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Asking Strangers For A BJ On My BDAYyou said happy birthday to me i was,going to ask for my birthday


Updated on Jan 31,2023

Asking Strangers For A BJ On My BDAY

you said happy birthday to me i was,going to ask for my birthday like i just,wanted one gift right you know what one,gift for my birthday so i was gonna ask,you could i get a bj for my b day,um,just a b check you can put my number in,your phone and see like,maybe what we can work out,so you can help me out with that,yeah i don't know let me put my number,on your phone okay i'll i'm gonna tell,you now i like sloppy,i'm kind of loud with my back i like,sloppy so i got to be sloppy what's your,number when you think we could do this,though,um,maybe today depending on what happens,because it's today's my b day you text,me and like i'll tell you kind of what's,going on all right um my name is remy by,the way remy anthony nice to meet you,nice to meet you too you got a nice butt,everything,one minute 37 seconds later,subscribe to the channel and it's a top,cheese on me if you liked the video you,heard what's going on youtube it's your,boy axe bag and today's video i ain't,gonna lie it's a banger you feel i'm,saying it's my birthday you know i gotta,record a banger for y'all you know i'm,saying i'm a little ash you know i'm,always actually in the legs today's,video right i'll be going around in,public and asking strangers,for a bj,for my b day a bj for my b day man i'm,trying to know if i get the god god,3000. gained over 300 subscribers since,my last upload y'all are showing so much,love bro,the engagement has been crazy make sure,you guys subscribe to the channel right,and go ahead and like this video because,i'm doing this on my birthday if you,could do one thing for me on my birthday,subscribe to the channel like the video,and comment down below how you feel,about the video or ask these shorties,like they're going to give me the goblet,like i need to,now you know hold on no homo though like,what i'm about to do like really no homo,i like real like make sure this no,homo i'm trying to get the show me like,the twister like,nah that's crazy that's it but yeah,we're going to get right into this video,subscribe to the channel like the video,comment down below it's a bang,hold on you ruined them,37.,my birthday's at 12. about to filming,um,you know my liquor store was closed so i,didn't really have a bottle or not so we,just,next year,i get straight to the point of my videos,but,once we once we're smacking like,this,oh,oh,you gotta,i'm gonna go around and ask strangers,for a for my birthday that's the,bit that's today's video you guys,watching i'm going to go around public,and ask strangers,for a bj,for my b day,you get that bj,why why you look cross-eyed when you hit,the blunt in the ,well i did see my nose,i'm just not almost not afraid to laugh, say where am i so afraid of it,go watch this video too we all forgot to,tell her why he going he always,gonna watch this video really my god,what's so afraid of it like who is that,who is that who is that yo he afraid yo,who is that yeah you always got,that same fit on yo,now i'm finna really come back ,back up you stink you ugly ass boy,i just killed you with that one you ugly, that tight-ass shirt you got on can,your heart breathe come on you said you,ugly go brush your teeth your,breast breastfeeding like boy you want a,mint stupid ass boy i'm on your you,ugly hmm ugly boy you like man look,i'm on your now you froze up now no,idea,i did froze up your chest look like a,bird i'm only saying,weiner,say just from that i just want to say,anthony happy birthday i know we're not,rich,i know you're not rich i can't give you,know louis or whatever you deserve not,because you're selfish whatever you,deserve whatever love i'm telling you,bro i cried for this dude,a few hours later so we have walmart now,you feel me so it's my birthday let me,get this video done for you all right so,go around and ask them for bj for my,beating see,i just i always wanted to go around and,tell everybody that today,is my birthday you know i was trying to,get 100 happy birthdays,so could you wish me happy birthday uh,no,why you can't wish me happy birthday,i can't you can't wish me a happy,birthday,that's all i you said what that's,correct,huh,i'll show you my id i don't care,no happy birthday,all right i love you for free,i think it obviously probably racist all,i said was my birthday can't get happy,birthday this said no,so let's go i'm really trying to get a,bj though excuse me are you on the phone,you're on the phone no oh okay i just,want to tell you like it was my birthday,today,happy birthday there we go like i went,around and i asked some other dude i,asked some other dude uh,if he could just wish me happy birthday,for my birthday,22 okay okay how did you,29. you forgot how old you was i just,turned,when uh june 15th i'm i'm going around,today and,you know since my birthday i was looking,for a birthday present what i'm going,around looking for is a bj,like a bj,what do you mean a bj,a bj,bj,yeah so um i was gonna ask you you asked,a guy,yeah nah i was gonna i was trying to ask,him where i could

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BJ Winner! Sex, Porn Twitter ty all

BJ Winner! Sex, Porn Twitter ty all

come on come on it's here JCPenney,Beauty,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,thank you,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,okay,you paid,okay,really good,thank you,um,yeah,yeah,right,they're they're not going to show that,love but I wanted their names right off,me again,videos,take me home,foreign,okay,I'm sorry,it's like when we met bat riddle riddled,part of the restaurant the Mexican,restaurant when he was in town for WWE,and he took the bong out of his uh so,anyway you want to hit my bond yeah,no you know the rule,hey if he happens to be that there was a, holiday movies,okay,thank you,really beautiful,okay,what do you do you can play again I,don't give a if you do you do you,that's what I said that's what I like,about your stream is it some goddamn,voice,foreign,come on,goodbye,um,no this this magic wand right here is,mine the one chooses the wizard and this,shows me,dude,amazing,it's like you're allergic to raising the,camera,foreign,wants to go back,all right,music,thank you,that's that big fat kid in the,background looks pretty Pinky,chewing um,understand that's right,yeah I just like the ,but the online propaganda ,they'd be afraid be very afraid,like maybe,they really want you to be afraid,to continue to talk to the goddamn code,you're an automatic,you know I'm saying so maybe six months,so I have time,he's not available,it's it's doing all,I'll do another draw something else,if I,would,like,I'll have to do like one minute time,right now,sometimes,come on dammit get up my ass,God damn,oh,he's dancing,I would never like tell you to put,yourself in one geek yeah I was gonna,like it I'm still going to dancing yes,well yes I'm,fine nope,you know,like,foreign,okay,you know anything about,it,you can't understand these ball guys,right now yeah,I had a controller several,foreign,and I'm gonna give a fresh install of,the game because it's probably about,if I hit the bed,one had to redo every thing,so,let's do this,foreign,thank you,questions,not professional you're not professional,at all that's what perfectionist,dude,I thought she was sniff,s,two three,you know we're using the album,searching for me,I always wants us,thank you,very much,tell me,thank you,foreign,foreign,foreign,I I love magic I adore magnet magic is,my new thing,cut through I'm gonna be unbearable of,now on maneuver we had a goddamn job at,Hogwarts,because I,decided,foreign,foreign,Michigan,foreign,dimensions,oh thank you for 12 years and if you say,cool thanks,you're on your way,baby,we use the sensitive,energy,a very bad plans when it comes to our,first time because I was like I could,kill the people,pretty much happens,but I saw that you know and I like and,it's so beautiful,I would use all the that you need,it's just simple,intention,foreign,myself,I'm just trying to,think it's not me I don't have movies,at one time, time,but they did,they did two reviews somewhere,where I'm saying,if I can get him,thank you very well Chrome thingies,also um,so,one six one outfit to get their ass,ES,foreign,because I wasn't playing games,for names too,my parents who don't really know me and,I found myself,it's been there,for the beginning and shout out,s of taking me like Monsters towards,their names,we,used wild card or whatever,so on,in Illinois,and definitely maybe two words,to get that stuff,and hopefully I'll

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Hide on Bush!... Don’t let Faker’s Lee Sin Catch You [Faker Stream Highlight]

Hide on Bush!... Don’t let Faker’s Lee Sin Catch You [Faker Stream Highlight]

Faker's Lee Sin

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BJ on RaceDay Round 3 SuperCoach Racing

BJ on RaceDay Round 3 SuperCoach Racing

hey guys and girls at home joshie back,again for another episode of BJ and race,day joined by the bogan hey girl bogan,yeah alright yourself,yeah pretty good make pretty good,gearing up for round three week three of,super coach racing we had a pretty good,week last week me personally scored two,hundred and eighty five so lost a little,bit of touch with the points leader,overall but did manage to move up in up,in spots so I think I'm sitting about,three hundred and forty fifty at the,moment and about sixty odd points behind,the leader so I made some for a non race,go mate you weren't alright last week,yeah well a bit of light light peaks we,with work commitments didn't wasn't able,to get them in and to feel quite light,but I'm happy to crack that 200 it's,seeming that 250 to 300 mark is is where,you want to be but definitely I'm happy,with that the pack in the 200 and yeah,still still right down the bottom but I,head up a couple people breathing down,my neck breathing down the neck of one,one a bull Fred Hampton yes is working,around the bottom there folks it I'm,obviously Brent not joining us on that,the the YouTube videos for these ones,but he has entered a team but I think it,takes him about five seconds to pick it,and then he moves on with his life so,I'm a little bit more serious about the,racing but hopefully that can pay,dividends some seasons and may yeah look,250 to 300 points I think it seems to be,the benchmark each week for where you do,want to be we saw last week a few scores,over 300 I think the top score of the,week was 333 so look still trying to,figure out a few tactics of sort of,what's the better way to go whether it's,all group won races whether it's the,spread group ones group twos group,threes obviously the different point,structure based on those gradings of,races is really really difficult to find,and and obviously that balance with what,the prices the super coach horses are so,few big horses from last week you know,obviously you had your holdings that a,few people had,very elegance a lot of people had fun,star and probable there are a few horses,from last week that perform well in the,group ones in groups twos and most,people in that flight stakes in the six,horse race had funster as their captain,so there was a good core of horses last,week and it looks to actually be the,same again this week so a little bit,interesting I thought and I mentioned it,on a couple of Facebook pages after week,one that I thought it would get a little,bit harder,probably last weekend again this week is,probably even easier than week one so,look it's interesting to watch if people,are sort of paying attention and you,know following those sort of simple,tactics with the game a good score,shouldn't be too hard to find this week,but that's obviously provided that the,favorites perform well because you can,get a good stable of 10 favorites with,the salary cap this week because there,are plenty of cheap horses in those,races like the thousand Guineas,Caulfield guineas the spring champion,stakes so these are all three-year-old,races priced anywhere from sort of 50,grand up to about two hundred fifty,thousand so most people's salary caps,got a couple hundred grand since the,week one and you've got that opportunity,to spend a little bit more in your,salary cap last week 285 it was a nice,jump up for me with regards the rankings,were still a few points behind I've seen,plenty of the fanatics guys from the,Facebook pages their horse-racing,fanatics and also the addicts performing,quite well I do know that turbo turbo fo,does the guy who won that in our real,super coach he is actually placed 9th,overall at the moment so he's backed up,an awesome NRL season and he's only,about 20 points behind the leader at the,moment so the fact that he's a chance to,take out the double absolutely disgust,me if he was to follow up NRL snooker,coach we've taken out 25 groups of super,coach rating I'd be absolutely sick but,the boy obviously knows you sport at,he's performing quite well,Boggan made this work but probably is,going to go through my teammate you're,not quite ready just yet I have,absolutely no idea I haven't had haven't,had a look at the guides yet was waiting,for your wisdom,before I so very well mixed we might we,might get back to the you having a good,old chuckle at some of my just,completely idiotic Peaks but this week,we'll just go through yours most,definitely look like and obviously,justify my pics all I like with,favourite isms and things like that but,may yours is really that entertainment,factor of the show and that's what we,need here on BJ and race day so but we,can't go without it always good to have,but for now mater I reckon if we we jump,into the team reveal and look guys the,teams that I've actually revealed on on,the first two weeks I haven't been the,final teams and and that's no surprise,for any players at home obviously plenty,of people who follow this in the NRL,super Co season sees me changed my tea

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Elon’s Terrible Plan for Twitter, Herschel Turns Abortion Scandal into Money Maker & Goodbye TikTok?

Elon’s Terrible Plan for Twitter, Herschel Turns Abortion Scandal into Money Maker & Goodbye TikTok?

thanks for watching,and I'm glad you're in a good mood,because,today was um I was kind of a scary day,here in Los Angeles that thing happened,again what do you call it uh the rain or,rain uh today hasn't rained here since,Easter of 1993 and woke up it sprinkled,for like an hour this morning everybody,who works here showed up dressed like,the crew of an Alaskan fishing boat it,was,you know in London they get a lot of,rain in London and they had some wind,there too the wind blew a giant holiday,ornament down the street this is blew,the tinsel right off it it was part of a,display and uh just rolled into the,oncoming traffic and then his friend,showed up you know,balls travel in twos and this guy,I think that's God sending a message,that it's too early to put up Christmas,decorations you know it's unbelievable,it really is,a lot of stores,and people have their decorations up,already we're two days into November my,neighbor last night was either setting,up a nativity scene or having a baby in,her front yard I don't know either way,not appropriate the neighbors who put,their Christmas decorations up I'm,convinced these are the same people who,show up to the airport five hours before,the flight,I have to say I think,the fault you know Halloween is,just uh skeletons and Candy it's got a,color scheme Christmas has a Christmas,has the tree mascot reindeer fictional,headquarters Thanksgiving has turkey and,corn and not even corn you eat dried,corn your mom hangs on the door,Thanksgiving needs to get its act,together because we're forgetting about,it this is 2022. there's just no place,for yams anymore I'm sorry you know,tonight in Philadelphia it's game four,of the World Series the Astros are,playing the Phillies Monday's game three,was postponed due to the rain it's an,epidemic it's everywhere now so they,played last night and the Phillies,clobbered the yesterday they beat him,seven and none it was a tough loss and,no one took that loss harder than a,colorful local Texas Furniture salesman,known as Mattress Mack he's one of these,guys on TV selling mattresses Mac bet 10,million dollars on the Astros to win the,series and when the Phillies went up two,nothing in the first last night he was,none too pleased,laughs,in Philly that's how you say hello but,still I don't know it's,kind of crazy I don't care,how old you are how much money you have,10 million is a lot of dollars even if,the Astros don't pull this out they say,Mattress Mack is going to be sleeping in,his store,we are in the this is an interesting,time in this country American workers,are said to be slacking on the job more,than ever before worker productivity is,at its lowest point since 1947.,I wonder if this has anything to do with,how many of us are still working from,home with unlimited access to porn in,the midday it's even this chart that,illustrates the decline in productivity,looks half-assed it's like somebody drew,a line and said ah all right good enough,we have no attention span anymore we're,easily distracting you know you get on a,zoom all it takes is Gary from sales,wearing a weird sweater and it's all,anybody can focus on and another reason,Americans are unproductive is this,Twitter ironically employees at Twitter,right now have been working 12-hour,shifts seven days a week to meet,deadlines established by their terrible,new owner Elon Musk Elon Musk you know,he tried to get out of this deal he,offered way too much for Twitter and now,I guess you try to get back as much of,that 44 billion dollar investment as he,can because they're working on something,called paywall video this is uh this,would allow users to post videos and,then charge other users to watch the,videos which is really a good idea you,know I was browsing through Instagram,the other night I said this is great but,I wish it wasn't so free you know many,believe this will turn Twitter into only,fans inevitably leading to,pornography and adult content and uh an,eight thousand dollar bill for Ted Cruz,if you know what I mean but,I feel like Elon Musk,is the tech equivalent of when Michael,Jordan tried to play baseball seems like,maybe we're meanwhile one of the,commissions at the FCC is calling on the,federal government to ban Tick Tock in,the United States out of concern that,China you know the Chinese owned the app,that they could be getting their hands,on our private information which I I get,it but if Americans really cared about,our private information password,wouldn't be the fifth most common,password,between Tick Tock Twitter and Facebook,that seems like the safest app nowadays,might be tender I mean,maybe you get herpes worst case scenario,right we're a week uh less than a week,away from the midterm elections now,there's a lot at stake anything can,happen and as a reminder of that today,is the 74th anniversary of one of the,greatest election upsets ever in 1948,Harry Truman beat Thomas Dewey no one,expected Truman to get reelected,particularly not the Chicago Tribune,which led

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Kenny Chesney - “Old Blue Chair” Reaction | Asia and BJ

Kenny Chesney - “Old Blue Chair” Reaction | Asia and BJ

makes me crazy,in them days,all right so oh good Chair by Kenny,Chesney first time we heard this song so,let's jump into it yeah it is,foreign,there's a blue rocking chair,sitting in the sand,weathered by the storms,and well old hands,it sways back and forth,where the help of the Winds,seems to always be there like an old,trusted friend,I've read a lot of books got a few songs,looked in my life where it's going where,it's gone I seen the world through bus,windshield but nothing compares,to the way that I see it,hear the way that I see,hear the way that I see it when I sit in,that Old Blue Chair,right,foreign,many times for forgiveness,and a brand new start,I've read a lot of books,wrote a few songs,in my life,my life seen the world through Vice,windshield but nothing compares,to the way,to the way that I see it when I sit in,that Old Blue Chair,that chair was my bed tell me that you,don't have like no type of feeling off,of hearing a song like this like,definitely and especially with Kenny,Chesney too Kenny Chesney he's,definitely like one of one of the um,like the new like one of the best of the,new generation of country artists yeah,like in the last what 20 something years,I guess you could say but,it doesn't surprise me because Kenny,Jackson Kenny Chesney has a lot of great,songs but like I guess what you're,speaking to is like the Nostalgia how it,makes you feel yeah he talks about like,not the perspective that he's seeing it,from like seeing the world from from,that Old Blue Chair I feel like it's put,me all in my little fields and,everything yeah,I'm just like yo I'm sitting here like,all smiling and everything because I,love the way that it sounds like this,beautiful like arrangement in the,background and then you have Kenny,Chesney singing I love his voice he's,you know it's something about country I,don't know I just I haven't figured out,what it is myself y'all I'm not gonna,lie what it is that I'm so in love with,when it comes to country but like when I,just hear certain songs like plus this,is a country song I feel like it just it,just you know it just gives me like that,extra boost of like in my feels like,it's because you're from The Lone Star,State prob,able that has a little bit to do with it,it has a little bit to do with it we,grew up on some country music even,though we didn't gravitate towards it,early on when we were younger I I like,you said you have a a great appreciation,for more more now way back then I mean,there,but just growing up we've just always,heard it though even if you didn't like,like it it's like we just always heard,it so I feel like now you just coming,full circle with it yeah you come in,Full Circle yeah go ahead in a minute,that chair was my bed one New Year's,night when I passed out from too much,cruising,mosquito bites I swear,got them all sitting right there in that,old blue chairs,there's a blue rocking chair,sitting in the sand,weathered by the storms and,well old hands,oh that was nice that was nice,see what I'm talking about,dang Dan 63 so okay and I could see like,the video just playing out in my head,that's why that's why I know this is a,really good song,one is because like particularly like,just in the country like you know you,have all like Furniture outside that's,that's like again just this country,music it just touches you in a different,way yeah it does because I just remember,back at my grandmother's house like they,would have like chairs just sitting,outside,not not necessarily like a recliner but,just just old furniture that'd be,outside it and got weathered from the,storm from the rain from the snow we'd,be outside running by standing on it so,so I understand what he's saying just,having that attachment to this Old Blue,Chair and just growing up like kind of,like kind of like that chair just kind,of being like his um like window to the,world like like experiencing a lot of,different things send a lot of things,come and go by sitting in that chair,just like he said like getting older and,getting all those mosquito bites sitting,in there laying in that chair like again,I just like the Nostalgia because it,kind of takes me back to like country,like like those country Roots you know,what I mean yeah you but you for real,like from the country I'm a city slicker,but my heart is in the country it's,because I was born in the city but my,heart is is in is in the country to a,degree I feel like I'll forever be a,city girl y'all I don't know if I could,just do the country like that like I,don't mind it but I just can't take it,for long like it's too quiet you know,it's too it's too laid back it's too,open but I mean at the same time though,it's like when you have an opportunity,to be in that type of space and that,mindset it's beautiful like it's,beautiful like because you can take it,all in and just hold on to those little,Quiet Moments just for for that moment,while it lasts and then you know if I,gotta drive longer than like you know 10,minutes to get to

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Blackjack BJ-1X | 11 | Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Campaign

Blackjack BJ-1X | 11 | Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Campaign

well hello everybody mana here Mike,we're 5 mercenaries still playing along,in our campaign of monies Mavericks,first time we're gonna be playing with a,hundred and sixty tons that's right I,went and found that blackjack 1x with,all the flavours and medium lasers and,yeah ready three two one and we're gonna,go do this we dropped,sadly the urban mech didn't like sell it,we just replaced it with the blackjack,and that's what got us up to 160 but we,got a defendant move to the more now,point and link up with local forces,too soon I think I'm going to actually,position some focus thanks for coming to,Manor remember that you are contracted,to protect as much of this facility as,possible we'd much rather pay off your,contracted bonuses and reconstruct,extensive amounts of the facility all,right so let's see our and number three,that's gonna be weird target acquired,on station,don't tango down we're gonna,really get up there on the flame 90 ring,target acquired,Bharani button we get a defense oh I,should probably not stay,target acquired,but grants target received,I got a switch the hold on,turn doing my weapons groups right quick,there we go,enjoy the plane,like that trees,not my thing but,additionally that intersects with your,position like for medium lasers but the,- oh no John enemy contacts that breach,the outer perimeter Oh make sure they,record that nothing you're gonna enter,five percent,destroyed fire everywhere,acquired,hello,good not too bad actually I say,things always,already at 12 of 19,dayz commander nice kill that's even,going critical oh well then move,oh the locusts,I've got legs for sure,he's overheated and everything,it's not mine target acquired,of course he did,good shot boy oh not a good shot there,that locus just ran into his own,building,giorgia received engaging,it's too far,additional contacts just cause the,perimeter commander expect company soon,nice Sergei acquire okay yeah,oops,George's received engaging get this guy,he's gonna try to sneak in and cause too,much trouble yes go into the Sun my,friends are gonna get blown up by Max,while I'm chasing this warrior,there it is No destroy dargon,cicada mm on tap focusing fire,and I wish that jumpjets,you just lost our prime real estate,we've got your target commander,switching targets up,so hopefully they age stop blowing our,stuff up,is taking a beating commander,the opportunity to cause anymore,take care of him myself turrets are,still up and running,see,destroyed,nice shot alright that was a little,hectic first time I played about two,well that's how the first time coast,with the 160 I'll take it,ooh let's see what we got I don't know,why that deserved that's but we're on,our way slowly and surely to six and I,did not choose to grab the extra one to,get six we would have been able to get,the locust so that was a bad move on my,part however I really went big on the,money and damage taken I only did one on,insurance but yeah part should have done,no insurance but I thought defense first,time 160 it was safe and don't do much,for Salvage but looks like we walked,away all right whoo I got a little close,on that right torso watch yourself,Freeman but he did get a level that's,nice to see cuz I was gonna say I'm,gonna move Lowrey up you're gonna lose,your spot but how did we do total kills,Lowry oh my goodness I mean I know,you're in the gener but you got to show,up big in big pink all right well ten,days elapsed we are still waiting for,the votes in the videos for scraps and,pieces for episode 10 so when that comes,in next episode we will be tending to,one of those transmissions I do still,have some more contracts here a double,mission operation and a war zone if I go,to the star map I'm thinking I might do,a little bit of missioning and practice,with these 160s that I have right now,I'm not completely happy with this group,of 160 I don't think I will play in that,blackjack I might change out those,flamers not real happy with it I would,there's a beautiful blackjack with,machine guns and all me and medium,lasers it's,the beautiful wrecking machine but this,one X's it's something it is something,but again just another little short,episode here keeping them short and,sweet as we continue on our career so,hope you guys enjoy if not hey I got,more of other kinds of games and videos,on the way and I got you covered one way,or another,you guys have a great day take

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FIRST TIME REACTION | Candace Owens |How The Twitter Files Are Exposing More Government Mind Control

FIRST TIME REACTION | Candace Owens |How The Twitter Files Are Exposing More Government Mind Control

what's up hey what's good what's popping,I am in spirit welcome back to my,channel I appreciate you guys for,sliding through and coming to kick it,with me y'all happy 2023 Happy New Year,to each and every one of you guys we,have finally made it for the new year,today's January 1st 2023 y'all I'm super,excited new day we gotta started off,right New Beginnings y'all all of that,but you know some people do say that,your New Years start like on your,birthday and then I hear that your new,year is really supposed to start in,spring when everything starts blossoming,again so I don't know it's just you know,it makes you it makes you really wonder,but you know everybody believes are,different comment down below let me know,what you guys think but anyway as you,guys can see from the title um this,video has been on my list to do since I,came across it of Candace you know,expose the it's a lot of stuff going on,y'all I'm I'm not really going to talk,too much as I've already been talking so,let's go ahead and get straight up into,it,foreign,of course you can the very time that you,are born your mind is being created via,routines via information that you are,taking in every second of every day,and of course your government has an,interest in your mind and the,information that you're taking in this,gets into culture this gets into MK,Ultra which we talked about a couple of,weeks ago a CIA operation when they were,interested in literally mind control,we're willing to drug people with LSD to,see if they could control their minds,and influence their thoughts this gets,into the mainstream media this gets into,operation Mockingbird which you talked,to you about on the show so many times,in fact the CIA was controlling,journalists they still are controlling,journalists obviously I think it'd be,ridiculous for people to think that they,suddenly stopped that program when they,got caught they want to make sure they,are shaping your thoughts to ensure that,they themselves can remain into control,and this is why they don't like the,government does not like people like me,right a girl that just pops up on,YouTube and starts going against the,narrative they will do anything to,protect that narrative now obviously,they were able to do this so easily in,the past right they had to make sure,they controlled the New York Times The,Washington Post people were getting all,of their information by reading,newspapers and magazines it was very,easy for them to control those older,institutions these Legacy Media,institutions but things got a little,tricky of course with the explosion of,the internet especially with the,explosion of social media and of course,they weren't just going to go yeah let's,just let that continue as the wild west,and let people just say what they're,thinking and connect with each other all,over the world Common Sense would follow,if they were interested in putting,journalists having journalists that were,on their payroll and journalists that,they could control in the newsrooms of,course they also want to make sure that,they are controlling people at social,media companies which is why what Elon,Musk is doing right now is so brave he,has been dropping Twitter files showing,that our government is in fact lying,information now before we get into it,shows you how much I'm I didn't know,that that was Elon Musk owner I had you,know I've been hearing a little bit this,and that which you know which drove me,to actually,Candace's video just from you know just,little things that you hear so that was,pretty interesting I didn't know that,recent Twitter why don't you tell you,guys about a true CIA experiment that,happened now I don't know if it was an,apple or an orange so these details,might not be it's not it's not actually,relevant whether it was an apple and,orange but a CIA psychological operation,that took place was they had a bunch of,people that worked for the CIA who were,a part of the experiment and then they,had one individual that was just taking,part in this experiment right,they brought them into a room they sat,them down at desks and unbeknownst to,that one individual this one individual,thinks that the entire classroom if you,will are just like him people that were,pulled off of the street to take place,in an experiment but in fact he's the,only person,that they are experimenting on,and so what did they do they held up a,picture,of an apple just imagine this right a,picture of an apple and they went around,this classroom of adults and they said,what is this and they told every single,person to say that it was a banana,so imagine they go around this classroom,and the first guy says it's a banana,it's very clearly an apple next guy says,banana banana banana banana banana,banana what do you see banana and then,they get to that guy who has no idea,that he is the only person that is,actually is the only person that is,being experimented on and this guy says,he sees a banana,is very clearly an apple but of course,by the tim

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