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How To Use Twitter In 2022! (Complete Beginners Guide)hello everyone this is going to be a,complete

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Use Twitter In 2022! (Complete Beginners Guide)

hello everyone this is going to be a,complete beginner's guide on basically,how to use twitter now twitter is,probably one of the most popular,applications now and every day it's only,getting more and more popular so if you,don't have a twitter account if you,don't know anything about it you should,have a decent understanding of how to,use this application hopefully by the,end of this video so first of all you,need to download this app you don't have,to download it you can also access it,via your web browser so you can always,make your way over to your chrome safari,on a computer or whatever it is you can,just type in twitter just like so i know,i spelt it wrong but you can just type,in twitter and you can get brought into,twitter like this and you don't have to,download the application the application,just gives you a little bit more,customizability but once you have it,downloaded you're pretty much good to go,now when you first sign in now this is a,brand new account i literally just made,it two seconds ago this is not my main,account so you should have a decent,understanding of how to use you know,this type of you know so when you sign,in you create your account and this is,essentially what it's going to look like,so first of all on our main panel this,is basically our feed this is our,twitter feed and up top we have a few,different things we have our profile,icon which is right there if we click on,it it'll basically get us into our,profile which i'll show you in a second,your twitter button which i don't even,think does anything and that second,option or the third option on the way,right here is basically a way to go,ahead and set up different preferences,for your home screen now this is kind of,a newer panel you don't really need to,mess with this right now but that's,basically what those buttons do just you,don't have to really worry about them,too much right now now this is our feed,in and of itself and the more people you,follow the more things that you're even,interested in the more it's going to,show you those things so i just made,this account two seconds ago like i said,and it's already showing me gaming,content because i should mention that i,you know wanted to you know see gaming,content so when we click on a tweet,right for example if we have this suite,right here we can go and click on it by,this act man guy i've seen so much about,him right now essentially okay we have,downloads right now essentially this is,the basically out of every single tweet,you'll have the person's username,profile right here you'll see their,tweet itself and you'll also see how,many tweets retweets and likes of the,specific tweet got and here you have the,engagement so you can go ahead and you,know engage with it and you'll see,comments and all sorts of other things,within this tweet and you can also tweet,within this reply as well so this is a,basic understanding so let's say i like,this tweet right i think it's really,cool well i can go and click the like,button,and this will go ahead and show the,people that i actually like their tweet,so that will make this like number go up,if i want to retweet it so essentially,if i like it that doesn't necessarily,mean that the feed that i have here it,will also show to other people,if i retweet this tweet now you don't,have to click on it you can retweet it,by clicking there if i were to reach,with if i were to retweet this tweet,every single person that follows me if i,swipe to the side here every single,person that's following me will also see,this tweet that doesn't mean they'll,also you know do the exact same thing,but they'll at least be able to see the,tweet now if i were to comment on this,tweet essentially i can just tweet as i,normally would but also if i click on,the retweet i can quote tweet this so,what this will mean is basically it'll,show up the tweet as a little tweet box,and it'll show my response to it a,little bit after so i'll show you what,that means in a second as always you can,do the exact same thing with these,comments as well so all these people who,are commenting at the bottom you can,like their comments you can tweet,retweet whatever they are and you can,basically go like that,now you can also hop out here and you,can go through your whole entire feed,now your feed isn't just people you,follow it's also people who you follow,that like certain things or retweet or,maybe even twitter will suggest you,certain things as well you can always,click onto a tweet like this you can,always open up images you can save,images you can share out certain tweets,by clicking the share icon here you can,bookmark copy links all sorts of other,things but also you can always click,onto the person's profile by clicking on,their icon right there so when you come,here you can basically not only see,their tweets and everything like that,but you can also follow the people as,well so let's say i wanted to follow,this person i can click follow and it'll,say hey do you want t

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How To Use Twitter (2022)

How To Use Twitter (2022)

here's how to use twitter,use the clickable sections below to skip,through different parts of this tutorial,go to to set up an account,your twitter name is displayed on your,profile and used to help people find,your account,a twitter handle will be created for you,automatically and will begin with the at,symbol you'll need to give this handle,to others if they want to mention you in,tweets,each tweet is limited to 280 characters,this includes spaces so if you want to,write a lengthy tweet choose your words,carefully,below you can see a circle being filled,up as you type,this indicates how many characters you,have left in your tweet,you can add media to make your tweets,more visually engaging,this won't use up any of your characters,you can add a picture gif or a poll,you can collect data and encourage,interaction from your followers using,polls,you'll need to write your question in,your tweet then you can list your,options and choose how long you want the,poll to run for,you can add expressions to your tweets,with emojis,click on the emoji button and select one,you'd like to add,these will be included in your character,count,to add multiple tweets click on the plus,sign next to tweet,this is useful if you want to say,something more than 280 characters,click tweet to post,your tweet will now be on your profile,by following a twitter account that,accounts tweet will be shown on your,home page so you can stay up to date,with all their latest posts,from the home page click on your profile,photo to get to your profile page,twitter will show you recommended,accounts for you to follow based on your,interests,to follow someone click,follow,or,show more if you want to see more,recommendations,to follow someone else click on the,search bar,and then type in their name to find them,you'll see different accounts listed,click follow on the account you want,on the home page you'll now see their,tweets listed too,to view your profile,click on your profile photo or click,profile on the left hand side,click edit profile to edit the visuals,of your page,you can change your profile photo or add,a banner photo here,click the camera icon to add a photo to,make your profile more visual,select the image you want to use and,then click apply,you can change your profile name add a,biography to describe yourself add your,location,a website,and your birthday,under the date where you joined you'll,see the number of accounts you're,following and the number following you,click on these to see who they are,to change your twitter handle from the,home page,click on the more icon and select,settings and privacy,go to your account,and account information,your current twitter handle will appear,next to your username to change it,highlight the text and type in a new one,each twitter handle is original,if your username is already taken it'll,tell you below,and you'll need to try a different,variation click save to apply the,changes to your handle,reacting to tweets can help you to get,more followers,under each tweet you'll see a series of,different options,you can also react to your own tweet to,add more information to it,click on the speech bubble to reply,this will add a comment specifically to,that tweet,the account that posted the tweet will,be notified that you've replied to it,retweeting shares a tweet on your own,page,click on the two circling arrows icon to,retweet a post,if someone else retweets one of yours,all of their followers will then be able,to see your tweet on their page,you can also choose to retweet with,comment,this will also share the tweet on your,page,with an accompanying note,click on the heart icon to like a tweet,you can see how popular someone's tweets,are by looking at the number of hearts,it has,messages is the direct message platform,for twitter you can privately send and,receive messages to twitter accounts,using this function,from the home page click on messages,it may ask you to verify your account,with a phone number to check your real,person,if prompted for this,add a phone number and verify yourself,to access,message someone who follows you by,clicking start a conversation and type,in the name of the person,you can also message someone who isn't,following you if they have enabled this,function in their privacy settings click,the name you want then type your message,here,you can add a photo gif,or an emoji by clicking these icons,if you want to delete a tweet,you can click on the three dots here and,click delete,from the home page click on explore,the explore page allows you to browse,different tweets and accounts you may,not be following already,type something in the search bar you're,interested in looking for and various,posts and accounts will appear for you,to browse,bookmark store tweets so you can go back,to look at them later,from the home page click on the bookmark,tab to add a tweet to your bookmarks,select the upload icon and select,add tweet to bookmarks,lists also help you to manage your

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Aviary Twitter App Review

Aviary Twitter App Review

what is up guys jeremy here and welcome,back to another video,so i'm gonna give you guys a review of,the avery,twitter application that's available in,the app store um,as you guys might know i'm a pretty avid,tweetbot user i have been since,i don't even remember like 2012 or,something like that it's been many many,years and i normally use,tweetbot but avery has been out for a,while and uh i've been playing around,with it for a couple of weeks now,um so i'm gonna give you guys my opinion,on it and basically how it works,so it's just a twitter application you,have your feed,on the lower left as you can see we'll,go across the basics here and then i'll,get into kind of the technical stuff,with it,so you have your feed here where you can,view um all of the tweets from everyone,that you're following,you can reply you can retweet you can,like you can,share it as well if you want to share it,you have quick actions to swipe,to the left as you can see you can reply,or like the tweet,or if you swipe to the other side as you,can see you can retweet or,quote the tweet you can tap on it to,view and open up the tweet,to see all of the conversation that's,coming from that tweet,um and it's pretty straightforward it's,a pretty nice feed in my opinion,next up you just have your mentions same,kind of ordeal to your feed,your swipe actions your buttons below,and then you do have your,messages section here i'm not going to,open that and then you have a search,bar here if you want to search for,anything on twitter tweets or users you,can do that,and then you have your profile in the,lower right there,so pretty straightforward i think it's a,really cool look for twitter,i think it's better than the native,twitter app um,i think it it almost looks a little bit,better than tweetbot,but i still i don't know i think i like,tweetbot just a little bit more but this,is a very close contestant,um but if we go into the settings here,there's actually a lot of really cool,settings,um in this portion of the application i,like more than tweetbot just because,there's so much,customization i think it's a lot more,powerful with how much you can change,now i'm not going to show you guys how,to change everything in this video,because otherwise it's going to be like,a 25 minute video,of how to customize this app so if it's,something you're interested in,just take note that settings um allows,you to,really customize uh avery,you can really go crazy with it so first,off you have your app tint,i have mine set to indigo because i,think it looks cool but you can choose,from any of these colors,you have some options for dark mode,light mode you have high contrast text,and some other stuff at the bottom so,app tint can change,you can change the app icon love apps,that do this,you have your tweet text here you can,change the size the line spacing it,shows you an example at the bottom,so you can also have large or small,images in your timeline you can have,haptics on i think the haptics are,really cool,as you click around in the app you get a,little haptic feedback that's definitely,really cool,you have your gestures here that you can,actually edit so the swipe,to the right or swipe to the left you,can edit those to be whatever you want,you have a keyboard type you can change,your default browser you have time,stamp options you can use custom tabs,you have siri shortcuts,there's even more it gets crazier check,that out guys yep,like i said i'm not going to go through,all these settings but as you can see,you have a lot of control over this,application,you also have the ability to have more,than one account if you have more than,one twitter account,you can have push notifications enabled,i have noticed,though with the push notifications there,is quite a bit of a delay with it,um and i think that's just the way the,twitter api,is uh twitter just doesn't let other,third parties,um get push notifications,instantaneously as you get the,notifications so there's a little bit of,a delay,it's not like hours or anything like,that it's probably like a minute or two,of a delay you have the ability to do,icloud sync it lets you know what,version you got,there's avery merchandise which is,really cool so if you guys want avery,shirts,you can get those i also like apps that,do that a lot there's a tip jar,and then there's a swiping game which is,pretty,cool where you just swipe and it's a,game and,that's all you do so there's a mini game,in the app another nice little touch,you can clear the cache and data and,that's uh settings like i said i'm not,going too,into into detail with that um but that,is basically how it's set up and i like,that you can have a tint in the app i,think that the purple,that i have set looks really cool if you,want to compose a new tweak,or a new tweet sorry not tweak tweet uh,you can click on the little compose,button there that's an option,in settings that i have set up by,default that's normally in the upper,right,so i put that down there just

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All about Twitter in Sinhala | Twitter ගැන සිංහලෙන්

All about Twitter in Sinhala | Twitter ගැන සිංහලෙන්

social media can imagine in check among,our volume but that Kenworthy Facebook,Giga everything he had a I mean Sarah,never social media networks keeper for a,mother Kennedy heating any major theme,of product Robert of Virginia need to,integrate a social media in Turkey go to,musicians Athena was in Atlanta Thomas,Udupi stuck with red to indicate a,social media and took a power chica,Romney maybe resell Facebook's our,Instagram did they create a murder an,American model negative return here to,Villa at the onion red man meeting in a,social media network a come back around,and under email saw me get email,professor in here - no Unisa America go,to the Nikitin megalomania reasoning in,Erlanger Buddha can't be made in Hangul,Adama,Ilana making tiene features are making,our on a problem they were kid who does,it - Hari ogo the egg man men to me here,through the men go to the ring tweeting,in a social media network ticket,poverty crown Academy nothing no mommy,didn't miss social media networks,suffering man would have genuine my,social media network together Miami do,it again me mom name again a yellow or a,video on through theory is the other,media Katara,go - Salaam aleikom we together,are saying in a minute well I won't let,me or not it's 70 living in Southie do,McCullen QED return yummy look at social,media interaction who do you mean social,media in Turkey main social media,networking her face became suddenly the,girl Miguel has do our normal thing like,that mean hair eat a pasta maker,Instagram by some vinegar thing maybe to,take examine a honey because pahala with,Rebecca Thurman tweeting who's gonna,clean up call it now if the name is,someone with it we take a Padilla normal,are not now trained tuna could have,taken the spa hollofson ecology me to be,taken officio think I might do it again,you could have Canada at the minsu happy,with the naked recovery artist getting,CUDA a fanatic Abu me happy --kavitha a,Narvik,even at Amelia a marathon seem to keen,again guy gig guy gotta make some,profiles tweeting in málaga Rimini,Samara doggy Facebook to get the,verified profiles purified pages,following harm in akhira a table,Iannetta my,now the turning pages could have cannot,power link around me yeah,atomic in idly yeah Vicky me a QC gonna,kill her,now we take your name would appear on a,pouch you can be a other economic he,learnt out there to a peekaboo,young you see walked ready again after,their mother Brand X who the heck is it,up there I got no name what Plus came,from grandma Kiana,you see their opportunity and one plus,twitter on plus slugging and use an,evening after the Allah I've got a boxer,their cue it could be playground Ithaca,John Samaras already he can answer them,up it'll kill him a direct support,program Kennedy who the hanukkah the,rapid obviously that can be either India,or China a bodega with tweeting me,sorrow no via Facebook cannot post heck,of a linking a particular Nakia Nakia,Dina Bova not make me go to the Athena,summer never facebooking even after page,you can thank Kevin my pager mention,Khaled Emma a give a cheetah that feed,Matheny hasta would have funny now we,take a minute tweeting have a walker,their their mama,Yami's can target them in the most easy,shimmer it can au revoir Monique of,Aquino III decrepit the charges of,Pinocchio do you know maybe we dig it,hearing her Instagram buggy my followers,love is sister Mia so Serena India it is,some hockey toga there were three take,technically imrat the content network,shut up passing tweet a contactor,develop law may be contacted or ever say,or the emailing ebooks are gonna email,like Gemma may email over Omega D,capital Omega very fake or not China,maybe this anonymous Samba do not do it,take him a genomic profile like India,under my profile negative ela our face,look he needed a better profile picture,and a nebula cowboy the organic una,llamada Roberta is throwing some porno,Carnegie Athena maybe she should be,username Gilligan Tina we use anemic,generated excited you are never idea he,can hardly go to art upon which na minha,intima quali hem of the demo hot epic,out her head this current which is your,power mention Kara Doudna about your,Mina make would have cannot academic,painting who's our next their mug Athena,Twitter username it said sure over,at Apple I said you'd show me the two,degrees azimuth profile evolve and ever,you are two values any Mac Dharma maybe,you said in maintaining method of their,it was not to know again just a modicum,big come along your profile again maybe,the complete current person in order to,dig it profile Athena then what a swan,in the reducti is be able to eat,karin-sama given here the other three,taking of exciting up Nexus cannot block,from a key back Pina a catamite, get a site taking a method,to it again mobile época or the for,negative ended flown a diary,Apple iPhone naked re doesn't IKEA,Vienna may form of selling hurry talking,to the tablet team to edx's Khurana,Quixote no meat to

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Elon Musk's Twitter JUST Got Removed From The App Store!

Elon Musk's Twitter JUST Got Removed From The App Store!

it is unfortunate that Elon musk's,Twitter has just been removed from the,Apple App Store with immediate effect,Apple removing any other kind of app,from its App Store never faces any,uproar however when it comes to Elon,musk's Twitter they are playing the,wrong game why was Twitter removed from,the App Store will it be reinstated in,the App Store and what can Elon Musk do,about it join me today in this video,where we will explore how Elon musk's,Twitter has just been removed from the,Apple App Store Elon Musk has not always,been a fan of Apple even though he has,used some of their products loyal to his,satirical self this Tech billionaire has,tweaked Apple for years and seems to,enjoy doing so for years Elon Musk has,complained about Apple's App Store fees,which he says are ridiculously high well,that was in the past when he was doing,that on behalf of the Tesla app which by,the way had no in-app purchases again in,2015 musk was on Apple's tale to teasing,the company for taking rejected Tesla,employees he went further to call Apple,Tesla's graveyard and many other,sarcastic names Apple's purported plan,to build electric cars through a,secretive project even made musk's,critics of the company much worse as it,is the phone company has never shipped,any car since those claims were made and,we are not sure if apple is just playing,safe but has something under its sleeves,Apple has never released any sarcastic,statements about Tesla but seems that,they are finally going to have the last,laugh at the tech billionaire while the,saying goes that what goes around comes,around Elon musk's criticisms of Apple,came smashing back in his face when,Apple decided to remove his most recent,baby Twitter from its Apple Store now,that musk is a Twitter owner he might,have to start taking lessons on humility,and collaboration which are not his,typical mannerisms Elon musk's critics,shifted to Apple in a series of Tweets,in which he claimed Apple has also,threatened to withhold Twitter from its,App Store but they won't tell us why he,says even though recent events at,Twitter are pretty obvious in another,the tech Mogul vented about a secret,thirty percent tax that Apple has on,every developer on its app store again,that might sound high but it is the,industry standard even YouTube takes 30,percent of its creators income he wasn't,done till he launched a poll asking if,Apple should publish all censorship,actions it has taken that affect its,customers of course this was an outburst,of musk's frustration toward Apple which,has long since pulled most of its,advertising from Twitter since musk has,acquired the social media platform the,company has seen some real dramatic,changes this includes a rise in hate,speech from the platform which has,aroused billions of criticisms many,advertisers have withdrawn from the,platform as a result leaving Elon Musk,distraught with the weight of the,financial burden the company must,overcome apple is not making things any,easier the Apple App Store is the only,way for Twitter to distribute its app to,iPhone users if this social media app is,removed from the platform Twitter might,lose a significant network of its,Distributors and that only spells out,more losses for Twitter by the time musk,was taking up Twitter the social media,platform was losing 5 million dollars a,day having no profit and a ton of,workers to pay LED musk to fire about,half of Twitter's employees it's not,clear why he paid 44 billion dollars for,a company that's losing 5 million,dollars a day as this went into effect,several other changes were seen in the,platform most of which have tainted the,platform's name as always Apple took,action this is not the first time apple,is Banning an app from its stores well,there are a couple in Apple's ban list,do you by chance remember the app parlor,you've probably not heard of it as most,people haven't it's a social media,platform known for promoting free speech,so they say and contains users who've,been banned from mainstream,so you know it was Twitter's small,competitor well Apple D platform parlor,from its door accusing it of fostering,cause of violence following the raid on,the U.S Capitol unlike the silent,treatment that Apple has resorted to,toward Twitter Apple wrote to parlor,parlor has not taken adequate measures,to address the proliferation of these,threats to people's safety we have,suspended parlor from the app store,until they resolve these issues,previously Apple gave parlor an,ultimatum to remove the content,violation of its policies and propose a,new plan on how it would improve content,moderation the band platform proposed,some changes however Apple decided that,its proposal wasn't sufficient to,moderate the spread of dangerous content,on the platform we cannot blame parlor,for being the kind of social media,platform that it is the platform is,known to being more friendly towards,conservative speech with less stringent,moderation a trait that doesn't rhyme,completely with a

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ట్విట్టర్ ఎలా వాడాలి ? || How to Use Twitter || Prasadtechintelugu

ట్విట్టర్ ఎలా వాడాలి ? || How to Use Twitter || Prasadtechintelugu

Thomas kind of a summer just numbers are,taking till go Prince Victor,so then what in chairman the key child,outside thorne HR Monday ISIL Twitter,attain the clitoral I usually hashtags,in the tags yet met like let Solomon the,kimono Maliki Charla push inside thrown,a Solomonic a still bitter Allah you,shall over today though and Frank I,happened and Conan a so much our moon,and accorded to eternity in Dakota,Twitter and a gesture and a company's,phone just a of CO sorry my phone trip,who say the question look sorry ma 218,retweet J ended up with a company,information soon for another wanted,information mortem of course our rate,with Damon to hunter but not amazed,Guardian Dooku India more a treat just,they might the would another video,Beauty 10 take one other day that's so,Nakata you know to skills and other,skills and I put family taken up with,the explained yesterday Twitter and pain,the LRU Shelley Eva talent good inch,open and close in age Coonan,we don't want better coach Madhavi,Charlotte's kunam Twitter Charlie use I,the only take Paragon a guru and future,my couch Oliver Co and name we shall go,to iterate through Machado work use ID,put a reset the command key covenant and,he should have soon if Danny someone's,you want each other so much our meta,maker Twitter all a bit soon and that's,where emittance kochu and national way,to go hot topics ammonia-water which,means that score qu and Twitter me,roomie mono born will occur when they,chew and Taemin on recent ago to chew,Monica let me note name private,Randleman on to turn inside Jason you to,know one corner point 0 8 million,subscribers on unboxing serious,interview search in agony companies can,undercut each community portal each,album on the key Twitter in Santa Monica,any companies see you all Ghani and,every assignment brother month regards,again in Chi over in a mano e common man,dr. Peter a goon tonight even if,ingestion matter alley in Chiapas on,screen orbit we propanol aperture and,the paternity asunder cinema actors can,path about the feather battle on that,return in Chuvalo don't say the you,ships through Newark megawatt winches,Valley Cooper teach corporate and the,crazy uncle other reason equipments,elaborate is greater than idea so what,Allison you can't return a lie you shall,review them first US military account,area is under the gmail account I told,that metric one day to another critter,Mira Tilson the Playstore granny app,store Gunilla fitter and type JD because,the Twitter by the normal Mary Absalon,study subtle instantly spot you and,Twitter account like Pentagon mirror I,wanted to create just go to echo don't,already Murrow plug-in it our children,open yes in a present I take because you,login not only Nepal already Twitter I,call donor cone and you can see username,password and login I bought you super,nerd code type on create Gerald's Kuna,make super an appointment Twitter,account later and put them out and,create a quote-unquote una you can name,needs to know their phone number and on,the phone number and if watch my rule I,put it up for number two questions and,I'm going to make you email at us,provide genuine made instead another,they might have gigantic we made a date,a email at the school and hsm next and,next permissions are route only you sign,up arrogant person sign up on go tell is,an apparent up in Trotta,verification correlate them an email,address Gatos verification corporate,producer on next corner and a password I,wrote on demon on Twitter Kotoko,password create just calling soap as,monitoring create just chrono,next to profile which is optimal don't,leave me the grab on a profile picture,intimate room they already know or to,create a upload gesture so I searched in,the on a pitcher on deck features of my,profile which I wanna upload is done,next and describe yourself aunt Amana,bio-data and a moment a hunter my green,see self introduction Amata just air NH,Cochin and oh my name is a changeup I,see your awesome Easter made a Nibiru,which : could get co2 by Oh nanny,profiler now I account you schooner a,Twitter loan or mortgage Arabic and,paste in the PTT is a tail you could,take charge and put that business data,say it let me rather not bio-data be,rich : code America rich coach in the,kitchen all know synchronize counter,comes not no partial so that just go to,the English Hindi and Telugu Monaco chin,bar statements are like jessa and you,could you say me interest lemon amico,taken touched a misdemeanor my interest,America,tap JC technology is not interest rate,let me write them not make interesting,topics winter Camaro I just caught you,the karmic relationships in the vermin,follow along a basic initiations at,monkey snickerdoodle choke don't fall,our uncle to just to follow,Kumiko father i pocha for example per,unit and follow up or not following,eleven you'd spread the monarchy,notifications it also dear mother the,little children fall out or nah if,they're a treat snack and christum 11 -,it's pathetic enou

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Best FREE Twitter apps on Android 2022 - compared

Best FREE Twitter apps on Android 2022 - compared

you guys might know that the only social,media site that i use is twitter and i,do have the android app on my phone as,expected now the official twitter app,does have some drawbacks or should we,say like some features that has made,many developers over the years develop,twitter clients that is alternative apps,that you can use to access your twitter,feed and guys over the years including,myself have been using these third-party,apps from the likes of hootsuite and,what have you now for this video i,sampled some five popular twitter client,apps from the play store to explore and,i have identified a favorite one that,will be replacing the official twitter,app on my phone so let's get started,so now what makes me want to consider,some of these other twitter apps you,know twitter can get quite long like any,other social media out there and also,these apps are designed to kind of load,forever and ever amen,and what i want is just simple features,to make my experience faster in terms of,you know getting to the content that i,actually want to see and basically some,sort of decluttering mechanism in as far,as ads and mumble jumble content in,twitter is concerned let me give you an,example one of the main issues that,actually bugs me when using the official,twitter app is the fact that when i,click someone's profile you see there's,a tab for tweets there's another tab for,tweets and replies then there's media,and likes and so on most times the,reason i get into someone's profile is i,want to see what they've tweeted but,when you scroll through the typical,twitter profile you know guys keep on,retweeting and replying to other tweets,i don't understand why twitter would not,just make the tweets tab you know only,the tweets from this particular,individual i don't know maybe you guys,can comment down below but there's even,an option to like sort of filter out,these tweets but it doesn't seem to like,work exactly the way i'd like it to and,another issue is over here on my,homepage i know you can actually switch,to see the most recent tweets first but,somehow twitter just decides that you,know the algorithm-based home is better,and still even when i keep my timeline,on the recent tweets first i still kind,of just get a lot of tweets that i'm,probably not interested in i think it's,just cause you know once you follow a,bunch of people here and there they're,retweeting stuff a lot of them are,promoting this and that and,yeah somehow the official twitter app,just tends to wear you down and i just,don't like it now what are some of these,other options that i've been looking at,they're apps that have either been,suggested or are popular on the play,store and the first one is called,albatross so now the nice thing with,albatros is from the outset you can see,that it gives you already some sorting,options and so i could decide to just,check replies and retweets and login and,i'll only have my timeline with tweets,from guys that i follow the login is,actually quite fast and it does follow,the phone's theme like the dark theme,that i use over here and once you're,done spending a bunch of time scrolling,down albatros you can see that there's,an option to quickly go back upright,down here which actually changes to,compose tweets and you can use that to,compose a tweet the menu that pops right,here from the left gives you options to,go to your scheduled tweets direct,messages lists and what have you and i,just noticed that for most of these apps,in the direct messages i only get my two,recent dm so i don't know whether it's,just a limitation of this third party,twitter client so it's something to do,with some of the apps that i've checked,out and by the way that said i believe,that the fact that you have to come and,look for your dm somewhere on the left,pop-in menu,is uh actually not quite nice because,especially if you'd like to quickly see,your dm i believe they could have just,done a button somewhere down here anyway,they are going for some minimalist vibe,and uh i get it but i'd check that as a,con so another app that i did check out,is called friendly for twitter and here,it is once you open it it's already,asking you whether you want to display,notifications and these are the issues,that i'm actually trying to avoid so,yeah let's say no now here right away,you can see that this friendly for,twitter is actually basically just a,wrap you know of the website but yeah,i get it because the concept friendly is,the fact that they want you to kind of,use it to access several other social,media sites using the same app like you,can see down here instagram facebook and,the water view you can add dicta tumblr,and so on so now then would i consider,this twitter client probably not but,yeah it does exist you can see that it's,white over here it doesn't really go,with the dark theme that i've set my,phone to and another issue i noted is,this friendly for twitter is actually,said to be ad-free but when you scroll,your timeline over here be r

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Stop using the Twitter app

Stop using the Twitter app

twitter is awesome isn't it,except when it sucks like there's,definitely good things about twitter and,bad things about twitter and,personally twitter has been such an,amazing resource for me i have met so,many people i've gotten lots of,opportunities,because of twitter uh because of the,relationships i've built on the platform,i think it's a wonderful place i think,it's a great place,if you follow the right people and do,the right things um it can be really,really great,uh it's definitely got some problems i i,totally get that but,for me it's the most valuable social,network in my life,and i am super happy to exist and i use,it every single day,i'm gonna make the argument that you,should try if you haven't yet,try a third party twitter app if the,official twitter app annoys you because,there's definitely things that are,annoying about it and with third-party,apps,you can get a totally different twitter,experience that you may really enjoy,this video is not sponsored by anybody,it's not sponsored by twitter it's not,sponsored by any of these apps i just,wanted to give you an idea,for what is out there and what you may,enjoy so the first thing you're probably,going to notice when you look at one of,these apps is that there are no promoted,tweets,anywhere there are none of those garbage,tweets that i don't know someone might,like,but obviously they're just there so,twitter can make money they're just ads,in your timeline that,people click on i'm sure but i never do,i try to ignore them as much as i can i,can't ignore them i don't feel like,they're,that horrible but there's definitely,quite a few of them and the removal of,them from my timeline is definitely,noticeable and it's definitely a quality,of life improvement in my book so,no ads that's great all on its own the,next thing that you get is a reverse,chronological timeline and if you're not,sure what that is,that's basically where the oldest,messages that were posted are at the,bottom of your list,and as you scroll up you get to the,newer newer things and as you get to the,top one in your list that's the most,recent thing that was posted and you're,done you've reached the end of twitter,so that's a really nice feature if,you're following something live you can,see things as they come in,that's really nice some people like it,because it doesn't have twitter,suggesting what they should look at,they prefer to just have everything be,treated the same and look at everything,equally,i think there's definitely upsides and,downsides to that but,this is kind of the concept is that you,just see a list of the things people you,follow posted,and once you're done you're done so,that's one of the things that you get,whether you like that or not is really,up to you i think it works better for,people who are on twitter a lot,because if you are like if you like sign,off twitter and don't go on it all day,at work,a crazy idea i know but like what if you,don't go on twitter all while you're at,work and you come back eight ten hours,later or whatever,and you like sign on again if you follow,even a few hundred people which is,still pretty low in terms of how many,people a lot of people follow,you're going to have hundreds or,thousands of tweets to look at and if,all of them are treated equally,who knows what you're missing you're,either going to read all of them and,take tons of time on twitter,or you're going to just like scroll to,the top and just like look at the most,recent ones,and maybe you missed someone's wedding,announcement maybe you missed their,promotion maybe you missed a big blog,post they posted,that was getting lots of traction who,knows because you only saw a few of them,because you don't have time to go,through hundreds thousands of tweets,so there's pros and cons i actually kind,of like the algorithmic timeline but,that's a can of worms you don't,necessarily get into here the point is,if you like the idea of all of your,tweets presented equally and in order,that they were posted,then this is what you get from third,party apps this all kind of adds up to a,generally cleaner timeline,so in addition to just showing your,tweets in the order they were posted,it also doesn't have stuff like showing,you here's a list of people you should,follow,in your timeline it's like i'm reading,my timeline i want to see what people i,already follow posted,they don't do this thing where they show,you a tweet from a random person but,then say like oh you're seeing this,tweet because you seem to like,this topic and they tweeted about this,topic would you and you can follow them,and you can like their tweet or whatever,no i don't follow them i don't want to,see them in my timeline,and then the thing that really gets me,is this some this tweet is being shown,because someone you follow,liked it who likes this feature does,anybody like this feature,where they take likes from the people,you follow and throw those in your,timeline as well,it's insane to me it breaks the model of,twit

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