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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Twitter, Bachelorette, Captain America, sushi, today's viral videos, comedy, funny

explosions of sushi bachelor nation more,live-action remakes and Twitter's,reactions to all of it,I'm Eric Zachary this is the big rewind,where we watch everything on the,internet so that you don't have to and,let's just jump right into it with,exploding tempura rolls and no I'm not,talking about something that's,overpriced in New York City that you,would have to wait like three and a half,hours to try this is real so apparently,a bunch of random restaurants in,Wisconsin Virginia and Minnesota are all,claiming close to half a million dollars,of combined fire damage after deep fried,tempura flakes spontaneously combusted,in their kitchens investigators looked,into it and saying that it's the,combination of canola and soybean oils,that they used to prepare the flakes,don't confuse this with other flakes,that cause spontaneous combustion like,snowflakes that caused that of Trump,supporters to much we're gonna go into,it we're gonna go there,speaking of trumps I don't really need,to dive into the comments made by our,commander in chief over the weekend,referring to a certain couple Congress,women instead let's focus on Twitter's,reactions most importantly Chris Evans,Captain America and I quote this is,racist Biff the only thing worse than,actually being hateful and racist is,casually wielding hate and racism to,activate your base in an unrelenting,painfully transparent and crushingly,on-brand effort to soothe your only true,you're using way too many big words for,Trump first of all right off the bat I,just stopped in there but second of all,Captain America taking you on Captain,Underpants this is this is the Marvel,movie we've been waiting for me I don't,need another re-release of Avengers I'm,game I need this in my life Twitter,jumping on board Chris Evans run for,president please and very these,photoshop skills are getting scary early,good by the way I'm not even American,but I vote my thoughts exactly,it's sad this is how some people,actually think,Bulova i'll leave the fighting to the,interwebs but you get the,this morning the nominations for the,71st annual Emmy Awards taking the,internet by storm and I should rephrase,that by saying the Internet is taking,the Emmys by storm because literally,none of these nominations are,traditional broadcast TV shows Game of,Thrones which yes airs on HBO but it's,still a subscription-based channel is,leading the pack what I want to get this,right,32 nominations 32 obviously you can,throw visual-effects in there you can,throw Best Actor Best Supporting Actor,and then most likely to piss off your,entire fan base as well if that's I mean,category it's already won a couple other,big contenders you have marvelous missus,Mazal with 20 nominations Barry with 17,all of these against subscription-based,either cable networks or streaming,platforms you have a few from,traditional outlets like nBC has SNL and,misses us ABC has black-ish but the,point is we finally know where all of,our money is going also what happened to,the fact where we could pay like one,cable price and it included all of these,shows now we literally pay for every,single network on there but damn it if,they start a dog channel I'm gonna pay,for that too,see what happens when you want to cut,the cable we just pay for all the little,mini cables inside that giant proverbial,cable I'm more impressed that I said,proverbial right did I even say I don't,even know I said it right I got one no,moving on movie the Millennial doesn't,know in the room awesome,moving on Disney's The Lion King is,hitting theaters this Friday that cannot,come soon enough because I'm tired of,talking about the premieres in the,star-studded cast although most people,very excited for this the critics not,thrilled actually going as far as to,tear it apart a little bit check this,out,barely register the slightest hint of,emotion and in the end it just starts to,look like more of a celebrity narrated,National Geographic special,Disney movie who needs bright and,beautiful colors of animation when you,could have 84 different shades of tan,listen I haven't seen it yet so I can't,speak on that but a lot of people who,have or just this particular reviewers,followers on Twitter agreeing I love,this R and I'm just curious that you pre,write this so you go off the top of your,head you wrote it trust me um all of our,fears are a reality slow clap on the,take down God people loved epic take,down savage no one wanted this movie to,succeed it looks like and speaking of,hatred of live-action remakes or in this,case a live photo realistic remake,Coraline trending all over Twitter today,people saying that this they're seeing,Coraline trending they're excited about,it and then they realize why it's,trending and they're not anymore I guess,I'm not to the wanted us a sequel that,was they were hoping for yeah well,that's not happening,and it's also not happening as a,live-action remake this is just a rumor,that started it shows how quickly false,information can sprea

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Guest Host Anthony Anderson on Elon Musk’s Twitter Feud, Bachelorette Men & New Dodgers Ball Boy

Guest Host Anthony Anderson on Elon Musk’s Twitter Feud, Bachelorette Men & New Dodgers Ball Boy

and now,anthony anderson,all right,thank you,thank you,keep it going,all right,thank you thank you,welcome to jimmy kimmel live i'm your,guest host anthony anderson,now,jimmy is on vacation for yet another,summer and somehow once again that's my,problem,hey here's what i don't get,i did a show on abc for almost a decade,and nobody paid me to sit my ass down,for three months of the year,no,i had to pay rent by shooting 800,t-mobile and smearing off commercials,with my mama,she's here,she's here,ladies and gentlemen in the audience and,ladies and gentlemen at home tonight is,my mama's birthday,happy birthday mama thank you,i love you baby i love you more,all right,it's also a big night here on abc the,bachelorette is back,and this season the show features two,bachelorettes looking for love i've got,some questions about that like what,happens if they fall in love with the,same guy,all right,do all three of them pile into the,fantasy suite and,hump it out until somebody wins,we're gonna find out later because the,bachelorettes gabby and rachel are here,tonight,now,i was looking over the guys that are,competing this season and it's,quite a group,uh you've got justin y,as in,why do you need to wear more than one,necklace,justin is on the show with his twin,brother joey,and that's just what the show needed,more white guys who look exactly alike,now this right here,termaine,he works in crypto,which means his ass is dead broke,and then there's james,who is described as a meatball,enthusiast from illinois,that might be the saddest sentence i've,ever said,but this is the guy that really caught,my attention,chris,who claims to be a mentality coach,now what the hell is a mentality coach,no the first thing any good mentality,coach should tell you is to not go on,the bachelorette and catch herpes in a,hot tub,here's what they said about chris on the,abc website,chris,loves mangoes,now imagine if someone asked hey what's,the most interesting thing about you,and your answer was,i love mangoes,well if i were the bachelorette i'd tell,chris,man go to home,guillermo are you following the twitter,feud with elon musk,what a drama right yeah,elon musk is trying to pull out of his,deal to buy twitter which based on the,number of kids he's had might be the,first time elon's ever pulled out of,anything,now,on friday musk terminated his agreement,to buy twitter and said twitter is in,material breach of multiple provisions,of that agreement and is likely to,suffer a company material,adverse effect,that's business speak for yeah we went,out a few times but she crazy,but i do kind of get why elon musk wants,to leave twitter,i want to leave twitter every time i see,a dumbass tweet like this,anthony anderson's been skinny for a,while but i still picture him fat,yeah,and that's how i found out my mama had a,burner account,mama did you hear about the squirrels,are getting freaky in england no,oh okay,well okay mama in england they've got so,many great squirrels running around,they're thinking about putting them on,birth control,for real,you know things are messed up when,squirrels in london have more rights,than women in texas,now,under the new rules squirrels in britain,would still be able to eat a nut,they just wouldn't be allowed to bust in,there,mama mama i'm hosting tonight let me get,the jokes out,okay,and they say if the contraceptives don't,stop the squirrels from getting it on,the scientists will have to resort to,dressing them up like jimmy going to,costco on a saturday,and one more thing,we're almost halfway through the major,league baseball season and the best,record in the national league belongs to,who my los angeles dodgers,right,guillermo,i know you're a dodger fan too i love,the dyers yes all right,guillermo loves the dodgers yes,he loves the dodgers so much that he,recently took a trip to the stadium to,try out for the team as a ball boy,hi sir hey guillermo how are you doing,i'm doing great what about you i'm doing,great welcome to dodger stadium thank,you very much i'm so happy excited i,want to be part of the team that's a big,job guillermo tell me about your work,ethic uh what is that,well that's not a good sign work ethic,um let's talk about your exercise okay,how good a shape are you in i'm in the,best shape of my life right now this is,the best shape of your life yeah five,five,225.,that's being pretty generous right now,we're gonna send you off to a tryout,okay let's see what you got all right,good morning everybody we're gonna see,if we can get you guys on the ball crew,today we're going to start with fielding,and throwing and catch a little bit of,catch are we just going to talk or are,we going to practice baseball we're,going to practice baseball okay are they,going to be sad when i take their jobs,let's see all right,oh sheesh is that the biggest glove that,you own all right hold on i'll go get,another glove this one is mine so you,were a catcher oh yeah okay hey you know,why it's mine why baseball juice,you do

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Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

hi my name is aubry plaza and i am here,with buzzfeed to read your thirst tweets,i'm just gonna say right now that i,think probably 90 of these are gonna be,people telling me they want me to run,them over with a car or like stomp on,their face or something let's do it,if aubrey plaza actually reads thirst,tweets i will be burying myself alive,um i'm doing it so i hope that you're,gonna bury yourself alive miss aubry,plaza are you free on thursday because i,am free on thursday so if you want to go,out on thursday when i am free that,would be great because i am free on,thursday and thursdays when i'm free i,i'm not free on thursday i'm free on,never day,i wish aubry plaza and matthew gray,goobler were my birth parents actually,no i wish i was in a throuple with them,i think you,need to decide if you want to be in a,throuple with your parents and that's,something that you should talk to your,therapist about and i don't know who,matthew gray gubler is i've never heard,of that person in my life aubry plaza,reading thirst tweets let's bring back,her drinking milk trowel her nose,because that was,h-o-t all capitals hot,exclamation point exclamation point,exclamation point first of all i was,snorting milk through my nose i wasn't,drinking it through my nose and i don't,have any milk right now so i'm not gonna,do that aubrey plaza if you are,listening please let me take you out on,a date i am a good company i swear i'm,not a sweaty person i will let you be,mean,oh that's enticing that's,really um,yeah perfect threesome question mark me,aubry plaza and a tub of peanut butter,that makes,me feel weird i'm sorry for being,thirsty on maine i'm just a huge simp,for aubry plaza what is simp why does,everyone say simp what is this i don't,understand simp is the grossest word,i've ever heard though i don't like,saying it or reading it like this tweet,if you would suck aubry plaza's big toe,and if you don't like this tweet let me,know so i can block you that i like that,is just nasty and,i'm into it,i'm watching anger goes west and i just,want to say that i would like both aubry,plaza and elizabeth olsen to curb stomp,me okay this is what i'm talking about i,knew that most of these tweets were,gonna be about stomping on your face or,crushing you with high heels or running,you over with a car aubry plaza is so,daddy she can fix all my daddy issues i,don't know that's just ironic i feel,like i have daddy issues and i feel like,i want my daddy to,fix my daddy issues but i'll be your,daddy i'd put myself on a spit roast for,aubry plaza,thank you so much chris and stewart and,aubrey plaza step on my face challenge,what is it about stepping on your face,people twitter why do you want me to,step on your face how did we get to this,point in,the world aubry plaza hot sex gorgeous,good acting hilarious funny amazing,person charitable busy with the two s's,bussy bussy amazing sexy pretty cute,emily the criminal that was a bot i,think that was a bot and that was not a,real person i would walk into traffic,for aubry plaza i would sacrifice my,firstborn for aubry plaza i would let,aubry plaza kill me if she wanted to,god i would do anything just to smell,her hair,aubry plaza is a goddess and no other,human woman will ever live up to her,standard again thank you so much the,feminine urge to get railed by aubry,plaza,get railed why do you guys want me to,rail you because i could,aubrey plaza could choke me to death and,i'd still be like,nice the violence in these tweets i have,nightmares about this people want me to,be mean to them i don't what did i do to,deserve this i'm a nice person i know,everyone has a crush on aubry plaza but,i would actually let her stab me again,with the stabbing and the stomping and,the chomping it's like a weird thing,where it's like i hear i hear this so,much that i don't i want to stab you i,want to stab you and i would i would let,jesus,sick you were all sick sick little,babies and you all need to be stabbed,and stomped on i would let aubry plaza,poke my eyeball out with a fork and step,on my throat with boots with nails on,them and if it pleased her well you know,what it does please me,petition for aubry plaza to plow me i,support your petition and i don't know,if i if we're gonna get there but if we,do you're welcome aubry plaza i am,simply just a hole for you,i,and i'm simply just a,i'm a person i'm a human being what do,you want me to do to your holes be more,specific what do you want me to do to,your holes twitter because i will anyway,i'm looking forward to more,people wanting me to stab them,and um throw them into oncoming traffic,i asked for this and,i deserve this check out my movie emily,the criminal it's coming out in theaters,you can sit in the theater and imagine,me stabbing your holes and railing you,with my goddamn talent,sick,the thing is that i want to be dominated,that's the thing that y'all are missing,is that i want to be slapped around and,choked and,stabbed but,whatever

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Twitter users bully ABC into masking 'Bachelorette' live audience mid-show

Twitter users bully ABC into masking 'Bachelorette' live audience mid-show

the finale special of the bachelorette,on abc we understand if you didn't watch,it it's during our time slot obviously,you were watching us but the live event,featured a studio audience who wasn't,socially distanced or wearing masks and,twitter went absolutely nuts one user,wrote why is no one wearing a mask this,is a super spreader event halfway,through the show the host was forced to,address the non-stop chatter saying,everyone around her tested negative but,everyone will mask up anyway of course,twitter had fun with that too one person,writing twitter really bullied the,bachelorette into making the live,audience put masks on another user,called it an inspiring use of the,internet,well here to weigh in on that drama and,more is our panel the host of all,american radio jennifer kearns and media,relations director at proactive,communications jillian anderson jillian,i got to start with you i think you,might have an opinion on this what are,your thoughts,well as some of your viewers might know,i was on two different shows from the,bachelor series and i just think this is,absolutely hilarious it is funny that,twitter is able to bully the bachelor,and the bachelorette franchise into,doing things but this is not the first,time the woke mob has pushed against,what the bachelor's doing we saw not too,long ago that the host got ultimately,got fired after defending um a,contestant for attending an antebellum,party years ago saying hey maybe let's,talk to her maybe she's not racist so at,the beginning the bachelor was doing a,normal thing and they doubled down and,listened to the woke mob and here we,have it again with the mask it's,absolutely ridiculous and the lunacy of,the whole thing,is just,it just keeps going on and on and i'm,thinking about it as from a producer's,standpoint the last thing you want with,a live audience is to not see the,audience reaction get these masks,covering up their whole face and that's,half the fun,well i gotta tell you i think in the,bachelorette or the bachelor i mean,there's a lot more going on that um,they're not using a mask for but that's,a whole different story but jennifer is,this just another example of social,media just having too much power that,they're able to basically almost change,the behavior of a television show,well i'm so glad mercedes that abc is,finally on the end of all these karen's,that the rest of us have to deal with on,twitter and the rest of social media and,out in our daily lives they're getting a,taste of what it's like to be a,conservative right but here's what's so,interesting about the big three,broadcast networks they're all really,hypocritical in what they're doing here,if social media hadn't flared up over,this they would have continued the show,as they did unmasked sitting next to,each other in what was probably going to,end up being a super spreader event nbc,did this recently when they invited 5,million people to come and watch the,macy's thanksgiving day parade here in,new york city and then a couple weeks,later invited another two million people,to come watch the rockefeller tree,lighting at nbc that's all fine they,were outdoors but they were bunched,together very closely here's the problem,i have with it the next morning those,same hosts that were on stage and,surrounded by tens of thousands of,people were commenting and and wringing,their hands over all these super,spreader events with omicron and omicron,was known at both of those events so,there's a lot of hypocrisy going on here,at these so-called newscasts if you're,producing a super spreader event by,night the new rule needs to be you can't,be wringing your hands about it the next,morning

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Prince Harry's Scandalous Virginity Story Sends Alison Into Hysterics! | This Morning

Prince Harry's Scandalous Virginity Story Sends Alison Into Hysterics! | This Morning

uh in his Memoir spare Prince Harry said,he flew on six missions that resulted in,The Taking of human life something he,was neither proud or ashamed about now,um correct me if I'm wrong but none of,us have served in the military here um,so it's very difficult to comment or,pass judgment on the wisdom of this,disclosure but what are your thoughts,well we did not serve in the military,but I come from a family where father,grandfather were regular soldiers,son-in-law actually served with Harry in,Afghanistan and my friend here I think,is an honorary group captain in the RAF,yeah and all I can tell you these are,Revelations that have come to us sooner,than we expected the book is published,in this country on Tuesday yesterday,copies appeared in Spain so what we are,reading about in the papers today what,we're talking about is British,journalists uh fumbling through their,Spanish dictionaries or using Google,translate this translates this from the,Spanish into English and Prince Harry's,people are saying wait Lucy the context,of all of this because actually in,context some of it isn't that as,shocking as it might be but this has,shocked people that I know in the,military world how come Harry is telling,us that when he was serving in,Afghanistan he uh killed 25 Taliban and,to talk about the nature of a mission in,this way is simply not done you don't,abortion it to yourself if you're in an,Apache helicopter you're with other,people it's a team effort and you do not,go into the detail of a campaign Nobody,Does this it isn't dumb am I right,you're absolutely right I mean I would I,would imagine within the military either,former serving,um soldiers or Pilots or officers,non-commissioned officers there there,will be a deep disappointment a really,genuinely deep disappointment that he's,given that amount of detail really yeah,genuinely it's also quite strange,because one of the things that he one,one of the reasons he went to California,was for privacy and one of the things he,worried about was his own security and,indeed he was suing the British,government for payment to cover the cost,for security well this does this make,him more of a Target he's actually,saying uh I did this as part of my,service I did this does it actually make,him more of a security risk I would,imagine the answer is yes well which is,very worried again like he said you kind,of want to know what the contents of the,whole life talking about I really want,to read the book like I was thinking,also the fact that all these rumors are,out are anyone is anyone going to buy,the book now because I feel like we've,kind of read it well this is very,frustrating for the Publishers because,of course there is so much in the,newspapers today so much detail yeah and,it is a it's a human story he's got it,all off his chest there's much more in,this than anybody expected yeah it is a,it really is raw and unflinching some of,it's quite funny a lot of it is very,human some of it is not very nice,Charles are you as a royal biographer,yourself are you surprised by by the,level of honesty and then the disclosure,from what you've seen yet by the level,of openness at this stage we discover,all these things about former Royals as,the years go by we know for example one,of the things we're going to talk about,is him saying that he lost his virginity,age 16 or 17 in a field,behind a pub with an older woman but in,fact we do know for example how King,George VI lost his virginity it was,discovered in correspondence published,many years after the event the rule of,the late Queen of the Duke of Edinburgh,was simply don't talk about these things,people aren't interested they don't need,to know once you ask say something that,always wants something more so that,generation would not have done this we,live in a different world and Harry has,left the royal family he no longer has,official duties and therefore he is like,a celebrity he is free to tell his story,his way and that's what he's doing and,clearly we're all fascinated because,that's when you've invested in this boy,since he was allowed we might be asking,about reconciliation and so like do you,do either of you think that's,it's certainly not possible in the short,term do you think it's possible at all,it can't make it any easier can it I,mean if you just accept that they're,Brothers any family you know their every,family has a lot of bouts of Rifts that,go on for a year or more or less and,then they come together and you come,together at Christmas and then there,might be another one and it's the swings,and roundabouts of family life but I,think when you put it out in public a,lot of people who are merely celebrities,will have that do you put it out in,public because once it's out there it's,out there you cannot pull it back in and,I think that's the great danger with,this I mean,how does Prince William and uh okay how,are they meant to react to this yeah and,if they're allowed to or not it's what,happens next and it said af

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Bachelorette Fan Favorites Justin & Andrew Have Hateful & Offensive Old Tweets Exposed

Bachelorette Fan Favorites Justin & Andrew Have Hateful & Offensive Old Tweets Exposed

hello everybody dave neal here stand up,comic and host of bachelorette recap a,guy's review we will be previewing katie,thurston's week six,of the bachelorette today at 4 p.m,pacific standard time,on my west coast live stream you can go,check that out,later on today we'll have a ton of other,content including my interview with,reality steve,it'll come out on my channel in just a,couple hours so make sure to,hit subscribe and stick around for that,if you enjoy,uh the contents of my channel you can,like this video,it's gonna get tough we're gonna talk,about justin glaze and andrew,spencer two uh very lovable cast members,on this season,uh of the bachelorette offensive tweets,come out now listen,uh twitter uh has good there's good,aspects of twitter it's been responsible,for literal civil uprisings and,communal gatherings and changes,progressively but it also,brings out time receipts of our past uh,you know some people say why didn't they,scrub these tweets why didn't they get,rid of these tweets,that's just the beauty of twitter isn't,it sometimes you don't even know what,you said out there when you were 14 and,you were upset or 19 or 21 or 30.,you know the age is almost irrelevant to,ignorance but we're going to get right,into it so i'm going to share with you,justin's tweets,um you know when you see these reddit,compiled them they put a,trigger warning together it's like look,um,there's gonna be some hateful tweets i'm,about to show you and,if you're not in the right headspace for,it just don't watch this don't watch,this,but um you know to say they're,triggering if they're homophobic or fat,phobic,sure absolutely that's the case that's,the case with,bad tweets that's the case with uh,hateful,ignorant tweets now the question being,are we gonna hold these men,accountable for tweets they said years,ago,um to be honest i'm excited to hear what,they have to say,they're both bachelorette uh,sort of stars this season they're both,love for their own reason we've got,justin with the facial facial reactions,you know everyone loves him and then,andrew will show in a minute,where is he over here andrew is just a,lovable guy,everyone loves andrew plays football in,the league in europe,he's cousins with clay harbor he's very,lovable both of these,men are candidates for the next season,of the bachelor if they don't,win uh katie's heart this year so we're,gonna get right into it,and um let me uh so that the title and,we're gonna read it put these together,offensive tweets by justin from katy,season racially charged homophobic etc,so,here we go let's get into it i'll try to,replace some of the words with um you,know abbreviations,just so i don't say it on the old,youtubes,uh hashtag i can't date a girl with,crusty ass feet hot ass breath like baby,body big enough to be an avatar and,or is she dark as flavor flav,justin glaze and this is 10 years ago,this is actually,just over 10 years ago just throughout,my dinner after seeing that gay ass,belly dancer tf,this is at so and so they always show a,well-spoken caucasian cashier,they need to have a rude black as,a cashier once,so true smh so he was quoting somebody,it appears i don't really know how i,don't even know how twitter works guys,i'm too old for this,justin says what is that f wearing,then justin said whose fault is that,poor f can't handle a little kitchen,knife at work,no type of coordination at all how sad,all right so let's deal with justin,before we get to andrew,um when it comes to,breaking down and coping with,words and and i look at this extensively,i'm a stand-up comic i look at which,words,you can say on stage which words you,can't say um,how to frame them in the context of the,joke how to frame them in the context of,the time period,now with that said there are communities,including the one i came up in in new,england which is a fairly,all-white irish catholic community and,also black communities,that say a lot that that have in the,past have have said a lot of homophobic,things and used words uh to replace,others,calling things gay calling things the f,forward that don't,really even constitute the the actual,meaning of that word,these aren't excuses these aren't,excuses,so it's important usually when people,come in they go dave it's no excuse,these aren't excuses but it's important,to look at language it's important to,look at,where rewards were used and again should,this have been taken down,yes what happens is this there's a way,to go on twitter and and type in like a,it's a very simple code you can look it,up,and then you can insert a word and it'll,say if that word was ever said by that,person,so imagine if you could do this in your,real life imagine if you could do this,in your real life where you could search,a word and see what it you know so,someone can just search justin glaze and,they can search the f word,the n word the r word,any fat words black you can search,anything you want,and pull up a ignorant time in someone's,life,so should these have

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'Roseanne' canceled after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet

'Roseanne' canceled after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet

with that single inflammatory tweet,Roseanne's rising star imploded today,within hours the highly anticipated,return of TV's most beloved shows,Roseanne canceled and Roseanne Barr,effectively banished from Hollywood for,this racist tweet Muslim Brotherhood and,Planet of the Apes had a baby equals VJ,the VJ referred to his Valerie Jarrett a,former advisor to President Obama mark,deleted the tweet and tweeted an apology,- Jarrett saying in part forgive me my,joke was a bad taste almost no one,thought it was funny,within hours ABC pulled the plug on the,show sang Roseanne's Twitter statement,is abhorrent repugnant and inconsistent,with our values and decided to cancel,her show Bob Iger CEO of ABC's parent,company Disney adding there was only one,thing to do here and that was the right,thing racism isn't politically correct I,don't think this is a a joke I think,this is actually racist tweet and it,needs to be dealt with as such Valerie,Jarrett the target of Roseanne's tweet,today said Iger reached out and,apologized before making the news public,she addressed the controversy tonight on,MSNBC's town hall on racism I think we,have to turn it into a teaching moment,I'm fine I'm worried about all the,people out there who don't have a circle,of friends and followers who come right,to their defense when you first heard,about their tweets what did you think I,honestly did not think ABC would cancel,the show I thought that they would buy,their time and put out some statements,pull the show from rotation later today,Hulu and Viacom following shoot pulling,past episodes of the comedy from their,platforms that included its first run in,the 80s and 90s then her agency ICM,dropping her saying she violated our,core values,it's a shocking end to the number one,show on TV whose premiere in March grabs,27 million pairs of eyeballs a show that,the network the Kasden and the Americans,had so much hope for I'm on my way to,the set of the Roseanne show for the,Roseanne show reboot it's been 20 years,pretty amazing it's very exciting but it,was very emotionally overwhelming this,is one of the biggest stories of the,year in television now Roseanne already,was huge it was number one it came on,like a freight train huge in the ratings,making a lot of money for ABC for them,to so swiftly cancel this show they're,gonna take a hit a show made for this,moment,Roseanne's TV family the Connors just,like any family complicated funny and,politically diverse on the liberal left,side of the family tree,Roseanne's sister Jackie what's up and,on the conservative side it was Dan rose,in the politically incorrect heads of,the family thank you for making America,great again their roles resonated with,middle America with some of the highest,numbers of viewers in cities like Tulsa,Cincinnati and Pittsburgh we spent time,with ABC News contributor and,conservative pollster Frank Luntz who,brought together a mix of Democrats and,Republicans in a focus group to see if,roseanne would bring the room together,or drive them apart,what is it about the current political,environment that makes Roseann so,powerful gives Donald Trump voters a,voice that is not normally seen in pop,culture these days but the Democrats,liked the show as much if not more than,the Republicans I find it offensive with,the jokes I feel like it's a good,balance it's having a family that's,having a very blunt dialogue with each,other whereas people among friends are,not having dialogues it's somebody just,asked me what recently why don't what,you want to talk about it and I said,because I don't want to argue with you,dad will you tell her how stupid she's,being that's never worked out for me the,counter families return on March 27th,was the highest-rated comedy episode on,any network in almost four years,it was far beyond any other news show,all the shows that you think of as the,biggest shows in television Roseanne was,bigger than that that wouldn't be the,Jeana wouldn't the show at a history of,pushing boundaries since its debut in,1988 race there's no exception like the,time the Connors son DJ says he doesn't,want to kiss the black girl in his,school play hey talk to donut I hate you,I'll fine you don't have to kiss me in,the reboot DJ ends up married to that,girl bars entire career was built on,raising eyebrows beginning with her,stand-up act in the 1980s which took a,frank look at family life and this is,her very first appearance on national,television would you welcome Roseanne,Barr Roseanne she got her big break on,The Tonight Show I hate that word,housewife' I prefer to be called,domestic goddess and the national,exposure eventually led to her own,sitcom in real life Roseanne Barr isn't,all that different from Roseanne Connor,both speak their minds and both are,Trump supporters have you looked at the,news because now things are worse not on,the real news the president capitalizing,on her popularity even reaching out to,congratulate her on the success of her,new show even look at R

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Hannah Cancels Luke P & Twitter Reacts to Bachelorette Men Tell All Drama

Hannah Cancels Luke P & Twitter Reacts to Bachelorette Men Tell All Drama

I'm sorry for this whole thing with Luke,Twitter has a lot to say about Luke P,after Monday night's episode so if you,watch last night's episode of The,Bachelorette then you know there was,apparently a guy named Devin on the show,John Paul Jones ruined a ph day and Luke,P is still full of shitake mushrooms,were not a part of last night's men tell,all,but there sure were a lot of chicken,nuggets speaking of nuggets last night's,episode was basically the Luke P show,once again which thankfully Hannah Brown,canceled finally I'm tired of talking,about him Chris are you tired of talking,about him amen are y'all tired but let's,back up a second so in the beginning of,the episode we picked up where we left,off last week you know when Luke P shows,up even though he was already kicked off,stands next to the other guys at the,rose ceremony even though he was already,kicked off and then proceeded to tell,Hannah she needs to hear him out even,though he was already kicked off,unsurprisingly Hannah reminds him that,he shouldn't be there and tell them he,needs to leave but he wouldn't take no,for an answer,for like 15 minutes when someone says no,means no Hannah couldn't have made it,more clear she didn't want him there I,mean at one point the girl literally,picked up the roast and and moved it so,Luke P wasn't in front of it oh my god,boy all right but still he just wasn't,getting it finally after the 30th time,of her telling him she truly does not,want him there he left and we got,straight into the Luke beat sorry,the men tell all episode during men tell,all Luke P was interviewed by Chris,Harrison and took approximately the,length of an entire episode to answer a,single question for instance when he was,asked the very hard question are you,looking for a woman to put in a glass,case and then pull down when you need,her he really had to think about it,just give me a second Kristen don't,worry I'll save us some time and tell,you that after two hours of thinking,about it loopy did eventually decide,that no that's not what he's looking for,well you guys after Luke Keys appearance,on the show and disappearance because at,one point he literally just left,people on Twitter had a lot to say about,well everything like this user who wrote,quote Luke P trying to explain himself,with this office gift that says,sometimes I'll start a sentence and I,don't even know where it's going,I just hope I find it along the way then,there was this user who tweeted quote me,listening to Luke P talk along with,these pics of Connor and Mike which by,the way same then of course there was,this educational tweet that I truly hope,Luke sees that says quote I think,someone needs to share this with Luke P,along with the definition of gaslight,which is to manipulate someone by,psychological means into questioning,their own sanity hmm,sounds familiar and lastly one of my,favorite tweets is this one here that,says Luke peace struggling to answer,these interview questions like along,with this meme of Spongebob going,through files such as let me be clear,misogyny blaming Hanna and straight-up,ignoring the question just to name a few,but on that note you guys that is all I,have to share with you right now make,sure to let me know down in the comments,what you thought of last night's episode,and what do you think is going to happen,from here once you're done with that,make sure to hit the Bell and the,subscribe button because we have an,entire Luke P free finale next week and,I couldn't be more excited,even though Jed is unfortunately still,there as always I'm your self-proclaimed,bachelor expert Renee Arielle follow me,on social Outernet Arielle and I'll see,you guys next time

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