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Elon Musk reverses decision to join Twitter's board of directorsin tech watch twitter announced late

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Elon Musk reverses decision to join Twitter's board of directors

in tech watch twitter announced late,last night billionaire tesla and spacex,founder elon musk will not be joining,its board,this isn't about face from just last,week when it was announced musk was now,twitter's biggest shareholder and that,he would be joining the board but now,ceo parag agrawal says musk informed,them he would not take the seat he added,the company will welcome musk's input,whether he's on the board or not but,this interesting dance between the,social media giant and the tech,disruptor may only be just beginning cbs,news tech reporter dan patterson joins,us now for more on all of this,hi dan so do you have any insight into,why musk reversed his decision about,joining the board and also was he,trolling twitter this weekend what was,that about,first of all i have no actual insights,although i really did try uh neither,does twitter and look the key word there,is troll look everything musk says and,does publicly has to be filtered through,a very skeptical eye and the reason for,that is just history look we've seen him,perform very similar actions when it,comes to tesla and other companies he,likes to hype he likes to uh introduce,very interesting ideas to the public,space just kind of a euphemism for he,likes to troll,absolutely so you know we we do know,that he called for an overhaul of,twitter subscription service including,the addition of crypto payments uh you,know tell us what twitter blue is and,whether some of these changes have a,chance of being adopted so first of all,twitter subscription service yeah so,many people have not realized that,twitter does sell a subscription service,it's about 36 bucks a month and it's,just okay uh it's been languishing for,several months and look uh musk,introducing the idea of new features not,a bad idea a twitter blue he has,suggested right now doesn't do a whole,lot it gives you some of the top tweets,it gives you some of the top tweeters in,your network what musk has suggested is,adding that blue verified check mark,very valuable to all subscribers,dropping the price and allowing people,to make payments using cryptocurrency,much like you might be able to do an,instagram very soon i wonder how much,people would be willing to pay for that,little blue check mark that'd be,interesting to see um so over the,weekend though he also suggested musk,suggested that twitter is dying saying,that you know celebrities like taylor,swift who have millions of followers on,twitter never tweet so why would he,suggest the company that he just bought,so many shares in is dying what's what's,the strategy behind that all right well,the strategy is once again remember our,keyword troll uh so musk did buy a,significant portion of twitter he's now,the service's single largest shareholder,and of course the stock popped as soon,as he bought it so he could have just,turned around and sold it it's likely,that he is doing kind of similar to what,we he did with dogecoin and bitcoin and,tesla where he kind of said negative,things and he tried to kind of dance,around uh these these issues uh look,this is musk trolling uh twitter isn't,dying look it's not as big as rival's,facebook,but it is the center of the cultural,zeitgeist news happens on twitter and,musk knows this center of the cultural,zeitgeist dan those are strong words all,right dan patterson thank you so much,for joining us we appreciate your,insight good to see you

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Twitter's board of directors urges shareholders to approve sale to Elon Musk

Twitter's board of directors urges shareholders to approve sale to Elon Musk

elon musk is once again expressing,concerns with purchasing twitter that's,right his latest hesitation comes as the,company's board of directors is urging,its shareholders to approve the sale of,the social media giant twitter's stock,has fallen dramatically since april,that's when the world's richest man,first offered to purchase the company,for 44 billion dollars the tesla ceo and,founder has weighed pulling out of the,deal on multiple occasions since then,while speaking at the cutter economic,forum on tuesday musk reiterated there,are still some quote unresolved matters,with the deal cbs news tech reporter dan,patterson joins us now for more on this,hi there dan good to see you so elon,musk has been talking about,quote-unquote unresolved matters for,quite some time now what are his biggest,areas of concern well he expressed at,the cutter economic forum that he's,working to validate twitter's actual,user base size this is after he,expressed concern over bots and,automated accounts as you recall last,week there was some back and forth with,twitter leadership where they ultimately,decided to give him what's called the,fire hose of data that's a full twitter,feed so that he could sample and,validate the accounts for himself this,is in,uh,all in service of him actually closing,this uh purchase of twitter for 44,billion and dan some people who,criticize this deal or who are watching,it closely talk about the politics,surrounding it right i mean musk has,said he's undecided who he will support,in the 2024 election and just last week,the world's richest man said he voted,republican for the first time in the,texas primaries last month so,you know politically speaking what would,an endorsement from musk mean for a,candidate especially if this twitter,deal does go through tanya i thought,that this was the most interesting,component of musk's interview uh,yesterday so an a musk endorsement of,ron desantis who is right now emerging,as one of uh donald trump's key primary,challengers in 2024 if trump does win,could really boost desantis right now,their polling is right about equal in,those early primary states,but of course he has expressed a lot of,strong opinions about what he calls free,speech on twitter and the banning of,accounts specifically the banning of,donald trump so him bringing donald,trump back to the,platform could be a huge boost to trump,you can see right now the interesting,position musk plays as king maker in the,republican party him saying that he is,now a republican voting republican in,his new favorite state of texas really,positions elon musk to be,the person to watch when it comes to,republican policy is he saying he is now,a republican or just that he is he is,okay interesting all right okay uh so,meantime twitter's board of directors is,urging shareholders to go ahead and,approve musk's bid for twitter but given,this apparent hesitation that we've seen,from elon musk how likely are we to,actually see this deal go through well,it's,really up in the air i i kind of,describe this as the emoji shrug if it,will actually go through but twitter's,board has said yeah we have approved,this at 54.20,at the the price elon musk initially,offered that's 44 billion and if it does,go through it should happen sometime a,little later this summer late july or,early august all right so many people,watching to see what he's going to do,there's been so much back and forth,the suspense continues dan patterson dan,thank you so much good to see you

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Elon Musk FIRES ENTIRE Twitter Board Of Directors AVOIDS Paying Golden Parachute To WOKE Executives

Elon Musk FIRES ENTIRE Twitter Board Of Directors AVOIDS Paying Golden Parachute To WOKE Executives

all right guys so we gotta talk about,more Elon Musk Twitter news as,reportedly he has allegedly,ousted the whole Twitter board okay and,he is now named the soul director that,means he is the only person on the board,of directors and he is the CEO of the,company he has full control of the,company at this point there's nobody,telling him what he can and cannot do,with Twitter right now this comes as,Elon Musk uh has come out in a huge the,Twitter Board of deliberately hiding,evidence from the court now this is a,big deal because if you guys remember,Elon Musk was in a court battle with the,Twitter board of directors over,Twitter's claim that only five percent,of the platform was boxed right so only,five percent of the users were Bots,according to Twitter even though like 21,30 of the content on Twitter comes from,these Bots only five percent according,to Twitter and Twitter cannot actually,prove this claim they couldn't prove,this claim to Elon musk's satisfaction,so Elon said look I feel like this is,fraudulent okay I feel like I'm paying,way too much for this platform if,Twitter cannot prove that only five,percent of their users are Bots and that,is why Elon Musk almost pulled out of,the deal because he felt like that,Twitter was misrepresenting how many,Bots were actually on the platform so,now the Elon Musk has taken over,apparently he has done some digging,because he feels like he's right about,this and he's saying that look uh the,board of directors was hiding evidence,right that supports Elon musk's claim so,let's actually read a little bit about,this,Elon Musk accused Twitter's former board,of directors and their lawyers of,deliberately hiding evidence from Court,proceedings days after the entrepreneurs,44 billion dollar deal was finalized,watch out and Twitter board deliberately,hid this evidence from the court must,tweet it Sunday night he included a,screenshot of internal messages from a,Twitter executive referencing fraudulent,metrics stay tuned more to come to,billionaire added Twitter was,represented by watchell Rawson Lipton,and Katz lawyers in their legal,proceedings with the entrepreneur proof,of quote fraudulent metrics at Twitter,may serve as a basis for arguments that,must significantly overpaid in the 44,billion dollar deal must said earlier,this month that he quote obviously paid,more than the company was currently,worth in the screenshot Twitter's Global,head of safety and integrity Joel Roth,suggested that he would imply a Twitter,Personnel named Amir used fry fraudulent,metrics to report objectives and key,results but also LOL if Amir continues,to BS me my escalation route is amir's,okrs are entirely based on fraudulent,metrics and he doesn't care and may,actively be trying to hide the ball the,Twitter executive wrote quote literally,doing what Elon is accusing us of doing,Roth at it in a follow-up tweet on,Sunday night must said that he supported,Roth after other Twitter users dug up,old apparently anti-trump tweets from,Rob quote we've all made some,questionable tweets me more than most,but I want to be clear that I support,y'all the Tesla founder wrote quote my,scent is that he has high integrity and,we are all entitled to our political,beliefs Ross comments about fraudulent,metrics were made in a May 17 message,roughly the same time musk accused,Twitter of being very suspicious about,its reporting of spam Bots yeah so uh,Elon Musk uh may have some more legal,issues going on here but you can see,exactly why this dude uh has a vendetta,right against the executives and the,people that were running Twitter okay,something that has been apparent since,day one when he initially tried to buy,more shares of the company on the open,market to uh exercise more control after,being dissatisfied with their,citizenship policies and in the Twitter,board essentially stopping him from,buying more shares right so then Eli,must decides you know I'll just buy the,whole company the board of directors,initially pushed back against that uh,they tried to force Elon Musk to then,buy the company after they realized that,hey you know what our company is kind of,fraudulent okay our company is kind of,fraudulent uh so we're gonna Force Elon,Musk to buy the company uh and then you,know Elon Musk who's getting in back and,forth with the Twitter Executives the,CEO Pro argue wall uh about the whole,bot thing okay so yeah Elon Musk,definitely has it out for these people,okay and this story right here really,shows you how much he has it out for uh,these Executives at this company as,apparently the executives that Elon must,fire you guys remember uh the chief,censorship exact executive God okay uh,the CEO argue all and all the other,people that were responsible for the,censorship at Twitter that will run in,the company,um apparently they're not getting golden,parachutes okay everybody thought oh,well these people kind of won because,they're getting multi-million dollar,payouts apparently that's not the case,or at lea

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Musk deletes Pelosi tweet, fires board, names himself CEO in first days at Twitter

Musk deletes Pelosi tweet, fires board, names himself CEO in first days at Twitter

and with these fresh fears of political,violence there's many questions about,the future of Twitter with Elon Musk at,the helm musk confirming today he will,be the new CEO and he has officially,dissolved Twitter's board of directors,according to a Securities filing just,today and this weekend he was criticized,for tweeting a link pushing a conspiracy,theory about the attack on Paul Pelosi,it had racked up more than 28 thousand,retweets before he deleted it and today,musk tweeted if I had a dollar for every,time someone asked me if Trump is coming,back on this platform Twitter would be,minting money now musk didn't answer,that question but kpix 5's John Ramos,reports it is only adding the,speculation about where musk may be,taking one of the world's most,influential platforms,Elon Musk has more than 100 million,followers so he's one of the loudest,voices on Twitter but what happens when,the guy who preaches from the Town,Square suddenly owns the Town Square,after just a few days at the helm of,Twitter Elon Musk has raised concerns,about his intentions from both inside,and outside of the company one man who,claimed to be a fired employee posted a,tearful tweet about being proud of,banning Donald Trump from the platform,but it was this tweet giving credence to,a bizarre right-wing conspiracy theory,about the attack on Paul Pelosi that has,people wondering if musk understands the,gravity of his new position I'm very,concerned especially about the the sort,of the tone of his most recent tweets,that that he's still sort of jokey and,snarky Irina Raikou is the director of,Internet ethics at the marcula center at,Santa Clara University she worries that,musk hasn't considered the difference,between using a social media platform,and owning one it seems like,um he hasn't yet sort of made the,transition in his own mind from a heavy,Twitter user to somebody who is really,now responsible for the content,moderation policies and everything that,you know happens or doesn't happen on,the platform,musk describes Twitter as a kind of,national Town Square and often stresses,the importance of freedom of speech but,that has some worry that it could,devolve into a platform for Dangerous,misinformation on the sidewalk outside,Twitter headquarters just as on the,platform itself opinions varied widely,people take their self-esteem from how,people react to what they post and can,be easily influenced into doing,less than legal things it is what it is,and I would not want to see you know any,social media platform become just like,extremely politically one-sided I have,no reason to trust Elon Musk,he's an unpredictable person,and I don't understand why he wants,Twitter so I guess we'll find out,musk like a lot of tech entrepreneurs is,not afraid of A disruption to the system,Tech engineer Philip Morgan shares that,feeling and says he's fascinated by what,musk's next move will be as far as I'm,concerned it's a checkup I'm curious,like how's it going to turn out and you,don't mind Shaco I like Jacobs sounds,fun yeah for those who are fearful of,musk's influence Riku offers this the,world has changed since the days of a,few powerful media companies now people,have a lot of choices and if Twitter,turns too many people off it could be,headed for a financial disruption of its,own,in San Francisco John Ramos kpix 5.,here's some more information musk paid,44 billion dollars for Twitter and,observers say if National advertisers,start pulling out of the platform that,could also influence the direction of,the company

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Reaction To Elon Musk Firing The Entire Twitter Board Of Directors

Reaction To Elon Musk Firing The Entire Twitter Board Of Directors

Elon Musk owl's Twitter board named Soul,director and people are overreacting to,this oh my God God forbid for this guy,to do something like this Twitter said,in the Securities filing Monday that the,nine members of its board uh a former,board are no longer directors of the,confirmation of 44 billion dollar merger,musk always intended to take over as a,sole director under the terms of the,merger agreement according to the filing,the dissolution of the board was dislo,disclosed in a broader Securities filing,that spelled out other formalities as,part of the deal closing including,repayment okay great so the market,reacts oh my God he fired everybody on,the board he's the sole director this is,bad news I just sold my insurance,company uh June 27th and we had a good,sized board and when we talked to the,company that's buying it they didn't buy,10 of it they didn't buy 20 of it they,bought a hundred percent the company,when we talk to them there's no longer,the board I'm a managing director and,the board members are nicely kindly,asked hey thank you for your service,thank you for what you did but you're no,longer board member the new owner,chooses to not have that board because,that's how things like this happen but,this makes for a great headline this,makes for a great story and he's the,sole director because he owns Twitter,that's what the normal person that buys,a company does he gets to choose that he,didn't get rid of them for any reasons,he didn't fire them it's just what you,do when you buy a company Tom want to,hear a story like this what do you think,about it oh it's just piling there,everybody's piling on Elon Musk they're,just piling on trying to find a story,where there's nothing Burger there if,someday he takes Twitter public again he,will have a board of about nine people,why because the law says that under,Securities in Exchange Commission says,that you need to have a boarding,compensation committees and audit,committees and things like this but when,let's put it this way if you're out,there thinking about this and you own a,small business who's the owner you who's,your board yourself who are your,advisors maybe your spouse maybe friends,maybe family maybe Patrick David is your,one of your advisors it's just you but,if you went public the law says you have,to have a board Twitter is no longer,public and I look at this and it's just,like what Pat just said about selling,his company this is piling on this is a,nothing Burger these are people saying,oh my gosh he oused his board he didn't,oust this board they were a public,company board and when the public,company dissolves you no longer need a,very normal thing it's not it's not a,big thing it's not just normal it's,according to the legal regulations of,how you organize and tax a company but,it makes for a great headline a matter,of fact this next one's even better if,you want to hold this what you say,they're good there he goes again it lets,you and CNN will say there he goes again,can you pull up Elon Musk Q score I'd,like what I want to know is,like what is it about Elon or why,there's so much hate towards Elon is it,because he's a billionaire is it because,he trolls people is it because he's,childish it's because they the word he's,taking over the world he's is he is he,an advocate of free speech because you,know that's not what they like these,days apparently I don't know I think,freedom of speech is pretty much cool,hang on you know he's an entrepreneur,who won't toe the line and is unafraid,of you that's no no no but why do people,I understand it why maybe like big,government wouldn't like him or even big,Tech or you know competitors I'm saying,average people what is it about Elon,that pisses people off you see all these,famous people go to eBay Twitter go to,Gates,okay so go to Elan,okay go to Cuban,go to Buffett,go to Bezos,the most dis Bezos is the most disliked,by the way out of all of them and,Bezos is 38 yeah can you go over these,numbers yeah if you if you look at uh go,to Donald Trump Jr let's see what that,one says he's disliked by 53 go to Zuck,of course he's disliked by 49 almost uh,Zuck is almost disliked as much as,Donald Trump Jr is that is very very,strange go up,so Bezos was what disliked by 38 Buffett,was 17 20,uh musk was 30 click on musk 33 and,Bates Gates was 29 if you click on Gates,by the way this uh numerical like order,is it like there's a there's a reason,for it is it based on Fame is that the,highest how they're putting this no I,think it's ranked on popularity well,yeah Fame popularity uh so Bill Gates is,97 then Elon keep going just boom boom,boom boom junior junior 93 80.,tell me tell me what's your question,so what I'm saying is yeah okay so we're,using what number are you looking at,what number are you focusing on the fame,the popularity they're just likely,looking at dislike okay you're looking,at this point you're saying you you said,why do so many people dislike them so,that's the number so okay gotcha so Bi

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Elon Musk drops plan to join Twitter's board of directors

Elon Musk drops plan to join Twitter's board of directors

elon musk he's not going to be joining,twitter's board after all the company's,ceo making the announcement late last,night adding that musk remains twitter's,largest shareholder the company will,remain open he says to his input in a,statement agrol writes in part we were,excited to collaborate and clear about,the risks we also believe that having,elon on is uh that having elon is a,fiduciary of the company where he like,all board members has to act in the best,interests of the company and all our,shareholders was the best best path,forward you can read between the lines,if you like the news,on him the news musk would join,twitter's board came less than a week,ago of course one day after his,disclosure of that nine percent stake in,the company earlier in the weekend must,tweeted a number of ideas about how we,wanted to change the social media,company including letter twitter's blue,subscribers pay with dogecoin get an,automatic authentication check mark and,keeping twitter,blue free of advertisements he also,suggested turning twitter's san,francisco headquarters into a homeless,shelter because in his words no one,shows up anyway that created a response,from jeff jeff bezos amazon's uh,chairman now uh responding saying that,he would thought it was a great idea and,sharing a similar story of a similar,initiative,at amazon so yeah,but here's here's the thing and,tell us yeah well no i was gonna say,just two things that i think well first,of all we talked about how last week he,was either going to become the ceo or,he's going to take his ball and go home,he's either taking his ball and going,home but the story may not be over,that's the thing the stock is down today,yeah and the question is whether you,think this is going to become like a,hostile bid he's going to try to still,take this company over whether he really,does take his ball and go home and he's,done with but all this happening,obviously in super he's not a bored guy,to twitter he,he wants to be,when you're a board guy you got to be,civilized you got to be in there and you,can't really what stays in the board,room with said state he was running a,poll over the weekend you saw i did i,removed the w right twitter he wants to,he wants to do what he does,he wants to do what he does and he,definitely couldn't do that i i i think,the question is is he out or does he go,anywhere i wonder if he just said forget,it i don't want the board because they,tried to tell him he can't tweet anymore,about it but does he say does he just,move on eventually find out he sold,everything and that he gives up or does,he increase it and really and,really i'm going to change i am a,free speech,um and you can't absolutist can't tell,me what i'm not going to say exactly,what i'm not going to post that was,with the 14.9,cap saying fine i'm okay with that it,was later that he was like yeah you know,what maybe maybe not,that's why with the stock down this,morning i'm not sure the stock i can't,tell where the stock should be down this,morning i don't think anybody has any,idea what he's going to do i doubt he's,going to just sell the stock and go away,but i like the way as you said the ceo,is being you know just very,sort of on,walking on eggshells you don't want to,say anything you know we would have,liked to have had him but it reminds me,of commitment it reminds me of everybody,had to act like a fiduciary and so we,weren't so i think there was a little,bit of this i don't think this was just,like i'm jumping i'm taking my ball and,going home yeah i think there was a,little bit of a you want me to be quiet,and i'm not going to push push and,someone i think there was a couple phone,calls that had to have made remember he,could be more,more of an activist on the outside he,wants to be an outsider not an insider,when he doesn't like what the insiders,have turned twitter into at this point

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Elon Musk Just DESTROYED The Twitter Board Of Directors!

Elon Musk Just DESTROYED The Twitter Board Of Directors!

elon musk has just backfired at twitter,and warned them that he is prepared to,take legal action against twitter over,its upcoming poison pill plan,if the present twitter board takes,actions that are counter to shareholder,interests they would be breaking their,fiduciary responsibility musk tweeted,in this video you will understand why,elon musk intends to fire the twitter,board following its poison pill tactics,so in response to the twitter board's,use of a poison pill strategy against,him the tesla ceo expressed his,displeasure the plan was designed to,deter musk from purchasing the firm if,elon exceeded a 14.9 holding on the,social media site the board has the,option of generating additional shares,under the new technique elon had,purchased a 9.2 share in the firm for,2.9 billion dollars at that point elon,musk who wanted to take the firm private,was not allowed to acquire new shares at,a discount for other owners,the poison pill plan had been in effect,for one year and would expire the next,year despite being a board member jack,dorsey opposed the board's decision to,embrace the poison pill strategy,he is likely the lone member of the,board that supported elon's decision the,prince of saudi arabia alowed bin talau,was the first individual to criticize,elon musk's offer publicly,he did so by sending out a tweet that,stated i don't think that the suggested,offer by elon musk 54 dollars and 20,cents per share comes near to the,intrinsic worth of twitter given its,growth possibilities i must turn down,this offer because i'm one of twitter,kingdom ksa's biggest and longest,serving shareholders,the ceo of tesla slammed the board for,rejecting his proposal to buy the,company to put it another way he,threatened to put shareholders in charge,of the firm takeover he contended that,shareholders should have the last word,since they are the real owners of the,corporation,the board members were also cautioned if,they failed in their fiduciary duties,according to a tweet from musk the,present twitter board violates its,fiduciary responsibilities if it takes,measures that are not in the best,interest of the company's stockholders,because of the enormous amount of,responsibility they would be taking on,they would be committing a monumental,sin in filings filed with the u.s,securities and exchange commission the,tech mogul says that the board should,accept his bid price as it is his best,and final offer for this year between,33.38 and 33.38 the twitter share price,has been relatively low tesla ceo,purchased a 9.2 stake in the social,networking site causing the price to,rise to 47 dollars and 50 cents,those are only a few examples of how,powerful elon musk is a single tweet,from him is all it takes to cause a,spike or fall in the value of a,cryptocurrency the tech geniuses fame,has been a blessing and a curse for him,because he utilizes twitter to advertise,and sell his businesses elon musk has,reaped the benefits of the micro,blogging service,tesla his electric vehicle firm really,spends relatively little money,advertising his vehicles compared to,other automakers it doesn't spend a,fortune on advertising on the other hand,elon has attracted many opponents and,has been severely fined for tweets that,the authorities deemed to be false the,twitter board actually irritated elon,musk by delaying his intentions to take,the social media giant private for too,long,as a result he committed to eliminating,the board's compensation in a tweet he,said that if my bid succeeds my board,pay would be zero bucks so it works up,to a savings of three million dollars a,year as a result of the tesla,billionaire's successful acquisition of,twitter the resignation of the board of,directors is no longer a threat but a,reality,the average yearly salary for a member,of the twitter board of directors is,between hundred fifty thousand dollars,and three hundred thousand dollars it is,musk's opinion that the board's,compensation is illegitimate since they,are not directly engaged in the,company's day-to-day operations the ceo,and his staff are responsible for,overseeing the company's day-to-day,operations as the board's position is,passive most individuals see it as a,part-time job only 2.37 of the 11 board,members had a stake in twitter which was,disappointing to find in fact when the,share of jack dorsey a 2.25 stake is,eliminated the stake for 10 board,members drops to 0.12,the fact that a board member doesn't,even own a single share in the social,media firm is even more mind-boggling,the board's biggest gain comes from its,salary thus they stand to lose,relatively little in terms of stock,ownership in other words the board,member's opposition to the firm's,purchase makes sense in light of this,information they might lose their jobs,as a result in recent years a major blow,to twitter's board of directors has,reaped significant benefits from the,microblogging service,jack dorsey stands to gain the most from,elon musk's purchase of twitter there,wer

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Twitter shares drop after Elon Musk declines to join board of directors

Twitter shares drop after Elon Musk declines to join board of directors

well this morning twitter shares are,already dropping on the news that elon,musk declined to join the company's,board of directors a board seat would,have prevented musk twitter's largest,stakeholder from owning more than 14.9,percent of the company's stop biotech,entrepreneur vivekram swami is author of,the upcoming book nation of victims and,he joins us now good morning vivek,good morning ainsley good morning so not,gonna you're not gonna take that seat on,the board so that means he can buy as,many shares as you want right,yeah look i actually i have to say that,i think he's gonna be more effective at,driving change off the board than on the,board i was personally happy when i saw,elon musk announce his nine plus percent,stake in the company i was a little,disappointed when i saw them agree to,give him one board seat because i know,how the managerial class plays this game,he's going to be one of 12 on the board,subject to constraints about what he can,and can't say what he can and can't do,how much more he can and cannot buy up,to 14,per the standstill agreement i think,he's going to be much more effective now,as the top shareholder by far driving,change as a voice from the outside and,potentially unconstrained with respect,to how much he can actually buy so i,think this is actually a positive,development and the other thing i want,to say ainsley is over the last week,over the last few days i've actually had,an opportunity on unrelated matters to,talk to some of the top venture,capitalists in silicon valley the topic,of elon musk comes up he has a lot of,people quietly rooting for him to drive,change here and shake things up none of,them will actually say it publicly and,that's exactly why he needs to be doing,it is we have this culture of fear in,the valley in corporate america and,using shareholder power to be able to,drive that change from the top i think,is actually one of the most promising,ways to do it so i'm really rooting for,success here i think people most,americans are happy about this because,they want to see change over at twitter,so why do the stock prices go down,well like the market does funny things,and and you know look i'm not going to,be a guru and giving you my,interpretation but i personally think,that actually you could interpret it,very differently than the market appears,to be interpreting it right now to say,that he's actually going to be,unconstrained in his ability to buy more,shares which would have been,contractually restrained by if he had,actually joined the board and signed the,standstill agreement proposed by twitter,so he's one of the few people on the,planet who actually personally could buy,this company and you know what he does,what he wants to on a whim so i'm not,going to make a prediction of what elon,musk wants to do but if he wants to,either take a hostile take over the,company or even take a bigger stake to,drive more change from the outside i,think he's going to need other people,who are willing to step up and see him,do it but at the end of the day if a few,other people help step up and actually,help him do it i think this could,actually be a more promising vehicle to,drive change and even create more value,by expanding the tent of people that,twitter actually serves so i think,there's going to be possibly a good move,both for free speech in our country but,also just for making twitter a better,and more valuable company well because,all the employees are working from home,he's suggesting that the headquarters in,silicon valley become a homeless shelter,open it up to the homeless because,california you know the governor said,come here if you're homeless we want you,we'll see if that happens thanks so much,for that for coming on with us thank you,i'm steve ducey i'm brian kilny and i'm,ainsley earhart and click here to,subscribe to the fox news youtube page,to catch our hottest interviews and most,compelling analysis

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