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Updated on Jan 27,2023

How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools) -

hello everybody welcome to, youtube channel,today we will talk about twitter,auditing and how you can perform it,so what exactly do we mean by twitter,auditing and what exactly do we mean by,auditing,first of all auditing is the idea of,pinpointing and figuring out the,problems that you might be facing,finding ways to solve them and at the,end of the day turning them into,advantages,so twitter auditing is this finding ways,to improve your engagement rates and,interactions,by pinpointing the problems that you are,facing,and the problems that deter people from,interacting,your site with your site so let's take a,look,at the demographics of the twitter,audience first of all,what strikes us the most is that women,and people between the ages of,25 to 34 appear to be the leading force,among your followers,so it is a very young platform that,mostly constitutes of people,between the ages of 25 to 34,and it is a female dominant platform,also the average median income of these,people,are much higher than compared to,other social media platforms probably,because,the education level of twitter is much,higher,compared to other social media platforms,as well,so now that we know the demographics of,the twitter audience,let's understand ways figure out ways,how we can improve,our twitter performance,by acknowledging the key points of,twitter auntie,the first thing that we need to do is to,form a strategy,a solid strategy that will take us from,zero,to hero within minutes first of all what,we need to,identify our aim our goal and our,objective,and then by increasing brand awareness,and become a trendsetter or be,recognized as the expert in your niche,of course doing this is not very easy,and there isn't a certain formula of,doing this,however what we need to do first is to,form a strategy,that we will be following then,we need to start auditing first of all,we need to scan,our profile and figure out what what,what we might be doing wrong,for example have compliant profile,pictures,effective twitter bio refresh pin tweets,from time to time,so we can execute on-page seo for,twitter over here,we can come up with a good bio that,might attract the visitors,not very lengthy not very short the,perfect length and then use great,visuals,so that it attracts other people you,might know the saying,an image a visual speaks a thousand,words and that is true especially on,twitter,so make sure that it is visually,pleasing,then you need to audit your tweets are,there optimized do they contain,the keywords do they use hashtags,hashtags are really important,if you're not sure how you can do it,then you get specialized use specialized,tools for twitter analytics,that will give you an idea about how,you're doing,with your tweets after that,you need to audit your audience,if you are not speaking to the right,audience to the target audience then it,is time to change your target audience,or your content find out your top,mentioners,their location their interests and what,type of content,they are engaging with this is how you,find,your target audience that audit who you,are following,remove fake followers of course,like anything else you need to analyze,your follower base,and then remove redundant people that,are not organic that they don't follow,you back or people who,are fake because unfortunately a big,chunk of twitter,is composed of fake accounts and,therefore you need to remove them from,your,followers list then you need to improve,your score,by following these steps that will,automatically,come so to go over some of the things,that we have already mentioned,twitter is a very young platform,with people mostly people between the,ages 25 to 34,is a female dominant platform also,the median average income is higher,compared to other,websites uh social media platforms,such as well as the level of education,and therefore you need to come up with a,good strategy,while taking these info in mind,first you need to form a strategy,by taking a look at your profile what,needs to be worked on,and then you need to start auditing by,taking into account your tweets,your audience and the people that follow,you,and then if everything goes right you,will have improved your score at the end,of the day,thank you for watching don't forget to,comment and subscribe,you can find more information by,clicking the links in the description,we interrupt this video for a very,important yet very brief introduction,for our website, you can buy instagram,followers with instant delivery in 2020,but before we tell you how let's talk,about our features,and options you can buy instagram likes,followers views comments and reels on,,you can also buy backlinks from quality,websites,we also provide services from tiktok,facebook twitter,youtube and soundcloud and many more,you may have several questions in mind,like why are instagram followers,important,because buying instagram followers helps,your account get more visibility since,

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Powerful Tool to Know Real or Fake Twitter Followers!

Powerful Tool to Know Real or Fake Twitter Followers!

what is going on youtube this is man yet,again and in today's video from the meta,wealth by iac youtube channel i'm going,to be sharing with you guys a very,important analysis,on whenever i'm trying to research um a,project in terms of how many people are,following it um if there's engagement,and whether this is a good project or,not this is one of the,few few,few of many things that i look into,whenever i'm looking into,um the project and this tool,specifically helps me to,tell whether or not this project has,actually real followers or not um,because one of the biggest problem in,this space right now is especially with,twitter and discord you can buy bots you,can buy followers you can buy people um,doing um you know,what type engagement so this is where i,will take some time out to have a look,and see what is going on within the,community,and before i get into it as always make,sure to not take this video as financial,advice always make sure to do your own,research so without further ado let's,get into it,so what i want to do is i want to share,my screen here and i want you guys to,either open up new tab and type in this,link here called follow,follower,okay follower and the cool,thing about this program is you can,literally search,any twitter account all you need to do,is just at,enter the at username okay so here let's,take for example um i'm going to, and then this is um,this is the process of,me wanting to check out what the social,media is like so the twitter discord so,what i do is i'll take a look at the,twitter,okay what i do is i'll copy,after four slash of i'll,copy this,and then i'll go back onto, enter it and press,search,okay now what this tool will do it will,it will analyze the followers and,distinguish them between fake,inactive and active,now,here straight away if you see that,there's a big uh,big percentage of fake followers like,let's say example example like more than,20 25,then that would definitely be a red flag,for me i would definitely be like why is,there so many fake followers for,and here,it will give you details as to of those,percentage who are inactive who are,without profile who are with uh without,url and etc so you get some data uh to,see what kind of followers are following,this,project,now this is not to say that just looking,at this,will determine whether or not,these this project is having high,engagement or low engagement actually,what you should definitely do,is you should actually look into,the twitter account okay so let's have a,look in the twitter um,space yeti's okay so they've got 10 000,uh 10.5 k followers,um they've got their discord here,they've got,um it looks like a tokenomic which is,very good website here very good and,here what i'll do is how i'll have a,look to see what they're talking about,here,so,let's go in here,programming is officially open noise,i got mine already but i regret not,minting more now been waiting a long,time for the jesse finally is good great,team great community don't sleep you,already know what time it is what an,awesome project and so much just needed,more plasma holding my mind forever i,have two let's go let's go dope project,epicness let's,lfg,so lfg basically stands for let's f and,go yes he's got hey farm,it's good so this just seems,pretty good um,definitely definitely positive,engagement here which is nice to see,i guess one of the things that would uh,would be of my concern is the amount of,engagement,in proportion to the amount of supply,there is okay,so,um without going into a little bit uh,more depth into this um i would presume,that they have not um not fully sold out,yet um they're still they're still,um more left over i may be wrong but,just um based on experience uh just the,amount of engagement usually corresponds,to whether or not this is a high sellout,or,um it's a gradual sellout okay,so this is um,just uh just a few steps that i usually,take when looking into the analysis,definitely would look into the discord,and check out the website and also,how the community is engaging as well,just so just before i get into any mint,or buying of a second,secondary market,so i hope you guys enjoyed that video uh,if you're new to this channel please,make sure to hit that subscribe button,make sure to hit that bell notification,because,we're dedicated to making videos to get,you more educated on nft crypto,metaverse and all that and cool virtual,stuff,make sure you're following twitter and,discord,that's the place where we give you guys,uh updates and news of uh what's what's,the latest um,and yeah um,i'll see you guys all in the next year,um as always uh please make sure to,always do your own research and,have fun

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Cop Arrests Two People Just Because He Wanted To

Cop Arrests Two People Just Because He Wanted To

foreign,where we sort out the who and what and,the right and wrong of police,interactions this episode covers de,facto arrests the right to film and,Terry stops and is brought To Us by,ragamonkey's Channel be sure to check,out the description below and give them,the credit that they deserve on November,4th 2022 Auditors Rafael Antonio Gomez,Osorio who is also known as ragamonkey,and Joey's surreal camera began to film,officer heredio Rubio of the Miami,Police in Miami Florida as they walked,by his stopped Cruiser,scattered,you're blocking traffic,I'm doing my gum okay we didn't say,nothing,since you're here we didn't say anything,okay now I'm saying it to you since,you're here I want to see both of you,ideas,what are you doing what are you doing,bro keep your hands behind your back,come here I don't have like I have a set,of handcuffs for you I don't have ideas,for what what do you handcuffing before,call your sergeant I will what's the,crime,what's the crime what are you doing what,time did I come in can you tell me,what time did I come in,relax don't worry about it come over,here,right there what are you doing right,there,what's your name don't break my what are,you doing Breaking My Heart,why did we commit you know the statue,901 that's 151 okay let's continue to,listen,come over here,have a second,you can sit on top of him no no yes okay,I have a question why did you throw us,in the back seat because,you guys wear handcuffs for my safety,okay,it's very simple it's very simple okay,all kidding aside the one who did the,one who dictates how I do my job is me,no you,officer Heredia Rubio claims that he,handcuffed the Auditors and detained,them in the back of his vehicle for 30,minutes simply because he quote wanted,to as we will discuss later in this,episode it is clear that officer Heredia,Rubio did not have the Reasonable,Suspicion necessary to legally detain,the Auditors on the street let alone in,handcuffs in the back of a police,cruiser however even if he did have,Reasonable Suspicion to detain them,Accord would likely conclude that,officer Heredia Rubio violated the,fourth amendment by handcuffing the,Auditors and ordering them to sit in the,back seat of the cruiser for 30 minutes,while the use of handcuffs or placing,someone in the back of a police cruiser,does not automatically transform a Terry,stop detention which only requires,Reasonable Suspicion of a crime into an,arrest that requires probable cause,courts have consistently held that when,a detention is sufficiently intrusive it,can become a so-called de facto arrest,even if the officer did not intend to,arrest the individual or officially,place them under arrest in the 2007 case,of U.S versus Williams the 11th Circuit,Court of Appeals which has jurisdiction,over Florida explained that quote to,determine whether a stop became an,arrest we apply four non-exclusive,factors the law enforcement purposes,served by the detention the diligence,with which the police pursued the,investigation the scope and,intrusiveness of the detention and the,duration of the detention likewise in,the 2004 case of U.S versus Acosta the,11th circuit determined that quote under,the third Factor we ask whether the,scope and intrusiveness of the detention,exceeded the amount reasonably needed by,police to ensure their personal safety,because quote officers may take,reasonable steps to ensure their safety,so long as they possess an articulable,and objectively reasonable belief that,the suspect is potentially dangerous,similarly in the United 1992 case of,Reynolds versus State the Supreme Court,of Florida held that quote police May,properly handcuff a person whom they are,temporarily detaining when circumstances,reasonably justify the use of such,restraint whether such action is,appropriate depends on whether it is a,reasonable response to the demands of,the situation relying on this decision,the fourth district court of appeal of,Florida determined in the 2016 case of,Quasi versus state that the use of,handcuffs during a Terry stop was,illegal when quote the defendant gave,the officer no reason to suspect he,would flee and no reason to suspect he,was armed or dangerous in this situation,even if Reasonable Suspicion to detain,the Auditors existed nothing the,Auditors did gave any indication that,they intended to harm officer Heredia,Rubio or that they intended to flee an,officer Heredia Rubio even admitted that,he handcuffed the Auditors and forced,them in the cruiser because he wanted to,not because he had any concerns about,his safety or potential flight,why did you let us go,do you think I have nothing to hold from,so you're telling us we can't stand here,we can't stand it,all right guys all right we're good bro,all right guys so this is what you get,Miami's finest what happened,if he's coming we'll wait but if he's,not if he will you know I mean I don't,know when he's coming you can tell him,to leave,all right guys this is what this is what,you get Miami is fine,I'm jus

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Twitter Audit - Caso Elecciones Medellín | Mi opinión

Twitter Audit - Caso Elecciones Medellín | Mi opinión

muy buenas noches a mis lectores del,blog huanca punto el ex punto com y me,cuenta en el canal en youtube en 826 y,pasé mucho rato no subía vídeos pues,aquí estoy de nuevo y quiero hacer un,vídeo de tinte académico,quiero hacer calidad este vídeo es de,tinte académico no tiene nada que ver,con política sino que voy a utilizar,temas políticos porque son como en la,coyuntura del momento en la ciudad y en,el país pero no tiene un tinte político,que eso quede muy claro es netamente,académico esta herramienta que vamos a,revisar hoy se llama twitter audit y les,permite hacer auditorías a cuentas,twitter extremadamente fácil básicamente,que hace y es que como digamos la,pregunta que está ahí,jomeiní of your followers rodríguez como,cuantos de tus seguidores son reales lo,que vamos a hacer es a realizar las,cuentas de los candidatos a la alcaldía,de medellín,de la ciudad medellín y a la gobernación,de antioquia,vamos a hacer una cómoda de cómo,funciona la herramienta revisando esas,cuentas hay que ser una calidad y es que,los usuarios fake según la herramienta,aunque los más como fake según la,herramienta o más bien cómo hacer el,digamos el promedio de los usuarios page,de una cuenta yo creo que los números,contar que son usuarios fake cierto los,usuarios fake en teoría y para hacerlo,muy sencillo son cuentas que no son,reales son cuentas digamos como que,ficticias que se crean que siguen mucha,gente y pero no publican nada son,usuarios como por ejemplo se me ocurre,jose 84 48 92 vamos a ver que uno dice,pues este usuario va aún a ver el,timeline de él y no tiene ningún tweet,pero si cantidad de gente y retuitea,muchísimo son cuentas ficticias que,digamos muchas personas pueden comprar,paquetes de seguidores compartir un,poquitico más comparten mucho más,impacto hay varias historias de temas,fake o de bots que se pueden encontrar,como en internet ciertos temas de,youtube es muy muy muy común como que,entre los youtubers,vaya en algunas discusiones frente al,tema y en twitter también es como,incluso en el tema político se han,existido bastante historias igual pueden,buscar sobre eso entonces lo que vamos a,hacer es a a identificar según la,herramienta cuántos usuarios fake tienen,los candidatos a la alcaldía de medellín,y a la gobernación de antioquia,este es un paréntesis al vídeo que están,viendo sobre las,caramba sembrío sobre las auditorías a,cuentas cuentas twitter si buena vez en,la parte de abajo aparece la fecha de,cuando se realizó la auditoría es decir,los datos que voy a presentar,corresponden a fechas anteriores no han,fechas actuales por ejemplo la cuenta,auditado y si vamos a hacer la auditoría,de la cuenta del candidato alonso,salazar y los datos corresponden a hace,nueve meses la cuenta de del candidato,gabriel jaime rico corresponde a datos,que fueron auditados hace un año,para federico gutiérrez hace más de dos,años para el señor electro ellos yo fui,el primero en órbita un auto blog para,auditar la nadie la había auditado,olmedo lópez para la gobernación de,antioquia hace dos meses la auditaron,para federico restrepo hace dos meses,para el señor que presenta la unión,patriótica que no qué pena no me sé su,nombre,yo fui también en evitarla,para el señor andrés guerra hoyos la,cuenta fue auditada hace tres meses y,por último la cuenta del señor luis,pérez gutiérrez fue auditada hace ocho,meses,los datos entonces que presentó no son,datos de hoy son datos anteriores son,datos que fueron en su momento por en,auditados por por alguien más y quedaron,los datos como en caché si uno quiere,auditar la cuenta tiene que ser un pago,que le van lo van a ver en la parte del,presidente santos pero igual creo que,los datos nos permiten ver digamos,tienen tendencias entonces no más o,menos ver los comportamientos de las,cuentas en twitter cierra paréntesis y,los invito a que sigan con el vídeo y,pues empezamos a los tengo todos aquí,identificados empezamos por el candidato,federico gutiérrez perdón s salvamos al,azar aunque lo tengo aquí en el buscador,dice federico realmente el que estamos,realizando es alonso salazar según vamos,a hacer un show,creo que creo que ahí nos puede,funcionar según esta herramienta tweeter,audit el candidato alonso salazar cuenta,con 25 mil 594 usuarios reales y 12 mil,usuarios face es decir el 67 por ciento,de los usuarios son reales,y el 12.000 el 33% de sus usuarios son,fake antes de eso quiero hacer un,paréntesis como hace la herramienta para,digamos para identificar que son,facebook para proponer que son usuarios,o fake aquí lo está diciendo dice que,como que en la auditoría toman una suma,una suma aleatoria de 5000 usuarios y lo,que hay es que analiza el número de,tweets lee la fecha del último tweet que,publicó el usuario seguidor y digamos,como que el promedio de seguidores que,tienen amigos pues no sé cómo traducir,desde el radio followers,yo entiendo que está diciendo pues,pozo,o no,aquí vamos entonces nuevamente con el,anuncio salas al alumno tiene 25 mil,reales y 12.000 so

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Twitter Profile Audit

Twitter Profile Audit

using your twitter profile to promote,your youtube channels coming up next,every youtuber should be on twitter,twitter is an easy,platform to use it doesn't take a lot of,work,and you could potentially find an,audience there,so let's talk about properly setting up,your profile,on twitter to advertise and promote and,support,your youtube channel now one of the,great things about twitter is with a,little bit of upfront work you can set,up your profile,just right and then it will continue to,work for you over time without needing,very much in the way of,updating and you can very easily share,your videos from youtube,to twitter to promote them so what i'm,going to do today is i'm going to walk,you through,the various aspects of a twitter profile,so if you don't yet have,twitter you can see the little parts and,pieces how they fit together and how,easy it is,and if you already are on twitter you,can do a little audit of your profile to,make sure that you've got all the pieces,in place,to promote your channel so let's start,with the profile picture,the profile picture should be exactly,the same as your profile picture on,youtube you want to establish some brand,consistency,now the dimensions might not be exactly,the same but both the profile on youtube,and on twitter is a square image that,crops into a circle,so just through some simple scaling you,should be able to upload,your profile picture the same as on,youtube but you're going to want to,upload it in twitter's native resolution,similarly you're going to want your,banner to look very similar to youtube,now it might not be exactly the same,because i know some of you have arrows,pointing to the subscribe button,or say subscribe you're not going to say,that on twitter because you don't,subscribe on twitter you follow on,twitter,as well the dimensions are a little bit,different not just in terms of the,resolution but also the aspect ratio so,you might be cropping your banner image,from youtube a little bit to get it on,twitter,again upload in twitter's native,resolution,and you might need to crop it a little,differently than you do on youtube but,it should be very similar so people can,easily tell,this is related to your youtube channel,you are allowed to have a link,in your twitter profile so this should,point directly to your youtube channel,if that's what you're wanting to drive,traffic to if youtube is your primary,focus if it's the bottom of that funnel,that all your social media should be,driving your traffic and your audience,too,then this should be a direct link to,youtube i also caution you against using,link shorteners because people don't,generally trust those,if they see that that is clearly a,youtube link i think they're much more,likely to click on it because they have,some sense of where it's going to go,they can trust that link now if you look,to the right of that link you'll see,that the day that i,joined twitter under this account shows,there as well,it's important to join twitter as soon,as possible if you haven't already soon,as you're done watching this video,open a new window and sign up for,twitter as your youtube channel,having an older join date establishes,credibility on the platform this is,particularly,important if in that dream scenario,where you have overnight success and,other people try to pretend to be you,by you having the older account you're,more likely to be able to control your,brand and your messaging that way,you should also have a pinned tweet and,i recommend the pinned tweet should be,including a link to one of your youtube,videos you already have your channel,link in the profile,so you're not going to want to have the,same link twice in your profile right,away,so i don't think the pinned tweet should,be a link to your channel,i think it should be a link to a video,and you'll get a decent preview screen,here,easily you can just make it your most,recent video or perhaps your,most popular video with the most views,maybe the video that gets you the most,watch time or perhaps the video that's,getting you the most subscribers,this can be yet another way of getting,more subscribers on youtube now in the,top right hand corner,you'll see that there are a couple of,pictures these are recent pictures that,this account has used on the platform,and it would be a good idea when you're,performing a little audit on your,profile to take a look at what pictures,show there,are they on brand do they represent what,your channel is about,and i've left mine here doing a bad,example of that,you can see we've got our tubebuddy,milestone certificate which is,somewhat about the channel it's about,celebrating a milestone in our success,but this is a travel channel it's not,really a picture about,travel something like this might be more,appropriate on our small youtubers,twitter account,similarly we've got denzel washington,there because this account recently used,one of his animated gifs or gifs,depending on how you want to say that,in response to

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How To Detect Twitter Fake Followers

How To Detect Twitter Fake Followers

hey what's up guys in this video i want,to talk about how can you detect if,someone has,fake followers on twitter yes you can,find that out,by using a free tool before we jump into,it you know what to do subscribe hit the,bell icon and also,like this video okay now let's jump,right into this video,and let me show you how to detect fake,followers on,any public twitter profile so the,website we're gonna use is called, there are a lot of cool,stuff on this website but we're going to,go to,resources and their free tool they have,some free tools which are right here,and you're going to find fake followers,audit,you can analyze followers of any twitter,account,uh let's look at and they explain how,they do it they look at a lot of,different,factors like spam bot low quality,accounts stuff like that so,click on this learn more and now this is,where,you are gonna enter your account so,let's,uh run this on my account let's see how,many low quality or fake followers,i have uh on twitter so when i run the,audit uh let's see there you go so we,got the data so it's on the low end,about 10 percent uh fake followers and,they also,uh show you the distribution look at,this so most of my followers are,average to higher quality which is,awesome so,let's do another one let's actually,check garyvee,so let's let me find garyvee's,garyvee his twitter account which is,right here so i'm gonna get his username,and let's go back,run the audit let's see,it's analyzing and yeah sometimes it,does,take few seconds in this case it's,saying like 23 seconds,so let's give it the 20 seconds and then,see what it does,um and by the way if you do,look at this so seems like i have,already calculated this,in the past so 80 he has the score of,84.,but let's see if we see there you go so,21,fake followers right so that's again,that's on the low end because,his audience is huge 2.3,million followers that's a lot that's a,lot of followers,and 21.1 percent is sort of like quote,unquote fake followers,and then you know here's the uh,definition of fake followers according,to sparc turo it's you know people,because they're spam bots or you know,they're no longer,active on twitter so all of those,combined is what they call like fake,followers again this is the tool you can,use to find,to do a fake followers audit on anyone's,twitter account very simple and free,thank you so much for watching before,you go subscribe hit the bell icon and,also like this video,i will see you in the next one bye for,now

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This Anonymous Hacker Reveals The Truth About What They Found Hidden Inside The Hacked Twitter Files

This Anonymous Hacker Reveals The Truth About What They Found Hidden Inside The Hacked Twitter Files

foreign,on the 5th of January 2023 it was,announced that hackers leaked the data,of over 235 million Twitter users,this was then uploaded on a forum for,free,Ferris News website stated that over 62,gigabytes were released,and this included information such as,email addresses usernames number of,followers and account creation days,the worrying thing about all of this is,that the databases which is holding all,of this information is free and is,currently allowing anyone to download it,this isn't the first time that this has,happened,in fact more than a 5.4 million Twitter,user records,including personal phone numbers and,email addresses were uploaded online,with some users saying that this huge,amount of data is being sold off in,certain areas of the web,who is the co-founder of Hudson Rock,which is a security company has come,forward and revealed that hackers will,now use this database in order to attack,more accountants Instead This Not Just,everyday people who these hackers will,be going after,noting that high profile individuals and,political accounts are also on a Target,list,he said the following,there is no doubt that hacking groups,around the world will use this database,to further compromise the privacy of our,users,alankar continued with the following,now some time has passed since my,original Discovery and with more,information now available,I have some updates about the Twitter,branch,the databases run has an impact on,almost every Twitter user,there is now more than one threat access,setting the data,the database is likely circulating,pretty heavily and will unfortunately,likely leak in the near future,I now believe the final count in this,database is 235 million users,rather than the initial 400 million,figure,further the database likely contains,email addresses private information and,public information or Twitter users,but not their phone numbers,it's however important to know that the,patched vulnerability that enabled this,leak did allow users to be discovered,through their phone numbers,and I suspect that threat actors took,advantage of this fact,and a database with phone numbers of an,unknown number of Twitter users like,clear existence,these updates are based on my belief,that the original offering by the threat,actor contains duplicates,and was likely enriched later with phone,numbers to some extent,this is cooperated with two different,threat actors,both of which confirm that the database,contains 235 million records,I will of course Continue to update as I,cover it additional information,end quote,according to the information systems,audit and Control Association,said this slightly that more of these,attacks will come in the near future,with other users agreeing and saying,that due to ongoing conflicts across the,port hackers will try to access these,accounts more than ever,they said the following,Twitter was initially taken off guard by,the attack that effectively leveraged,the tour it typically uses to help,Safeguard individual accountants,as quickly as Rogue tweets were,eliminated,they could still be replaced by the,hackers in the same account,with all credit to the Twitter security,team it just took a short time to work,out how to block the attack,many people have been seeing the,following message,you signed up for a notification because,your account was taken in a data range,it's happened and here's what you should,know about the range,data of breach happened in 2021,and compromised data includes email,addresses names social media profiles,and usernames,in early 2023,over 200 million records scraped from,Twitter appeared on our popular hacking,forum,the data was obtained sometime in 2021,by abusing an API that enabled email,addresses to be resolved to Twitter,profiles,the subsequent results were then,composed into a corpus of data,containing email addresses,alongside public Twitter profile,information including names usernames,and follower accounts,whereas people have blamed Elon although,others have come to his defense,saying that this happened in 2021 before,he became involved in Twitter,while this user said the following,although at first this sounds like,something Batman,all I'm finding out as of right now is,that this information that got leaked is,already publicly available data,the only information that they uploaded,were things that can be found on,anyone's profile,usernames and profile names don't need,to be protected,and you can't get any information about,someone from these leagues,I'm not sure what's going on right now,but I am noticing that many websites and,news outlets are leaving out the fact,that this happened in 2021,as mentioned according to users who've,investigated this matter further,seems that the records will likely loot,in late 2021.,with insiders saying that the,information was taken using a Twitter,loophole,the information systems audit and,Control Association said the following,many professionals highlighted the fact,that although the hakko hacker showe

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How to See Exactly How Fake Your Twitter Followers Are

How to See Exactly How Fake Your Twitter Followers Are

hi everyone welcome back to my channel i,am bhuket from kaya academy and,in this video i will show you how to see,exactly how fake your twitter followers,are,uh but before starting my video i would,like to say please don't forget,subscribe and like my videos so that i,keep recording these kind of videos for,you,to get help and if you have any,questions about,this video or any other topic you can,ask me on the comments down below,and i can answer all of them just for,you or,if you have any suggestions for me to,record,any video about any website uh for me,for,actually instructions or step-by-step,tutorials i can also record them too you,can also send me an email as well,and please keep in mind that and let's,start our video,see exactly how fake your tutor,followers are,you care about the quality of the,accounts that follow you on twitter um,nobody likes being followed by fake,account actually but you don't uh but do,you know,how many fake accounts you follow your,account um,are fake followers hindering your,influence in the twitter sphere,do you want to get rid of them on once,or,and once and for all i'm here to show,you,how to do that and you could manually go,through,your followers list find fake profiles,and unfollow them one by one,but who's got time for that you know,in this video you will discover a couple,of,tools actually a couple of web pages,to help you find and remove fake,followers,and you won't have to spend ages doing,it,uh also uh why you should,clean up your account let's start there,um,being followed by fake account or fake,accounts or inactive accounts doesn't,add,much value to your following um and if,you're,an avid twitter user who actually,cares about engagement and these,accounts will,give you false analytics which will,hinder,your future growth um and it will affect,on that,and instead of having a big number of,fake and inactive followers,you will be better off focusing on,actually growing your following by,attracting and retaining real accounts,um,first step uh actually not first about a,first website that i can,recommend you is that twitter audit it,is quick,and easy way to um actually it,lets you find finds out how uh find out,um,how many how many fake followers you,have and it's,really really simple to use all you have,to do is,to visit here you can,see i,got this webpage yes,and input your twitter handle in the,required,field and click audit and twitter audit,will then,give you a breakdown of your real and,fake followers and it will look,something like this let me show you,my username on twitter is that,this not this this one let's click out,it,yes you can also authorize app and,or cancel the first uh,audit is free and if you want to,block just block the spammers you will,have to pay a membership,fee to upgrade your account and it's,worth paying,that each audit sample can handle a,maximum of,5 5000 followers uh more if you,subscribe to,pro uh per user and calculates a score,uh for each follower the score is based,on,a number of divides date of the last two,bits and,and the ratio followers to friends and,it's used to determine determine whether,a follower is real or fake and it goes,without saying that this,matter isn't perfect but it's a good way,to tell,if someone someone with lots of,followers is,lots of followers is like um to have,increased their follower,follower count by inorganic uh,fraudulent or dishonest means,um actually let me tell you about the,membership,at uh uh this,webpage a membership starts at,actually five dollars a month and,depends on,the amount of followers you have to,analyze,you may not want to pay but at least you,will have a better idea,about your following ones and you,completed the free audit,and the second web page that i can,recommend you is that circle,circle boom sorry and here we can see,in recent years it's become increasingly,difficult to find,reliable services that enable you to uh,audit your twitter account,and some as we have just seen uh,charge fees from premium services and,other actually shut down all together,uh if you're willing to pay uh i,recommend using,circle boom which will allow you to,analyze your,twitter account spot fake profiles and,give you an overview of your stats and,the dashboard,shows your friends total numbers of,followers,and how many days you have been on,twitter for and your average daily post,uh let me tell you the circle boom,dashboard is a data grid stream uh to,find fake profiles,click on the circle on here like it says,on the web page home page actually sorry,it says,features and you will have to click on,uh the circle and it says fake accounts,and spammers,we are clicking on that and,yes you can also do that for free,and you will have to sign in and but let,me explain you how,does it uh how it's working um,the service works by listing all the,accounts,which it considers are fake and allows,users to,click the visit button and decide,whether,they want to follow or unfollow those,ac

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