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Cybersecurity Expert Answers Hacking Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIREDhi I'm Amanda Russ


Updated on Jan 26,2023

Cybersecurity Expert Answers Hacking Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

hi I'm Amanda Russo aka Maori unicorn,and I'm an offensive security engineer,and this is hacking support this Twitter,user cloud opening ass at this point,hackers know everything there is to know,about every one of us why do we need,passwords now why keep going to the gym,if you're gonna die anyways passwords,are kind of a necessary evil and hackers,really don't know everything about you,it all depends if you put that,information out there on the Internet,Congrats I know what a white hat is I,know what a black hat is what is a Red,Hat angry hacker,I don't think I've heard the term red,hat hacker before when you're a white,hat hacker you have for good a lot of,people in the security industry are,white hat hackers and then for the cyber,criminals they we call them black hats,there's also this other term called grey,hat where they could be a IT admin,during the day while moonlight as a,black hat during the night hacker for,life ass maurer unicorn how do you even,begin learning and exceeding in this,field I'm trying to become a penetration,tester need inspiration so a pen tester,is kind of like an attacker that goes,and checks all of the external ports any,openings within someones network but if,you really want to be a penetration,tester there's a lot of content out on,the web right now courses workshops they,even have events at a conferences where,you can meet other people in the field,you can find a mentor learn from them,they would point you in the right,direction I feel like the hacker culture,is pretty open and diverse so there's a,lot of content out there malware is the,worst,what is this purpose other than wasting,my time usually malware is going after,money and if anything you're considered,collateral damage when Maur is delivered,they're usually just spraying that all,the malware too many people as possible,so it may not be intended for you,I think of malware as like a fashion,trend you know there's different malware,every season every quarter and you have,to stay in fashion and I'm trying all,the time when you think about older,malware that you Soaker a couple years,ago sometimes it comes back in fashion,this Twitter user name is Jessica Alba,is an interesting choice for hacking,how do hackers decide who they're going,to target Jessica Alba's a beautiful,woman and she's also celebrity so she,sounds like a great shiny object for,cyber criminals to go after but a lot of,them have different motivations that,could include money is probably the,biggest one another one would be,reputation it would be like haha I,hacked this person it could be,information kind of like corporate,espionage and then we have destruction,which is kind of rare basically it is,they try to destroy all the systems to,put that company out of business,Kylie Minaj asks why do they make the,login process for your student loan aid,so difficult and tedious if some hackers,want to break into my account and pay,off all my student loans please don't,make it difficult for them you all are,gonna ruin this for me let them run wild,in there,Kylie these hackers are not going to go,and pay off your debt if anything they,were going to go into the system to pay,off their tuition so a lot of these,controls are in place to hinder hackers,like that to get into your account it's,an unfortunate thing to do but you know,it's necessary axel blazing ass speaking,of what is even the point of these bot,accounts that follow you but well that's,it no messaging or anything no spam just,follow like sake it's done well these,accounts are doing something that may,not pertain to you what we call it,account aging so what that means is,they're trying to bypass a lot of,automated detection from social media,that they have in place to look for fake,accounts and so by tweeting or messaging,or making any type of action they're,trying to bypass the Texan to look more,like a legitimate account this Twitter,user Andrew Chiqui asks what will they,think of next is there anything that has,been courted in the last decade that,hackers haven't found a vulnerability,can do some damage if you think about,your fridge at home being able to,connect to the Wi-Fi or your pressure,cooker being able to connect to the app,on your phone a lot of these devices are,developed in a way where they're looking,for the lowest possible cost of,manufacturing so when they get to the,security part it's kind of like an,afterthought so until things change,we're gonna still have these problems,with IOT,Twitter users sift Basque Maori unicorn,what should my first step be in the,bugging should I just get a file in a,book and start doing the best way is to,just jump right in,think about it as riding a bike it takes,time it takes practice but eventually,you'll get it there's a different,debugger for every operating system but,they're not easy to learn unless you,start you know just doing it yourself,and training yourself and practicing,like I don't remember every single,command in the Bogert I have to use a,che

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Twitter and Visual Studio Rant

Twitter and Visual Studio Rant

hmm hello everybody and welcome to hand,made here oh sure we could a complete,game live on stream I just wanted to,take a few minutes at the start of the,stream to discuss a fairly typical thing,that tends to happen on Twitter and I,seriously doubt that me making a video,bet about it will help at all but you,know since its kind of always been a,problem and it's gets to the point now,where I'm just so aggravated with it,that you know and I think most people,are so aggravated with it that it it,ends up meaning that folks who actually,are serious about programming or spend a,lot of their time thinking about,problems and caring about how good,suffer is they eventually will just,disengage right I mean nowadays most of,my interactions of Twitter is just,blocking people like I just you know I,see so much like ignorance and arrogance,and stuff on there that I just like I,block basically like you know 50% of the,things I see because I'm just like this,is ridiculous and and pointless right um,but I don't actually know to what extent,it's a lost cause because I mean to a,certain extent you know what just trying,to put my myself my mind back into like,what I would have done you know when I,was you know 14 or something if I had,been on Twitter I'm sure I would have,been a disaster right I already still,get angry at things and post things on,Twitter where I'm like upset about stuff,right even today and I'm you know 43 at,this point and you know I certainly,haven't gotten more impulsive as I've,gotten older you know if anything I've,gotten less so all I want to do was,basically point out that if you're,talking to somebody who's a professional,who has a lot of years of experience and,who does a lot of work on things on,Twitter if you're assuming something,about them like that they don't know X,you're almost certainly wrong now it's,not that you're always wrong because,there's definitely things that they,don't know,and there's plenty of things that I,don't know I mean like I've mentioned,many times you know there's people like,Jeff and Fabien and stuff like that who,when I have a question I ask them write,about things that I know like oh if this,is gonna be like some kind of a like,algorithmic authorization thing I'm,gonna ask Jeff about it if it's some,kind of a microarchitecture thing I'm,gonna ask Fabien right because they just,spend way more time with these things,than I do and I know they know more,right so it's not like I know everything,because I actually know very little,right but I know a lot more than some,random person arriving on my Twitter,feed appears to think that I do and,that's the annoying part right like I'm,not someone who just started programming,yesterday you know that and that is how,you end up getting treated on Twitter,even if you've been programming for an,extremely long time right and it's super,annoying because there also is no way on,today to explain to people that that is,the case right it's like look you know,I'm not an idiot,right I have a ton of experience I do a,ton of stuff and you're almost certainly,wrong in whatever it is that you're,assuming because you're assuming,something about somebody who's like,actually really dumb right it's not like,you were making an assumption that I you,know don't know quantum field theory,you're making an assumption that I don't,even know basic things about development,environments where you know I've used,every version of that development,environment that you're talking about or,something right so just to take a simple,example I want to show what this kind of,looks like so here's something from my,Twitter feed and I was basically just,telling people you should use remedy BG,and I basically was pointing out that it,did bugs much faster than video studio,and it's a single executable so there's,no installation nightmares right now,those are the two things that are the,major problems with debugging on visual,studio are there some features that I,wish visual studio had sure if you go,look at something like windbg which is,probably the most fully featured,debugger that I've ever seen,visual studio is you know a toy by,comparison but,to that end so is remedy BG right remedy,BG and Visual Studio don't have even 20%,of the features of windbg the reason for,that is windbg is a super hardcore,kernel debugger style thing made for,finding errors that are super crazy hard,to find and it's got years and years and,years of developer plug-ins that,hardcore developers have made for,handling incredibly esoteric stuff it's,also impossible to use the interface is,terrible there are so many bad mistakes,and bugs in the interface that it's just,like you'd never want to use it as your,day-to-day debugger if you care about,the speed and ease with which you can,debug right,so yes windbg it's what I use to debug,if I have a really serious problem on my,hands but that happens once every six,months,all their times remedy BG it has all the,features that I need it's extremely fast,it's

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How to Fix Link Preview Not Showing Up Correctly in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

How to Fix Link Preview Not Showing Up Correctly in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

hi everyone its Amory from cascade,valley designs and in this video I'm,going to show you how to get the right,image and text preview for the pages and,posts that you want to share on social,network platforms such as Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn I know how,frustrating it can be when you change a,photo out or when you're sharing your,page or post or event and it doesn't,show the right information so these,platforms have developed some tools to,help us with that but they're not really,readily known so I'm gonna share those,with you today the first one is of,course Facebook and this is called their,debugging tool so if you if you look up,Facebook debugger tool in Google you'll,find this so what you're gonna do and,I'm gonna put the links in the show,notes to or put down below the video,click the link in the debug field click,debug I'm gonna use my newest post for,these now there's nothing there because,I haven't shared it yet which is fine,this can be an old page has been around,a long time and you maybe you've updated,it you've updated the picture and you,want Facebook to grab it you're gonna,use the same tool whether it's new or,old what it does is it goes back and it,scrapes the information on that page and,fetches it because Facebook doesn't know,or any of these platforms don't know,that you've changed anything and so,they're going to keep the memory instead,of like going back to go you know with,every new link they take the latest the,last you know preview that they've had,and use it until you tell them otherwise,so that's what this tool does so I'm,gonna go ahead and fetch the new,information and in a few seconds it will,show me the picture,and there we go there's the picture and,here's the title sometimes it will show,the description which I have here so,depending on where you're sharing where,your,in facebook if it has room it will show,the description as well but more,important to me is that it's got the,correct image and the correct title and,now I can go share it in facebook so,with LinkedIn oh one more thing is if,you if you just changed the picture or,title and it's not showing up correctly,click scrape again and then if it's,still not showing up correctly wait a,few seconds scrape again so keep doing,that until you find the correct until it,goes out there and grabs the correct,image and information I've done this too,many times oh and then they've kind of,shut down that link so I wouldn't do it,more than four times and just pause in,between and after about four times if it,still hasn't recognized the new,information which it should then I would,come back a little bit later okay so,LinkedIn for a while on LinkedIn I,didn't even know they had this and I've,helped clients post things on a LinkedIn,and we've changed the image and I,thought there was nothing we could do,about it,so um I was so thrilled to find this,post inspector tool they all have,different names for their scraping or,debugging tools so once again use this,for a new link or or an old one that,you've just updated and you know I think,it's a good step and your final the,final steps in your process before you,do share on these platforms to check,your link in these just to make sure,it's going to look correct before before,you share it everywhere or ask people to,share it right so that looks good,I they don't have any sort of scrape,again tool I think you have to keep,hitting this if it's not showing up,correctly Twitter it's called a card,validator because that little that,little preview they have with the,picture and and the title is they call,them Twitter cards so,you're gonna put that here preview card,and you can do this to any link it's not,just your own but any link before you,share it so this is now this one was,able to pull up my this one was able to,pull up cracklin or pull up my,description but it does cut off my title,so just kind of keep that in mind you,might want to keep your titles a little,bit shorter but um it's okay because I,have the title in the image as well now,something I realized about the Twitter,card is that it takes the title of your,page so for example on a home page you,might just have home which is not a good,idea to have on your home page you want,to optimize it for the search engines,you might have home in the title but,down in the SEO peek part like maybe you,have Yoast SEO loaded onto your,WordPress you might have changed the,page title Twitter will actually take,your actual page title so it is good to,test to see where it's pulling the title,from so I found that out the hard way,and I had you know I changed my actual,page titles instead of using the Yoast,plugin for that particular purpose so um,I hope these tools have helped you and,happy sharing let me know if you have,any questions about using these tools,and I hope it helped

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NEW! Amazon SageMaker Studio - Debug Models with Amazon SageMaker Debugger

NEW! Amazon SageMaker Studio - Debug Models with Amazon SageMaker Debugger

hey Julian from AWS in this video I'd,like to talk about one of the new,capabilities that we launched at,reinvent 2019 and I mean Amazon sage,maker debugger which is one of the most,exciting ones if you ask me,sage Mukherjee Berger gives you the,ability to pinpoint and understand weird,training issues that could be happening,during your training jobs on Sage Maker,this is compatible with the built in XJ,boost algo as well as the chance of low,Apache IMAX net and PI torch built-in,frameworks so there's a whole bunch of,information in the documentation we will,get back to that in a minute but let's,not waste any time and let's look at,some code so here I'm gonna show you an,example based on Keros the high level,API in tensorflow but what I'm gonna,show you is really very similar to what,you would do with the other algorithms,and frameworks okay so here trying to,classify the fashion M NIST data set,using a simple convolution neural,network and I will put the link to this,notebook in the video description and,here's the code and if you used to care,us you know this is relieving in our,care us the only change here is really,those lines here that helped me,implement script mode right which is the,default way of training framework code,on sage maker okay so well I have,another video out there for force Creek,moto look look at that one if you want,to know more but it's not really,important here then I just grab the the,data set and I do some very basic,normalization and and one hot encoding,and then I build my model and then I,train and,and that's it and I save the model right,so this is really vanilla Carrasco,there's nothing specific here with,respect to debugging I'm just using this,exact same code and and we'll see how,this works with debugger if I was using,a lower level API in intensive flow if I,was working with a chance' flow the TF,estimator objects or the low-level API I,would have to I would have to add some,extra code and I'm showing you how to do,this in in the blog post that I wrote,for for the launch and again I will put,the URL for this in the in the video,description and this shows you a lower,level example when you can customize,exactly how you want it Burger to work,but here I want to keep it super super,simple it's an introduction and this is,really again unmodified Kerris code okay,so upload the date set to s3 and then as,usual configure the stage maker,estimator for tensorflow,and I think by now you're getting used,to this pass the script define how much,infrastructure I need and the only,change here is I'm going to pass some,rules so rules are stage maker debugger,built in rules or custom rules you can,write your own and each rule is going to,check for specific condition during the,training job so here for example I'm I,won't say Jamaica Burger to watch for,lost not decreasing which would probably,mean that my training job is not,learning properly and I want to check,for overfitting meaning it's probably,learning too well and it's not going to,generalize too to new data so in order,to use this you just need to import,those new objects rule,and rule configs from sage maker,debugger okay so make sure you have the,latest sage maker sdk otherwise you,might be missing this and that's it so,then I call fit to get the training job,going and if I look at the training log,what I see here is the training job,starting okay and I would I would still,see this in the sage console if I looked,for it and I also see these extra lines,telling me debugger has launched to,debug jobs so one for each rule that I,configured and these are actually you,run on another sage maker capability,called sage maker processing which lets,you run you know feature engineering or,model evaluation jobs and we also use it,internally for debugging jobs so how,does that work so what happens is that,the training job will automatically save,all kinds of tensors to Amazon s3 okay,so it's going to save it's going to save,metrics it's going to save weights it's,going to say if generally all parameters,of the model in training so for Chara's,by default as we will see we save a,number of things again if you work with,lower-level api's you can you can save,you can specify the tensors and the,collection of tensors that you want to,save let's say you want to save all,weights or you want to save all,gradients and you want to save extra,parameters you know you can very finely,configure how that works so like I said,the training job is going to save that,information to s3 and those to debug,jobs are going to,read the tensors that are saved to s3,and as they become available of course,they're going to apply the rule that,they've been configured for and they're,gonna start looking for lost not,decreasing or overfitting in this case,there are many many more rules by the,way I can show you a list here so these,are the built-in rules available so dead,riilu there they have really cool names,that really exploding tensor poor,weights in it saturated ac

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Build a real-time Twitter clone in 15 minutes with LiveView and Phoenix 1.5

Build a real-time Twitter clone in 15 minutes with LiveView and Phoenix 1.5

hey it's Chris McCord and today we're,going to write a Twitter timeline clone,from scratch using Phoenix live view my,goal is to show you just how great,LabVIEW is at building interactive,applications we're not going after write,any JavaScript to make it happen and the,amount of data that we write on the wire,at the end is going to be more efficient,than the best single page app you could,write by hand if that sounds crazy or,you're skeptical stick with me it's,going to go fast but I promise at the,end that I think I'll have you convinced,okay so to get started we can run the,mix Phoenix new command so we'll say mix,Phoenix new chirp and we can pass - live,to get the live you dependencies and,we'll say yes since all our dependencies,okay let's see the into a directory and,open a new editor alright they get,started Phoenix includes a PHX gen live,command and this bootstraps a crud live,view which lets us just hit the ground,running so to build our Twitter Timeline,feature,let's build a timeline and the resource,that we want to persist is a post and,the plural form that's going to be the,database table so we'll call it posts,the fields should be let's say push up a,username a body and let's say a couple,integer fields like a likes count and a,repost count in this generated a handful,of files couple of Y views couple,templates a migration file and so on and,it told us we need to copy these live,routes to our router so we'll go ahead,and do that to make these web reachable,go into our router and in our browser,pipeline to service browser requests,we'll paste that in I don't see how,these work in a moment but with those,little eyebrows in place we can go ahead,and run our server with mix Phoenix,server and see what this looks like so,we'll visit localhost 4000 slash posts,and whoops looks like we forgot to,create our database but Phoenix has our,back so we'll say yes please create that,for me and looks like we also forgot to,run our migrations but we'll say yes,please do that okay cool so we're ready,to go here so we have our tabular list,of posts it's not showing anything yet,because we don't have any posts if we,click on new post we can see a modal,here with the form fields you pass the,command line but right away we know we,have to do a little bit of work here we,need to add validations for body that,needs to be a text area and,likes count repost count aren't even,user editable so let's go ahead and add,some validations here to get started so,if we go into our form HTML template and,that's in the live post live form,component template this is where we're,rendering that form and we know right,away that most of these are not user,editable fields so we'll go ahead and,just remove them and we can say the text,input for the body is going to be a text,area so we'll save that go back and okay,this is looking more like a Twitter,modal so now if we go back to our,application we need to write some,validations and we can do that in the,timeline post module that was generated,so underneath the timeline directory we,can go into posts and here we can see it,looks there's ecto database library how,it's mapping the database table to an,ellipse your data structure so we know,right away that the likes count and the,repost count should default to zero and,the user name we don't have any users so,we'll just say everyone is my username,for now and then we can see expose,change set abstraction which is a way to,build up a data structure to track,changes that we want to apply to the,database and as far as fields that are,allowed to be cast as user input we know,we can only allow the body to be cast,and in fact we have to require the body,to be cast so we can create a post,without a body and here we can also add,our own validations to this data,structure like I want to validate the,length of the body and let's say the,minimum amount is going to be two,characters and the maximum amount is,going to be 250 characters didn't Amir,Twitter so if I save that and refresh,here let's see what happens when I start,typing and immediately I'm getting,validations if I leave a blank it says,it can't be blank so what's happening,here so we're not shipping anything down,to the client converting any rules to,JavaScript what's happening is Phoenix,LiveView establishes a WebSocket,connection over this page and like many,client-side frameworks that you used to,like react anytime our state changes on,our view or a component our templates,going to be rendered and the browser DOM,is going to be patched it's just in our,case we're running this paradigm on the,server and sending those minimal Dom,patches over the wire so it's incredibly,efficient and it just works over,WebSockets effectively giving us,client-side validations so here I can,say okay I'm gonna make,you post click save and we can see,instantaneously this shows up and that,was so fast because we also have live,navigation we use browser push state,over that WebSocket connection so if I,click new p

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Introducing Blazor: Structure and Debugging | ASP.NET Core 101[11 of 13]

Introducing Blazor: Structure and Debugging | ASP.NET Core 101[11 of 13]

>> Hey friends, in our last video,,in the ASP.Net 101 series that we were doing right here,,we introduced Blazor, and it was pretty intense.,>> It was. There was a lot going on.,>> There was a lot going on, that's,exactly what I was going to say, a lot going on.,So let's do this.,Let's take this video to recap what we were doing,,because there are some moving parts and see,what exactly we're trying to accomplish and,then that more info button.,We know that we can select,a card in our Crafts App but we didn't really do anything with it.,>> No. We should add that pop-up that we said we were going to do.,>> Right.,>> Got to keep your promise.,>> So before, when we were doing this,,we made our Razor component.,We put everything in a dot Razor page,,a dot Razor component rather and before,,we move everything from our index Razor page,,into a Razor component.,That's really self-contained, and,what's nice about that is that we could now,use Product List anywhere,,we could refer to use it anywhere.,We had put in an Onclick and you'll see in,Visual Studio that purple boldface,,that indicates that that's a Blazor event,,like buttons don't necessarily have an Onclick that works that way,but when we put the @ in front of it and we may turn purple,,now that is a event that will run that will select that product.,Then we'll go and put those in a variable here,,select product, and then you are saying we should pop up a model,,we didn't really do that.,>> Yeah.,>> I'm not even ensure if these products are,getting selected because when I click the buttons nothing happens.,>> Yeah and because we have,this code that looks like just typical CS,,I think we might be able to debug this.,>> We should exactly. So Visual Studio lets,you debug Razor components,,and let's do that, let's set a break-point.,Because like you said it's just C sharp.,So let's hit F5.,I've been hitting "Control" F5,,which is start without debugging,,so now I'm going to hit F5 which is start debugging.,>> Yeah.,>> We've got our More Info button, let's click it.,>> Success.,>>Yes. Okay, cool. So this is really nice,,and we are in the code for the Razor component,,and I can actually hover over these and you'll see.,>> You get some data type action going on here.,>> I love this. This is my favorite feature.,I don't think enough people know about it.,>> Yeah.,>> This is so cool,,and then you go and pin that and then watch it change.,So here we are,,we've just passed that in,,Let's hit F10, or in this case step over.,So we have selected our product,,we can actually see the product.,>> One of the things that's cool,now that you've had a breakpoint and everything,is you can run,the autos window now but you can also go to the locals window.,>> Okay.,>> You can see all the different local variables,that are in that vicinity,,so if you wanted to see what,that selected product is you can do that.,If you want to see other products you can do,that too because they're all in scope.,>> They're all local to this, so here I can hover over product ID.,I can see other variables that are local to what I'm,doing including my JsonFileName for my component.,So everything that got injected into,this Razor component is visible to me,,during this default process.,So it looks like that, in fact works.,We set selected product ID which is cool.,But we don't actually pop our modal.,>> Yeah, so let's add that.,>> Let's do that. So we'll go back over here,,I'm going to stop my debugging session.,We have been using Bootstrap.,So we have a lot of Divs.,Everyone's HTML is different.,I'm sure that if we had,CSS skills beyond Bootstrap, they would have fewer Divs.,>> Yeah.,>> But the nice thing of course is,that it's a structure that we can use.,>> No need to worry about CSS all the time.,>> Exactly.,>> It's just for training.,>> We need a Div pop-up basically,,because I want to hit that page,,I want it to pop up and then in,the future we'll put ratings then at the bottom.,>> Yeah.,>> Okay. So this is our Div that runs every time,,probably after here but before code.,>> So we need to add a conditional statement in this case.,So when the user selects the product or selects that button,,we should check to see if,the selected product is equal to something other than that.,>> That's a good point. So basically,,if we've got a product selected,,do some stuff and in this case,,if the product is selected,the modal would just appear on the page,,the Div would be there when,there's the selected product and it,wouldn't be there if there's not.,>> Yeah.,>> Okay, so this is going to require some Divs.,>> Yeah.,>> So I'm going to paste in some code here.,>> Lucky for us. It's like a cooking show,where you're storing something and you stick in the oven.,>> Yeah, you put your Divs in the oven,and you put your finished Divs.,>> This is the final product.,>> Outside of the oven. So here you go.,I just brought those Divs in.,I'm going to go and remove that because I didn't want it.,I brought my Div and my If stat

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Chrome Extension Tutorial - 42 - Debug Popup and Options

Chrome Extension Tutorial - 42 - Debug Popup and Options

now that we have created a couple of,extensions let's learn how to debug them,because debugging is very crucial to,understanding where your code is going,wrong,and i'm making a basic assumption that,you are used to debugging regular web,applications and want to learn debugging,chrome extensions in specific,all right so if you open the developer,tools and have a look at the elements or,the css,you don't find the html or css related,to the chrome extension,so,these elements you don't find them over,here,so to debug,an extension we need to right click,on this icon and then select inspect,popup,and now it opens a new window from where,we can see all the elements,so for example this h1 gets highlighted,over here in the extension if i if i,hover over h1 the same with h2 or the,input elements,and for example i can select h1 and add,a style as well so let's say color,and let's give it orange and there you,go h1 is now,changed to orange color,and if you go to sources,okay let me let me just open it again,i'm not sure why it didn't pop up,all right so let's go to sources and now,you see that popup.js which is ju which,is the javascript where popup.html is,visible so if i go to popup.js and let's,say,our code is going wrong and we need to,figure out where it is going wrong so,i'm going to set a break point here and,i'm going to enter an amount so 10 and,click on spend,and there you go it hits the debug point,and now i can hover over to check okay,new total,i'm getting,the existing total of 30 from chrome,storage okay that is working fine and if,i hover over amount i get the value of,10 which is the value entered so that is,working fine and then i can move on to,the next step and then the new total is,going to be 40 that needs to be updated,so this is basically how we are going to,debug your javascript,and,when it comes to your options page it is,pretty simple so if i right click and,select options it is going to open a new,tab altogether and now if i click on or,if i press f12 i get the elements so i,can select h1 h2 the two input buttons,so,if i go to the sources tab i get,options.js so again i can,i can have a debug point over here when,i click on reset total,and if i click on reset it pauses in the,debugger and i can move through the,different steps,so this is basically how you are going,to debug your pop-up and your options,page,and we'll learn about debugging the,background pages and content scripts in,the next video

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Debugger Improvements in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3

Debugger Improvements in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3

as usual this latest version of IntelliJ,IDEA contains improvements to the,debugger we've added class level watches,which means that instead of a watch,expression like this which is visible at,all times you can add a watch so that,applies to a specific class which may be,much more appropriate as usual these,expressions can be any valid statement,the result will be evaluated and shown,as a property of the class to help make,watches and variables even easier to see,IntelliJ IDEA 2016 point 3 has support,for primitive type renderers you could,always use a java type renderer to,display objects in a friendly way now,you can void an expression to change the,way primitives are rendered during,debugging this is probably most useful,for displaying the contents of primitive,arrays to see the values at a glance as,you've seen type renders are easy to add,by right-clicking on a value and,creating one from the view as menu but,you can also see and manage custom,renderers either via find action or from,the settings here you can add remove or,edit the type renderers another new,feature to help you see what's happening,while you're debugging is the JVM memory,view this is a plugin that you can add,which you can see i've already installed,you can find it by choosing to install a,jetbrains plugin and looking for memory,view,with this plugin when you're debugging,something you can open the memory view,window and see which classes are on the,heap and how many instances there are as,you step through the diff so is how many,more instances are added to the heap you,can view the instances on the heap since,we're looking at string there are a lot,of them often you'll want to look at,classes from your own code you can tell,the plug-in to track the creation of,instances of a class and now when you,step through you'll see that you can,click on the new instances here you'll,see the details of the instance and you,can use the stack trace to locate where,the object was created in this case on,line 22 of our test you can even see the,class level watches and the values from,our custom type renderers this instances,view could have a lot of values as we,saw earlier so you can also add a filter,to show only those that interest you,a useful debugging feature of IntelliJ,IDEA is the ability to add exception,breakpoints which fire anytime a,specific exception is thrown here I've,defined one for my custom exception,class in IntelliJ IDEA 2016 point 3 you,can define class catch filters which,lets you narrow down when these,exception breakpoints fire for example I,can define a class to include so if my,custom exception is contained within a,try-catch block in the under test class,the breakpoint will fire here we're,running a test for the under test class,that will cause the exception to be,thrown and you can see the test,correctly stops at the exception,breakpoint if we run a test that causes,the custom exception to be thrown from,within another class the exception,breakpoint does not fire as well as,include filters you can define classes,to exclude we can define for example,that we want to fire the exception broke,point anytime except for when it's,contained within a try-catch block in,the ignore exception class this gives us,the same non firing behavior for this,test but using excludes note that this,filter behavior is all about defining,the classes to include or exclude based,on the try catch block where the,exception is caught,as well as defining includes or excludes,based on specific classes you can also,declare a pattern for class names to,include or exclude,finally now the debugger is smarter at,figuring out which JRE is being used by,the running application this is useful,if the project Java version is not the,same as the running version for example,this project is compiled against Java,1.8 if we run our tests for the default,settings when the debugger shows Java,library code for example ArrayList we,see the Java 8 version of the code but,we could be running the tests or our,application against a different version,for example Java 1.7 if this is the case,IntelliJ IDEA 2016 point 3 recognizes,this and shows us the Java 7 version of,ArrayList and we can see that this,ArrayList does not have the splitter 8 a,method for example and searching for 1.8,methods doesn't find anything this,ability to show code from the correct,version makes debugging much more,intuitive and useful in these situations

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