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How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/androidhey guys it's queen tech and welcome,back

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android

hey guys it's queen tech and welcome,back to my channel,so today i'm going to be giving you a,tutorial on how to download videos from,twitter,directly to your iphone okay guys so for,this,tutorial we're going to be using the,document app if you guys are not,familiar with this app i have used it,multiple times in my previous videos,and honestly it's i recommend this app,for anybody anywhere,it works for both iphone and android and,it's a hundred percent free,this app can work on any site any,platform and anywhere just to download,any software,and it's also good for writing typing so,honestly i do recommend this app,so first of all we are going to need a,video to download so i'm just going to,go into twitter,once i'm in twitter i'm just going to um,look for a video,okay okay i choose this one so next,we're just going to click on,it and then right beside the dislike,button,okay i'm going to like it right beside,this like button there's this share icon,where it looks like a,arrow is coming out of the box all you,have to do is click on it,and then this should pop up then,immediately click on copy link to the,suite,once you click on that it should,automatically copy to the,click clipboard i'm sorry copy to the,clipboard and then you leave the app,so next you go to your documents app and,once you are here you're going to click,on the bottom,right this safari looking icon on the,bottom right,and then once you do that it should,bring you here to a default page,so next all you have to do is type in,twitter,to why can't i type,to talk to mp4 and then click on go once,you are here,click on this,is a 100 free website,that you can download videos from,twitter to your phone i recommend it,i've used it a lot of times that is the,best out there,so then now you're going to paste the,link which you just copied,and then click on download immediately,the video should pop up,and then it should come out in format in,which the video can be downloaded,it would make combating more in my,comments and less based on the video,quality,of the uploader so once you do this i'm,just going to click on,download video and then our famous,pop-up icon should come up,so you can edit it choose where to save,it to your itunes folders,to like to anywhere and then even edit,the name but i do not want to enter the,name so i'm just going to click on done,now we should automatically start,downloading and here it is,it is downloading very very fast based,on your internet connection,so now i'm just going to go back to my,home page and then i should look for the,video,which should be right there just click,on downloads,and then look for your video which you,have just downloaded,okay here it is the video is up here so,now all you have to do is right click,okay see the video right here guys,so all you have to do to save this video,is to right click on these three bottom,dots at the bottom of the video section,and then click on share right under the,share,folder and then once you click on share,you should come up here again and then,you're supposed to click on save,video so click on save video,your video should automatically save to,your phone so next you should go to your,phone,and then the video should be right here,the video will receive successfully,using volume and you should,video should work properly so guys i,hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you,did,please subscribe give this video a,thumbs up and i'll see you guys in my,next video,bye

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[Tutorial] How to download Twitter data for academic research

[Tutorial] How to download Twitter data for academic research

we started great great,uh hello radon thank you very much for,uh offering us a help,in our research we would like to share,this with the uh scientific community,for those that don't know how to assess,twitter data to get uh,some posts from,for from twitter for,research so,please can you start uh explanation for,us that would be very useful for our,research yeah of course leo bishop,thanks uh for invitation i'm glad to,help you my name is radon bachchan i,work in senior data engineering, it's company from san,francisco usually we use open source,approach so yeah happy to share this,with the community,what this is about this is our use case,to try to find a good way how to use a,place to download and later on to use,the twitter data as my primary,role is to be data engineer i will show,you the very very easy way how to,get the data from the twitter,you're lucky if you're part of academic,community because in that case you can,use,much more vessel data sets you can go,deeper you can go back travel back in,time,for that reason i warmly suggest and i,will focus to twerk two library for,python but actually for you you can,consider it as a command line tool,here is the documentation uh lupita and,myself will provide you the useful link,for all you need and what we are talking,about in this session actually twerk two,is academic,library,using,to download and ingest the data in,readable human readable format for,twitter as i said if you're part of,academic community you can go deeper if,not it's kind of much humble set of data,but what is the good thing here the good,thing here is very simple usage and very,powerful filtering,this is the typical command,how you should search into the data to,work to search,archive go deeper in time start time and,time with some limitations,these limits are good because i think,half million is a maximum number of,tweets you can download in one chunk and,for let's say preparation stage it's,very useful to limit to 10 20 rather,than,do some kind of uh,huge set of data and then later on you,can put,your search string with and or or,command like,our use case was to search for noah joko,which so everything applicable like,djokovic or noah jokovich or hashtag no,jokuit or joko it's something but,jokovic saga,can be applicable here and with our,statements you can easily construct your,filter,as you said,and,part of the command you can see it but,it's result.json it can be csv but,anything can be used for further,processing it is okay from my point of,view json is kind of very good format,for this purpose and we should start,easily here and of course this project,should be fully open source for every,one of you so i will also put this redmi,file and what we're speaking here we can,do it later on,i will copy actually this command and,put it in command line,just so please what's uh you're using,python right some kind of,engine yes that is what i want to say i,use python as kind of engine,and i skip this step intentionally why,because it's very simple to install uh,twerk to library big why because it's,just one command,uh,yes that's great but uh we need to have,this uh python,how can we get that uh engine for python,uh actually,the first step is let's have we have,two requirements first is download,python from python file go here and say,python download,i'm using,the developer environment here but,actually everything is through command,line despite of your operation system,you can use it windows mac or linux i'm,do everything on mac os,go to python download and download,python really straightforward that's the,first step for you after that,you should go to work to official page,and,do this command pip is actually a tool,for python i love you to download python,packages so this 12 is nothing but,package or command line application you,should use very easily as we described,earlier,so first step install python second step,install quark 2 library or upgrade it if,you have the previous version,first,within the file right yes of course so,you should start from the point,where you install twerk to library the,next step is configure with your,credentials,you were very pleasant and share your,credentials with me from your twitter,account so if you go to login to twitter,account you're a part of the academic,community you can see apis you should,have this is a really bulletproof,approach because part two configure,option will guide you and ask for this,credential okay api this this and that,i don't want to share your credentials,with the community because of the,security reasons but you will be guided,how to do that is very simple,go to twitter to your account go to api,option and you will see credentials you,need for this i configure this in,advance for you just to be quicker here,and then we can move on so for,installation three steps python if you,don't have it,get the latest version why not install,twerk two,and last step twerk to,configure then we are ready,to use,the library,yes we are r

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How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitter

How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitter

in this video i show you how to download,twitter videos if you're new to the,channel please go down below and hit,that subscribe button and once you have,subscribed please go and leave a like as,well i really do appreciate it so please,do make sure to watch this video right,until the end you know all the steps to,properly download the video and that any,further ado let's go and jump straight,into this as you can see i'm now on my,phone but this tutorial is going to work,on any device regardless if it's an,iphone an android desktop it's all going,to work and this tutorial is going to,apply to all of them and in my opinion,it's super super simple and one of the,best ways out there uh you don't need to,go and download their apps you can all,do it within the twitter app or the,twitter web application so the first,thing of course is what you want to do,is go onto twitter make sure you're,logged onto your account and go and find,a video you want to go and download so,in this case i'm going to go and,download the one i posted several,minutes ago and i want to go and,download this back onto my phone but in,your case it may just be a video useful,on twitter which you'd like to have in,your own phone in your own camera roll,to go and use and do make sure you have,the permission of the original copyright,holder before going and downloading,other people's videos so yeah once,you've gone and found the video then all,you want to do is go and click on it and,you need to go and type a reply so click,here and basically what we're going to,do is we're going to go and tag a bot,which is going to allow us to go and,download it it creates basically a,download for us and it's really simple,so all you want to do is press the add,button and all you need to do is go and,type send,vid,bot now do keep watching those doing the,full steps then go and get it from this,bot onto your phone in a few tips and,tricks then all you need to do is go and,click tweets,and he's going to go and send it,if i just go and reload this as you can,see it's now sent it now what you have,to do is wait a few minutes okay it's,going to take a few minutes because,there's demand for this service,basically so i'll wait a minute or two,and then catch up with you guys then and,then guys after about four to five,minutes you're gonna go and get this,reply as you can see it says you've got,this link however if you don't get a,reply do not worry give it around five,minutes we want to do is go to your,search browser and all you need to do is,come to,and you need to go and enter your,twitter username just like so so i'll,type mine in but you may not need to do,this if you get sent the link but if you,don't get the link this is the way to do,it so then go and click check and it's,going to go and send a list of all the,videos i've requested a download for so,as you can see this was four minutes ago,and i did another one which is 23,minutes ago,so then i'm going to go and click,download and i'm going to click download,and i may go and get taken to an ad if,you do scroll to click back and it'll,take a minute to load and as you can see,it says do you want to download the file,name dot mp4 i'm going to click download,and then as you can see in the top right,side of download but this will vary on,each device of course so i'm going to,click on it and here we go i can now go,and open up and play it just like so but,as i previously said you can also just,go and click on the link in the tweets,but if you haven't got that tweet you,can go and do it manually as i just,showed you if you found this guide,useful please go down below and hit the,subscribe button leave a like for more,i'll catch you in the next one peace

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How to Download Twitter Videos On Android

How to Download Twitter Videos On Android

what's up guys welcome to my youtube,channel in today's video i'm going to,show you the very easy steps on how you,can download any twitter video on your,android phone,and i'm going to walk you through step,by step on how to do this all i'm asking,for is for you to give me your maximum,attention pay attention to every step,that i'm going to show in this video,because if you don't you're going to get,it wrong you're not going to achieve,that okay and if after watching this,video you found this video very useful,and helpful do leave me a like in this,video so that other people like you that,are looking for the same solution on the,same problem can also see it leave me a,comment in the comment section axing me,or telling me to do any video of any,topic you want me to do for you and i'm,going to do just that and lastly do,subscribe to the channel to be getting,more useful information on how to do,various things on youtube i will tell,you so much about pressures and giving,time let's get started with the step one,the first step that we're going to use,to do this is first of all log into your,twitter app just as i'm doing right away,login to your twitter app then we are,going to find a particular video that we,are going to download okay let me go,with music for music lovers i believe,everybody loves music and i'm going to,go with africa let me just choose one of,the top nigerian artists and the top,like african artists that we have of as,of now which is brown a boy let's go for,boner but let's go for any vulnerable,video and download it okay all you need,to do is for you to click on this search,button click on search twitter then,type,one,boy,and here is borah boys account click on,the first page that you are going to see,is the bluetick which is verified then,click on it,if you click on it,then you are going to see a variety of,posts that bonnet boy has posted of as,of now,then if you don't want to waste your,time okay,this place they are going to take to its,tweets and reply media likes click on,media okay click on media,you're going to click on media for you,to easily access to his videos or,pictures of any kind,okay,now we are going to download this,particular video okay,we are going to download this particular,video that we are seeing here,so guys here is the particular videos of,bona boi that we're going to download,let's just choose one of them and,download it okay let's go with this,particular one,let's go with this particular video,let's download this video on our android,phone okay all we need to do is first to,click on this,icon this,here icon at the down right corner,that's the last one click on it if you,click on it then you're going to see,where they see it copy link bookmark,here via down here you're going to see,whatsapp message click on the upload,that you see copy link click on copy,link and you've already copied the link,of the video and that's how you're going,to download it the next thing they are,going to do is for you to come out from,twitter then go to any chrome of your,choice maybe you're using google chrome,or you're using google only or you're,using phone x anyone that you're using,depending on your country but i'm going,to go with google chrome if you click on,google chrome,then you are going to,you are going to search for this,particular website that i'm going to,show you right away that is going to,download this very easy okay all you,need to do is for you to click on this,search button if you click on it then,you're going to type this particular,website which is,save,from,dot net,save from dot net okay click,on go or search if you click on it,then it's going to bring you to the site,okay,okay guys this is a particular site it,does how this um save from interface is,okay what you need to do is for you to,paste the link that you've copied on,your twitter account paste it if you,paste it then it will automatically,bring out the video for you and it will,be more easier for you to download the,video okay,this is the particular video okay,all you need to do is for you to click,on this download mp4720,click on download if you click on,download,then it's going to bring you to where,the video is actually downloading okay,here is the video,here is the particular video,i'm sorry guys i'm having a bad network,here that's the cause of it okay,so guys if you click on that place it's,going to bring you here okay all you,need to do is for you to click on this,trade order is going to see the,downlight of this video click on it then,you're going to see download playback,speed click on the download button,and this video this video is downloading,okay if you want to check whether this,video is actually downloading let's go,to this detail click on detail,then you are going to see the video is,downloading,downloading okay here the video has,already downloaded and let's click on it,to know whether it's actually the video,sure here is the video okay i'm forced,to be extra sure whether this video has,alrea

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Israel Mbonyi - You won't let go

Israel Mbonyi - You won't let go

,I trust you completely ,With my Story ,In Every ,Flood or Fire ,In the mist of Trouble & tragedy ,I know ,You won't let go ,I will hold on to you ,Till the last steps of my feet ,In Every ,Test or Trial ,In the mist of battle and straggles,Yes I know ,You won't let go ,You Love me ,You care about me ,You Love me ,You Care about me ,Through the dark ,When I loose the way ,Jesus You won't let go ,Through the Dark,When I loose the way ,Yes I know You won't let go ,I trust you Completely ,With my Story ,In Every ,Flood or Fire ,In the mist of trouble & tragedies,I know ,You won't let go ,I will hold on to you ,Till the last steps of my feet ,In Every Test or trial ,In the mist of battles and struggles ,Yes I know you won't let go ,You Love me and You care about me ,You love me and you care about me ,Through the dark , When I loose the way ,Jesus You won't let go ,Through the dark when I loose the way , Yes I know You won't let go ,You love me and you care about me ,You love me and you care about me ,Through the dark , when I loose the way ,Jesus You won't let go ,Through the dark when I loose the way ,Yes I know you won't let go

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How To Download Recorded Twitter Space as MP3 File

How To Download Recorded Twitter Space as MP3 File

hello viewers,i have a problem which i know every,other people have out there,and it boils down to twitter we all use,twitter space for one or two reasons,and i was able to find out the solution,to that on how to convert,twitter space to mp3,now the first it has three,um different source you can use,so the first thing i did was that i went,to google to search for this but the one,i wanted was,it's not too good so then i just,tried i tried something yeah oh wait the,first i tried this so this this works,this is all the lab the tile,and this is the website,and so the second one is this i was able,to get,these so this website i was able to get,space downloader so we are going to,focus on these two and the last one we,can use is,idea that is the so this is it idm we,can use this so let us start with this,with something like this so if you want,to start,with this way you go over let me let me,try this as an example so this is one,so i copied then you come over to this,area that you paste,so after you enter you enter your ok,button right here you are going to see a,message so they are going to send you a,a notification on your gmail account so,that means you are going to click here,to download it as an mp3 file,just with one click so that's all so if,you want to do it again you can click,about they have restriction that means,your,twitter space must be up to three hours,that means if it's over three hours you,won't be able to get that i think that's,the limitations so now,we are so this is just done so this is,just what we need to do so this we are,done with this now the second option is,this so this is the second option,the,and that is space down dot,this is what you're advised to do,the same thing you'll copy your,mind you can only do this on,you can do it on your mobile phone and,you can do it on your computer system,but if you have a computer system is a,very big advantage because you can use,the idm software but we actually come,back to that then you copy your link you,come back to this area then you paste,then you preview,so now this is the,so this is it we have been able to,generate it then i'm going to impute my,sorry,so i'm going to input my own email,address here so i'm going to generate,when i generate they're going to send,you,in a code is a cgg is code,so i think i got mine here so this it,could be send me equal just right now so,i'm going to input this when i,when i generate it with my gmail account,and i generate so they're going to ask,me for a variation number so i'm going,to get the recreation number right here,and i input and indeed i'm going to see,i'm going to see a link so that means,when i have,input this empty yeah i'm going to get,a notification there's a new one then i,will i will download this uh i can click,this and i'm going to download so when,you download it's going to,start downloading immediately but i've,already had one so that's just by the,side,so we have come to the end of that so,now we want to come to the last part so,the last part is this,sorry okay so the last part is this,now this is a,post so when i need to do this and only,i i only need this idea um,uh adds on yeah that's the extension so,it's going to notice that i have a,audio file,then you come over to the second one so,this is the aac file that you download,when i download it's going to work,already i had one here already,so um,i've downloaded one i think this is it,so i've already downloaded it right here,so this is for an example,so let me just play it with mine,so let me open with vlc,so it's plain ready,facebook this website i call for you if,you that means so this is nice so this,is the old class i've been able to,download the twitter space out here so,this is everything and that's roughly,101 mb,so it's as simple as that,all right so when you do that when you,download you have to choose the second,one so it's going to already i had one,already so it's going to ask me do i,want to download that's with the app of,idea then when i start downloading it's,going to start working so i'm done with,that already so that's just what you,need to do so the first option is this,the,um,the audio and autolabs,does io,slash download special and the second,one is this so this is,and,the third one is,on your,computer system so when you have,installed your idm,uh,extension here so you're going to you're,going to see a pop-up then you click you,use the second one so you download so,it's as easy as that so technology this,phone,and have a nice day

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How To Download Twitter Videos from iPhone & Android🔥🔥🔥 2022 Latest 🔥🔥

How To Download Twitter Videos from iPhone & Android🔥🔥🔥 2022 Latest 🔥🔥

hey guys welcome to tech addicts channel,today i'm gonna show you guys how you,can actually download twitter videos in,your smartphone even though twitter,allows us to download pics from its app,but it doesn't allow us to download any,videos so just follow the video and you,will be able to actually download,twitter videos on your smartphone,whether it's android or iphone this,trick is going to work on both okay so,we are wasting any more time let's get,started with the trick,so first of all find the twitter app and,open it in your smartphone,now i'm gonna scroll a bit to find a,video on twitter remember this trick not,going to work on ads but i'm pretty sure,you won't download any ads right,so after finding a video,now pause it and find the share button,click on it,from here we need to click on this copy,link option,now close the twitter app,now find any browser you can use chrome,browser but i'm gonna use firefox,because i think it's better browser okay,you can use any browser,now in the search option,search for,twitter,video,again twitter,you can pause the video to copy the link,of the website okay,you will find some ads in this page,so make sure to only paste the link that,you have copied in this section,just like i am doing paste the copy link,in this section,now click on the download option,it will take some time so have some,patience,you can see the thumbnail and verify,that it's the right video that you want,to download okay,you will find different download links,for different quality here i'm gonna,select the highest quality download,option,after clicking on this,if your download does not start,and you see something like this,then don't worry let it load a bit,and then click on these three dots,here you will find the download option,click on it,after clicking on it in a few seconds,your download will start automatically,as you can see in my screen,i'm gonna cancel it because i don't need,this video right now okay,so this is how you can download twitter,video from your iphone or android,devices this trick is going to work on,both of them,if you like this video then subscribe to,the channel and hit that like button for,youtube algorithm you can also follow me,on instagram and twitter links will be,in the description,if you got any problem with the video,then comment on the video and i will try,my best to solve your problem,now i will see you in the next video,till then take care and bye

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How To Download Videos From Twitter On PC (And Mac)

How To Download Videos From Twitter On PC (And Mac)

hi everyone in this video i'm going to,show you a really quick and easy way,of downloading videos from twitter,and this is because you might want to,you might be a youtube creator and you,want to get some videos from twitter to,stitch together to make a compilation,video or you may want to,you may have come across a video that,you just want to save for later,so it's actually pretty simple there's,um,twitter down low down loader,if i could spell the one the one that,works fine for me,is currently um number one it's just,called, and i will,leave a link,in the description um some of these,sites,give you like spam heaps of ads,and pop-ups and stuff this one i found,to be okay,so then you basically just want the,twitter video so i,follow this guy called david goldman's,he has like motivational,um videos and things like that,that are really good for fitness and,motivation sorry right click on the,actual video,and select copy video address,if you don't have right click i think,it's like control click,will do it on a mac and a pc,and then we're just going to paste that,into this url here and select download,then it will take,half a second or something and then,it'll give you the options to download a,low resolution,or a higher resolution video,just click download video um depending,on what browser you're using,so it will actually just open up in a,new window here,then you're going to need to click on,the bottom right hand corner there's,like three dots it's like the settings,or whatever,and there will be a download i'm not,sure,how it works in different browsers but,i'm using the chrome browser it may be,different in different browsers you,might have to figure it out,um but this is this is chrome so i'm,going to download that,and then you just select where you want,to download that to,and um then you have the video,you you have to you see on google chrome,um,i'm on a mac and using google chrome but,you just,you just hit this little up arrow here,and i go show in finder,and then it will show me where that,video is and then,um you know i can open that up and play,it,so i can stitch that together in a,compilation i can upload that to youtube,or i can save that for later for,whatever you want to use it for,so that's a really quick and easy way to,download twitter videos,and um thanks for watching and i'll see,in the next video,you

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