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How to Create Twitter Account from Computerhello viewers and welcome to review,information,in this v

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Create Twitter Account from Computer

hello viewers and welcome to review,information,in this video i will show you how to,create a twitter account from your,computer,subscribe to my channel and hit the bell,icon to get notified any updates,let's go step by step so you can see how,easy it is to create a twitter account,in a moment,to begin open any internet browser,and go to,now click on the sign up option,this will take you to the twitter sign,up page,type your name into the name text box,type in your phone number if you want to,use an email address instead,click the uc mail instead link below the,phone text box,then enter an email address now you have,to enter your date of birth,this will not be shown publicly then,click next from the top,you can enable or disable track where,you see twitter content across the web,option then select next,if your name phone number or email and,date of birth are correct,select sign up a verification code has,been sent to your email address,go to your mailbox and check,this is the verification code from,twitter enter the code into your sign up,page,then select next,enter a new password which is eight,characters or more,then select next,you can add a profile picture,you can zoom in or out the profile,picture,then select apply then click next from,the top,you can add your bio on your profile or,you can skip for now,you can upload your contacts to find,friends or you can skip for now,you can select some topics you are,interested in,then select next,you can follow any of these suggested,accounts you are interested in,then click follow from the top,you can turn on notifications if you,want,that's it your account is created and,ready to use,so in this way you can create a twitter,account from your computer,thank you for watching hope you guys,enjoyed my video,please subscribe my channel for more,videos,goodbye

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How To Create A Twitter Thread - Desktop and Mobile

How To Create A Twitter Thread - Desktop and Mobile

hello everyone welcome back to another,tutorial today i'm going to show you how,to create a twitter thread so sometimes,you uh have something on your mind that,you want to tweet out that goes beyond,the character limit on twitter and you,can create a thread and it basically,attaches these tweets these longer,thoughts or tweets that you have and,you've seen threads before so i'm going,to show you exactly how to do that now,so we're on the desktop version of,twitter now and then i will pop up my,mobile device and show you how it looks,and how to create a thread on your,mobile device as well so here we are in,twitter and we have the normal thing,make sure you're logged into your,twitter account and i've just gone over,to,and i have selected a whole bunch of,text and i've copied that text just like,i would if i was creating a very long,tweet now if you've ever gone over the,character limit here on twitter you can,see uh that basically everything beyond,that little line there or this little,letter e,is over the limit so everything from,this point here as highlighted in red,lets you know you are over the twitter,limit and also lets you know that you,are actually 581 characters beyond the,limit that twitter allows uh currently,so what we want to do is we want to make,sure that we can tweet everything out,and get our full thought on twitter but,we want to do it in a way that's nice,and neatly packed up in a twitter thread,so you can see something here that is,the edition symbol should pop up now if,you see the edition symbol here you know,you are on the right track so what you,want to do is you want to go to the uh,the word here that's going to be cut off,and you want to select everything from,that word on down so create everything,there and then you can just right click,and cut,so you're good to go you're no longer,over the limit there and this will be,number one in your thread on twitter and,then if we go and click the addition,symbol go to add we can add another,tweet to this thread by going and right,clicking or commanding control v to,paste the text now we see it goes down,to here so now what we want to do is go,to the other word right here that's,getting cut off select from that word on,where you see it highlighted go ahead,and right click or command and control x,and cut that information out there and,then hit the addition symbol and you,kind of get the point right you just,keep hitting the addition symbol you,keep pasting it there you keep cutting,until you basically have everything that,you want and you have all of the,information all of the text here into,that thread,once you're good to go basically you go,here and you click the blue button that,says tweet all this will allow you to,tweet everything in this thread starting,from the top to the bottom and it will,be listed from top to bottom so when,folks view it and they basically they,expand the thread out,you will see that it will go from the,top down so that's how you create a,thread on twitter and then if we go over,to my mobile device i have an iphone it,really doesn't matter what you have and,as you can see here,i've just pasted some,incoherent text from the random text,generator here and it lets you know that,everything highlighted in red will no,longer be able to be seen because it,goes over the limit just like i said but,if we go up here and we select the text,and we go here it's going to be a little,more difficult on a mobile device and,you just select that and you cut that,there you should be good to go you just,tap on that edition symbol add another,tweet paste it in just like you would,and you just do the same thing you just,select wherever it's being cut off so,we'll go here and we will select that,all the way down and we will cut that,out go to add here add another tweet and,then once you're good to go you paste,that in and then you can see at the very,top there it says tweet all so that's,how you create and make a twitter thread,very simply on both desktop and,mobile if you have any questions please,put those in the comment section down,below don't forget to like share and,subscribe if this helped you out and i,will see you guys in the next one,you

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hal and i went demon mode in insane duo ranked win

hal and i went demon mode in insane duo ranked win

I see one here he just he just went to,the right,there's one more I can maybe get an,angle in this guy with me,over here but yeah he is here they are,there,I'm scan for five,he's getting me though but,I had Six Bullets,hang up,one one,side,he's trying to use this,not ours,120 120.,five angle,on Bridge,why am I going wait,I'm gonna push stop under,God,right there crossing the bridge toward,us,blue armor bloodhound,uh actually might not have been blood,out the other guys but I don't know,fluff cracks,come on,I mean,so work on the wingman Jesus,Christ,damn you're feeling risky delayed girls, was that,yeah, ,I'm holding,he's a blue armor,okay I'm pushing him,that's the name I got my roof on the,right,well done,pretty much,the are you going buddy,I think I just teleport in the same spot,yep you threw it on the ground,oh my God that's tier three scrub,okay scrub s,they're landing on the Podium,right here,I'm coming right towards us on the,bridge,Horizon,bro, Sun myself,smoking them off,that's him far south,Carolina,'s low underneath,another team you guys are you guys are,kind of weak can you back up,for me,I'm gonna watch your crossbody run back,to me,I don't know if we can get you right now,yeah if I didn't steer all I would have,stayed but,foreign,you're reach howling bro,behind me,yeah that's not good,luck bro,I don't have any Mecca,damn oh my side sucks,somebody,I suck holy ,what are closely happening guys,are you flash on God,I don't know we need to get to invader,oh we can't read the way,yeah here,do you have alcohol,yeah,there's going to the Gap bro,everybody,what kind of doing,that angler died on a bat,I don't have a duty for this,he's jumping down,I kidding,they pushing,okay on the right yeah,40 purple one,I back up a little bit more,I love my Digi,dead Bigler,while my new heat shield,just keep yeah yeah,50 on that guy,I'm going up,foreign,so Maggie was one,the guy close truck I'll see the guy on,the truck,let me,do this,good one second gear thank you,behind us,not pushing,behind me you push forward maybe yeah,you guys are behind us yeah should we,board,oh still team that building,at the bat,we're getting welcome to the building,no no we have to fight this I think,top,if you want me already flush on octane,30 questions give me as well batting,okay that's my last bat I'm looking for,math right now,give me one,octane tracking dead give us one,hold on come on should we push it I'm,walking up yeah,70 per 70 all right,okay if you gotta smoke those guys off,you can do it right now he's gonna come,through right here,he's won,nice,on about my way back all right I have,three bats here's one,are we safe here uh kinda yeah not,really let's walk up to the wall Maybe,how many is that one guy,90 on pass I'm gonna work this thing and,walk out,then,I think it's one,you know,the ,Izzy dubs,have a fun game,with my damage in that game or what yeah,right there oh sure,how many kills you guys have I have,three,foreign,I'm landing right here,oh hell you messing up,I got a gun I don't know a gun,they're one octane's one the other guy's,cracked one,I'm telling what's going on,that work doing it that way how when you,ran yourself in a middle ring,it worked for me I just slid right,through the doorway,on top of the,spawned through I usually like I always,run to the side of like one of these uh,things all right is that a different,team to you no I just shot shooting oh,flipping here he's gonna be on the wall,foreign,got it man,that guy ran bro,oh no he's here oh what's up Beamer,Commodore oh my God,I'm with you back up back up,oh there you guys holy ,or what,my damage is 666 right now I'm about to,go demon mode,demon mode,damn ,we're fighting all right I'm holding oh, up blood,I killed a blood,turn that door off,watch that Bang,watch that all right 40 HP Horizon,are you somewhere can they walk up,on me,this guy's won bangalore's one HP oh no,where was my hip fire going on this,as far as,between the cars,guys in the choke already,what is this if he's almost practical,armor,this guy back here is going crazy bro,foreign,it's gonna I don't know where he's gonna,peek you from but I'll scan him,one more zipping,oh you went up there I hit him 40.,got that oh my God I didn't hit him once,damn it or are we gonna drop it off,foreign

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How to Download and Install Twitter on Windows 10 PC | How to Install Twitter in Windows 10 Laptop

How to Download and Install Twitter on Windows 10 PC | How to Install Twitter in Windows 10 Laptop

hello youtube,hi everyone welcome back to my channel,share knowledge video tutorial,in this video i'm gonna show you how to,download and install tutorial on windows,10 pc,and laptop twitter is a social media,platform available as an applications,for windows 10 users,the micro blogging applications comes,with a character,limit and lets you explore a lot of,content in a short while,you can use the platform to access live,news connect with people from,around the world and get into discussion,on various,trending topics the windows applications,offers,all the latest features and is available,in over 20 international languages you,can also download it,on android aos and mac devices,okay you can download and install,twitter for windows 10 pc,from the microsoft store follow these,steps,open the microsoft store from your,taskbar,or from start menu applications,then click on the search icon on the top,right of the screen,and then type twitter in the search box,and click on search,now click on twitter in the search,results here,you can see the button,get for downloading then,you click on get for downloading once,download completed,click on install if you are already,installed once on,your computer the button may say install,rather than get,okay,once install completed now,the twitter icon will appear on your,start menu applications you can see here,okay and then click on launch,once you complete the installation open,it twitter then you will see,this kind of window choose the sign up,button,to create a new twitter account or,choose,and under your username email and,password,to log into an existing tutorial account,choose login,and then type your username and password,and press enter then you will be able to,see,twitter home screen on your windows pc,now you can use the platform to access,live news,connect with people from around the,world,okay i hope this video has helped for,you,thanks for watching and supporting,thanks for watching,if you have any issues comments below i,hope you like this video,if you like this video make sure hit,like and share,your contribution is more confidence,please,don't forget subscribe my channel once,again thanks for watching,and subscribing see you next video bye,take care

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How to use Twitter on PC

How to use Twitter on PC

hello good friends welcome back to kind finder  channel always be kind be safe and stay positive  ,yes keep your mind positive in today's video  we're gonna show you how to use twitter on  ,your pc alright as you see i have created a  twitter app shortcut here and i didn't download  ,that but i have created this from the website  like this so now we can search for  ,if you want to use twitter on your pc and you  can log into your account make sure that you have  ,created a twitter account before you want to use  twitter and then you can log in tap on login here  ,this is the home screen of website  tap on login you can log in using your google or  ,with your apple device or you can use your email  or phone number if you want to log in with your  ,google you can tap on this or i'm going to use  my phone number or email and also the username  ,all right so now i'm going to enter my,username here kind finder and also  the password and also the password  ,all right and then tap on login,and let's wait until you have successfully logged  into your twitter account alright as you see i  ,have successfully logged into my twitter account  and now if you want to know you wonder how to use  ,twitter using your pc first is you can see that  this is my twitter account and you can just it's  ,not it's not really different like twitter mobile  so if you want to create a tweet you can type on  ,here or you can add pictures or like media like  video or pictures and also give and also polls and  ,emoji or schedule you can uh you can also  like retweet your uh retweet someone's tweet  ,like this and like their post and also you  can share their post to other social media,and if you want to send a message on twitter  there will be these options here on the bottom  ,right corner if you want to send message you  can just tap on new message and they can enter  ,which uh who is the recipient or you can also  search people here because maybe you want to send  ,to this person you can tap on next  when you have choosing the account  ,you have chosen the account  and you can send your message,all right it was how to send a  dm to your friends on twitter  ,and other thing is you can go to your settings  and privacy if you want to change your  ,username all right but first we need to  go to our profile here ssc this is your  ,tweets and your tweets and replies your media  and your likes and if you want to change your  ,username or phone number or email you can go  to this more and go to settings and privacy,as you see you can change your account  information you can change your password download  ,or an archive of your data to attack teams and  deactivate your account all right guys so it was  ,how to use twitter on pc and if you want to know  more about this you can just try this and you can  ,uh try any uh any options here on twitter  using twitter on pc thanks for watching  ,this video if you find this very helpful  don't forget to hit the thumbs up button  ,and share this with friends once  again thank you and good luck

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How To Create Twitter Moments On PC

How To Create Twitter Moments On PC

in this video i'm going to show you how,to create twitter moments,twitter moments can be very very,powerful because twitter moments,actually rank in google and sometimes,based on keyword difficulty they can,rank very very high because the, domain,is a very very very high authority,domain,so,um we're going to go ahead and create,our twitter moment,but before that we have to go ahead and,make a twitter tweet,to base that twitter moment off of we,can't just go ahead and and throw in a,twitter moment and um just type in,everything it's gotta have a tweet first,so we gotta create our tweet and i'm,gonna show you exactly what you need to,do because a lot of people uh get,confused when it comes to doing this so,let's go ahead and click the tweet,button and we're gonna go ahead and,click a tweet and i'm gonna go ahead and,post,uh this,uh article,here so,um i'm gonna go ahead and put in my,tweet here,as soon as i can type,all right and then i always put click,here because it's not what we need to do,is we need to add a an image to this,tweet,and i'll put the,link to,wherever i want,the,the person to go that's reading the,tweet,and then we're going to go ahead and add,a picture,let's go ahead and add this one that i,previously downloaded,and okay so,because once the tweet is up you can't,click on the picture to go to the link,you have to have you have to actually,click on the link,so then once you have the,your tweet along with your picture make,sure you add you're adding a picture you,mut that's very very important that you,add a picture to it and also add the,link that you want to rank for in google,or you want the person to go to when,viewing your twitter moment,and then we'll click tweet,to to tweet that out,and see if we click on,if we click on the the picture it,doesn't actually take us to,the,link we have to tell people to click,here to click on the link to go to it,so now we're going to click on more over,on the left hand side of the screen and,create our twitter moment so we'll click,more,and we'll click moments,and here,we will,this is just a draft i'll delete this,so this is probably what you're going to,see waiting on a moment you probably,haven't,tried creating a twitter moment before,um,but if you did you might see some drafts,or something along the lines here under,moments,so let's go ahead and click create over,on the left hand side of the screen here,and,we need to go ahead and find the tweet,that we just that we just,put on there,so we need to,tweet by count select tweets by account,at the top and then search for twitter,account and put your twitter account,in there as soon as you start typing,it's going to come up very first one,anyway,and then,what we need to do here is we need to to,click next click this little bubble here,this little round bubble,next to,the,tweet that we want to add so we want to,click this bubble that there's a check,mark if there's anything else that we,want to include in this moment you can,click that as well you can add more than,one thing to it and click add,okay so,now that we've got our twitter,tweet on there that we wanted to include,we can go ahead and add our picture,now that we've add since we've added a,picture to our twitter tweet,we're gonna get the option to add it,here but if not there's no,way,to upload it or add it from any other,url other than a tweet url so keep that,in mind,you have to add your image that you want,to include here to your tweet url,if you want a,or to your tweet if you want,an image to pop up here,so we'll click next,and then we want to crop this is the,main cover,click next and this is what the,thumbnail is going to look like so we,can,we can drag it around if we want i'm,just going to hit that and then hit done,and there's our picture so now we have,to put a title,and we're gonna put the title in here is,this,okay let's do this,title,and then our description,i'm just gonna,copy it from,the website here,and i'll put,click the link,below to learn,more,okay,you can have up to 600 characters in the,description if you add links to the,description they will not be clickable,so please keep that in mind you can add,links if you want but they will not be,clickable and you cannot add images or,html code to this description box,and we'll click save,and that's it that's all we have to do,we'll click publish,and we can make it private public or,unlisted and we can also check if it,contains sensitive content,and i'm just going to leave it at public,and click publish,and there's my moment this is my twitter,moment,address,and i can tweet that out if i want to,i'm not going to,i'll discard that tweet,let's go ahead and,go to our twitter moment and you can,tell it's a twitter moment by where it,says i events those are always twitter,moments so you can tell that to twitter,moment by that uh by that inside the url,and we'll click that,and here we are this is our twitter,moment,and it's got our twitter,twitter post down below where they can,click o

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Power Automate Desktop - Download Twitter data (Connect to Twitter API and fix bearer token issue)

Power Automate Desktop - Download Twitter data (Connect to Twitter API and fix bearer token issue)

hello everyone happy saturday,today i am going to show you how to,connect to twitter api using power,automate desktop,this is a very easy process,i will show you how to get the twitter,messages,from twitter,api,and convert it to,custom objects,so if i click in detail right you can,actually retrieve,the creation date the twitter id and,also the text,of the twitter message,in my,next video,i will also show you how to convert,json,twitter,results,into,excel,like this,my name is hao zhung i'm here to help,you to use office work tools such as,excel and power automate,if you think my videos are helpful,please help me by subscribing to my,channel,thank you,the first step is create,an account,in uh,right then you create a project,if you already have a project and you,can't remember,your bearer token you can regenerate,your barrier token here,when you first create,the,account,it will ask you,whether,you want to create a project so create a,project and then,create a,bearer token and then,copy the barrel token,the better token is,something like,um this,this is my better token,because i have,published this,on youtube i will,revoke and regenerate a new,barrier token,so,the first step,in power automate is,you use invoke web service,then,you can actually copy my url here,right my url here is,actually to search,australia,and to limit the results at 10,and,retreat also retrieve,the,date that you did that the user create,the,tweet,if you want,to have a more complex url,like what uh to to get more fields,you can refer to,this website,right,the quick start link so i will put this,link into,the description below,then what you do is you click on add,twitter api we do to postman,all right,then you,click on the arrow and then you can see,there's so many types of api you can use,so the api that i use is search tweets,get recent search,all right,then uh i basically say i want to search,for australia,right you can see the h,html all right update itself,um next results right i want and,all right and then,tweet fields right,i can put more tweak tools um,you can refer to this,fuse dock website,all right,and um,you can actually,um see,the,the other columns that you can,retrieve from twitter,so for this instance,i have used,created yet,to so that i will know when the tweet is,created,so i,if i go back to,his postman,all right here sorry,fit fields i can create that add,and maybe i,if i need,another view i can actually maybe,just um if i want to just,get the geo,i will,comma,yo right this html will update itself so,to keep it simple i only use,uh,this,this,this uh,url,so i have actually used this url in my,power ultimate,all right then you use method get,and then uh,accept is application,forward slash json,content tab is application,forward slash json,and this is very important,so once you get your,barrel token,you can um,paste it here so you need to type,authorization,all right then a double double dot,then space then barrel,and then you paste,your token,so,um i have a,very good tip,on,how to paste this token,so,normally,your token will,have some,uh,percentage,right in your token it will say invalid,value,because,this percentage is a reserved,symbol,so i actually want to thank,um,i want to thank uh,1996.,um he's,he helped me a lot by saying that in,power automate desktop,the,percentage logo is a reserve character,right so if your barrier has a,percentage,symbol just add another percentage,symbol so add one more sim percentage,symbol to escape the character,so,so if you go back to,if we go back to power automatic desktop,so if there is a percentage symbol,i will add another percentage symbol,so this is my second,entry symbol i add another one,right,then it works there's no more invalid,value,um,then,safe responses get x into variable,in the advanced,connection time of 30 follow redirection,i just disable it disable here who,creates disable for an error status,i enable encode request body,the rest i leave it as,default,right,so when i run,right,it's all stored in json as custom object,so yeah view here,a view at the meta,right i know there's a,10 10 results,and then if i go to data,i can see all these are all the 10,tweets,and then if i click on more i can see,this the individual tweets,information so creation date id,and um,text,if i click on more i can actually see,the,the the information,yeah in the tweet,so in my next video i will show you how,to convert all these json,format right,into,all this into,an excel spreadsheet like this,so please uh,please go to my next video to,look how to do this,um if you like this video please give,the video a like and please,subscribe to my channel so that you will,know when the next video will be,available,thank you so much guys,um,if you have any questions please leave,in a comment below and i will try to,make a video for you,or if you want to,have a more personal service you can,message me,thank you so much,have a nice,day or night,see you bye bye

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It Just Got WORSE For Disney | After Losing BILLIONS, They Just Gave BAD NEWS To Their Employees

It Just Got WORSE For Disney | After Losing BILLIONS, They Just Gave BAD NEWS To Their Employees

foreign,22 was a financial disaster for Disney,the worst year they'd had in nearly half,a century as their shares dropped nearly,50 percent and of course everywhere you,looked they were losing the theme parks,were losing ground to Universal at the,box office box office disappointments,and box office flops all around and of,course on streaming despite adding,millions of new subscribers they lost,1.5 billion dollars just in the last,quarter all in all it was terrible for,Disney but what everybody was saying was,you know what Bob iger's back they got,rid of mean bad Bob chapek the employees,said they didn't like Bob chapic because,he didn't treat them the right way so,now Bob Iger is going to come and save,everything well it looks like the,employees at Disney are still not happy,with the new leadership because let's,just face it it's not any different than,it was before Disney World employees set,to reject one dollar per hour pay raise,cast members is quote facing extremely,fine extreme financial difficulties,including inflation yeah you know if you,do look at our money and now this is,through no fault of Disney necessarily,but if you just look at what's going on,in the economy certainly your dollar is,not worth nearly as much this year as it,was a year or two ago there's no doubt,about that and what did Bob Iger do the,guy who's supposed to come back in and,be a man of the people he's gonna you,know maybe call the employees happy,again he says you know what for you,minimum wage workers,will give you another dollar how does,that sound Disney employees are not,happy wage workers at Disney World in,Orlando are set to reject the company's,offer of a dollar per hour pay raise,with the unions representing them,arguing that Disney's offer is woefully,inadequate at the time of soaring,inflation the service trades Council,Union which represents the six unions,cover the overwhelming majority of Walt,Disney World's cast members I didn't,even know they were unionized to be,honest but it makes a lot of sense is,recommended members vote no on the offer,Disney workers are facing extreme,financial difficulties including,inflation which has caused the price of,food and rent to Skyrocket sixteen,dollars per hour in 2023 does not keep,up with the rising cost of living every,worker needs an initial raise larger,than a dollar to address these concerns,now I've always been of the mind that if,if you really think that you're worth,more money then you can go out and go,find more money somewhere else and if,you are worth that someone will likely,give it to you but when it comes to all,these workers here they certainly think,they deserve more than a one dollar,raise concern considering everything,that's going on and on the flip side,what is Disney doing in the theme parks,as they're continuing to lose market,share to Universal for the first time in,history we saw the two Universal Parks,far outpace nearly every single Disney,park with the exception of Magic Kingdom,something like that has never happened,and Disney has to be panicking as a,result they are hiking their prices,massively at the theme parks normal,people can't even afford to go there,anymore quite frankly yet at the same,time they'd turn around and basically,offering nothing to their employees and,this is all from Bob Iger the guy who,was supposed to change things for Disney,the employees were supposed to Love Bob,Iger and of course what's he also now,doing he's ending remote work now what,did people say about Elon Musk when he,said we're ending remote work oh that's,just the worst thing ever well now Bob,iger's doing the same thing in a,desperate attempt to get more value out,of what's happening at Disney because,right now it cannot be understated what,hard financial times Disney's undergoing,right now after having to close a lot of,stuff down during the pandemic that of,course no fault of their own necessarily,one of the reasons Bob either likely,stepped down and then decided to come,back now they still have some debt from,that fox purchase that they made a few,years ago and now with all the bad news,they got in 2022 they're having to,tighten the belt way up financially,Disney is in trouble Bob Iger orders,Disney at home employees to work in the,office four days a week I don't think,there's anything wrong with that I think,that a lot of people should be working,in an office I don't think everyone's,suited for remote work I know that some,people are going to do really well,remote work-wise like for real a lot of,people will perform even better at,working remotely they'll be more,efficient they'll get stuff done quicker,but for a lot of other people that's,simply not the case people are not the,same you can't manage people exactly the,same but it looks like Bob Iger is,making them come back into work for the,sake of creativity and because they need,to get more work out of them all of this,is just so funny need to see because Bob,Iger was deemed this hero and especially,by

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