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How To Tweet To Your Twitter Circlehey everyone and welcome back to simple,tag digital in today's tu

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Tweet To Your Twitter Circle

hey everyone and welcome back to simple,tag digital in today's tutorial we're,going to go over how to tweet to your,twitter circle so without further ado,let's get started sending tweets to,specific individuals using twitter,circle allows you to communicate with a,more intimate group of people only the,people you have chosen to add to your,twitter circle can respond to and engage,with the tweets that you share there so,if you would like to learn how you can,tweet to your twitter circle make sure,you keep watching to the end of this,video and follow all the steps provided,since twitter circle is a pretty new,feature in the twitter app what we're,going to do first is simply head over to,the app store to make sure that we have,the latest version of twitter if there's,an option to update your twitter then,all you're going to do is just simply,click on update but if there's no update,option for your twitter then that means,your twitter is already up to date so,now that we have updated our twitter to,the latest version the next thing we're,going to do is just simply open up our,twitter and you're going to click on the,home page,once you do that you're going to be,brought here and the next thing we're,going to do is just simply click on the,plus icon in the bottom right corner and,then we're going to be brought towards,this page right here now what we're,going to do from here is just simply,click on the everyone option then we're,just going to go down to the twitter,circle option and then click on edit,and once we do that we're going to be,brought towards this page right here and,as you can see it says that people won't,be notified when you edit your twitter,circle and that anyone you add will be,able to see your previous twitter circle,tweets and so you can also click on how,it works and then this will pop up here,how twitter circle works uh you can see,add your people and it says that you can,choose up to 150 people,to include in your twitter circle,and it says that you can tweet to only,them and it shows you how to do that and,you can change things anytime so if,you're good with that you're just going,to click on got it,and as you can see it says that there,isn't anyone in your twitter circle yet,and that when you add people they'll,show up here so if we want to add people,to our twitter circle we can just click,on the recommended tab,and then we can just search for users to,add to our twitter circle so for example,if we were to search up,elon musk for an example,we just searched that up and then we,click on add and then we just click on,cancel,and he will pop up in our twitter circle,and if we click back from here we can,then see that twitter circle is enabled,and if we were to make a tweet it would,go out to that specific person or,specific people if you have multiple,people selected in your twitter circle,so then you would just click on tweet,and that would be sent to your twitter,circle so i hope this video was helpful,and if it was if you guys gained some,sort of knowledge from this video please,remember to like share and subscribe and,i'll catch you guys in the next video,you

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Twitter pilots new ‘Circle’ feature that lets users tweet to select group

Twitter pilots new ‘Circle’ feature that lets users tweet to select group

twitter is testing the waters with a new,feature that gives users the option to,share their tweets amongst a select,group of people for a deeper dive on,this let's bring in yahoo finances dan,haley twitter circle is what we're,talking about twitter circle you need,more confusion on twitter because it's,not confusing enough and that might be,why there's not a lot of people on there,but to give you an idea of what twitter,circle is,think of it as a smaller version of,twitter right uh it's basically meant,it's in testing right now it's for ios,android web they'll give you an invite,if you manage to sneak in or you can,tell if you're on when you go to draft a,tweet and it's uh asks you if you want,to send it to a smaller group of folks,basically what it is is you can invite,up to 150 people or just sign them up to,your circle you can then send tweets,directly to that circle so it feels like,whatsapp it kinda yeah right exactly,yeah yeah like me yeah or,any like other social network,and so you'll be able to send out tweets,uh you can discuss whatever you want it,will not show up on your main feed it,will not show up on any of your,followers main feeds they can retweet,you but only those tweets or those,tweets will only show up in the circle,right so it'll never leave that area,unless someone screenshots it or copy,and paste it or whatever so it's meant,to be a place where you can feel more,comfortable talking i guess but you know,i mean i don't know what i would say on,twitter that i wouldn't really say,outside of it so i guess the use case,for this is if it's,large enough of a community that you,couldn't have just an imessage group or,a text message you read but it also has,to be small enough that you wouldn't,just rely on reddit or any other type of,board to to do this so do you think this,is going to catch on because look we all,remember fleets which i which for the,record i was a huge fan of super,disappointed i mean it was such a short,live it was it was as fleeting as,exactly i mean i wasn't it's too easy i,wasn't gonna go there yeah look i i do,think that there's there's some utility,here i don't think that it's going to be,a major product for twitter and look,when elon musk comes in you know he,might just say i don't know this is dumb,we'll get rid of it so it may or may not,last long but my thinking is you know,i'm playing a game called elden ring,right now right if i want to talk,exclusively about eldon ray i can invite,a bunch of people and then we could just,chat about it you know and i can just,discord that's true but i don't like,discord i don't want to talk to people i,don't want that i want to just be able,to write to them don't talk to me by the,way i saw a photo the other day of,somebody holding a sign that said elon,bring vine back which i think a lot of,people would be on board with this idea,though you know when you think back to,what social media was right i mean,obviously facebook started with colleges,but something like twitter it was about,connecting with people that you don't,know right you can connect with somebody,on the other side of the world and it,feels like because of the environment on,social media today we're all turning,inward again yeah i mean look i i think,that uh this this kind of feature is is,interesting in that,it does allow you to connect with people,of similar interests right um i think,that for twitter especially i said i,said it yesterday twitter is just a vast,hellscape right and i,i i try to avoid it as much as possible,uh except for work but you know if i had,something like this where i could set up,a couple circles for just friends you,know i have whatsapp groups already but,you know if i wanted to have people that,i'm not necessarily super close with i,could set up a circle and then discuss,things with them here's the weird thing,though someone can add you and you can't,leave the circle oh interesting so you,have to then mute the circle which i,don't really appreciate the other thing,is that you can just kick someone out if,you want and they'll never know so it,seems can people see if you're in a,circle uh they can't see if you're in a,circle that other people aren't a part,of so you can see uh other people it's,about always being able to quietly back,it up it's yeah it's the exclusiveness,right and you can you can say you know,uh okay i'm part of a circle i tweet,something or retweet something within,this circle i can see other people that,retweet it but i can't know exactly who,else is in that circle with me so it's,it's very strange,it seems like kind of a half-baked idea,at this point but i do see the the,utility of it,to a degree well and the idea being that,twitter still wants people on the,platform,but not necessarily experience,the hellscape that you have described,brando's the ex,i actually would argue that,i mean maybe my twitter feed is more,curated than yours because,i would much rather have,tweets and read tweets from people i,don't know because to

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#37 V神twitter轉推 - Circle UBI Wallet 開戶教學

#37 V神twitter轉推 - Circle UBI Wallet 開戶教學

어울락 본 인권을 그렇게 깜지 할당 업히는 건강 위사 아마 맞추 이터 또,이웃주민 더 이게 내 거기 우정으로 술 크로 uv 아예 뭔가 오랜 가야만,야옹 선생 을 좀 잠복해 거 거 죠 골반의 닦아 있을거 쉐 이 크 업,유비 하게 가 워 더 많이 모여드는 게 변종 나도 통닭 악어 김영하,슈렉의,아,으,폰 인기도 그 프로 k 에 저희 누나 외부 행성 게 빨리 오레와 일격에,바이오 금감원의 너 그만 의 우정 저희 산지 션에 답이 달 가게,그 막판 오래 끼고 꺼내 최정상을 에 쓰인다 이 트위터는 감각이 조와,아 위상 깨 추이 터,토모 뱉기 인다고 계속 결정 5 옅어 용이함 4,자주 1 샀죠 우리가 그저 수절 컵,ubi 의 쭌 털러 어제 출타 중인 덜 으,이렇게 연애도 파 이런게 바이어 나도 거고 했죠 내 헐 텅 니가 외교적,아 쇟 고객 몰래,으,으,ou 으,으,으 으,으,으,으,으,특히 꼬인 저도 예쁜 입어보자 오라,좀 단화 되자 허위 산 슈 코시 또 까 듯,그럼 이쪽으로 애기 똥 쪽지 산중의 동정 체온을,게재될 넣어도 써 한번 야 케 컴퓨터 메이션 돈독히 줄로 거기에 첫작,리고 자의 아아 녹색의 초 체열 애널 폰이 탐 코커 c 에보 사안은,객점의 다 익힌 덕에 취해 보고 사오는,감지하지 아래 그저 와 베 생가 2 4화 2 너도 이거 계속 커피라 없을,거 아 쉬 보상의 그러며 싸움은 보냈 탐조 4,감자 더뷰 컷 인 어 데이 죽었소 냠 해요,그런데 정말 trx tall 전략 탐험을 통해 주암호 그 104회 비우고,무성한 해결해 디자인 스타일에 잘 우리가 그죠,백스 단어에 더 봐야 오래 플레이 옆쪽 이건 말 참 마케 좌 우 지 호,개 토 4시 인 다르겠지 계모 땅 아이라 이건 뭐 부터 아래쪽 다 익어갈,적의 뭐 좀 난 색감 마음 젠가 왜 캐고 꽂아 머물 당하게 금호 이,일임을 잘 쓰인 저희 택 집중 교적 다음,경마의 50 죽지는 모임을 일주일 다이 3추 둘다 1,음악을 더 제 2번 d 오래인데 맥락 가마,아 오준 좋은것이 는 맥스 림 엄마 닮았 가까이 뭐야 묻다 해 줘 주인도,쪽으로 x 따라 1나 금박 감사한,넥스 감자 오이 게임도 세일링 만날까 보기 no.25 일단 초대가 엑스타,이 혹성의 자전거 엑스타 입주 묘 쪼아 아이 주저 x 타야,가만히 야당 정민기 자,허 으 어 댕겨서 내는 한쪽 나까마 종류 엔조 다음에 이어져 렉스 다니라,개,봄날 사파 우세할 것 조와 저희가 보일 낀 더 5,덱스터의 올라오는거 규모 줘 쭉 매트 마우스 저 중탕 가운데 못 봐,탑 조리가 멍 지 허위 통고 것 당해 있게 내고,거너 지나 그 다음엔 학생 wmn 어떰 하 하지마,으 할겸 카스트 마음 9 2ch 헐고 맨즈 어,자다 말고 매우 먹음직 없든 자이라,아아 정말 하셔서 검지 자식 더비 캐스터 말,집에 watch here,저 덥게 하여 제가 예 제가 그렇죠 그래서 i do people to,그럼 제가 제거,to poorer 왜 괜히 자리잡아 쥐 잠자기 잡는 양 초 참 그럴 듯,하죠,음 이 야 설 애니 게임 다 올려놓고 파일이나,4 led 에 출회 계절이 돌아오고 et al,제가 다 예 여기 x 티아야,호주의 나이가 뭐 할게 능하다면 chown,2 4짜 2 a deeper look so 저희가,어떤게 with 개 or 앞 그 막히고 굉장히 2,서폿은 점 메이 maker 4,으 다이하드 저희 exterior 제가 이던 그거,제티 거야 그럼 cfo 왜 그런말,계몽 세워야 ok to a - 놓고 거야 헤이 hotel 코사,to be oh 이거 어 스 올콕,뭐 이렇게 몽지 자리가 으,김현주 인거고 섹스 till 서핑 3개 언제,주인공을 혼선 매트 마우스,거기 2번의 텀 3,먹지를 노래해 덩이 나타 낚시 놓고 비교가 더 맡아서 어느 대입니다 당,합침 오센 더 센 어져 모셔 소각 왜 그 못하죠 갈려 과목 쓱 보내긴,계산 2 갱 영어 bio 아머 증세나 뭐 용한 빔 갸또 께 smp 삭제,혁신 레이디인 다오 열라고 얘기로 이게 죄 그럴까 맞아 검 팡,호소 살 어깨 걸린 한 겸 남조 거위 단추 지운 을 정상 전 장만해서,그게 인도자 면민 갭을 사전에 각 하냐,그래서 생기고 윙 청하는데 문이 합계 x 아니라 삶이 그러나 교회가 더,무 그 예약한 아 그게,쑤 수 4 이제 뭐 헬로 올라오고 불러요 마,당사는 거울 계획 없고 종류 훨 텅 더 올라 까 마우 더 제니 거기죠,on 꼬미 주아 암반에 꺼져 벌써 해는,금봉 사이가 앱도 아이 범종 허기 정대우 허브 를 점할 쾌거 검거나 그,뭐야 옷에 원래 함께 xtra 하이 긴거 게,에 뭐야 d 등급 유 레디 쥬얼 허송 타협 5.x 당하게 뭐하게,t5 5파이 주 특 일단 만 나오고,yg 다르게 모음집에 허나 가 뭐 이 주인의 고 kodex 타입의 레 나,걔 킥 없고 똘,슐 코 유비 하에 계속 토마 탑 물리 올까 2,따오기 인 에 후 도연 oio b3 허리 통리 거,뭐래 규모 청소나 또 우하 2,허 웨딩스냅 오악에 저씨 지온이 겸용 허위 동생이라고 약속한 파의 허머,더 맞다면 다이 가감 나가 감마 걍 옥정 토대가 위치다,간만에 야 시작인 라바 2,으,아

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How To Create Twitter Circle For Android And iOS Users ..!

How To Create Twitter Circle For Android And iOS Users ..!

hello friend welcome to my YouTube,channel today in this tutorial I'm going,to show you how to create a tutor Circle,Twitter have released its new feature,Forest Android and ISO users that will,allow users to send their tweets only,the people they want,it will not allow other people to reply,or comment on your specific tweet,the people you only mentioned that will,see this tweet and reply on this to,getting this feature at your Android and,ISO devices,please keep watching the full video and,follow the simple steps after that you,will all know how to get it so let's get,started firstly,go to your ISO store or Play Store,and in the search bar type here Twitter,and make sure that you have been fully,updated version of your application or,not if it is required update please,update it first,wait for the update,after updating your application go back,tap at your Twitter account,in the Tripod plus sign,top left corner you can see option,public just tap on it,appears on the screen you can see a,second option Twitter Circle just tap on,it,appears on screen you can see,there isn't anyone in the in your,Twitter Circle,just tap at recommended,now enter the people you want,add many people as you want,now go back,now enter your specific tweet,the tab add to it,like this you can easily create your,Twitter Circle at your Twitter account,I hope this video is helpful for you if,the video is helpful for you please,share it to your friends and don't,forget to subscribe my channel,and if you have any other question,please comment me below thanks for,watching

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3 Ways To Improve Twitter / Twitter Circles - What absolutely NOBODY asked for!

3 Ways To Improve Twitter / Twitter Circles - What absolutely NOBODY asked for!

hello and welcome to another video and,it's time for yet another exercise in,pointlessness twitter circles a new way,to tweet to a smaller crowd sometimes,you want to just talk to the people your,people that's why we created twitter,circle a new way to tweet to a smaller,crowd good lord what an absolute waste,their time this was i it's today when,this has first come out and i only,noticed it by chance because i was,trying to tweet something and then it,just said do i want to limit the number,of people i tweet to well no not really,because hardly enough people say it in,the first place,um,and so every time i see me to someone's,twitter circle i feel honored because,that means you truly believe i know how,to mind my own business what,and then some other lunatics says,whoever this is is it uh i don't even,care but so if they've got a blue tick,uh they're usually best ignored anyway,testing twitter circles feels like a,game changing feature no wonder they you,know twitter wanted to promote that,um i mean this is saying on here,it's like with facebook for example,if you want to ensure that a lot less,people see what you have to say,just post a link to another website like,youtube,those links will quickly get suppressed,by the algorithm i imagine the same's on,twitter so you because because they take,you away from the platform so imagine if,you put a link to facebook on twitter or,a link to youtube on twitter it'll,suppress the link because it doesn't,want you leaving the platform,that's why if you're on facebook,uh you just end up usually you want to,be able to see something,you might just use uh the picture to,make sort of a picture post of what you,want to talk about and then just put in,brackets you say this this is this blah,blah blah and then putting brackets,underneath it,linking first comment that way you sort,of circumvent the algorithm hassles,i mean i did also see,let's just see down here a little bit,um,it says lgbt lgbtq,youth often up to creating separate,private accounts to feel more,comfortable sharing online i mean i i,get where they're coming from with that,but you know quite frankly,with twitter if you're concerned that,some nerdy wells might see your posts on,twitter perhaps it's best not to post on,twitter at all just have a group chat on,teams twitter it's just run by some of,the most disgusting people so why just,why even bother with it,and look some of our results from our,twitter circle tests include increased,overall tweeting,yeah you said you'll just be tweeting to,her to an empty void to a handful of,people instead of all your all your,followers,you'll just be tweeting to a handful of,people you just be having like a circle,jerk,who will know they'll follow you anyway,they'll know what you have to say,also increase tweet engagement rate on,circle tweets it's just basically yeah,it's just it's just a circle jerk,between those you're sharing it with and,again you may as well just do a teams,chat for that so yeah microsoft teams,um,now three things i would like twisters,to do they'll be much,better,allow tweets that can be edited,because that's always a pain in,the ass,um stop banning topics and words that,might just hurt people's feelings,and also stop having,psycho stalkers like robbie mcplumb,who's on yeah if you look at robbie,mcbloom on my website dvd fever,i did identify him and made him made him,aware to the police and they've spoken,to him as i mentioned i've not,identified it i know his name i'm not,i'm not going to put it here obviously,i've not put it on twitter and uh yeah,i've not put on my website either i know,the name in case it comes up but,obviously i'm not going to,dox him or whatever,um,but yeah twitter should stop having,psycho stalkers creating multiple,abusive accounts because that's what he,would do he would just i've heard him,through him for a little while but,probably start up again he always does,he would just create accounts um he,wouldn't tweet me from his main account,i mean i blocked him on there anyway but,he tweets he'd create a new account and,then,he did this multiple times,and i'd be in the middle of a,conversation with somebody and you just,start,chipping into a conversation,just just you know it's like going up to,someone on the bus and just interrupting,their conversation,and just being derogatory about somebody,which is what he would do because he's,just a,deranged lunatic,um also,for twitter sort of not,part four but part three b if you like,when someone's signing up for an account,how about insisting on verifiable,personal id before an account can be,created,so that way you don't get this lunatic,creating multiple accounts,you know once he's,you come across by being an idiot to put,it politely then they're banning from,the platform and that same gun,a bit like alex jones,but um yeah those are just my thoughts,so allow tweets that can be edited stop,banning topics and words that might just,hurt people's feelings and stop allowing,psycho stalkers l

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Twitter Goes Google+ With Circles

Twitter Goes Google+ With Circles

this is twit,uh if you've been missing,google plus circles well let me tell you,twitter's got you back,twitter circles operate in much the same,way as google plus circles and what were,so what were google plus circles this,was a way on google plus where you could,take a number of of contacts and like,group them into a particular group so,this would be my family circle this,could be my close friends circle these,could be my acquaintances circle so that,when i'm sharing something i'm not just,blasting it out to the world and,everyone can read it although i could,choose to do that this would allow me to,kind of curate who i share certain,things with right and i feel like google,plus it like that was that was,definitely one thing out of the gate,that they were like,uh really you know optimistic about and,people were like oh wow that gives you,so much control and,i feel like at least in my experience i,didn't use them nearly as much as i,think google envisioned only because it,became more,work to decide like who how do i curate,these things and take the time to like,make sure these circles are are made,with the right people and then how do i,choose,that i'm sharing this with this circle,and not that circle and everything so i,didn't use it as much as probably other,people did but twitter just is deciding,they want to try and do a little bit of,that too,um so they are this is rolling out,widely this is not a test this is not a,drill android ios web happening now 150,users per circle,uh and then yes you can send tweets to a,group of users as opposed to all,users uh no one is notified when they,are added or removed from the circle so,there's no shame there you know if you,decide uh i don't want that person in,that circle anymore you can remove them,and they're not going to get notified of,that they just won't see what you post,that circle anymore so,uh did we miss google circles are we,happy that twitter's now taken the flag,and implanted it firmly in their camp,what do you think,i don't know i will add this by the way,it's funny that this story comes up,because i'm i'm hiring at my day job and,i've been reviewing resumes and somebody,submitted their resume and on like the,like,you know,things they know they listed google plus,which i was like really,yeah a little outdated a little outdated,yeah it was like one of those blocks of,social networks and things like that and,google plus was in the middle and i was,like wait a minute um but like,this idea of a nested follow group,basically,you know or nested target audience right,so like you,you know so like for you know you know,you have let's say you have a thousand,people that you follow or that follow,you right but you only want,150 you know what i mean like this idea,of this nested group within the universe,it's almost acknowledging that the,majority of people that you're,you're following or follow you,are not valuable like it's adding as,adding a layer of value to a subset of,users right which i find interesting,especially given the the democratization,uh platform that twitter apparently has,been built on right which clearly is,going by the wayside but like i don't,know it's just it's just it's,interesting and i feel like,circles,was interesting but never really like,you jay said i never really harnessed,the true power of it right yeah yeah i,have seen already on twitter a couple of,posts that said if you see this you're,in my circle,yes yes of course yeah path was path was,an old social network app that got that,i knew a lot of the people that worked,on it and it was like built on the,some sociological tenet that,any human could only manage up to a,hundred relationships or whatever it was,right yeah and so like it it it wasn't,the matter of like you know being,followed by a million people on twitter,it was like no you're only being,followed by people you're actually,friends with right and so this seems to,be similar similar to that let me see if,i can find the exact uh,yeah it was 100 or 150 i can't remember,but it was right around there,yeah 150 100 yeah it said it said yes,150 people sam circles so they're,they're operating under the same tenant,then yep yeah very very interesting,connection you just made there yeah that,is really cool that is uh you know back,in those early days when we actually,thought social media would be a,respectable place for for like as not,necessarily a sub like as a substitute,or addition to our normal social,relationships and not a festering,cesspool of all kinds of stuff wasn't,that nice back then we had all hopes,that you know social media could just be,an add-on to our lives oh yeah i'm sorry,it's been a long time on the internet it,i,okay i'm really sorry to myself,the whole like,the whole circle thing and it so i i,have a couple minds about this so i i,kind of see the value in that like so,you have like facebook groups right,where especially for like local things,like there's like a local adult denver,dance class where a lot of l

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The Circle | Live Cast Twitter Fireside Chat w/ Jack Dorsey | Own it Now on Digital HD Blu-ray & DVD

The Circle | Live Cast Twitter Fireside Chat w/ Jack Dorsey | Own it Now on Digital HD Blu-ray & DVD

good morning my name is Jack Dorsey and,we are joining you live from Twitter,headquarters in San Francisco and we are,here with some of the casts and the,director of the circle we're going to,have a discussion around technology,around data privacy and also diversity,and technology as well and it's gonna be,fun meeting if you want to go to my,Twitter hang on Tom just said it's going,to be really super send okay so join me,in welcoming James Emma Tom and Patton,all right thank you so we should we kick,it off with Emma's experience of making,this movie sure you know I was a big fan,of Dave Eggers who wrote the circle and,I remember reading the script and it was,just something that really stayed with,me and got under my skin and started,kind of haunting me a little bit I,remember speaking to James when I had a,very long Skype conversation and then I,was like I have to talk to Dave I have,to try to you know like and I realized,what an amazing piece of material it was,because you just it poses endless,questions and it really makes you think,about things that perhaps you haven't,spent time thinking about before and I,knew I had to do the project because it,just it wouldn't leave me you know it,just it yeah it wouldn't leave me,it was so yeah working with James and,wonderful and working with Thomas and,terrible people Kate gentleman just,really hard what is funny ever um so,it's been bad but I think we ant managed,to make a good final end product so I'm,pleased at least with that and James,what were your experience it was great I,mean it began for me with reading Dave's,novel of benefit of Dave's writing since,his first book heartbreaking work of,staggering genius and yeah I was excited,to read the circle it's get read it in,two days and I was founded hilarious,darkly hilarious and I was I was really,upset by it because I mean,may Holland the main character that Emma,plays I think I saw myself in her for,better or worse probably for worse or,something pictures very idealistic and,then there's a part of her that just,desperately wanted to be seen and known,and there was a I think of loneliness,and emptiness in her gut that she was,working working through and you know for,my self I mean my wife and I were about,to have a kid when I read Dave's book,and we just started talking a lot about,our own childhoods and how we had been,able to sort of live for the most part,on surveilled lives you know like we,there wasn't a record of what we've done,we made mistakes in private we you know,atoned with our parents with our,teachers with you know it with our God,if there's a god whatever we work all,that stuff out in private and we just,started wondering if our our child and,now we have two kids would have that,same luxury and we thought perhaps they,wouldn't and that's what sort of,rattling through my brain that's what,got under my skin and day's book and I,knew that I wanted to make it as a film,I'm surveilled is that a word I'm just,calling something I might have made that,word up I sound like a word that's going,to become part of our regular lexicon,like that will be in the OED a few you,down surveil well I have chosen to be on,survival it's that possible can you,choose to be on surveillance what if,that becomes the thing after the,Millennials the cool thing to be the in,other words that's the next step of oh,no I have no social online presence yeah,I'm actually that'd be great Jack that,would be yeah we would invite for that,one so on on your character in you,personally you've been a huge advocate,for diversity not just in technology but,in in all industry and specifically he,for she ewing speak a little bit about,that and just where you're going through,in this in this movie and you know was,there did it make it more real or was it,you know just accepted,yeah you know I think currently 18,percent of computer science graduates,are women and you know I mean the tech,industry notoriously has issues with,diversity so to be the female face of,you know in our movie hypothetically the,biggest tech company in the world was,really interesting and I think you know,there was a lot about May and a man's,kind of relationship and the powerplay,there that I think made that,relationship really complex and really,tense and yeah I think that a you know,Twitter was actually one of our key,impact champions by coincidence,and I know that that's something that as,a company you've been trained to trying,to tackle that problem and I know that,particularly within leadership roles,that's something that you can kind of,purchase just rather kind of you know,move the needle,I think 22 percent of your leadership,roles are female and I think you've,moved it up to something like you've,moved it up by six percent in last year,which is amazing but obviously still,want to do but why was this an issue do,you think that Twitter wanted to tackle,like you know why was this a problem,that was personally important to you,right I mean you know company yeah first,a

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Hai di media sosial masa kini kamu tak,ingin semua orang tahu apa yang opini,atau pemikiranmu,mungkin kamu takut menyinggung mereka,Atau kamu merasa mereka tak cukup dekat,denganmu,di Instagram kamu bisa melakukan hal ini,dengan cara mengaktifkan close Friends,jadi hanya netizen terpilih yang bisa,melihat konten Mal,meski cukup telat Twitter pun tak mau,kalah kabar beredar bahwa perusahaan,media sosial Amerika Serikat AS ini,Tengah menguji fitur serupa sirkel,bagaimana cara kerjanya depan bisa,dinikmati para pengguna Twitter Mari,simak fakta fitur circle Twitter Ini,pertama cuit tanpa perlu takut kena,Basing Dila akhir-akhir The Verge pada,Sabtu tanggal 28 Mei Tahun,2022 Twitter Tengah menguji fitur sirkel,seperti namanya fitur sirkel memampukan,pengguna untuk bercuit hanya ke kelompok,netizen tertentu sirkel dan tak terlihat,ke netizen yang tak termasuk didalamnya,tidak jarang pengguna Twitter,menciptakan akun cadangan dan hanya,mengizinkan follower orang-orang yang,mereka kenal agar bebas beropini,dengan fitur ini,para pengguna Twitter tak perlu lagi,repot-repot menciptakan akun cadangan,untuk menuangkan pemikiran dalam bentuk,cerita,kedua cara kerja sirkel,pengguna cukup mengikuti langkah seperti,membuat duit biasa lalu Twitter dan opsi,pilihan untuk mengunggah cuitan tersebut,ke khalayak umum everyone atau kelompok,tertentu sirkel,layaknya fitur close friend di Instagram,pengguna bisa menambahkan atau,mengurangi jumlah netizen di Sirkuit,lalu jika pengguna termasuk ke dalam,status sirkel,mereka akan melihat sebuah cerita dengan,peringatan berwarna hijau yang,memberitahukan bahwa hanya anggota,sirkel yang bisa melihat cuitan tersebut,pengguna bisa menambahkan hingga,150 netizen ke sirkel baik follower atau,tidak anggota sirkel tidak bisa mirip,wit-witan khusus tersebut dan perlu,diingat,beraturan Twitter tetap berlaku meski,cuitan tersebut hanya beredar ke paranet,tertentu saja,ketiga belum tersedia untuk dunia,sayangnya fitur ini belum bisa dinikmati,semua pengguna Twitter dunia,faktanya The Verge mengungkapkan bahwa,hanya segelintir pengguna yang melihat,fitur ini,juru bicara Twitter Joseph nunez,mengatakan bahwa fitur ini belum,diluncurkan untuk umum karena Twitter,masih memantau perkembangannya

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