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Emoji comparison: Facebook vs WhatsApp vs Twitter | DWAHello viewers,Using emoji has increased rapid

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Emoji comparison: Facebook vs WhatsApp vs Twitter | DWA

Hello viewers,Using emoji has increased rapidly,since Apple had added their,Emoji keyboard in iOS 2011,WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter,are not available in seven countries,In August 2013,the word ‘emoji’,was officially included in,Oxford,English Dictionary,There are 145 million daily users in twitter,There is a controversy,around who actually invented emojis,88% of Facebook Users,Created their Account,to stay connected with their,Friends & Family,A study shows that,using emoji differs between,men and women,WhatsApp Users Open the App,Around 23 Times a Day,Facebook Is the Third Most  Popular Site in the World,It’s next only to Google and YouTube,The word emoji literally means,"picture" "character" in Japanese,More than 29 Million Messages,are Sent Every Minute in WhatsApp,In the United states of America,Women Use Facebook More than Men,World Emoji Day,is an unofficial holiday,celebrated on 17th July every year,Only 1% of our total viewers,subscribed our channel,Encourage us,by subscribing our channel,Stay happy, stay cool,Bye

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Animal Emoji Comparison: WhatsApp vs Twitter vs Facebook vs Messenger | DWA

Animal Emoji Comparison: WhatsApp vs Twitter vs Facebook vs Messenger | DWA

Hello guys,,Welcome to our new video.,In this video,you will watch,about Different types of,animal’s emoji,in different platform.,Let’s start the video,If you ,like the video,hit the like button,and share this video with your friends,and don’t forget,to subscribe our channel.,Hope you enjoyed,emoji list.,To learn something new,stay with us,and subscribe the channel,Stay happy stay safe.,Goodbye.

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Cara Ubah Emoji Twitter

Cara Ubah Emoji Twitter

halo halo semuanya Selamat datang di,channel solusi tv,di video kali ini kita akan membahas,Bagaimana cara mengganti emoji di,Twitter,sebelum lanjut ke videonya jangan lupa,di subscribe,dan juga Nyalakan tombol loncengnya,langkah si Agar kalian tidak tertinggal,oleh video-video terupdate dari solusi,tv,Oke deh kalau gitu kita langsung aja ke,videonya,selain video ini saya juga membuat video,tentang bagaimana cara membuat pin,estetik di Twitter Videonya bisa,teman-teman cek di pojok kanan atas sini,Oke teman-teman jadi pertama-tama,pastinya kita buka aplikasi Twitter kita,kita buka aplikasi Twitter kita lalu,teman-teman bisa pergi ke bagian pojok,kiri atas ini gambar profile kita,setelah itu teman-teman pergi ke,settings and privacy pengaturan dan,privasi lalu teman-teman bisa pilih di,bagian general yaitu display and Sound,nah disitu ada di bagian display ada,emoji ya teman teman di situ kita,dijelaskan kita menggunakan emoji dari,aplikasi Twitter yang langsung bukan,dari emoji bawaan dari handphone kita,jika kita ingin menggantinya menjadi,bawaan emoji bawaan dari handphone kita,teman-teman bisa langsung nonaktifkan,saja lalu teman-teman bisa langsung les,start aplikasi Twitternya,tadi Kalau saya itu pengaturannya dia,masih bawaan dari aplikasi Twitternya,teman-teman Cuman karena handphone saya,tidak support jadi tidak ada pilihan,emoji di dalam aplikasi Twitter saya,teman-teman jadi ini berbeda-beda ya,teman-teman di setiap divais atau,disetiap handphone itu berbeda-beda kita,coba pergi lagi ke settings ke display,and Sound Danu emoji kita nonaktifkan,ini,kita nonaktifkan maka kita harus,terlebih dahulu ya teman-teman keluar,dari aplikasinya kita restart,aplikasinya kita langsung oke ini aja,dulu ini,langsung kita keluar dari aplikasinya,baru kita kembali masuk lagi ke dalam,aplikasinya jadi harus direstart ya,teman-teman,dengan begini kita langsung mengganti,emoji yang kita gunakan di Twitter yaitu,dengan emoji bawaan dari handphone kita,teman-teman jadi emojinya berbeda ya,teman-teman dengan emoji dari bawaan,Twitternya langsung kalau teman-teman,ingin mengaktifkannya kembali,teman-teman tinggal centang lalu,teman-teman restart seperti tadi Maka,langsung terubah deh emoji dari aplikasi,Twitternya itu,gampang banget kan temen-temen caranya,teman-teman bisa langsung coba aja,oke semuanya itu dia video kali ini,bagaimana cara mengubah emoji di Twitter,semoga membantu ya,video ini saya juga membuat video,tentang bagaimana cara menonaktifkan,akun Twitter Videonya bisa teman-teman,cek di link deskripsi di bawah sini,jangan lupa like dan subscribe untuk,terus dukung channel solusi tv agar bisa,terus berkembang dan memberikan,solusi-solusi menarik lainnya,terima kasih sudah menonton dan sampai,jumpa lagi

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Gain Followers on Twitter With Images & Emojis - Tips

Gain Followers on Twitter With Images & Emojis - Tips

hello guys in this lesson we're going to,talk about creating a balance between,images text and video let's get started,people are sharing content on Twitter,every minute there's a lot of noise,going on tweets that people posts if,you're not finding ways for your content,to be discovered by your potential,audience your tweets will be buried down,in the sea of tweets your goal is for,people to click on your content engage,with their posts and follow you use,visuals that will catch your viewers,attention to make it possible you must,create a balance between the images text,and video that you will tweet create a,short tweet if there is a need to post a,text-based tweets keep it short,your viewers don't have the time to,spend reading your tweet if you have,long texts on your tweets people browse,their feeds at a fast pace and having,short tweets will make it possible for,them to read your tweet they won't miss,out on a short tweet compared to reading,a 280 character tweet remember that,tweets with images are more likely to,catch one's attention,so it's best to have an image supporting,your short tweets choose an image status,of high quality so that it can easily,stop once I from browsing their feet and,land on your tweet instead add text to,your image posting tweets with images is,not enough to catch one's attention,especially if you want them to view your,content your content might be a blog,that people can learn something from,it's more appealing to one's eye if they,see the text on the image customizing,your images by adding text will help,your viewers easily understand what your,tweet is all about it makes your tweet,more appealing and informative when,people see tweets they first try to look,at the visuals rather than the text so,if your image has sex added to it then,people will visually comprehend your,tweet faster since they already,understand,your visuals it will be easy for them to,glance at her attractive message that,you have included in your posts use,charts if you want to show statistics,seer viewers not all people love seeing,numbers but if you want to let them,understand numbers in terms of business,sales the number of people affected in a,study or topic then crafting your images,with charts to easily show the,comparison between data you've collected,is the best way to use when showing,statistics videos get more engagement on,Twitter create stunning videos by adding,a little animation text and subtitle on,your video Twitter will only allow you,to upload a short video it will also,play in a loop make sure to edit your,video and add texts so that it will be,easier for people to understand what,you're trying to tell them this is best,if you're trying to promote a product,that you want people to check out let's,look at another tweet this is a video,showing people how to prepare their,snack if you're selling kitchen supplies,it's great to show video demos of,different ways people can use your,products you may notice in the video,that there are texts added to it so that,people will know what ingredients were,used in the recipe at the end of the,video you will see texts and a call to,action where you can order the products,shown in the video your content must be,worth sharing tweets with visuals like,images or videos are more likely to,catch people's attention people will,understand your message quickly compared,to plain text sweets post relevant,content to attract more people to follow,you and check out your tweets as more,people like your content they are more,likely to share your tweets with their,followers now that you know about,creating a balance between images text,and video we can now proceed to the next,topic using emojis and tweets I'll see,you there hello guys in this lesson,we're going to talk about using emojis,in your tweets let's get started emojis,have,changed how people communicate on social,media we use them as we send their exes,to our friends comments on posts and is,a part of our posts it is widely used on,Facebook Instagram whatsapp and,especially on Twitter emojis can add,mood and personality to your tweets it,can create an emotional connection with,your viewers seeing a moseys will inject,tone towards replacing or supporting,texts people process visuals like emojis,faster than words or texts there are so,many emojis that are available to you,just choose the emojis that are relevant,to your tweets people will notice your,tweet as it stands out among the tweets,they browse and they will also enjoy,viewing your tweets with emojis emojis,can increase your click-through rates as,you can see in this example to eat they,have used three emojis to support the,call-to-action links here first they are,telling people to get email updates as,they click on this link if you see this,mail emoji you will know that it,pertains to email next they are telling,people to find your region and district,office using this link using this,magnifying glass icon people will know,that they need to search for

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How To Put Emoji's in your twitter name

How To Put Emoji's in your twitter name

hey guys back again with another video,and today is gonna be a pretty short one,it's gonna be a little bit of a tutorial,because as you can see right here you,got PewDiePie's twitter but he has you,know the little globe next to his name,and you see all kinds of people starting,to pop up with it everything like that,normally you see people with like the,verified check mark and you know that,was a big thing for a while but actually,what you can do is you can actually go,and do pretty much I've done here and,make all kinds of different emojis next,to your thing to give you a little bit,you know,variants stand out a little bit I mean,you can go with the globe thing if you,really want to and be like everybody,else that's following the trend but I,wanted to do something a little bit,different but I'm gonna show you how to,do it real quick it's actually really,really simple,how's you gonna do is go to your profile,go to edit profile go to this page right,here which is emoji PD at that org slash,Twitter and as you can see they have all,the different emojis that Twitter,supports so let me let me just go up,here and say I want to do this one what,you're gonna do is go over here just,click copy go back to yours I'm gonna,erase that paste the new one in Save,Changes and as you can see it'll convert,it over to the Twitter images you can,pretty much do this with all kinds of,different stuff you can do this with,your phone also it's the same process,pretty much but yeah let me go back and,show you guys the full list I'm gonna be,linking all this down in the description,so that way you guys don't gotta type,anything in but yeah you can there's a,lot of different variances and stuff,like that I mean you can choose to like,I said you know be different have,something a little bit different than,everybody else so that way your Twitter,stands out a little bit more like say,like a top hat or something or if you,want to like change the seasons there's,all kinds of different stuff on here or,you know you can be like everybody just,following the train you do like the,little world logo yeah I just found out,about this apparently it's not new it's,been a thing for a while and as you can,see there's a lot of different emojis,and stuff that you can add in you can,add in multiple emojis if that's do you,really want to do I mean if you want to,get ridiculous with it go ahead but,anyways,just a quick simple little tutorial and,just how to do that and give your,Twitter a little bit of difference and,I'll see you guys next time,face sealer,you

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The Emoji Mashup Bot on Twitter Is Hilarious!

The Emoji Mashup Bot on Twitter Is Hilarious!

all right we're going back on Twitter,we're gonna look at some more posts and,these emojis look to be a lot of fun oh,my goodness,a demon smiling this cigarette the Sun,this that's that's kind of cursed to be,honest no matter what I do I like that,one so much that one so much the pensive,plus a cowboy loves Owen so much this is,the best one ever,people are like finally it happened oh,my god that works are you kidding me,okay all right all right okay let's see,sleeping plus the baby AC these are the,types that actually go together really,good like hey every parent's dream there,you go the baby sleeping oh my goodness,let's see what we got sleeping grinning,in the ground oh my gosh I'm gonna be so,done by the is Oh worried smelling,something with a huge nose okay so it's,like you're partying but you're dying,inside at the same time like welcome to,the party no big deal,Oh a grinning cat in a skull oh that's,actually funny oh yeah it looks like it,gasps oh my goodness it looks like a,gasps Wow okay then squinting tying a,flushed tongue goggles,no no dizzy plus laughing cat dizzy plus,the leavitt yet okay all right,uh that's not funny Oh oh my gosh Becky,this is like the best one I ready to do,it again let's see um oh these two,actually go all together plus the new,moon that goes well together that's good,slightly frowning like a whatever like,knowing where this kissing that's that's,a good combo I like that one,that's good new boom but it's humming,what I feel yeah I need something to Cle,plus the Cowboys day cowboy so unhappy,the same response when they're telling,you to get off for at night we receive,less unamused,plus cigarette sleepy plus licking lips,it's sleepy plus licking lips,oh it snows water okay all right okay,skull plus winking tongue response like,what is this money lover floods vomiting

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🔵 $200,000 to Make ETH Run Inside EOS Smart Contract, Twitter Bitcoin Emoji, Voice KYC w/Real Names

🔵 $200,000 to Make ETH Run Inside EOS Smart Contract, Twitter Bitcoin Emoji, Voice KYC w/Real Names

hello guys my name is Colin and this is,Colin talks crypto I thought I'd change,up the setting a little bit this is Vail,Colorado bringing you this absolutely,gorgeous scene behind me in this episode,we're gonna cover the topics of Jack,Dorsey the CEO of Twitter bringing in,the Bitcoin emoji we're gonna cover a,lot of topics on us such as dan claiming,that US can run aetherium inside of a,single smart contract we're also gonna,cover Brendon bloomer talking about how,much Bitcoin does block one actually,hold we're going to cover voice and its,recent real identity and kyc as it,begins its beta very soon in less than,two weeks and lastly we're going to,cover the recent missed blocks issue on,the US blockchain and how that's been,drastically improved if not fixed,entirely and then we'll cover the gentle,rewards proxy service where you can,create your own rewards proxy thank you,for joining me so just a few days ago I,noticed when I tweeted I had a Bitcoin,emoji pop up and I was seeing him all,over Twitter and it turns out that Jack,Dorsey he's known as being a very big,Bitcoin proponent Bitcoin BTC,specifically not any others not Bitcoin,cash not like coin not ripple no other,cryptocurrency he's a I would say a,maximalist and he has now added the,Bitcoin emoji to any hashtag on Twitter,where it's hashtag BTC or hashtag,Bitcoin,I urge you to try it out for yourself,and you will see that you have an orange,bee emoji pop-up right after your,hashtag so kind of a cool feature and I,understand that other cryptocurrency,communities very much would like to see,their own emoji appear after their,ticker symbol as well and Jack Dorsey,like I said he's a maximalist he's not,into other cryptos he's probably not,going to do it and you know I still see,it as a net positive as much as I'd love,to see an EOS symbol or a Bitcoin cash,symbol,it may not happen but I still see it as,a net positive and I still think it's a,good thing because it just creates,excitement it creates buzz around the,name brand you know the number one,crypto like it or not bitcoin is the,number one name brand recognized,cryptocurrency by any new person out,there if you ask them one crypto,currency that they know of it's going to,be Bitcoin so by adding an emoji there,it just creates the hype and the,positivity around this space and a,rising tide raises all ships so when,Bitcoin goes up it's very likely to care,with it many other trading pairs such as,you're in my favorite crypto currencies,so really it's a net positive for the,entire space now on to some POS news,guys so Dan Larimer in 2017 in August,claimed that and it was a quite a big,claim he claimed that gos could run any,etherium code inside of a single iOS,smart contract and here we are I'm gonna,zip this back up because like I said I'm,freezing out here and here we are in,2020 February and block 1 has just,announced a $200,000 reward for the,first person to successfully implement,this idea and so all the person has to,do is create an aetherium virtual,machine inside of an EOS smart contract,and what this will do is it will allow,any code on the ethereum blockchain to,effectively run inside of the EOS,blockchain and this simply offers,greater developer distribution we now,have the ability to enable etherion,developers who know maybe solidity but,don't know C++ to come on board and,continue programming in solidity which,is the native aetherium smart contract,programming language and they can now,use that same language on the EOS,blockchain to continue to write,decentralized applications so I can see,this as a huge positive feature for iOS,broadening the developer community and,welcoming with open arms,all those etherion developers if they so,choose to take advantage of this feature,on iOS and I think that this really goes,to show the power that US has I don't,think that the broader community,truly recognized the power that äôs,brings to the table it is a,third-generation blockchain for a reason,and we are starting to see why there,will be those out there who will claim,that us is so centralized and that's why,it's able to do this that's the only,reason but the thing is is that the,centralization is not the end in and of,itself the centralization is the means,to an end and this is what I think that,much of the community sometimes gets,lost in the difference between having,the centralization to get to your goal,of immutability and just having so much,to centralization at the cost of,throughput that you actually lose the,goal of reaching the global audience and,we have to keep that in mind when we're,talking about decentralization we,absolutely need to centralization but we,need it to the degree that it is,successful in accomplishing censorship,resistance and immutability and that is,what the US has struck as a fine balance,between a level of decentralization,necessary to accomplish immutability and,censorship resistance and so with that,optimization and then that middle point,it is then able to run an

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Cara Aktifkan Emoji bawaan Dari Twitter

Cara Aktifkan Emoji bawaan Dari Twitter

halo halo semuanya Selamat datang di,channel solusi tv,di video kali ini kita akan membahas,Bagaimana cara mengaktifkan emoji bawaan,dari Twitter,Oke sebelum lanjut ke videonya jangan,lupa di subscribe,dan juga Nyalakan tombol loncengnya,langkah si Agar kalian tidak tertinggal,oleh video-video terupdate dari solusi,TV,Oke deh kalau gitu kita langsung aja ke,videonya,teman-teman juga bisa tonton video saya,tentang bagaimana cara mengubah emoji,Twitter Videonya bisa teman-teman cek di,pojok kanan atas sini,Oke teman-teman jadi pertama-tama,pastinya kita buka aplikasi Twitter kita,setelah itu teman-teman bisa pergi ke,pojok kiri atas yang gambar profile kita,ini teman-teman,kita klik disitu Setelah itu kita pilih,settings and privacy atau pengaturan dan,privasi lalu di bagian general,teman-teman bisa pilih display and Sound,tampilan dan suara,Nah disitu di bagian display ada,emojinya teman-teman disini sudah aktif,di sini saya menggunakan,emoji bawaan Twitter bukan dari,handphone the active ya teman-teman ini,Jadi saya coba nonaktifkan terlebih,dahulu dari situ kita diminta untuk,merestart aplikasinya,kita buka lagi jadi kita pilih settings,and privacy lalu display and sound di,bagian emoji kita bisa langsung,hilangkan centangnya terlebih dahulu,lalu kita masuk lagi,kita pilih di bagian settings and,privacy lagi,slah itu kita pilih display and Sound,kita aktifkan ya teman-teman dengan cara,mencentang lalu kita hari start,aplikasinya nah teman-teman ini untuk,dari handphone saya sendiri itu tidak,mendukung atau tidak support ya,teman-teman untuk mendapatkan emoji,bawaan langsung dari Twitternya jadi,teman-teman bisa coba aja kemungkinan,dari handphone teman-teman itu support,tapi disini Saya memberi contoh di HP,saya itu tidak support jadi dia tidak,muncul emoji bawaan dari Twitternya Jadi,tergantung dari devais kita,masing-masingnya teman-teman,gampang banget kan temen-temen caranya,teman-teman bisa langsung coba aja,oke semuanya itu dia video kali ini,bagaimana cara mengaktifkan emoji bawaan,dari Twitter semoga membantu,Slayer video ini saya juga membuat video,tentang bagaimana cara mengatasi gagal,memverifikasi nomor handphone di Twitter,Videonya bisa teman-teman cek di link,deskripsi di bawah sini Hai jangan lupa,like dan subscribe untuk terus di puncak,Neul solusi tv agar bisa terus,berkembang dan memberikan solusi-solusi,menarik lainnya,terima kasih sudah menonton dan sampai,jumpa lagi

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