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Twitter Backgroundshey what's up and thank you for all for,choosing my pro my name is Chris and,toda

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

Twitter Backgrounds

hey what's up and thank you for all for,choosing my pro my name is Chris and,today I'll be showing you how to,customize or change your twitter,background if you ever choose a,background like this keep bugs or,anything you want as your tutor,background you can do this very very,easily so i'll show you the step-by-step,process on how you can put a twitter,background on your own Twitter account,so the first thing you need to do is go,to Twitter and signing key account,once you signed in just go to the wheel,icon which is right here and click the,drop-down arrow and go and select,settings now on the settings page look,for design you can click on design and,should open your design page right here,there's a list of pre-made themes or,pre-made backgrounds they're basically,called themes but once you click on them,you can be able to change into themes,now this ones are pre-made in Twitter,every teacher I can't touch this you can,change them at any time I can include,these backgrounds all themes in your,Twitter account but if you want a more,fancy a more customized background you,can use the change background using an,image it has click here and choose the,existing image then you can use an image,from your computer in an image for,example this roots run over in 27 and,then you can click on Save Changes and I,background so you can see it's right,there so you can customize that you can,eat to come to the center or to the,right you can change the it to become,tile and cover the whole area but if you,want more more sophisticated backgrounds,can just click on this link right here,that says check out Tim Leon you guys go,there and it will take you to another,website which will allow you to,customize your theme to exactly what you,want it has a collection of thousands,and thousands of themes and backgrounds,from which you can choose from it should,link to you my twitter profile so you,can see it now it's going to ask me when,i click here and sign in to my twitter,account this website will ask for,permission to auto to access my twitter,profile and going to authorize the up,and you can see my twitter profile is,just right here so any change I make,right here like when I click on that,theme for example or a click on that one,it's transferred directly to my Twitter,and it shows me a preview of how the the,background would look on my tree top ten,lines so that I can be able to make a,good decision I've also choose from the,claims here are the students will change,my background gonna some some behavior,so you have to give them a little bit of,time to load that's right ego so you can,have many different backgrounds on your,Twitter profile if you want to save,these changes to your account tott,account you have to sign up for an,account with the color lovers calm color,level to chrome is the URL of this,website so you need to sign up with an,account so you can go right up there and,right click up in a new tab to allow you,to sign in later so you can just fill up,this quickly it just for security,reasons then you just click on create,account then you can allow this to,remember your password,they go so you can see there's a user,name right here my username is right,here so that means my account has,already been created so I can just go,back to where I was customizing my team,and reload that page afraid to pick up,the password my login credentials and,you should be able to see your username,there so right now you can be able to,actually save this games in your in your,twitter profile you can choose between,patterns and images you can upload an,image from your computer or you can,choose any patterns they have as,background you can like that so if you,like this one for example just click on,save to profile,and it should reload and my stylish new,profile has been saved so I can follow,these people if I want to if you don't,want to do that you can just click here,I'm all created out and just take me,back to my profile so this link will,take you back to your profile with your,new background it should be with you,load your new background right now they,go so that's how you can change or,customize your background you treat a,background so to speak thank you so much,for watching you can ask any question,you have in the comment box below this,video and don't forget to subscribe I'll,see you guys soon

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Twitter Background Best Practices

Twitter Background Best Practices

hey what's up guys mike lock here with,ml web consulting,today i want to show you how to,how to put together a twitter background,a custom background for your twitter,account,you've probably seen you probably wonder,if you don't have one already,people with cool backgrounds and it's,really simple just a large background,image,and um i just wanted to to walk you,through some of,the the steps that i do to to create,that i did to create my background and,what type of practices best practices i,think,you should apply to your background,just you know so that it's most,effective,so here's my background i have my logo,i'm here a picture of myself and some,some little information about who i am,and some websites and let's jump over to,to the graphics program you can do this,using photoshop i'm assuming,you're a designer of some sort and you,have a little,experience uh in designing if not,if you can always twit just do a search,for twitter backgrounds and google,and there's a bunch of sites out there,that offers,inexpensive i believe free twitter,backgrounds that you can grab and apply,to your,to your site but if you want a custom,one and you have a little experience,in designing it's very simple,what i normally do is i start off with a,canvas size,here i am in fireworks and you can,also follow along in in photoshop but,what i do is,i set my canvas size to,2000 by 1200,and that's 2000 in width,by 1200 in height,okay and i do that so that this pretty,much,covers all of the major,uh the most popular resolution sizes,from 1024 on up to,some of the larger white screens,okay but what i normally do here,is i apply a background,image you can go to,or you can look on the you can search,google,for some background or you can create,your own background i normally create a,solid,in this case this is a textured image,graphic that i have into the background,and what i do is,i start to create some layers here or,not some layers i'm sorry but a couple,of guides,and this guide here is set to about 200,so,the width from the left side of the,the canvas in this section here is about,200 pixels,in width okay,and i said another guy,let me delete that this guide here is,set to about 600 and so,i don't want to what i do is i,pretty much stay within this little,section i stay within,200 in width and 600 in height,and pretty much in this area you can,design anything you want,obviously i recommend the logo i,prefer a picture of yourself because,it's always great for transparency you,know whenever someone,sees who you are there they,have a sense of connection with you even,though they don't know you,they actually know who's actually,speaking,through the twitter through the twitter,account,and i have a little information about,who i am a few websites,that that i have and my email address,that's pretty much it it's really simple,and,what you do once you have once you set,this,and you design this save this as a jpeg,simply go over to your twitter account,go to settings,go to design,and go over here to change background,image,all you do is browse find that image,that you just saved upload it,and you should be all set pretty much,that's what i had,here and so what i normally do you,you'll see,some twitter backgrounds that have,content on the right hand side i like to,keep mine simple because,if you expand your resolution or if,you're on a wide screen,this middle section this middle section,of the the twitter application,centers and then what happens is it will,cover,the right hand side of the image,and so i like to stay away from that and,just keep everything,flushed justified to the left and,that's pretty much simple so it works on,standard laptop,resolutions as well as larger,resolution so again,one of the things that i recommend,is to always include a photo,of yourself in your background if,possible,and a photo as your avatar because,for my personal preference when i'm,browsing say if i follow you and i don't,actually,know you personally um,and i don't know your brand image or or,your brand or your company like this,here means,really nothing to me so i tend to,overlook,these tweets um and i come down to,to like this guy i don't know this guy,personally,but because there's a picture there i,know it's a real human being,and he's actually writing something that,could be of value to me,um i believe i followed him because he,followed me early on,when i opened my twitter account so,that's the reason why i don't know him,uh this gentleman here jason fried,or fried i'm not sure how to pronounce,his last name but,he owns i believe,i like that he has a picture of himself,you know i rather,a picture because i know he's actually,writing,this particular tweet and,uh it's uh,it's it's i can relate more to that now,here's an example of someone that,i do know i know these these two guys,here,and in that case i really don't i guess,i guess it's okay that i don't,i don't see their faces but because i,know who they are personally,you

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How to create a Twitter Header / Cover Image in Photoshop

How to create a Twitter Header / Cover Image in Photoshop

hi there it's wade mcmaster here in,today's video i'm going to show you very,quickly,how we can create a bit of a template,and create a design for,uh basically a twitter header image in,photoshop now it's pretty,straightforward uh you're basically,creating an image that is 1500 pixels,wide by 500 pixels tall however there is,this image of,the id photo overlapping now on phone it,also overlaps but it actually,sort of covers less of the image so,we're going to try and set it up so that,way we're in a safe zone regardless of,what device we're on,now you're going to notice i've got this,here and i've got,like a test account that will upload,this to test later but,basically if i head to photoshop,you see i've taken a screenshot here i'm,going to go over this process in a,minute,but we've got the idea that we have,these guidelines here so that when i,turn them off,just do that for a second we know we can,put whatever information we want in here,but generally speaking it's good to sort,of keep the information fairly central,not get too wordy in twitter because i,think sometimes these images can get,cropped to move around a bit not too,sure they tend to change the interface a,little bit but,this is just something to give you an,idea that if you do want to put some,information or something visual in there,it's not going to get covered by,your id photo now i'm going to set this,up as a template you can download,on a blog post so if you want that,that'll be a link in the description,below,but otherwise we'll basically show you,how to set it up yourself,so the idea is i'm going to go to a new,image here,now it's already pre-existing here but,we want to go 1500 pixels,by 500 pixels so 1500 pixels wide by 500,pixels tall i'm going to hit create,for that i'm just going to invert this,to make it black once again,it's easier to see the guidelines,up the top i'm going to go to view and,i'm going to go new guide,now i've got the vertical position here,i want to make that,380 so 380 pixels,and that comes in from the left 380,pixels,and i'm going to then go to now this,isn't the actual size it is on screen,because it does get shrunk,but this is the recommended resolution,so that uh its sizes,better on all devices next one we want,to do is go to view,new guide this time i'm going to go,horizontal we're going to go,285 it will bring it from the bottom up,285 pixels and this is the area,that our image appears in so now if i,actually import a little bit of,information so i'm going to import some,images i'm going to go,place um we'll create this get the stone,background,dial this down a little bit,now i've been using this one a lot in a,couple of videos recently but,let's say i get this,little head image here,maybe i'll pop that in there for,whatever reason,now let's say i'm happy with the neck,here getting covered a little bit the,ear not so much and then let's say i,want to put some info so i'm going to,say,test profile so you know we've created a,design now,obviously this isn't a great design,because uh you know you kind of want to,have your logo there a few bits and,pieces but,just for the sake of video this just,it's a very quick way of showing you,that you can set this up so that it,dodges this whole area if anything,because it's a circle it should,pretty much miss that head almost,entirely so i've got test profile here,actually i might even just let's just,make that,a bit bigger and if you do want some,tutorials on how to use photoshop,for basic edits and things like that for,design let us know in the comments below,and i'll go through in detail a little,bit more of these movements,i'm focusing more on the template itself,here so,let's say we've got our design done good,to go and now obviously we've got no,information here,and even just to demonstrate i'm going,to grab my brush tool,and i'm going to actually draw just some,yellow lines it's going to be,it's not going to be attractive but i'll,just sort of show you,give you an idea of where we end up,so we can see exactly what we're looking,at so this is our profile we've got our,lines here,in place now i'm actually going to go,i'm going to save this image just so we,can have a look at it,and now i'm going to bring up another,twitter profile i have here,and i'm going to go edit profile and i'm,going to change this image,okay so the image there i can crop it in,a little bit if i want to but,the way i've designed this template i,kind of don't want to do that so i'm,going to apply,save,and you'll notice circle has actually,dodged with a little bit of space there,which is good,you can see that we've actually managed,to dodge that circle and all the,information is being shown,and you can see by these yellow lines,that everything is cropped just nicely,so that's sort of i guess a little bit,of proof on,how it works but it gives you an idea of,how that so,so simply creating that image adding,those guidelines in you can now design,pretty much,freely within that area,so if i turn these

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How To Make A Twitter Background

How To Make A Twitter Background

hey YouTube is sex poor gone bad and,today I'm gonna be teaching you guys how,to make your own Twitter background so,before I get started I need to let you,guys know that Twitter isn't it like any,normal web site like YouTube in MySpace,when it comes to its backgrounds for,some reason Twitter doesn't Center his,backgrounds like YouTube or MySpace it,just sets it at its default setting and,goes from left to right to give you guys,a better idea I prepared this image,right here and this is what Twitter does,it just sets it at its default setting,so it goes from left to right and it,just starts out at the left area and,this is what YouTube and MySpace do they,center the image which makes it a lot,easier because usually the main part of,the background is in the center and then,you just add the stuff on the side but,since Twitter isn't like that it's like,this it makes it a lot harder to make a,really cool and nice Twitter background,so that being said let's head into Adobe,Photoshop and I'm gonna teach you guys,some tips and tricks on making a Twitter,background before you get started I want,you guys to pause this video and go,ahead and click the more info link in,the video description slash sidebar and,download this Twitter template it's,gonna be a PSD file so just download it,and then open it in whatever version of,Photoshop that you have so here's the,Twitter template and I'm gonna get rid,of this Twitter box right here and this,writing over here because I'm gonna,explain to you guys what that means,here's a template and this is the top,part of Twitter I have the ruler set,right here this is the top part of,Twitter and this side right here is the,200 pixel limit which you guys are,allowed to put your image and you can,put an image anywhere you want but to,keep it looking nice you have to put it,in this 200 pixel limit 3,being is because different computers,have different screen sizes different,resolutions and different settings that,make the image look smaller or bigger so,on one on a computer it might look,bigger than it does on another computer,which is a big problem and since Twitter,doesn't Center the background it only,gives you that 200 pixels to work with,so I'm gonna get started and I'm gonna,make my own Twitter background it's,gonna be very simple and you guys can,make your own whatever you want just,make sure to put it right there in the,200 pixels diameter right here so I'm,gonna get started by double-clicking the,background layer and just changing it to,normal black I'm just going to take off,the gradient overlay on it and press,okay so the solid black color now next,up I'm going to open my icon or logo for,octo get comm which is my website by the,way and set that right there and then,take the text tool and type in audio,geek comm for those of you wondering,this is the champagne and limousines,font I'll probably give you a link in,the video description to just download,the font if you want C 12 font looks,good and I'm gonna press ctrl T to do,the free transform tool and I'm gonna,grab it from its corner and just make it,like this just transform it to look like,that so it goes up and down press okay,and then bring it right over here,I didn't bring it right over to that,side and one last thing I'm gonna do you,guys probably have seen this on a lot of,Twitter backgrounds so it's just a very,simple and easy thing to do on Twitter,and it adds a really good effect so I'm,gonna make a new document and make the,width and height 500 pixels and press ok,we're by the way this is gonna add a,straw burst effect the starburst effect,can't pronounce that right and I'm going,to make my foreground and background,fill colors black and white and to,select the gradient tool right here and,then I'm gonna start from the bottom,hold shift so it's a straight line and,go to the top and then let go and if you,make a gradient that looks like that,next up what you want to do is go to,filter go to distort and go to wave and,then press the square option and press,ok and it should look like that do it,again filtered start and then go to,polar coordination z' and then the,default option should be rectangular to,polar and just press ok' and there you,go there's a starburst bet and you want,to just select it and drag it over to,your Twitter template now I'm gonna put,this below my text and logo and then,bring it up here and crease the opacity,to 50%,it's just 75 no yeah let's just do 50,and there you go a very simple Twitter,background has the strawberry fact octo,get calm so people know where my website,is and the octo geek global which is of,course octopus and yeah that is it for,this tutorial be creative make your own,Twitter background the way you want it,just make sure to keep it in this 200,pixel diameter or else it's gonna look,um it's gonna get chopped off because in,this 200 pixel diameter that's the limit,it goes on computers with a very low,resolution if low resolution makes it,look bigger and you pass this 200 pixel,di

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what's good youtube it's your boy mercy,bring on another video now today's video,i'm going to be showing you guys how to,make a twitter header only using your,phone and only using one app now if you,guys did miss my last gfx video i advise,you guys to go check it out i'll show,you guys how to make a thumbnail a 2k,thumbnail that is so if you guys are,interested in seeing how to do that go,check that video out and you can come,back here but today we're going to be,using only one app called pixar so make,sure you guys go download that and once,you download that we can get right into,the steps it's real easy it's very,simple and it's just like the thumbnail,but it's a little bit different but if,you guys are new to the channel make,sure to leave a like subscribe and also,hit the comment section below and let me,know if you need some more videos like,this any ideas that y'all want to know,any tips everything just let me know in,the comment section down below but with,that being said let's get right into it,all right so the first thing you guys,want to do is click on safari if you,guys don't use safari use google that's,fine just use whatever you can use to,get to the internet so what you want to,do is search up twitter header template,once you search this up you want to go,over to images and you're going to see,right here i click on the blue and red,uh image right here now for me i already,have this saved on my phone and the one,that i saved of the red and blue one it,was already like clear the words i was,able to read so i advise you guys to,click on the one that you're able to,read find whatever um template that,allows you to read the words easily,because i realized that once you use it,in pixar it makes the actual like um,header blurry for some weird reason i,don't know why but once you save that,you want to go over and you want to find,your background images you want to find,all your pictures this is what this is,the next step so for me,i went and i searched a rapper cartoon,now i just went i looked for a whole,bunch and i finally found the one i,wanted to use which was little pump and,then i found all the pngs and all the,other images now to get png's which,means that once you save the image you,don't have to crop it out all you have,to do is search up you know whatever you,want to find so for me i searched up um,lean and then lean cup png so i saved it,and automatically just went to my phone,so i'm just going to speed this process,up and once once i save all my images,then we can get to the next step,now this right here is my least favorite,part about doing gfx work is cutting out,the my players or the characters,whatever you want to call it that you,decided to save but i decided to pick,this image right here of lil pump it's a,cartoon version and i went over to pixar,and i found an image which was right,here and then once i did that i clicked,on cut out and then i started to cut,them out now the cutting out is,extremely easy it just takes a lot of,patience to make sure you get it the way,you want it now you guys can see i cut,them out and all red you want to make,sure whatever you're cutting out is red,and once you get that done you want to,click on the top right and it's going to,automatically remove the background for,you but as you guys can see once again,it didn't remove everything how i wanted,to which you guys saw in the last gfx,video that i posted so i had to go into,uh more details to remove all the x's,like the extra white uh background that,it had still left over so that's all i,did right here i just went through,eraser and marker and constantly just,kept going back and forth to get it the,way i want what you guys are going to,see right now,okay once you did your cut out you want,to now go to the image that we see,before which is the template and you,want to start adding your background you,want to go through all your pictures,whatever you say then you want to start,making the background which is what i'm,i'm doing right now but i did not use,these images right here i just want to,show you guys the process because it's,not always perfect you know you go,through a lot of different changes,without making it so um i ended up just,trying some out at first to see what it,looked like and i didn't really like it,so i went back to safari started looking,for some more images so once i finished,making my background and i put,everything together i'll show you guys,what it looks like all right so in the,mix of me making the header i decided to,just change the whole background overall,just because i didn't like the way the,other two backgrounds was looking the,colors wasn't going well together and,the image that i picked a little pump,his hair is pink so i wanted to get like,a background that kind of matched like,him and the type of theme i was going,for and the uh you know the pictures,that i was going to be adding to the,header so as you guys can see i just,changed the background and then i added,the cut

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How To Create A Professional Twitter Background In A Few Minutes

How To Create A Professional Twitter Background In A Few Minutes

hello I created this video to share with,you how you can create a professional,twitter background that allows you to,promote your profile or your business,when you first get started with Twitter,you're going to have a background like,what you see on the screen right now,it's pretty bland not much going on,notice there's not much color so Twitter,gives you the chance to change the,different colors on it but if you want a,professional background that has more,information about you then you can,create one through some tools that are,available to you let me show you an,example somebody who has created a,background you see right here that right,now Sammy Simpson here is displaying all,his information he gives a little bit,more about himself he gives his website,his blog some social networking sites so,you can see how a professional,background can really change the look of,your page and when somebody comes and,looks at your profile they'll get to,know more about you than what they just,see over in this little area so how do,we create this background well what we,do is we go to a site called twit box,com so when you first get started all,you do is get started here you put in,your username an email address and then,put in a password this is your first,time just create one we have to fill in,the capture image and then we continue,okay first thing that we want to do is,choose our background here you have,various different templates if you have,your own picture that you want to put as,your background this is where you can do,that now we scroll down I'm going to,choose a template that I liked down here,you can just when you log in to look at,all the various templates say I chooses,this one if you want to see a bigger,picture just click on view sample and,now you see a bigger picture of what's,going to get displayed if you have a,logo you're going to be able to put it,there or your picture and vice versa,and bottom and you'll see how in a,second so let's fill in the information,fell on my knee if you have a company,name that you want to promote you can,add it there your website if you have a,blog you can add that in there as well,next you can write about yourself here,you have a chance to give more than 140,characters about yourself so write all,that you want the other for others to,know about you as an example will say I,enjoy playing basketball and networking,with others all right I mentioned if you,had any logos you can go ahead and add,them here you can just browse and then,it all lets you select the picture that,you want to put in there is a size limit,to these if you notice it must be less,than two Meg's and in jpg gif or PNG,format same thing here if you want a,personal photo now here you have the,option of displaying it below or above,your About section same thing for this,if you have your phone you want to have,people call you here is where you can,put your number same thing with your,email even though it's required you do,not have to display it on your,background next you have the chance to,fill in various different social,networking profile information so let's,say myspace i have this is my myspace,com if you have youtube conclude that if,you have other links you have the chance,to put up to four more websites here so,we're going to use a couple of other,ones that i have just so you can see how,that works then you just control what,font you want you can choose any of,these fonts it's kind of limited then,the size that you want your content with,how big you want it and,then once again we fill in this capture,page and continue okay at this point you,have a few options see now you could,kind of see what your background looks,like you could download the twit back,and upload it yourself personally you,can edit your twit back if you're,logging in again they have an option to,promote your Twitter profile which cost,some money and then upload to Twitter,instructions if you wanted to upload it,yourself so let's say we want to let,twit backs upload it for us so we click,here to automatically post to our,background okay if we give our password,to login to twitter next if you want,them to post a tweet that you created,your background with twit back so this,is where it'll happen I'm just going to,deselect it so now we're going to post,it all right it says it was uploaded,let's see this was our background before,we created it now we do a refresh and,there it is there's my name a little bit,about me my websites information on my,profiles and all of a sudden I now have,a professional background to promote to,others so this shows you how you can,easily create a twitter background in,just a few minutes

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Examples of Custom Twitter Backgrounds to Inspire Creativity

Examples of Custom Twitter Backgrounds to Inspire Creativity

oh if I see a girl then i'ma go get up,cuz imma go getta gotta be watching for,the group ego because I want to finish,shout out to all my Twitter hey,everybody today just want to show you,some examples of custom twitter,backgrounds that look amazing and can,just inspire you for your own custom,backgrounds and if you have any other,examples like me to add for another,video and I get a bunch of the men i,might make another one so keep that in,mind and i will see you guys welcome,another kind in a tuba twirled a three,ring king of the carnivals summer fairs,a tumbling clown with a painted face,Carrie talk with his lady grace he'd go,anyway,the harbor said stutter ferris wheel,bill that scrap from shipyard steel ten,cents ride,the kids lined up penny throne,it'll us to come with tumblr,talk,Oh,go me,do and I with the food,boxes cities in the old tank towns the,people all cheer to his leaps and bounds,red,we'll make it red make the best of it oh,that's what he said,any kids so the talk,to sleep beneath the Sun,live,you and I with nothing,on the granite bay stands a two-foot,clown just another stop outside of town,he looks him said he could make us laugh,a circus life with an epitaph to,remember,to talk,to sleep be,two,cool,and die with nothing so be,do you see me,the Sun,today,with,nothing,nothing,you

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How to make twitter backgrounds on photofiltre (tutorial)

How to make twitter backgrounds on photofiltre (tutorial)

well you guys just good talking to you,okay this is a tutorial on how to make,twitter background photo filter just,like this that you see right here okay,so let's get started,okay pick out any pictures you want I'm,picking this picture just trace around,your person outline their body whatever,with your polygon tool and just put them,out okay no copy right no sorry the,wrong thing okay now right click stroke,and fill and click on stroke and pick,any color you want make the with three,click OK copy it and go to your layout,part and paste it on there however you,want,now to make your to make that outline,different two different colors click on,the outline with your magic wand tool,and go to your gradient and now pick,pick out two different colors that you,want and I make the direction bottom the,top or you can do whatever so,okay make it however you want hey your,bottom top no matter,ok,now to the other side,okay no on my Twitter how you see the,love love love all over in the back okay,how to do that,I had myself how to make the pert,another part of a picture behind them,undo the stroke and make it black and,white now copy it go back to your little,part magic wand tool click wherever you,need to click it paste your picture in,and flip it,and the clip is right up here and now,right click on your picture go to,transform free downsize it I have 46 and,then,and then the horizontal axis is 29 and,the vertical axis is 36 so click OK and,now to get the level of all over click,where there's another picture just click,referral is a bare spot now go to photo,mask make sure you have the love in your,mask part and to get that you just click,on this little yellow folder ok make,sure the a pistear whatever that is make,sure the capacity is is a hundred Edna,for the mode go to pattern and then to,fill pattern resemble just open up,whatever you I have and click OK you,have it now to get this which is the,color orbs on his shirt and rubber,mounts hat click your polygon tool and,trace around,JC,now choose the colors that you want but,your spray tool make the radius 50.3 is,50 and the disparate should be all the,way to the left and the pressure should,be the second to second the last 10,should be a second ones last one sorry,okay now click and click on the black of,my picture and I should appear click,okay I'm on it there you go now click on,a different part oh my could pick a,different color there you go now make it,make your rate make it writers 30 and,dude on his hat whatever feel creative,okay now to make it more look like,Photoshop with the color orbs go to,adjust get my correct and make the level,160 and make the channel kids channels,all's ok now full hearts pick a,different hopeful hearts,copy the heart,and I go up to edit paste special the,mask move it wherever you want all right,click on the heart go to transform free,and the scale make it however you feel,like it and just mess around with it,doesn't matter see how you feel now,about your magic bones a little click on,the heart like any picture this fish,will do copy the picture they have they,just have a same picture now right click,I'll heart pastes the picture in and,right click on the picture again chance,to go to transform and free and messed,all the scale,yes I just do it you think looks right,okay now find your hair again dang it,sorry okay copy the heart again and go,to edit and paste special mask and go to,transform free and just downsize the,heart once again,okay okay magic wand tool click on the,heart find another picture that you want,picture,baby syndrome calc it I'll be the,picture pasted it in the heart again and,just keep you know transforming just,keep transforming it,okay okay now for the text,click on the t which is on top and the,thought is the quite scream now type in,whatever you want mine is my username on,Twitter okay make this size either 23,make precise however you feel like it,and go to transform to selection was,that it's at the bottom move it the,little hearts okay I'll go to selection,on the top expand make the width for,now go to the gradient and pay our two,colors and make it however you want to,make the darshan however you want I have,a bottom top ok now go up to text again,transform just selection and put it on,top of the one you already made and try,to make it centered as possible so we go,to selection expand again and make the,width to and,Chandra just as much as possible,ok,now go to right click on it go stroke,and fill uncheck stroke don't want,stroke anymore go to fill and make it,black or whatever color you have color,you want I make this style or there's,nothing no lines in it just make a bold,so click OK now make another selection,make another change from selection with,your text like that put it over top of,the one you just made,now go to gradient and do your greeting,again mega now I have the text,hope that helped hope you enjoy it if it,helps call me if it didn't as for more,questions popular

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