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Customize Your Twitter Banner 🖥️ [Step by Step Tutorial]welcome back this tutorial is going to,show

Tysheka McKinnie

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Customize Your Twitter Banner 🖥️ [Step by Step Tutorial]

welcome back this tutorial is going to,show you how you can create your twitter,banner,first go ahead open canva and let's add,a new page,we're going to start off with a shape,that's a rectangle,i recommend going down first and then,going across to get that thicker,border then we're going to add another,let me scroll up here yes so another,square block that is filled,and go ahead and choose your color this,one we can expand,right across and then move it up to get,that thin border,all right let's move it where we want it,now let's go ahead and add our text,here is i'm going to go ahead and put,taishika mckinney,and i am going to change the font to,match what i have up top,i'm gonna make this bigger,fold add some effects to it and i am,going to space,out the letters a little bit,now that we have this set i'm going to,go ahead and add more text,and this is going to be that with your,teacher essentials,i am going to go ahead and change this,font as well,now if you look at the top you're going,to notice that it's kind of an overlay,of white on top of black,all i did was went ahead stretch the,black change the font,and then once i had it how i wanted it i,just duplicated it,and then i changed that color font to,white,and then just moved it over a little bit,now that we have that set let's go ahead,and add our tagline your creativity,lives within,again we're just going to change that,font,adjust the size and change the color,now let's go ahead go to elements and,we're going to type in iphone,now this is really important that you,choose an iphone,um that has the frame inside of it that,way when we drop our picture,into it it is going to make sure it's,the,exact size to fit the phone i am just,selecting,a random image that i am going to drop,in here,so notice when i drag it in it locks,into place so that's why we want an,iphone with a frame,so here just resizing it and then i am,going to turn it around just a little,bit,okay so i'm going to use the effects,feature so i can remove the,i'm background resize it so that it's,large,awesome a very last step we're gonna,step we're gonna go back to elements,and we're gonna get all of our social,media logos,i'm just dropping these all in and i'm,going to change the color,and resize them last,so here's our final product um,everything is here one thing that i,definitely want to recommend,is when you are downloading it um make,sure that it's png,and you want to change that size all the,way up to three,so that you have the highest resolution,all right

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How to Make a Custom Twitter Banner WITHOUT Design Experience

How to Make a Custom Twitter Banner WITHOUT Design Experience

build your brand online with a beautiful,logo just go to wix logo maker to start,type the business name and add the,tagline,it's for a pet supplies shop so it's got,to be fun,playful and fresh,then help wix logo maker understand your,style,choose where you'll use it,here we go,wow so many great options let's go with,this one,here is where you can customize the logo,like changing the icon,and the font,you can also print the new logo on,t-shirts business cards even mugs,it's gonna look perfect on your wix site,go to logo maker and create your,professional logo today

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Making a Twitter Header in Canva

Making a Twitter Header in Canva

hey there this is how to use canva in,five minutes or less,so we've already signed in you can see,my username in the upper left hand,corner and then there are some options,to create a design you can also see,additional designs here and scroll now,what i'd like to do to shortcut this i,would just type in twitter and you'll,see that twitter header,should pop up it will give us the exact,dimensions that it needs to be to fit,the twitter header already,super easy choose either a blank design,or one of the pre-made designs there are,thousands,of possible designs that you can choose,from,that already have the words aligned so,that things like um appear your image,your user image appears right here in,twitter so you'll see that not many have,words in that space it's already done,for you which is really nice,so if you find one that you like you,just click on it and it will open in a,new tab,and then you can go into customizing and,editing that,now if you choose that you or you,realize once you click on it you're like,oh no that's hideous i don't really like,that,and you want to find something else you,can just click,on another one and it will um,load it in that same page if you need to,add a new page or you want to undo,because you actually really did like,that first one you accidentally clicked,on this,just click the undo button up at the top,okay so now we're obviously not doing a,mountain range we're going to,talk about softball today or sports so,we can either,use their stock photos or if there are,if there are patterns in the photo that,loads,from canva that means you have to pay,for it so watermarking means that they,own it and you have to buy it from them,when you go to click download it will,prompt you to pay a dollar or so,to use that image uh we have plenty your,parents,or you probably have plenty of images,to use so let's just go with uploads,you're going to,upload your own image or,find an image that of yourself and put,it somewhere let's see,if i just click on the image it will,just show,in the screen that's not necessarily,what i'm going for,i'm going to click and drag,and if it doesn't pick it up the first,time,then i'm going to delete it and watch i,really want it to appear,in this back background with the same,effects when i double click i can edit,the crop,and i can even make it bigger,than that crop space,there we go and i'm going to press done,now you'll see that it has the same,adjustments as far as brightness,contrast,that that mountain range image did,i like that but it's hard to read this,white text,so first of all let's edit the text,and you would put in your name,so this one will put in allison mario,she's my daughter so i'm using hers as a,test account an example,2024 is her high school graduation year,um she plays catcher,and 3b okay,now it's still hard to read that text on,that white image and i want to get rid,of whatever snowflake or thing that was,there,the easiest way is to add in an element,and you click on it you get a square,drag it out,shorten it up,let's just make it black,and let's send it backwards,there we go now that that is easy to,read,it shows you something about softball,and we're going to rename it at the top,header and we're going to download it,as a jpeg there you go,and once you do that then you can save,it,and,you will have a brand new,thing to a custom piece to put right on,the top of your,twitter header thank you

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How To Make A CLEAN Anime Header/Banner In Photoshop! (Easy Tutorial)

How To Make A CLEAN Anime Header/Banner In Photoshop! (Easy Tutorial)

yo what's going on guys today yo,bro what the is wrong with my voice,yo okay bro whoa,all right so listen i don't know if i'm,sick or something but i got a tutorial,bro i don't know like listen just to,listen like my throat kind of hurts but,like i don't know bro,anyway um,to this video i'm going to be showing,you guys how to,make a banner so i'm back with the,banner stuff again,uh this bad this is the hot tub,advantage we're gonna be doing in,today's video as you see on your screen,right now and uh yeah,i hope you guys do enjoy this video,smash a like and subscribe and yeah,enjoy the video enjoy the tutorial,first of all you need to open up,photoshop common sense come on bro,all right what you want to do is you,want to create a new click renew and,then banner header says 3 000 by 1000,click create and boom here you have it,by the way before you do anything of,course you got to go in my discord and,then scroll all the way down to tutorial,stuff this channel right here,i will be leaving a pack right here,called uzo's uh,banner pack or something i don't know,but i'll be leaving a folder for you,guys to download uh because you're gonna,be needing three packs for this video so,you're gonna be needing three packs um,all those three packs are going to be,right here so to get the access to this,channel you need to get sub verification,so just read the verification info get,the subscriber role scroll all the way,down to tutorial stuff and then here,you'll see a pack download it and then,that's everything that you're gonna need,in this video it's gonna be here so yeah,make sure you're always saving your,project just click file and then save as,make sure you're saving like every like,five minute in case something crashes,because i like to do that sometimes my,photoshop crashes and stuff so just do,that just to make sure and yeah,all right anyway back to this so what we,want to start with is the text so i'm,actually just going to make the,background a different color maybe red,just so,just why not you know,actually cannot do it,like that,all right actually not to her,all right listen so just make a color,that isn't white or black,and then what you want to do is actually,hold on let me just uncheck this oh you,want to click here and then you want to,press t for the text tool here you want,to put whatever name you have,um,okay wait hold on,um,all right there you go and then user,so i'm actually going to be using a,different font,if you want this font it will be in the,pack thingy,this right here this is the font,so we'll be in the pack thing,uh so yeah make sure to download that,and it will be good,and just line that up just like that,all right now what you want to do once,you have this you want to right click on,this you want to press a rasterize layer,or rasterize type where is that oh,yeah over here wrestlers type then what,you want to do is you want to press ctrl,t,boom now what you want to do is you want,to hold ctrl,and you want to like put this,14.2 i guess kind of like that,okay wait that's kinda,all right uh i guess you just want to,put it like something like that so it,goes kind of like inwards,kind of,okay this is kind of hard you know,okay that's a too much that's a bit too,much,something like that,that looks pretty alright so once you,have done that,what you want to do now is you want to,press ctrl t,and you want to go back to this layer,oh all right what you want to do,now,is um,all right my bad uh all right so what,you want to do is you want to take the,top layer,color it whatever color your banner is,going to be so whatever text you want to,be like whatever color text you want to,be,so i'm going to be using kind of like,this,kind of like,yeah that's,pretty alright just like that now you go,back to this one the black one make sure,this one this right here is black,uh you press ctrl t and then use the,arrow keys to just go down a bit just,like that,go something like,this and that should be good once you've,done that you want to create another,layer,uh that's between these two,uh you want to click here,and now what you want to do is you want,to just,fill in these ones,just like that and then how you like,fill it in,press on this one first put that to,black and then you want to put that back,there,now press alt and then delete okay,that's gonna make it red okay now hold,and delete there you go,so just like that you want to make sure,you do that on every single like,part that's like not connected to the,thing if you know what i mean,so you just want to do this until you,get every single,uh letter,like 3d bro,all right once you're done with doing,that uh it will look a bit more 3d,so now what you want to do is you,actually want to,create another layer like copy this,layer right here put that at the bottom,and then actually instead you can just,press ctrl u,put the lightness on 100,so it makes it white want to press ctrl,t you want to use the arrow keys just to,go down a bit again and why is it not,showing,huh,

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How To Make A FREE Fortnite Youtube Banner + Twitter Header Without Photoshop! (Pixlr Tutorial)

How To Make A FREE Fortnite Youtube Banner + Twitter Header Without Photoshop! (Pixlr Tutorial)

what's going on guys welcome back to,another video here on the channel today,we're back with another tutorial this,one is a little bit special we have a,fortnight banner and a fortnight header,so again as always i will show you guys,how to make both of them with free,templates for free in pixlr so you guys,don't have to go to adobe and download,photoshop or pay for photoshop,subscription or anything like that pixlr,is a completely free website that you,guys can just go to and make these for,yourselves now before we get too far,into today's video if you guys could go,down there and hit a like button just,show me that this is the type of videos,that you guys like and that you guys,want to see more of um i put a lot of,work into the templates and i really do,kind of want to provide more for you,guys as you guys can see i am doing a,banner and a header so i hope you guys,like this and i hope you guys you know,find some use in this as well also if,you guys can hit that subscribe button,hit the little bell too it really really,helps me out more than you guys know um,helps keep me motivated to keep pushing,out these videos for you guys and keep,making really cool templates for you as,well so yeah with that being said i will,go ahead and just briefly go over some,of these stuff that you need um to,download and kind of how to do that so,you guys can be ready for the tutorial,um but if you guys are familiar with the,channel you guys have watched a bunch of,the tutorials already there will be,timestamps throughout the video so you,guys can skip ahead to whatever part,that you may need help on also i have a,bunch of anime tutorials already out so,if there's something you guys are,looking for i'll leave a playlist in the,description with all of my anime pixlr,tutorials i've done one for jiu jitsu,kais and i've done one for hunter hunter,a bunch of the characters i've done,tanjuro demon slayer so before you guys,ask in the comment section i'll make,sure to go ahead and just scroll through,i've been doing a bunch of them recently,and as far as you know other type of,games i will do lots of other tutorials,as you guys can see i'm still doing,fortnite i want to bring those back and,i do have valorent planned as well i see,you guys comment about that a lot and,then i'm thinking about doing some call,of duty ones as well because i see those,comments as well so i do see you guys,all down there requesting stuff i,appreciate you guys you know requesting,stuff because it gives me lots of ideas,to you know do future tutorials on so i,appreciate it guys and yeah with that,being said let's go ahead and just jump,into today's video,all right so very first thing here if,you guys are new um you're just going to,want to go to the top link in the,description of this video um it's just,going to be a simple google drive link,and in there you guys are going to find,this folder right here as you can see i,just downloaded it to my desktop,recommend you guys just do that right,away just download everything there so,you have it um but once you double click,it you guys are gonna see in there you,have a couple things now for a youtube,banner if you guys are familiar with it,you guys are gonna need this template,here as well and that kind of matches up,with this one right here and then for,the twitter header you guys are gonna,have it right here and you have the font,and the render now i'm just going to go,ahead and jump in the tutorial instantly,because i have a banner and a header to,show you guys i don't want to waste your,guys time at all so first thing you guys,are just going to do here is just go to,pixlr i will leave a link in the,description if you guys don't want to,type it in yourselves and then all we're,going to do here is we're going to go to,open image and i will show you guys how,to do the youtube banner first because i,think that's probably what you guys are,probably here for and i'm going to go,ahead and just click youtube banner,template and it should kind of,automatically load for you now as you,guys can see we got this here we're just,going to go ahead and get the template,that i provided for you guys for free in,here so we're just going to hit layer,and we're going to hit add image as,layer up here on the left and then we're,just going to double click on the,fortnite butterfly youtube banner we,want to make sure we're clicking on the,youtube one so that it fits and if you,go ahead and double click it as you guys,can see i made it fit perfectly so once,you have it in here you do not have to,move it whatsoever what i'm actually,just going to do is i'm going to right,click on the layer on this right side,and i'm going to actually click lock,just so we don't happen to move it at,all because it is essential that we do,not want to move this template,whatsoever now the very first thing,we're also going to do here as we always,do is we're going to go to layer on the,top we're going to go to add image as,layer and we're going to double

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How To Make A FREE Anime Header/Banner In Pixlr! (Easy Tutorial)

How To Make A FREE Anime Header/Banner In Pixlr! (Easy Tutorial)

what's going on guys welcome back to,another video on the channel in today's,video i'm gonna be showing you guys how,to make your own,anime header for twitter on pixlr so you,do not need to pay for photoshop you,don't need to download,any kind of software or editing software,or anything pixlr is actually just a,free website where you can just hop on,your browser type in pixlr and just,start making your own graphics before we,get too far into today's video if you,guys haven't already go ahead and like,the video and also subscribe to the,channel i greatly greatly appreciate it,if you guys could do so and yeah let's,go ahead and just jump into today's,video alright so first things first i,wanted to go ahead and show you guys the,three banners that i actually made,because i actually did make three,separate hundred hundred banners one for,like the three main characters except,for like the duke the glasses i always,forget his name,but if you guys have been around the,streams on the channel recently you guys,would know that i've been watching a ton,of hunter hunter and i actually just,finished it like the other day and it's,actually one of the best shows that i've,literally ever seen now i just want you,guys to know that this is like one of,the first animes that i've ever watched,i watched a little bit of tokyo ghoul a,long time ago but i think i'm gonna go,back and probably watch that,next but if you guys can find like pngs,of anime characters whatever your,favorite anime may be,you guys can literally just use the same,tutorial like this has like making the,same background and making your name and,everything the same way i do,then you guys can just substitute your,anime character for the one that i'm,using that's literally what i did for,basically every single character like i,didn't remake the background i just kind,of replaced the character in each one as,you guys can see here this is my,favorite one out of all of them as you,guys could probably see this one was in,the thumbnail,this is one of kilowatt obviously from,hunter hunter one of my favorite,characters he's honestly such a savage,in this show to be honest but this is,probably the favorite one that i made,it has kilowatt in you know the obvious,japanese um language over here i just,use google translate for that and i'll,show you guys how to do that but i have,my name we got social media in the,bottom left we have another png of him,as well in the background it kind of,overlaps it looks super cool,and then i'll show you guys the rest of,them quick as well this is the gone one,obviously i had to make a gun one he's,kind of like the main character of the,show,this one's super cool i think it turned,out really well honestly um we have gone,you know japanese up here a little bit,different than the other one and then,for the third one i did a corrupt count,one just because i thought that he,looked pretty cool as well in it and i,did find another cool png of him as well,so as you guys know with all the pixlr,tutorials that i do here on the channel,there's a top link in the description,which is actually a google drive that,has,all of the images and assets that i'm,going to be using in this tutorial,and i will include a png of kilowatt and,i'll,include a png of gone as well as that,i'll include the png of crabby cat now i,actually don't have the pngs of the,characters in the background so you guys,might have to find that yourself or if i,still have it,on my computer somewhere i'll make sure,to toss it in the google drive as well,also as well as that i will have this,new font that i used throughout the,entire banner in the google drive as,well,as well as that i'm gonna have all the,pngs for these social media black icons,that i used as well,as well as that just download everything,to your desktop and yeah i think that's,enough for the intro with that being,said let's go ahead and just hop into,pixlr and i will go ahead and show you,guys how to make these for yourself all,right guys so here we are in pixlr now,the first thing that you guys are,obviously going to want to do is click,on this create new side on the left and,you want to type in with,1500 so 1500 and for the height type in,five zero zero or 500 now this is,basically just the,standard sizing for a twitter header um,let me know in the comment section down,below if you guys do want a youtube,banner tutorial for you know this same,exact design but we're just gonna click,the background we're gonna make sure,it's just we're not gonna change it just,make sure it's transparent and we're,gonna click create,and essentially this is just gonna,create like the standard template for a,twitter header so first of all we're,gonna focus a lot on like the text and,like the background and everything,before we go ahead and toss in any of,like the anime characters,so we're just going to go ahead and,create like some of the names and,everything again,make sure you download and you know put,in the font and everything like i sa

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How to Make a Twitter Header With Free Custom Templates

How to Make a Twitter Header With Free Custom Templates

there are two main visuals that are seen,when someone visits your Twitter profile,your display photo and your Twitter,header image it's important for you to,use your visuals to capture attention by,making a Twitter banner that is designed,well and sized properly you'll be able,to stand out and leave a great first,impression,hey this is Nick from snap-on in today's,design tutorial I'm gonna be showing you,how to make a Twitter header image for,free by repurposing custom templates,which you can use for your own profile,so let's get right into it so first off,what you want to do is make sure that,you have the best Twitter header size,and I mentioned so that your banner,photo follows Twitter's requirements the,recommended Twitter header photo size is,1500 pixels by 500 pixels and this is an,aspect ratio of 3 by 1 you'll also want,to make sure that your photo format is,either a JPEG a PNG or a jiff with JPEG,being the recommended file format lastly,before we get started you'll need to,consider the profile picture safe zone,when creating a Twitter header photo,your display photo will cover part of,your banner photo and scales based on,different screen resolutions so you'll,need to make sure to keep important,elements of your design on the right,side of the banner photo to simplify the,process we're going to be using snap but,to make a Twitter header image in less,than 5 minutes,so once we're in we'll navigate down to,headers and banners once we found,Twitter header we'll notice that the,size is already preset to what we need,so we'll click on that so once we've,selected the right template size we can,either choose to create from scratch or,we can repurpose one of the many,templates that snappa offers and so,we'll be choosing this one here so once,we're in you'll notice that the save,zone for our profile picture is already,in place this is meant just to be a,guide and doesn't actually download with,the image once we're done to toggle this,on or off we'll navigate to the top menu,bar here so to start I'm going to change,the background image here to do this I'm,going to navigate to the top left corner,and click on the background tab from,here I can either choose a colored,background I can upload my own,background image I can choose from a,patterned background or I can search for,a free stock photo from the image,library so since I'm,making a Twitter header image for a,design company on the search design once,I found the image that I like I'll click,on it and you'll see that it replaced,the image on the canvas so I'm going to,Center the image by clicking on the,reposition button on the top left here,once I've repositioned the image to my,liking I want to go ahead and click,apply so the next thing I want to do is,actually change the text so double click,on the text here I'll type in the text,that I want from here I can either,modify the text by navigating to the,left side menu bar here and from here I,can change the font style I can change,the font size I can change the font,color by navigating to the color picker,but in this case I'm just going to keep,it as is so the next thing I want to do,is actually upload the company logo to,the header image so I'm gonna start by,deleting these corner pieces here once,I'm done doing that I'm going to,navigate to the graphics tab in the top,left from here you can either add an,icon in you can add a photo from the,photo library but in this case I,uploaded our brand logo into this snappa,and I want to click on it once it's in,I'm gonna reposition it and resize it to,where I want it to be on the graphic so,now that I'm basically done I'm gonna,make some minor adjustments to make the,overall design better so I'll start by,repositioning the text and increasing,the size I'm going to increase the text,box and so now that I pushed the whole,design on the right side to avoid the,profile picture SafeZone I'm going to,navigate to the backgrounds tab I'm,going to click the reposition button and,I'm actually gonna scale in on the,pencil in the background once I've done,that I'm gonna click apply so I'm pretty,happy with my design the last thing I,want to do is brighten the background a,bit so I'm going to have a get to the,effects tab in the top left here I'm,going to decrease the darken and I'm,also going to increase the contrast by,just a tad once I've done that I can,rename the graphic and I'm gonna save it,to snappa so I can make further changes,in the future once I've done that I'm,going to preview it by toggling the,SafeZone once everything looks good to,go I'm going to download it as a retina,JPEG once your image is downloaded,you'll be good to go to upload it right,into Twitter as your header image so,what's nice about a Twitter header image,is that you can keep it simple as long,as the Darrell,into your Twitter profile many users,just use quotes for the Twitter header,image so you can easily click on this,and repurpose this to quote up your,liking,or you can keep it even more simple

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How to Make a Twitter Header in Snappa + Free Templates

How to Make a Twitter Header in Snappa + Free Templates

if you're looking to optimize your,twitter profile you need to have a great,looking header image,luckily there are some easy tools,available that you can use to make,twitter headers for free,hey youtube it's lucas here from snappa,and today i'm going to show you how to,make a twitter header using free,customizable templates,let's get into it before we start,designing let's quickly go over the,recommended dimensions your twitter,header size should be 1500 pixels by 500,pixels there's also a small section in,the bottom left corner that will be,covered by your twitter profile picture,so it's important to keep this in mind,when you're adding design elements to,your header to make things easy we're,going to use snappa to design our,twitter header because the correct,dimensions are already built in,it only takes a few seconds to make a,free account and then you can scroll,down and click the twitter header size,feel free to check out all of our,customizable templates,once you find something you like you can,just click on it to start designing,right off the bat you'll notice that the,safe zones are active,when clicking this toggle snappa will,show you the area of your header that,will be covered by your profile picture,so make sure that you don't put any,design elements here,now the first thing i want to do is,change the text,let's say that my twitter account is,called tech tweets i can double click,the text box and then type it in with my,keyboard and using the toolbar on the,left i can change the font and i can,also change the size of my text as well,now i want to edit the smaller text,boxes so i'm going to double click and,write daily updates and the best tech,deals,the next thing i want to do is change,the background image if i click on the,backgrounds tab to the left i can search,through a huge stock image library with,millions of photos,and once i find a photo i like i'm going,to click on it to add it to my canvas,now that we have our background photo,i'm going to click on the shapes tab to,add a border i can click on the,rectangle border shape to add it and,then i can drag the points to resize the,border across my canvas,i can then use the toolbar on the left,to change the border color to black,now i'm going to go back into the shapes,tab to add a line between the photo and,the text box,i can drag the arrow to rotate it and,drag the points to resize and reposition,it i'm also going to change this shape,color to black as well,feel free to use the safe zone toggle,throughout the design process to see how,your full image will look but just,remember that these safe zones will not,be visible in your downloaded image,alright so now that we're finished,designing i'm going to rename the header,image by clicking the pen icon at the,top,then i'm going to save it to avoid,losing any progress and i'm going to,download it as a retina jpeg for the,highest quality and best results,the next step is to upload our header,image to twitter once you're logged in,just click profile in the menu on the,left and then click edit profile,hover your mouse over the camera icon,and click add photo,then you can choose your image file and,click open,you'll get a quick visual preview of how,it's going to look and you can click,save to publish your changes,and just like that we have a,professional looking twitter header that,only took a few minutes to make,well that's all for today's video if you,learned something new remember to like,and subscribe and we'll see you in the,next one,you

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