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Updated on Jan 29,2023

#celebrityinterviewzz #celebviewzz #ebonytimiragist #ebony #notguilty #instagram #twitter #facebook

so,welcome to the latest installment of,celebrity interviews in your co-host,john green and tonight i'm here with,special invited guest reality actress,celebrity vlogger and entrepreneur after,here is tonight we'll go over her career,as an entrepreneur how it began and,identity theft the crisis that showed,her life,from and how did you become so beautiful,well first off i'm going to say i'm from,denzel pennsylvania,suburban america to be exact,do you have any children are you married,no not at the moment i do not have any,children because i haven't reached a,certain pinnacle in my life where i'm,totally committed to settling down yet,and how did you inquiring so popular,well,uh actually when i was a young girl,um i was with somebody that was,excuse my language i was dealing with,somebody that was like really popular,a rapper,um,he was pretty decent you know real,popular uh,well as of now um,i started on uh well i had to guess the,parents one uh real housewives of philly,um,i was on,the uh the meteos the media talk show um,365 media,and uh,you know that's it so far,but i got a few other things in the,making,a little about your identity death,scandal and how someone did a serious,incarceration using your name and,identity as their alias how did you,handle that with the paparazzi,considering you're a huge success,i was incarcerated,for uh,i really don't want to say but i'll say,i was incarcerated for robbery of a very,important place and building in society,while i was incarcerated another woman,who used my name as her alias or either,just use the same name with subpoena to,go to court,like i said with the same name as mine,or whatever,somehow,something happened and she became a,witness on a very high,profile case with some pretty,interesting important people,and because,we had the same name despite her as,being alias,people thought it was me,the thing,that proved my innocence is,i have a middle name i always use my,middle name,it's on my birth certificate my social,security card so any and everything that,i do they make sure that they use my,middle name because they know that,there's other people with the same name,um,she didn't however she just used,the first name and the last name,and,it just,spanned a little bit out of control,um that wasn't the only thing she did,she used my credit well,i'm not gonna say she used my credit,either she used my credit or somebody,else use my credit,um,and since then i've straightened it out,or whatever got down to the bottom of it,to what happened and,you know that was all a part of my,hiatus and,now i'm back on track,and here i am,affect you and your celebrity,well,it affected me a little bit but not as,much because,um i'm known,um,i've had like,similar situations throughout my life,where i prevailed,and,you know,you know i mean what can i say i'm a,good woman so you know you can't keep a,good woman down i said anyway,by the way we saw your guest appearance,on a british reality show called this,new microwave,oh ,um i don't know,you might see me on the air,i mean if they call me and want to,starve me or guest star me or whatever,again you you never know you just might,i mean i can't say for now but you never,know,i really had fun on this show though,i must say you're quite a beauty but how,do you juggle being an entrepreneur,celebrity vlogger and aries in fact,what's life like deseries,um life is a harris,i mean it's sorry you know,and,you know it's nothing really different i,mean i'm just,a woman with status and,um,you know i try not to tell nobody,but you know throughout my situation,that came out or whatever that i'm,hearing um,and you know,i just manage it you know it's,i mean i'm not gonna say it's nothing to,me but you know,i mean hey i'm ears what can i say,so are there any other shows that the,public should watch to anticipate seeing,your beauty or interview,well um,i think i might be reappearing on the,real housewives of philly,um,i co-hosted a few um segments,of this other talk show,or whatever,but the latest reality show i'll star on,is a show called seaweed it's about an,entrepreneur,who happens to be a woman she's a,businesswoman,and she owns a cleaning company and,she's gonna show you,how to,juggle your life as like an entrepreneur,a businesswoman,and you know,um that's basically it you know um,i guess,she'll just show you how to juggle,being a business one in her personal,life um,and that's it i mean,you know but it's going to be a good,show i mean i have a couple of other,things in the making but i don't want to,speak about them yet because you know,i don't wanna,you know let you know beforehand i'll,let you see when it comes out,that's it for tonight's show i want to,thank the lovely extra harris for,stopping by i pray she's not a stranger,and is successful in all her endeavors,that's it good night folks,you

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PREP W/ ME FOR 2023πŸ₯‚ glow up, grwm, & goals!

PREP W/ ME FOR 2023πŸ₯‚ glow up, grwm, & goals!

hi guys it's Nicole and welcome back to,my channel happy 2023 come with me as I,prep for this new year,first thing on the to-do list is to get,my nails done I always feel good when I,have a fresh set of nails I just get the,feelings of like being clean and like,put together so I am so excited to go to,my nail appointment today here are my,nails currently super grown out and then,this one literally just broke off the,other day but I got like a red sparkly,color for December and Christmas and I,have the same color on my toes but I,found this inspo pick on Pinterest I,think so cute it's like little French,tips with some gems so I already sent,the picture to my nail tech and,hopefully she pulls through and then I,think for my toes I'll probably just get,white but I have an appointment in like,15 minutes so let's head to the nail,salon,thank you,hi this is a girl my parents just picked,me up okay ready what do you think I,can't see you Lord oh oh,that little gems it reminds me of a ball,dropping for New Year's,okay guys here are my nails I think,they're so fun I always go to the same,girls Darlene for my manicure and then,either Kathy Rose or lily for my,pedicure but they all do such a great,job so love them,well no I like I,all but they're also nice they really,talk to me about my life and like about,holidays and stuff sometimes they're,talking in Vietnamese though and I don't,understand I hope they're not like,talking about me,but anyways very satisfied with my nails,and then toes I just got white but we're,gonna go pick up some food and then move,on to the next section okay guys we got,Lee sandwiches for lunch I'm literally,starving because I didn't eat anything,but it's like already past one and my,tummy is very empty okay guys next hair,so I'm not doing anything too big of a,change I think no coloring but just a,haircut my hair has been getting really,long and I still want to grow it like,super long but just to keep it healthy I,think I'm gonna trim like one or two,inches and then I think I might be,asking for wispy bangs I don't even know,if that's what it's called but I look,you want like bangs that could go in the,front but also I could like sweep to the,side so I'm gonna see what they can do,but yeah hopefully it turns out well,okay let's go,thank you,all right you guys here's my new hair,okay so ended up with just curtain bangs,once again my mom was saying how like,every time I try to get bangs it always,just ends up as Korean bangs which is,true but I like current bangs so it's,okay and then she like flat ironed my,hair inwards,I think it's super cute I feel like this,is like vintage like old school hair oh,that makes sense no not to me okay,nevermind,I don't know I think it's cute though,and I'm happy with it yeah yeah it looks,adorable thanks all right you guys so,today when I'm filming it it's currently,Saturday December 31st New Year's Eve so,I thought I would do a little get ready,with me for what I'm doing tonight and,then at the end of this video then I'll,talk about like my 2023 resolutions and,like goals that I'm setting for myself,but basically tonight we have like two,parties kind of so if you guys know if,you guys watch vlogmas then you,definitely know but my cousin Asher he's,turning 10. his birthday's January 1st,so it's tomorrow but he's having a,little party at his house so we're gonna,go to my aunt's house first it's,currently 6 48 and it starts at seven,but we're gonna be fashionably late by,the way I'm using the Dior lash serum,slash primer his family's gonna be there,and he has like a big family on his,dad's side on his mom's side it's just,my family but like all of his other,cousins will be there she's gonna be a,bunch of food okay,everyone's getting ready right now I,don't know why my dad's using my,restroom but that's why I'm doing my,makeup here usually I do in the bathroom,but,oh by the way I'm using Bare Minerals,blush and Real Techniques brush but yeah,there's gonna be a bunch of people there,and I'm pretty sure they're all staying,till 12 probably but for our little New,Year's Gathering we're gonna come back,to my house and just like host our,little own party here and then we're,gonna do games and stuff and then stay,up till midnight obviously and it'll be,the new year but I think it's crazy how,there's only like three and a half hours,until 2023. definitely not ready but,whatever okay but I put blush on my,cheeks and my nose,just put some color on my face oh I,forgot primer but it's fine now moving,on to mascara I already curled my lashes,with the Shiseido eyelash curler but,mascaras I use Maybelline Lash,Sensational and then Sky High favorite,but I need to buy new ones because both,of them are like dried out,but I have no idea what I'm wearing,tonight to Asher's thing I do have my,outfit for later tonight when it's just,like us like our family at the house I,don't know what to wear because it's,like a family gathering so I can't wear,any like crops so I still have to figu

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Alannah Myles - Black Velvet

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet

(upbeat music),β™ͺ Mm, mm β™ͺ,β™ͺ Mm, mm-mm β™ͺ,β™ͺ Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell β™ͺ,β™ͺ Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high β™ͺ,β™ͺ Mama's dancin' with baby on her shoulder β™ͺ,β™ͺ The sun is settin' like molasses in the sky β™ͺ,β™ͺ The boy could sing, knew how to move everything β™ͺ,β™ͺ Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet and that little boy smile β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet with that slow Southern style β™ͺ,β™ͺ A new religion that'll bring you to your knees β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet if you please β™ͺ,(upbeat music continues),β™ͺ Up in Memphis the music's like a heat wave β™ͺ,β™ͺ White Lightnin' bound to drive you wild β™ͺ,β™ͺ Mama's baby's in the heart of every school girl β™ͺ,β™ͺ "Love Me Tender" leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle β™ͺ,β™ͺ The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true β™ͺ,β™ͺ Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet and that little boy smile β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet and that slow Southern style β™ͺ,β™ͺ A new religion that'll bring you to your knees β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet if you please β™ͺ,(upbeat music continues),β™ͺ Every word of every song that he sang was for you β™ͺ,β™ͺ In a flash he was gone β™ͺ,β™ͺ It happened so soon β™ͺ,β™ͺ What could you do β™ͺ,(upbeat music continues),β™ͺ Black velvet and that little boy smile β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet in that slow Southern style β™ͺ,β™ͺ A new religion that'll bring you to your knees β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet if you please β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet and that little boy smile β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet in that slow Southern style β™ͺ,β™ͺ A new religion that'll bring you to your knees β™ͺ,β™ͺ Black velvet β™ͺ,β™ͺ If you please β™ͺ,(upbeat music continues),β™ͺ If you please β™ͺ,β™ͺ If you please β™ͺ,(upbeat music continues),β™ͺ If you please β™ͺ,(upbeat music softens)

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2023 Toyota Sequoia vs the 2023 Ford Expedition | Toyota

2023 Toyota Sequoia vs the 2023 Ford Expedition | Toyota

- The 2023 Toyota Sequoia,versus the 2023 Ford Expedition.,Let's take a closer look at these two full-size SUVs.,Sequoia's standard i-FORCE MAX hybrid,powertrain blends power, efficiency, and capability.,Every Sequoia comes standard,with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 suite of active safety,and driver assistance features.,Sequoia is available in 5 distinct grades,,which include the adventurous TRD Pro,,and the all-new upscale Capstone grade.,Now let's put Sequoia and Expedit side by side.,All-new for 2023, Sequoia is available in five grades.,SR5 and Limited have seating for up to eight.,Platinum, TRD Pro, and Capstone,,on the other hand, accommodate seven.,Four of the five grades are available in either rear-,or four-wheel drive configuration,,while TRD Pro comes standard with four-wheel drive.,Expedition is available in six grades.,Depending on the version, it has seating for seven or eight.,Additionally, five of the six Expedition variants,are available in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.,Similar to Sequoia TRD Pro, Expedition Timberline,includes four-wheel drive as standard equipment.,The latest Sequoia features a tough and bold new look.,Standard LED headlights and available alloy wheels up,to 22 inches in diameter,give this SUV an unmistakable presence.,Capstone stands out as the flagship,,with bright chrome-plated exterior trim,,a grade-exclusive grille,,and 22-inch dark chrome machine-finish alloy wheels.,TRD Pro doubles down on Sequoia's ruggedness,with matte-black, 18-inch aluminum-forged BBS wheels,,single outlet exhaust with dual tips, and a TRD light bar.,Sequoia TRD Pro also pays homage,to its forebearers with a unique Toyota heritage grille.,Expedition receives a subtle refresh for 2023.,Its appearance has been refined slightly,,featuring a revised front fascia.,Like Sequoia, Expedition's grades,include unique design cues.,King Ranch is distinguished by brown-,and silver-colored exterior accents.,Platinum, on the other hand,,features chrome-trimmed and silver-colored exterior accents.,The off-road-oriented Expedition Timberline,includes a blacked-out front fascia,with orange- and silver-colored accents,,orange-colored front tow hooks,,and 18-inch Ebony-painted wheels.,Inside, Sequoia can be equipped with plenty of conveniences.,These include available heated and ventilated front,and rear seats, and a panoramic roof.,Capstone maximizes the luxury experience,with standard two-tone,semi-aniline leather-trimmed upholstery,,dark American walnut wood-grain interior trim,,and power running boards for easy ingress.,Meanwhile, TRD Pro amps up the sporting,and rugged vibes with a generous helping of red accents,and interior trim, a TRD leather-wrapped shift knob,,and a heritage Toyota badge on the dash.,Around back, Sequoia comes,with several cargo-carrying solutions.,These include the multi-level adjustable cargo shelf system,,and third row seats that slide, recline, and fold.,Additionally, the standard Panoramic View Monitor,provides extra convenience when navigating tight areas.,Expedition's interior also offers plenty,of creature comforts.,Available features include heated, ventilated,,and massaging front seats, heated second-row seats,,and the Panoramic Vista Roof.,King Ranch and Platinum,provide two unique approaches to luxury.,The former includes Mesa and Ebony two-tone scheme,featuring Del Rio leather-trimmed interior.,Platinum, on the other hand,,has a choice of three different interior colors,,including two dual-tone options.,Timberline's rugged theme continues in the cabin.,Instead of leather trimming,,it uses ActiveX synthetic material,with Heathered Cloth inserts,and orange-colored trim and contrast stitching.,In terms of useful features,,Expedition features the Cargo Management System,,which makes it easier to organize cargo.,A 360-Degree Camera with Split View and Front,and Rear Washer is also offered on certain grades.,An 8-inch touchscreen is standard on Sequoia,while a massive 14-inch touchscreen is optional.,Regardless of screen size,,Toyota's latest Audio Multimedia platform,includes standard wireless compatibility for Apple CarPlay,,which connects drivers to subscription-based services,like Apple Music, as well as Maps, Messages,,and other favorite apps from the iPhone.,In addition, wireless Android Auto compatibility,makes it easy to stay connected to Android devices.,Plus, there's a standard 3-month,SiriusXM Platinum Plan trial subscription,that includes over 165 channels available in-cabin,,and even more on the SXM mobile app,,making it easier than ever to enjoy not just ad-free music,,but also sports, comedy, and more.,Plus, an available 14-speaker JBL audio system,makes it easier to take advantage,of Sequoia's latest audio multimedia system.,Sequoia also includes a standard 12.3-inch,digital gauge cluster.,Additionally, a 10-inch Head-Up Display,is available on select grades,to complement Sequoia's two main screens.,Expedition comes standard,with Ford's Sync 4 multimedia sys

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"How THICK Is Harry?" Panel React To Prince Harry's Book 'Spare' Being Leaked

"How THICK Is Harry?" Panel React To Prince Harry's Book 'Spare' Being Leaked

well joining us are the Royal,correspondent for Vanity Fair Katie,Nichol and the sun's Royal editor Matt,Wilkinson who I think has been whizzing,through an entire copy of the book is,that right Matt,this is Spanish version The Enormous,pleasure of reading the book oh well you,don't sound as if it was yeah,tell us what you found no it was it's a,it's an incredible book and I think,you've gone through some of the main,headlines here today but I don't think,I've ever read a royal book of so many,Revelations and the most important thing,here is there's so many Revelations from,a member of the royal family and I think,that's what the issue is here there are,as Katie will tell you there are many,many raw books she's written some,herself but there are many many raw,books but the problem here is that a,beloved member of the family like a,treasured brother of William a son of,Charles he's the one that is actually,airing all this dirty linen this is the,problem that the royal family are facing,because there's all sorts of stories all,sorts of Revelations that come out about,the royal family the problem is is that,the senior member of the royal family is,actually making these accusations but,also revealing the private lives the,private conversations situations with,Kate and William that would normally be,behind closed doors or normally the,journalists would not be allowed to,report on or if we tried to report on,them we would told it was too private,but I'd say we have a you know a brother,of William and the son of childhood is,actually making these things public and,I think that's the most aggravating,element of this I mean there is so much,to say we've already learned so many,extraordinary things from this book what,is a single story if you like that jumps,out at you the most that left you with a,jaw dropping I can certainly tell you,what mine my take on it is but I'd love,to hear from you,well the ones I think it's about Harry's,life it's about his drug taking and the,losing the losing his virginity I mean,these are things that members of the,royal family don't normally talk about,you know he's talking about talking,about his time in the Army Afghanistan,where he was saying that he killed 25 uh,people of the Taliban but it's this,opening up of his personal life about,the sword to tell about him losing his,virginity behind a pub and about his,cocaine taking and his he's opening up,elements about where he was,hallucinating and talking to a bin I,mean these are really deeply deeply,personal stories from from you know from,from Prince Harry just unbelievable Matt,I mean Katie Where Do We Begin how how,shocked are you by these Revelations I,think after the um after the sort of the,Netflix documentary you sort of thought,what else is to come out I think I said,that didn't I now I'm feeling really,silly because I I didn't think that he,was going to go anywhere near where he's,gone I mean I I completely agree with,what Matt's just said I mean I I've done,this job now for nearly 17 years I'm you,know he's not the first member of the,royal family to write a book but he is,certainly the only member of the royal,family to have written a book this,explosive I mean those Bombshells just,come thick and fast and I think,we've almost become oversaturated by,Harry and Megan and this narrative,there's just so much of it but actually,if you try and just forget the docu,series if you try and put that Oprah,interview to aside you just come into,this book,the idea that a senior member with royal,family would write a book like this I,mean I would say is Unthinkable you you,really have to stop and think I cannot,believe what I really particularly by,the way as well the account of him,losing his virginity unless that's a,dodgy Spanish translation I am,astonished it is jaw-dropping there's,language it is in there that I'm not,even sure,we're a family program I mean look you,and I sort of generally have a pretty,dim view of talking about Harry and,Megan the whole time but we both agreed,that this show can only be all about,Harry and Megan for tonight only because,it is utterly Sensational isn't it it,really is I mean the Oprah interview was,was jaw-dropping but that did focus on a,sort of a a short a short period this,spans his entire life and I think for me,having written biographies about him and,spanning those early years it is you,raised the question Katie about,what's believable and is this all,believable I mean there are serious,questions about what Megan said in the,Winfrey interview so,how much of this really is believable or,is some of it just exaggerated unlike,Matt I've not had the privilege yet of,reading the entire book um I mean one,inconsistency that jumped out,immediately was Harry saying that after,he'd been allegedly shoved to the ground,and had this physical fisticuffs with,his brother his first call was to his,therapist well my first call would,probably be to my other half but the,fact is the other half had said she,wasn't

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Marvel Woke Virtue Signal BACKFIRES | Disney Cut Lesbian Kiss In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Marvel Woke Virtue Signal BACKFIRES | Disney Cut Lesbian Kiss In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

foreign,abundantly clear over the last several,years that they put agenda over,entertainment that they put identity,politics and virtue signaling ahead of,telling an actual good story and when,you promise those things to people when,you tell everybody our focus is to be,diverse and welcoming and inclusive and,incredible well you know what then woke,activists are going to hold you to those,standards and even with everything they,did in 2022 that still wasn't enough,Disney not gay enough for glad receives,insufficient Mark in annual lgbtq,inclusivity report card and of course so,many of these things that they decided,to shove the gay agenda into including,kids movies ended up being a disaster,for Disney losing hundreds of millions,of dollars but would it surprise anybody,that once again despite all their virtue,signaling despite saying how much we,care about representation that now some,people are upset because Marvel cut what,would have been the first lesbian kiss,in the Marvel Cinematic Universe out of,black panther wakanda forever Marvel,Studios first lesbian kiss got removed,from the Final Cut and you know even if,it would have been in there even if they,would have got it in the Final Cut of,the movie to show how inclusive they are,you know that they wouldn't have,released it everywhere just the same,thing they did for eternals when they,bragged about how inclusive eternals was,how amazing and groundbreaking it was to,have a gay kiss but then of course they,cut it out of a bunch of countries just,to make sure it got released we gotta,love the double standards coming from,the MCU here new information brought to,light that Marvel Studios first,on-screen lesbian kiss was cut from,Black Panther wakanda forever Marvel,Studios and in turn the mcu's become,more and more Progressive over the past,few years it's almost like there's a,direct correlation to the box office,weird and black panther 2 is a direct,result of that effort the mcu's even,been awarded for its on-screen,representation however it seems as,though the studio may have nixed one,recent opportunity for its first,on-screen kiss that was said to be part,of black panther wakanda forever and you,did see a lesbian relationship although,it was very much blank and you miss it,in wakanda Forever very similar to the,rise of Skywalker groundbreaking lesbian,kiss wasn't it according to a black,panther wakanda forever scripted sprung,up online Marvel Studios first lesbian,kiss was cut from The Final Cut of the,film The deleted scene takes place in a,neca's wakandan apartment as AO offers,to restore the warrior as Adora milage,from there aneka gives Ayo a kiss on the,cheek to which kasume's wakandan Warrior,responds by kissing aneka on the lips,and uh here's the entire thing right,here in a house party in full swing,aneka dressed in casual clothing opens,the door revealing Ayo General,Ayo takes in the revelers behind in NECA,I'm here on behalf of the elders they,would like to offer you restoration as,Adora the elders that that is kind to,them something tells me I had a strong,Advocate I accept I know aneka gives her,a kiss on the cheek AO kisses a NECA on,the lips the Final Cut of the film,ultimately saw the pair share a kiss but,it was one where Anika kisses AO on the,forehead during the final battle that,scene looks a little different in the,script as well not featuring the kiss at,all and of course that entire thing was,talked up in a big way by the actress AO,actress Michaela Cole previously noted,the pairs of forbidden Affair was,something she was excited to explore she,remarked that she knew how big a deal it,was to show this kind of representation,on a very mainstream platform well maybe,she was talking about what used to be in,the movie but what didn't make the final,cut and there's some people that have,been complaining about this once they,realized what Marvel Studios cut because,again when you say that this is what you,want to do when you say you're all about,diversity at all costs we don't care,what it costs we're gonna put these,characters on screen we're gonna make,sure you feel represented but then when,push comes to shove and there might be a,lot on the line where you just slowly,and carefully edit that out because you,want to release it in a Middle Eastern,country because you want to get every,single last dollar you can out of,something you know is going to be a box,office disappointment that's when you,start getting called out by the very,same people that you're pandering to,once again Marvel seems to have decided,to very low-key cut something out,despite promising all the woke activists,that they actually do care about them,let me know your thoughts in the,comments section below smash a like,button subscribe to the channel ring the,bell for notification share this video,out there and I'll talk to you later,foreign

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Joe Rogan N-Word Montage Triggers Another Apology | The Daily Show

Joe Rogan N-Word Montage Triggers Another Apology | The Daily Show

joe rogan the scariest thing to come out,of the show fear factor,after a week of scandal surrounding his,anti-vaccine podcasts joe rogan is still,in the news which is rare in america,i mean in this country news cycles are,here today gone tomorrow breaking news,dinosaurs have come back from the dead,and are destroying cities around the,globe,all right moving on kim and kanye are,fighting again,now if you if you remember the whole,reason that joe rogan got into trouble,in the first place was because rock,legend neil young said that he refused,to be on the same platform as joe rogan,if joe rogan was going to be spreading,lies about vaccines so then because of,the backlash joe rogan apologized and a,lot of people were like okay okay we're,moving in the right direction even the,rock was like great job joe rogan let's,grab a drink but just before joe rogan,could get that drink,another musician india re i am not my,hair well she put out her own video,online saying that there's a different,reason that she doesn't want to be on,the same platform as joe rogan and this,was it i want to leave a short message,here about why i decided to,why i decided to ask my music be pulled,off of spotify spotify is built on the,back of the music streaming so they take,this money that's built from streaming,and they pay this guy 100 million,dollars but they pay us,0.003 of a penny,just take me off,i don't want to generate money that pays,this this is why watch this,you know the thing yeah saying,the word i've already said ,d is just like saying ,she's calling you a it's like,this boy that he's a and starts,calling them bird there,should be a word like especially,word that's our about, he says guy a and,then our start saying how,to use the word out the word, see or say ,and you couldn't say else ,whoa,that's a lot of the n word,and with the hard er as well which is,never a good thing,if there's ever a video of you saying,the n word that many times you better,pray one of two things either you're a,black person or,you're a dead man from history,yeah because then the worst thing they,can do is take your statue down and move,it into a museum,and as bad as it was seeing a supercar,of joe rogan dropping the n-word like he,bought it in bulk at costco an even,worse part of the video i know yeah and,even worse part of the video is when joe,rogan again on his podcast told a story,about going to a movie,in a black neighborhood and this is what,he said,so i go you got to go to uh one where,there's planet of the apes man we're,gonna go see planet of the apes so i,look on the iphone app and it says okay,take me to this one and the guy goes,okay is that in a good neighborhood he's,like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah guy barely,speaks english he takes us there we get,out and we're giggling we're gonna see,plenty of names we walk into planet of,the apes we walked into africa dude we,we walked in the door and there was no,white people there was no white people,wow,that video's so bad it actually made me,miss the n-word video,ah the good old days,i mean you you walk into a cinema in a,black neighborhood and you call it,planet of the apes,i mean unless he means he was blown away,by the black neighborhood cinematography,and storytelling,although i doubt it,anyway because of this video right,and india ari,joe rogan was forced to make yet another,stop on his apology world tour and this,one was a lot more and i mean a lot more,apologetic than his vaccine video i'm,making this video to talk about the most,regretful and shameful thing that i've,ever had to talk about publicly,there's a video that's out that's a,compilation of me saying the n-word,it's a video that's made of clips taken,out of context of me of 12 years of,conversations on my podcast and it's all,smushed together and it looks ,horrible even to me now i know that to,most people there is no context where a,white person is ever allowed to say that,word never mind publicly on a podcast,and i agree with that now i haven't said,it in years but for a long time,when i would bring that word up like if,it would come up in conversation instead,instead of saying the n word i would,just say the word like that context was,part of the clip we were talking about,red fox how red fox said that word on,television in the 1970s and how times,have changed so much since then or about,how richard pryor used it as one of the,titles of one of his albums but,for years i used it,in that manner i never used it to be,racist because i'm not racist,but whenever,you're in a situation where you have to,say,i'm not racist you up,and i clearly have up,yeah you can tell joe rogan knows he is,in trouble,because in the vaccine video if you,remember it like he's outside he's,enjoying a nice day here he was in the,library he's like look i'm learning see,the books,i'm learning is serious,and you can tell it's serious you can,tell because he's like guys my brain,used to think a certain way it does not,think that way anymore at,all i disavow that

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Dwayne Johnson Shoots Black Adam Promos Like a Vampire, Southern Belle and New Yorker | Tonight Show

Dwayne Johnson Shoots Black Adam Promos Like a Vampire, Southern Belle and New Yorker | Tonight Show

-Dwayne Johnson, it is an honor to work with you.,My name is Ron. I'm the director.,-Hi, Ron. Good to meet you.,-We're just gonna do a couple targeted promos,for your new movie, "Black Adam,",you know, really get the word out.,-Alright, sounds great. Let's do it.,-Let's do this. Here we go. -Okay.,This first one is for the New York market, okay?,-Got it. -Just read the teleprompter.,And...action.,-Hey, New York.,Dwayne Johnson here, telling you all to go see "Black Adam",in theaters and IMAX October 21st.,-That was great. That was great. -Thank you.,Can we do one more? -What?,-Can we do one more?,Maybe like a -- Maybe do, like, a New York-y accent, you know?,Maybe like -- like, "New York." Why don't you that.,Why don't you try that.,-Okay., Hey, hey, hey, New York.,It's Dwayne Johnson over here.,Go see "Black Adam," alright?,What? Are you kidding me?,It's out October 21st, and don't fugghetaboutit.",-That was it. That's perfect. Absolutely perfect.,Alright, it's great. -That okay?,-Yeah. -Okay.,-Next up is Texas.,And just read the prompter.,-Texas. I love Texas. Alright.,Hey, Texas. This is Dwayne Johnson.,Go see my new movie, "Black Adam,",in theaters and IMAX on October 21st.,-Nailed it, nailed it. Can we do another one here?,Just maybe do a, like, a drawl this time.,You know, maybe do like a little --,like, get a little cowboy in there.,-Like a -- What do you mean? Like --,-Well, a cowboy in there. Get just a little...,You know what?,You know, maybe just put -- maybe put this hat on here,,and that will put you in the mood.,And there -- That'll be perfect, yeah.,This will be good. -Okay.,-Yeah, perfect. Just try that. Yeah.,-Alright. -And just -- Yeah., - Howdy, Texas.,Y'all go see "Black Adam," now, you hear me?,And tell 'em Dwayne Johnson sent ya.,-Yeah, yeah. Love it, love it, love it.,It was good. It's okay. -I don't know.,I mean, do you mind just putting this giant belt buckle on?,Just hold it around your waist. -Wait.,Are you sure? -Oh, trust me.,I mean, are you kidding me?,Yeah, this -- Just put it around your waist,and maybe kick your feet out,,like just do this while you're doing it.,-I don't know about that. -No, trust me.,You want people in Texas to see "Black Adam"?,-No, I do. -Well, there you go, then.,We're rolling, we're rolling.,- Yee-haw partner.,Go see "Black Adam.",I hear everything's bigger in Texas.,Now, go see it in IMAX.",-That's perfect. That is great. That is great. That is great.,-I don't know about that, man. -No, that is perfect.,That's awesome. Next up, we have San Diego.,Let's bring in the props. That's perfect.,-Props? What are you talking about?,-Yeah, this will be great. This is...,-Wait a sec. No, wait. Hold on. -No, this is good.,-I don't know. Is this necessary?,-Trust me, trust me.,Will you just trust me? I'm Ron, the director.,When people see this in San Diego,,those movie numbers are gonna go up and through the roof.,People will be naming their kids Dwayne Johnson.,-Okay. -Just look --,-I don't know about this, man. This seems like what --,-Just read the prompter.,This is only gonna play in San Diego.,No one's ever going to see it. -Okay.,-'Sup, brahs?,After a long day of shredding some gnarly waves-age,,go see -- Are you sure?,-Yeah, yeah, that's perfect. -Alright.,-Go see "Black Adam" at your local theater, dude.,Peace out, bro-homey.,-Yeah, that's right. That's it right there.,-I don't know, man. -Mind equals blown., That's really great.,Can we just get in the other props here?,That was perfect. You nailed that one.,-I don't know. Wait. -Let's get this.,No, this is gonna be good here.,This one's for for YouTube Kids. Okay?,Just put that on there, and then --,Yeah, just put on the hat. Yeah, this is gonna be great.,And if you can --,If you can get low, if you get low as you can --,-Get low? -Yeah, get as low as you can.,That'd be really perfect.,Just see how that looks right there.,That's perfect. I think this will be perfect.,This'll be great.,Can we see -- Yeah, that's good.,Your cheeks -- Yeah. That's so cute.,This up here. That's perfect. Okay, just -- Yeah, that's good.,-Look, I really want to just -- I don't know.,-I think the teleprompter's broken.,Can we fix it back to what...,Yeah, now these are the real lines. Read this.,-I weally weally want my mommy to take me to see "Bwack Adam.",-No, that's perfect. That is perfect.,That is perfect. -I don't know.,-Yeah, no, that's great. -Come on, man.,This can't be right.,-Trust me. The kids are gonna love it.,And can you do that kid again, this time with, like,,a New York accent maybe for the kid.,-Wait. What?,-The kid -- the same kid -- the same kid,,but with a -- The same kid.,Have you ever worked with anyone short?,-Yes, Kevin Hart, all the time, but I don't --,-Okay, now, here you go.,Just pretend -- Just read it with a New York accent,,and the kids will love this.,-A New York accent as a kid? -Yeah. As a kid, yeah.,- Hey, I'm walking over here,to go see "Bwack Adam.",Fugghetaboutit.,-Yeah, that's it. That was

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