deep face,temper slim is not even that great bro,what are you all about then why wouldn't,you fight him that's a bigger fight he's,undefeated he's undefeated honestly dude,honestly Jake swimming slim versus KSI,is 50 50. like I think case like,actually,that's a good fight that's a good fight,offense,Slim's not that good but slim bait,temper when you're fighting temper does,that make sense,okay cool watch why do the temper,Lads why don't you understand it's just,a waste of time why don't you just give,the fans what they want what you mean,it's just a waste it's a waste of time,like this is just even showing even Mr B,reminding people even Mr Beast comes on,your podcast and is like yo why don't,you just fight Jake and you're like oh,well because bro I'm here to build Miss,Misfits am I not I mean oh come on man,come on man are you here to build,Misfits because you just said you were,here to take me out so which one is it,yeah I'm here to build Misfit take you,out I'm bro I'm

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HIGHSCHOOL VLOG (sophomore year) + huge fight!!

HIGHSCHOOL VLOG (sophomore year) + huge fight!!

now we're walking to we're walking to,first period right now cuz we just were,like 30 minutes late no 15 minutes late,my fingers are freezing too if you see,this Berlin this is the food YouTube,yeah so follow me you didn't even say,stupid,sample we're at lunch now and guys I've,been vlogging because you know I just,happen and we just do like a kiss our,slap video whatever they don't even know,what to do that she don't even the next,clip is Kimberley telling you guys about,herself,follow my Instagram my is DRI,threesies a why dot Jalen is now I'm in,the locker room I give my whole entire,locker room to myself because they said,I'm a youtuber and I shouldn't associate,with other people I'm just playing now,but it's cuz I'm in cheer and I get like,this locker so everyone else has to,dress out there and I get a dressing,here but guys I'm just not a baby,because I know I'm gonna keep on my,sweats out I have on my red hot cheese,and his bull shirt I'm not a fan but I'm,wearing it because it's Q and guys I'm,gonna start like doing more vlogs and,stuff high school for you guys because I,know a lot of my subscribers like school,vlogs and everything but yeah in my,dance class were doing like some ballet,stuff in his so we're she'd be having us,out here looking so dumb I'm probably,gonna bring my phone i'ma try to record,in there I don't know hi guys welcome to,my youtube channel um think your eyes,here you see shaky-leg right oh my god,so I'm here with Stephanie,Eponine ashari definition of nobody but,um if you ever have your own Instagram,add me I pretty da are yaa,hhhh or add me on my spam at the,official thick queen cuz you know like I,said they're relevant but like I was,saying the tall,we've done the same,we got here you know sexy I knew you,oughta stop everything you're doing and,go follow her right now I don't care if,you're eating I don't care if you're,blinking I don't care if you're walking,your fish go follow her right now okay,can't see anyone with the video mi7 for,you bro I'm with my friend Moses stop,we're going work today guys each other's,guys welcome to my new do today we,reversed austere you know all I know I,know I got guys this is the camera right,here can we just take a moment and look,at how cute I am like oh my god I'm,playing,no but guys follow me on instagram,because I ran game when people shout out,this whole video and like I didn't even,get myself a shout out so follow me it's,gonna be on the screen,it was like my pubes about we're know,what this said look cute but my girl was,shy nearly all right you look cute,12 year I lose you black empowerment,black excellence yes,the follow me a pretty sour why I a hhhh,my guys bathroom buddy,we're lobbying for shariats money,say hi to the world okay so what else do,you want - I got you I'm kidding,let up Kim K colors so you know it's,gonna be like $5,000 yeah,since this is fired by Kylie I'm stopped,moving so much before I put a lawsuit on,tinkles right okay we're almost done,with acrylics you know you know we,poppin right I think the bad guy thank,the food not to forget you we're almost,done,movies that movie before I get you out,of my now someone but you know you I own,this place don't you ,I need you okay you suck these doctor,here cost more than your life it's my,fault got more than you he beat take,this on out take it out together,do some s somewhere no because we're,probably been to warn you guys a mouse,Bengie Jason Buda y'all yeah the first,thing the real snack you though is me is,bear I like today we're gonna teach you,how to do musically lip syncs and hand,movement I'm sorry,you

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Trolling Feminists on Twitter (Part 2)

Trolling Feminists on Twitter (Part 2)

update i hate men hope all men die hope,you fix your hairline god i hate men you,came from your dad's balls,today we're gonna be trolling feminists,on twitter again,last time i got quite a lot of views,when i posted that video i had 3k subs,i'm now at over 100 000 subs i don't,know what else to say but thank you this,is insane didn't expect this to happen,that quickly but i'm very grateful i was,going to do 100k special but then i,don't know this is just going to count,as my 100k special would you expect me,to jump out of a plane no some german,feminist tried to take my account down,on twitter failed well done for that you,did absolutely nothing i hate covid with,everything in me but men i hate men bro,wow she hates men so like i was like,okay let me click on your profile see,what you're saying and i was like ow you,look like coving right you look like the,origin all right calm down i hate men,click on the profile and i see that,she's 18. how are you 18 years old 18,years old i mean this is fair play like,she's 18 i could roast the out of,her if i wanted to 18 years old and,using the snapchat if it was year 7's,use like calm down you are so clapped,that even snapchat filters can't fix it,how does one use a snapchat if it were,and still look extremely ugly i don't,get that personally because i'm,extremely beautiful so even if i use the,snapchat filter then i'm like levels,ahead to be honest the world's a better,place if you hate men because no one,loves you you're clapped sort your life,out you're 18 and you look like you're,turning eight oh you hate men,she hurt him them how are you three,different things at once then how does,that work all right and one of them is a,male pronoun your opinion is invalid,until you decide your gender just make,up your mind it's not that difficult i,swear down you don't have to put every,single pronoun that's ever been invented,in your bio right i hate when men show,emotion like you're a grown man shut the, up stop crying la mao aimed at my,dad a man showed one ounce of emotion,what a how could he it's,not like he's a human being no no no no,men are basically aliens let's be honest,guys they're not human they can't show,emotion that is too far you came out of,your dad's balls that man probably,squealed when he came in your mum,that that's disgusting but i hope that's,exactly what happened to you just your,daily reminder i hate men i click on the,profile and she used ginger i mean i,could only reply with one logical thing,hahaha ginger gingers can't have,opinions you can't speak facts if you're,ginger it's true i hate men so much,roses are red violets are blue you're,clapped and no one loves you tell me,that is not a great poem that is,a lovely poem and it's true it has a,meaningful message and it's a poem a job,is needed i need the job even though,you're tweeting about how you hate men,you know the lucky thing is right glad,i'm a man and would get paid more than,you want me to get a job right fine i'll,get a job and i earn more money than you,i hate men look what the bio says,aspiring astrologer is that a ,career path now astrologer you're just,going to talk about stars and,how that affects your whole entire,personality you're born in august you,are the devil reincarnated i swear down,yeah this tweet is as smart as you being,an aspiring astrologer sounds like a,solid career path it just does it just,sounds like where you'll get the big,bucks really done it update i hate men,cheers for the update really needed that,one because an update from some random,woman on twitter is exactly what i,needed and then i do click on her,profile and i see that she looks like,that little lizard and her bio,says hottie that is cat you're not a,hottie you're a lizard and lizards are,cold-blooded animals if you did not know,that so clearly not a hottie so i,replied with hottie and brackets in that,picture i hate old white men i hate old,white men i hate old white men i hate or,white men i hate,you yeah you get the point twitter for,iphone is tim cook the ceo of apple he's,definitely a black young juvenile winnie,he just is can't get any younger and,darker than him you just can't please go,touch some grass it's the internet get,over it men are stupid and in don't,respect them she in don't respect us,that is despicable and now i click on,her profile and i realize she has a,netflix stan account netflix show stan,account on twitter telling people to,touch grass and she's 21. that is just,sad 21 year old running a netflix stand,account telling people to go touch grass,laughing my ass off i just do find it,funny you can't make fun of people while,running a stan account it just doesn't,happen stan accounts yeah move on if,you're running a sound account move on,get real get real that actually might,count as a disability in the very near,future to be fair i will forever hate,men referring to women as females how,could i ever do such a thing as refers,to a woman as female i would never do,such a thing okay f

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unacceptable,wait there's a fight there's a fight,let's go it never campers they did it I,was wrong half of you ,voted for chaos and you were right Kevin,McCarthy has appeared to lose the second,Speaker of the House vote because the,Republicans are Walling out they have a,slim majority as we talked about,yesterday in Congress and there's just,like five of them that just refuse to,give him Kevin McCarthy to become the,speaker of the house which I think is,really funny one of the funniest parts,about this of course is the reality that,like they don't even have any real,demands but like they don't really have,any demands so what are they supposed to,do if they don't have demands like it's,just like there's nothing you can,there's not really you can do anything,in this situation pretty obvious that,they just are doing what Republicans,always do right like they're just kind,of obstructing but they're obstructing,and they're doing Republicans to the,Republican party we have to do jobs that,we are called to do and so my colleagues,I Rise eyes to nominate the most,talented hardest working member okay the,dick riding goes crazy in Congress dude,of the Republican conference who just,gave a speech with more Vision than we,have ever heard from the alternative I'm,nominating Jim Jordan none of this,matters but it's nice to see chuds,arguing amongst themselves again yeah it,makes me very happy to see this the chip,Roy and the members of the freedom,caucus get on board and let's do our,damn job enough of the crap do that,until we elect a speaker so to chip Roy,and the members of the freedom caucus,get on board and let's do our damn jobs,and enough of the crap,love that I love seeing that you love to,see it folks a little bit of infighting,you know I just like the chaos I don't,give a it doesn't matter to me if,Jim Jordan is the speaker of the,house it does not matter if it's ,Matt gate you know what I mean it's just,like it doesn't matter ultimately it,doesn't matter because Republicans don't,have an agenda they do not have an,agenda they got nothing whoever is the,speaker is gonna you know launch a,fuckload of uh investigations on Hunter,Biden's we all know that which is,going to be super sweet because he's got,a nice one every American is gonna see,it and go oh wow what a nice he has,right that's pretty much what's,happening here that's pretty much what,they're going for so who gives this ,Ben Shapiro is correct and it's awesome,McCarthy's job is speaker and the job of,the GOP is to say no okay which by the,way again ew gross like the fact that,he's smarter than this and admits it,makes him more evil I think than the,average Republican voter who's just,stupid and don't understand that this is,like literally their job but he is right,that's it since Dems control the Senate,and the White House what is the actual,policy Advance by stalling him here,other than hand Dems a PR win by,depicting the House GOP as a clown show,really explain it to me who is the,alternative who will lead Republicans to,a brighter future what is the policy,objective sought how are Americans help,you don't have to be a McCarthy fan to,ask a simple question what is your,actual plan here you guys it is he's,right that is what's going on shut the, up Ben luckily nobody cares about,your takes sixth vote for the house,speakers Happening by the way which is,awesome I'm so stoked on this I,love that they're just uh absolutely, sucking dude it's awesome bro,you know what this is I hate to to be,super lived up here but this basically,is Ron Swanson in parks of recreation a,Libertarian who is working in this like,local government position who internally,tries to disrupt the process right that,is exactly what these guys are doing I,mean that character is written off of,guys like this you have these ,weirdo right-wing conservatives who are,like I don't want I'm a part of the,government because I want the government,not to work okay so that's is what,they're doing it's what they would do,regardless of who the speaker of,the house is and this is an opportunity,for them to basically yes as you call as,you correctly called out political,commit political arson because like they,have no genuine world view they have no,political aspirations the goal is just,to basically hold block push and and you,know Farm their uh donors I,don't know if he's dead yet but he's,close because,I've never seen a situation where,someone takes someone hostage and their,main demand is I want the hostage dead,yeah,okay I'm not gonna lie that is actually,a pretty good analogy I can't believe,I'm handing it to this asshat it,is insane what is going on dude what the, is happening Jesse Waters actually,made a good analogy like a decent joke,that did not involve him like talking,about sexually harassing women or,talking about how like every liberal,arts graduate has a cat and won't ,him a lot of rare W's happening in this, Bizarro existence that we live,in now some of me thinks this is,personal l

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I Started A Fight With British Twitter...

I Started A Fight With British Twitter...

I don't really know what happened all I,know is America and England are back at,it again folks because I put out a funny,tweet and it started something that I,didn't expect to really happen but um I,thought this would be good to share with,you guys for those of you who for some,reason don't follow me over on Twitter,so basically I a few hours ago tweeted,out British people be like I'm going to,the bathroom okay and I thought that was,kind of funny right like I got some,likes on that one I was kind of feeling,myself I was like okay this is going,pretty well thus far and then I'm well,yeah it started from there basically it,just snowballed into something I didn't,expect so it really started going out of,control with tweets like this like why,do Americans call it a restroom like you,ain't rest in there I had to hit him,with the coz we be rest in these,god-given ass cheeks on the toilet bro,then he says my ass is 10 times better,than yours and that's a fact and so of,course you know I had to get him here,you're not gonna disrespect the cheeks,bro okay your name is Jerry nothing you,have is nicer than mine lmao don't get,me started on you guys had to get him to,man like you're not gonna sit here and,threaten me first and foremost you know,we already got a head start in 1776 you,do need to get started on us bro like,you can't let somebody win on a tweet,like this man 52 to 3 it sounded like a,football score wearing I don't know it's,just like the worst team in the league,playing the Superbowl champions just not,how we pronounce it but okay you fancy,optimises YouTube account bloody good,content that's you you know once again,33 to 6 I'm blowing him out at this,point man I'm just I'm smacking him off,me left and right shoving him to the,ground bro like I'm winning and I didn't,really expect it to happen either this,was all pretty much unplanned up until,this all started happening Americans be,like let's touch base y'all British,people be like riot over kickball net,time Americans be like let's head on,down to Walmart bro okay now we're,getting disrespectful okay you're gonna,say something you can bring up Walmart,okay,disrespecting the greatest store on,planet Earth and this is where the war,goes from like a friendly skirmish into,straight-up bloodshed I put out I'm,catching British fades for the next hour,on the timeline come get Lexington folks,if you don't know what that is the,battles of Concord and Lexington that,kind of kicked,the Revolutionary War so I knew right,here like this is an opportunity to see,just test the people who follow me see,what's going on man hit me with the how,do you feel that 40% of Americans over,the age of 20 are obese so I feel okay,about it but how do you feel about,having some raging chompers Jerry Bobby,got him with the caveman Patrick meme,man and I don't think he was feeling too,hot after that one but then I saw that,Walmart comment and I just wasn't having,it man I hit him with the Brits be like,let's head to the supermarket got some,likes on that one too man and this is,where like I don't know like British,Twitter decided to gang up on me and,just launched a spearheaded attack I was,like that scene in dragon ball during,the cell and Gohan fight we're like all,those so juniors and stuff are like,beating the out of the Z fighters,and then Gohan snaps right and he just,goes through and just starts you know,slicing him in half with his hands and,like punching through him that was me,basically against British Twitter so,there's a lot of tweets that I can't,include in this because uh people of,course like within three minutes,basically started bringing up like mass,tragedies and stuff and I yeah it just,it's not gonna be able to make the video,if you want to see all of it it's it's,publicly available on Twitter but what's,it like having to pay for healthcare,probably like how it had to feel when,you had to buy billions of dollars of,military supplies off of us so Germany,didn't overrun your punk asses starting,in 1940 and then it starts getting like,I said it starts getting really serious,like up until now like we're joking,about history a little bit you know,we're making memes about things that you,know coastlines pronunciations of words,then you got people like this you know,you declare war on us and you'll be,nuked lmao it'll be funny to see New,York turned into a crater by Trident so,I just had to let him know who remains,on top right when it comes down to those,25 killstreaks and up until this point,like I'm just wading through a man like,they're just coming at me and I'm just,like grabbing their faces slamming their,heads together throwing them behind me,like it's just over with and this is,where people start getting mad man like,people are responding with just some,ridiculous like you know you're,really just another stupid American bro,at this point I knew what I was doing,was working and I knew that I was,overall winning the battle right like I,was winning America yet anothe

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The One Change to Russia Putin Couldn't Predict (War in Ukraine)

The One Change to Russia Putin Couldn't Predict (War in Ukraine)

Russia’s in big trouble, and it’s not just because  they are losing the war in Ukraine. Years before  ,Vladamir Putin came to power and recklessly  invaded Ukraine, Russia’s future was in jeopardy  ,due to an unexpected factor. Its population was  decreasing. A perfect storm of economic hardships,  ,disease, and war has caused serious demographic  problems for Russia. And when we look closely at  ,what is happening within its borders today, the  future looks bleak for the Russian Federation.,Putin has known for a long time that Russia  has a population crisis. When he came to  ,power in the year 2000, he almost immediately  began brainstorming ways to increase Russia’s  ,population. In Putin’s mind, more people equals  more power, and therefore, he needed to get the  ,population growing as quickly as possible. When  the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Russia went  ,into an economic crisis. It’s almost always  inevitable that when a country’s economy tanks,  ,birth rates go with it. We will examine why  this phenomenon occurs later on when we look  ,at what current economic sanctions and the war in  Ukraine are doing to family planning in Russia.,As the 90s progressed, Russia's birth rates  remained low. This affected the future,  ,as shown by the low number of people who  currently fall within the 25 to 35-year-old  ,demographic in the country. And since this is the  age group of people who usually start families,  ,there are not enough individuals to  significantly boost the birth rate  ,and grow the population. However, this  is not the only problem. The decisions  ,made by Putin over the years have made  Russia’s demographic crisis even worse.,For years, Putin has been declaring that  he will fix the population growth problem,  ,and for years he has failed. Putin has even  said that “saving the people of Russia is our  ,top national priority,” referring to the  stagnation of population growth. In order  ,to try and stimulate this growth and improve  Russia’s predicament, Putin decided to throw  ,money at the problem without any real plan.  Unsurprisingly, this tactic failed miserably.,So, let’s look at what led to this demographic  crisis, what Putin tried to do to fix it,  ,and why this problem is about  to get so much worse for Russia.,When the Soviet Union fell, mortality rates  significantly exceeded birth rates in Russia,  ,which led to population decline. To put  this into perspective, before World War II,  ,the population of the Soviet Union was around 195  million people. After the devastating consequences  ,of the war, the population shrunk to around 170  million people. These numbers include nations  ,that were formerly a part of the Soviet Union  but are independent of Russia today. However,  ,what these statistics show is the magnitude  at which life was lost due to World War II.,As the USSR grew during the Cold War, the  population within its borders also grew. By  ,1989 around 287 million people were living in  the Soviet Union. However, after its collapse,  ,Russia was left with only 148 million  citizens. If we focus on the data of the  ,region that would become present-day  Russia during this same time period,  ,we see that its population was growing  throughout the Soviet Era as well.,When we look strictly at the Russian population,  it increased from around 120 million in 1960 to  ,just over 148 million by 1990. Unfortunately for  Russia, this is when things start to go wrong.  ,By the early 2000s, the Russian population had  declined by around 3 million people. In 2007,  ,Russia’s population was under 143 million  people. For a man who said he would improve  ,Russia’s demographics in the early  2000s, Putin had failed miserably.,Vladimir Putin tried to make changes to the  Russian healthcare system, such as updating  ,hospitals to curb the country's mortality rate. He  also launched campaign after campaign to increase  ,birth rates by setting up financial aid programs  for anyone looking to start or grow their family.  ,This included a family allowance system that  gave bonuses to larger families. Basically,  ,Putin was incentivizing family growth in every way  he could short of forcing women to have children.,In his speeches, Putin talked about family values  and the importance of having a large household.  ,Although this is a little ironic since Putin  only has two daughters that we know of. However,  ,it has been suggested that he has at least two  other children who he had with his mistresses.  ,If Putin wanted to lead by example, he  would have shown the country that large,  ,close-knit families were the future of  Russia. However, he rarely talks about  ,his daughters and doesn’t really  portray himself as a family man.,When promoting large families did  not achieve the desired results,  ,Putin turned towards migration policies that  would entice more people to move to Russia.  ,You’re probably thinking that Russia would be  the last place anyone would ever want to move to,  ,bu

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