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How to Change Twitter Email Addressما أخباركم جميعا.,أنا ماكس دالتون ، وسأوضح لك في هذا الفيديو كيفي

Max Dalton

Updated on Jan 30,2023

How to Change Twitter Email Address

ما أخباركم جميعا.,أنا ماكس دالتون ، وسأوضح لك في هذا الفيديو كيفية تغيير عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني على Twitter.,ربما لم تعد تستخدم عنوان البريد الإلكتروني المرتبط حاليًا بحسابك على Twitter.,أو ربما تستخدم حساب Twitter الخاص بك للعمل وتريد أن يكون لديك,حساب بريد إلكتروني أكثر احترافية مرتبطًا به.,بغض النظر عن السبب ، من السهل جدًا تغيير عنوان البريد الإلكتروني المرتبط بحسابك على Twitter,.,سأوضح لك في هذا الفيديو كيفية القيام بذلك باستخدام تطبيق Twitter لأجهزة iPhone و iPad,و Android وأيضًا موقع,لنبدأ بالنظر في كيفية تغيير عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني على Twitter باستخدام تطبيق Twitter,لأجهزة iPhone و iPad و Android.,الخطوة 1.,قم بتشغيل تطبيق Twitter على جهاز iPhone أو iPad أو Android.,ستهبط على شاشة Twitter الرئيسية الخاصة بك.,الخطوة 2.,اضغط على أيقونة "القائمة" أعلى الشاشة لفتح قائمة ، ثم اضغط على "الإعدادات,والخصوصية".,تظهر شاشة الإعدادات والخصوصية.,الخطوة 3.,اضغط على "الحساب" في هذه القائمة.,يتم عرض شاشة الحساب.,الخطوة 4.,اضغط على "بريد إلكتروني".,تظهر شاشة التحقق من كلمة المرور الخاصة بك.,الخطوة 5.,أدخل كلمة مرور حسابك على هذه الشاشة ، ثم انقر فوق "التالي".,يتم عرض شاشة تغيير البريد الإلكتروني.,الخطوة السادسة.,أدخل ما تريد أن يكون عنوان البريد الإلكتروني الجديد المرتبط بحساب Twitter الخاص بك ،,ثم انقر فوق "التالي".,تظهر شاشة تخبرك أن Twitter أرسل رمزًا إلى عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني الجديد للتحقق من,حسابك.,الخطوة 7.,افتح البريد الإلكتروني من Twitter في حساب البريد الإلكتروني الخاص بك لاسترداد الرمز ، وأدخل الرمز الموجود,على هذه الشاشة ، ثم انقر فوق "تحقق".,ستعود إلى شاشة الحساب حيث سترى عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني الجديد معروضًا,في حقل البريد الإلكتروني.,الآن دعنا نلقي نظرة على كيفية تغيير بريدك الإلكتروني على Twitter باستخدام موقع,الخطوة الأولى:,افتح مستعرض ويب ، وانتقل إلى ، ثم قم بتسجيل الدخول إلى حسابك.,ستهبط على شاشة Twitter الرئيسية الخاصة بك.,الخطوة 2.,انقر فوق "المزيد" في القائمة الموجودة على الجانب الأيسر من الشاشة ، ثم انقر فوق "الإعدادات,والخصوصية" في القائمة الجديدة التي يتم عرضها.,تظهر شاشة الإعدادات.,الخطوة الثالثة.,انقر على "حسابك" في قائمة الإعدادات ، ثم انقر على "معلومات الحساب" في,قائمة حسابك المعروضة على الجانب الأيمن من الشاشة.,سترى مطالبة لتأكيد كلمة مرور Twitter الخاصة بك.,الخطوة 4.,أدخل كلمة مرور Twitter الخاصة بك ، ثم انقر فوق "تأكيد".,تظهر شاشة معلومات الحساب.,الخطوة 5.,انقر على "بريد إلكتروني" في هذه القائمة.,يتم عرض قائمة تغيير البريد الإلكتروني.,الخطوة 6.,انقر فوق "تحديث عنوان البريد الإلكتروني".,يتم عرض مطالبة أخرى للتحقق من كلمة المرور الخاصة بك.,الخطوة 7.,تحقق من كلمة مرور Twitter الخاصة بك.,يتم عرض نافذة تغيير البريد الإلكتروني.,الخطوة 8.,أدخل عنوان البريد الإلكتروني الذي تريد ربطه بحساب Twitter الخاص بك ، ثم انقر فوق,"إدخال".,ستطالبك الشاشة التالية بإدخال رمز التحقق الذي تم إرساله إلى,عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني الجديد .,الخطوة 9.,استرجع رمز التحقق من بريدك الإلكتروني ، وأدخل رمز التحقق في هذا الحقل ،,ثم انقر فوق "تحقق".,ستعود إلى قائمة تغيير البريد الإلكتروني ، حيث سترى الآن عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني الجديد معروضًا,في حقل البريد الإلكتروني الحالي.,اسمحوا لي أن أعرف ما إذا كان هذا الفيديو قد ساعدك في التعليقات أدناه.,إذا أعجبك ما رأيته هنا ، فانقر فوق روابط الفيديو الموجودة على الجانب الأيمن من الشاشة,للتحقق من مقطع فيديو آخر ، أو انقر فوق الشعار الموجود على الجانب الأيسر من الشاشة للتحقق من,موقع الويب الخاص بي على لمعرفة المزيد دروس رائعة مثل هذه.

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Girls' Frontline: Episode 01 - Introduction to Girls' Frontline

Girls' Frontline: Episode 01 - Introduction to Girls' Frontline

so what is girls front line well to put,it simply girls front line is a waifu,collecting resource management game but,a minigame on the side of whaling for,cosmetics now to give you a synopsis,without getting too deep into the lore,World War three has happened and as a,result many governments lost the ability,to protect their own citizens someone,else had to do the job and as for we,private military contractors or PMC's,come in and due to all the conflict,military technology had taken great,strides of advancement and had led to,the creation of automated dolls they,were using the civilian society from,simple house keepers all boy up to,bodyguards or if you needed one my,trusted friend like all good,science-fiction stories there's a twist,it all manufactured by the company,saying this fairy turned against,humanity they went on to murder humans,and conquered regions and humanity's,future is looking grim you are one of,the many commanders part of Griffin and,Courier PMC leading IOP manufacturing,companies second-generation dolls,designed specifically for combat your,goal is to remove the threat and return,peace to where it once was and that's,the gist of the premise so done who's,the game for well to be honest just,about anyone target demographic from,what I've seen is wide and far starting,from just simple casuals who started,playing and is still playing because of,waifu's all the way up to the efficient,areas since there is a lot of math and,optimization involved if that's your,thing the combat is simple enough where,the casuals can enjoy it without,worrying too much but deep enough would,a mixture of skills stats and mechanics,which is where the Nerds go nuts for,which brings us to the question of why,should you play the game,well for starters this game is probably,the most free to play friendly game I've,ever played in my life there's none of,that micro translation baiting,you see everywhere nowadays such as,premium Koch's on a similar note it's,not pay to win,because of how the game is structured,everyone else to grind is seen what a,time to get to point X and why the only,thing spending money gets you is less,downtime leeway for your resources to,replenish while it does sound like is,pay to win this is only effective early,game once you hit mid to late game,continuous whaling has submission,returns than early game since after you,hit that point you have better access to,features that it's more cost efficient,in terms of real ways spent building off,that same point the best part about this,game is based on it's free to play,friendly model is that in the end your,time investment is directly proportional,to your endgame ability with the grain,of orange Jesus precisely because,everyone is on the same playing field,eventually late-game becomes a question,of how much more did I grind at everyone,else though it may sound like common,sense and girls frontline takes this,concept at extreme and while grinding,for the most optimal squad isn't,absolutely necessary to participate in,most endgame content it does make it,more accessible and convenient after all,if you can't beat certain event maps,you're missing out a lot of normal and,exclusive rewards that otherwise would,have been free I could go on and on,about why this game is so great but I'll,stop here that wraps up this episode and,next up is the breakdown of each class,and its respective dolls to look out for,when you're starting off the game fresh,also welcome to girls online,you,you

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FallenNexus Strikes for OTK's and FTK's.

FallenNexus Strikes for OTK's and FTK's.

OTT decks bringing you some new pollen,Nexus videos so ice I gave him,permission to upload videos but he's,still sending sending them to me so i'm,gonna be uploading some more falling,nexus to this channel physical player is,an ulti hey player like most of these,videos are all TK so i hope you guys,enjoy like subscribe share and comment,me on the description what do you want,me to do on this channel like I've been,thinking about doing some that profiles,um unboxings like you you're on boxing,like um product that i buy i can emboss,it and show it to you guys on channel,all i can do life like what the banned,list um like say what do we think about,the new band list or do or say what do,we think that is going to happen on the,next step so you guys can met I'm put,that in the comments and again in the,last video I did I was asking you guys,like asked me for anything that you want,to see on this channel like any deck,that you can think of any mixed that you,can think of and i will build it and I,which test it and upload it here even if,I lose or I win I'm gonna upload it so,just ask for any deck and I will make it,for you guys enjoy this fall in next,videos,Oh,bye

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Best Come Back Ever Done on DevPro

Best Come Back Ever Done on DevPro

hello guys today here OTT likes bringing,you new video so today's video is gonna,be about the best combat that I can do,on you ill like it was so awesome this,guy had black rose moonlight dragon on,the field and I was so desperate cuz I,thought I was gonna lose and then all of,a sudden I want I didn't know how to how,that happened so I'm I'm gonna leave the,replay here I hope you guys enjoy I hope,you guys have fun like share in this,video and I'm gonna link my cute my,facebook and my tutor to the description,so you guys can follow me on twitter and,like my pace my facebook page so have,fun watch the replay and I'm gonna do a,dead profile at the end so you guys can,see what deck I used to like beat this,guy and do what super come back so here,I'm gonna leave the video now

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Rare interview with billionaire Elon Musk on his plans to colonize Mars | 60 Minutes Australia

Rare interview with billionaire Elon Musk on his plans to colonize Mars | 60 Minutes Australia

the story of elon musk is almost too,incredible to believe he's an engineer,and entrepreneur worth more than 15,billion dollars,he backs himself on high risk ventures,which invariably lead to huge profits,first there was paypal the way to buy,and sell on the internet,then tesla the electric supercar he,built,and spacex the rocket company nasa uses,now his sights are set even further,afield colonizing mars,and if he reminds you of tony stark iron,man you're right because he's also the,inspiration behind the hollywood,superhero,how are you congratulations on the,promotion thank you very much exactly,like elon musk yeah good idea for an,electric jet you do yeah,and if you spend any time with the real,life tony stark,thank you all for coming tonight,be prepared to move quickly this is,where our mission control and launch,control will be one moment he's a rocket,man,liftoff of the spacex south benin rocket,proudly boasting his 2 billion contract,with nasa varying supplies to the,international space station it's just a,giant kick in the ball some people that,said we couldn't do it,next minute he's perfecting another,rocket his electric superfast supercar,the tesla,it is a beast it's a monster,691 horsepower uh yeah and it'll go to,zero to 100 kilometers in 3.1 seconds,whatever he does and at whatever speed,he's doing it,there's always a legion of adoring,musketeers on hand,what really strikes me about your staff,is everyone is almost messianic with,their vision they're true believers in,elon musk's vision of the world sure um,well,i mean generally i try to discourage,caught like behavior by the way,elon musk grew up in south africa,studied in canada but then moved to,california and became a silicon valley,superstar by creating the online,commerce business paypal,a few years later musk sold paypal for a,packet he then bravely or stupidly,poured his great fortune into tesla an,electric car startup company that aimed,to beat petrol-powered vehicles,well so far this is a very expensive car,call this the 50 million dollar car,if ever there was a way to blow a,billion bucks this was it,you know this is really just the,beginning of the beginning all right so,when people were telling you this is,insane,what did you say well i i don't want to,give the impression that i thought tesla,would be successful from the beginning i,actually thought we would fail you did,oh yeah yeah i thought would maybe have,a i don't know 10 20 chance of success i,mean startups in general fail,and auto startups especially fail,in the early days tesla was a hugely,expensive money pit and his prediction,of failure and personal bankruptcy came,perilously close to true,you know each month that passes is,literally,costs us tens of millions of dollars i,mean we need to appreciate that,it didn't help that the traditional car,industry treated elon musk as a joke,right now we're facing an issue which is,that it's a sort of a crisis of,confidence among our customers,they were basically saying oh well this,proves it you know he's this cheeky,bloke from silicon valley who thinks he,can make a car he's going to fail right,sure how do you feel at that stage well,i felt pretty miserable honestly um it,did honestly look like we were going to,fail it almost ran out of money in fact,at the end of 2008's i had to,invest the last money that i had in the,company you staked your fortune didn't,you,everything yeah i would have ended up,owing money if if tesla's gone bankrupt,and we managed to close the financing,round on the last hour of the last day,that was possible so it was christmas,eve 2008 6 p.m chairs of the electric,car maker tesla motors are up at the,11th hour musk convinced investors to,give him a second chance,and set out to build a completely new,type of electric car,yeah,this is a full-size model can you show,us,which part,all of it the whole thing,i don't think we can show you the whole,thing,the death of australia's car,manufacturing industry was elon musk's,gains so you've been here from the very,beginning from the very beginning,australian ben burnett that's him on the,right used to work for holden in,melbourne he now manages clay modelling,of new tesla cars,we should be doing it in our own country,fellow aussie ron polonsky used to work,at ford,i can imagine there's a huge attraction,in designing an electric vehicle from,the ground up and that that allows us to,to kind of rethink how the cars designed,and manufactured you know we challenge,everything and then we change,can i be the australian data for a,moment this country is a nation of,petrol heads they love their big trucks,they're big cars they're throbbing v8s,they love their gasoline,i don't see them getting rid of oil,anytime soon,why,would an electric car work in that,market,well i mean i think uh,astronomers also appreciate advanced,technology and great engineering,and that this car is regarded by by the,most difficult critics in the world as,the best car,three years ago tesla really took

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Scientists Finally Explain Why We See Ghosts

Scientists Finally Explain Why We See Ghosts

On July 6, 1925, an attorney named Thomas Blackwelder was awakened by a knock at the,door.,When he opened it, his neighbor, James “Pink” Chaffin, was looking somewhat flustered.,Chaffin asked him if he could go with him to his brother’s house.,He needed to find something at that house, and he required the attorney to be a witness.,The attorney, somewhat taken aback, said you have to tell me what this is all about before,I go anywhere with you.,Chaffin looked him in the eyes and said, “There is a will, a will my father wrote, and it’s,hidden in an old bible.”,“How do you know that,” The attorney asked, “Your pop has been dead for almost four,years.”,“I know,” said Chaffin, “because he told me last night.”,And guess what folks, the will was there.,We guess we should finish the story.,It is, after all, one of the most well-known ghost stories in the US.,Some people have heard it and have decided ghosts are indeed a real thing.,The father who died was James L. Chaffin of Monksville, a North Carolina farmer who’d,worked hard for many years and accrued land and property.,In 1921, he had an accident and died.,Surprisingly for some, everything in his will went to just one of his four sons, Marshall.,That will was dated 1905.,Marshall was said to have been the dead man’s favorite son, so while the other sons, Abner,,John, and James Jr. were understandably a bit upset, they didn’t contest the will.,Marshall and his wife got everything.,Then in 1925, James said he started having crazy dreams that seemed just a little bit,too real.,In those dreams, his father came to him and said that he had written a second will and,hidden it, and in that will he left everything to all the sons.,James later said, “I was fully convinced that my father’s spirit had visited me for,the purpose of explaining some mistake.”,His father’s ghost told him to look in his old coat, the one he was wearing when he came,to him in ghost form.,James and the attorney went to Marshall’s house where the coat was stored in an attic.,Sewn into one of the pockets was a note.,It read, “Read the 27th Chapter of Genesis in my daddie’s old Bible.”,When they discovered the bible, in that chapter two pages had been folded together.,Within those pages was the will.,It was dated January 16, 1919.,Part of it read: “I want, after giving my body a decent burial,,my little property to be equally divided between my four children, if they are living at my,death, both personal and real estate divided equal if not living, give share to their children.”,The case went to court because it had to be decided if the will was indeed real.,During the proceedings, people were shocked to hear James’ story of the ghost.,A judge later ruled that the second will was valid.,But you have to ask this question, why would the father have created a kind of puzzle to,solve?,Why not just tell James where the will was?,That’s what some of the skeptical public asked, and it’s what the Society for Psychical,Research asked when they got on the case.,Any of you down to Earth folks are likely assuming that James and his brothers concocted,an elaborate plan, and at least one of them tried in earnest to copy his father’s signature.,They then waited for the right time to hide the note in the pocket and stuff the will,between the tattered Bible pages.,But at least a few of you will have felt a chill run down your back when hearing the,story.,You people might give credence to the possibility of the existence of ghosts.,You wouldn’t be alone.,Polls differ from year to year, but most of the time when people answer polls, the results,show that between 40 and 50 percent of people in the USA believe in ghosts.,A 2019 YouGovAmerica poll said 45 percent, with slightly more people believing in demons,and only 13 percent of participants believing in vampires.,A YouGov poll in the UK said 34 percent of people there believe in ghosts.,9 percent of people that answered said they’d actually seen or communicated with one.,These are pretty high numbers, but head over to, say, East Asia, and the very mention of,ghosts can make people’s knees tremble.,The skeptics watching this are now thinking, why!?,Why do these people believe in things that science cannot prove are there?,Do they also believe in tooth fairies and goblins?!,Well, for a start, humans have done a lot of believing in unscientific things throughout,the ages.,Maybe if a guy like James turned up in an American court these days and claimed to have,talked to the apparition of his dead dad, the whole place would erupt in laughter.,But wait a minute, don’t people say this in court, “I swear by Almighty God that,the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”,Nobody would laugh at that.,Science cannot prove God exists, either.,That’s why religious people talk about faith.,Faith can be powerful.,It can pretty much define a person’s life, or has happened, even define how they die.,In Dr. Michael Shermer’s book, “The Believ

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Die Alone ¡¡Will I Make It!!

Die Alone ¡¡Will I Make It!!

but it's not that she 0 he's Eckstein,your brand new video tulsans that girl,has been down for some reason I want to,bring you guys a brand new game that,maturity as a spleen lately um it's,download so at the elephants um video he,said I wanna see you guys try to be,Turgut higher than me guys think you can,do any better than me have fun pi upset,to that challenge and I must be putting,this in a video to see how far i get i,might be trying to pass the first one,and if i do we'll see what happens after,that let's get started okay so this game,is actually really really difficult i,see how the controllers work,the keyboard and the mouse all case of,this cubby town particle see so strange,all right I want you guys to do this,white,I'm Sean,dime,first ride I,right,come on,for chart first time a try,my,another one,come on,guys fight,I,that's close to me,Oh,Oh,Oh,I think way days,oh my god,liar,I hear what I,by the way,ah,going great,I'm,I got so many with you got me right now,Oh,I'm,no it,and it's my hair,never built one play,he ran out,mike is if idiot like,I Yogi's autumn,oh my god,98,my game,oh why does see you in place what does,wow that was awesome two bucks like two,buses in one try that's awesome late'll,it to your checkpoints okay so we got,this one I'm not gonna play this so now,but like now is awesome two buses in one,try I was going for the third one was,you know you can't win them all I'll be,less enjoy and the link to master tds,videos you'll be in the description the,game is gonna be in the description so,you guys can play it too and peas you,guys in the next one

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