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Lex Fridman on Twitter drama over reading listperhaps this is a good place to also,mention,a little

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Lex Fridman on Twitter drama over reading list

perhaps this is a good place to also,mention,a little bit of a fun,Little controversy that evolved over,Twitter so I posted a reading list,quickly before heading off to a New,Year's party of books that I hope to,read in 2023 and these are based on,books that I asked people to vote on and,these are the ones many of the ones they,selected and they happen to be many of,the books I've read many times,throughout my life and really enjoyed,and they were like old friends that I,love visiting and revisiting and every,time I read them I get something new and,they they're just,read different throughout life,you know the way in my teens when I read,The Stranger by Camus was very different,than it was in my 20s and different in,my 30s I'll say my favorite book Now by,kamu is probably the plague and all of,that has evolved with Dostoyevsky I read,the idiot several times I read Brothers,karmazov both in English and Russian,Notes from Underground I mean I love,Dostoyevsky and a lot of these books are,just,yes they are Classics but they're also,deeply profound and they move me on a,intellectual level but also just as a,human being they're like travel,companions they're like old friends,uh old to dead friends,so yeah so I was wanted to celebrate my,love for books and it was very strange,to me that,um and if I'm just being honest for a,second is kind of painful that,um some prominent figures uh that I,respect,were kind of cruel about the list and,they they responded they mocked it and,all that kind of stuff,and basically taking the worst possible,interpretation,and,I have to be honest and say it was um,it wasn't fun because uh,it was just,it was just a silly kid me,kind of in a joyful New Year's mood,sharing with the world books I love,and,I think what was happening and this,seems to be happening a bit more,is there's a bunch of people that are,just almost waiting or hoping that I,fail or maybe that,I'm some kind of bad human being and,they they're looking they're trying to,discover things about me,that reveal that I'm a bad human being,and maybe somehow,um,this reading list reveals that I don't,know uh,I don't know,so one criticism,was that everybody read these books in,school and they're basic,I think my response to that criticism is,no first of all most people have not,read them in school maybe they're very,Cliff Notes and they're not basic,they're deeply profound some of the,greatest words ever written,but also,I don't think I've ever gotten,a lot from books I was forced to read in,school when I had to read them for like,an assignment some of these books I,think I've read in school but most of,them not but it's only when I read them,outside of school on my own volition,that I really gained a lot from it and,especially throughout my life regular,times as a teenager as a 20 in my 20s,and in my 30s,so no these books are profound and,deserve returning to and like I said,there are old friends that give me a lot,of meaning every time I return to,revisit the ideas and give me a new,perspective on life,another criticism was very kind of,nitpicky and the list was put together,really quickly and the goal I like,setting tough goals the goal is to read,a book a week and you know on one week I,had uh a little prince,followed by brothers karamazov and,people criticized uh that how can you,possibly read Brothers karamazov in one,week maybe I won't maybe I'll fail,miserably uh but I love trying and but,that's not actually was that wasn't,actually the goal I should have said I,intend to finish reading it by the end,of that week so you start earlier,because Little Prince uh takes you know,an hour or two to read and then Brothers,karamazov,um I could have the two weeks it should,take about 30 40 50 hours to read it,that said friends,I've read it already in English and in,Russian I'm interviewing uh the the,world famous I would say amazing,translators of Brothers karamazov of of,uh Dostoevsky of Tolstoy Richard pavirin,and Larissa volkowski,uh probably across multiple days so this,book means a lot to me I'm not uh,somebody's just kind of rolling in what,are the cool kids reading these days,these books have been lifelong,companions to me and the fact that,people just want to stomp on that and,a large number of people did people have,respect,yeah I'll be lying if I said it wasn't,it didn't suck a bit,anyway the,the love for reading,um,uh persists I have to say after that I,was very hesitant to even make this,particular video on Orwell on 1984.,and I'm not sure I want to be public,with my reading after this and I know a,lot of people will say no there's uh,like we're here with you where they're,very supportive and I love you I mean I,meet so many incredible people but the,reality just does suck to be vulnerable,and share something with the world and,uh receive that kind of uh that kind of,mockery at scale so,uh I will definitely I can I will not be,affected or broken by any of that kind,of stuff for something that's actually,meaningful like th

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Exploring The @gr3gory88 Creepy Twitter Account

Exploring The @gr3gory88 Creepy Twitter Account

Gregory 88 is a name of a Twitter user,that's been posting since mid 2018 and,his posts are bizarre to say the very,least today we're going to be taking a,look at his story one involving a,secluded inherited estate relics and a,cloaked figure that seems to be watching,Greg's every move despite not having any,eyes in case you guys missed it I did,cover the story briefly in another video,I just posted on the top internet,oddities of 2018 so if you want to give,that a watch it'll be laid down below,the video is ranked but also features,updates to stories if any are available,now in case you're on the other end of,things and came here from that video,we'll be starting from the very top and,work our way down to Greg's most recent,tweets at the end of this video I'm,going to quickly break down a few things,we saw and if you have any theories,based on the questions that come up feel,free to tweet them at me with that said,let's begin Greg's first set of tweets,were fairly mundane mostly consisting of,posts about things like food or watching,TV the tweets you see here were made,between July 22nd and August 16th so far,so good,everything seems completely normal,August 27th Greg tweets the following,just found out my grandpa died never,really knew him but still my mom never,wanted to talk about him and I never,really asked after this point Greg seems,to completely go dark for the entirety,of September and most of October until,he posts this on October 29th again,things still seem normal,Greg is outside enjoying himself not too,long later however Greg posts the,following something weird is happening,in the woods outside my house and I,don't know what to do I guess I should,start at the beginning this isn't really,my house it was my grandpa's but I guess,it's mine now he died a couple months,ago and because of some tricky paperwork,I'm apparently responsible for it now,he lived pretty far away up in the,mountains by the lake there are a couple,other houses down the road but they seem,like they're empty for the season,I assume they're summer houses I've been,here for a few days and it's really,pretty but it's super quiet and chilly,my mom never talked about my grandpa and,I only met him once when I was really,young I think they had a bad,relationship but the few times I asked,about it she got annoyed and changed the,subject,so basically I don't really know what,I'm doing here,this guy from my grandpa's estate,basically told me the house is mine now,so I came here to sell it as fast as I,can and go home I guess it's not that,easy to just sell a house especially one,in the middle of nowhere at any rate I,think I'm alone up here or at least I,was I figured I'd be up here for a,couple weeks to get all this handled and,go home and be done with it I'm on break,from grad school so I don't really have,any other responsibilities at the moment,but now where things are starting to,happen it started on my third day here,there's a little town about 25 minutes,away and I'd gone to get some food and,supplies since I don't know how long I'm,staying when I got back that evening,there was something strange on my door,it was this artifact I don't really know,what to call it,it was obviously handmade it was made of,sticks and twine and had some small,bones tied into the middle of it I,didn't think too much of it at the time,I figured it was probably a kid from one,of the other houses trying to mess with,me so I took it off the door and toss it,in the fireplace by the next morning I,had pretty much forgotten about it and,honestly I had too much of my plate at,the moment to worry about some kids,prank so I got up that morning made some,breakfast and went out on the deck to,have some coffee I was sitting there,drinking my coffee when I noticed,something hanging in a tree just over,the railing it was another one of those,artifacts it was just like the last one,but it had a rock tied to it instead of,a bone and then almost immediately I saw,another one in a tree farther down by,the ground I went down the deck steps to,retrieve it and then I started seeing,even more of them but they all had,different objects tied to them bones,feathers that sort of thing it was,definitely weird but I was more annoyed,than anything thinking that someone was,in my yard decorating the trees with,these ugly goth Christmas ornaments,also if someone was trying to scare me,it was going to take more than some arts,and crafts project to do the trick I,gathered all the artifacts together and,burnt them like the first one so after I,disposed of all the stick things I took,a shower got dressed and went back,outside to do some basic tidying and,whatnot the deck in the yard are sort of,overgrown and leaves are starting to,fall and cover everything being a new,homeowner is a lot of work turns out the,thing is that's when I found something,that actually did make me nervous,I was raking a corner of the yard when I,saw something dark on the ground off by,the trees I couldn't tell

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Orange Canvas - Dados: Twitter Network Explorer

Orange Canvas - Dados: Twitter Network Explorer

Hoje vamos falar sobre o oponente,Twitter e hora de camas como nós podemos,utilizá-lo para informado é segue termos,dados para que possam ser feitas algumas,análises em relação por exemplo a a rede,de relacionamento de palavras dentro,desses documentos então eu ativo colocar,o componente precisa ser instalado não,vem com desculpa que você faz o óleo de,Cannes você vai ter que vir aqui em,option é bom e fazer a instalação do,componente que é o testemunho na verdade,é um pacote desse pacote você vai ter,vários componentes dentro dele ele,reflita Então vamos visualizar como,fazer pesquisa e,a salientar para fazermos deste,componente é preciso que você já tenha,achado eu sou up Como obter essa chave,você tem vários fóruns na internet que,explicam o passo a passo como fazer para,obter Ela é bem simples basta entrar na,página do Twitter desenvolvedor e seguir,os passos o passo a passo eu vou aqui,usar hashtag por exemplo eleições,é para ser vocês aqui dentro dessa,hashtag eleições e você pode especificar,o você vai querer pesquisar se vai ser,em cima do conteúdo do autor é uma,extensão do conteúdo e qual a língua que,vai ser utilizada em nome do pai em,português,o máximo de ser vai buscar eu vou para o,craque 500 tu é,e o que permite retribuir nessa música e,foi isso é só você clicar em pesquisar e,água,a iva realizada eu posso chamar aqui o,for possível para que a gente possa,visualizar Quais foram os documentos e,forma trazidos nessa e,e pode comprar um,é sobre isso,é estranho mas é sempre muito bom,o seu pedido fazer em seguida,E essas um pré-processamento textual,esse para profundamente é sempre,indicado para retirar e não é,interessante esse conjunto de documentos,que eu posso fazer a transformação na,transformar tudo minúscula como eu for,a fazer o pouco a pouco a licitação e é,o clipe Então já tem aqui essa opção,marcada Mas para ficar aqui para,totalizar,e para tirar a palavra então eu posso,aqui especificar o Word coloco na Língua,Portuguesa e posso especificar o arquivo,que tem as palavras que ele vai retirar,eu posso usar uma expressão regular,o senhor palavras que iria filtrar Eu,não vou usar essa expressão regular vou,usar um álcool eu quero aqui apareceu,aqui expressão levou a,a&u esse filtro aplicado processamento,realizado frete processamento realizado,de forma agora utilizar um outro ou,político que vem no pacote online que,permite transformar o corpos uma uma,rede de palavra Então se falta a,o telefone porcos do Mato Grosso,a princesa ligação ele já Professor a,gente corre aqui especificar se o tipo,de nó nós queremos é documento ou,palavras eu vou colocar palavras,em qual o limite a frequência seja,é mais um o que eu vou fazer o nome dela,vou fazer aqui é meu aniversário vai,ficar aqui sem o que é que os meus pais,e eu coloquei fora sem o tipo de nós são,palavras ele vai procurar sem palavras,nos documentos e o sumo similar e,similaridade entre eles então vai criar,uma borda o perfil Entre esses,documentos fazendo o relacionamento,entre esses Como que eu posso diminuir,ativamos a cifra com a,e para visualizar essa rede,e eu vou usar um outro com Rodrigo de um,outro pacote de café se pode baixar que,é esse pacote aqui é a visualização e,netbooks são nesse visualização daqui a,pouco eu posso usar Network Vector 1,o gerente da rede e vamos visualizar o,gráfico Tão certo que ele gerou aqui,e essa visualização nessa visualização,tomatina especificado expressão regular,o arroba e ele trouxe quer as pessoas,que estão sendo identificadas naqueles,documentos que eu destruí vocês podem,perceber aqui,e no Twitter falando sobre uma,determinada Sul existe uma relação,a empresa essas pessoas aqui ó Jair,bolsonaro erro oficial vai dizer que,existem conversa,eu vou comigo e,o relaciona essas pessoas podemos ver,aqui ó ó,é mais uma relação outra relação e mas,existem pessoas que estão isoladas com,pressa,um relacionamento,o volante o mouse e,E essas pensando relacionamento,Bom dia,o Twitter envolvendo as pessoas,é sobre assuntos Em 800 eu posso mudar o,tamanho dos nossos,Bom dia,e vamos dar um outro exemplo agora,hoje eu vou trazer vou colocar um,oi oi,e vamos ver se fala sobre as especial,passar a rede ser montado ou não eu,coloquei duas,a Hashtag eu tenho várias redes formadas,aqui criando um relacionamento,E essas dez táxis documentos eu posso,retirar o dinheiro,e eu posso querer analisar esse conjunto,de dados aqui estão falando sobre ainda,passa seleção,e eu posso eu posso ver esse estados,relacionadas um passeio e,e quais são as palavras geraram essa,borda que relacionou esses dois,escritores documentos outro assunto que,eu posso fazer nesse relacionamento,entre o Corpus para netbooks e o,naturform f desvantagem os nossos,o Flamengo,Oi e aí quando eu faço essa relação eu,posso ver a frequência das palavras têm,do documento eu tô fazendo a relação por,cores,em consequência de palavras aquelas 8 15,e 20,é essa daqui ficou com frequência e,recorrência dessas palavras e 36,e isso é mais eles estão em torno de

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How to explore users’ tweets with Twitter API v2: Jessica Garson

How to explore users’ tweets with Twitter API v2: Jessica Garson

hey how's it going i am so pumped to be,here tonight,um one i wish i was in sunny southwest,florida with all of y'all um it's snow i,live in new york and it snowed yesterday,um so seeing y'all in tank tops um,and wearing warmer clothes is quite nice,but i'm so glad to be here i actually,learned how to code,um through a community program that,taught me python um,a little while back it was called hear,me code in washington dc and it was free,beginner friendly classes for women by,women and,one of the first meetups i ever went to,was a pie ladies event,um so i am so pumped to be with you all,tonight and tonight we're going to be,talking about,how to explore a user's tweets but,really this code that we're going to be,talking about tonight is actually,how i write most of my demos it's kind,of the foundational like boilerplate,code i use for most things that i do,it's actually my first time giving this,talk so any feedback that you have,please give it to me i'm so excited to,share this with you,and um it's actually funny um when,vanessa first reached out to me about,this she actually reached out about,another talk,and i was like maybe i'll take a step,back and try this new talk um,that kind of goes into like how i build,it um and how i can like,extend on that so tonight we're going to,be talking about the steps that you,would need to build something that,explores a user's tweets,um typically you know a lot of times we,see um,twitter bots being built as like,people's first um entryway into the,twitter api but i always like working,with like tweets coming back i don't,know i like like the,data science side of things and so um,yeah,um so tonight i'll be talking with you,about how to explore our users tweets,um my name is jessica i'm a developer,advocate on twitter so you might be,wondering like,what does that mean what is a developer,advocate to do like how do you advocate,for developers,um and so what that means is i hang out,with developers,such as everyone who's here tonight um,speak at conferences speak up meetups,um have one-on-one conversations if you,know you're,you're looking to build with the twitter,api and you don't know,where to start sometimes i'll like talk,to you i talk to groups of people,um on the flip side um if you're having,you know issues getting access to the,twitter api i can help you out,um if you know when a lot of times,internally people are like so,how will developers receive this new,feature i'm,in the meeting trying to advocate for,the needs of the developer community,so that's what i do at twitter it's,super cool i feel like i have,one of the best jobs that one can,actually have because i get to build,really cool things with python all day,um so that's super fun and you can find,me on twitter,at jessica garson um yeah,so um the agenda for tonight is that,we're going to talk about what you need,to get started building with the twitter,api,um steps to building a solution,um talk a little bit about like what you,can build with the twitter api,as well and we'll do some conclusion and,next steps,also um feel free to use the question,box i have it shared on a different,screen so,if you want to introduce yourself in the,question box or anything like that i may,ask you questions i'll be watching that,as well so,cool um also a note on today so this is,a tutorial but i'll also be,a live coat of adventure as well um,so um if you see me make a syntax there,or anything please say something,um in the question box i'll probably,make at least one,probably more to be honest but you know,please please please let me know it's,one of my favorite things about being in,a room full of developers,is that you know we're all here to help,each other out so,there may be a syntax,or two also um this is a tutorial,so i'll be taking breaks and pausing but,if you get lost that's okay this is,recorded,you can reach out to me after also,um with that being said too you need a,twitter developer account and you need,to apply for access if you don't have,access,to um the twitter api that's okay um,we will this will be recorded and i'm,happy to like if you have,if your application is still pending or,anything like that just let me know so,um yeah um yeah this is gonna be a,little bit of an adventure but it should,be fun i'm excited i've rehearsed it a,couple of times so it should be good,um and actually we're gonna be talking,about two endpoints tonight um,one is recent search which allows you to,retrieve,and explore the public timeline of a,user's tweets,from the past seven days so it basically,lets you get tweets from the past week,and um this is the only end point,available to do what i wanted to do,until today at 4,um and we actually just announced,another endpoint,timelines our new v2 version of,timelines just launched this afternoon,and so there's two timelines endpoints,one for user tweets,and one for user mentions so with these,new endpoints you can request,a twitter user's tweets for their last 3,200 tweets,um or me

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This New Game Is TAKINGOVER Roblox BedWars!

This New Game Is TAKINGOVER Roblox BedWars!

all right boys so in today's video we,are going to be playing a brand new game,called the survival game okay that's,what it's called and recently bro this,game's been going viral okay I mean,tankers playing it flamingo's about to,be playing it so many YouTubers have,been making videos on it okay so listen,boys as soon as we click Play We Are,Gonna spawn in and we are gonna become,the strongest Kingdom inside of the game,okay I'll play this game a little bit,and uh okay boys we've officially,spawned in and I'm gonna check uh I'm,gonna check what kingdoms are afoot oh,my God there's a kingdom with 11 members,that Kingdom literally has every person,in the server in it okay and that's the,kingdom we're gonna be attacking today,bro we need to get ready we need to set,up base somewhere and honestly I feel,like using this guy's place and what the,heck yo this guy just put down a bunch,of walls over here he's breaking a tree,hold on hold on we might have a chance,we're gonna take over this stuff right,now dude we're taking over this stuff,he's running away oh come here dude I'm,taking all those walls that you left,over there okay boss I appreciate you,building me a kingdom so far he said,Peace I'm sorry bro we don't we don't,come in peace over here okay honestly,for now we're gonna leave him unless he,tries killing me okay but we need to we,need to build a crafting table okay we,got a crafting table we need to build a,bow and then we need to build some,arrows okay there we go listen man I,would spare him but he's in a different,Kingdom and look at this guy too yo hold,on hold on I might have to kill them all,I'm taking over this place from my own I,must kill you my man I'm sorry I didn't,want to bro but I have to listen boys,it's just like Bed Wars oh my God he's,giving me the rock y'all calm down dude,you're dead yo look at him flopped on,the floor this is my kingdom kid we're,taking his Banner bro he placed one over,here we're taking over his kingdom get,this thing out of here man it does not,deserve to be here and there's another,guy up there hold on I might be able to,kill that guy I'm destroying this Banner,I'm going back to my crafting table I,need to find out what kingdom this guy's,from he's from like a purple Kingdom,hold on I'm killing him well this man's,running into the cave what are you doing,oh his base is right here yeah we,definitely need to kill him dude we,definitely need to kill him,he's so weak oh my God what is he doing,I'm just whacking him on my ax bro he's,running dude he's running for the,heavens you're not getting that ball bro,sorry,I just killed him dude he gave me so,much resources I broke his boat too dude,we're out of here dude he has an entire,base over there hold on I need to get a,little bit more geared okay I need a,sword I need some armor and then we're,taking over his base okay we're,destroying all of his banners he does,not deserve any oh yeah I forgot to,create my own kingdom Hold on we're,gonna call it the mini Mafia customize,we're gonna make it blue okay there we,go I'm the owner of the mini Mafia and,this guy's entire base just got,destroyed bro what happened to it I'll,take all the resources though hold on,wait I hear people oh my god there was a,guy over there dude he's like fighting,people hold on he put on this armor okay,we got everything on for now I need iron,armor though he's rushing he's rushing I,don't have a sword yet dude I think I'm,gonna try killing him dude I got no more,ammo okay hold on we need to build a lot,of these a lot of these a lot of these,80 arrows dude that's way more than we,need get some iron going,for now we're gonna claim this area as,our own okay we're placing down the,banner this is our area from now on okay,I'm gonna be honest boys we kind of got,a bit of a problem I made a crossbow and,everything and I'm trying to make some,armor but uh yeah we need some hide we,need to go find animals to kill and bro,what are you doing on this boat dude yo,yo yo let me ride with you bro come on,wait for me all right never mind listen,man I was gonna give you a chance I,don't know whose kingdom and this is,dude but it's not existing anymore,um you guys good I can't make a sword,either okay I need to kill animals for a,store too yeah that guy's dead this man,has a knife y'all calm down with a knife,yeah oh my God he had hide oh my God yo,whose base is That Yo that boat is crazy,hold on hold on we need to sword we need,a sword no no no I can't let them break,my base I'm not even kidding they all,pulled up on a boat boys hold up that's,like a 1v4 they're gonna take my stuff,they're gonna take my stuff we can't let,him we can't let him it's an entire clan,we gotta kill the guy with the armor,first boys,they're already getting weak they're,already getting weak,no no they're gonna close the gate oh my,God I killed one I killed one no no they,closed the gate they closed the gate,y'all open it up dead I can open it I'm,gonna kill them all I'm gonna kill them,all

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Everything Funny That Happened On Twitter In 2022

Everything Funny That Happened On Twitter In 2022

this is you know I didn't pick these,tweets they were picked by my mods so if,they're not that good it's because my,mods picked not good ones right all,furniture is ugly a true statement that,I made because I was looking around the,internet trying to find furniture and,all looked bloody terrible the memories,someone took offense at my no onion,extra pickle Double Quarter Pounder,order they stopped making my burger,Midway in order to put a whole onion on,it as if the mere suggestion that onion,is bad is an insult to their entire,family line I think this has happened,multiple times onion is still bad like,it is actually bad although to be fair I,wouldn't say it's grown on me,necessarily but I don't hate it as much,as I used to what I'm trying to do with,my life is just like grip my teeth and,deal with stuff like I didn't used to,eat tomato and burgers and I would take,that off but now I'm just like it I,can eat a tomato I'm 31 20 years old and,that tomato ain't that bad with onion,I'm just like it I'll eat it and I,still don't like the texture but I can,get through it I'm like yeah it why,not like to be fair like it didn't,matter what period of my life I was in,if I was out with people and someone put,onion on my burger I just eat that ,like no way I'm gonna sit in front of,like a bunch of people and just be like,excuse me,take off bits onion of a burger like I'm,not that crazy George pepia Jr,tweets day one of tweeting to Dark Viper,Au until he admits Australia is fake and,on their first day I respond Australia,is fake I'm a people pleaser man sure,the government might kill me for,admitting to this in public but you know,I take these risks for my my fans now,the unlicensed movies and TV meta for,twitch creators is over what's next for,them will they actually make original,content or they go back to stealing,YouTube videos from actual content,creators yep half the content on Twitch,is YouTube videos again I mean we say,this is over but what was the most,watched stream on Christmas on Twitch,the time where people can be super,creative and have like Christmas,specials and stuff to celebrate with the,community it was xqc watching Home Alone,so it's never really over as long as,there's the on Twitch who just,want to steal people's some people,feel sad because our world isn't more,like the world of Pokemon don't feel,that way I would 100 kill you with a,trousers if Pokemon were real so you,wouldn't be able to enjoy such a world,anyway makes this world seem better eh,you're welcome again chat a people,pleaser I'm just out there helping you,out there's just black void that I'm,sitting in like I mean there's no other,alternative I suppose it's a it let,me give you some advice don't take,advice from people on Twitter this is,good advice you should totally take it, people who tweet them the,world is sick referring to my pole which,is better if you could only have one for,the rest of your life which would you,pick and 65 of people picked onions and,only 35 pick pickles but why there are,so many different types of pickles like,are you really telling me on your,cheeseburger at McDonald's you're you're,biting into that and you're thinking man,I'm so happy the onion is there not the,pickles the onion I have on more than,one occasion imagine a scenario where I,was sent back in time and then became,stressed due to believing I won't,remember enough to capitalize on the,situation I have to actively tell myself,to stop thinking about it as it's never,gonna happen probably I still do,sometimes do this it is stressful I'm,sure everyone does this sometimes like,just things about how they would handle,particular scenarios that are never,going to happen because we're all dumb,basically throughout my GTA 5 rainbow,Miser series people have constantly left,comments asking why I'm so bad at flying,it physically pains me that I do not,have the time to write because I don't,have wings in reply to each of these,comments I've done it a few times though,I don't like spend too much of my time,making such shitty jokes but I do have a,little bit of time for that so if you're,one of the people who got one of those,comments you're welcome because that's,funny as now this is a banging,tweet yellow all the levels of,complexity it's it's just what color is,yellow I meant to say the dude's name or,something I don't know man it was a dumb,thing I said okay,it's funny though you asked a lot so he,made it now rolling out Labs nft profile,pictures on iOS I respond on one hand,targeting a subscription towards stupid,people who've already proven themselves,willing to spend money on stupid things,is a brilliant business decision on the,other hand knowingly taking money from,stupid people is morally not a good look, Savage nft is bad no ,thanks as skill up would say nfcs are,still around chat there are still people,actively on Twitter being like nfcs of,the future man the greatest thing ever,look at my profile picture gross gross,wait didn't you buy Twitter b

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Social Media Use Explore Twitter

Social Media Use Explore Twitter

if you're in the interactive,presentation you can click on any of the,images below to jump to that point in,the slide presentation let's start with,twitter twitter allows short status and,observations 140 characters or less,shared between friends acquaintances and,strangers people and brands look much,the same twitter is one stream imagine,that you've written your post on a,little post-it note folded it into an,argument sailboat and dropped it into an,actual stream down it goes so sign up,for twitter to sign up go to,slash sign up be sure to use your real,email address this is what Twitter uses,if you forget your password and it's,also a good way to get notifications,Twitter settings can be found at, slash settings / account,once you're already logged into Twitter,just click up here where your name is,and you'll drop down a nice menu Twitter,settings let you handle all sorts of,things you can set your profile,information that includes your handle or,your username your avatar which is,whatever picture you like a 140,character bio you can give it a location,and that's free form you can say you,live in the San Francisco Bay are you,you can say you live on planet Earth you,can look at various settings for privacy,notifications and a lot more in terms of,privacy your Twitter stream can be,entirely public or entirely private to,only the people who follow you now this,is something that Twitter users tend to,think is a little bit odd use of Twitter,is generally considered people are,strange if they are private in Twitter,so it's really recommended that you go,public or don't use Twitter very much at,all because if your private and you want,to follow someone a lot of people will,say if they can't follow you back and,see what you are like they're not going,to let you follow them and they'll block,you once you've gotten into twitter be,sure to follow bapt at twitter com sfb a,apt this is us and you just go to our,page click the follow button so sign up,with Twitter let's take a test drive,this is my Twitter homepage things are,happening I can type something new in,here,or I can push this button up here at any,time and it'll give me a tweet if I,click on my picture you see I can get,profile and settings as i said before i,can search twitter i can see that i have,one notification this will take me home,this will give me messages i've got five,new tweets if i want to see them they,come in regularly there's all sorts of,things that are happening today from,people who are going on in mine who are,talking in my twitter feed i can go and,see and that i've posted this many,tweets and following these people if i,go to my homepage then i can see some,more things I can also see what my,favorites are and these are the things,that i have posted here's my bio and,where I live and all sorts of things i,joined twitter in 2007 so you can see,there's all kinds of things going on and,from your homepage you can also edit,your profile and get a lot more things,that you can change so that's twitter

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Who Killed WEDNESDAY In Minecraft!?

Who Killed WEDNESDAY In Minecraft!?

he looks like we just arrived in,Nevermore Academy and this distress,signal is going crazy,now yeah they're getting faster looks,like it's this Locker right here,enter his lock entry,1938. somebody has murdered Wednesday,and it's mine and Guido's shop to find,out who did it hmm Guido the body is,still fresh the Killer's got to be,around here,oh,so somebody finally took me out huh,impressive we should probably find out,who did it before they strike again oh,my gosh it's Wednesday's ghost head over,to my locker detective dude this is,absolutely insane uh are we gonna leave,that body out there I'll deal with it,this is my school bag you've got my,sensing sword a few snacks oh and thing,of course don't worry he's friendly,one of the Multiverse is that noise,um I'm not really sure but it sounds,like it's coming from this way oh maybe,the kill is there all right Show,Yourself killer oh my gosh school dance,that's Billy Katie and Austin oh and,that's our gym teacher arnetta wonder if,one of those guys had the guts to take,me out well we're about to find out when,when no no no no no no no no this,thing's running away that's so,suspicious get back here Austin is now,our main suspect,no hey I don't want to dance let me go,oh they're getting away hurry wait I've,got just the thing,all right,so thing Austin I hereby accuse you of,killing Wednesday what I didn't do that,I just worry not to tell my friend that,a detective was here your friend that,would be me howdy detects you you can go,back to the dance Austin,who is this,Enid I've been trying to find out who,killed Wednesday too I mean she is my,best friend at all if I could die again,I would I have three main suspects Billy,Katie and arnetta well Guido looks like,we've got a friend,sounded like it came from behind this,tree,the tension is taking it easy on you,punks you almost ruined the school dance,for everybody now you've got two options,you can either stay in detention and,write Ten Thousand lines on the board or,you can win your freedom by completing,my obstacle course,so which is it gonna be obstacle course,oh this is gonna be fun my last student,completed the course in one minute if,you can beat their time I'll let you go,all right and if I set a new record,you've got to tell me where you left so,Wednesday yeah sure whatever,you can do it Steve oh my friends are,right I can do this I'm just gonna Focus,gotta concentrate and if I build,momentum I'm gonna increase my feet,we know this is awesome,whoa one step at a time and we're gonna,find out exactly what happened to,Wednesday I can't believe it he's gonna,do it I'm not if I can help it,wow,forget about me huh,oh my gosh we did it the new School,record no arnetta about that deal yeah,I'll ask you one more time arnetta where,did you last see Wednesday fine I'll,tell you everything whoa Guido look at,me this must be the night of the crime I,was heading to the pool when I saw Katie,her clothes were all torn up maybe into,a fight was Wednesday yeah that is a,little bit suspicious let's go arrest,her now detective let's hurry oh whoa,whoa hold your horses in it Katie is,still just a suspect we don't know for,certain she did it all right Guido here,we go,hey everyone get out yeah,that's right go away back off detective,you haven't ever seen anyone with powers,like me before this is gonna be fun,you're under arrest criminal oh,hey I'm out of here but before I go let,me leave you in the company of my,friends,here thanks Wednesday we can finally,fight back against these now we've just,gotta wait until this demon stops moving,so fast,oh you're not getting away that easily,come here you,are ready,trying to escape that's not a good look,Katie now I've got you Katie admit it,you're the killer you can do it I was at,the pool I'm just hanging out when I saw,my brother poking it into the pool,you're such a freak Eden Wednesday,arrived to help her friend she is not my,friend are those piranhas the Piranhas,were vicious and they came after me next,I barely escaped alive and headed,straight to the school nurse oh so that,must have been what annetta saw and,that's when I saw Billy Revenge will be,mine I saw him leaving the school shed,all right well it's settled school shed,let's go,hold on why don't we go to Billy's dorm,room instead the shed could be,um,um a trap,um okay Dom rieman is I guess all right,here we are Billy's room whoa this place,is a mess okay guys you wait out here,this clearly requires a closer look from,a detective of course,uh sorry Guido can't hear you man this,is strange these look like spell bugs,don't listen to come here detective,why what have you got to hide Billy what,the,who knows for you you're trapped in,there I've got this,I've got this at least I think so uh,thing like it really is some help,okay this is officially insane now oh,Billy's firing at me no yeah,oh yeah Billy why are you doing this oh,he's gonna be the murderer I just gotta,keep Billy occupied until my friends get,here come on come on co

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