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How to get TWEETS by Python | Twitter API 2022hey guys today we're gonna see how we,can use python t

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to get TWEETS by Python | Twitter API 2022

hey guys today we're gonna see how we,can use python to get the data from,twitter api we'll see how to make an,account on the twitter developer website,how to fetch the data and how to save it,into csv file,to get the data from the twitter api we,first should make a developer account,so we head to the, website,first you should make sure that you are,logged in to your twitter account,and then over here hit the sign up,button,here we confirm that this is,our twitter account and this is our,email address,then we'll give our name,and then for the country i'm from the,netherlands so i choose it,then twitter wants to know why we want,to have access to this api,so i'm teaching it on this channel so i,choose as a teacher,i'm not going to give the data to any,government so i'll choose also no here,i don't want any updates and we hit next,these are the agreement terms for using,the twitter api,you can read it and,agree with them then hit the submit,and now we have access to the developer,accounts,then we should make an app and get the,keys of the app so we can use the keys,to have access to the twitter api so you,choose a name for your app,then hit the get keys button,then here are the keys of the app,so we have an api key an api key secret,and a token,that we'll use later to get access to,the twitter api,so we have to keep the keys as secret,because,if you lose them you won't have access,to them anymore and if somebody else,gets access to this case they can just,connect to your twitter account and do,whatever they want,if you lose their keys you can just,regenerate new ones so don't worry about,it,then we can click to skip to dashboard,after this we have to get access to,access token and secret keys,so down here we generate them,now we have an access token and access,token secret,go ahead and save them somewhere because,we're going to use them later on,so over here in the project we see that,there are two tabs one for the settings,and then we have one for keys and tokens,now we have the keys head over to the,settings tab,and down here we have to give the read,and write permission to our app,so now the settings of the app are all,set,but if we go here to this project tab,we see the access of our project is,essential so we only have access to,some basic features of the api,and to have a better access like getting,the data from the api,we need an elevated access,so we have to apply for an elevated,account,so that's why we hit apply for elevated,again we check the information of the,account that everything is fine,over here make sure that you are,applying for an individual developer,account,and down here is uh there is again some,information we should fill in,then we hit next,then we have to tell twitter why we want,to have access to this elevated account,so normally there are some information,that they ask us like why do we want,this access how are we going to use the,data and so on so we just need to fill,in the information and,be a bit mindful because this,information will be checked by a,real person,so first twitter wants to know why we,want to use the twitter data,then we should say how we will analyze,the data if we want to do so,so when you are done hit next and over,here you can review all the information,of your application then again you can,see all of the answers you gave,and then we can just hit next,again we agree with the terms of twitter,and submit our application,now it can take several days for the,application to get accepted,and when it did we can do the cool stuff,to get access to the twitter api we can,use a python library called tweepi,so if,you can just search,tui pi,in google and that's the first result,and if we go to documentation you can,see how to install this pipe library,and how to use it,and that's what we will do,now the first step is we want some,libraries so we go ahead and install,them,so we make a new terminal,of course the first one is the three pi,library so we do pip install,two pi,where i already have the library so,nothing happens over here again the next,one is pip install,config parser,we will use this one to grab the,information the secret keys from a,config file,so it's more safer when you are sharing,your file with others you don't have to,share your api key,and the last one is we install pip,install pandas we want the pandas to,later on save the data into csv file,again i have this library,and nothing happens,okay now we have every,library that we need,and then we make a config file,so the reason i make a config file is,that you can put all the information of,your accounts over here like the api key,api k secret and so on,so this way when you are sharing your,main python file with others you don't,have to give all of the information of,your app so that's much more safe,so i call this twitter,set the config,and then what i do i copy paste all of,the information api key,api key secrets,and,my access token,and access token,secret,so we go ahead you can go a

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15.4: Twitter API Basics - Twitter Bot Tutorial

15.4: Twitter API Basics - Twitter Bot Tutorial

now is the moment finally after all this,time installing node setting up node,running NPM getting an API key signing,up for Twitter all that nonsense it's,time to playfully write some code that,connects to the Twitter API search for,tweets get an event every time somebody,@ mentions you download images from,Twitter all sorts of things post tweets,to Twitter,we're finally I'm finally going to I,think in this video get to show you all,that stuff so this is where we are so,far we just have a simple node program,says that it's starting Ascenta kate's,using a separate config dot yes file,that I showed you the previous video,uses the twit package and now the before,I start to get writing code let's talk,about what the kinds of commands you can,issue to the Twitter API so there I,would put these in under three,categories you can call with with twit,and with the API you can make a get,request so with a get request some,things you might do is search and you,could search you know by like hash tag,you could search by location you could,search by user there's lots of ways you,could search and just say give me all,the tweets that's have JavaScript give,me all the tweets about rainbows I don't,have any guy I feel like I need some,hashtags associated with this rainbow,with this ring with this this videos,I'll think of something big assigning,yourself and then another the other kind,of command you might issue to the API is,a post and this is where you're actually,tweeting twittering tor Twix twitting,tape stirring tweeting okay I'm post,post is where you're actually like,posting to these so you have some,generative poetry machine you made it,has a beat pit of text and boom it,automatically posted Twitter through,making a post so we need to look at,those two and the third one which is,going to be I might not do in this,particular video but is super important,is this idea of a stream so the,difference between these first two ways,of creating the API get is just like,give me 100 tweets,we're done we're never talking to each,other again unless I ask her 100 more,tweets I don't know if you can actually,get a hundred of time but a post is like,please post this for me okay we're done,I might ask you to post again later but,right now we're done stream is like,let's fit bconnected,twitter api like let's just be one we,are one and whenever something happens I,want you to tell me about it we've got,like this continuous connection like a,socket connection which is the kind of,network connection so you can assign,certain kinds of events to the stream so,if you want to have and we're I'm using,this in one of my examples is anytime,somebody act mentions me on Twitter this,stream triggers an event and I could,have some code that replies back one of,my favorite current BOTS I think is,called apology Trump which I believe is,a Twitter bot that just like anytime,Trump tweets boy sometimes when you're,watching this video and like thank you,okay nobody should be watching this,video 100 cheers but likely somebody's,watching this video in a hundred years,which are clearly not going to be or,buddy in just like two years from now is,anybody gonna care about Trump no but,the apology Trump bought hopefully will,live on into the future,and what it does is anytime Trump tweets,it tweets an apology,for Trump which is very thoughtful and,nice of it I wish somebody would just,apologize for me all the time as I walk,around bumping into things but you can,imagine how that's a streaming event so,there's an event anytime Trump tweets,the program that's running that's,connected to the stream it gets an event,it says I read that tweet make up some,apology and post that apology so you,know your your wheels are hopefully,spinning with a ton of ideas of what you,could do so these are the three,methodologies so let's look let's look,first at you know in a way this is all,you need,I'm tempted to just like only show you,post because that's all you need but,let's just look at let's actually look,at each one of these kind of in a vacuum,in this particular video and the next,video will set up the structure for how,a bot might work whether it's tweeting,every five minutes or one hour or,tweeting based on the stream so let's,look at each one of these first okay so,coming back over here hello,I'm gonna go what I think the most,useful place for us to look,would be back to the github the twit API,that started the twit package github,page which I'll try to include a link to,it but you can see is up here and so now,you can see okay there's some stuff here,like post and search so you can see a,post is making a status update but so,each one of these kinds of I think,there's like this term like end point or,whatever but let's not worry about the,terminology the action the verb I'm,doing is a post or a get and I'm,modifying that get or post with some,text like I might want to post a status,update or I might want to post some,media you'll see when uploading an image,but let's look

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How to use Twitter API v2 | Tweet lookup, User lookup, Likes, Timelines, Search, Tweet count

How to use Twitter API v2 | Tweet lookup, User lookup, Likes, Timelines, Search, Tweet count

hi so in this video we'll look at how,you can use the twitter api,version 2. this was a new api which was,launched by twitter in august 2020,okay so these are the steps that we will,follow first we will,sign up for a developer account so if,you already have an account,you can skip this step developer account,then we will open the twitter api,collection in postman,uh so postman is a tool for testing api,so twitter gives this very nice feature,you can import the whole twitter api,collection in postman,then we will add credentials of the api,in your postman environment so in,postman you can create environments,where you can add all the credentials,then we'll test some endpoints to see,how,the api is working right what are the,different endpoints uh,that twitter provides so endpoints are,the different type of,api urls which gives different data so,we'll when we look then you'll,understand better,there are certain limits for this api,for the free,version where five lakh tweets per month,are available and,900 uh api request in 15 minutes this is,a rate limit,and use cases are many and not going,into the use cases use cases means how,for what you can use this this api right,so twitter has a lot of data a lot of,people are using so you can find the,different trends which are going right,now,you can find sentiment about a,particular thing right any,uh topic right you can make a twitter,search engine if people are trying to,search something,and there are multiple use cases people,have built bots,which retweet any keywords or,any account theory to it so there are,different use cases,which depend on what you want to do and,the docs are available here so i'll put,all this,in the description so let's get started,with our first,uh step which is signing up for the,twitter developer account,okay so once you will click here uh on,this when you go on this url you will,find this page,and if you're logged in you will see the,uh the logged in,icon of your account right then you,apply for developer account,right you can choose professional based,academic so you choose hobbyist,and exploring the api,now you will need to add a phone number,to this account or if you want to use a,developer account,so i will add a phone number now you,don't,see this you can add a name that you,want to,give twitter to call you,the country i will choose india,and the skill level also you can choose,as per your,experience next you will have to answer,in your word for what purpose you are,trying to use this api,right so this depends totally on you,what is your purpose of using this api,and then there are certain questions,right,so since this is a demo i will just keep,the access to the minimum,i don't want to analyze much data i just,want to fetch some data,right i don't want to retweet or,like or follow a lot of functionality,actually you can,do so it's a get api also where you can,get data,and you can post data as well okay,and then um this you can enter so i'll,enter something,right you have to enter whatever,purpose you have once done then you can,do next,and this just show they will just show,you the final uh,sort of details,and you will have to agree to the,agreement,right and submit your application will,send you an,email to your account so that you will,have to,verify,okay so now you got the,axis right,so you got the access great uh now you,have to create a project,you can just say learning twitter api,and some use case exploring the api just,right and just exploring,and app name you can give,write anything,okay great so there are certain keys etc,that you should uh,you will find these are the keys the,credentials that will be used to,access this api so you should keep note,of them because,they will not be shown again right so,i'm for now just putting them here only,so i will say pay key,then api key secret key,right you can copy from here,then there is bearer token,beta token that also i will,keep it here so this key api secret and,all these are uh credentials so you,these are security credential you should,not show,it to anyone i'm just showing in this,demo because i will delete this,after sort of this demo,okay,right so we got our,twitter api this is our project this is,our api,okay,now we'll open the postman collection,for that i will go here,right after certain small,tinkering i was able to find this,to the whole document postman collection,right actually in in this,whenever you go in this document only,the api docs there only you will find,this link to the,uh,apis right if you open twitter apis,there only you will find this link to,the postman collection but postman gives,the easiest way to,test this right right,so yeah so from here if you click on,this add twitter api to postman,then this will open and when you say run,in postman,okay then whatever so i have for mac,you can choose whatever you have but,better it is to download this,postman um app if you have windows you,can download for mac,also you can download right so you,choose applica

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How to use the Twitter API v2 in Python using Tweepy

How to use the Twitter API v2 in Python using Tweepy

hi everyone my name is sahim parak and,in this video i'll teach you how to work,with the twitter api v2 in python using,the tweepy package so tweep is actually,a popular package in python that's used,by students researchers and developers,for interacting with the twitter api and,uh with the twitter api v2 we actually,support new exciting features for uh,students developers and academic,researchers and tweepy actually updated,their library to actually support this,new twitter api v2 and so i wanted to do,a quick video tutorial that walks you,through the different functionality,that's available in the twitter api v2,and how you can,leverage those using tweepy so before we,get started i want to quickly point you,to the uh the the documentation page for,tweet so if you want to learn more about,this uh the tp package you can go to, tweepy and you'll find uh the,source code there and then if you wanna,look at the documentation um you can,click on this link here that shows you,how to use the um the 2b package in,python or the different,authentication methods and so on and um,yeah so that's the documentation and,there's this section here on github on,the on releases so you'll see here any,new updates that they make to the,library uh to support the twitter api v2,or any new um,new endpoints that we launched you'll be,able to see those here so you can see,here um since 4.0 is when they start,supporting,the twitter api v2 so in order to first,get started with the twitter api,obviously you need to have a developer,account right and based on your access,levels you can use the different,functionality that's available let's,quickly take a look at the access levels,that are available today in the twitter,api v2 so for that we can go to, and under docs if,i go to documentation,in the twitter api section there is this,um,this section on api access levels and,versions if i go here so you'll see a,few different access levels available,the first one is this essential access,right so that's available for like,anybody who signs up um for it and you,don't have to wait for a um,use case review what i mean by that is,you sign up and then you get instant,access to certain functionality on the,twitter api v2 right so obviously you,were able to get up to 500 000 tweets,per month so,500 tweets per month that basically,means that anytime you make a request to,the twitter api and that retrieves back,uh tweets for you um you're able to get,up to 500 000 tweets per month as part,of this essential access right so this,is actually a good access level for,people that want to explore the twitter,api or want to use it for like a small,class project or some something basic,like that once you've,used the twitter api the essential,access and you're uh interested in,getting more twitter data then obviously,you can apply for a use case review and,depending on,your use case you're either able to get,access to the elevated uh package so in,elevated you get up to two million,tweets per month right which is more,than the 500k that's available for,essential access,and if you're an academic researcher,meaning you're a master's student phd,student post doc or associated with a,university you can,actually apply for,a use case review for academic research,and once you're approved you get up to,10 million tweets per month which is a,um which is obviously a lot of data,compared to the other levels of access,and also you get,access to the full archive search right,so if you have access to essential uh,essential and elevated you're able to,get tweets from the last seven days,right if you wanted to search to a twit,twitter data you're able to go last,seven days um only but with academic,research access you're able to get,tweets from the full archive meaning the,very first tweet from 2006 all the way,up until now you're able to go back and,get data from that time frame so,definitely check out our access levels,and,apply accordingly so once you've applied,for access then obviously you can go to,your developer,portal once you're obviously once your,application is approved so in my,developer portal here i have let's zoom,in a little bit i have two projects,available one's the academic research,one and this is the elevated one which,gives me up to 200 or 2 million tweets,right so in order to,start using 2p and to get data in python,using um the twitter api v2 obviously,using the tweetpiece package i need to,first create an app because the app acts,as a placeholder for my keys and tokens,right so if i want to work with the,twitter api i need to authenticate my,request with different,either like better token or api keys and,so on right and um the way that you,do that is you go in here and you click,um add an app right and you select which,environment you want to deploy it in so,i'm going to select the development one,and then let's give this a name so let's,call it pp,demo oops,twitter,api v2,okay that's,the app,name and now if you see here

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How I post banger tweets with artificial intelligence // Twitter Bot Tutorial

How I post banger tweets with artificial intelligence // Twitter Bot Tutorial

a few weeks ago i taught you how to,exploit the twitter algorithm to get a,six-figure job in tech but there's just,one major flaw with that strategy nobody,learning how to code has time to tweet,multiple times per day luckily you don't,have to because today i'll teach you how,to build a twitter bot from scratch that,uses artificial intelligence to create,unique high-value tweets all day long my,twitter bot bob is coming up with,awesome tweets at the top of the hour,every hour and i only pay him like 10,cents a day he tells funny jokes gives,web dev hot takes promulgates conspiracy,theories says nice things about his mom,and humble brags about his 100 days of,code journey he is my protege my magnum,opus when i die he will be the one to,carry the fire if you're new here like,and subscribe because in today's,tutorial you'll learn one of the most,important techniques in web development,today and that's how to work with the,oauth 2.0 authentication protocol as a,developer it opens the door to building,apps that act on behalf of a user from,another service like you might use it to,upload files to google drive process,payments with stripe connect or in our,case post tweets to somebody's twitter,account so before we jump into the code,let's do a quick crash course on api,authentication for twitter you'll first,want to create a developer account then,on the developer portal you can create a,new application when you create an app,it will give you an api key and api,secret the api key is like a username,while the secret is like a password,these two values together create what's,known as a bearer token to authenticate,your developer app this token is,included on an authorization header when,making a request to the api that tells,twitter who you are and what you have,access to that's nice and easy but it,just provides read-only access to public,information on twitter that's because,you don't automatically have access to,somebody else's account to get,permission from a user you'll need to go,through the oauth 2.0 authorization code,flow there are three steps in the,process on the server you'll first need,to create an authorization link that,will redirect the user to twitter where,they can grant access to your,application from the browser once,permission is granted twitter will then,redirect them to a different endpoint on,your server which is called the callback,url that url will also include a special,code that you'll need to verify on the,server once verified twitter will give,you two values an access token and a,refresh token you'll want to save these,values in a database the third step is,to use the access token that's the value,that gives you access to make api calls,on behalf of the user now the one,problem though is that the access token,will expire after a certain amount of,time it depends on what your app is,trying to do but if you want to post,tweets in the background while your user,is asleep then you'll also need to,refresh the token for that you make an,additional call to the twitter api with,your refresh token and it will respond,with a new access token this is a,security measure that prevents a hacker,from going absolutely crazy if your,database is ever compromised now that,you know how oauth 2.0 works let's,actually implement it with some,javascript code i'm going to use,firebase cloud functions for this,project but feel free to use any node.js,server that you want and also keep in,mind that if you're building a real,twitter bot you'll also need a database,to store the access tokens in this demo,i'll be using firestore to handle that,all you need is a firebase account which,is completely free and if you want to,get really good at firebase become a pro,member at fireship io i'll leave a,discount in the description to create a,new node.js project i'll first run,firebase init functions from the command,line lcd into the functions directory,and then install two dependencies we,have the twitter api node sdk and also,the openai sdk for gpt3 that we'll look,at later now in the index.js file we can,create multiple serverless functions,let's go ahead and do that for all three,steps in the process first we have auth,which will generate the authentication,link then we have the callback url and,finally we have an endpoint to do,something interesting with the api now,we're working in a trusted server,environment so i'm going to import,firebase admin and call admin initialize,app this will give us access to the,firestore database giving us a place to,store the access tokens in fact i'm,going to make a reference to a document,in the database right now which you can,think of as a json document that we read,and write to now from there we'll want,to initialize the twitter api there are,a few different ways to do it but in our,case using oauth 2.0 we'll want to,instantiate it using the client id and,client secret to get those values we'll,need to go back to our twitter app and,select oauth 2.0 from the authentication,settin

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Get UNLIMITED Tweets by Python Without Twitter API

Get UNLIMITED Tweets by Python Without Twitter API

today we'll see how to get unlimited,tweets without any authentication and,we'll do this with just few lines of,codes so since i made my first video on,the twitter api two things happened,first i cut my hair,and second there were so many comments,for the limitations of the api like we,can only get 3200 user tweets or we can,only get tweets that are seven days old,today i'm excited to tell you that we're,gonna solve these problems i show you,how to get unlimited tweets without,using the twitter api or any,authentication we're going to do this,with a python package called sn script,so let's get started so let's start by,installing the packages that we need so,i open a new terminal,and then i write pip,install sn,scrape,so that's a package for social network,scraping and then i do pip,install pandas and then i will just use,pandas to show the data and the twist,that we are getting,now i create a new,python file call it,twitch.pi,so we start writing the code over there,okay so first i do,import,sn,modules,that,twitter,as,sn,twitter,and also,import,pandas as pd,so now we have our modules then i write,query equal to,a string called python this is just for,the beginning of writing the code and,understanding how the tweet structure is,and then later on we'll make this query,much more complex,so then i write,for,tweet in,sn,twitter dot,twitter,if i find it here twitter search scraper,and then i pass over here the query,and then we will use the get,items,method,okay now let's just print the tweet and,see how's the structure of it so i do,print,then i,use the vars function to see all the,attributes of this tweet,and then pass over here to it,and then let's just,break the for loop,now i write python,tweets.pi,so we should get one to it related to,the query,okay here it is,so you see it has a lot of information,over here like we have the url of the,tweet the date of it its content which,is the tweet,and then we also have the information of,the user if i find it here it is,for example username it's id and so on,so you can use all of this information,for your tweets what i will do over here,is to just for example consider,tweets date user and content,and convert it into a data frame so we,see all these information together so i,create,an empty list call it tweets and then i,also set the limit of the trees for,example for now just a hundred okay,then instead of printing the tweets,what i will do,if the length of,tweets is equal to our limit,it should be limit not limits,if it's equal to limit i just break the,loop,if it's not i append it,to my tweets list so i append,all the information i want which is,tweet that date,tweet that user that user name,and then tweet that,content,now i will make a data frame,i use the pandas,module create a data frame pass over,here our tweets and also the name of the,columns,so i should,set over here date,the user,and the tweets,now let's just print this to it,which is the data frame,so let's see we should get a hundred,tweets,into a data frame,and you see here they are so these are,100 tweets that we got related to our,query but then the question is how we,can make this search much more complex,that is how we can get the tweets of a,user how we can set the dates of the,tweet that we want and this stuff so for,this we should just change this query,over here,and to see how we can choose it let's go,to twitter website,so here is the twitter website,and let's just search for,something random like i just searched,for python,and then over here we see this advanced,search click on it so we can over here,set how we want to find tweets so as i,said before from the twitter api we can,only get,3200 tweets from a user,what i will do is to get 5 000 tweets of,elon musk from 2010 to 2020 so,over here i'll go for,from what account i'll put elon musk,over here,and then down here i choose from the,january,1st,2010,to,january,1st,2020,and then i hit search,so now we have all the attributes for,our search over here i just copy this,text,and then paste it into my python code,so i paste it over here,now i change also the limit to 5000,and,run the code,so this takes a bit of time based on,what's the limit of the tweets like this,might take for me like two minutes when,i get all the data i will see the,results over here,so it took for me i guess like two,minutes and now i have my five thousand,tweets from elon musk you see we have,two is 2019 2018 and the tweets are all,over here so that's how we can get,unlimited tweets without using the,twitter api but then the question is,what we can do with all of these tweets,well one thing we can do is to do,sentiment analysis that's why i made,this video where i explain how to use,the state-of-the-art model from the,facebook ai team to do tweet sentiment,analysis so make sure to check it out if,this video was helpful please give it a,thumbs up and subscribe,thanks for watching and see you later

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How to Get a Twitter API Key TODAY - No Approval Needed

How to Get a Twitter API Key TODAY - No Approval Needed

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How to create a Twitter Bot with Node - using the Twitter API

How to create a Twitter Bot with Node - using the Twitter API

hello friends and welcome to a new video,we are going to build a twitter bot,which is going to tweet every morning a,good morning message,so,make sure to hit the subscribe button,and,enjoy the video,alright so in order to create our node,application or our twitter bot we need,to create a twitter application on the,developers platform,go to, and here under,developer portal we can,yeah you can see i already have some,some applications created,but there you can create a new,application,just give it a name and click on next,and you will be already prompted,api keys which we will be needing later,but,before we,copy them we need to add one more thing,so here under the user authentication,settings we have to set up the,authentication permissions,all right so type of app we can simply,say automated app or bot because that's,what it's going to be and here the,important step is on the app permissions,set the permissions to read write,so we can actually,tweet with our profile,all right,as a callback url you can simply,use your local ip address,uh you can yeah get it from your,terminal if you type in ipconfig or,ifconfig i guess,right as a website url just yeah i'm,just using my,website,okay and,save that,so,the client id and secret we won't be,needing we can simply click on,ok,and,and now important is to,since we changed the settings we need to,regenerate,the api key secret and token,all right,but,before we do that let's create our node,application,so,in the terminal let's create a new,directory,let's call it dom spot,city into that,and here we can initialize our npm,project with the command mpm init dash y,so this will create our package.json,and we are ready to add the,module which we are going to use which,is,um,this module here which is called twitter,api version two,so that's pretty handy to communicate,with the twitter api,all right so we can actually copy this,command,here from the website,and,install it right in our,project,okay and once we have done this we can,open up,our project in a text editor,so this is how our project structure,looks right now so we have the now,modules,and we have the package.json file where,our module is,added,okay so,let's start by creating our,twitter client which we are going to use,later to,perform our tweets or yeah,so let's create a new file,let's name it,twitter client because that's what it's,going to be,and,here we can say or you can we can,require the module and say,const,twitter api,require,api v2,so now we need to instant instantiate a,new twitter client,let's say client,is,new twitter api client,here inside we now need to pass the keys,and the tokens,so let's prepare that,we're going to need the app key,app secret,access token as well as the access,secret,so,back in our,dashboard of the application we now can,regenerate the keys,and copy them into our application,and the same thing we're going to do for,the access token and secret,so here let's generate them,copy them into our client,all right and now before we gonna export,this client,we have to say that we want to use the,read write permissions so,create a new cons called,rw client,which is going to be the client with the,read write permissions,and now just simply,export it,just like that so we can use it in our,node application,okay so this looks good so now we can,create,our index.js where all the magic is,going to happen,and the first thing we gonna import here,is the,yeah the,twitter client which we just created,all right just like that,and we are good to go now to create our,tweet functionality so,let's create a new function,which will be named simply tweet,it has to be async since we are,performing asynchronous,methods,and yeah we can we can,wrap it in a try catch block,so if we do get any errors we can,log them to the console,and here we're gonna say are we gonna,await,our client to perform,the tweet method,here inside we can pass now our yeah our,good morning message so let's say,good morning,friends,all right and the last step we need to,add is we actually need to call the,function,and yeah let's test that we can open up,the terminal,here we say node,and select the file which is index.js,and hit enter,and as we already don't get any errors,we can be sure that this worked so,let's check my twitter profile,and as we can see we tweeted good,morning friends,all right,so this is first step we created the,functionality to,yeah to perform a tweet to create tweet,to perform a tweet and yeah and now we,want to,make this tweet happen like on a,specific time,so for that we can uh,yeah let's comment it out,and we can create a crown job,so a crown job is actually,yeah,a task which will be performed,every,every certain time,which we can configure so,for that we are going to use,a,module which is called simply chron,so let's install it with npm,which worked very well,and and now we have to require it in our,application so let's say cons,cron job,require,cron,and cron chronjob,so this is the,chronjob metho

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