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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to create a thread on Twitter | Extend Twitter Character Limit | AYC Video

hello guys welcome to another YouTube,channel and in today's video let us see,how to create a thread on Twitter as,well as how to view them from your home,and profile timelines,sometimes we need more than one tweet to,express ourselves because Twitter having,the character limitations,on itself,a thread on Twitter is a series of,connected tweets from one person,with the thread you can provide,additional context an update or an,extended Point by connecting multiple,tweets together,so today I'm going to show you how we,can create multiple,things in a single thread using a,Macbook or iPhone or an Android phone it,is pretty similar only the icons will,change very quickly,so I will show it on my MacBook Pro so,that you can see it all when I go to the,home screen of my Twitter there will be,a line called what's Happening so,we just have to click the Tweet button,to draft a new tweet or else we just,have to click on the what's happening,line to start typing,so now I will start typing something,that is in today's,video we are,learning to,how to,post a trade,on Twitter,and,view them from home or,profile timeline,so,now this is very clear,for the viewers node I'm using grammarly,to correct my grammar errors and,spelling,good good to go right now I can see here,when I click on this circle I can see,how much character limit I have,completed myself,now I will write something more so that,the character limit is filled out,I will write,something more so that I will,fill up that,character,and more so I am sure,with no more,option to add more lines on,two one,three door story,see,as soon as I continued my typing,the Twitter started,its character limit filling up and as,soon as I end up writing and continue,writing it will show me a red mark over,here,meaning my character limit is already,old so I will hit delete button on my,MacBook Pro delete entire thing which is,not visible when I post a tweet so what,to do next now I have to write something,more,but there is no character limit for me,okay,now,you have to click this add button,if it is an iPhone you will see a plus,icon,highlighted the icon will highlight once,you have entered in text or when you,fill in that character limit,if you go over the character limit the,text that is over the limit will be,highlighted for easier editing before,you tweet,so I will click on this add button,now I will add another tweet,saying that,now with this add option,I can easily,continue to write,more and express,more,okay,thank you for having an option,like this,now with this,option given over here,I'm trying to correct my grammar anyway,I'm a very strict person when it comes,to,grammar grammatical errors spelling,mistakes and all the stuff,anyway now,I will just try to tweet this,and show you how does it look,see once I have typed everything and,continued to create a couple of threads,to delete any of my tweets I have to tap,the gray or delete icon to delete the,entire thread,tap the blue delete icon where it is I,will show you,I can click on this white since my,MacBook is running on a dark mode if it,is white over here if my MacBook is on,the lighter version of the theme then it,will be blue here if I click here the,entire tweet will be deleted or I can,easily delete one or the other tweet by,going like this,now if I go here keep my cursor here and,then tweet,only one tweet will be,published if I hit on tweet all,everything will be published I can edit,the particular thread or the Tweet by,clicking to that particular section,when we have finished adding all the,tweets that we would like to include it,in our thread,we just have to tap on the tweak it all,button,a thread can also be saved as draft by,dropping the delete icon a draft of,threads are distinguishable from a,single tweet dropped by including the,number of Tweets in your thread,but to view the number of tweets to,review or edit or any of your drafts,prior to tweeting so now I will hit on,tweet all okay,by clicking the tweet all button my,entire thread is being tweeted you can,see it over here,now I will click one of my tweet just to,read it here the Tweet says in today's,video we are learning how to post a,thread on Twitter and view them from,home or profile timeline,I will write something more so that I,will fill up that character limit on,Twitter and move on so I am stuck with,no more option to add more lines to my,tweet or story now,the other Tweets in the thread look like,I have replied myself but they are the,threads okay,I can go back here once I click on this,I will see this I will click on the last,thread,okay,now when I click on the last thread it,will only show that,thank you for having an option like this,now,so I click over here,I can also,pin this bit to my profile I can also,see the Analytics I can also mute this,conversation so that anyone replies to,this this particular tweet this,particular section of the thread,it will not get notified I can also,leave this conversation I can also embed,this to it in my website or

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Twitter: Musk confirms plans to increase character limit to 4,000

Twitter: Musk confirms plans to increase character limit to 4,000

in other Twitter news musk again,confirmed that the character limit will,rise more than 14 fold to 4 000,characters per tweet Shawna it's like an,essay what do you think about that I,think it's been nuts I think it's a bit,nuts I don't know I guess it's going to,really change how we use Twitter at,least on a daily basis if you're going,to be seeing more and more tweets with 4,000 characters totally different than,what we have been accustomed to I think,all these changes under musk need to be,taken with a grain of salt we were just,talking about the fact that so many of,these changes or the ideas that he first,rolls out,goes through about seven eight nine ten,iterations before he actually launches,the product you can say that with,Twitter blue what Ali garfinkel was just,telling us so I think Elon Musk is,trying to figure out ways to change,Twitter's business trying to make it,more profitable trying to also expand,the revenue stream Beyond advertising,which we know has made up 90 of,Twitter's Revenue more recently I don't,know how much impact Twitter blue is,going to have I don't know if raising,the character limit to 4000 is really,going to attract more users to his to,his site but I think Elon Musk is,floating out ideas seeing what,everyone's reaction is on Twitter and,then taking a step back and deciding,what's going to be implemented yeah when,I was logging off Twitter last night the,last thing that entered my head was I,would love to see long-form essays from,every single person on my list right now,and that is of course not the case I,don't need more information from the,people on my brevity is the soul of wit,that's why I got these guys here,um I give a I I give a hard time to Elon,must sometimes deservedly so in some,aspects undeservedly in others I'll say,from Jack Dorsey he he inherited an,Enterprise which was inherently,resistant to any kind of change,whatsoever I've read about the,decision-making process that Jack Dorsey,goes through,um it was uh on a secular time frame it,just takes a long time for things to get,done and so to change that entire,mindset within a new company or within,an existing company to a new mindset I,think is just going to take a little bit,of time so I'll give them the benefit of,the doubt although I'd like him to spend,a little bit more time on Tesla I think,it's about it's pretty badly asked right,to constantly be changing stuff breaking,stuff well that didn't work let's let's,fix it again do something new so I could,see why he's doing that so I kind of,like the ethos of that whole area is you,cannot be kind of like stagnant in where,you are but you're right Jack Dorsey is,kind of like uh you know what do you,call it a follow-up Marcus Aurelius,right he's going to be like very uh kind,of it's going to be a pure it's going to,be a simple sort of product that's how,it was from the beginning that's how,it's going to be now and elon's like,well maybe we can make it better yeah,Elon Musk clearly making his Mark he's,already laid off over half of the,company more people have left because of,the culture change the culture shock,that we have seen play out at Twitter,over the last several months so Elon,Musk certainly making his mark on,Twitter questions will remain as to what,the direction is going to be with the,company and Jared you brought this up,before but a big concern here from a,number of analysts on the street,particularly those who cover Tesla is,that Elon Musk is spending way too much,time when it comes to Twitter and,forgetting about some of his other,responsibilities may not may not be,forgetting about his other,responsibilities but simply putting them,on the back burner at least for now and,that's a big reason why maybe we've seen,Tesla under pressure too well unless,we're looking for Twitter to have its,liquidity moment at 400 420 a share okay,getting way ahead of the next IPO cycle,right there gotta go on that one guys

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Jack Dorsey - Twitter's 140 Character Limit

Jack Dorsey - Twitter's 140 Character Limit

hi um why 140 characters it's a great,question so there's two reasons one,practical and one conceptual so the,practical one first is that we we,originally focused on SMS and the web,was really just a way to kind of archive,and see the tweets later on the web was,really not a big part of the original,vision because we wanted something know,is there was real time in life and you,could actually feel and it would buzz,your pocket right you could actually,physically feel it so the other thing,that was really important to us in,working with SMS was making sure that we,had a very simple approach and simple,experience and that simplicity met in,that case that we would send one message,that a message would not break up and,there was a limitation in SMS at the,time which was 160 characters so I had a,really really cheap little nokia device,and i love the thing it was from a,virgin and there's a prepaid phone and I,wanted to make sure that it worked on,this thing and I had a great experience,on it and you know that was a t9,keyboard and a lot of you probably,haven't used the t9 keyboard but I used,them and I love them is super fast and,so we we took those 160 characters and,you know I also paid for every text,message so we don't want to we don't,want to break it up and and require you,know to receive a text message to get,charged twice for one for one tweet this,was important to me but it was also,important to if we wanted to go around,the world we could actually reach,everyone in a in a cost-effective way as,well so 160 characters we took 20,characters out for the username and we,arrived at 140 and that was it,but the conceptual site of it was we,believed that you know this constraint,inspires creativity and if we really,constrain the size of the canvas people,might be more off the cuff and they,might be more in the moment and that's,really what we wanted because we wanted,this to feel again very live and just,very very human and very of-the-moment,and the metaphor you know we use is like,if I were to give you a red paint brush,and this huge canvas that just took up,this entire wall and I asked you to go,paint that canvas you compose yourself,naturally right because this is a huge,canvas and you want to you want to you,want to do the right thing you know that,that's what it kind of goes through your,mind but if I were to give you that same,paint brush and that same red paint and,give you a business card and I say make,a mark just very quick to make the mark,and that's kind of the feeling we wanted,was that everything you everything you,write everything you tweet is a value to,someone and we want to make sure that it,feels like you can just fire these,things off very very quickly as if you,were your speaking and and and someone,the interpreter is going to devalue it,and that's always been really important,to us and you know in the in the early,days of the service we um we got a lot,of we got a lot of heat for 140,characters and just how useless Twitter,was right and people would would explain,in a way that wow this is just a since,it's only only 140 characters you know,all people are going to end up doing is,just talk about what they have for,breakfast and we would share that so,much like the twitter is just about what,you have for breakfast and you know my,answer that is well you know sometimes i,do tweet about what i have for breakfast,and most of the world could care less,and is probably offended because it's so,not valuable to them but there was one,person in the world that really cares,and that's my mom and when she gets the,that I just ate breakfast and one day,for breakfast and she's really happy,because she knows that I'm still eating,I'm alive and yeah and I had breakfast,and she loves it so what I mean what's,interesting about that is it's all up to,who receives a message and who,interprets the message and we can't we,can't judge the value as it goes out we,you know we have to leave it up to the,individual to really bring value to that,message into that tweet and that's,always been an important part of our,philosophy

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Twitter proposing 10,000-character limit

Twitter proposing 10,000-character limit

alright staying on with twitter so i,don't know this is gonna Donald Trump,imagine Donald Trump being able to tweet,in more than 140 characters because that,is what is up for grabs here twitter has,said that they're building a new feature,that will allow users to share up to,10,000 characters this is first reported,by the tech website recode the new,option may launch later this quarter,here with me it's seth fiegerman he is a,senior business reporter from mashable,thanks for being here Seth thanks for,having me so this is if this turns out,to be legit this is astounding that,Twitter would go from 140 characters,which they've always said was part of,their DNA to allowing people to tweet,10,000 hackers how would it work well I,think this definitely represents a,company that's moving away from its core,principles a little bit here but that,said they are hacking this a little bit,so presumably from what the reports say,you would still only see the first 140,characters when you're scrolling through,your feed but then you would click to,expand it and you'd see all this other,text but I feel like people kind of,already do that I haven't actually,figured out how to do that but I could,like people on our city yeah you'll have,to teach me out in the commercial break,cause I feel like people have like I,don't know if it's a screen grab or if,it's a picture or JPEG but I've,sometimes clicked on a tweet and it has,Experian so how does that work so there,have been a few third-party tools,twitlonger as one to do this also people,often do screenshots of text that they,want to quote so now you could just,print assumably do that without leaving,the platform so you might see more,people take advantage of that option,whether or not this represents a sea,change in terms of user interest we,don't know so we actually have a shot of,what this would look like in this camera,oh let's see we can look at it now so,this is can you imagine Donald Trump,like tweeting out like ten thousand,characters it might be a national,security issue exactly aurea or the,producer that he uses to tweet out and,stuff so I guess the question is and,it's kind of interesting from a,technology company standpoint I'm,Twitter's always looked to differentiate,itself from facebook and in fact I think,one of the reasons that people enjoy,Twitter and to a lesser extent Instagram,is because it's not just a lot of,verbiage that you see like on facebook,so so why go this route you know I think,the bet here is that they have gotten,all of the users who like the way,Twitter already is they've gotten 300,million users respectable by almost any,standard but what Twitter wants to have,so now if we take a little bit of what,makes it easier for people on Facebook,people on tumblr maybe you'll attract,some of the people who tried Twitter,given up get them to come back some,would call that you know the hike of,desperation yeah but here I don't know I,think it's fair to say that as long as I,maintain the same diversity of points,the same velocity of stories it doesn't,really matter whether you click or don't,click for a lot more time I just sort of,think that and I know that we the,reaction on Twitter has been massive,right i mean there's been a huge,reaction to this on social media but I,feel like it's almost in a way has cut,through a lot of a noise that you even,the noise that you might see on,television in that you're only going to,deliver 140 characters you're gonna make,your point right and like so what's been,what have you see what have you seen on,Twitter as far as a reaction you know I,think there's nothing Twitter users like,more than to criticize quarter itself,and you know the silver lining here is,that now they have more space to do that,with her tweet so we'll probably see a,lot more guy but no do your point I,think people generally feel like this is,a company that isn't really sure what it,wants to be or what it needs to be and,so though up end every single thing they,have frustrating loyal users along the,way in the hope of getting a few more,people who've tried to come back that's,a raise an interesting question will,that spoke anybody looking to invest in,Twitter the fact that they may not be on,stable footing in terms of what they,want to do is you point out I think what,will spook Twitter investors is if they,do all of this and they don't budge,growth at all and that's what we'll see,in the next six months to a year all,right to be continued that theorem and,thank you so much for Mashable,appreciate it

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Twitter doubles its character limit to 280

Twitter doubles its character limit to 280

I love Twitter despite the fact that,only a small portion of my friends and,colleagues actually use it here in,Australia when I went to America it was,a totally different story many of the,people that I met who were in their,mid-twenties were heavy users of Twitter,and they used it to communicate within,their Friendship Circle which is,something I wish I could do I wish the,people that I communicate with on,Facebook would shift over to Twitter it,would just save me so much time since,I've invested a lot of time into Twitter,as a platform I care a lot about its,success I want it to succeed and grow,into something bigger and better,the recent doubling of the character,limit for tweets up to 280 characters is,a game-changer in so many different ways,it's a big ballsy move for Twitter and,something that will frustrate a lot of,users who believe that Twitter should be,prioritizing other things first for now,I want to focus on the 280 and what it,means let's look at Twitter's logic,first and perhaps their reasons why they,wanted to implement the 280,according to Twitter's statistics 9% of,tweets in English hid the character,limit when it's at 140 that is a huge,number when you consider that 500,million tweets are sent out every day,for me hitting the character limit was,kind of annoying I might have had to,rework my tweet or just delete a portion,of it to ensure that it fitted into the,limit but this wasn't ever really a,terrible thing brevity is a goal that,all writers should strive for and,Twitter kind of enabled that with their,140 character limit so what might be,some other reasons for Twitter's,character doubling what are some other,pros of having 280 I thought of some,stuff firstly with 280 there'll be less,thread posting if you do a thread post,longer than two tweets the rest of the,thread is actually hidden behind a show,more link and you definitely don't want,this show more link at all you want your,followers to be able to read your,content on the timeline more easily so,theoretically users now how,four hundred and sixty characters to,play with in terms of showing things,straight away on the timeline and that's,awesome for getting more exposure of,your content on the timeline secondly,and a huge positive in my opinion is,that they'll now be less screenshot,posts of note apps or just quotes in,general this is a common way of how,users got around the 140 character limit,I have no problem with these screenshot,type posts but I think from a UX,perspective it's better just to have,more normal text posts it just looks a,lot cleaner,the third positive from the 280,character limit is simply to do with,eloquence,yes brevity is great but sometimes there,are longer words that really add a lot,to the message you're trying to get,across in you're tweeting these longer,words won't be as excluded on Twitter,anymore and the last positive that comes,to mind is to do with adding people so,when you add someone now and you have,280 characters to play with you can get,much more of a message across,I often out users I've just followed and,try to persuade them to follow me back,with 280 characters I won't have to do,the classic at and then can I send you a,DM I can sort of just send my entire,message as one single tweet of to about,280 characters I would have sent a,similar message as a DM anyway but it,just makes things a lot faster the,positives are great nor but what people,are really talking about right now is,the negative side of 284 status I think,the biggest problem is that users will,have to rewire and train their brains to,even bother reading tweets that have 290,characters in them Twitter users are so,engrained with this idea of reading a,tweet that has a maximum of 140,characters and then scrolling down to,the next thing 140 characters was such a,definitive feature and it will take some,getting used to my belief is that many,users will look at a 280 character tweet,and their brain will kind of tell them,to tune out secondly a problem right now,is that people are just taking the piss,with 280 character tweets,just tweeting you know random long long,last waits for no reason this will go,away but it's still quite annoying,thirdly the circle icon that's being,used to show your character count is a,stupid idea just go back to the original,character counter please Twitter what I,think engenders this hate for Twitter is,not so much implementing specific,features I actually think some features,like moments which I know a lot of users,hate have some utility to them and,particularly for moments I get a lot of,my daily news from from moments and I,think the 280 limit will sort of be like,this it'll be seen as a stupid idea in,the short term but in the long term,everyone will kind of just embrace it

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#AskGaryVee Episode 147: Twitter's 140 Character Limit

#AskGaryVee Episode 147: Twitter's 140 Character Limit

- 在这一集里,,我们谈论Twitter的140个字符的限制,,我自己确立作为老板,,而你,从跳跃, 即$ 100,000加工作,进入你(耳语)的激情。,(耳语)锡永。,(嘻哈音乐),(欢呼的人群),你问的问题,,我回答他们。,这是#AskGaryVee显示。,- 是的。,- 嘿,大家, 这是加里VAY-NER-竹,这是集147 的#AskGaryVee显示。,今天保持开放的大门。,这是怎么回事Kaylen?,诚征大门是开放的,,带来一点点额外的能量。,我不喜欢那个15有这么多的磷酸二铵,,所以我想给16一些爱。,布兰登·巴恩斯得到了 从Resy储新发型。,我就喜欢。,也许他应该过来告诉我们一切。,Kaylen,我最喜欢的一个员工,,坐在“的背景。,凉。,我在一个良好的心情,,前往伦敦的明天,,和昨天的演出是真棒。,15带来了一些严重的能源,,好是回到主鞍,,因为我喜欢称呼它。,印度这是主要的马鞍。,- 冷却。,(钟风铃),- 主要马鞍。,(笑声),印度。,让我们,进入,,- 的shooooooooow。,- 哦,不错,不错。 - 这是伟大的。,- 其实,那是什么 所谓的,当你做一个what--,- 协调统一?,- 那不是,,我们没有统一。,不是。,没有。,(钟风铃),- 挺,shoooooow,跟我来。,- 我不能。 - 冷静下来。,- 好的好的。 - Shoooooooooooow。,- 不,看,我没有一样,,我在唱歌可怕。,- 不要自我意识,,没有你看了147集,自我提升,自尊建设?,来吧,在这里我们去。,- Shooooooooooooow。,- 从凯尔。,- 凯尔。,- 由于大多数的员工 知道你before--,- 扎克,在这里得到。,凯尔。,- 凯尔,扎克,凯尔?,- 没有,扎克只是有 这是我想分享,与Vayner国家。,- 这是怎么回事?,- 只是想Vayner 国家看到你的帽子。,- 我的帽子。,- 口袋妖怪?,- 口袋妖怪。,- 酷派,有一个美好的一天。,扎克。,- 是的?,- 哦,那是你,对不起,凯尔。,- 凯尔。,(笑声),- 凯尔问道, “由于大多数的员工,“你知道他们为你工作之前,,“你是怎么建立您 权威的老板?“,- 你知道,关于VaynerMedia有趣的事情,,很多人并不知道我是谁。,Kaylen。,请。,- 你好,哦,上帝。,- 让我们来了解一下。,问题是,你知道,,当我的大部分员工知道我是谁,之前,他们在这里工作,,我怎么建立我的权威?,你知道我是谁 之前在这里工作?,- 我知道你是在 营销行业,,但我没有多少背景。,- 你看,谢谢Kaylen。,- 是啊。,- 这就是瓢,你会目瞪口呆。,我很欣赏大家 想每个人都知道我,,我要说的不止 一半的员工,,如果不是80,70,员工的63%,,不知道我是谁。,所以,印度?,Staphon?,- 不。,- 谢谢你DRock。,(笑声),所以,你走了,对不对?,哟,你知道,埃迪!,过来。,你知道的,所以,我会继续在这里滚动。,一,他们是否知道或他们没有,,有,只是没有喘息的余地。,我是公司的CEO, 我会建立,,埃迪,你知道我是谁,之前,你开始在这里工作?,- 我做到了。,- 哦,废话。,- 我做到了,我也知道。,- 怎么样?,- 我的朋友正在读感谢经济。,- 得到它了。,- 我只是跟加里,,这时候我发现了Vayner。,而现在我在这里。,- 爱你兄弟。,- 爱你的人。,- 伟大的员工了。,感谢上帝的书。,所以,你知道,他们大多都没有。,该做的那些,是不需要努力的。,他们要么有两件事情之一。,他们不知道我是谁, 容易树立权威,,我是该死的CEO。,他们知道我是谁,他们 知道我所有的荣誉,,对于本场比赛的尊重,我该死的CEO。,简单。,- 易。,- EAZY-E,安息。,- 尼基尔 问:你觉得是什么,Twitter的计划,以消除 140个字符的限制?,- 尼基尔,我觉得这是一个 由Twitter巨大的执行。,Twitter的真正需要 助推了很多办法,,真正的原因它有一个限制,,是因为技术的地方。,因为这是真的 旧的160个字符的限制,这种性质的什么 与手机结构,,文字,而像,有 没有理由在这一点上,保持这一限制。,它创造的创造力,我 认为它起到了一定作用,,但你得进化或死亡,,我觉得更多的字符自由,可能是有益的。,另外,你有很多人基地,在使用它在过去八年,这仍将保持 东西短而紧。,对于我来说,我现在可以看到我们 做完整的博客文章,类的东西,像我们一样在Facebook上,,在一个Twitter的环境。,可以开放一些机会。,我觉得这是一个非常聪明 移动,急需的举动,,我很高兴能测试出一招,,我认为这是一种需要。,- 加勒特问道, 什么是最糟糕的错误,一个潜在的VaynerMedia员工可以使,你在面试时?,- 没有。,主要是因为我在的感觉。,实际上,我也不关注,什么人在说。,实际上,我更艰难 要得到它的氛围。,所以,你明明知道 那么,这将意味着说谎,,或者试图伪造了芬克。,我不介意当人 进来迎合我的自我,,我喜欢。,当他们不这样做,我不介意 知道我是谁的地狱,,我喜欢。,见这有什么好玩的。,当你想涨 像一只凤凰,这很酷。,当你看得起 你自己的,这很酷。,我可以赢,不管是什么。,这是一个伟大的游戏结构。,所以,我没有真正的分析,,没有什么任何人都可以做的,,几乎一无所有。,你告诉我说,哎,你 知道,这家公司很臭。,我只是在这里不管是什么。,我有点古怪进入 少女动态,,我想,哦,我要去 把这个家伙周围。,右,所以我会走这条路。 或者你进来,说:,这是最大的事情 所有的时间,我想,是啊,,这就是有人说一切都在买。,我觉得我这么该死的乐观,,它真的不要紧,你做什么,,我可能会想 雇佣你不管。,如果你没有被聘用 由我,这意味着,只是没有一个 实用拼图需要。,这是不是你做了。,就是这样。,- Mike要求, “你或你聘请了,“大学辍学生在VaynerMedia?”,- 你,而有你,是的!,在哪儿,,斯蒂芬李Jeneau一样,我们已经有了他们,,我们已经得到了他们。 (笑声),这不是东西 即使登记在我的脑海,,因为事实上,你们 知道我是怎么想的学校,,漂亮的硬核。,我已经得到了上撞了上去 推土机,一堆次,,上面写着VaynerMedia有这个需要,,两年,我不知道, 大学生一样,不管。,无论我们的要求是,,我甚至不知道。,我认为我们做 作为一个标准的事情,,人力资源部门在一个点做到了。,A.J.或凯利时,她 为董事总经理,,或某人的人力资源。,和字面我伸手 出来,我们已经改变了它。,我认为,我们已经添加了一样,或者有,,我甚至不知道Staphon是或不是。,像,甚至不登记对我来说。,如果你有技能, 你有技能。,我不知道,,一旦你在这里得到。,无论你去哈佛,,或者你从Schmarvard是, 不要紧,比赛开始后 这就是结束了无所谓。,- Schmarvard学院衬衫吗?,- Schmarvard学院衬衫是一个好主意。,Schmarvard U.,- 安德鲁?,(笑声),- 他讨厌正对相机。,- 是吗?,- 是啊。,- 嗯因为他是在它的可怕。,(笑声),- 安德鲁,我们需要一个Schmarvard U,,T恤,就像Schmarvard U.,- Schmarvard U,像大学吗?,- 我们可以去Schmarvard大学,,我们可以去Schmarvard U,像这样的是,,你的创意,你看着办吧。,- 真正的,正常的,很酷。,- 伟大的,伟大的。,(笑声),- 这是相当不错的!,- 请在评论中离开,,谁在为Schmarvard U,但是,T恤,但。,这是我很奇怪,歹徒。,不要说出来,因为你 想我会抽,,再不能这样做。,我会从字面上跟踪数据,,如果你把评论 说你得到一个,,就看你又得到。,加布,你不是在表演。,好的。,- 这就是一切。,- 而已?,好吧,好戏。,不,我很好。,感觉它相当不错。,寻找语句。,我很感激​​。,另外,我在寻找更多的市场份额怪物。,其中一个是我注意到的是事情,,我已经采取过足了 踏板的右勾拳,,我想秀增长。一世 希望更多的人来观看,,这是我的氧气,更多的人 观看,更兴奋的我,,更有可能,我们可以打一个高原,,更有可能,我们可以 其实去,你知道,,我们得到200的最终目标 发作的这个节目,,这makes--,- 嗯。,好的。,- 是啊!,是啊! (笑声),是啊!是啊!,对对对,,我太高兴了,是的!,难道我们回来?,- 是啊。 - 是啊!,很高兴。,酷,这就是它!,你一直问这问那,,我会继续回答他们。,在这部分有很多的迹象,,像DRock犯了一个错误, DRock犯了一个错误,,DRock犯了一个错误。,在这种转变的一部分。,(嘻哈音乐)

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Twitter Increase Character Limit to 280

Twitter Increase Character Limit to 280

last week we saw Twitter increase its,character limit from 140 characters to,280 characters but this is a good or a,bad thing,hello and welcome to the income highway,this is the show where we talk all about,how to build and grow your online,business my name is Paul James Carey and,as you can see today is a light blue,hoodie day so we're talking about,Twitter and with the announcement of 280,characters for use on Twitter some,people love this but other people,absolutely hate this now I personally,like this and I think the reason some,people don't is that they now assume,that every time they go on Twitter that,have to read an essay from every single,person that they follow now yes it did,seem that way when they first flicked,the switch and allowed people to use 280,characters of because of course it was,going to be abused so now it's about a,week later you can see that it's still,the same Twitter that we all know and,love now I reckon Twitter did this to,create a bit of a buzz about their,social network because if you look at,the length of the Google Trends which,I'll show on the screen here at the,moment it looks like Twitter hasn't,become more popular over time it,actually looks like it's been losing,popularity over the last five years now,that's not to say that Twitter is dead,and no one uses it anymore there's still,about 330 million active users every,single month how does this increasing,characters help with the likes of online,marketing or your own online business,first of all we saw a lot of people get,very creative with this and that,includes brands and companies online as,well I mean just look at what NASA did,when this announcement of 200 characters,was released and I'll leave that link to,that tweet in the description below,before I go any further are you advised,you pause this video and check out that,link in the description below two,masters tweet because you can see how,creative they got with it and it got,them quite a lot of likes and retweets,now also think about the likes of,conversations on Twitter so if somebody,was to ask you a question about your,business you can answer them in a more,detailed fashion now I'm sure we've all,seen in the past where people do kind of,half tweets per day I'll put one out of,two and they'll write their 140,characters and then in the next moment,or so I put two out of two but it's one,long actual message now there's,absolutely no need for that anymore,because they can all be explained in the,one,one tweet out from Twitter so I'm sure,as time goes on we'll see a lot more,people being created for this I'm gonna,see a lot more marketing use for this,definitely do look at this as an,advantage for your business another,disadvantage is that Twitter is going,away Twitter is still here and extremely,active so if you're not already on,Twitter and using it make sure that you,get there thank you very much for,watching this video if you wanna learn,more about how to build and grow your,online business make sure you click the,subscribe button below because there's a,new video on this channel every week,with news just like this and tips and,tricks on how to build and grow your own,online business and don't forget as well,that every week I also do a podcast that,goes into a lot more depth on these,things that I mentioned on the YouTube,channel if you want to check out any of,my podcast episodes I leave a link for,that in the description below also,thanks again for stopping by and I hope,you have a fantastic day

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Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit | Crunch Report

Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit | Crunch Report

Twitter Changing its character limit rules, Toyota investing in Uber, Twilio launching,a sim based service,It's Tuesday May 24th and this is Crunch Report,Hope everyone is having a good day hustling and living.,Twitter is going to be making a big change to the twitterverse in the coming months.,It plans on evolving what counts as characters in tweets.,In a tweet you can only have 140 characters and previously media attachments like photos,and youtube links counted toward that character limit.,Soon those attachments and ""At"" replies will not count.,To get a better understanding on what this means lets talk to Techcrunch Reporter Josh,Constine who wrote a in-depth article on how this could affect ,you,Since it's twitter people are going to hate and love these changes.,Hash-tag Cantwin Hash-Tag belieber",Gett, a cab-hailing startup with operations across some 60 cities is getting a 300 million,dollar investment from VW.,VW plans to use the investment to spearhead its own move into ride-sharing, on-demand,transportation and autonomous cars.,This isn't the first time though a major car manufacturer has invested in a ridesharing,company.,Earlier this Year GM invested 500 Millioin dollars into Lyft.,All these car companies want to get in on the on-demand action.,Volkswagon was the sole investor in this round.,For those of you looking to add a pinch of pizzazz to your pics, Andrew Bachelor better,known as King Bach.,A social media star on Vine and instagram, is hoping that his new photo-editing app,,Bachify, will be the perfect way to polish your photos.,Bachify aims to be a comprehensive photo-editing experience with the ability to use tools like,stickers, Instagram like filters, make-up brush, polishing and my favorite, "pimple,remover".,Yummy.,Bachify is available for iPhone for $1.99 and iPad for $2.99, and can be downloaded,from the iOS App Store.,Twilio the cloud communications Platfom is launching a new product called Programmable,Wireless — a SIM-based service that has a built in partnership with T-Mobile so that,developers can build full-featured, all-in-one cellular services, to be used wherever they,want.,It could be as part of an IoT network, or even a consumer product, like a new mobile,phone service, maybe a connected smart watch of some kind.,No word on pricing yet and the service will be available in the fourth quarter of 2016,Remember earlier in the episode I was like "all these car companies want to get in on,the on demand action" Well it looks like Toyota has invested an unknown amount into Uber as,well.,Which to me makes sense since 90% of the Uber's I have gotten into have been Toyota Prius's.,Details at the moment are a little mum since Uber would not disclose terms of the deal,or the financing program.,When we find out we'll make sure to get you updated.,That’s the report for today.,I’m Tito Hamze Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,,4 pm Pacific, on,You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube.,See you tomorrow!

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