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Poor Babes Wodumo Mampintsha Impregnated Bases Ex Friend And Got Muthi Girl In The House Allegedlyhi

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Poor Babes Wodumo Mampintsha Impregnated Bases Ex Friend And Got Muthi Girl In The House Allegedly

hi ninjas how are you guys doing it's,your girl or nature aka Miss fearful,following back for entertainment who,ciao I'm sorry,I know this makes no sense but I filmed,these videos back to back so to you guys,this is like,a new video this is like video number,three for me so yeah I'm sorry about,that but welcome to the Channel please,do make sure that you subscribe if it's,your first time and um if you are a,ninja thank you for watching please do,make sure that you thumbs up this video,obviously,um but anyway ninjas before we get into,this video please do go ahead and watch,the shout out,hello Ninjas hi Omi thank you so much,for this great opportunity my name is,saki so guys my channel focuses on,fashion we do Luxury unboxings and,luxury reviews we do incorporate like,you know traveling Vlogs as well so if,this is something that you enjoy,watching on YouTube please head over to,my channel and show me some love please,head over there and subscribe thank you,bye now ninjas I do this shout out so,that obviously we can help each other,grow I will leave the link of the,channel in the description box down,below so please do make sure that you do,um the right thing and obviously make,sure that you subscribe to the ninjas um,Channel,um and so yeah let's help each other,grow guys please do make sure that you,also are obviously as I said subscribe,and also please do make sure that you,comment to say that Queen ninja sent you,guys and just bombard this ninja with,love please okay anyway just let's go,ahead and get into this channel we're,going to be talking about babes who will,do more and man Binger obviously my,major did pass away and and I think,we're at this point,we all have seen the things that are,going on but I got 10 on um you know,tando shoppe's video that is on Tick,Tock and when I tell you guys that my,jaw was literally dropped now I do have,to also say she recorded this video,before my major even passed away so I do,have to give um,um a head that go ahead and watch this,video and I'll be back with the rest of,my coming dream,Street women and things have said,Linda's people work with tando,is it an exaggerated representation of,what marriage is like,or just how how true is it because,have been married for as long as their,kid has been alive which is roughly a,year in that year,omanda,omanda,has Charlotte,babes's whole team of backup dancers,bases fired,those ones got new ones and they shell,out all of them and then slept with some,of them in that same year,he has impregnated,babes's former friend,which means,safe sex is not practice,so he is putting her life in danger with,any kind of diseases I mean he might be,getting in this street,she has sold her royalties her rights to,songs to some obscure unknown recording,label who's also taken over babes's,Twitter account and Instagram account,meanwhile he's running around looking,for a lawyer,to get a prenup even though now it's too,late they've been married so that he,ensures that babes doesn't kill him and,then get his money,remember he's selling babes he's playing,with babies money but he's concerned,about her killing him getting money and,buying buses after he's dead when she,inquires about any of the things that he,does he gaslights her,his mother cannot stand her,there's a couple,she apologizes she buys a quote to,apologize and then out of nowhere she,goes to the tabloids and speaks ilover,she seeks counsel from that Pastor,questionable,um but he he evades him doesn't want to,hear a thing from him so he really he,has no intention of changing he doesn't,want to be told what to do and how to,live his life let alone his married life,and she's sitting there going I don't,know what to do,hello her best solution was to go around,sleeping with every man,or every baby daddy of every person,that's ever slept with one bench and the,thing is about she strikes me as a,person who doesn't,she doesn't sit around for crap right,like she also spoke about how she's also,only drama yeah which I think was called,for she's also dabbled in infidelity in,response to her husband's infidelity of,course but she's,taking me right,why are you doing this to yourselves you,don't have to be married you do not,no I don't know why she's getting all,this information I would assume it's,from watching that show I am not going,to lie you guys I did not watch season,one I did not watch season two I don't,know how many seasons are there you guys,know that I did not support the,relationship I just felt how the hell am,I going to support,um a woman that is staying with a and a,woman beta you know um we can say a lot,of things about him but a good husband,is one of those things that if you said,who is going straight to hell for lying,you know like,in my personal opinion anyway I don't,think your Guru has benefit beautiful,wife I don't think you're a good husband,if you you know like do all the kind of,stuff that he used to do to her,um and so yeah you know like it was just,crazy but the part that l

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Mampintsha's Death| Babes Wodumo found out on Social Media| Twitter is Insensitive

Mampintsha's Death| Babes Wodumo found out on Social Media| Twitter is Insensitive

hey lovey so come to fakaza with cows,today we sadly announced the passing of,the 40 year old Mandela mapumulo who's,popularly known as mamping chair one,pinche who is I'm married to babe so,Juma and was also a member of thickness,the 14 year old was admitted at King,Edwards Hospital in Durban then later,transferred to David Hospital in Devon,Central,according to my Vengeance sister they,received a call on Saturday the 17th of,December informing them to rise to his,house when they got there the manpincha,looked very sick and his speech was,already affected man binja told them,that he had consulted with a sangoma,that told him that he had to do a,traditional ceremony he asked his mother,and sister to buy gold and in paper so,that he could perform the ritual,unfortunately he never showed up,he informed that the family should do,their ritual without him unfortunately,days later they hear that he had,suffered a stroke and was in hospital,the family of man Binger fell sidelined,by bibisodumo who is manpinter's wife,because they claim that whenever they,called her she would tell them that,mampinja was fine,well in Avenues,it's claimed that babes will do more,found out from social media that,manpinger has died there claims that the,nurse of the hospital linked the,information to their prayers apartment,being just there before informing their,family therefore leading to people do,more finding out from the social media,it is actually sad to hear that there,are nurses who actually do that,who in other things people on Twitter,were claiming that oh no it's actually a,good thing that man being Japanese,finally free because following those,claims you remember the time babes,wodumo was abused by my pincher and,whatever so people believe that it's,good riddance to bad rubbish I I really,think it's not a good time to make those,claims or to comment like that because,in all Humanity someone has passed the,episode do more really loved my ninja,because nothing was facing babes would,do much to stay in that relationship in,the first place so it means she,genuinely loved man Binger and she,wasn't even ready to leave him,Zoom,also,guys there are claims that man pincha,might have not died from the stroke but,gay who knows,anyways we're sending condolences to,people do more and my pinches Sun sponge,we also sending condolences to his,family so that like they can feel better,like imagine spending Christmas while,morning it's really sad anyway life is,please like comment and subscribe love,you guys

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Trader Babes Live: Trading Indicators & Strategies for Scalping, Day Trading, Swing Trades

Trader Babes Live: Trading Indicators & Strategies for Scalping, Day Trading, Swing Trades

these are just a few examples that,i think it would be helpful because,whoever leaves tonight,i hope that they,they get to at least,learn one very effective indicator,because honestly sometimes that's all,you need,and we'll go ahead and talk about how we,you and me discuss this issue of,sometimes uh,using,um more than,um,needed indicators,where you know you just end up being,confused and,you don't trade as good as you probably,could have using a couple in indicators,and using them,very good so there's a saying that says,highlight,um what you're good at and,you know stop worrying about the stuff,you're not so good at,so this would be one way of,testing this strategy,a few things only,two,three things,maximum and just get really good at it,and,see if that might be more,rewarding in the trading for you,everyone's different but i feel like,given that 90 percent of,day traders so they say are not,successful,maybe there is uh,an issue in that area of,needing to always have so many,indicators and,you know it might work for a few people,it doesn't work for some,so,sometimes i just take random screenshots,of something that i like and,uh i like to,keep it in my files to remind me how,much i like a certain indicator you can,go ahead with the next one actually,because,uh yeah so for example this one is apple,uh chart from yesterday,um it's a five minute,part and um so what i want to talk to,everyone about is my favorite indicator,of course i have,definitely a top three and i could talk,about all three of them,but,i want,someone to leave knowing one indicator,really well instead of having to,just,you know hear a bunch of stuff and don't,remember it so let's just for me while,i'm talking um i want to cover moving,averages,and,the normal moving averages that people,use across the board usually are uh five,moving average a very important one one,of the most popular ones,and then um there is the 20 moving,average,a 50 moving average and uh,200 moving average of course you can,also have a 100 moving average and so on,but um do if you had to pick four those,are the ones i would recommend,and um,the 200 moving average are,great for,traders that it's probably the strongest,support of all the moving averages,because,you know big money and people who are,more experienced with capital who are,willing to really just come in get out,with one person not not risk,much uh you know when there's a pullback,on a 200 moving average whether it's not,a if they're a day trader they'll use it,on a,five minute chart on a 50 minute chart,if they are,um,swing traders they'll definitely buy on,that 200 moving average so,i mean by definitely obviously if there,was a definitely warren buffet would,be even much richer than he is you know,i did but that uh we'd have to say like,a very high probability and those are,the kind of trades we want to be in,so that's your 200 moving average and,the five moving average,is the on the other side of the spectrum,the fastest moving average usually,no one uses,anything less than that,you know,so,the five moving average can be used for,two things one,if if you're having a,stuck you know on a very good run and,it's pretty much holding five moving,average through its run you have no,reason to take profit you have no reason,to,you know,think otherwise,everything is going well,and,it also can be used for,someone like an early early short who,would use a five minute,candle closing below a five moving,average of course that makes it that,much riskier because,uh it's a it's a very short,term moving average but,some early short scalpers use the break,of five moving averages so,right now i only explained,what,they act as supports and which ones are,important but i do want to highlight,something that's usually,it's one of the best,ways to use a moving average,it's so overlooked and under taught,and that would be the crosses between,the bridges,and also the slope so those two things,so if you thought moving averages were,used to be great,previously for support this is a hundred,times,more confirmation,um and um,a lot more,probable to know what your trend is,so,the crosses and the slopes,tell you more about the trend,so now you add,using moving averages as support like i,said earlier and then now you can tell,trends with it so,if you just have moving averages on your,chart that means,that uh you literally,are good to go because we got support,resistance and we got uh,good time,and uh,erica if there's something we want to,say before i i'll show this couple,examples,okay,so this is um just a good example of,the,spy today on the five minute chart,another beauty of,having,this indicator the moving average,crosses and slopes is that you can use,it on,almost all time frames on five minute if,you're intro,day trader on daily chart if you're a,swing trader,to look out for it and if you're just a,badass,and you want to use it,to really know the trend of a stock,you can refer to daily chart see if you,see a cross,up,for a bullish indica

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foreign,welcome back to the O show everything,crypto and nfts every day I'm your host,with the most windy oh thank you guys so,much for being here with me today it is,Taco Tuesday happy happy Taco Tuesday,but much much much much much,um so I love tacos I think they're,outstanding but I'm not gonna be eating,tacos today I'm actually gonna be eating,eggs today and the reason why I'm going,to be eggs is because I have a dozen in,the fridge that I need to finish about,halfway done and we're going through an,egg shortage and I'm ready to cry,because I love eggs they make me so,happy they they taste so good and so,when I make an egg sandwich I do,I do one slice of bread because trying,to you know watch my girlish figure so I,do I toast one slice of bread put butter,on it then I put the eggs in the frying,pan with a little bit of milk,um a bunch of cheese and then I get um,butter on the bread,Mayo ketchup,red pepper flakes eggs ham or if you're,not a um a pork eater you can go ahead,and do honey turkey ham or excuse me,honey turkey very very good and then I,put some avocado and some red pepper,flakes so I'm about to eat that once I'm,done well I think I have a call I don't,know I'll probably make that for myself,because I'm hungry but we're going to,talk about xrp so shout out to the xrp,Army shout out to the flare airdrop like,I know a bunch of people that have,gotten it and you know what I wish I,would have just dumped a thousand,dollars in xrp not looked at it and just,got the airdrop that could have probably,would have made me quite a bit of money,but I didn't I didn't I was wrong on,that that's okay um I think I did have,some xrp on um crypto exchange so I,gotta check to see if it's still there,and then I believe I had some on Celsius,so whatever I hold there it's just gone,just gone with the really terrible thing,about the whole xrp situation is that,the SEC has gone after xrp and it just,absolutely sucks it makes me mad,um I do think I mean I know y'all are,gonna come for me I do think extra B,essentialized to an extent,um but I think pretty much everything is,centralized unless it's Bitcoin to an,extent um and that's not a Slam against,the project because I support you all,against your endeavors against the SEC,all I'm saying all I'm saying is that is,that,I think it's a little bit centralized,but that's okay you guys come for me in,the comments all day long but if you're,gonna come for me in the comments you,better buy me an egg sandwich because,that's what I would like to eat before,we get started I want to show you guys,this little bit of a little clip that my,team member showed me but this is from,Wall Street Silver the co this Costco is,completely sold out of eggs 2020 was,toilet paper 2023 is going to be run on,eggs get yours now part of this is a,vein flu and reduced numbers Productions,so that makes total sense I totally get,it but it just sucks like,before we're going to get into xrp but,one of the things I do want to mention,is like the way the public servants are,been doing things like we're in this,recession we have a shortage of,everything a lot of different food,production plants a lot of like farms,and all types things are getting shut,down and we're just not being told about,it so it just sucks because we have all,these people in the world and we don't,have enough food to feed these people,because part of the way our there's too,much red tape like I get having some,sort of light regulation,but we don't it's literally out of,control,literally out of control,foreign,somebody just texted me about my mic and,it's falling that's why it's like all,cuckoo,um I gotta fix this,but thank you okay I hope this is better,I'm gonna doing my best doing my best,anyways um,all right let's talk about xrp before I,get myself distracted because when yoga,gets very very distracted very easily um,when people message me because that's,just what I do and I also fix my chair a,bit a bit better,but anyways let's take a look at the,flare airdrop and see what in the actual,heck is happening so flare flare tokens,airdrop to xrp Holders after two years,flare price plummets the airdrop was,long awaited by the xrp community with,the project aiming to become the smart,contract protocol that uses the xrp,Ledger I like The xrp Ledger I've used,it for um I have used it for the,solargenic nfts I have one and whatever,it's The xrp Ledger is a lot harder to,use than like um ethereum and a lot of,the other stuff like it's just it's not,as user friendly in my opinion and,that's okay hopefully they can make some,changes but it makes sense that the,price of flare dropped,um because people are literally selling,these people have been holding xrp like,the xrp community is so so powerful so,big so massive so powerful and these,people you guys have been very loyal to,your community you guys been holding you,know holding xrp for the airdrop and,doing all these things and you guys,deserve to take profit so I totally,understand why the pri

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14 Mind Blowing Hacks For Twitter Success -The Blog Babes

14 Mind Blowing Hacks For Twitter Success -The Blog Babes

hi everybody this is michelle Grisby i,am here with my beautiful business,partner Donna Rios hi Donna how are you,hey Michelle oh I'm doing well I'm doing,really well I'm really excited about,today's training and um we're just going,to ignore all our technical things,because you just love the internet and,you know but what's really exciting is,that the fact that you know we still get,to do this and um I can I'm looking at,myself and thinking whoa you need some,help hi Donna how are you I think that,was me doing I'm joke no but I wanted to,really quickly welcome everybody Donna,you are beautiful and you are,intelligent and my gosh you're like the,full package yeah you could be very,smart you guys and folks I am just,really excited that you're here because,today we're going to bring you some,really cool tips on some things that is,going to help take your business to the,next level and you know Don and I we,both work from home and is an absolute,awesome pleasure to be able to do so I'm,able to you know live with my mom and,help take care of her as she's,recuperating from an illness and you,know if I had a nine-to-five job that,would be really stressful and very,expensive because I'd have to hire,somebody to watch her and instead I have,to be here to take care of her and and,watch over her and all that and it just,gives me so much pleasure to be able to,say that yeah it's it's possible that,you can absolutely have a business,working from home and Donna you can work,from home for a while too haven't you I,have it's been you know I don't I don't,I not good with just time you know and,just in general um I know it's been like,five years you know that we've been,doing this but um you know I personally,you know yeah,online for a long time you know I do web,designing in that kind of stuff so,that's put me online and created my,skills and my talents and abilities but,now learning how to market yourself and,market your skills and and abilities or,your products or services that's a whole,nother ball game and that's when we you,know I just really felt like I took off,and really um uh got into the neck and,into the swing of things when i align,myself with specific people and then,when Michelle and I kind of partner,together you know um we helped each,other kind of staying focused and,growing each other's businesses but at,the same time you know what we were,trying to do with the blog babes,absolutely and guys speaking of which,the blog babes we are really excited to,invite you to look at our earners inner,circle training and all you do guys is,you put the blood bank calm and just,over on the navigation bar just click on,inner circle or just go to the blog,babes calm inner dash circle and what we,want is we want to invite you to,consider looking at joining our inner,circle because that is a place that Don,and I have created where we have people,that a like-minded we can mastermind,share ideas motivate each other we are,here to help you take your business to,the next level we you know being,experienced marketers we're here to help,critique your work and give you,recommendations on what to do and we,also are going to give you exactly the,step by steps you need to start from,scratch and the most important thing,though is that Don and I are going to,make ourselves available to do,one-on-one coaching and give you a place,where you can have questions answered as,they come up and help you keep on track,and focused because it can get,frustrating when you're trying to,establish an online business and you,know there are certain things that we,recommend that you do not do and there's,certain things that we recommend that,you do do and I think that Don and I can,both admit that we learn that the hard,way and you know the rule of thumb is,that there's in order for you to become,an expert at something you need to,invest about 10,000 hour,into learning your your skill aircraft,and what we want to do is we want to be,able to help cut that like drastically,right Donna oh yeah most definitely and,you know in life for shell and I learned,it in delight she said you know we learn,the hard way because when you're coming,online you think you can do everything,for free and you think that you can do,it all yourself and sometimes it takes a,little bit of time for you to kind of,stumble along and following your face a,couple difference to realize that hey I,do need a little bit of help and even,just a little bit of coaching every once,in a while to kind of stay focused on,the right direction or to stay focused,on the things that you're really wanting,to to grow into portray so uh um so,that's what we're offering here we're,really excited like Michelle said about,this we're really focusing on the,support aspect of the inner circle you,know with our top secret um facebook,group where Michelle and I are going to,be pretty active in we're going to be,doing webinars you know just,specifically for our group and um and,we're just really excited to be able t

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Weight Loss 2023 Let's OVERCOME The Odds #dietitian

Weight Loss 2023 Let's OVERCOME The Odds #dietitian

Jason and I just got done filming a,little couple's video for Jason's,Channel if you guys aren't subscribed,over there he's got some great content,great training content as well for dogs,if you're dog owners but we just did a,video for these guys they slept through,the whole thing I don't know what it is,about this room in this space but both,of them are just equipped to sleep when,I'm in here talking we've got the rest,of the afternoon ahead of us it is,Sunday so I have a lot to do today,today's always my jam-packed day we,already got in a workout this morning I,did some cardio but now I got to do a,little bit of meal prepping figure out,what I'm going to eat for the week it's,already the second week of January I,don't know if any of you all,set New Year's resolutions for,yourselves we'll talk a little bit about,that in this video I really didn't set,any specific goals but I do have a,couple things to throw out there for,resolutioners that I want you all to,know to stay successful so we'll talk,about that in a bit wait a second wait a,second,I wasn't bidding who's who's really meal,prepping I wasn't sending here's who's,my what do you want for what do you want,for your workout what do you want for,your work week,so here's the thing Jason's been really,good at helping me meal prep he's been,fantastic I'll ever lie about that babe,yeah I know but we've been on a soup,kick where you go on bags you getting,down that's fine,so and you can find the soup recipe I,think in my last Vlog right the last,time I vlogged,um you'll find Jason's soup recipe I am,still on Jason's soup game it's been,fantastic so I've been on a soup and,sandwich diet Jason's been making me,wraps too and we have a few different,varieties of wraps should we make one do,you want another one today and I'll make,it and you can just film me though too I,got you okay so here's what I was gonna,say about meal prepping see just exactly,just like I said who who's meal forever,it was really meal prep so guys this,Cara's wearing my merch that's always,the sweetest thing that she's wearing my,merch look at that look at that I don't,have many ZIP down hoodies and I prefer,ZIP down zip Downs of course even if you,don't have Corsos this is a badass,hoodie because it also it's got an back,big one oh yeah for me it's it's a,little bit of nostalgia because I,married my skateboarder boyfriend so it,reminds me of zerosuke his love for zero,skateboards hashtag JB Thomas you're,watching what up but he's not Jason's,been super helpful why don't we just go,show them what I'm gonna do he basically,does it all and then I just added little,sides and snacks,look at this boy how happy wow this,guy's just sleepy,there's a lot of dog in this room,oh he is sound asleep,because they don't get to see their dogs,as much on my channel,next to him,see they're big and used,it yes,can you tell how long he is I'll,probably get this on here because you,get it all the time he's not as big as,Bruce and he is not gonna outweigh Bros,he's definitely like weighing a lot less,than Bruce did at Bruce's age Justice,turned one in November so he's 14 months,now yep yep so he's still growing but,he's just,not going to be as big as Birds no he,does big boned no not his big bone but,he will fell out it takes a long time on,these dogs he'll keep growing in length,and height until he's 18 to 20 months,he's so tired he's full grown around,three and a half yeah so it's gonna be a,while,these guys are pretty poop because they,had a pretty epic uh morning with us we,took him out on the canal off leash so,that they could kind of run around and,pee on all the things and be puppy dogs,right,yeah so dad's gonna help me meal prep,and we'll show you guys New Year's,resolutions does this dietitian promote,them I wouldn't say I promote them but,I'm not against them my sister Alyssa is,actually a product of a New Year's,resolution many years ago with a weight,loss school and she has maintained that,for,gosh like at least 10 years now she has,maintained that goal she's set out to do,on January 1. so I'm not against them,but there's a reason and there's a,difference why my sister was successful,and you won't be so the key here is,actually setting yourself up with,Lifestyle Changes changes that excite,you that you're willing to implement,that you're willing to work hard for and,that you're willing to continue to,develop as time and life goes on because,life's going to throw you some you,have to be able to adapt to it so for,those of you who are just jumping on,that keto wagon or jumping on whatever,other fad diet is out there,you may not be so successful maybe you,will be first that period of time maybe,you'll fall off the wagon my best simple,advice for you is to just look at your,lifestyle think about things that you,know you should be changing I would bet,my bank account that not one of us could,say no there's not one thing I could,change or do different I'm doing,everything perfect we all have things we,can

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I Went Sneaker Shopping In New York!

I Went Sneaker Shopping In New York!

all right man it's a rainy day but we,out here sneaker shot we finally made it,to riff New York man shout out to rear,family uh shout out to Jeff shots my boy,PJ,um they got a store out here they just,opened in April so if you're new to the,area if you're in New York you need some,Street where you need some clothes man,check them out 69 Mercer Street,um but it's about to pop in right now,I need some new shoes,foreign,collection in New York City this is,about like 30 of them 36ish the rest of,them we have about 100 in stock with a,lot of Warehouse,um in the first five years the most,expensive being they call our shop right,there,how much is that 30k,what's the cheapest the cheapest would,be the Care Bear over there,for 600 yeah that's not even that bad,what's up what's the one that's like uh,without the fur that's the cheapest,without the first cheese yes it would be,Mike Wazowski he's 800 800 okay like two,grand for some reason like three grand,so they write so how much of like the,regular bear bricks right now man the,little ones vary it starts at around,like 150 it can go up to around like a,thousand five hundred all depends what,you're looking for that's another Care,Bear that'll be around like 150. man,maybe I'll buy me a pair of brick today,man you know what I'm saying for the,decoration Chris oh it was like a 200,bear break 200 maybe three maybe three,Magic Johnson right there comes with 100,as well what about is this Venom no it's,not very yeah I don't know Carnage,Carnage yeah how much is that oh 200.,does it come with that one too yep if a,400 has 100 in front of it it's a set if,it doesn't have one they just never came,out with it for example that one right,there,okay see look see this is where it gets,a little complicated y'all this is where,you know I'd rather get me some shoes if,I'm buying that you know but that's,crazy so that you said that one was 30k,yep 30 000.,um yeah I'd say the most expensive one,that we sold was a vape anniversary one,it was like multi-colored for around,like 9 000 pounds what about the OVO one,the OVO one I believe,Blues,Nate what you think bro,I love me some dunks forces those are,nice These are nice too oh they got the,unions here,'s how these are not a half,three right now,this one too for sure,this is some casual stuff man you know,what I'm saying I could go out to eat,pop these up,this shouldn't be too bad if anything we,just take it on next paycheck for the,month so it was good you know it's,probably a little slide again I'll let,it slide one time you know hit the like,button amen so we can pay off these,shoes it's Christmas time,bro,my toes are gonna be like this curled up,the whole,damn I love these shoes I was trying to,get them what is the price on those now,did they go down,275 yeah it was brand new dude I was at,a sneaker cop I almost bought this for,600 bucks yeah and,um,Anaheim I think it was in August I,almost bought them for 600 because I,want I think that's how much they were,right or 400 they're pretty hot yeah so,luckily what I think bro what no way,what are these Jack is playing flea,market dollars Cactus what cactus plant,flea market looks like a plant almost,can we see these oh yeah I got you bro,I'll be right back sweet whoa what,bro,what are these foreign,I've never seen these that's fire,I'd wear these to like inside the house,that's it I don't know if I could pop,out that I I don't know if I could pull,this off me personally you didn't close,off I might shave it down I'll probably,do it like a ghillie suit or something,oh you would cut this yeah,the other shoe has like a note that says,please trim me oh that's actually,interesting all right 400 let me know if,y'all caught this for us oh so one of,them is green one of them is was is,brown nah that's ridiculous I would,never buy them I'm sorry,that's some like real fashion stuff bro,I can't pull that off I'm a real basic,guy y'all you already know this see like,I love me some um sakais those are one,of my favorite shoes,it's kind of a favorite,do you guys have the,oh are these the lost and founds,how much are these running for right now,around like 450.,do you have a nine and a half I believe,so we should,I didn't hit on the sneakers app you,know,I don't think I've wanted the sneakers,happen over five years,you hitting on sneakers having a wall,never I don't even want anything I,stopped trying you went on the sneakers,app one time yeah one time it was the PG,PlayStation that's the only one I ever,won,officially,you guys actually have them yeah we got,them down,all right,okay 475 lost and found I can't really,go wrong with those I love ones,uh,those dogs oh,babes bathing Apes,are they kind of coming back is that a,big shoe in New York bathing Apes yeah,very popular especially anything with,like a university blue on it you know a,nicer color so marble bases too they,came out as very popular especially,because the package them too it's,different bro because in La I've never,seen this much bakes I

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Trader Babes: Options Flow, Dark Pool Data, Options Chain with Whalestream Ep 16

Trader Babes: Options Flow, Dark Pool Data, Options Chain with Whalestream Ep 16

hey everyone,welcome to another episode of trader,vapes my name is erica,don't forget to like share and subscribe,and,follow us on twitter at trader babes,today's episode we are going to be,talking about,options flow a very powerful under,utilized tool that can help with options,trading,and stock trading as well because a lot,about the sentiment and the flow of a,stock can be seen through options flow,we are going to be joined by the creator,and founder of,whale stream which is an options flow,service we are going to get a special,behind-the-scenes tour of the product,and talk to him about how to utilize it,in our own trading,aria have you used any options flow in,your,options trading yet i use,just the regular option flow alerts um,unusual activities but this seems very,interesting and i,i feel like i'm gonna learn plenty yeah,before the episode i had a chance to go,through the product myself,and josh is actually going to give our,viewers at the end of the episode a,discount code that they can use to sign,up,um but i had a chance to look through,the product and it seems,really powerful i'm really excited that,the creator of this is going to actually,go through and show us how to use it to,its full potential um but it can be a,really powerful tool because you can see,where these,giant block orders are coming in um,because as we all know it always seems,like someone knows something before,all of us so it kind of just like that,extra,little something for us to try and get,in on the action,yeah follow the big money always,right it's just going to be very good,and i hope everybody utilizes,it because uh tools like this are the,game,changers yeah definitely anything that,we can,do to have an advantage um,especially when it's just a tool,that we can use easily it's not another,strategy to learn,another indicator to try and follow,anything like that just a different kind,of tool and,anything that we could use to our,advantage is is always great,um and we're really excited to have josh,from,whale stream with us i'll go ahead and,bring him in and we'll get started,okay,hey josh can you hear us,you're on mute just i am unmuted now,hello,thank you so much for coming on today we,just did your,introduction where i was telling arya,that i had a chance to go through your,product a little bit,earlier um and we're really excited to,get,an inside tour from you just to begin,could you tell us a little bit about,what whale stream,is and how did you get this idea to come,up for it,yeah of course thank you so much for,having me on by the way,um first podcast so a little nervous but,uh,we'll get through it we'll get through,it don't be nervous,we're we're here to help you along all,right awesome thank you,so well stream uh basically it's an,option flow platform we show,real time option flow,more focused on the whales so we're,focused on the larger orders larger,premiums,big buys um it also has some other,filters that the orders would need to,meet,in order to show up on our feed it's all,in real time as the orders take place,um so that you can basically track the,smart money,whale investors and see the positions,that they're,opening and closing because we do show,the sales as well,um well that's nice so you you,you say whether it's a buy or a sell on,your platform,yeah it's implied by if it's filled on,the ask side or on the,on the bid side so if it's on the bid,side it's implied that it's a sale we,can't,we can't know for sure but most likely,uh the whale is selling,in that scenario and we actually we,don't mix them together,because that would get a little bit,confusing um so we actually have,our main uh platform will show the buys,and then you toggle a little switch and,then you can look at the sales as well,so you can kind of,follow the wells see what they're buying,but then you could also cross-reference,it against the sales to see if they're,also,quickly getting out as well and how did,you,get this idea like did it just come to,you one day or was it something that you,saw,with your own trading that was lacking,so there's some other platforms that,exist and i was using them,and my partner was using them and we,both thought they could definitely use,some improvement,and my pro my partner is actually a,programmer,and he's like yeah we can make such a,better version of this,i'm not going to say any names of what,those platforms were but um,basically uh we wanted to make it a much,more,clear and easy to read,and digest basically what you're looking,at so that you can,easily comprehend and see what uh,basically take in all that information,all really quickly,so uh basically it was redoing the whole,user interface to make it,really easy on the eyes easy to quickly,get,what's hopefully uh figure out the,intent yeah,hopefully figure out the intent of the,trade so we put a lot of additional,indicators,sounds like you built something simple i,have not had the chance to look at it,but i cannot wait to get on it right,after,we're done i w

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