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Twitter Card Validator: How to Use Twitter Cards!whether you know it or not we've all,seen Twitter c

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Twitter Card Validator: How to Use Twitter Cards!

whether you know it or not we've all,seen Twitter cards while scrolling on,Twitter if you don't know what they are,how to use them or how to use a Twitter,card validator you're probably not,making the most of your Twitter,marketing but don't worry I'm breaking,it all down in this video so keep,watching what's up everybody welcome,back to the channel I'm Brandi with Life,Marketing the digital marketing agency,with a mission helps small businesses,grow real quick like subscribe and ring,the notification Bell so you don't miss,any of the marketing videos we put out,every week that can help you grow your,business alright so today we're going to,talk about what a Twitter card validator,is and how to use one but to answer the,question what is a Twitter card,validator you first need to know what a,Twitter card is so what is a Twitter,card Twitter cards are the design and,structure that make links and tweets,more appealing and easier to understand,if you've ever seen a link shared on,Twitter and notice that the Tweet shared,a preview of the photo URL or video like,this or like this then you've seen a,Twitter card the cash here is that,Twitter does not automatically create,these cards upon seeing a URL and a,tweet you have to first input code on,your website so that when someone shares,a link from your website on Twitter the,URL appears in the form of a Twitter,card these are the different types of,Twitter cards Twitter summary card,Twitter summary card with large image,Twitter app card and Twitter player card,a summary card includes a title,description and thumbnail a summary card,with a large image includes everything,the regular summary card does with,surprise surprise a large image the app,card includes a direct link to a mobile,app to download and the player card can,show video audio and other media now,before we get into how to set these up I,first want to mention that if you'd,rather have professionals handle your,Twitter marketing for you from top to,bottom we do that for small businesses,every single day so I'll link our social,media Management Services Below in case,you're interested alright let's go over,how to set up Twitter cards Twitter,claims it takes less than 15 minutes to,install the codeness necessary to,display your website links as Twitter,cards so let's see if it's true first,you need to determine which Twitter card,type you want to use and then add the,corresponding meta tags for that card,type to your website here are the pieces,of code you'll need to install on your,website for each Twitter card type and,by the way we do have a Blog going over,this as well so I'll link that below,because if you pull up our blog on this,then you can copy and paste these codes,and just adjust them from there so to,start out add this code to the header of,your web page where it says summary,either keep it a summary if that's the,card type you want or change it to,summary underscore large underscore,image app or player for the other card,types then to credit your Twitter,account you'll want to input your,username in this code then insert a,title of your web page that is 70,characters or less by using this code,then include a description that is 200,characters or less to summarize what,this page is about then include the,image URL you want to appear on the card,with this code make sure that the image,is less than 5 MB in size and has an,aspect ratio of one to one dimension of,144 by 144 and pixel size of no more,than 4096 by 4096 for summary cards with,a large image you can use all of the,same meta tags we just went over except,you'll need to change the card type like,this and then you can add your website,with this code large images still have,to be less than 5 MB in size and have a,maximum of 4096 by 40 96 pixels but they,can have an aspect ratio of two by one,with minimum dimensions of 300 by 157,now moving on to the third card type,here are the meta tags for an app card,so you can see what all these tags are,starting to look like together if your,app is available to download in,different countries outside of the US,add this meta tag as well to Define,which country then include these three,codes of text to define the app Name ID,and application URL in the App Store,these are additional meta tags you can,add if your app is iPad compatible The,Meta tags you use for your app available,in the Google Play Store are close to,the same so you can see what those are,here the photo uploaded to the app store,or Google Play must be less than 1mb in,size and then lastly here are the codes,you can paste into your website and edit,for player cards so again you can see,what all of this code will look like,together on your website so now with all,those codes out of the way let's finally,answer the question what is a Twitter,card validator a Twitter card validator,is a tool that checks your Twitter cards,to make sure that they're validated and,working correctly after you've put in,all this hard work installing codes on,your web

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How to use the Twitter Card Validator

How to use the Twitter Card Validator

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how to add twitter card tag in your website | Twitter Cards generator

how to add twitter card tag in your website | Twitter Cards generator

so guys in this video i will show you,how to implement twitter,card in your website and basically these,are,meta tags used in your html document,so let me show you why we used to record,your website basically when i try to,copy this,link and paste it in twitter,the link will look like this so you can,see,like this,but with with the help of a tutor card,it will it may convert,the link will look like this,i go to profile,you can see these two links which i,pasted here,so this has been converted to twitter,card,and this is just a link you can see here,so,this you can see it has image it has,fetched this image,and the title of the article,and the website so we can use twitter,card in your website,to create this beautiful card,so these are used for generating more,and more traffic on your website,so let's start so this is my,cpanel and inside,the first tag is meta meta tag,and property,property is,summary underscore,image so this is the first management,attack and,you can see i have set this property,twitter card and its content is summary,large image you can set it to a summary,only,but dvd guys the next day is,another is twitter site,and in confidence,you have to give the site name website,name,inside this can do your,website name,and in conduct you can give the numeric,id of your,twitter account so you can get that,numeric id,from here simply copy this,and go to this website type,so this is the twitter network id,paste it here,so these two are actually same this is,the,numeric id of your tweeted account and,this is the string,basically these two are optional,here you can set it to a title of your,offer card so,these two types are imported for title,and description,and finally the last one,is,is image twitter,colon image column src,and in content attribute you can set the,link of your image,so these are the tags that are used for,creating a twitter card for your website,and since we are using dynamic website,so we will fetch data,from database and put this data inside,this title,and description and this image,so you can put url of your image here in,this case i am using the,dynamic website so every,you can see here i am trying to execute,the security selector all from posts,where it look like this,so basically what it does is it will,fetch data and that data is,assigned to this very array now the,error,0 will contain all the data so basically,i am,using the ph i will open php scope here,to get data from this array,i will remove this text here and,put php scope here so you can see,i used the link of the image here,so now let's go to description,and the error series contains,description of,this page at the description here,the description here is this,now the title,this uh error to condense title and,is after that i am concatenating this,title with,and this name of the website,and here you can give the tutor account,username or the numeric id,and here you can give your website name,the name of your website,so this is how we use twitter card in,your website,so you can go to this website that's, and you can see,all the documentation here,how to use twitter cards and others,things here,i will put this in link in description,so you can go through,this website and check it,you can see see this the the metadata,title to the title,and the content here is arrow to,that there are two containers the title,of this post,and after that i am using the door,operator operator to concatenate it with,us,this sit ring the near the website so,look at here,i will paste the link here,and try to delete it,so you can see here this is the title,here,title here instagram belongs to send to,fighter,course via whatsapp messenger and after,that you can see the concatenated screen,here,if you go to the url of this you can see,it does not contain this string,and the kashmir info so this is the,title,and you can see it concatenated with,this,string so this is how you can implement,uh twitter card in your website,so it is used for getting more and more,traffic,with twitter card it looks beautiful but,without disturbed card it may look like,a,link it will not fetch this image and,this title,and other things so thanks for watching

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What is a Twitter Card?

What is a Twitter Card?

hi it's Barbara Feldman of werter calm,and today our topic is Twitter cards,what are they and how do you use them a,Twitter card is a multimedia add-on,that's added by Twitter to tweets that,include a URL from your website what,you're looking at in this example is a,summary large image twitter card that i,use on word her calm let's break this,down a little bit so you know exactly,what you're looking at this is my,hundred and forty character tweet and,this with the image and the description,of the page from the website is the,twitter card now let's go to a Twitter,timeline and take another look here we,again have from the word her calm,Twitter feed an example of a Twitter,card this is my hundred and forty,character tweet you'll notice there is,no URL displaying in the tweet Twitter,however based on instructions that,Twitter found at my website because I,have added Twitter cards to the meta,tags in my header added the image the,page summary description and the name of,the URL of the website and they put it,in this nice little border now you can,click anywhere on the Twitter card and,you will go to the site now let's take a,look at what a tweet without a Twitter,card looks like here is the same page,being tweeted but you'll notice it does,have a URL in it this image here is an,image that I added to the tweet when I,created the tweet you know how you can,attach an image that's what this is now,notice what happens when you click on,the image in this instance,you get an enlarged image now in some,cases that might be useful you might,want that in some cases but in most,cases what I want is I want a click to,my website and this Twitter card gives,me a much larger area where my users can,click and therefore results in more,clicks to my website it also keeps my,tweet much cleaner because there's no,URL now what happens that going back,here this is an example without a,Twitter card because the Twitter card,wasn't used because I attached an image,the only ways to get Twitter to use your,Twitter card is if you do not attach an,image so in this case I attached an,image so my URL is displaying if I click,anywhere other than on the URL I get an,enlarged image of the tweet if I click,on the image I get an enlarged image on,the Twitter card example again this is,being tweeted from the exact same URL,click on the tweet I get the enlarged,suite but if I click on the Twitter card,or the image of the Twitter card I get,to my website now for me this is a,preferred action this is what I want and,so I try to use Twitter cards more often,than attached images and tweets ok so,this is one example of a Twitter card,that is what is called a large summary,image and here's another site this is,not a site that I own that's also using,a Twitter card but they have chosen a,summary Twitter card so you get a,smaller image and a smaller card so you,get to choose what Twitter card you want,to use when you set up your website for,Twitter parts so let's take a look at,what the code looks like for Twitter,cards click through to this on this,image we come to my website now when we,view the source for that page and you,search for Twitter card,you will say find this code I know it's,not very easy to read but I'll read it,to you,it says meta name equals twitter : card,content equals summary underscore large,underscore image,it's those words in this particular meta,tag that gives you a Twitter card that,looks nice and big like this one if we,click through to this website here's the,website and if we look at their source,first of all we see that their code,isn't compressed like mine is much,easier to read their Twitter card,content equals summary and what that,results in is this smaller thumbnail,image and a smaller card so how do you,put these twitter cards in your website,if you have a theme if you are using a,theme that makes it easy for you to add,code to your header you can do it,manually I actually do use a theme like,that but I also use the very popular,Yoast SEO plug-in and under SEO if you,go to social and then you go to Twitter,you click here to enable a Twitter card,and now you have a drop-down to choose,between summary or summary with large,image which is the two examples I just,showed you so in addition however to,summary in summary with large image,there is also a video multimedia format,and an app format that will allow you to,click directly to your app in an app,store I'm not going to demonstrate those,right now but I am gonna show you one,last thing before I leave and that is,how to validate your Twitter cards the,URL is cards - dev /a,validator and you input a URL you click,preview,and this is a YouTube page and this is,if I were to tweet this URL from my,Twitter account as you can from your,Twitter account this is what the Twitter,card would look like you notice it has a,complete video that can be played in it,and what it tells you is that the,Twitter card was player so that's how,you use the video one and if we go back,and

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Wordpress Twitter Card Problemi - Twitter Card Problem

Wordpress Twitter Card Problemi - Twitter Card Problem

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How To Add Blogger Twitter Card to Engage your Followers - Blogger Tips and Tricks

How To Add Blogger Twitter Card to Engage your Followers - Blogger Tips and Tricks

hi I'm axel moolah and welcome to this,Tuesday weekly series blogger tips and,tricks this week I'm gonna show you how,to add a Twitter card to your blogger,site adding a Twitter card to your site,can help to engage your follower when,you share a link to your Twitter account,let me show you what I mean let's test,tweet and test your words here and tweet,and as you see guys there's no image,from the blog posts on your blog because,this template is not set for a Twitter,card in this video we'll be add a,Twitter card to show the primary image,when you twit a link from your blogger,site but before that subscribe to this,YouTube channel to get updates every,week every Tuesday okay let's get,started go to your blog or admin select,your blog here go to teams and edit your,template edit HTML and find a head tag,guys click inside editor,okay let's we show the search click,inside the editor ctrl F in your,keyboard and type closed head tag and,hit enter and this is the closed head,tag will be add Twitter card script here,before closed head tag go to this URL,this link included to the video,description just check the video,description below,and this is the screen shot what's look,like of the Twitter card find a head tag,and copy this copy copy back to blogger,editor and paste the title card script,will be modified this don't forget to,change your username here your username,username this is for home page this is,for pages your username and for blog,posts when you tweet a blog posts this,is the syntax of Twitter car this is the,summary large image your blog,description blog title your Twitter user,in the data blog posts URL the primary,image in the user name and will be,adhere your logo to add a logo you can,do a trick by uploading to the back to,this link you can upload a logo here for,reference just watch this video on how,to upload the logo and grab a link this,link is included to the video,description below,upload the logo here grab grab a link,and also don't have another option to,upload a logo directly to the blogger,okay go to posts open and in in a new,tab and new posts will be not create a,new post just we get a logo link go to,image this is my logo guys will be,upload this,click Choose files and upload the logo,your blog logo site logo and click and,add selected and will be click this HTML,and will be grab a link here from each,shrift tag HTTP to dot PNG because my,logo is dot PNG extension copy and let's,test this to the URL enter and this is,my logo URL this is option two you can,use the option one here or this blogger,editor in the blog or editor copy the,link your logo URL your logo URL and,save save team and back to the posts and,reload and let's see now,view page source we make sure the title,card is added your username axel,so the Peter card now is added this is,the Twitter card and let's try this copy,will be due first in the card dev,Twitter calm ballad ater this link is,included to the video description to,pace and let's see now so this is the,result guys when you tweet a link from,your blogger site make sure is white,listed for summary large image card and,info is all green,and this is watts look like okay let's,tweet now tweet h ki Hong Kong and paste,the blog post URL and click tweet and,now guys,as you see durab twitter card from the,blog posts and this is can help you,engage your followers to drive traffic,to your site and let's test the homepage,tweet ok will be reload the page reload,ctrl f5 in your keyboard and now guys as,you see derive a logo from your site,this is a twitter card because this is,the homepage for pages and for the blog,posts mostly the important is the blog,posts now guys if you have a question in,this video kindly fill in a comment box,action in our be response as soon as I,can like and share this video because,this video I know it's very helpful to,other people specially in social media,Facebook Twitter and Google+ as well and,also subscribe to my channel to get,updates every tuesday once again guys my,name is axel mullet,see you next Tuesday bye for now

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Cómo crear y programar Twitter Cards (formatos enriquecidos de Twitter)

Cómo crear y programar Twitter Cards (formatos enriquecidos de Twitter)

hola marketer es las twitter cards o,tarjetas de twitter son un formato,enriquecido que multiplica entre por 3 y,por 10 los resultados que consiguen los,tweets en twitter normalmente los,conoceréis porque están bastante,extendidas porque básicamente casi todos,los enlaces aparecen enriquecidos no,aparece el enlace puro sino que ese,enlace carga al estilo de lo que vemos,normalmente en facebook una imagen en un,titular a veces hasta un subtítulo lo,hablan una descripción eso es una,twitter card entonces estamos tan,presionados a ver lo que nos hemos,olvidado de que como community managers,o como los gestores de twitter podemos,hacer a mano más twitter cards que las,que se hacen automáticamente entonces,vamos a ver las dos áreas los dos,ámbitos donde existe en twitter cards,que una es automatizada hay otra manual,y poner un poco el foco en las manuales,para que aprendamos que esas pueden,convertirse en tweet y manejarse para,con crear mejores tweets e incluso,programarlos vamos primero a la parte de,como automatizar que un resultado en,twitter salga como formato enriquecido,contenía,esto es un formato enriquecido de,twitter twitter card pero nosotros no,hacemos nada específico para publicar y,que salga esto en concreto está,automatizado cómo se automatiza esto si,tienes wordpress ahora mismo es una,commodity es que en su momento veréis,varios posts en los que se hablan de el,plugin jm twitter cards en un plugin,específico para para activarlas twitter,cards que al final es me instalo este,plugin en wordpress y funcionará pero es,que ahora mismo se hace ya un tiempo el,propio yo os deseo el plugin,mundialmente conocido el de referencia,el que si no estás usando para seo es te,estás equivocando pues este mismo en su,parte social ya tiene la parte que,implementa también lo de los twitter,cars nuevas tarjetas de twitter con lo,cual con wordpress pero complicaciones,es seguir las instrucciones en el yoga,son un plugin específico como éste y,automáticamente funcionará sí bueno,podéis venir a esta web card de,,bayly dator os dejamos el enlace en la,descripción,para comprobar hoy en mi web tendrá,twitter cards e implementado,correctamente pues si ponemos https dos,puntos barra,marketing fabricamos punta le damos tres,virus,pues aquí te da información oficial que,tú podrías ver lo simplemente publicando,el tweet en twitter de cualquier regla y,comprobando de que vale se se verá algo,más o menos como esto aquí te dice la,tarjeta a cargo exitosamente nos hemos,puesto a pensar que cueva brilla que nos,en wordpress para,para probarlo y delivery y,en ésta por ejemplo no tiene wordpress y,no tiene implementadas las suites,cercanas para que veamos que os,respondería el validador de caracteres,de tarjetas la error no hay ninguna,carta de twitter encontrado es decir que,es en otro está implementado si no lo,tiene implementado nos entramos en la,aliada en plan aunque como el implemento,si no es un word proyecto desarrollo a,mano pero para eso habla con tu,desarrollador no es el caso y no esperes,de nosotros que te lo explicamos aquí os,dejamos de nuevo en desición este enlace,es la información para desarrolladores,para que se lleven con bien con el api,de twitter sepan cómo hacerlo,normalmente será twitter te dará un,código lo implementará lo implementará,dentro del de tu web y volverás a,twitter para decirle ya lo tengo que se,hablen y volvería sal validado para,comprobar que todo funciona y de este,modo ha publicado 65 cualquiera,publicarse un enlace de vuestra web,aparecería en este estilo de formato,enriquecido pero hay un mundo,inexplorado con las twitter cards que es,que más allá de las automatizadas como,vamos pueden hacerse a mano estaréis,buscando ostras en twitter no los veo en,el menú no aparece está bastante,escondido en la versión de adjunto, está orientado a la,publicidad pero no porque esté orientado,estamos obligados a usarlo,publicitariamente ahora lo vemos,cortinilla como decíamos en,no no hay ningún apartado en el que,ponga un twitter card o tarjetas de,twitter según el idioma que tengas lo,más parecido sería saber que estarán,dentro aqui en twitter h con lo cual los,llevará a apps punto club del puntocom y,aquí sales pensando pero yo no quiero,esto yo no quiero pagarle a twitter por,hacer un tweet tranquilidad simplemente,hay que saber que aquí hay más cosas que,las que la pura promoción de contenidos,puedes venirte a creatividad y,mágicamente aquí hay un apartado que se,llama karts,igual que han apartado tweets que por,cierto también se conoce muy poco porque,aquí te permite como veremos programar,los tweets sin tener que irte a,herramientas de terceros vas a caras y,en caras te dice ok,esta es la una website card de imagen,que habíamos creado ya veis en 2015 de,un sorteo pero hay tarjetas de web de,vídeo que es la que hicimos hace un rato,para grabar este vídeo también las hay,de avast si fuera aplicaciones de móvil,para vídeo o para imágenes que no,tenemos ni

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How To create A Twitter Website Card | Lead Generation And Traffic From Twitter

How To create A Twitter Website Card | Lead Generation And Traffic From Twitter

hey welcome back this is Ali from AI,social EUCOM and in this video I want to,talk about Twitter cards what are they,and how can you effectively use them so,first of all here I am logged into,Twitter and maybe you're looking at a,completely new design if that's the case,then yes it is true twitter has made a,lot of changes recently and it seems,like they every few months they're new,updates and new changes especially on,the UI so if your twitter looks a little,different don't worry,and i believe if you I can go back to so,there's a switch to legacy Twitter and,this is the older look and feel on,Twitter and I believe if I click here so,you may have this option of try the new,Twitter if you do you can try it I,actually like it I think the the new,look and feel the new design is super,slick so I personally love it alright,let's talk about the Twitter card so one,thing I wanna point out tutor used to,have lead generation cards which were,very similar to facebook lead ads but,they're not there anymore they have made,a lot of changes and took that away I'm,kind of sad about that but Torah cards,are still very effective for you to use,so let me show you how to access to the,cards so first of all go to your profile,and then we're gonna make sure you go to,the Twitter ads so you do not need to be,running to other ads and spending money,to use Twitter cards but you do need to,have your ad account set up so on the,new tutor UI I'm gonna click on more and,then go to tutor ads and here's the URL,you can if you're logged into Twitter,you can just go to add dot,right here so it will take you to this,interface and then what you're gonna do,is look under creatives and then you'll,see tweet cards and media so we're gonna,go to the cards so the huge benefit of,card first of all why should you use it,basically there are think of Twitter,cards as multimedia components or mulch,Media assets that you can use again and,again and again so for example let's say,you have a campaign for the summer about,back-to-school or whatever it may be you,can create some videos or maybe some,images and then create the tutor cards,and then use them again and again and,again inside your tweet so you don't,have to create the assets again and,again especially for campaigns this is,pretty handy now let me show you how to,create those cards so for example right,here so I'm logged in and right now I,have access to the website card so these,are the website cards website cards,basically you design a multimedia like,this let's see if we can see this yeah,there you go so this is a Twitter card,and basically it's just driving people,when people click on it it's driving,them or it's taking them from tutor to,my website I social you calm now step,back and think about the possibilities,if you want to generate leads if you,have a lead generating page on your,website you can use Twitter carve the,website card to drive people there where,they can get your offer or your ebook or,whatever it may be in exchange for an,email so you can definitely use tutor,cards for lead generation purposes or as,well alright now let me show you how to,create the Twitter card so what we're,gonna do is click on create card and,you'll see their different options here,so there's website card basically for,the website cards you're driving them to,your website using an image with the,video website card guess what yeah,you're using a small or a short video,not small you're using a short video and,then driving people to the website and,then if you want to promote your app you,will create the image app or the video,app this is where they used to have the,lead generation card and I have to tell,you I'm gonna miss the lead generation,card because they worked really like,Facebook lead ads when people clicked on,it instantly they got the offer and you,got the emails there was no need for an,external landing page or website but,sadly twitter has removed that,so we just have to use what we have the,best way possible all right so to create,the Twitter card so you're gonna click,on this and it is extremely simple now,so just all these four things that you,have to fill out so first of all you,have to and here's the aspect ratio for,your cards so I'm gonna go and pick an,image let's see let's see if I can use,this image there you go crop and for,headline I'm gonna say get free hacks,now let's grab the URL so I use my home,page my website I social you also as a,lead generation because there's a really,strong call to action here and it active,converts really well and also we have,this full page capture box so get the,latest marketing hacks so let's go back,and that's it,and I'm just gonna call it website card,that's it and this is where let's say,you had an offer page or a giveaway page,this is where you would add that and I'm,gonna just name it test and then hit,create I already have a card like this,which is right here but let's see if I,can create this one too so maybe it's,not gonna let m

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