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Cenk REACTS To Shocking Hooters Tweetthere's a lot of controversy about this,tweet from the daily la

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Cenk REACTS To Shocking Hooters Tweet

there's a lot of controversy about this,tweet from the daily laugh,Hooters is shutting down and rebranding,after a new study shows that Millennials,aren't that into boobs this tweet uh,sparked a lot of responses of people,saying well I don't go to Hooters,because their wings are terribly,overpriced uh I don't support the,objectification of women the food,quality is just bad I don't want to go,and be in the company a very weak and,sell men but then Hooters cleared things,up and they said you know what actually,we are not going out of business uh,their words precisely were this is the,fakest news that is ever news and that,is from hoodie the owl who represents,Hooters so it wasn't just the Daily Loud,and reported on this you can see complex,also reported on this many people,weighed in including Wall Street Silver,who said this was example number 475,who's counting of something that went,terribly wrong with the millennial,generation that we don't like boots but,then our savior,and Elon said can't tell if satire or,real the one time Elon said something,that uh I agree with Hooters asked Elon,to clear things up uh they said Elon if,you could let the world know that,Millennials do in fact love boobs that,would be really cool and Elon did that,by saying phew,so we have some more uh on this but,first I want to bring you all in what do,you make of this whole Hooters,controversy,okay so I'm from the old school and I,remember when Hooters used to pretend,that it wasn't about the boobs so you,guys might not even remember that but,they they would Gaslight all of us be,like wow wow what do you mean it's about,the wings the Hooters with the Hootie,the owl why what did you think it man,right,no of course,so we see the outfits we see the outfits,okay so but finally this is like uh WWF,back in the old days finally going ah,yeah okay fine wrestling's fake we're,going to WWE okay so so that I just want,to get that out of the way get it out of,my system okay now I don't have a,problem with Hooters uh I've been to,Hooters I've enjoyed Hooters and I like,wigs okay uh so now having said that uh,wait I thought the right wing was up in,arms over sexually explicit,stuff and exposing kids to it,I mean I'm sure the kids are not allowed,at Hooters right oh they are,oh my God I'm sure the right wing is,just,apoplectic it's so weird that Elon Musk,the right winger seems to be supporting,the sexually explicit material that kids,are exposed to every day huh but it,looks like maybe they were just saying,that stuff,to target lgbtq folks and never meant a,word of it,yeah yeah and like okay like this is so,funny right if Millennials didn't like,boobs so much why would I take hormones,every day to grow them myself okay,explain this okay,um it's so hilarious it's so hilarious,but like look okay as you know the,Communist Millennial I do have to chip,in and say like yeah there's issues with,Hooters with misogyny among the,management and there's issue with,misogyny among the people that go there,right uh which is why I think like all,the Kudos employees should unionize,right and establish like strict,guidelines and rules for allowing them,to kick out patrons whenever they cross,the line or go too far or harass them,etc etc and so that I guess is like the,issue with Hooters isn't necessarily the,idea of going to a restaurant where the,whole purpose is to have people that are,a little bit more risque in their,clothing uh the issue is the imbalance,of power between the workers and the,management and the way that customer,service workers across the border,treated in the United States of America,uh but uh good news is that is that,Millennials do actually still love boobs,yes it's true it's true and Hooters you,know they sent this on Twitter I think,it's real that they're not closing down,they said to the Associated Press you,know there's no you know validity to the,reports of rebranding the spokesperson,uh said the Hooters brand which includes,pub food and waitresses with limited,clothing is here to stay

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TikToker Arrested After Showing 2 Kids Her Boobs in A Pool..

TikToker Arrested After Showing 2 Kids Her Boobs in A Pool..

all right so in today's video i'm going,to be talking about a major tic toc,influencer who's been recently arrested,for flashing two kids in a pool while,she was strong her name is kylie,strickland she's from georgia and she,has over 260 000 followers on tiktok now,according to the daily mail kylie,strickland she is 30 years old so you,would expect her to be mature enough to,not do something like this but as you,can see according to the title she was,indeed arrested by local law enforcement,after exposing her breasts to two young,boys in a swimming pool while she was,live streaming it to i believe tick-tock,now clearly there's been a common theme,going on all 2022 with older women,showing themselves off indecently to,teenage boys i'm really not sure what,the obsession is it doesn't seem like,anybody else is even talking about this,stuff besides me but you know there's an,obvious reason for that and it's because,although we want to act like the,situations are the same we know that if,this was a grown man showing himself off,to two teenage girls there would have,definitely been national outrage it,would have went viral but since it's a,woman doing this to some boys nobody,really cares and that's just mostly due,to societal and biological reasons,people view younger girls as more,vulnerable which they are as opposed to,teenage boys who can more often than not,put up a fight if they're put into a,situation that they don't really want to,be in and by the way these aren't my,opinions i'm just pointing out something,that i've observed based on people's,reactions to situations like this but in,any case here is an image of kylie,strickland's mugshot she was arrested in,lagrange georgia which is like an hour,away from me and she was charged with,electronic property and child,exploitation which is a felony in the,state of georgia however based on some,videos that i've seen it seems as though,that she's been bonded out since she was,seen on camera making an apology or,trying to explain the situation i'll get,to that in a minute however according to,kylie she was saying that those boys are,already taking shots at tequila prior to,her even getting to the pool partying,that they were drunk and that those boys,have seen well you can take a listen to,it for yourself um,those little boys,have seen,more boobs,then uh,then i've i've probably seen,in in my entire life,um,they were also taking shots,of tequila before i even got to the pool,um,that night um,it is not my responsibility to parent,someone else's child if the parent is,right there,those kids go to mud rides honestly i,don't even know why she's looking all,over the camera like she's on something,right now while recording that video and,the fact that she's trying to justify,her flashing her set to like 12 or 13,year old boys because they were drunk,and that those aren't her kids and that,it's not her responsibility to parent,them it's just insane to me like the,lack of accountability that i'm seeing,right now is not surprising i've seen,this so many different times especially,coming from young millennial women like,this who partied hard in their 20s,didn't take any responsibility did tons,of drugs to the point of their insides,looking like the pits of hell and now,that they're in their early to mid 30s,they're still acting like they're in,their early 20s and are basically now,victims of arrested development they,haven't matured at all physically,they've changed but mentally they're,still the same according to her she also,claims that those boys have been to,mudslides and i really didn't know what,that meant but according to urban,dictionary much light is when someone is,lying on their back and a female,straddles his or her face and begins,pouring alcoholic beverage down the,crack of her ass and into the person's,mouth so apparently that's what those,boys have been doing as well which is,kind of crazy to me like where the ,is the parents at but in any ways what,you guys are really here for the video,of her doing what got her arrested was,posted to facebook and it is very,censored as you can see everything is,censored you're not going to be seeing,her tatas if that's what you wanted to,see i'm sorry to break it to you however,this was posted by christy she said so,this happened apparently lagrange troop,county last night i woke up this morning,to this being sent to me on tick tock i,don't know this girl kylie strickland,and please excuse the language in the,video but i feel like this needs to be,shared if she is doing this in lagrange,to these two kids then what else is she,doing and the parents and the text,messages are okay with it and makes,jokes about it what's the,f are you all having fun are y'all,having fun,fun upsy titties,you must be titties,bottles up,let's make sure my client in here yeah,all right you ready,oh my gosh,in charge,reason right,here,how many times have you seen my tv,probably yeah,what the was that kylie you knew,this was coming,i saw your face t

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PewDiePie Twitter SUSPENDED, G-Eazy Snorts COCAINE off Girl's BOOBS on VIDEO at VMA's 2016

PewDiePie Twitter SUSPENDED, G-Eazy Snorts COCAINE off Girl's BOOBS on VIDEO at VMA's 2016

sovereign witnesses diamonds laughing -,welcome to dumbest live news now I got,an awesome video for you guys right now,but I have even better videos coming out,later today I got some insane celebrity,drama we'll be talking about that later,today but first let's talk about this,YouTube drama so the first story that,I'm for you guys is definitely the,biggest story I mean PewDiePie is the,biggest person on YouTube the most,subscribed channel on YouTube,like how many subscribers does he have,now like like 30 million 40 million like,I don't even know I don't even look at,it anymore because it's it's just so,ridiculous so anyway PewDiePie was,suspended on Twitter today now if you,guys have been keeping up with the drama,whatever,so yesterday word came out that,PewDiePie unverified himself I have no,idea how you want verify yourself I just,know how to verify yourself and I,haven't filled out that form yet,so then PewDiePie tweeted out unverified,is the new fair fight then he put this,icon right by his name it's like this,global thing so then that caused a bunch,of other people to do that as well come,to find out today I go to my twitter,right and I'm looking then I see one of,my subscribers tweet meet PewDiePie's,account and it shows that pewdiepie has,been suspended then I go to PT Pines,account and guess what it says suspend,it so as of right now we don't know why,pewdiepie has been suspended now he does,have this weird picture where he has a,thumb and it's not for something and I,don't know if Twitter thought that was,pouring I have no idea man I don't think,PewDiePie is sucking all dicks I'm,pretty sure that's a thumb so the next,story that are for you guys about myself,now yesterday I upload a video that was,allegedly gez now the reason I'm saying,allege is because I don't want to get,sued now it seems that his management,company took down my video like I kid,you guys not it's like they don't want,anyone to know about what allegedly,happened that,because the video showed him allegedly,snorting cocaine from a female's breasts,the videos on Twitter of you guys want,to go see that now this whole situation,is weird because that's against,copyright law your agency is not allowed,to take down any video of you that they,choose I mean he didn't own the video,the person who recorded the video,released that video to the public I mean,at some point it's gonna get out TMZ is,gonna cover it everyone's going to be,covering it but I just happen to be one,of the first people to cover it so we'll,see what happens pretty soon you guys,will find out more about this clip once,it makes it to TMZ and I doubt they will,be able to make TMZ take it down because,TMZ is gonna do with TMZ wants to do now,what we're going to the next story were,talking about Eliot now if you guys have,no idea who Eliot is he was involved and,having this prank go viral and when I,say went viral guys this thing would,super viral now I don't know if you guys,remember the truck horn prank that I,once reported on where I believe he,either drove up to a McDonald's or maybe,it was a Taco Bell and he blows the horn,as soon as the lady was handing him his,string and she just got so upset and she,just threw the drink on him while,they're inside the car so yeah that,caused this thing to go viral well,recently he was hacked on all social,media now he lost his snapchat losses,Instagram lost access to his YouTube,channel the hacker had control of,everything now this situation was really,bad because most youtubers do not have,connections to people that work at,YouTube and they're not able to get,their accounts back if they're hacked,well Elliot had to pay this guy $100,just again as accounts bag so yeah,the situation was insane anyway this,stuff is live hopefully you guys enjoyed,this video,I mean more videos coming out later,today makes you guys yeah show up I love,you guys thanks for watching

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Mean Tweets Live

Mean Tweets Live

I'm now convinced Jeff Bridges is he,crazy and not in the cool way just in,the disturbed hobo shouting at sparrows,and sidewalks laughs it's very,interesting critique I will take that to,heart,kristan valve seems like such a,her vagina is probably in Alcatraz for,peanuts,if you find benedict cumberbatch,attractive I'm guessing you'd also quite,enjoy staring directly at the cat's anus,well someone did and she put a ring on,it,some people ask me who has the biggest,penis in Hollywood,easy Bette Midler,Liam Neeson is a butterface in that his,face looks like a butt eat fart breath,nice,it's from acts John algĂșn and Jarnell,good G Nance doesn't emily Blunt's eyes,make up for that horrendous sound that,comes out of her mouth,hashtag British accent in case you,didn't know what he meant,I made Salma Hayek movies her voice,annoys me and they never show us her,boobs man,his Andrew Garfield trying to do his,utter best it looks like a tennis file,that lives in an RV,you can act add 10 CK is Jack Black Mary,cuz that's gross,Halle Berry's boobs are lopsided well,when they're real that happens,conspiracy-theory,tobey maguire is just a hamster in a,robot not me though because it's spelled,differently not to sound mean but Naomi,Watts has such a blah face I look at it,and there's just nothing like a blank,space where features should be,hey George Clooney your haircut sucks oh,and so does your sense of humor I'm on,you all night boy,I'm really sick of seeing the rock,blah-blah-blah-blah Dwayne Johnson,blahblah candy ass movie star blah blah,blah,go suck it I'll give you something sock,when it paltrow you ugly-ass big bird,looking shut up

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Adidas tweets pictures of bare breasts to push its new sports bras

Adidas tweets pictures of bare breasts to push its new sports bras

news flash,adidas a-d-d-y-y plus 2.30 promoted its,sports bra collection on twitter twtr,plus 3.96 and instagram fb plus 5.61 on,wednesday by posting an image composed,of dozens of bare breasts in all of,their natural glory we believe women's,breasts in all shapes and sizes deserve,support and comfort reads the post which,is why our new sports bra range contains,43 styles so everyone can find the right,fit for them,it's part of adidas promotion for its,revamped sports bra collection we've,re-engineered our entire portfolio with,43 new styles available in 72 sizes,catering to more bodies and workouts,than ever before the german sports,company explains in a news release which,notes that ninety percent of women,aren't airing the right size sports bra,women's bodies and breasts come in many,sizes and there are endless ways in,which they move during exercise it,continues there really is no one size,fits all when it comes to bras,it should come as no surprise that the,decolletage collage stopped plenty of,social media scrollers in their track,the original tweet racked up several,hundred retweets and thousands of quote,tweets and likes in just a few hours,this and the report that the brand had,cut its sponsorship of french soccer,player kurt zuma who was caught kicking,and slapping his pet cat in a video led,adidas to trend on twitter on wednesday,the instagram post drew around 20 000,likes as of press time the promo,appeared to appeal to a sense of,inclusivity and a celebration of body,positivity and some readers certainly,saw it that way,this is beyond great i'm excited to try,and fully support this wrote one woman,in the comments on instagram,amazing on normalizing the female body,all the way and providing the support,that our body actually asks for wrote,another but many of the comments and,quote tweets took a more cynical,approach,sex sells after all so critics suggested,that posting images of uncensored,breasts to get clicks was exploitative,low hanging fruit others called out the,unexpected nudity for its not safe for,work nature and others asked adidas to,do the same for men's body part okay now,do one for jock straps wrote one,adidas was not immediately available for,comment the company pinned the post to,the top of its twitter profile the,adidas twitter account also responded to,some of the comments such as one reader,asking whether the women whose bodies,were featured in the composite photo had,consented to have their breasts posted,on twitter yes the adidas account,responded our volunteers were amazing,and brave,it added in another comment that we had,to stick to the rules of social media,but are proud to share the uncensored,version here on our website and on,billboards,as for the readers who warned that they,were reporting the image to twitter the,adidas account responded it's perfectly,natural to have brett we are happy to,celebrate that and won't be taking this,down so we can keep doing so,more clothing retailers are embracing,the body positive movement victoria's,secret scrapped its angels and tapped us,olympic soccer player megan rapino body,positive advocate paloma elsa sir and,actor priyanka chopra jonas as brand,ambassadors to build new deeper,relationships with all women last summer,and gap incorporated sgps minus 0.09 old,navy recently switched up its approach,to plus size apparel it now offers every,one of its women's styles in all sizes,with no price differences plus size,women's and men's clothing sales hit 27,billion dollars in 2019 up from 19.9,billion dollars in 2012 according to,global data women's plus sizes accounted,for 19 of total women's clothing sales,in the us for the 12 months ending may,2021 according to npd's consumer,tracking service which was up one,percentage point from the same time the,previous year we want to celebrate,bodies in all their glory and proudly,showcase how different we all are the,adidas twitter account wrote under,another critical comment

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chaotic charity stream

chaotic charity stream

welcome everyone to my annual charity,stream where we're raising money for rag,if you don't know how rad is it's rise,above the disorder,get some therapy,I personally use rad to find the current,therapist that I have I swear by them,they basically would do all the heavy,lifting for you when it comes to getting,a therapist help you find a therapist,they will help you pay for it if you,need it but either way they are an,organization that I,that I truly um believe in and want to,raise money for and have done so I think,for two three years now,um yeah yeah look we have all these,really cool incentives for you guys whoa,look at that our first goal is to hit 1,000 and if you guys raise one thousand,dollars then I will match that 1000 and,gift 1 000 worth of gifted Subs to you,guys whoa three thousand dollars is a,surprise you will not know until you hit,three thousand dollars but I will say,it's pretty damn cool and you should,raise three thousand dollars as fast as,possible um 69.69 nice 8 000 chat,creates an emote I will tell you more,about that if we hit eight thousand,dollars ten thousand dollars pretty,self-explanatory you tweet from my,account please don't get me banned,thirteen thousand is a Grinch makeover,fifteen thousand dollars is a roulette,we're probably all going to end up with,egg on us and then twenty five thousand,dollars is a twenty percent,okay wait,Martin thank you for our first donation,I'm gonna try my,try,it's a waterfall,I'm gonna get a chaser cheers,the money keeping it for the 100. holy, thank you so much okay we've,reached a thousand dollars hold on let,me spend my money,you guys,they think we're gonna do better than,this oh oh it's three thousand oh my God,huh surprise,where is this sorry I'm sorry I hit 3K,yeah surprise,the surprise is coming I can't wait to,see what it is that I don't know about,no idea,hey hey,God,baby,thank you thank you thank you,I was surprised that was very pleasantly,surprised,and then it's like also right behind me,right in my ear it's usually that was,really nice do you guys want to build,sorry um gingerbread houses is that the,next one we're doing no that's not an,incentive that's for us to do here so we,don't randomly get stuck here doing,nothing oh okay building is like the,only thing I like in Minecraft,nice you know what I mean oh yeah I see,what you mean yeah because if you see,like rainbow colors you whoa I'm drunk,hi tea not me,these do taste good what hi sorry I'm,having some trouble with your iPad my,the iPad and I was wondering if you,could come over and fix it hold on mom,let me pick up that call someone then,hold,hello hey yo what's up how's the,gingerbread house going hey what's up,Sean wait are you gonna be able to wow,right later yeah don't hang up on me but,yeah I'll be on later,hello,hello hello,oh hey what's up Mom yeah I I went to,the wrong call one second,hello hello hey hello yeah I'll be on,later wait let me let me do a three-way,call Jordan yeah,what's up,hello Hello,whoa I like your floating door Sean,thanks it's called Innovation I can tell,you with architect school yeah what if,instead of building your own house you,remodel mine with your pieces,I would also donate my house pieces to,you so you can make a giga house what if,you remodel this guy here no I'm,bringing it I have to be much more,careful with this than I initially,thought oh I had I wanted to slap it out,of your hands so badly come on here you,go,I'm propping it down carefully for you,every charity stream that I've done ends,in this I'm gonna be a wolf,none of your business ,what what I'm done,maybe uh can I give you Jody for,Christmas,it's like a hole 69 69. let's go now do,it again,what does that mean nice,our next incentive is Sean gets naked,sean gets naked at eight thousand,dollars now,we're less than 900 away from the next,goal a disclaimer is when I take off my,clothes it's censored,whoa not by choice it auto pixelates,just like in real life okay what's gonna,happen is we're gonna reach well,hopefully if we reach eight thousand,dollars then you will we will basically,do the same thing where you enter enter,a raffle do not enter the raffle if you,don't have an emote that you don't want,drawn One winner is going to have an,emote in mind it could be I want to see,okay earlier I was talking to staff and,staff was like what does this mean I was,like yeah it's like if chat said I want,to see John's nut sack I'd be like all,right and then Sean is gonna have to,draw drums nothing that's such a nut,size can I draw a chance for a second I,was the person that came to mind it's,just my example the exam would be like,Mabel crying and then,chat you know what to do no exactly,text one for John's nutsack text two for,Mabel crime okay but you have to come up,with something that is not made with,crying and it's not John's nutsack if,you input that I'm Banning you I've seen,a lot of ones I told you about me I was,clapping wait did we get it no winner is,our dude zero one and your sug

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Boob Appreciation Twitter Under Fire

Boob Appreciation Twitter Under Fire

hey guys welcome to SourceFed I'm Joe,Bereta hi I'm Elliott Morgan Joe Gonzaga,go UF go colleges yeah general what's,another one thing a rabid fan can do to,show support for their favorite sporting,team attend every yeah no class for,their entire house with said teams,paraphernalia wrong ah pressure boobs up,really close together in a tight fitting,shirt adorned with the name of your,school and posted on Twitter for the,world to see my last guest hundred,percent correct yes and that's just what,Kansas Jayhawks fans have been doing,over at the K you boobs Twitter account,for quite some time now it's really a,simple process step one be a girl,step two have boobs take a pic of your,boobs and submit it to K you boobs that,was like step to a and step to B step,three hey you boobs retweets your boobs,- it's 52,000 ish followers and into,sporting infamy as you undoubtedly,contribute to the capture of future,Jayhawks national titles but now the,boobs are in peril not because they're,boobs because of business law fun right,you see the owner of the Twitter account,made a little cash on the side by,selling kayuu boobs merchandise a little,t-shirt a little wristband there and,boom slap with a cease and desist letter,from the University and now the bulbous,account is facing eradication you see I,don't know if you guys know or not but,colleges are these massive money-making,machines that utilize the sculpted,bodies of young men and women to bring,in millions upon millions of dollars,sometimes they even have classes but,these dollars that they generate are,directly associated with a branch see a,college is more so a brand than it is,like college truth and like most brands,the moment you start infringing on their,copyrights and trademarks they're gonna,be new yep and the moment kayuu boobs,went from a Twitter that celebrated the,Jayhawk and mammary nation's to a,Twitter that celebrated the Jayhawk and,mammary nation's and made money off of,the kayuu brand the university and their,lawyers started to pay attention more so,than they probably previously already,worked your pervs,stop selling hey you affiliated,merchandising you can keep your breasts,eat Witter page as evidenced by this,Kansas athletic director tweet ok you is,not trying to shut down the at K you,boobs Twitter account a Twitter account,is one thing but they're selling,merchandise with K you on it so stop,selling things with K you are a Jayhawk,on it make your own damn design and,continue to project boobs into the ether,because I have no problem with boobs,boobs are cool every team should have a,boob page boobs should have a boob,Twitter page where people submit their,boobs and t-shirts with boobs on the PEC,source spend should have a boob fan,Twitter page at SF boobs at,set boobs and we won't discriminate who,we want will feature all boobs right,Eliot yeah dude boobs will call them,dudes here it is the first source put,boobs fan pic right now yeah skip skip,you're welcome world yep,so what teams do you support and what is,the craziest thing you've ever done in,the name of fandom let us know in the,comments down below and hey while you're,down there please like that video,subscribe to this channel and click this,annotation for our five daily stories,also while we're on the subject of,Twitter through tweeting all your,boobies or your newbies over - at SF,boobs feel free to peruse at Elliot's e,Morgan for funny tweets or at Joe Bereta,for funny tweets so boobs SF boobs funny,at Elliott C Morgan funny Joe Bereta and,then you combine all of them and you,have everything the internet was ever,intended to do have a great day bye

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oh my goodness everybody's broken,this one here is teething,this one here has broken boobs,okay,so remember yesterday i was telling you,guys that i wanted,pandora for breakfast because that was,like the tradition in the christmas,tradition well my mom gave me one,yesterday because she bought like five,billion of them at the italian job and,um i felt bad though because like i,wanted to get my own so this is a,pandora for those of you that don't know,and i just put the sugar on but i,haven't mixed it up yet so basically you,get like a packet i'm like breathing it,in right now of powdered sugar,and you put it on top you like dump it,on top,and then you get the i don't know if i,can do this one-handed and you just,shake,it,right,this is what it looks like it's so good,especially with,a cup of coffee,seriously,if you can get your hands on pandora,taste it because it's really good all,right so we got the milk the mozzarella,i couldn't find eminent but we're going,to go with mozzarella,oh,got roma or sencha,it's my only option,um,it's my oma's birthday today and we,invited them over for originally i said,dinner but,and it is dinner,but we're gonna have it in the middle of,the day because it's just easier for her,like she likes to go to sleep go to bed,really early so um and i think she,it's just easier for her if it's in the,middle of the day she has like more,energy and stuff because she is 80 she's,83 today i said on one of my videos that,she was gonna be 84 i was wrong she's,only 83,so um i'm folding laundry but i think i,should probably stop that and start,doing something else because i have to,vacuum,and um,i wanted to just spot clean that toilet,in there,hold on,hello,what,did you check this morning,oh yeah,baby all right let's change you up,a change will do you good,apparently though,is this a grill,yeah they're both double grilled,double grill oven,across the sky,oh hello there princess,hello there bro i know you just want to,sleep all day cause it's like steven's,day,huh yeah,steven's day do you know stephen,zero stephen leave us a comment if your,name is steve,oh no,that was like a,like a half cry,half cry or in the uk as they say boxing,day,all right,anyone for a spot of boxing and boxing,day,yeah,oh godly gosh,oh golly gosh it just keeps coming,and bruin pooin and pooin pooin and poo,and pooin and poo in quick change,joffrey's jovi's move to cooking,department and let's move into changing,department,at foot elite,oh 10 minutes okay sorry,i was doing stupid bechamel sauce,all right 50 flowers,let's get 50 flowers in the goal mate,you need to like just keep whisking it,otherwise it'll get all weird,i hate when things go weird,oh 54,did that get to 54.,i'll take it,did,okay,um stir in the flour and cook for one,minute until it turns to light brown,gradually whisk in the cold milk how,much milk do i need,500 ml let's do this,um where's the millimeter measure,500,500,that's a lot,i know,it's a lot of milk and,butter done i have added the flour,and it seems pretty good actually,it's got like a nice thick consistency i,was worried that it was actually like,pancake batter oh maybe it's gonna turn,into a pancake,that would be a bonus that would be a,bonus if somehow this turned into a,pancake,all right i gotta wait let goes brown,which i think it kind of is brown,milky milky milky,i did one time in my life about 10 years,ago attending a week-long cooking course,i like cooking,i just also suffer from the laziness,so this is uh,this is working out okay,all right so as far as i know i just,leave that to sort of bubble up,bubble up a boob like michael buble this,is what it's going to look like in the,end by the way just just so you know,that's what we're aiming for let's see,what happens,done paprika nutmeg look at the,consistency it is now,oh yeah this is looking mighty good i,tell you now we don't actually have any,uh,fu,so we're using,oh you're so facilly,copy facilities okay,we're using this green stuff i think,it's just been in the oven or in the box,for about three or four years that's why,it's gone green i think it's mold so,we're using moldy pasta,i need 350 grams of it so,zero that bad boy,i said zero,thank you,all right let's get 350 just,you can get a hundred per,per bowl,105.,25 is alive 200,ish,350 so,yeah yeah well it's like changing as we,go,there we go,350,pieces of moldy pasta,i think you have told me many times that,i'm good at making pasta,huh now let's pour the moldy pasta into,the water,i hope the mold doesn't change the color,of the water it's mozzarella looking the,other mozzarella is 93 so it's almost,enough i bet if we can actually like,look at this if we shake it around and,put it back down,ah,i thought it would win all right let's,add a little bit more,cheese please,now it's always very important when,cooking salmon,to take,a section of it,and just,devour it yourself,i feel like,thanks for the double,trap salmon has been tossed up nicely,cheese is prepared,pasta is cooked,bowl is dished,b

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